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Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive

Q: Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive

I'm not sure if I should have put this in "Hardware" or not so...
I am, by far, a professional at this so hang in there with me if I confuse you. A few months ago my children broke the screen on my laptop and for a few weeks I was trying to use the External Monitor so it would show up on a monitor my sister gave me. Well I finally got that up and working however, now when I connect my external hard drive to the laptop, it will not show up on the desktop monitor. (The external hard drive is Western Digital).

This external monitor is a new thing for me, actually I knew you could do it but didn't try it as an option until my nephew - who is much younger than me - thought of it lol. Anyway, I have pictures and such on my external hard drive that were put onto the external by the very laptop I am using. I'm not totally sure of the montior I am using, all I can tell you at the moment is it's a Dell. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A135 S266; the laptop has Vista Home Basic (32 bit) and I believe the desktop monitor is running with Vista too but I'm not sure if that's important since it is only serving as a "view." Anyway, I would love some help with why the drive may not be working with this set up.


Preferred Solution: Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Help with External Monitor and External Hard Drive

This may seem like a silly question, have you tried the HD on another PC to see if the issue is with that?
Also, are you saying it's not showing up in 'My Computer', or are you not getting the option to open files?

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Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

A:Satellite click mini not reconising external hard drive or external DVD drive

Originally Posted by rachel.nickells

Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

Is it usb powered? If so does the hard drive spin up? Are there any clicking noises from the drive?

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Hi there,

I won't get too deeply into the harrowing saga of how two external hard drives of mine died within days of each other. Rather, I'll just say that I would like to do a virus scan on several external hard drives (including/especially the one I just got to replace the others). In other words, I want to find out if there was a virus or something in the material that I'm putting on the hard drives that makes them die. Could this be possible? If so, how can I conduct a virus scan specifically on the external drives?


A:Scanning an external hard drive for viruses? External Hard drive DRAMA!

In My Computer . . right click the external drive and select Scan with { name of AV }

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Looking to buy an external hard drive for backup. This will be used only to backup data periodically. This is certainly a good price ($140):


I've never heard of it. Anyone have any experience with that brand?

A:Opinions on BeyondMicro External Hard Drive?-or recommendations on External Case?

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So I want to clone one external 2TB with another. So one drive is the main use one and another the backup one. So I copy everything over to backup and i store the backup at another house and then I start using the main: deleting and adding/editing files. What is the best software or whatever to allow me, after some time, synchronize/clone the externals again without deleting all on the backup drive and recopying? (main to backup) and make them clones again? ..Adding and deleting or replacing any nonidentical files.. Like where i can press a button on some software and it do the work for me.
Sorry if this is confusing

A:Best external to external hard drive synchronized backup plan?

There's a bunch of applications that can do that.

They all work pretty much the same way, but would differ in how easy they are to understand and configure---the interfaces would differ and the help files would differ.

I use FreeFileSync from sourceforge.net.

Others are Syncback, Folder Clone, Karen's Replicator, FBackup, Second Copy, and Synchromagic.

You should be able to configure them to do one or the other of the following:

1: If you delete or modify a file on the "original", it will also be deleted or modified on the backup.

2: If you delete a file on the "original", it will be retained on the backup. If you modify a file, both the modified and unmodified file will be retained on the backup.

It's up to you which choice you prefer. I use the first method, which is often called "mirroring"--one drive is an exact match of the other.

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I would like to know that If i got an external monitor with usb ports on it and then connect my Macbook Pro 2015 to it via an HDMI cable, can i connect an external hard-drive onto the external display to transfer files to my macbook?

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I want to get an external hard drive/dvd burner combo if there is such a thing. To make this question as simple as possible...I need a hard drive that my camera can be plugged into with the firewire. I also need the hard drive that is able to plug in to the USB2 slot on my computer, because
my new Dell doesn't seem to tolerate a firewire card which I installed and then took out and returned to the store. It froze my computer and I tried everything to stabilize it but had no luck. It did work long enough to download 10 min. or so of video and I burned that onto a cd. Thats when I found out I had a dvd-rom not a dvd burner......long story I know. Sorry. I just want to figure out the most economical way now to save my movies and burn them to dvd also using either another external dvd burner or maybe there is a hard drive/dvd burner combo?? Or should I just get two separate externals?
Again: I need the hard drive/burner to plug into my computer with usb2.
Then the firewire from the camera would go into the hard drive/burner to download the movies.

A:Solved: External Hard drive OR External Hard drive/dvd-rw combo?

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I have a question about the ThinkPad X1 Carbon(2018)'s ability to display HDR content on external monitor.Does ThinkPad X1 Carbon(2018) support Windows 10 HDR mode on external HDR capable external monitor like Dell UP2718Q or BenQ SW320?Thanks in advance for your help!

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I have a question about the ThinkPad X1 Carbon(2018)'s ability to display HDR content on external monitor.Does ThinkPad X1 Carbon(2018) support Windows 10 HDR mode on external HDR capable external monitor like Dell UP2718Q or BenQ SW320?Thanks in advance for your help!

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I have a Dell XPS 13 laptop running Windows 10. I have just purchased a Dell U2515H monitor which I am waiting for delivery for as we speak. I believe the monitor has quiet a few inputs however I am not 100% sure which lead to get to connect them both and which port I use on the Dell Laptop. Looking on the left hand side of my laptop there is a port with a lightning sign next to it, is that called Thunderbolt? and is that my monitor/display port? and what lead do I need? it looks like some sort of micro socket!

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I am trying to move all my files from my computer to my new external hard drive, but whenever I try and move a file over 4 GB in size i get this error message...
"The file is too large for the destination file system"... anyone know how I can get around this so I can move those files over?

A:Problem transfering large file from hard drive to external hard drive

Get ahold of some software that will break up the file into chunks.

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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive

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Hey guys!

My Zune 80gb stopped working a while back. It wouldn't charge. So I thought I would take out the hard drive and use it as an external 80gb hard drive. So I bought an 1.8" ZIF encolsure for it and installed the hard drive into it.

All appears good with the installation. When I plug the hard drive into the PC the light on the hard drive enclosure comes on and stays on & the disk starts spinning. Then Windows Vista does the whole "Install new Hardware" thing and calls it a "Disk Drive" and a "USB Mass Storage Device" and says hardware is installed and ready for use.

But the problem is I can't seem to access the drive. I can't find it anywhere. It doesn't show up as a drive I can use or anything. I tried a third party partitioning prgram to try and find the disk so I could reformat it but it wouldn't it couldn't find it either. I even plugged the drive into my Mac thinking that Disk Utility might be able to recognize it and let me wipe it, but the Mac doesn't recognize it as anything.

Back in Vista, Using Device Manager, Vista notices the drive under the "Disk Drives" option as a "Disk Drive" and that it is elecronically signed by Microsoft (since it has the Zune firmware on it) but I can't do anything with it ... And this is the only place where I can see that the drive even exists. I can't reformat it or anything.

Can anyone help me? I thought I read somewhere... Read more

A:Putting a Zune 80gb Hard Drive in an External Hard Drive Enclosure, help please!


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I am trying to get a Dell 17" LCD (non-widescreen) to work as an external monitor with my lenovo X300 laptop (widescreen). I thought this was plug and play but apparently not.

The monitor works on previous widescreen laptops so I know its not on that end. I have had this montitor working on this laptop before but have since installed a new HDD and reinstalled all OS & SW from the system recovery disks.

I am not pro at this but I have checked everything I can think of from video drivers, display adapters, different resolutions. no luck on any thing.

Any help appreciated.

A:Solved: Laptop + External Monitor: can't be this hard

Does it even pretend to try to work when you press Fn/Fx (whatever key combination IBM uses)?

Look in the Advanced properties of the video drivers. I know the Dells we use sometimes require a kick start in the drivers.

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I need an external hard drive for taking regular backups of all of my data.
When i searched the internet I got two options:
1. Porable HDD [high cost, slower speed but don't need external power]
2. Desktop HDD [low cost, higher speed but need external power]

I want to know that...
1. Which hard disk's live longer? Porable or Desktop.
2. I heared that pulling off USB cable of Portable HDD may cause data lose because it also supplies power to hdd.
What will happpen if Power goes off from Desktop HDD? Will my data/Hard disk remain protected?
3. Level of safety of data on moving or shaking on both Desktop and Portable HDD.
4. Can we install os and boot from portable and desktop external hdd?

A:Need Advice : External Desktop Hard drive vs Portable Hard drive?

Unless you really need to go portable with a Laptop .. I'd not use a USB powered External.
You cannot boot from a USB External .. But there's another option if you're capable of physically changing HDDs ..

Get a good external Enclosure (with a fan for cooling) .. Install a good HDD ... with a 5 year warranty
and make the HDD in the enclosure a bootable backup .. where you could swap HDDs if/when needed ..

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I recently formatted my c drive and now i am reinstalling all the software. I keep all the setups of software in my external hard drive. For installing the software I coy the setup folder of the required software on my laptop, then install it.

Is straightaway installing the software by accessing the external hard drive okay? Does it make any difference in the installation time or any reduction in life of hard disk performance.

Or should I always install through my laptop hard drive?

I am running windows 8.1 pro

A:installation software from external hard drive or internal hard drive

Your method is as good as any. If it works, keep doing it.

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Is it possible to connect a yoga 920 to an external 30" montior which has displayport input at 2560x1600 resolution?

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I have emailed Paragon and am awaiting there reply, but you guys seem to know a lot more and try and solve the problem

Up to this point I have used either Acronis or Paragon for my backups, I prefer Paragon over Acronis, mainly because the restore by Paragon is far quicker.

I have both bootable CD's, but in this instance I would like to concentrate on Paragon.

I downloaded Paragon's Advanced Recovery CD. 2009 Build 6730. Put it in my rom and booted ....... looked at a black screen for 10 minutes. Removed it and rebooted, it got stuck at the loading of Vista, then I got another black screen no hard drive movement.

Rebooted again, this time with the regular Paragon bootable CD. It booted into the recovery console.

Now this is where things go from bad to worse. I tried finding my OS, after a lengthy period I received an error disk 2 i/o fault!!! ....... no operating system found.

Now disk 2 is my external hard drive where my backups are kept.

So I rebooted with the CD in, went into the recovery console and clicked on "safe restore", after playing the waiting game I get a message disk 2 i/o fault!!!.

Took out the Paragon CD, put in the Vista one, tried a repair, but there was no OS to repair .

So I installed Vista, and because I didn't want to have to reinstall all of my programs again (yer lazy I know, but that's what backup's are for).

Checked with the fresh install, that my two external hard drives, had there drivers and were present. They were ... Read more

A:Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite & USB External Hard Drive


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hi there..

my name is Anis...i just bought external hard drive 500gb...but after I formatted it..it's just about 400++ gb can be used..i would like to know..how to use the extra/reserve space for my ext hard disk?by any means, i want to fully use my 500gb space for the external...please help me...thank you...

A:How to fully use the extra hard disk space for external hard drive?

It should have about 465GB, what are you seeing?

You will not have 500GB due to the conversion between binary and decimal for reporting sizes.

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[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes
The thread is rather long. Only read what you think important. Skip the rest!

We have a serious but mysterious problem. We have spent already one week but drawing a blank.
Two hard drives have been crashed and failed (unreadable). One computer has hung a few times unexpectedly and had one weird restart (no memory dump produced).
I suspect all the recent problems have to do with the new USB external hard disk (Buffalo MiniStation Lite: HD-PE250U2).

Formatting USB external hard disk
Originally I would like to use the program given by Buffalo to format the external drive once but we failed. We simply used Windows to reformat the drive into NTFS. I did not use the TurboSpeed advertised by Buffalo, or run its free program.

Case A: Multi-transfer causes system crashes?
The first time we met the problem.
We were trying to help a friend to backup data on an old drive, about a few years old. We plugged in the Buffalo USB portable hard drive and transferred a whole lot of files to the drive. Several cop/cut-and-paste operations were active at that time. The whole system completely froze up. It doesn't respond at all. Only a hard restart could help.
Restarted. Tranferred again. Several cop/cut-and-paste operations were active.
Hard drive crashed - the beginning of the nightmare!
Windows restarted. Chkdsk was running. Saw many lines of messages with:
&... Read more

A:[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes

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icon fr the external drive (G) is lost while for other more external drives is ok...it happened after i installed a software n created a virtual ddrive on my computer and then unstalled it...help

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I am looking yo buy an external hard drive, and I would like to have it bundled a version of Nero back it up.Does any one know any drives that have Nero pre installed.
Bob M

A:external hard drive

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On Leo's radio show last Sunday, July 24, he recommended an external hard drive for about $60.00. I don't remember the capacity or the name. I need to buy one today, and don't know what to look for. Thanks for help. Lynda

A:External hard drive

Any of the name brands (ie: Seagate, Western Digital, etc.) are about equal. I typically buy based on the size, price, and warranty. Warranty should be similar on any name brand retail drive.

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This is the first time I've done a disc image and I did it on a new external hard drive but can't figure out how to get the OS image back onto my PC when I will need to do it. I know it must be a very simple process but I can't figure out how it's done. Don't need to do it right now but would like to know a step by step procedure now as to how it's done so when I do need to I will be able to do it.  I can't get it onto a disc as my PC has an ROM drive and not the CD/DVDRW drive in it. I am using Windows 7. All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

A:External Hard Drive

Since you didn't specify the software you used, I'll make it general, and presume that when you say "ROM drive", you're referring to a flash (USB) drive.
1.  In your imaging software, there should be an option to create a restore CD/DVD, or restore USB drive.
2.  Start the imaging software, and create the restore USB drive.  This USB drive, for most imaging software will be wiped (erased), and should only be used for that purpose.
3.  Reboot your computer, telling it to reboot from the USB drive.
4.  Find the image you created, and restore it.  Remember, you'll loose everything on the C drive on the restore, so make sure you have everything backed up.
5.  Most imaging software will allow you to selectively restore files (like getting them out of a ZIP file), and this can be done from within Windows.
Hope this helped.
Best of luck.

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I have Dell Dimension with a horribly small 30 G Hard Drive. I bought a 1TB G Book and used Norton Ghost to copy the image and all info to the external drive. I went into the Bios but didn't want to do anything I would regret until I talked to someone here. Is there a way to boot and stay on the G book until I am able to buy a new larger internal hard drive?? I have Windows XP SP3. Not sure how much system info is needed. Just need to know if I can use my external hard drive since it has an image on it as opposed to my internal one for now. Thanks for any help!

A:External Hard Drive

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If your Hard Drive fails, are you able to use an external hard drive to replace it?

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Hi, let me start off by saying if this has been addressed already I am sorry, I searched the posts and did not see what I am after.

I own a small business (I am a framing and plumbing contractor)
I use my PC to keep track of all my business details.
I am wondering if using an external hard drive would be better than CD's.
If so what brand is recomended
Do I need a seperate firewall or will that conflict with the one already in use.
I was just going to connect it up when I do my business work then unplug it.
What about an antivirus program, again will it interfere with the one running already?
I now have Avast antivirus, and Sygate firewall, Spyware blaster, and Spywareguard Internet is always on 24/7 (DSL)
I use such things such as word processors and spread sheets for my files
Programs I use are Word, Excell and the like

When I talk to other businesses they all say they use a seperate HD but do not get int detail

Thanks for any information you can give me

A:External Hard Drive

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I just ordered a new external drive. I am looking for software that will backup my entire system. I mean everything. The OS, registry, Documents, Pictures, Music, all my games and other software. I mean my entire hard drive. I would like this so I don't have to spend 2 days reinstalling everything again. (just went through all that). Not a process I want to do again. Any help will be extremely appreciated. Not much fun sitting through the install and endless updates.

A:New External Hard Drive

Give Macrium Reflex a try. It is FREE and does a great job.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download


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At the moment I have a Hitachi 160B hard drive which I use as an external hard drive which is kept in an alluminium case and connected to my computer with a USB lead.

I want to retain the cse and put a 300GB had drive in place of the 160gb, can anyone recomend a a good hard drive for the job please?


A:External Hard Drive

First of all I would open the case to find out if the drive inside has a IDE or SATA connection and go from there.
All my hard drives I had over the last say 5 years were WDs but Seagates served me well before, too
In fact the only drive that ever gave me grieve was a maxtor.


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I have an external hard drive that has an 60 gb file that is a norton back up. I right click on it and click delete and of course it's to big for the recyle bin so it asked if I want to delete it permenately and I click OK but it won't delte. Am I doing something wrong?

A:External Hard drive

No, try going back to it later and deleting it. Give Windows some time to evaluate it and let you delete it.

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I was at the store today and saw a 500GB external hard drive thats smaller than a regular hard drive.
In fact, it didn't have a power source and it doesn't have an rpm speed.

How durable are these hard drives compared to regular hard drives?
and how fast are the transfer speed of a high speed USB 2.0 compared to a regular hard drive that spins at 7200rpm?
Are these new compact hard drives flash based or what?
the reason I ask, I'm looking for an external hard drive where I will save/download everything DIRECTLY onto it. I will be leaving it on even as I turn off and on my computer. And I'm looking for something durable that don't crash easily when I bring the hard drive to work and back home and work directly off of it.

Thank you for your time.

A:USB external hard drive?

They're called portable hard drives. Most are not flash-based. There's a mechanical drive inside. They draw power from a computer's USB ports. Obviously the drive isn't on if the computer isn't on. If you're looking for some type of always-on remote access storage, you should look into NAS (network attached storage) or a full powered hard drive connected to a router that supports USB-connected storage.

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When I plug my external hard drive into the pc's USB port nothing happens at all.

This external hard drive is more than a year old, and has always functioned well.

It belongs to my school, and I often transport it to and from school and home.
A couple of days ago, I put the hard drive in my book bag to take it home as I usually do. When I got home, I plugged the adapter and usb cord in their appropriate places, and this time, the green LED (the on/off light) did not light up at all. I thought maybe I had broken the hard drive unknowingly while in transport.

I pulled out an old adapter that I just so happen to have in my closet which has the same input and output voltages as the one that came with the hard drive and sure enough, I plugged it in and on came the green light. Excited, I plugged the USB cord in, but this time...the pc did not detect it at all.

I restarted the pc. That didn't help. I took the USB cord from my printer and tried that, but that was also a bust. I plugged other plug & play devices in the same USB port and they all worked.

So I know for sure that it is the USB port on the hard drive that's problematic. I proceeded to take the hard drive apart and plug it directly into the inside of my pc to have it function as a normal hard drive.

IT WORKED! and all my information was there!

I took it back out the pc, and tried to hook it back up to the chip.....plugged in everything once more, and still......the usb port on the external hard d... Read more

A:Help with USB External Hard Drive

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I have just installed a new Seagate external hard drive and attempted to format my old one (Drive J). I clicked on Format and was told windows could not perform this task however, when I went back in to the old drive(J) I am now told the folder is empty and windows can not find this hard drive on the computer.

Can anyone pleases tell me what I should do please?


A:External Hard Drive


Do you see your disk with drive J: in Computer Management > Disk Management, like this?


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Hi Please help me.
my problem is this . I got a new laptop for Christmas with window 8.1. After getting my Laptop all setup,
this is what I did.

I had a old hard drive I had put in a case to use for extra storage,for family pictures and stuff,
I plugged it in by usb 2.0, There is no physical damage to this drive, always worked
no window installed on this drive , never been dropped, always safely disconnected before being removed from usb port.
My desktop that I used this drive for extra storage with has window 7. I had used
this drive for many months with out any problems ever.

I safely unplugged external drive from my desktop,then plugged it into the usb 2.0 port on my laptop (window 8) and got message "his Drive Needs to be formatted "
Well I knew not to do that. So I plugged it back into my desktop (window 7)
got same message "this drive need Formatting".

I then plugged this drive internally into my desktop, I got same message about needing reformatted.
I had just used this external drive about a hour before all this happen so I am sure it still was working.

My question is this What I can do to recover my family Pictures off this hard drive. Is there software I could get ? Is my pictures loss 4 ever.
Thank You for your time. I hope this message wasn't to long. I just went through the steps that happened.
This is my laptop system info

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Pro... Read more

A:external hard drive help

I know what I would do, boot into Linux from a flash drive and try to access the drive from it. If you never used it, you might be intimidated, but it's fairly user-friendly and in some ways better than Windows.

Here's a link to get you started with Ubuntu, a very popular Linux distribution.

And here's a link to the latest Ubuntu .iso file, which you can burn onto a DVD.

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i have a dell 3000 with windows XP pro and a few days ago i got a compaq server proliant 5000 to make a long story short i took the 4 bay hard drive holder and the 4 hard drives and the scsi PCI card and got it all installed on my dell windows detected it and said the drivers were installed my problem is when i go into my computer and see the hard drive on my dell that it came with is the only hard drive i see i use desk wizard and i see them on the tree but im not able to click on them what do i need to do to get it all working in conjuction??? please help i also hear the external hard drives they sound like jet air planes

A:help with external hard drive

You need to make sure your Dells bios detect the SCSI cards hard drive array properly. Is this 4-drive bay connected to the SCSI controller? Go into the bios and see if the 4 drives are actually being detected. How are these 4 drives formatted? NTFS or FAT32? How is the detected original Dell hard drive formatted?

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Recently like an hour ago. I decided to download something. That apparently had a trojan in it. It was sent to my external hard drive. Now my computer wont read my external Im positive that my external still works but Vista reads it as an unknown device. Is there anyway to access the harddrive without booting vista? even if its a cmd prompt I know where the folder is on the harddrive if i can just delete it im pretty sure it might work. Im trying to avoid formatting because it has 320 gigs on it filled out of 500 gigs. Please any and all info would be helpful even if you can find a fix for the unknown device problem.

Thank you

A:External Hard Drive Help

Did you try using the drive on another computer?

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I have an issue with my external hard drive, everytime I go to open a file it says

"There might be a problem with some files on this device or disc. This can happen if you remove the device or disc before all files have been written to it".

My computer techie reckons my external hard drive is failing and I need to buy a new one, I just wanted to know if that is correct? My techie reckons it comes up with DR14???

Thanks in advance

A:External Hard Drive

Are you still able to open some files or are all of them having a problem? If all of them are then you could reformat it and see if that fixes your problem but you'll lose all the files on the external hard drive.

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Installed Win 8 Preview in VMware just yesterday.

How to make Win 8 recognizing the existance of an external hard drive ?

Thank you.


A:Win 8 does not see my external hard drive.

Review the reply to the new thread you started at Can't do Image backup on external hard drive.

That will include a screenshot of how to mount an external HD or usb flash drive on a VM Player VM there.

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I have a couple of old computers with 3 good hard drives. I bought an external hard drive case for IDE drive. I want to use one of these drives as external.

I'm running windows 7.
I've done it before, but it's been a long time. Can someone refresh my memory of how to format the drive? I want to use it as PS3 Backup. Like I said, it's been a long time, but before I used to use a DOS command, something like format/U.....


A:External Hard Drive


If you are hooking the external drive to your Win 7 computer to perform this task it might be best to use windows 7's "Disk Management" utility to complete task. It is much cleaner than it was before using DOS.
What I would do is mount hard drive and review its partitions and contents.
Then delete the partitions on the drive just in case they are FAT32.
Note: If you were to format an existing partitioned disk, "Disk Management" will format in the file system that was present. I assume you want to use NTFS instead of Fat32.
After partitions are deleted Disk management may prompt you to initialize disk. At that point select MBR and set your partitions sizes when prompted.
If you are not prompted to initialize then back out of disk management and reenter. Look for the unallocated drive in the lower portion of the Disk management window. Once found right click anywhere in the unallocated area and select "New Simple Volume. The new "Simple Volume Wizard" should appear. Click next and the allocation size should appear.
Note: Since this drive is for storage only I assume you want only one partition, so make sure the allocated size equals the size of disk.
The drive letter will be automatically assigned. After completing the partitioning you may be prompted to format. At that point follow the prompts for formatting newly partitioned disk.
Note: If you are not prompted to format then Right Click newly partitioned drive and select form... Read more

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HI Guy's, I have a question can I get information from one hard drive to anouther hard drive & how do I go about it thank you Glenn

A:External Hard drive

What type of information are you trying to obtain from this drive?

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l am running Windows 7 Professional and wondered if anyone knows which is the best external Hard drive to use with my Desktop-No l do not want a Portable one.
At present l am looking at WD My Book Essentials as it is on special at DSE for $84-1Tb which is pretty good value.
l am aware the ordinary WD Elements for desktop-1Tb would do the job but the one l am looking at has some extra features and l wondered if anyone has got this and how it fares and are they happy with it.

A:External Hard drive-which one?


That's the one I have and love it....Nice and reliable.

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OS: Windows Vista home premium (Japanese)
Computer: Dell XPS M1530

I wonder if I could use 2TB external hard drive with laptop?
Maker:Transcend 2TB StoreJet 35T

PS* when buying external hard drive what technical aspects are important to look into?
Any advice and suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you

A:Could I use 2TB external hard drive?

Sure you can use that. Look for one with 7200RPM and a 64MB or at least 32MB cache. There are also some hybrids which are even faster. But they are overpriced. Here is an example - not sure whether they come in 2TB: Newegg.com - Seagate Momentus XT STBD750100 750GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache 2.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Solid State Hybrid Drive

Just be aware that because of geometry, larger disks are slower than smaller disks.

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Can someone explain what an external hard drive is. is it a 1.44 removable disk or a removable hard drive kit> I want to down load a program and be able to take with me to use on another program and not take up all the space on my hard drive. thank you

A:External Hard drive

There's 3 different types of external HD, one's SCSI, one's Firewire, and the third's a converter kit. The first to require you have the approprite card, the third's usually connected to parallel, serial, or USB (i think). But (!!!!) the convereter kits are dog slow. USB is the fastest connection of those 3, with a total (shared) throughput of 1.5 mbps. Now an ATA/66 goes on average 24mbps and an ATA33 11 (not too sure, but somewhere around there). Firewire and SCSI have the bandwidth to allow drives to run at full speed

Just remember, i could be wrong.

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Heya Guys Im Thinkin of gettin A External Hard Drive for my laptop seeing as bad as* Vista takes Up 20GB and all my programs and music pictures take up the rest of the space im now down to only 20GB on my 60GB hard drive i need an external Hard Drive and i was looking around a 500GB to 750GB external drive

And The Majorty of my space is being taken up by all my programs
i mean i would uninstall them its just that i need them for my college cousre so i cant really !!

So i wanted to know if you can install programs for example like Photoshop CS3, Adobe Fireworks CS3, Corel Draw 14 and so

can be installed on a external hard drive i've got the space and i know all bout the shourtcuts and when i want to use that program i'll have to plug in the hard drive but i'll keep on top of it i always do

Crazy Axis

A:External Hard Drive

Why not just upgrade your internal hard drive and be done with it? You running a laptop or desktop?

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