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Is this even possible?

Q: Is this even possible?

1. I want to have a 4G USB Dongle up at the top a set of stairs (secured on the wall in a cabinet)
2. I want to convert that 4G USB dongle into ethernet somehow
3. I want to then send that 20 meters downwards (think of it like a bunker, literally no wireless, 4g, mobile phone signals or anything total blackout down there)
4. want to do this setup minimal cost equipment wise
5. at the other end I will attach to a wireless access point or use a router as a wireless access point as I live in the city and there are better 4G speeds upstairs than there are using the telephone line as it's not fibre, it's really slow ADSL.

The reason for this setup is for a bar, it's down so many stairs and theres a total blackout down there, we do have ADSL but the late packets from our network (especially with guests using the wifi (even tested it with the public wifi off but still getting late packets)

when the bar is busy we really need those card payments to go through ASAP obviously for keeping the business flowing.

how would you do it?

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Preferred Solution: Is this even possible?

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