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[SOLVED] USB not detcted.. pendrives external hdd etc

Q: [SOLVED] USB not detcted.. pendrives external hdd etc

Okay for some weird reason my PC are not detecting any USB storage devices plugged in... i found this in device manager (attached pic) ..

however nothing i can do.. tried update online nothing helps... so i dont know what to do... what is wrong with this actually?

and second problem.. i have creative Audigy Value card installed...i usually set it to 5.1 speakers... but the application that has been installed by Win update... i.e. Creative Audio Control Panel.. always crash on startup.. i dont even had the chance to adjust it or do anything with it... i download from the official web also the same... *sigh*

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] USB not detcted.. pendrives external hdd etc

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] USB not detcted.. pendrives external hdd etc

okay what is weird... i can use the USB while in safe mode... and at the moment.. when i go to manage... the usb is listed healthy... but when i want to assign letters it says "The system cannot find the file specified"

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Hi all! Not something that hinders my daily life but why Windows7 forgets about the name of the renamed pendrives and external drives? I give them names so that I can know their content without opening them such as
"Films" or "Pix" or "Softwares". They were fine like this during a year or more and now from one day to the other everything lost its name and became E:, F: etc. Notably, these peripherals are connected the same way: the same cable to the same USB port. I re-renamed them again yesterday but they went back to E:, F: once again. That is so stupid.

A:Windows7 forgets the name of external drivers/ pendrives

Hello akofalvi,

This normally happens when other drives/applications starts to reserve specific drive letters/path. For instance Daemon Tools (Which mounts installation images) could reserve drive letters G-H, and thus causing your other ones to change letters and therefor loose any name given.

You should try to set them to something way back in the dictionary, like Z-X:

Go to Start > Search.
Type "diskmgmt.msc" > Hit Enter.
Rightclick your drives > Change drive letters/path.

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Most weird problem!After updating my Graphics crad with the latest drivers,my machine gives One Long,Three Short Beeps while booting,which according to my Mobo manual indicates No VGA Detected,and then freezes completely.
Now,the strange part is that when I press the Power Button for some time,the machine recovers from its freezed state and boots normally.

Also,this does NOT occur everytime I switch on my PC.It is random and erratic

Is it a problem with the corrupt driver or my PCI-E slot or my card itself??

To note:When my PC boots finally in an OS(Vista.XP),I can do everything including playng games for long hours without any crashes or freeze ups.
My mobo has got two other PCI-E slots of the same config as the one the graphics card is currently fitted into.

I'm at my wits end.Please help.

A:No VGA detcted!Please help!

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my uncles samsung laptop wasnt booting.it was giving error message as no operating system found.so i went to bios options there i found that there is no primary device found (no hard disk found).only secondary drive cd drive was only deteced.[ls help wat should i do. it as working fine itemsis it the problem not proper handling from airport staff.as he came yesterday from china on a flight.pls help

A:hard disk not detcted

If you can try re-seating the Hard drive...that means taking it out and then putting it back in.

If it still doesn't recognize it in bios then the HD could be faulty

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YA , i tryed to download some dirty stuff.I clicked on some spammers link through google chat.Now when I click on my INTERNET EXPLORER icon i get the following message...
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libray

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Recently my PC has become really slow. Spyware-doctor finds infection everytime its run, even when you run it consecutively it gives threat detection the very next time.
HJT logs are here:

Are you able to figure something wrong from this:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:08:00 PM, on 12/9/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exe
C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor\pctsTray.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\anuja\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Common\Google Updater\GoogleUpdaterService.exe
C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor\pctsAuxs.exe
C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor\pctsSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\C... Read more

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How many of you use pendrives? (USB flash memories?)
I'm looking forward to buy one cause I really need it due to my work, I've been using an SD card with a pocket SD card reader but it doens't work anymore.

So, any suggestions regarding brands?
I hear kingston and sandisk are good ones, I don;'t want to buy a ****** pendriver cause they say they go blank if it;s too hot or go erase all your data after a while.

Ok, your turn now! thanks people!


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pendrives malfunction for xp

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Experiencing the same problem than


looks like the issue is in the pendrive itself. I have two PNY pendrives, one 8GB and another 16GB. I can use YUMI or any other app to add a distro to the pendrive, format them, etc, but when booting the BIOS does not recognize them.

Tried in an old X31 laptop and in a new HP ProBook laptop with same (bad) result.

I though it was because of the big size but many people use 16GB pendrives for these purposes...

(BTW, tried also formating them and the distros were way smaller than 4gb...)

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I've got the security essentials 2010 infection and probably some other stuff too, as show in the title. I've tried the mbam fix before, and it seemed okay for a day or two, but then didn't stay fixed...maybe because my firewall wasn't enabled. I can only run in safe mode and get to the internet via a proxy, even though I have done the correction in internet tools, lan settings (do NOT use a proxy).when I download files from my computer it changes the name to some long random list of letters and numbers and the files never work. I have to work from someone else's computer. I"ve followed the instructions at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/34773/preparation-guide-for-use-before-using-malware-removal-tools-and-requesting-help/ as much as I can.The firewall is now enabled. I disabled the CD emulation (and have rebooted since).I downloaded and ran DDS have attached those files. I get an Adobe error when I try to execute the GMER application. Someplace else it told me to download the rkill, whic I cannot. But I have that on my desktop already and can run it if I'm logged in as user one. I downloaded it from a library computer. I cannot run mbam, which I downloaded today from the library computer, and it will not execute. Someplace else it suggested I run combo-fix, which just acts like its going to run, and then doesnt. same as mbam. I can run Hijack this, and that's attached as well, just in case. The system restore has been disabled (not my choice).I see in someone els... Read more

A:security essentials 2010, TrojanSPM/LX, worm.win32.netsky detcted

Hi briggWelcome to Bleeping Computer.I'm maranatha and I will be handling your log to help you get cleaned up. Please do the following.Download ComboFix from Here Before saving it rename it to Mobofix.com then download it to your Desktop.Please run rkillNow run Mobofix.comIt's best to disable realtime protection applications as they sometimes interfere with the tool. Check this link for any applicable programs you may have.Close all open programs and windowsDouble click Mobofcix.exe and follow the prompts.Vista users right click Mobofcix.exe and select Run As Administrator.When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Post the Combofix logNote: Do not mouseclick combofix's window while its running. That may cause it to stallIf you are prompted to install the Recovery Console, Please do so.Thanksmaranatha

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Thank you for adding me to the site. I'm looking to import a quality pendrive and charging cables from Taiwan. What sort of pendrive should I be looking at ( memory etc) and with regards to cables are there any different products. I find most of my cables don't last long. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated as this is a new venture for me. Thank you.

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unable to connect pendrives to the laptop

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Hi all,
        I have a pendrive which having FAT32 file system previously.now what i did i open the pendrive in hex editor.i found that root directory contain entries about

myfiles.and it having high order cluster byte set to some value . now i traverse the file system  with corresponing cluster no. by conveting it in  offset value .i found the data of my file at the corresponding offset. 
             Now what i do i format the pendrive . due to formatting the pendrive the high cluster byte of corresponding file in root directory set to 0,so i am unable to traverse  data. of file.
             is their any solution so that i can found my data...............H.S.Navarkar

A:how to recover data from formatted pendrives


If you want to recover the data from formatted drive, you need
 special software and competencies. When you delete or even format a disk, the files aren?t really deleted, they are marked to be overwritten.

Since there?s no such software from Microsoft, you need search it yourself. Also please note third party may cause unexpected issue.

There?s a similar thread may helpful to you:

Thank you for your understanding.
Leo Huang
TechNet Community Support

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Hi All,

I have an issue with my machine: I can't copy any files on pendrives or SD cards, unless I'll run Windows in Safe mode, everything works OK (all the pendrives or SD cards are working fine).

Tried to fix dll's, scanned for Virus even managed to format one pendrive (thought it was broken at first) but still couldn't copy any files.

The error I am getting: You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy to this folder.

I don't even have to mention that I am administrator?

Any ideas?

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Greetings !
I apparently have some sort of shortcut virus on my pendrives. I used one on a public computer and when I reconnected that pendrive to my home laptop, all I coul see were shortcuts of the .ink kind. And when I double clicked on one it would open the cmd window and give me an error that microsoft.vbs couldn't be found. Later I connected another pendrive (one without the virus) and everything got converted ionto shortcuts again. I unchewcked the "hide essential windows files option" in folder options, so I am able to see my files on the pendrive along with the shortcuts. Both avg and malwarebytes have failed to solve this problem.my harddrives seem unaffected. Any help will be appreciated thanks !

A:some sort of shortcut virus on my pendrives?

reformat the pendrives.
my computer>rightclick on offending pen drive>format>fat32 quick format.
will erase EVERYTHING from the drives.
I suggest you do an advanced malware scan with something like ESET online scanner though, just to be sure you don't have nasties carried across.

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recently i had set an password for detecting the usb flash drives later on my usb ports are not working in my pc please suggest an usb port drivers to my pc  hp pavilion g6

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I use two notebooks. One running Win8.1 PRO (64bits), the other Win7 Home Premium (32bits).
I also have an external HD, and three pen-drives I use with both notebooks, as needed.
Some programs I use (a password manager, bkups, between many others) save data on these drives, and I need that the drive letters attributed to them DO NOT CHANGE no matter the notebooks they are connected to.
My problem is that the letters given to these drives keep changing when they are used on the notebooks and the programs can't find the paths to store or retrieve data from.
How can I make the drive letters to remain the same no matter the notebook they are being used with?
To choose the drive letters I use the Control Panel "Administrative Tools<>Computer Management<>Disk Management"

Any help will be welcome.

Cheers, and a Happy Holiday Season.


A:How to avoid pendrives letters changing?

I don't know if this will help but for years I have set my CD/DVD drives to Y: and Z: so that adding drives doesn't muddle it all up. How about setting the letter as Z: and seeing if that helps?

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My usb 3.0 slots are not recognizing usb 2.0 mass storage stuff and neither any usb cables..It also does not recognizes webcam or keyboard adapter..What shall i do?
I have updated chipset,usb and bios drivers but no help..

A:USB 3.0 ports do not recognize 2.0 stuff like pendrives,iphone charger

This is what I do when I suffer these types of problem, which is often by the way, and I have not found a correct way of fixing so it is temporarily at best.

I go to Device Manager, then to Universal Serial Bus Controllers and I start uninstalling the Generic USB Hubs and then the other hubs, hoping not to nuke my mouse, if I don't then I go to the Action Tab and click on Scan for Hardware changes and it will rearrange the usb drivers and IRQs in hopes that they do not clash with each other. If it does nuke the mouse then I manually restart the PC and hope that it will solve the issue once I am back at the desktop.

There is no damage done to the PC, at least I have not seen any real damage but until I find a better way, this is what I have to deal with.

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icon fr the external drive (G) is lost while for other more external drives is ok...it happened after i installed a software n created a virtual ddrive on my computer and then unstalled it...help

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My desktop is not reading a brand new external hd I bought....."SimpleDriveExternalStorage160Gb7200RPM" IT says its in RAW format.It does recognize its there though. But I plug it into my Sony Vaio laptop and it reads all the data on it without a problem. Its got 60 gigs of music. I had the same problem with another external hd (lacie) I had, but I used norton partition magic to reformat it. I was able to get it to work on the desktop pc using fat 32. So what im doing is copying all the data from the simpledrive via usb (1.1) using the laptop to the formatted fat 32 lacie drive. Its taking forever. Is there a quicker way? And why is my desktop unable to read two brand new plug n play external hds without me having to format them?

Sorry if I posted in the wrong place.


A:Solved: External HD to External HD

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I have a Maxtor OneTouch 500G hard drive that has a ;ot of information on it but is not full.
It suddenly will not let me access it. It says that I have to format it before I can use it. When I go to computer and right click and select properties, it shows there is 0 used space and 0 empty space.

When I do a test on it from the Maxtor Manager, it says that it is working properly. I have not formatted it yet.

Does anyone know if there is a way to ssave the data that is on it?

A:Solved: External HD

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i just bought a hd and a enclosure. i set it all up and xp recognized it. it shows as connectd in device manager but not in my computer. i cant use it yet. what do i do? please help soon! i dont know if i need to format the drive. Please help as asoon as possible

A:Solved: Help with new external hd please

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I`m trying to take some data from a 1TB Toshiba 2.5 external HDD to another 500GB Toshiba 2.5 external HDD through a 2.0 USB hub.
If i connect the 2 drives at the one time to the usb hub 1 of them stops working but if i disconnect 1 and connect a 32GB thumb drive i can transfer to the thumb drive with no problem.
Why wont the 2 Toshiba HDD`s work together?

A:Solved: External HDD and usb 2.0 hub

is the HUB powered , i suspect the USB is not providing enough power to provide the device

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I am considering buying a 300g external hdd for my pc, and would like to clear a few things before I do.

1: Can I run it as a master with My O/S on it and my current 80g IDE drive as slave?

2: It is a usb, connection, how reliable are they to use?

Cheers Guys


A:Solved: External HDD

1. No
2. Not as reliable as a regular internal IDE connection, there is a greater risk of data corruption with USB and Firewire external drives, especially if the plug is loose or the socket gets damaged.

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Hi All
My USB 500GB Fujitsu MHZ2500BT G2 external hard drive is recognized by the computer. It installed and shows it is working properly but I can not see it in computer or in disk. It is listed in device manager USB section. No exclamation. If I restart the computer it is there listed in computer. Can not see it after computer wakes from sleep state.
I have removed it from device manager and reinstalled device. Nothing I have tried works except a reboot. I have been using this HD for 2 years on this system with no issues at all untill now. Have tried all suggestion I could find from the tech site and still nothing works. Because I could not find a solution, I purchased another HDD - Seagate 1tb goflex and still same thing.
Please help. Thank you

Computer Specs
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Business , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3581 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 139746 MB, Free - 56046 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 6309 MB; G: Total - 953868 MB, Free - 951816 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0WY040, , .9VCDDF1.CN4864377Q2708.
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: USB External HDD

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My computer suddenly can not recognize my external hard drive. I've tried through all the USB ports. One of two memory sticks is still recognized, but that's only one. So the USB is still working. Just not recognizing.

I have WindowsXP on the computer.

A:Solved: USB / external HD

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I bought this hard-drive because the salesperson assured me it works with both a PC and a Mac:

There're quite a lot of them that do. Unfortunately, you can't use it on both a mac and pc at the same time. If you want to add files from a PC, you need to first format it. And when you got your PC-files on it, and you want to add files from your Mac, you need to re-format it. So there's no way it takes files from both PCs and Macs at the same time. Ugh!

Does anyone have a solution? I'm very close to just buying 2 external hard-drives.


A:Solved: An external HD for both Mac and PC

It's all about the file system. Mac uses HFS and will read, but not write NTFS.
Your PC is probably using NTFS, and can't read HFS.
Both can read and write FAT32, which may help. but is limited to 4GB file sizes.
A second drive is a perfectly good solution.

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I'm thinking of fresh installing xp on my laptop and was thinking of buying a external HD. Are they good for backing up files? do you need to install any software
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: External USB HD

yes they're good and if you have xp you don't need software
98 you need driver

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I have the HD from my old XP Computer.I now have a new Win7.What do I have to purchase to view my old HD on the new computer?I do not want to transfer any files.

A:Solved: External HD

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Not sure which forum this belongs on,so will try here.Can someone recommend a decent External HardDrive.Mainly to use for photo storage.Windows 7 and USB 2.0 I believe.Western Digital or Seagate? Only one they have locally that I saw is a WD 1TB MyBookEssentials.OnlineRatings are all over the place.

A:Solved: External HD

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I want to get an external hard drive/dvd burner combo if there is such a thing. To make this question as simple as possible...I need a hard drive that my camera can be plugged into with the firewire. I also need the hard drive that is able to plug in to the USB2 slot on my computer, because
my new Dell doesn't seem to tolerate a firewire card which I installed and then took out and returned to the store. It froze my computer and I tried everything to stabilize it but had no luck. It did work long enough to download 10 min. or so of video and I burned that onto a cd. Thats when I found out I had a dvd-rom not a dvd burner......long story I know. Sorry. I just want to figure out the most economical way now to save my movies and burn them to dvd also using either another external dvd burner or maybe there is a hard drive/dvd burner combo?? Or should I just get two separate externals?
Again: I need the hard drive/burner to plug into my computer with usb2.
Then the firewire from the camera would go into the hard drive/burner to download the movies.

A:Solved: External Hard drive OR External Hard drive/dvd-rw combo?

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hi guys, so i don`t have to keep taking my pc case apart to replace parts,i was thinking about getting an external dvd burner,are they any good & how do they attach to my pc ???? i know this question may sound dumb,but i am learning as i go !!!!:

A:Solved: external dvd burner ???????????

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Ok I am trying to set up my parents external cd writer... its a older dell computer with win xp on it... thte cd writer is a hp cd-writer 8200 series. In the device manager it shows its there and nothing wrong with the installation. However when I go to burn to it.. it will not allow me to.. when I use nero I only get the option to burn an image and not burn to the device. I am probably missing something easy but I can't seem to figure it out.. Can anyone help me please.. thanks here are the messages I get using burnatonce to burn the things
SPTI:2,0,0: HP CD-Writer+ 8290 Rev: 1.3C

Media should be reloaded if a simulation was performed before.

CD-RW : no
Total Capacity : 79:57:70 (359845 blocks, 702/807 MB)
CD-R medium : Ritek Co.
Short Strategy Type, e.g. Phthalocyanine
Recording Speed : n/a
CD-R empty : yes

then when i hit write this is what i get

SPTILOCK:2,0,0: HP CD-Writer+ 8290 Rev: 1.3C

Starting write at speed 4...
ERROR: Cannot set write parameters mode page.
ERROR: Cannot setup write parameters for session-at-once mode.
ERROR: Please try to use the 'generic-mmc-raw' driver.
ERROR: Writing failed.


A:Solved: external cd writer

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Forgive me if the title is a bit confusing but I had no idea how else to summarize the small doubt I have, which is pretty simple, I think.

Basically I had an external HDD that stayed plugged into my computer most of the time and yesterday, while it was disconnected, a friend of mine needed to recharge his MP3 Player so I connected to my laptop and it was using drive G:/ which was usually reserved for my external HDD so when I decided to plug in my external HDD (with or without his MP3 player being plugged in) it's using drive I:/ and I'd really really like to revert it back to using drive G:/ because I have a bunch of shortcuts and downloading configurations which are meant to send things to my external HDD instead of my laptop's hard drive.
I tried restarting with the external HDD plugged in and plugged out, tried taking it off and then plugging it back in several times (safely, of course) but it just won't work. Is there anyway I can just force it to take up its old G:/ drive?

A:Solved: External HDD: changing from I:/ to G:/

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I have had no experience with an external HD, but got one for Xmas last year with a gift cert. The other day I used the backup program in windows xp and it acted as if it was backing up what I wanted backed up. When I went to restore it, it said no backup file found on this drive. What did I do wrong? Does it need to be formatted first like an internal one? If so, I didn't do that first. I would like to use it but don't want to lose what I thought I had saved.

A:Solved: WD external HD questions

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Hi Guys

My computer is Intel E2180 1G ram Windows XP SP2
I plan to buy a 2TB external harddrive.
After googling I found out that 2TB is exactly the limit windows XP can handle so I am quite worried.
Can I just plug to usb & use the harddrive without problem?
Please advise me

Thank you

A:Solved: External hd for windows xp

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Hi there

does anyone know how to use the external data that would include the daily usa currency rates.... I am selling a product that I buy in American dollars, so I need to account for that additional money when quoting.
I would like to include the external data feature so that when I open the excel page it is automatically updated or with a click it is updated to the days rate.

Thank you for your help


A:Solved: external data

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I use Windows XP Home. I just purchased an 80 GB Fandom Drives external hard drive and have connected it directly to the USB port on my PC. I have tried to format from the factory format of FAT 32 file system to NTFS. The format progression bar reaches 100% after about 28 mins, then an error window appears saying: "Windows was unable to complete the format" and my drive remains with the FAT 32 file system. I have tried to format twice and both times have failed.

What do I need to do to complete the format?


A:Solved: Can't Format External HD

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Hope you can help

Apparently my 250Gb external hard drive is not formated. I was 4 days ago with over 70Gb on data on it.

is there any way I can recover this, or is my goose well and truly cooked

A:Solved: External HD Not Formated

Ruari: If it wasn't formatted, how did you get data on it?
Does My Computer recognize it? If it does, then you can probably recover the data.

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I bought an external HDD, TOSHIBA HDDR250E03X 250GB. It's only USB powered. I tried to plug it into my front USB ports on my PC. The light on it will come on, but nothing happens, it won't spin, and nothing shows up in the MyComputer folder. So, it looks like it's under-powered. It's weird, because I have 4 different external HDDs from different manufacturers and I never had this problem. What puzzles me more, though, is this - when I plug it into my USB hub, the PC finds the drive, but starts the 'New hardware wizzard' and starts looking for the drivers... There are no drivers for any HDDs... Of course, Windows XP cannot find any drivers, so, I get message telling me the HDD wasn't properly installed and it will not run correctly. Then the balloon disappears and I can't find the HDD anymore. If I cancel the wizzard, I get the same message and it disappears. Now, if I plug the HDD into the back USB port on the motherboard, it runs perfectly, never asks for any drivers... Then I tried to plug it into my laptop running Vista Home Premium and I get the same problem, the New hardware wizzard starts and Vista is looking for the drivers... And it can't find them of course, so, it doesn't work. This is really frustrating. I contacted the Toshiba Tech support 2 times, but they don't care to reply... Nice...
Does anybody have any idea what might be the problem?


A:Solved: External HDD Problem

If the drive is just usb powered it should have a Y shaped usb lead that uses two usb ports to power the drive

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I'm having trouble getting to my 250 GB seagate external hard drive. XP says it is installed and ready to use, and when I right click on the icon for "safely to remove" it is recognized. But when I go to my computer, it ain't there! Am I looking in the wrong place? I did the Device Manager trouble shooting, and everything is registering working okay. I just can't find a way to access the external hard drive.

Oh, it works. I had a 120 GB hdd prior to putting in the 250, and it worked well. But I just can't access the 250 . . . which I have on Cable Select.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


A:Solved: Can't access my external hdd

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I have a LaCie 500gb external Hdd and I'm trying to put a NTFS partition on (It's FAT at present). Paragon 9 won't do it, PM8 won't recognise USB drive in DOS enviroment. If I strip it down will there be an ATA drive in there that I could put in a PC to partition it as a slave drive?

A:Solved: External Hdd stripdown

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Hi, I have a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent Hard Drive, and it is malfunctioning. I have used it many times before, and it has always worked fine. However, tonight I clicked the icon, and when the finder window for the HD came up and I went to scroll down, the window closed and the icons on the desktop blinked off and back on for a moment. So it seems that for some reason, it is forcing Finder to quit and reload.

I am using a Macbook Pro with Mac OS X V10.5.6. Hopefully this is the correct forum, since it seems to be the hardware(HD) that is causing the problem. I am hoping to find out what is wrong, because I really don't want to lose the files on this drive!!

Thank you in advance,

A:Solved: Question about External HD

Well naturally, even AFTER all of the failed attempts at restarts, etc. I just clicked it one last time and it works! So never mind the problem, I just hope it doesn't happen again!

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Hi, my laptop hdd recently crashed(physical damage) and I can't really afford a new hdd atm, so I am using my External 250GB WD (P/N WD2500ME -01 5109A).

I partitioned and installed XP just fine on the hard drive after using a utility to make the drive bootable. I will have to reboot and get the specific Stop Code(will do that within the hour).

The problem is that when I boot up to XP, I get a BSOD.

Stop Code: 0x0000007B (0xF79D8528 0xC0000034 0x00000000 0x00000000)

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem, and if its even possible to run xp on the external.

PS: Xubuntu installed and runs just fine off of the external hdd.

A:[SOLVED] Booting from External HDD (USB)

Unless I buy an adapter, it seems what I would need is a controller driver..

"A device driver that the computer boot controller needs is not configured to start during the startup process."

But I cannot seem to find said driver, and I have no floppy drive even if I found it for loading... =/

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I've just bought a 500GB Verbatim USB 2.0 External HD, and have been having trouble getting it working on my Windows 7 desktop since the get-go.
I have tried many different methods and searched many forums, including this one; and usually I am great with stuff like this, but no luck.

- It is not listed in My Computer, or even in Disk Management; only Device Manager.
- It is listed in Device Manager with a yellow '!' ; The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
- When I plug it in, Windows searches, but can't find a driver to install for "WDC WD50 00BEVT-00A03T0 USB Device
- It works PERFECTLY on my mother's Windows 7 Laptop (plugged in, windows update installed driver, done)
- Also works and detects no problem booting from a Ubuntu Live CD on my desktop (which I need it for)
- My friends' external HD's also did the same thing, but detected & worked fine to copy files in ubuntu or other PC's/laptops

Things I have tried:
- Switching USB cords, ports
- Uninstalled, rebooted, unplugged/plugged back in
- Having it plugged in before/after OS bootup
- Installing newest chipset drivers
- Microsoft FixIt (No device driver found)
- Deleting UpperFilters in the proper registry file (backed registry file up as well)
- Re-Formatting the External HD
- Windows 7 Installation Disc (Repair)
- Switching to AHCI from IDE, and back

It simply can't find a driver, and I have scourged the internet looking for a driver, but most ... Read more

A:Solved: External HD not Recognized

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I have a dell latiude C640 laptop

cpu 2 gig
total physical memory 768 mb
C hard drive 250 gb, 6.50 gb used, 226 gb avable
ide laptop type hard drive, 150 gb, 4.71 gb used, 123 gb free in an external usb case

I am using the ide hd in the usb external case as a install file storage. At first when I started using the exture hd in the usb case everything worked fine.
In the past few months the hd in the usb case crashed and had a corrupted boot sector. I managed to recover about 50% of the files on the hd then wiped the partition and made a new partition and reformated the hard drive. A few weeks later the C drive crashed and i had to reinstal all prog's from scrach. With the external drive connected to the laptop via the hub (this laptop has only 1 internal usb port) the external hd is dragging the XP speed down to the point that prog's are stalling out, internet downloads take for ever and a wed on a broadband internet connection. I have tryed bypassing the hub with the external hd plugged directly into the usb port. No change. With both of my usb flash drives and the usb wi-fi stick pluged but the external hd unpluged XP is back up to normal speed and everything works fine agen. Can someone please tell me what is going on? By the way the 150gb hd used to be the C hd drive untill I got the 250 gb hd.

A:Solved: re: an external usb hd slowing xp pro down

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