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My computer no longer connects to WiFi

Q: My computer no longer connects to WiFi

My computer was working fine up until about 2 or 3 days ago, then it decided it no longer wanted to connect to my wireless internet. I've tried turning the wifi signal on and off on the computer, as well as resetting the wifi connection on the router box, and it still won't work. I'm not sure what additional troubleshooting steps to take because I'm really not sure why it stopped working all of sudden in the first place.   I'm running Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

Preferred Solution: My computer no longer connects to WiFi

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My computer no longer connects to WiFi

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Hi everyone this is my first post. A couple weeks ago my HP laptop stopped working. It would not boot and I had to put in the recovery discs to get it working again. Before this the laptop had connected fine to my home wifi secured with WPA2-PSK[AES]. After this problem tho it refuses to connect while it is secured. When not secure it functions fine and I am currently using it to type this post. I would have no problem continuing to use the wifi unsecured but another member of my household works with confidential medical information from home and is worried about the lack of security. I have attempted the trouble shooting tips on the support website already. My computer model is HP G60-235DX and the router is a Netgear N300 model WNR2000v3.

Here is the TSG SysInfo
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3002 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1309 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294097 MB, Free - 236442 MB; D: Total - 11143 MB, Free - 1840 MB;
Motherboard: Wistron, 3612
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

Thank you for any help you can provide

A:Solved: hp laptop no longer connects to wifi

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I received my T570 Thinkpad laptop a couple of months ago and have had no problems connecting it to my home router. Yesterday, however, it stopped connecting to our home WiFi. It recognizes the WiFi network but it asks me to put our Security key/password in. I've entered it correctly but it then says "Can't connect to this network". All other computers, phones, etc. aren't experiencing problems connecting, and when the laptop is plugged in directly to the Ethernet cable it works fine. Today I took my laptop to a friend's place and was able to connect to their wireless network. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be very much appreciated - thank you!

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Hello everyone,
I have a weird Wifi problem. My computer was fine but it started recently when I moved. Anyway, whenever I troubleshoot the Wifi it says "your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource www microsoft com ..." Of course I googled the error message and followed almost everything that I could find but to no avail. Here are some of the things I tried:
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /all
netsh winsock reset
netsh winsock reset catalog
Made sure that ipv4 and ipv6 address are set automaticly, and so for the DNS
I've updated all the drivers
Error when I use netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt hit, it says access is denied
I'm not using any proxy server
Here are some background on the problem:
Using a university Ethernet and using "netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Placeholder_Network_Name key=Placeholder_Password" to setup a hotspot. Before and during that it was working fine. I didn't notice it til I moved.
Here are some things that I noticed that could help determine the problem:
Eventhough it says that the connection is limited, I can still use the internet, but with occasional times where it says that it's still connected but I can't use the internet. Or sometimes it loads half the page and then stops.
Disabling avast felt like it made it better but it still did the weird thing from time to time
And the problem is definitely from my laptop because other devices can connec... Read more

A:Wifi problem, taking longer than usual but still connects

A little overboard. Since it is an issue at your University. You need to get with whoever helps students out with connecting to the Domain/LAN. If it is on your own private network. Being on the University would not have anything to do with the issue, unless your university LAN loaded a Proxy setting into Internet options.

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hey y'all, i've got an issue with my dongle. the title states the main symptom. before that happened, i needed pressure to get the conductors to connect, and before that, it worked just fine. this all happened over a span of 4 days. can anyone tell me what i need to do to fix this without replacing my dongle? im trying to start an online bike store and need this adapter working ASAP.

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I have a Yoga 13 running Windows 8.1 that has recently stopped connecting to my home wireless network. All the latest Windows Updates are installed at this time.I have uninstalled the Realtek Network device and the related drivers, rebooted and tested without luck.This unit sees the networks and if I enter a wrong password, it asks for a re-entry of the correct password.  When the correct password is entered it says "Checking Network Requirements" then fails with "Can't connect to this network"None of the troubleshooting services have been successful.All my other devices connect without any issues. I am runniing a Netgear R8000 Nighthawk wireless router. What is odd is that this laptop will connect to my iPhone 6 hotspot without any issues. I suspected a windows update may be the cause so I downloaded drivers from Lenovo for the wireless adapter.  Uninstalled the current ones, rebooted, and then installed the Lenove supplied drivers.  Still no joy. Any other suggestions short of a reinstall of the OS? Cheers! Hawkeye007

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There is a broadband connection in the apartment that is shared by three computers via a Linksys router. We have never had any problems until today. All of sudden, my main computer will not connect to the internet. The other computers still do. I disconnected the cable from a backup PC that does connect and plugged it into my main PC and still nothing. I connected my PC directly to the cable modem and still nothing. I cant figure it out.

If I disconnect the network cable from my PC, it actually shows the error message where it says that a 'network cable is unplugged'. The lights on the back of my PC (I have an intergrated network card) that show upload and download still flicker as if activity is happening. I have reinstalled the drivers to the NIC card and still nothing.

It can't be the cable because I have switched them. It doesn't seem to be the intergrated card because it shows up on my PC loaded and operational and looks normal save for the fact it won't connect. This is really frustrating for me. PLEASE help me!!


A:Computer no longer connects to internet

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My Dell Dimension is no longer connecting to the internet via the wireless router. I have a dlink DI-524 and a dlink wireless USB key but it no longer connects. This just started today. When I try to repair the connection, it fails on "renewing IP".

OS is Windows XP.

PLEASE help.


P.S. I have tried power cycling the modem/router but nothing works. Other computers can get on the internet via the wireless router fine.

A:Computer No Longer Connects To Wireless Router

Can any other computer connect to the router?

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I have a network with about 5 computers on it, 4 wireless and 1 wired. The 1 wired computer hosts printers for the network. Yesterday, it stopped responding to the network, and no longer will connect to the internet. No changes have been made to the computer, and the other 4 wireless computers still have internet access, but cannot see the wired computer.

Under the Network and Sharing Center, it shows the computer connected to the network, but not through to the internet, and the printers are not accessible to the other computers. I've unplugged the cable and installed a wireless USB network adapter, and it too shows that the computer is connected to the network, but no connection to the internet, and no printer access to the other computers.

I tried restarting the computer, and restarting the LAN and DSL modem, as well as renewing the ipconfig without success.
I've pinged the card and it responds to and I tried to ping $gateway and got no response, but one of the working computers gave the same output (no response).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


A:Desktop computer no longer connects to Internet

I found the issue, it had to do with McAfee's latest update...


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I own 2 laptops (both Toshiba). The older model will connect fine to the Netgear N-300 WNR 2000 & new comp will not. I finally made a new homegrp hoping that wold help, disabled firewall etc. Error I am getting is " Network cable unplugged". After I troubleshoot it sometimes allows me back online & shows me surrounding routers in the area. Why is it not even recognizing my neighbors routers 95% of the time? It isn't the comp as it works fine outside the home. Thanks for all help. Very frustrated. Can I delete and just start over and how?

A:One computer connects to WiFi & one will not.. :(

" Network cable unplugged".Click to expand...

This suggests the PC is not looking at your wireless card it is only looking for a cable connection. Does the PC have an on off switch for the wireless card, make sure it is turned on.

Power off and remove the battery. Take the wireless card out and clean the contacts with a soft rubber (up and down not from side to side) reseat the card. Replace the battery and boot up. Look in Device Manager and check that the wireless card appears under Network Adapters and does not have a yellow ? or triangle next to it. Check on line for the most up to date drivers for your operating system and then uninstall the card in Device Manager and reinstall the fresh driver. Check again for connection.

If you find no obvious errors take the wireless card from the working PC and try that in it. You will have to install a different driver if the card is not identical. If that works then I think you can assume the card is defective.

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My MacBook works fine with my linksys router and RR internet. My wife's toshiba laptop running vista establishes a connection, but will not browse the net. My neighbor says she's having the same problem with her PC when trying to connect to my router (we live very close together).

I've tried the diagnose & repair and a few other fixes I've read online but no luck. Thanks forum!

A:Macbook connects to Wifi fine, PC connects but won't browse web

Hi.May we see:
Try these simple tests.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands one at a time, followed by the Enter key:

NOTE: For the items below surrounded with < >, see comments below for the actual information content, they are value substitutions from the previous IPCONFIG command output! Do NOT type <computer_IP_address> into the command, that won't work. Also, the < and > in the text is to identify the parameters, they are also NOT used in the actual commands.

Do NOT include the <> either, they're just to identify the values for substitution.


PING <computer_IP_address>

PING <default_gateway_address>

PING <dns_servers>


PING yahoo.com

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

<computer_IP_address> - The IP Address of your computer, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above. (For Vista/Win7, the IPv4 Address)

<default_gateway_address> - The IP address of the Default Gateway, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above.

<dns_servers> - The IP address of the first (or only) address for DNS Servers, obtained from the IPCONFIG command above.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to t... Read more

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I have a tiny wireless piece from realtek that my dad had bought. This piece was working fine up until recently.
I had built my own tower and put the piece in there from our old one.. All has been working up until now. Now when I turn on my new tower the wifi connects but does not work. No browsers load and none of my services are working.
It also messes up the wifi connection for the other devices around. My sibling will be using their laptop playing something like WoW and when I power up my tower the lag hits. From time to time it will drop my laptop's internet connection entirely. However, this is not the case recently.
The router we use is a linksys e2000.

Every now and then the pages load but they are slow and blocky. My dad says it is usually caused by a loss of packets but I did the packet test in cmd and only had a 1% loss. I am not tech savvy and my dad is not here to help so I have come here hoping someone has a solution.

A:Computer connects to wifi but does not load browsers

Hey mate,

This tutorial is for Windows 7, but works for 8.x also: Internet Troubleshooting Guide - Windows 7 Help Forums

Also, go to the manufacturer's website of the device that connects to your computer (internet adapter), and see about installing the latest driver for your computer type. If you need help further, consider updating your system specs: System Information - View About your Windows 8 PC

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I've read through hundreds of posts trying to figure out my issue. Unfortunately, I've been unsuccessful.

Here's the issue, I was given a new laptop for work and it connects fine to our secure wireless network at the office, but when I brought it home it will not connect to my wireless network at home.

When I try to connect to my network at home the wireless manager sits and spins saying "trying to acquire network address". I have 2 iPhones, 1 eMachine and 1 Macbook connected to my network working fine and dandy. However, the HP laptop from work simply won't connect unless wired.

I have tried the following:
1. Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver.
2. Power Cycled my Router
3. Power Cycled my entire network
4. WinsockXPFix tool

I'm completely at a loss here. No idea what to do to fix this. I'm running Windows XP and have a 2Wire router.

I appreciate any advice anyone can give me to help solve this annoyance.

A:Solved: Company Laptop Connects to Secure WiFi at office but not WiFi at home

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Ok so, My pc crashed about 2 months ago or something like that, everything worked fine before hub was connected to the router and both pc's too that. But now that they are connected after I got my new motherboard and reinstalled windows onto it, it no longer works! i can't directly connect to the router I have. i HAVE to use this hub in order to get connection. and for some reason both Pc's no longer work. Ok so now this nic card seems to work i tried to transfer it over to the other pc, it worked! but why just this Nic card??? i have 3 other nic cards and they all work perfectly because i brought them over to a friends house to test them at a lan party and they worked like new, but when i put them into either of the machines they don't work. i check the connection on them and use the trouble shooter to check them and it says they are working fine, i checked the drivers for them too and they are all updated. Ok so knowing that this one nic card works and this hub is the only way to connect I ask a friend to bring over his router. When i hooked it up they didn't work but after a bunch of different connection styles ( uplinking router too the router UsWest gave me, also trying to use the normal connection, such as plugging the router into port 1-4 ) Ok, now after fiddling with these varius connections both Pc's connected to the internet (for a moment) I never got to fully test it because later that day he left with it, it seemed that it worked for ... Read more

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Hi gang...

IE launches but never makes a connection and stops responding... Opera & Firefox seem to have no issues. I have runs AVG, Norton, Spysweeper, Spybot with nothing showing other than cookies. Would be interested in your input on this Hijack log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:26:53 AM, on 6/10/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\SonicWALL\SonicWALL VPN Client\IreIKE.exe
C:\Program Files\Executive Software\DiskeeperLite\DkService.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\IDU\IDUServ.exe
C:\Program Files\SonicWALL\SonicWALL VPN Client\IPSecMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Common\ViewpointService.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Desktop Firewall\wdfsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exe
C:\Program Files\TightVNC\WinVNC.exe
C:\Program Files\NETGEAR\SC101 Manager Utility\ZeteraService.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel... Read more

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My laptop connects to my home wifi and every other wifi just fine. I recently started a new job and i checked on another laptop and the wifi came up just fine. With my laptop, the wifi says that it connected but it never asked for a security code and when i tried to access the internet i didnt have access. the wifi works with all other laptops except mine and my laptop works just fine on all other wifi networks. Ive tried turning the wifi off and then back on on my laptop and it still doesnt work. Can someone please help me asap? It is becoming a real inconvienace at work. 

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I got some type of virus on my pc, which i removed. But now IE no longer connects to the internet. It's weird cos programs like MSN can.

Oddly if i login as a different user on the pc, the IE7 can connect to the internet.

I have tried:
installing firefox, same problem
re-installing IE7, no help
Restoring IE settings, no help

Any help would be most appricated.


A:IE 7 no longer connects to internet

Try repairing the winsock & tcp/ip stack.

If you have XP-SP2 or Vista, you should use the built-in repair for the WINSOCK and TCP/IP stack. If you have XP-SP1 or earlier (and any previous version of Windows), you should use the Automated WINSOCK Fix all Windows Versions. I've included all the resets here.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ip reset reset.log

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reboot the machine.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows Vista.

Start, Programs\Accessories and right click on Command Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt.

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reset IPv4 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Reset IPv6 TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

Reboot the machine.

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I can connect by Firefox and netscape. Everyone thinks I can just throw out IE and use FF. ummm no because I still need to update windows and only IE can do that and FF is not all that tbh. Anyhow I have run McAfee and removed quite a bit of spyware cookies and knocked out a couple viruses. Btw this problem happened before McAfee was ever installed. Ive taken a screen shot to show what happens everytime I open IE.

I even tried a winsock fix and you know that worked out for a few minutes and then It went back to not connecting again. I tried to do the fix again and this time it didn't work at all. My dad reinstalled IE 7 back on here and I can't get rid of it because it doesn't show an option of removing the program in the add or remove programs. If anyone can help me please do

A:IE 7 no longer connects to the internet and neither will IE 6

Helo and welcome to TSF

Please try this:

Click Start =>Run, type in CMD, press OK.

Copy and paste this into the Command prompt:

netsh winsock reset catalog

Press Enter

Then copy and paste this in:

netsh int ip reset reset.log

Press Enter.

When finished restart your computer.

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Hello there, i have the same problem. But when i start to run
netsh winsock reset catalog
it just auto close the window? What shd i do ?

A:[SOLVED] Re: IE 7 no longer connects to the internet and neither will IE 6

Hello and welcome to TSF

Please download the Zip file attached to this post. Extract the files. Then double click on DNSfix.bat, follow the prompts. You will have to restart your computer.

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For the last year, I've had a laptop connected to my TV via an HDMI cable so the TV can act as an extended projector and allow me to stream videos, etc. from the laptop and onto the TV. Yesterday, I noticed that the laptop and TV will no longer connect to one another.

The connection was working as of about two or three weeks ago and no settings were changed on either the laptop or the TV in the meantime.

This laptop lives on the coffee table and is rarely used for anything other than video streaming. I almost never disconnect the HDMI cable from the laptop. The only applications on it that get used are VLC player, Windows explorer and, occasionally, Firefox.

When I connect the HDMI cable in the laptop's slot, the laptop beeps like it normally does when I connect an HDMI cable and the screen blinks as the display splits, like normal. The issue is that the TV still states "no signal" when connected to the laptop.

I've checked the display settings for the laptop's screen resolution and the TV display is clearly present and I can even switch to the TV resolution, but the TV still claims that there is no signal and I have to just unplug the HDMI cable to get the laptop screen to show again.

Typically when I split the screen on the laptop and TV, I use the Windows key and hit "P" to move between the different projector types. I have tried each of the different projector settings (Disconnect, Duplicate, Extended, Projector-only) and the laptop blinks like... Read more

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I have an Asus G74Sx laptop, and recently reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit on it.
After the reinstall, everything was working fine. I was happily browsing the interwebs. 
But today, I turned on the laptop and the wifi no longer finds nor can connect to my network. 
I have repeatedly unplugged the router/modem and plugged them back in.
I have updated my wireless drivers from the Asus website. 
I even did a system restore. 
The internet works fine on the desktop, however, it is directly connected, not through wifi. 

A:Laptop No Longer Connects to Internet

UPDATE: Fully reinstalled Windows 7 all over again, completely erasing the harddrive. 
Installed the Wireless Driver so that wifi works. 
When I click on the network I want to connect to, it doesn't pop up with a password prompt. It just fails to connect. 

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I have 4 Wireless N Devices at home, Dell Laptop, MacBook Pro, iPhone 4, iPad, recently the Dell Laptop stopped connecting using Wireless N. It used to run at 144Mpbs and now it is always at 54Mbps, I checked the router and it shows it running Wireless N. The other 3 devices are running perfectly on N.

I've checked all the settings, even though I haven't changed any recently, and they are all set the same. I've power cycled the Router, Modem, and Laptop. I've taken the Wireless Card out and cleaned the pins with air, checked to make sure antenna's are connected and so on....

Dell Studio 1735 Windows 7 Ultimate
Cisco Linksys WRT160N

A:Solved: Dell Laptop no longer connects using 802.11N

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Hi there - One of my laptops (Acer Aspire 5741) won't connect to the internet, it stopped connecting last night at around 9pm UK time. It shows an ! in a triangle over my Internet Access bars. When I troubleshoot the message is 'Your broadband modem is experiencing connectivity issues'. My Compaq mini netbook is not experiencing any problems though. I have tried resetting the router, removing and readding the home network and checking the security key is correct - none of these have helped. I do also have a VPN from my university which has been installed since April without any problems. Both the laptop and notebook use windows 7 and Firefox. I do apologise if this is not very clear - I'm not very experienced with IT. Thank you very much for anything anyone could suggest. Lydia

A:Solved: One laptop no longer connects to the internet

acer comes with mcafee trial - and mcafee has updated which caused this type of issue
have a read here

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I am having trouble getting my HP (dv1340us) laptop (uses Windows XP) to connect to my home network. I've already asked a few computer-savvy people for tips, but they seem confused by the problem, as well, so I'm trying again!

About six months ago I was having problems with my laptop internet browsers. First it stopped allowing me to use Firefox, then the newer versions of IE, until finally the only browser I could use was an old version of IE. I sent the computer in to HP for repair, telling them of the browser problem, as well as asking them to fix the broken speakers and a problem with the battery one day went from working perfectly to suddenly dropping to zero power whenever I unplugged it.

When I got the computer back, I took it to the library and was able to connect to the free network there. Firefox worked just fine. So far, so good. However, at my own house I have been unable to connect to the internet for months now. I've tried everything I can think of. I just ran a WindowsXP repair CD, as well as the driver installation CD.

Since I got the computer back I have been unable to renew my IP address, and now that I ran the repair CD I apparently have "media disconnected."

The laptop has a strong signal from my router, but it connects with "limited or no connectivity" when I enter the WEP key. Oddly enough, twice two computer-savvy people have been able to get the computer to connect to my home network by playing around with... Read more

A:Laptop no longer connects to home network

Disable encryption on the router and try to connect. Assuming success you can probably re-enable encryption and reconnect. If either fails, please show ...

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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i recently did an upgrade on my motherboard and re-installed windows but now my Bluetooth adapter will no longer connect to my Motorokr S9 HD headset which it use to do. idk maybe I'm over thinking it and the problem is i got is plugged in USB 3.0 instead of 2.0. any input will be appreciative.

A:Motorokr S9 HD no longer connects after windows reinstall

Try plugging into a USB 2.0 port (although it is supposed to be bakcward compatible).

Also, you may need the WIDCOMM bluetooth drivers to install to make it work again. Broadcom.com - Bluetooth Software Download

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I have the Linksys WRT150N v1.1 router. I have been using it for about 1 and a half years with no problems. My OS is Windows Vista and I am on a broadband/cable connection.
Everything was running fine until this morning. I turned on my PC and was given a message about limited connectivity. I checked my connection settings and it said I was on a "Local" network. I looked at the router. All lights were still on. I checked my cable modem. Everything was fine there too.
First I reset my cable modem. Didn't work. Then I reset the router. Still didn't work. I flushed my DNS cache, tried both static and dynamic IPs and tried connecting with another PC. Nothing.

I have my PCs, XBOX and PS3 connected by wire and use my DS wirelessly. None of them can connect through the router now... Though when I tried my PS3, it gave me a message saying that it couldn't connect because of a DNS error.

I called my ISP. They ran me through the basics and said everything looked fine on their end.
I then bypassed the router and connected strait to the cable modem. IT WORKED! Even my PS3 worked this way. No errors.
Any ideas what may have caused this or how to fix it? I have not installed any new programs in the last month and, other than today, I haven't touched the router settings in 6 months.

Please help!
Oh. And I can still access the router through my browser. Like I said, everything looks fine. I just can't figure this out...

A:Solved: Router no longer connects to internet

Reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure it. Remember to power cycle your modem when switching from computer to router (or vice versa).

If it still does not get you internet access login to the router and see if there are any hints in the WAN (internet) status page or any error logs.

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Hi all,I have an Acer laptop running Windows 10. My Pavilion 27xi used to connect just fine. Then I installed Quicken 2016 and now the monitor displays a message that it's "scanning" for HDMI, but  then goes to sleep. The laptop does not detect the monitor either.  I have done a System Restore to before the Quicken install.I have reinstalled the monitor driver.The monitor and cable work fine with the other windows 10 machine in the household.  What can I try next? Thanks for your help.

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I have Windows XP machine that is displaying very unusual behaviour. The internet works in all browsers but the email does not work properly. I have noticed this tightvnc is running! I did some googling around and cannot update any virus/malaware software Please advise on the next steps. I have ran a number of programs mentioned on here in that particular thread. I am copying and pasting the logs below one by one. Any assistance just like last time would be greatly appreciated! Thanks folks! 
RogueKiller V8.6.5 [Aug  5 2013] by Tigzy
mail : tigzyRK<at>gmail<dot>com
Feedback : http://www.adlice.com/forum/
Website : http://www.adlice.com/softwares/roguekiller/
Blog : http://tigzyrk.blogspot.com/
Operating System : Windows 7 (6.1.7601 Service Pack 1) 64 bits version
Started in : Normal mode
User : Owner [Admin rights]
Mode : Remove -- Date : 08/12/2013 20:26:45
| ARK || FAK || MBR |
¤¤¤ Bad processes : 0 ¤¤¤
¤¤¤ Registry Entries : 2 ¤¤¤
[HJ DESK] HKLM\[...]\NewStartPanel : {59031a47-3f72-44a7-89c5-5595fe6b30ee} (1) -> REPLACED (0)
[HJ DESK] HKLM\[...]\NewStartPanel : {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} (1) -> REPLACED (0)
¤¤¤ Scheduled tasks : 0 ¤¤¤
¤¤¤ Startup Entries : 0 ¤¤¤
¤¤¤ Web browsers : 0 ¤¤¤
¤¤¤ Particular Files /... Read more

A:Thunderbird no longer connects to collect emails

Hello, let's also look at these logs....Please Download TDSSkillerLaunch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive)Do not change the default options on scan results.Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your desktop.Close all open programs and internet browsers.Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool.Click on Delete.Confirm each time with Ok.You will be prompted to restart your computer. A text file will open after the restart.Please post the contents of that logfile with your next reply.You can find the logfile at C:\AdwCleaner[S1].txt as well.Last run ESET.Hold down Control and click on this link to open ESET OnlineScan in a new window.Click the button.For alternate browsers only: (Microsoft Internet Explorer users can skip these steps)Click on esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe to download the ESET Smart Installer. Save it to your desktop.Double click on the icon on your desktop.Check "YES, I accept the Terms of Use."Click the Start button.Accept any security warnings from your browser.Under scan settings, check "Scan Archives" and "Remove found threats" Click Advanced settings and select the following:Scan potentially unwanted applicationsScan for potentially unsafe applicationsEnable Anti-Stealth technologyESET will then download updates for itself, install itself, and begin scanning your computer. Please be patient as this can take some time.When the scan completes, click List... Read more

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I was moving a large file from my laptop to my external hard drive and there was a file that stopped it from sending after about an hour. So I put it on pause and went and moved the couple of troublesome files to another file, when I tried unpausing it so it could continue to send it wouldn't work. So I did control, alt, delete and it wouldn't do anything. I then just pressed the power button. Now when I try to connect the External hard drive it doesn't come up in my computer or down the side. It only shows its plugged in when I try to disconnect it.

Please can you help me sort this issue out?



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can some help troubleshoot, suddenly my wireless keyboard no longer is connected to my computer. have changed batteries, tried to reconnect placed usb receiver in a different port, rebooted computer etc. nothing works, help 

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Hi all,

I have wireless internet at home through a Belkin router.

It used to work fine but one computer wouldnt connect. Stupidly, I tried checking the security password on my laptop and ever since it won't connect. (However, now the other computer does!)

It picks up the signal from the router but just won't connect. When I run ipconfig I get a message saying Media Disconnected. I've searched forums and can't find an answer to this.

The laptop still connects to the wireless internet in my office so the wireless capability obviously still works. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks so much!


A:Laptop no longer connects to Wireless Router

Disable encryption on the router and try to connect. Assuming success you can probably re-enable encryption and reconnect.

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My Dell Inspiron 7720 17R no longer connects to Jawbone Jambox external bluetooth speakers. Every connection attempt used to work without fail, even without having to re-pair them to my pc. I recently bought a pair of Damson Jet speakers but they won't connect either.

Note: All the above speakers connect to & work perfectly with my iPad2, so I have decided the problem
must be with Win7. No MS site I found has been any help. All I see is blame on speaker makers.
Also, I have run troubleshooters without success but they are bs anyway.

I have exhausted my abilities updating drivers, etc in Win7 64-bit. I have updated everything I can find, both MS & Intel. I have examined every property sheet I can find but don't see any issues. The Services seem to be entering properly. I have also tried manual-ticking each Service when adding the device.

I don't know when the Jambox stopped connecting as I was using it with my iPad2. If I knew when it stopped I could possibly restore to that point but no such luck.

I can add both speaker brands to my laptop devices but "Connection Failed" occurs after numerous tries to pair them. I think they are being added properly as the property sheets do fill with info somewhat. I have removed each device several times, even rebooting after removal, then adding each again singly, only to still have problem.

Note: I had to recently re-install my WebCam & TouchPad from the Dell site. I don't know when I... Read more

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I have a desktop running Vista, and a laptop running XP.

The cable modem that has been connected to Vista for years, that has always worked, stopped working yesterday.

I plugged the ethernet into the laptop, and here I am on this forum... so clearly that works.

So, it appears that the cable modem is not the problem - something between the modem and Vista is not working any more. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get Vista to connect to the internet again?

(PS. I am not very tech-savvy like some of you, in fact, today, I learned what ethernet is because of this problem. Also, I did not set up the cable modem originally, and I have never had a problem with it before, so I have never seen its "usual" settings.)

A:Vista no longer connects to the internet through a cable modem

First hit the Windows Key+R on the keyboard. In the Run box type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In the Device Manager, do you see any yellow marks next to Network Adapters/Ethernet Apapter? If so, a Windows Update may have installed an incompatible driver. Right click the device and choose Update Driver. Let Windows Search and it should find your old driver as well as the new one. Choose the old driver.

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I have a western digital 750GB external hard drive like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-Essential-750GB-External/dp/B000WP4IWY

For some reason it's stopped working recently.
When I plug it in it boots up, the lights on the hard drive come on as normal... my computer then makes the "ding dong" noise when new hardware is plugged in as normal... BUT not once.. twice! Then the hard drive shuts down, the lights go off and nothing happens. Although when the usb cable is unplugged my computer still makes the "ding dong" unplugged noise.

I've tested this on my girlfriends computer and it works fine there so it's not the hard drive. I also have a smaller Western Digital passport 250GB hard drive that is working fine.

I am running XP Home, SP 3.

Any suggestions on why this might be happening would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mark.

A:Solved: External Hard Drive no longer connects

Try unplugging ALL other USB Devices except for Keyboard and Mouse.

Also check control panel > system > device manager for any yellow warning ticks or similar.

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My Compaq tc1100 tablet worked perfectly, wirelessly, with our Billion BiPAC 7300NX/N ADSL2+ router, but then it just stopped doing this for no reason that I can think of. In our house is a desktop in each of the 3 bedrooms (one being mine, together with the tablet) that connect perfectly wirelessly to this same router. When I refresh the network list, then one moment it will show my network, and then seconds later when I refresh again, it will give "no networks were found in range".

Switching off the router's WLAN security made no difference.

Formatting and reloading XP, and installing the tablet's Wireless LAN drivers, made no difference.

Moving the tablet around the house made no difference.

Now, today I took my tablet with me to spend the day with my wife at her workplace, where there is a Billion wireless router as well (other model). I did not bother to first try to connect with my tablet's wireless card, but instead lent a spare D-Link DWA-125 wireless USB adapter, and connected perfectly. Later in the afternoon, out of curiosity, I started up Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, and took a snapshot of it, which is attached here. The whole time I was connected like this, there were, in the bottom right-hand corner, two of those wireless network connection icons, one with a red cross through it.

Here comes the (for me!) weird part: when removing the D-Link USB adapter --- it was time to come home --- the icon with the red cross disappeared once it w... Read more

A:Solved: Compaq tc1100 tablet no longer connects wirelessly.

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Today had to to conduct a bit of a messy reinstall of windows (changed cpu fan and windows wouldn't start properly so had to format and reinstall) and now my wireless adapter won't connect to my network. I should say I can actually connect to the internet through my TP-link wireless network card attached to my motherboard, however, last week I purchased a TP-Link TL-WN722N usb adapter because the signal was too weak on the network card. Before the reinstall it worked perfectly, giving me 4/5 bars of signal strength consistently with no drops. I've tried reinstalling and repairing the drivers but it has had no effect. I still suspect it is some weird driver conflict for some reason as I was having conflict issues with programs earlier in the day although they were all eventually resolved.

Mainboard : Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3
Chipset : RD890 PCI to PCI Bridge (external gfx0 port B)
Processor : AMD Phenom II X4 955e @ 800MHz
Network Card : Atheros Communications AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCIe) (says atheros but really tp-link)
OS: Windows 7


Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Sean-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 2:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : TP-LIN... Read more

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I have two laptops both using the same Internet connection. One is running Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2, the other is running Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3.

The Windows XP Pro laptop is able to connect to the Internet about 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time, I get a "page not found" error. The problem usually self-resolves within about 15 minutes.

When that error happens, I move over to my Windows XP Home laptop, which is always able to connect. And, like I said, both laptops are using the same Internet connection.

Both are using the same connection settings as well, such as obtain an IP address automatically and obtain DNS server addresses automatically.

The XP Home laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6000 and the XP Pro laptop is a Dell Latitude E6500. Both are connecting through a Belkin wireless router.

I am out of ideas, and would appreciate any input.

A:One computer always connects, the other connects intermittently...

Refresh your DNS (Some Times negative DNS may give Errors to specific sites)
By following these steps:

Start >> Run >> cmd

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

If no luck,

Click Start, then Run and type CMD in the dialogue box that appears, and then click OK. Type netsh winsock reset into the DOS window that appears.

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults. Click Start, then Run and type CMD, then type netsh int ip reset reset.log

Check your HOSTS file.

It's located in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc.

Examine the content of your HOSTS file. We do not need to worry about any line that begins with an # because it is ignored by Windows. Also, the line " localhost" or "::1 localhost" can be safely ignored, because it is a standard entry.

A HOSTS file can be used to control Web page to IP address associations.

Anything else that appears in your HOSTS file without an # at the beginning, apart from the " localhost" or "::1 localhost" lines, should be viewed with suspicion when we are trying to diagnose the cause of "Page cannot be displayed" errors. The quickest way to test for HOSTS file involvement is to right click the HOSTS file, then select Rename. Add the letter X to the beginning or end of the file name and then ok your changes. By changing the name of the HOSTS file, we stop your web browser from using it, and therefore resolve any issues caused by the fil... Read more

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Hi! First post, sorry if it's in the wrong place :\
I have a Dell Inspiron running on Windows 7, and this problem has persisted for quite a while. When I attempt to use wifi, it appears as connected, but I'm not able to connect to any webpage. Any ideas on what I could do?

A:Connects via ethernet but not via wifi

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I have a problem with wifi only on my laptop. The laptop will connect to my home or work wifi network, but will not pass any activity, e.g. browse any web pages / pick up email. The IPCONFIG looks ok, however when I ping the router / AP or any other known pc on the networks I get 'Hardware error' 4 times. I always use DHCP.
I have change the NIC from another identical laptop and that is doing the same.
I first noticed the problem after running thru safety.live.com, I tried doing a restore point but that doesn't help.
I have tried the wifi with no encryption, again it connects but won't browse or give access to the rest of the network. I have also tried other pcs on the same router and AP, they work fine.

One interseting thing, it did connect and communicate for approx 5 mins. acouple of days ago, but nothing since.

A:WIFI connects but won't communicate

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I could not get my brother's Asus A6 to connect to Internet via wireless router (wired or wifi through wireless router does not work; DSL modem to Asus ethernet works).

I'm able to connect to Internet through my Sony VAIO (wired or Wifi through wireless router).

Configuration: phoneline > DSL modem > Netgear wireless router

Brother's Asus runs Win XP, using the XP's wireless (not Asus wireless driver). Currently using Windows Zero Configuration http://paininthetech.com/2005/10/25/disable-wireless-zero-configuration-in-windows-xp/ .

Here's the ipconfig all (both wifi and ethernet connected to wireless router) which I learned from http://forums.techguy.org/web-email/468829-wireless-connected-but-no-internet.html :
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings\Eric S. Soriano.ERIC>ping google
Ping request could not find host google. Please check the name and try again.
C:\Documents and Settings\Eric S. Soriano.ERIC>ipconfig
Windows IP Configuration

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . ... Read more

A:Wifi connects, but no Internet

So when its on the wired connection it works?
1st off I see a few things..
1 the wired connection has a manuel IP address setup.
2 The Gateway that the wireless is getting has got to be wrong. would be a network not a node.

Try setting a static IP address for the wireless card and see if that helps.

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I have a Dell lap top and I am currently studying abroad. I live in an apartment with 4 other guys and their wifi works fine with their computers but whenever I turn mine on it shuts the wifi down for everyone. Is there a fix to this or am I just screwed for the semester?

A:Wifi shuts down whenever my lap top connects

Msullivan104 said:

shuts the wifi downClick to expand...

Meaning that the wireless network cannot be detected? The router (or access point) stops broadcasting it?

Do you have the latest wireless driver from the PC manufacturer's web site?

Can you successfully, with no collateral damage, connect via ethernet with your wireless switched off?

For a wireless connection ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

[Press ENTER after the command.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I have an iPod touch and ATT is my internet company. The Wifi connects to everything else but my iPod. I've tried resetting the wifi many times and I've tried resetting it on my iPod. Also, my iPod works on other wifi networks except my own. Please help!

A:Wifi connects to everything but my iPod

it maybe a DNS issue - unlikely
OR its a Security issue

so two things to try

1) Log into your router , goto the wireless security section make and note of the type of security and the password ket
Now disable the security and see if the ipod can connect

2) have a read here http://techinch.com/blog/change-your-dns-settings-on-iphone-ipod-touch-and-ipad

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Hi all, I am afraid I need some help here - this one has me stumped.

I have just installed a router (Netgear DG834GT) and have it all up and running fine with all sorts of devices, Xboxes, Iphones, laptops, PCs, PS3, iPods etc. I have one older laptop however that refuses to work and exhibit behavior I have not come across before. It is a old Toshiba Satellite Pro L20 with an Atheros AR5005G wireless network adapter running XP. I am using XP to configure the wifi (the Windows Zero Config Service I believe) - there is no other software on the laptop trying to manage the connection.

The WiFi is WPA2-PSK and there is no other interference on channel 11 where it is broadcasting.

This laptop tries hard to connect - it sees the network fine all of the time, it acquires the network address and says connected really quick as I would expect. It then disconnects itself after about 15-25 seconds and retries - it re-connects again but then dies again in the same way. It does this a few times and then appears to give up until I force a reconnect. At which point it goes through the connect/disconnect loop again.

I have checked and triple checked the security credentials of the laptop wi-fi connection.I have reduced the encryption to WPA (this laptop was working with WPA2 previously fine). I have also tried it with a static IP address (which is matched up to a reservation on the DHCP server in the router).

And yet still no joy. I am a bit stumped. And sadly the LAN port on the laptop i... Read more

A:Solved: Wifi - connects and then fails on XP

First off, remove all the stored wireless network profiles. How to Remove Stored Wireless Network Profiles for XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Next, please reset the stack since you can't test the LAN port.

TCP/IP stack repair options for use with Windows XP with SP2/SP3.

Start, Run, CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands, each followed by the Enter key:

Note: Type only the text in bold for the following commands.

Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults, type: netsh int ip reset reset.log

Reset WINSOCK entries to installation defaults, type: netsh winsock reset catalog

Reboot the machine.

Finally, if neither of these work, clear the wireless profiles again and try the router with no encryption as a test. Also, make SURE no MAC filtering is active on the router.

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I've been dealing with this issue for a couple years and it's driving me crazy. Everything in my house connects to my main wifi signal without issues. My laptop however connects to the signal but I cannot get internet or see any devices. I always have to be on my guest network with my laptop. I've tried resetting my router, updating the firmware in the router, renaming the main wifi signal, resetting my wireless network adapter on my laptop, updating the the network adapter firmware in my laptop, and reinstalling the network adapter. I have no idea what else to try but I'm fed up not being able to use my laptop to simply print to my wireless printer or setup various electronics with my laptop. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

A:Laptop Connects to WiFi but Internet Not Available

Can you do our scans lets see whats going on post results PCHF System Scans

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After I updated my computer to the most recent Windows 10 update, my wifi connection says its connected, but no internet connection.I know it's not my router because it connects just fine to other devices (cell phones, tablets, and another laptop).

A:Wifi Connects, but no internet connection

Also, states "Wireless Network Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration when troubleshooting.

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All other networks I try will connect me but not let me go onto
anything that uses the internet. It says im connected to the internet, so another diagnosis could be that it connects me to the wifi then internet but with an extremely low bandwith. It times out often.

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