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Update not complete undoing changes stuck (window8.1)

Q: Update not complete undoing changes stuck (window8.1)

Using Window 8.1, today I get updates and than it say update not complete undoing changes....... but it stuck here. I does system restore but I get error on this
Which is unspecified error accured during system restore (0*80070017). And I don`t have sysm image to do system image recovery.. please help me it ruined my whole day..

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Preferred Solution: Update not complete undoing changes stuck (window8.1)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My laptops screen is stuck after it prompted me to do an update and restart, after starting the update it failed to complete and now my screen is stuck loading after about 2 hours still! Please please help!

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Error: We couldn?t complete the updates, Undoing changes. Don?t turn off your computer.After initial setup, I installed Windows Firewall, Avast, and Chrome. That's it so far.

I ran updates I think the first one went through. The next one didn't. And I got that error. And I tried again a few times. I tried disabling all the security software. Still the same error.

A:Update Error - couldn't complete. Undoing changes.

Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter from this site:
Troubleshoot problems with installing updates - Windows Help

Update in batches of 5 at a time, you may find the one that is causing the problem and try to install it by itself. Net Framwork updates are usually the ones that cause the problem.

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Whenever I restart after updates I get the above message.......along with C:\Users\Sarah\AppData\Local\browser extensions\client.exe.
I assume this needs to be added but I'm not sure where to go to add it. Can anyone please help???
Thank You

A:Cannot complete the updates. Undoing changes

Step 1: eScanAV.
Disable your antivirus prior to this scan.
Download the eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV)http://www.escanav.com/english/content/products/downloadlink/downloadcounter.asp?pcode=MWAV&src=english_dwn&type=alter
Save the file to your desktop.
Right click run as administrator.
A new icon will appear on your desktop.
Right click run as administrator on new icon.
Click on the update tab.
Once you have updated the program, make sure the settings are the same as the picture below.
Once you have made sure the settings match the picture, hit the Scan & Clean button.
Upon scan completion, click View Log.
Copy and paste entire log into your next reply.
Note: Reboot if needed to remove infections.
Step 2: Zemana
Run a full scan with Zemana antimalware.
Install and select deep scan.

Remove any infections found.
Then click on the icon in the pic below.

Double click on the scan log, copy and paste here in your reply.
Step 3: Junkware Removal Tool.
Please download Junkware Removal Tool and save it on your desktop.
Shut down your anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software now to avoid potential conflicts.
Run the tool by double-clicking it. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, right-click it and select Run as administrator.
T... Read more

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Hi .. My dad got a new laptop and it is Dell inspiron 3541 with windows 8.1
And today I was installing a program on it so it required a restart .. It restarted and started to update once it finished it appeared a massage "We couldn't update , undoing.. Please don't shut down and it stucked on this massage for along time then I tried to power it off and power it on again but the massage appeared again..

So please I need help as soon as possible.. Thank you

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The other night when I shut down my laptop it said it was doing 160 updates so I left it to do it. Then when I've turned my laptop on today it said it was loading updates. It got to about 30% and now it says we couldn't complete updates, undoing changes don't turn off computer. It has been like this for 6 hours and I need to use my laptop for uni can someone please tell me how to fix this problem, without losing all my uni work from my laptop 

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A:couldn't complete updates undoing changes

Hi,Either the hard drive must be failing or OS for corrupted or it may be just some Windows Updates causing the problem.You can do a system restore to a previously known good state.See "Restore your computer when Windows cannot start normally" section in here - http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03327545But first do a complete - quick & extensive hard drive testing from BIOS first:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03467259Do you have the recovery media with you?If HDD has FAILED, you've to replace it first.If HDD had not failed, I suggest you do change automatic Windows Update from Control Panel to "To Check for Updates Automatically but Let you Choose to Download and Install them or Not" next time after you do a restore. Be sure to restore it to a point at least 48hrs before the problem started.http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/5794-windows-update-automatic-updating-turn-off-windows-8-a.htm...May be some Update is causing the problem.Next: execute a System file scan - Option 2 in this tutorial:http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/3047-sfc-scannow-command-run-windows-8-a.htmlRestart system.Then, execute dism commands given in Option 1 in this tutorial:http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/26512-dism-fixing-component-store-corruption-windows-8-a.htmlRestart system.Now you manually install Windows update I'm matches of 5 instead of everything as a whole.Restart system after each batch installs.Note: Completely disable/uninstall all the Antivirus softwares from your... Read more

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Hi! I just received this laptop for Christmas and unfortunately, I'm already having problems! My laptop just decided to update and since then, it's stuck in this loop where it will say that is preparing to update windows and went through the whole process only to go to the "we couldn't complete the updates" screen and just stays there. I just want to fix this as it's super frustrating and I can't get past that to do anything else.I've heard this is a very common problem yet nobody really seems to have a solid fix. Any help would be appreciated!

A:"We couldn't complete the updates, undoing changes, don't tu...

Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for posting. This is happening because Windows cannot complete and cannot properly install updates.It may be even the bigger Windows 10 Anniversary Update Most often reason for the failure is some 3rd party driver conflicting with the update process. Your PC may have older drivers than what Win 10 wants to be. Since this is a new PC, let's flatten it and start over. 1. Please, perform recovery - system recovery and restore the PC to factory default settings. Since this is a new PC for you, I guess you will not loose much (anything). Here is how it should work:>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTlHwkVuv5Qor >> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04758961  2. Once ready and once you return to factory default condition, please do the following: 2.1 . Uninstall any 3rd party antivirus programs - if anything. If you see McAfee installed, please uninstall it from Control Panel and restart.  Also, run the McAfee MCPR tool to get rid of McAfee leftovers >> http://us.mcafee.com/apps/supporttools/mcpr/mcpr.asp 2.2.  Visit the HP Web site and download and run drivers updates - new driver versions may be present that will work with the newer Windows 10 release:>> http://support.hp.com/us-en/driversor Use the Device Manager method to update drivers >> http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03330139  3.  Manually upgrade to Windows 10 ... Read more

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Hello Friends,

I am new to this forum and this is my first post, please help me regarding the windows update problem. Seriously friends i am completely feed up with with these update problems. Previously i had windows 8 installed in my pc along with Ubuntu 12 (now i updated it to 12.0.4). Few weeks i got windows 8.1 update and then problem started i got a message as follows
"Windows couldn't complete update undoing changes please don't turn off your computer".
I waited for many hours but still i was getting same message, also if i turn it off and on many times i got the same message.

Now 3 days back i read some other forums and in that it is mentioned that i should enter into safe mode and uninstall all the latest updates. So i uninstalled all the updates of last 2 months, i was able to login after doing that but my computer become very very very slow. I cant even open a folder for 10-15 mins. So please help me what updates i need to re-install again ?? If i go to control panel i can that a message that i need to install 40 updates but when i click install it keeps on going. Please find the updates to install file as attachment.

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Windows 10 auto update has locked my notebook in a loop as far as i can tell... been like this for 3 days... with all the technology u would think this would not happen..... any info to get computer going again would be greatly appreciated!!

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Inspiron 660 Desktop

Can someone help on this? it will not let me update at all. I checked for updates on while on Windows, Then it gets them and restarts. While its restarting it keeps saying "We Couldn't complete updates undoing changes, dont turn off your computer" Heck, I cant even restart it and hit F-8 to get some options. I'm lost on this one. I ran a virus check and everything else then just tried to update it then this happened!!

A:We Couldn't complete updates undoing changes!!

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This is my first post at eightforums and i have searched internet over a problem i am facing with no luck. So i hope someone could give me a workaround to my problem.

The problem i am dealing with is that i cannot install further any updates. I am downloading the updates, i click on the install update button, my computer restarts messaging that is installing windows updates and when reaches at 99% it prompts "We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don't turn off your computer" and reverts successfully after a while.

In my update history there is no record

but in my update history in pc settings it looks that it has installed an update.
and when i look windows update in Programs and Fetaures i can see some updates that installed when i first bought my laptop at about one year over. Since then i haven't been able to update my windows coming with the "Undoing updates" message. I need to complete the updates in order upgrade to Windows 10.

Thank you

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Hi there

I am looking for assistance. I am trying to install KB3000850 on a Windows 8.1 Pro x64 machine however when it installs - and restarts - I get message saying "we couldn't complete the update - undoing changes - don't turn off your computer".

The computer then loops and loops and loops (restarting,...... undoing changes.....restarting etc). I have to boot into safe mode to get it to stop.

Attached are the CBS logs after a first attempt and 2nd attempt. Can anyone assist me?

I have installed lots of other updates via Windows update and they work fine but not this one.

Here are the steps I have tried.
1. sfc /scannow in safe mode then a reboot - update retried - same issue (loop, undoing changes). Sfc said it could not fix all errors.
2. I ran the windows update troubleshooter - which found three issues and fixed two.
3. I updated the windows 8.1 update agent to the latest one https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3075853
4. Tried sfc /scannow - same as step 1.
5. Manually downloaded update KB3000850 and installed it. It installs as normal and then on the restart it goes working on updates as normal and then it restarts and same issue - loop - undoing changes - loop.

I'm not an expert at reading CBS logs currently so hoping someone has an idea whats going on.

A:KB3000850 We couldn't complete the updates undoing changes

This thread might be worth a read Optional Update KB3000850

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This update takes forever, and I force updated everytime it Freezes. Windows 10.

Plss call me at this # 575-706-8911

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So yesterday my laptop said it was installing updates, and got stuck on a purple screen 'We couldn't complete the updates, undoing changes, don't turn off your computer'
24 hours later and about 10 hard resets and it's not changing or rectifying


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HELP !!!! Brand new C50-30 computer. Only had for 4 hours and been stuck on this screen for at least two hours after being asked to restart computer in install updates. Dont know what to do and step by step instruction greatlyt appreciated. Thanks


Go to Solution.

A:"We couldn't complete the updates undoing changes do not turn off computer'

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
I would just let it continue to run.  Some of the updates from Microsoft can take a little while to install.  If you downloaded a large number of updates that may account for the long installation time.

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so my sister's laptop(sony vaio) wasnt used to for months and when i used it i tried to run windows update
there are 157 important updates(750mb) that was shown so i tried to update but i noticed i was stuck at 0% for a long time so i thought it was probably because it was too large so i canceled it and tried downloading only 1 item and the smallest(400kb) but the same thing happened it is stuck at 0%...it doesnt show any errors

i already browsed the internet for possible solution but no success yet. Tried microsoft fix it but it didnt work

any suggestions?

A:Windows Update stuck (0KB total,0% complete)

Hello Cauyao,

Start with the oldest update and wait and wait, the first one takes ages. This is sort of normal after such a long period of no-action.

I am not an expert at all, but when I was faced with the same problem I did them in batches of first 5, then later ( when that went ok 10 ) It takes time and patience, but for me, it worked.

And ( on the list of the 157 ) make sure to take away ( untick ) the updates for windows 10.

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A̶̲̥̅♏ having issues updating my window8 64bit actually I want to install net framework3.5

A:window8 update

Are you starting a new thread on the same issue?

Microsoft net framework 3.5
How to enable .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 in Offline Mode

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Hey there...

I'm a little stuck and confused about what to do with my HP W8 laptop.

Ive had this issue several times before.

Basically go to restart laptop and it slowly starts downloading updates, but eventually gets stuck on a page saying unable to complete updates, Undoing changes dont turn off your computer. Ive tried a lot of things suggested on other forums but I keep ending up back to this screen.
If anyone could help offer some guidance as to what else I could do itd be very very appreciated

A:Stuck on Undoing Changes

I was able to get to another option screen and enabled safe mode as I read on another site but it just returns me to the same undoing changes screen

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Please help i contacted windows and they told me I needed a replacement installer to score recovery disk for Windows Vista I do not have a disk it was installed when we bought the computer. I am stuck in this update loop.

A:configuring update 3 of 3 0% complete stuck in restart loop

Could you describe a little bit more of what is happening in this restart loop?

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So basically I let windows update download and install the updates and it asked me to restart my PC. I did and when I booted up it put me on the updating screen.. The progress got to 99% then it told me there was a problem and it couldn't install the updates so it had to "undo the changes".

Waited 2 hours on the "Undoing changes" screen before manually restarting the PC only to be put on the "Undoing changes" screen again... That was 7 hours ago.

Here is what I CAN'T do:

1) Can't restore system because it says my anti-virus won't let me
2) Can't disable anti-malware on start up from advance recovery because it puts me back on "Undoing changes"
3) Can't go into safe mode because it puts me back on the "Undoing changes" Screen
4) Can't do a system refresh with my Win 8.1 Pro boot USB because it says it is unable to do so

I've spent the majority of my day trying to fix this broken mess and short of reformatting the PC nothing seems to work. I'd prefer not to reformat the PC because I have files which I need on the PC (and although I have backups of those files else where, they are older backups)

Any ideas would be appreciated.

A:Windows 8.1 Pro stuck on Undoing Changes

First order of business is to get the files (you need) off of that hard drive. If you have access to another computer and the hard drive can be easily removed, hook it up to that other computer and retrieve the files. if hard drive removal is not your choice, boot with a Linux Live CD (Ubuntu or Puppy Linux for example). Another option is to boot with Hiren's Boot CD.

Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu

Download latest Puppy Linux release

Download Hiren?s BootCD 15.2 | HBCD Fan & Discussion Platform

Good luck,

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After trying to update yesterday I got the "couldn't update, undoing changes" message. I let it finish and restart and it just goes back to the same undoing changes message. I tried restarting in safe mode but couldn't do that either. The only thing I can get into is bios after I restart it.

A:Stuck undoing updates, can't restart in safe mode. 8.1

Hello bwh,

If you like, you could see if using OPTION THREE in the tutorial below to completely reset Windows Update may help.

Windows Update - Reset - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I was installing Windows 8.1 from 8 on a Toshiba laptop. Lost Internet connection at the very last part of the download and couldn't reconnect. So I cut the computer off and when I cut it back on to reconnect so I could start over I was trying to reinstall Windows 8 as it suggested and it then went to a Choose an Option blue screen with 5 different options to choose from. I chose Continue Exit and Continue to Windows 8. It started loading but every time it goes back to the blue Choose an Option screen. I would just like to get back in to reconnect to the Internet so I can start the 8.1 update over. Thanks for any feedback.

A:After Failed 8.1 Update from Windows 8 Can't choose Exit and Continue to Window8

Have you tried to revert the pending update through Command Prompt that might hopefully solve the problem for you. But I'm afraid the update has already been applied then only a refresh can fix this problem, lets try the reverting first:
Open Troubleshoot
Choose Advanced Options
Choose Command Prompt
Then type DISM /image:C\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions and hit enter
Then type move C:\Windows\WinSxS\pending.xml C:\Windows\WinSxS\pending.old then hit enter
Reboot the device afterwards, if you get a FILE not found then replace C: with X: that might help ;) (See step by step video and guide here)

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EVERY TIME My Windows 8.1 tablet has updates usually 32 or so, it ALWAYS says "we couldn't complete the updates. undoing changes" EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! This tab was given to me by my dad's friend who did a master reset and I configured it with my Microsoft account but I WAS NEVER ABLE TO install ANY updates!!! it ALWAYS says "we couldn't complete the updates. undoing changes" Please help me fix

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My screen displays couldn't complete updates undoing changes. I've tried unplugging computer, leaving computer charged, it's been months and the computer won't do anything past this page. How do I fix it?

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Last week, my computer underwent some updates. I did those updates in the late night. The next morning, I started my computer, and it would not connect to the internet. I did a system restore the following night, and I chose a point before said updates took place. My PC was running smooth for a while.
Yesterday, it mentioned that it needs to update again. I postponed the updates. This afternoon, it gave me a countdown to when it will automatically undergo the updates. The computer did the updates, and the same problems returned.
I tried another system restore, but this time when it restored, it immediately began updates. Apparently, the updates were not successful, because the computer is now saying 'We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don't turn off your computer.' This screen stayed for around 40 minutes, and then it said it was restarting. But, after the restart, it went back to the same 'undoing updates' screen. 
I am considering turning the computer off and trying to reboot in Safe Mode.
PS: The PC is a HP touchscreen laptop with Windows 8.1.
This is my sister's computer, and she is a college student in her last semester. 
Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks for your time

A:URGENT** Update Issues/ Undoing Changes / Windows 8.1

Did you ever make any system images?http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/create-system-image-in-windows-7-8/
If so you could probably use one and fix your problem, use is described in these two sets of instructions. If you lack a system image then try starting into the recovery environment anyway, as when you reach the "select a system image backup" dialog there might (just might) be an image preinstalled by the manufacturer on a hidden partition of your drive and if there isn't you can always go back from there. Advanced startup can be accessed in several ways, if none of the ways described below work for you then others here shold be able to advise you on alternative ways of reaching them.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/advanced-startup-options-menu-in-windows-8/http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/system-image-recovery-in-windows-7-8/
If there is no image of your won which you made on the hard-drive or on an external disc, and the manufacturer hasn't pre-installed one then you must use the other options available, but thye are much trickier to work with and have many ways of going wrong. Things like "reset/refresh" and "system restore" and "automatic repair" can work but are less effective, less reliable and will require more reinstalling of programs and resetting of settings to your personal tastes afterwards. If you lack a system image of your own (or pre-installed on the machine) then i would suggest asking for further advice before trying to use any... Read more

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2000-2D19Wm - getting "couldn't update the updates, undoing changes, don't turn off your computer" . Won't complete update, repeats over and over, never finishes. 

A:2000-2D19Wm - getting "couldn't update the updates, undoing ...

Hi ,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with not conpleting the update and rebooting . I will be glad to help you. Here are some documents to try for this issue.Computer Does Not Start (Windows 8)Computer Locks Up or Freezes (Windows 10, 8)Windows Update 2756872 Hangs at % (Windows 8) Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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machine is sony all-in-one desktop 64 version
Today first time I received a pop-up window from interactive message notification telling me that vcagent.exe (vaio care) is trying to send a message and that it's not compatible with windows. After doing a search online, I found posts about windows updates not downloading. I checked my windows updates and found 68 important updates available. I checked the installed updates and no updates have been installed since August of 2015. I get a 0% complete whether I try to install 1 or 68. my notification for win updates is "check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"
Based on other posts online I have tried stopping and starting win updates from cmd.exe and deleting the files in c/windows/softwaredistribution/download. None of that worked.
Now I just tried the vaio care update and after hanging at "installing..." for awhile, it failed to install.

A:windows updates stuck at 0% complete

 It sounds like you may have some corrupt system files.  Start an administrative command prompt and issue this command:
sfc /scannow.  Note that it can run for a while - 10 to 30 min. in most cases.  If that doesn't fix it, download MalwareBytes from here, get it up to date, and run it.  If you're still having problems, you may want to post in the Am I Infected forum.
 Good luck.

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I just got past the administration password now I'm stuck on the could not complete updates undoing changes do not turn off screen

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My laptop is stuck on the green screen saying "we couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes. Dont turn off your computer." It has been stuck on this for about 1 week.What can I do?

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When my computer does a chkdsk /r, and restarts, the scan will get stuck on 100%. I've let it sit for over 16 hours and it stays stuck. If I hit the reset button, it''ll restart, the Scanning and Repairing Drive C 100% Complete momentarily comes up, but then it moves forward and boots up to my desktop. I see this is a known problem and have tried several different so called solutions I've found on the internet to no avail. Can anyone help me?

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Some time ago I installed some software (on Windows 8.1) that went wrong (couldn't install the software and subsequently a computer crash) and the installation was messed up.

Now, every time I boot my machine I am getting the standard Windows needs to restart to finish the installation dialogue.

I can't get this to go away. No matter how many times I restart.

I didn't have a restore point set up prior to this (as this is a relatively new Windows installation) so can't restore out of this problem.

I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can kill this process that is causing this restart message as I am unable to find what I need to do to stop this from happening.

Thank you


A:Stuck in Restart to complete installation loop

Obviously something wrong with that program, see what happens from the Safe mode.

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First off, thanks for ruining Christmas, HP. I've got two bummed out teenagers here. Upon booted this desktop computer, it immediately goes to the "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation". There is no disk included in the package and I've restarted 1000x times. Nothing works. Please help remedy this. 

A:Vive Bundle HP Envy Stuck on "Windows could not complete the...

i also tried this: https://www.howisolve.com/windows-could-not-complete-the-installation-solved/ and now it's stuck on "just a momemt" screen for hours

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Hello. I have a HP ENVY m6-n113dx laptop. I did the windows updates and during install it restarted a few times and now it is stuck at this screen that says: We Couldnt Complete The Updates. Undoing Changes. Dont turn off your computer. It has been stuck on this screen for more than a hour. It doesnt have an optical drive so I cant use a repair disc not that I have one anyway. Restarting doesnt help, tried hitting hot keys to get into safe mode but that doesnt work. Im at a complete loss on how to fix this. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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My dads vista laptop is stuck on configuring updates 3 of 3 0% complete. On start up it sticks on this screen then automatically restarts but keeps looping back to this update message. As I cannot get into the computer at all I tried starting in safe mode which brought me back to the same screen. I was able to press f8 on start up to access system recovery from a previous point but this only gives me one previous point to restore from which says windows updater. I have restored from this point anyway but am getting the same problem. I have tried repair but it doesnt find anything wrong. I am loathe to do a complete reset as I do not want to lose all the photos. Please can someone offer any advice on this issue and it is driving me insane. The laptop is 18 months old.
I have looked up other threads on this problem but system restore from a previous point always seems to work for other users but not for my problem.

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Hi Guys,

just wondering if anyone could help me, my Toshiba laptop is stuck on Configuring 3 of 3 - 0% complete it just keeps restarting itself back to that screen, i have tried safe mood it wont start up in safe mood i have tried pretty much everything that i know, please help ???

i also have tried a system restore it comes up with the administrator box but i have forgotten the password grrrr does anyone also know how i can gain access with forgetting the password?

any help would be great


A:Toshiba laptop stuck on configuring stage 3 of 3 -0% complete?

Sorry about your plight but we can't really help you bypass a password here.
I know there is a way around and I am sure your next step must be Googling it cos I have herad the answer is there

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Hello, my girlfriends laptop just downloaded and installed Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and initially it seemed the installation was running smoothly. Now I've installed the same service pack and the process went fine. However, hers will not get past the "Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete" message.

How has this problem occurred and what can be done to resolve it? I have already searched for this problem, but reports discuss Service Pack1, not 2.

A:Laptop Stuck: Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete.

I forgot to mention, I have already tried 'Last Known Good Configuration' and 'System Restore' to an earlier point.. Both go back to the point just before the service pack was installed, so the update attempts to install from stage 1 and fails at stage 3. This is recurring!

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My HP laptop window 8 want let me get pass welcome page go on internet because the screen is flashing

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please help.me

View Solution.

A:I can't open my hp window8.1 from sleep mode

Please help me

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Hi,Apologies if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find anything on the boards. My ideapad is showing error saying PC needs to be repaired. error code 0xc0000098. I thought I could use my Windows 8 disc to recover/repair, but when using the Repair facility (Repair > Troubleshoot > Refresh your PC) I get the message "drive is locked". Microsoft tell me this is something only Lenovo can help with... Does anyone have an idea what I might need to do? I can't pull the drive out or send the pc away - it's my Mum's; she's visiting and lives on another continent... Many thanks for your help!!Marc

A:Trying to repair Window8 but "drive is locked"

Is it possible you have bitlocker turned on?

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Dear Tech guyz,
I've got this Dell laptop with Windows8 pre-installed.
I don't like this windows8 would therefore want to downgrade to windows7 without having to run clean install.

Is there a way out?

A:Downgrading window8 to windows7 without Clean Install

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After updating from window 8 to window 10 my sleekbook WiFi not working. Provide solutions please

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Hello guys
Yesterday I updated Winndows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8.1 Final version,but when I reboot, this appeared.And I cant activate Windows.What I have to do .

A:Windows 8.1 Preview after updating final version Window8.1

Are they asking for a product key ?

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this could be somewhat complicated and should be either in driver section, or installation section or could be on both windows 7 and 8 forum.

here goes.. recently im into SSDs and usb 3.0 so i got myself a usb 3.0 flash drive, made it bootable with window 7 files on it and then install window 7 from flashdrive to my ssd which takes about 3 mins, very fast.

since window 7 natively does not support usb 3.0, i had to install usb3 drivers during installation screen which is a hassle because i have 4 laptops, which all have usb 3.0 ports, but each laptop uses different usb 3.0 drivers and thats where my problem is.

i could slipstream usb 3 driver into win7 install disc, then copy the disc files onto my flashdrive but then i would need 4 seperate flashdrives, or 4 times amount of files. then i thought about windows 8 which ive tried, it automatically detects usb 3.0 during installation screen just fine and of course theres no way it would know what drivers i am using, so obviously microsoft has a *general* usb3.0 driver they use themselves for windows 8.

if i can find that usb 3.0 drivers for windows 8, i should be able to slipstream into the window7 install cd, then of course copy it onto my flashdrive so i no longer have to install different usb 3.0 drivers everytime, correct?

plz help me out.. lol

A:slip stream MS window8 usb 3.0 driver into window 7 install CD

Chances are Win8 has most of the USB 3.0 drivers so that yours is able to be installed. Absent this I would simply get the driver from optional Windows Updates which is how the installer drivers are updated and missing drivers supplied shortly after Win7 install.

Short of that keep the USB 3. driver on stick to install in Device Manager.

If you want to try to slipstream the Win8 USB 3 driver into your 7 installer using 7Lite to see if it will work, then that might be a fun project but hardly necessary.

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High Pitched Chipmonk Audio on Window8 with Realtek HD

Recently my laptop started sounding like the Chipmonks, with a higher pitch, set to all of the sounds coming out my computer. After reading dozens of useless posts, I came to the conclusion that this 'must be a settings' issue, and started looking around. The culprit, in my case, was a setting for Realtek HD sound card. This is what I did to correct it:

1. Put on some music or sound for monitoring.
2. Right-click on the (little red speaker) icon, for the Realtek HD sound card on the toolbar (or find in programs).
3. Click on 'Sound Manager'
4. Click on 'Sound Effects'
5. Find the 'Karaoke' setting.
6. Set it to '+0'
7. IMPORTANT: Click 'ok' on the bottom right corner.

That should do it.
Setting that Karaoke tab up will increase the sound pitch for all audio on the computer. Setting it down, will lower the pitch for all of the audio. I hope this helps someone out there.

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Currently I have a pc with Windows 7 32bit installed on it. I have a disk with Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit which I would like to dual boot with the current Windows 7 32bit . i have 2gb ram ,500gb hd 4 parttion Once I restarted my pc with the dvd in it, it asked me if I wanted to boot from Cd/DVD which I did. It then started the normal Windows setup screen. after saveral min this error show i/q error occure 0xc00000e9 what i do plz help

A:dual boot window7 bit and window8.1 64bit pro installation problem

it happened to me as well when i was trying to install Windows XP as dual boot with windows 7 home premium
i always get the blue screen due to the SATA driver that xp doe snot recognize my HD,,
but the people in the forum really do good help by pointing me to virtualize xp INSIDE W7..
IT works using VMware , why do not you use the same thing
or do you have another purpose of installing w8 as dual boot with w7

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