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Send speed stinks, recieve is ok though

Q: Send speed stinks, recieve is ok though

DSL (cable)- download speed is great, but the upload speed has gone away. Seems that I can send emails and such but at a much lower speed. I attached a log to look at. Any help is appreciated. Win98se and IE6

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 8:28:02 AM, on 5/6/04
Platform: Windows 98 SE (Win9x 4.10.1998A)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.firstbankonline.com/
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL,(Default) = http://search.presario.net/scripts/redirectors/presario/srchredir.dll?c=1c99&s=search&query=%s&i=enu
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {87D82587-DBD2-1E3A-1C11-9552F46F059D} - C:\PROGRAM FILES\STYLEBIBCITY\LIES SUPPORT.DLL
O3 - Toolbar: &Radio - {8E718888-423F-11D2-876E-00A0C9082467} - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSDXM.OCX
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Essdc] essdc.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [AtiCwd32] Aticwd32.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [AtiKey] Atitask.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [ScanRegistry] c:\windows\scanregw.exe /autorun
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [TaskMonitor] c:\windows\taskmon.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SystemTray] SysTray.Exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Aureal A3D Interactive Audio Init] A3dInit.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [OEMCLEANUP] c:\windows\OPTIONS\oemreset.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [mdac_runonce] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\runonce.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [LoadQM] loadqm.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [QuickTime Task] "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\QTTASK.EXE" -atboottime
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MyWebSearch Email Plugin] C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\BAR\1.BIN\MWSOEMON.EXE
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [LoadPowerProfile] Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,LoadCurrentPwrScheme
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [road dale] C:\PROGRA~1\FOURPU~1\Mapigreybrowse.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [TkBellExe] "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe" -osboot
O4 - HKLM\..\RunServices: [HC Reminder] hc.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\RunServices: [EncMonitor] c:\compaq\access\Encompass\Monitor.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\RunServices: [Aureal A3D Interactive Audio] sa3dsrv.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\RunServices: [MessengerPlus2] "C:\Program Files\Messenger Plus! 2\MsgPlus.exe"
O4 - HKLM\..\RunServices: [LoadPowerProfile] Rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,LoadCurrentPwrScheme
O4 - HKLM\..\RunServices: [SchedulingAgent] c:\windows\SYSTEM\mstask.exe
O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [MessengerPlus2] "C:\Program Files\Messenger Plus! 2\MsgPlus.exe" /WinStart
O9 - Extra button: Messenger (HKLM)
O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Yahoo! Messenger (HKLM)
O12 - Plugin for .swf: C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program\PLUGINS\NPSWF32.dll
O12 - Plugin for .scr: C:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator\Program\PLUGINS\npaudio.dll
O16 - DPF: {D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000} (Shockwave Flash Object) - http://active.macromedia.com/flash2/cabs/swflash.cab
O16 - DPF: {166B1BCA-3F9C-11CF-8075-444553540000} (Shockwave ActiveX Control) - http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/director/sw.cab
O16 - DPF: {0C568603-D79D-11D2-87A7-00C04FF158BB} (BrowseFolderPopup Class) - http://download.mcafee.com/molbin/Shared/MGBrwFld.cab
O16 - DPF: {917623D1-D8E5-11D2-BE8B-00104B06BDE3} (CamImage Class) - http://keys3.expr.net/axiscam/Codebase/AxisCamControl.ocx
O16 - DPF: {30528230-99F7-4BB4-88D8-FA1D4F56A2AB} (YInstStarter Class) - http://download.yahoo.com/dl/installs/yinst.cab
O16 - DPF: {A17E30C4-A9BA-11D4-8673-60DB54C10000} (YahooYMailTo Class) - http://us.dl1.yimg.com/download.yahoo.com/dl/installs/essentials/ymmapi.dll
O16 - DPF: {02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B} (QuickTime Object) - http://www.apple.com/qtactivex/qtplugin.cab
O16 - DPF: {9F1C11AA-197B-4942-BA54-47A8489BB47F} (Update Class) - http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/CAB/x86/ansi/iuctl.CAB?38002.694837963
O16 - DPF: {E7DBFB6C-113A-47CF-B278-F5C6AF4DE1BD} - http://download.abacast.com/download/files/abasetup144.cab
O16 - DPF: {8E0D4DE5-3180-4024-A327-4DFAD1796A8D} (MessengerStatsClient Class) - http://messenger.zone.msn.com/binary/MessengerStatsClient.cab
O16 - DPF: {00B71CFB-6864-4346-A978-C0A14556272C} (Checkers Class) - http://messenger.zone.msn.com/binary/msgrchkr.cab
O16 - DPF: {F6BF0D00-0B2A-4A75-BF7B-F385591623AF} (Solitaire Showdown Class) - http://messenger.zone.msn.com/binary/SolitaireShowdown.cab
O16 - DPF: {2917297F-F02B-4B9D-81DF-494B6333150B} (Minesweeper Flags Class) - http://messenger.zone.msn.com/binary/MineSweeper.cab
O16 - DPF: {00000EF1-0786-4633-87C6-1AA7A44296DA} - http://www.imbum.com/Imbum.cab
O16 - DPF: {1D4DB7D2-6EC9-47A3-BD87-1E41684E07BB} - http://ak.imgfarm.com/images/nocache/funwebproducts/SmileyCentralInitialSetup1.0.0.6.cab
O16 - DPF: {A8658086-E6AC-4957-BC8E-7D54A7E8A78D} (DoomCln Object) - http://www.microsoft.com/security/controls/DoomCln.CAB
O16 - DPF: {56336BCB-3D8A-11D6-A00B-0050DA18DE71} (RdxIE Class) - http://software-dl.real.com/033dedbc9b13773cd520/netzip/RdxIE601.cab
O16 - DPF: {2BC66F54-93A8-11D3-BEB6-00105AA9B6AE} (Symantec AntiVirus scanner) - http://security.symantec.com/sscv6/SharedContent/vc/bin/AvSniff.cab
O16 - DPF: {644E432F-49D3-41A1-8DD5-E099162EEEC5} (Symantec RuFSI Utility Class) - http://security.symantec.com/sscv6/SharedContent/common/bin/cabsa.cab
O16 - DPF: {74D05D43-3236-11D4-BDCD-00C04F9A3B61} (HouseCall Control) - http://a840.g.akamai.net/7/840/537/2004033001/housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/xscan53.cab

Preferred Solution: Send speed stinks, recieve is ok though

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)

A: Send speed stinks, recieve is ok though

fix these:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.firstbankonline.com/
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,SearchAssistant = http://mysearchnow.com/searchbar.html
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL,(Default) = http://search.presario.net/scripts/...&query=%s&i=enu

also i believe this entry is bad:

O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [mdac_runonce] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\runonce.exe

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Need Help
I posted an earlier thread that I am unable to access internet after 5 minutes. I just noticed that when I click a link or something that is says website found waiting for reply. I sent an email out and it was successful. So I assume that I can send but not recieve after 5 minutes being online. I have to restart the computer to get another 5 minutes of internet.

Here is my Hijackthis log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.0
Scan saved at 11:58:28 AM, on 2/5/2005
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

R3 - Default URLSearchHook is missing
O3 - Toolbar: McAfee VirusScan - {BA52B914-B692-46c4-B683-905236F6F655} - C:\PROGRAM FILES\MCAFEE.COM\VSO\MCVSSHL.DLL
O4 - HKLM\..\Ru... Read more

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Here's the error message I get when I try to receive messages:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: 'mail.infostations.com', Server: 'mail.infostations.com', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

The send message is: Error Number 0x800CCC13

I've called my ISP, and they can't seem to fix it...


A:OE send & recieve

You posted a thread about a similar problem several months ago. Has this e-mail account ever worked? If Infostations is your ISP, the mail server settings are wrong. I don't know how the ISP would have missed that when you called unless you took the ".net" and ".com" terms to be interchangeable. They're not. You need to set the incoming and outgoing servers correctly.


For reference, here's the previous thread where instructions were posted on how to set the server names correctly.


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hey i have a client that is running microsoft outlook on win 98 and she can receive emails but can not send out anything and tells me that the error message is a bunch of numbers .... iwent into her account settings and all the pop and smtp settings are right ...any otherideas?

A:can recieve but cant send

May be you need to trun on authentication for all outgoing mails?

On the same screen where you enter POP3 and SMTP servers, you can check for this.

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A friends e~mail has stopped working recently,it wont send or recieve,nothing has been altered by them to cause the problem,they have contacted Virgin the email provider who say its nothing their way thats causing the problem,I would be greatful for any advice regarding this .......

A:Wont send or recieve

This is a little like going to the mechanic and saying, "my car won't start". Please give more information. Are there error messages ? Is the PC connected to the net ? Can you/they surf the web ? Has any software been installed recently ? The more information you supply the more likely someone will be able to help you.

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Hey guys.

I made an AOL account a really long time ago when my dad used to pay for AOL dial up but he doesnt any more and i stopped using the account. One day I had to reset my password for something and the old AOL mail happened to be the email it was sent to so when I logged in to the AOL account and when to the inbox it said "mailbox unavailable due to temporary maintenance".

I had read that to fix this you had to send a message to the account for the inbo to be working again but when I tried it told me that THE SCREENNAME DID NOT EXIST. Furious I tried sending an email from the AOL account to my hotmail account and the same exact thing happened. It told me tat my hotmail account did not exist. I tried it with a couple more emails and they all said the same thing. If ANYONE could help me it would be much appreciated.

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I can recieve mail ok but it says your mail is on the way but it dont actually go through

A:can recieve mail but can`t send

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Just set up a new computer and I get this error message when trying to send an email. I've double checked everything on my old computer and everything is the same in the settings.

The connection to the server has failed. Subject 'Fw: [NEW ORDER] Order Confirmation No: 743', Account: 'Avenue Beads Email', Server: 'smtpout.securesever.net', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

I've disabled my firewall and antivirus and tried that but it didn't matter. However I can successfully send an email using our second computer. Same email sever different email address. Not sure if that info will help with anything or not.


A:Can recieve but can't send emails

Changed my outgoing ports and now everything is working again.

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I have Windows XP Home, Internet Explorer 6, and Outlook Express 6. I cannot send or receive e-mails for the last two weeks. My ISP says their end is fine and that my settings are correct. The message I get when OE6 times out is: A TCP/IP error occurred while trying to connect to the server. Account: 'pop.ticon.net', Server: 'smtp.ticon.net', Protocol: SMTP, PORT:25,Secure[SSL]: No, Error Number: 0x800ccc15

A:cannot send or recieve e-mail

Do you have a firewall installed? If so, turn it off and try again.

If not, are you connected to that ISP when trying to send or receive mail?

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I can recieve emails, I can also send emails, but when I send to mulitple contacts I get the following message:
An unknown error has occurred. Subject 'Signpost2Training-Offering Quality healhcare Training', Account: 'Mark Laven', Server: 'mail.gmx.com', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0B

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Is it safe to do this procedure?? Does it work? Not sure if having a Vista wireless laptop is causing this problem with my XP-PC. My IP says it's not at their end. Thanks, Joy
Error 0x800c0133 when you are retrieving email with your Outlook Express (OE) is because of corrupted Inbox file.To remedy please follow these steps:

Open OE, on the left pane, right click "Local Folders", select "New Folder...", specify a name for your new folder as "Temp".

If you are still able to access "Inbox", move all mails in "Inbox" to the new "Temp" folder.

Go to menu "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Maintenance" tab -> "Store Folder" button. It will show the location of your Inbox file, please remember this location.

Close OE, go to the location mentioned above, delete the file "inbox.dbx".

Restart OE, the "Inbox" folder should be auto recreated. Move back your mails to the new "Inbox", remove the "Temp" folder.
This URL: http://support.spanlogic.net/Customer/KBArticle.aspx?articleid=13

A:Can't recieve email in OE, send is OK.

It sounds good but it's a bit hit and miss. Can you still see your e-mails because if you cannot, you'll lose the lot. I'd prefer to export them to a different e-mail handler before destroying inbox.dbx, then you could import them back in to a freshly created file. A far better e-mail handler is Mozilla Thunderbird from http://www.mozilla.com and evenif you don't keep it an duse it all the time, it will hold your mails safe while you mess around with OE.

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I have a strange problem, it seems that I either cant send emails or that I cannot recieve some of the emails being sent to me and its always seems to be those critical emails that doesnt get throygh. I have tested multiple email-services (like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc) but the same
situation occurs:

1. I email a client and ask a question
2. I get usually a pretty fast reply back
3. At this stage I often send the client a link or a smaller image-attachment
4. No response from the client
5. I try to email the client back, sometimes multiple times (asking them if they ever got my message, that is #3)
6. Still no reply
7. At this stage I often stop trying to contact them because I dont want to be on someones back especially since this is business-related.

This have occured some 8-10 times now.

Ok some might of you say "well they just dont happen to answer of various reasons", well I have also thought this but the procedure is always the same, its too systemized to be just of a mere coincidence in my opinion but maybe I am wrong.

I have reinstalled my OS 2 times, I have checked with anti-virus program etc but no solution. I sit on wireless network with a router, my own.
I have also checked spam-filters and if my emails are being redirected/forwarded to another email etc...

This problem getting really tiresome, what could the problem possibly be? Or is it a problem at all?

A:Cant recieve/Cant send emails

If you have tried the exact same procedure on sites like Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail, but through a different computer and still experience the problem, then it's just the recipient who isn't responding to your messages. 5. I try to email the client back, sometimes multiple times (asking them if they ever got my message, that is #3)6. Still no replyMakes it even more obvious.To confirm that you don't have a problem sending/receiving emails, just create two different email accounts from two different Email providers and try sending messages to each account and respond from the other. This should work just fine if there aren't any problems.Just my 2 cents.

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I am attempting to send/receive the data for the ACT testing and get the following error:
Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority 'aeos.microsoft.com'. The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SLL/TLS secure channel. The remote certificate is invalid according
to the validation procedure.
Would you like to retry?
I have added the following to trusted sites:
I have tried disabling SSL 1.0 and 2.0 as well as enabling them and in both combinations.

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We got a exchange 2k3, we can send but not recieve, we checked for updates, checked firewall, everything seems fine, but cant recieve but could send. but the weird thing is when we telnet into our server x.x.x.x:25 it comes up saying "connection to x.x.x.x could not open connection to the host, on port 23: connection failed" why does it say we are trying to connect using port 23 when i specified in cmd to port 25? we checked the exchange system manager under SMTP and outbound but everything shows port 25, any help thanks?

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Everytime I try to send and recieve email I get a error mesage 0x800ccof connection to server was interupted. I use microsoft outlook and have xp

A:can not send/recieve email

Is this an ISP e-mail account? A web e-mail account?
Are you able to check for messages on the e-mail provider's website?
Did this setup ever work?
If it did, when did it stop working? What happened?
Did you verify the settings are correct for the account?

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I have two computers that are connected (via LINKSYS Wireless Broadband Router) to each other and to the internet. Now they both work great on the internet. If I'm upsairs I use the WinXP and if downstairs I use the WinME.
However I have yet to figure out how to "PASS FILES" back and forth between them. I thought that this whole operation was supposed to allow me to do that, pass files. Where can I go so as to learn how to pass files? Greg & Grimm

A:send/recieve files

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I have one laptop running XP sp3 and Outlook Express that stopped sending or receiving email. My three other computers send and recieve just fine. I've spent hours on the phone with tech support; all settings are correct. I have also installed three different email clients hoping that another client may solve the problem, and the problem continues, run several virus scans, even Bellsouth tech support gave up. The dialog box says "this message could not be sent because the server rejected the senders email address. The sender's email address was (-------); subject account ; 'pop.att.yahoo.com (1)', server; 'smtp.att.yahoo.com', Protocol; SMTP,Server Response; 553 From address not verfied-see http://help.yahoo/1us/yahoo/mailoriginial/manage/sendform-07,07html,Port465, Secure(SSL):Yes, Server Error; 553, Error Number 0x800ccc78. I have also checked all of the Microsoft support topics that I thought may help.

A:Unable to send and recieve

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Hi there,

I have just finished reformatting my computer and I have reinstalled incredimail but now I can only recieve email but can't send it... I get this...

Failed to find host. Socket Error: 11004, Port: 110,Protocol: POP.The requested name is valid and was found in the database, but it does not have the correct associated data being resolved for.

Please help...


Kytn. x

A:HELP: Incredimail... I can recieve but can't send...

have you checked the settings - the SMTP setting my be set incorrectly ..
check with your email provider what the setting should be - there should be a help file on the website
Who is your email provider

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Dear Sir/Madam

I have configured the pop3 and the test has worked fine, but when i chick on send/recieve button, i get the following popup error

"Operation failed, an object can not be found"

snapshoot as attached

please assist

Kind regards

A:Win Outlook Send/Recieve problem

Welcome to TSF,

See if this helps:
You receive the "The operation failed. An object could not be found" error message when you click Send and Receive in Outlook

I also moved this Thread to Microsoft Office Support.

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Could someone let me know where in Outlook 2002 I can change the settings to automatically look for new email every 5mins or whatever?

At the moment it's sending things straight away, but doesn't look for new mail until I click send/recieve?

A:Send recieve in Outlook 2002

go to toolsptions:mail setup: then click on the button send/receive. There you will find the option

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Gday all.

The other day i tried sending a couple of pics without making them smaller, i realised this once i tried to send them, I went back into the email and deleted the pics. Since then i cant send emails and when i search for outbox on the bottom of the start menu it keeps showing those deleted files.

I think this is the cause but could just be a coincidence. All my settings are correct and confirmed by service provider.... any suggestions.


A:email wont send but will recieve.

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My problem: I can receive emails, but cannot send. I receive error message "cannot connect to server, port 25 SMTP".
My setup: 2 PCs, both running Win XP Home, OE 6.0 as mail client, both connected through Linksys router, both utilizing Zone Labs internet security suite, ISP is Earthlink.
Earthlink blames Linksys. I bypassed router and connected directly through modem. No resolution.
Linksys blames Zone Labs. I disabled firewall and antivirus software. No resolution.
I have checked account settings in OE 6.0 numerous times w/o resolution.
I have serached MS help pages w/o finding answers.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:OE 6.0 is Hotel California. Can Recieve, but cannot send.



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Hi i have a Compaq presario 5070 and am running win 98 first edition and have successfully installed 2 modem but cant figure out how to make them work at same time i fixed all the i/o conflicts and got drivers going and can use either one to dial up but what would like to do is use one to send data and one to receive it so can use them at same time on one phone line i don't know if this is possible but was told it is so.......if you can help how to make them work and do this would really appreciate it ty for you time

A:2 modems one computer 1 to recieve 1 to send

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I have used incredimail for 4 years and have not had this problem ever. my window up in the top right corner shows that my mail servers are connecting. and I can see email when i use the advance area. But can not get them to download int incredimail. Help please.Thank you.

A:can not send or recieve emails in incredimail

Do you have any blocked stuff? There were several times when I would be clicking on spam to block it, that i accidentally and unknowingly blocked legitimate ones. Took me a while to figure out why they wouldn't download. Check your list of blocked senders.

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Do you get any error messages? Exactly what happens when you try to send an email?

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My router logs are showing constant errors with my XP SP2 computer trying to send and receive tcp packets. Here are some of the errors:

Priority Time Message
[INFO] Tue Jan 27 14:35:39 2009 Blocked TCP packet from to as control None in not valid
[INFO] Tue Jan 27 14:35:38 2009 Blocked TCP packet from to as control None in not valid
[INFO] Tue Jan 27 14:35:38 2009 Blocked TCP packet from to as control None in not valid
[INFO] Tue Jan 27 14:35:38 2009 Blocked TCP packet from to as control None in not valid
Blocked incoming TCP packet from to with unexpected sequence 488810849 (expected 2004083346 to 2004148883)
[INFO] Wed Jan 28 11:58:48 2009 Blocked incoming TCP packet from to with unexpected sequence 585376643 (expected 2004083346 to 2004148883)

I think this is a virus. If I shut down my machine, the other computers in my network run fine. I ran malwarebytes several times, and it always quarantines a bunch of stuff and tells me to restart, which I do, but then if I run it agaon there's more crud.

A:Computer trying to send and recieve TCP packets

Let's start with a Malwarebytes log. Please run Malwarebytes using these directions:The process of cleaning your computer may require temporarily disabliling some security programs. If you are using SpyBot Search and Destroy, please refer to Note 2 at the bottom of this page.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen:Click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply and exit MBAM.Note:-- If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove, you may be asked to reboot your computer so it can proceed with the disinfection process. Regardless if prompted to restart the computer or not, please do so immediately. Failure to reboot normally (not into safe mode) will prevent ... Read more

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A week or so ago, Windows Live Mail stopped working for me. I was unable to send or receive emails, and the problem still occurs. Also, when I try to delete some messages, Windows Live Mail simply stops responding. This has become a very annoying problem for me, as I have to go into my browser, and view/send my emails from Hotmail. This is the first time I have ever encountered this problem. Any insight would be appreciated.

A:Unable to send or recieve emails

Have you tried a system restore to a few days before the problem began?
System Restore - How to
Have you considered one of the many other fine email clients such as Thunderbird?

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In Outlook when I first started using it, I would see the status box come up with all the accounts that were being accessed with check marks and the like. I like seeing that. (simular to outlook) with a downloading bar etc... I have done something to turn it off. where can i find that option?

A:Outlook send and recieve status bar.

well i do notice that theres a check box on that dialogue box,if checked the dialogue box is turned off. I cant see where to enable either.

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ok so it all started yesterday afternoon when i tried to restore my computer and it wouldnt let me, i dunno if that has anything to do with it, but out of nowhere my net stopped working and the icon had a yellow triangle and it said little or no connectivity but the green bars were at the max... after i messed with it for a good 7 hours i finally got it connected but now it is just sending but not recieving. i have windows xp, i have a wireless usb adapter( D-Link, DWL-G122) that i use to connect to my roomates computer downstairs, her net is working fine and is connected, i have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling my adapter which is not the problem, to pinging everything possible and reentering all the info and ip adress and all that, at first when i would try to repair the connection it would say it could cause of sometihng to do with renewign the ip adress now it just connects but it wont recieve anything. sorry its long. lol if u need any more info just let me know


A:my net will send packets but wont recieve them

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I'm using v6.0 with Windows XP. When I open Outlook Express, the "send/Receive" box is "grayed" out and messages can't be sent or received. I've discovered a workaround. I can click on "create mail" then close the box and the "send/receive" button will then be activated. However, this is a pain and I'd like to be able to fix this problem.

I've tried both de-activating and activating the "send/receive" tools options but without success. Any suggestions?

A:Outlook Express 6.0 Send/Recieve

Do you or did you have any spam filtering software installed for OE?

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Hi Everyone

I am unable to send and receive Email through Hotmail, Outlook and Optus Webmail for some reason not sure what to do, have done some research online, all to of a mystery why this has suddenly occurred. Your help would be appreciated muchly

Thanking you

A:Unable to recieve and send Rmail

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I have problem with my outlook ; newly when i start my outlook it start to send /receive so it crash during receiving & my outlook will close & this circle will continue so please attend to the error detail in below your kindly support is appreciated

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: OUTLOOK.EXE
Application Version: 12.0.4518.1014
Application Timestamp: 4542840f
Fault Module Name: OUTLFLTR.DLL
Fault Module Version: 12.0.4326.0
Fault Module Timestamp: 44c81343
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0004acff
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
Brand: Office12Crash
skulcid: 1033

A:outlook crashes during send/recieve

Try Outlook in safe mode.
Does the problem go away?
If so, it's likely you have an add-on that is interfering.
Disable them all.
Then begin enabling them one at a time, stopping and restarting Outlook for each trial, until you find the one that interferes.

Start your computer in safe mode

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I'm running outlook 2002 and i would like to know how to send & receive on startup automatically like on OE as i use mailwasher to screen my mail which is huge so i usually leave the computer for a bit.

A:Outlook send and recieve on startup

if you goto tools > options> mail setup > send/recieve>

you have a number of options there

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in oe/outlook/xpprosp1

A:Solved: is there a key stroke to send/recieve

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HELP! I am a complete computer novice. Have been having problems with my computer, Aurora pop up and Trojan virus. I have Windows XP and have Nortons and Counterspy already on my computer. Went to the sight yesterday and followed instructions from a posting by Cookiegal to get rid of my problems. Thought I was OK until today. Now I can only receive emails and not send any on my Hotmail account and my Yahoo email account. Have no idea how to send you my log file??? Like I said really a beginner! I use my emails for business and am in big trouble with not being able to answer. Help!!!!!

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I have tried everything but still can't receive email but can send email. About ready to pull my hair out any suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A:Can't recieve email but CAN send outlook 2002

Do you have a personal firewall set up? Try disabling it or the Windows firewall and see if that makes a difference.

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A couple of days ago my windows live mail stopped working a I get this error. I have reentered all the info for the account and searched for the error online and can't find a fix. Regular windows mail works just not windows live mail here is the error code.

Unable to send or receive messages for the Comcast (mjgetch) account. The host 'mail.comcast.net' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly.
Server: 'mail.comcast.net'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0D
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure(SSL): No
Socket Error: 11001

A:Can't Send or Recieve mail Error 0x800CCC0D

Here's the exact solution for your problem: Troubleshooting error messages that you receive when you try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and Outlook Express

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Every time I hit send receive in outlook it says sending message 1 of 1 even though there is not message. It then says there was an error on the bottom of the screen. I have no idea what to do. Please help.

A:Outlook always has an extra send recieve message

Is there anything in the outbox? Do you have more than one user account configured?

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Hello friends,

This is my first post so forgive me if I waffle a bit.

I use windows XP home edition. My service provider is Tiscali. I use Outlook Express 6 2004 Microsoft Corporation.

When I open Outlook Express it will not send or receive messages instead it now times out.

After timing out I receive the following message "A time-out occurred while
communicating with the server. Account: 'pop.tiscali.co.uk', Server: 'pop.tiscali.co.uk',
Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC19"

Please note I recently had an alert from my Norton Anti-Virus Programme.
My PC was infected with Trojan.Stwoyle and Trojan.Adclicker. I followed their advice and removed corrupted files in safe mode. A toolbar had also appeared on my browser which I eventually managed to delete using the Norton Anti-Virus (sorry I didn't take more info, it was some sort of \spyware). Ever since then I have had this problem.

I have discussed the problem with my ISP and all the information in 'accounts' under 'options' is correct. They informed me I may have to re-install XP. I have tried loading the original XP disc but the wizard tells me I cannot re-install as I have an updated version of XP. It says I must reconfigure computer to start in CD-ROM. I have no idea how to do this.

I have also contacted 'microsoft help' but to be frank they are no help.

I hope this information will enable someone to advise me accordingly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message.... Read more

A:Outlook Express Wil Not Send/recieve Emails

I suggest you post a HijackThis log for examination, to make sure you don't have any remnants of those infections hanging around.A member of the HijackThis Team will walk you through, step by step, how to disinfect your computer.Read How to post a HijackThis Log. Please read, and follow, all directions carefully.Then, run a log, and post it in the HijackThis forum, at this link. Do not, fix anything, yet.A member, of the HJT Team, will help you out.It may take a while to get a response, because the HJT Team are very busy. Please, be patient, these people are volunteers. They will help you out, as soon as possible.NOTE:Once you have made the post, please, DO NOT make another post in the HJT forum, until it has been responded to by a member of the HJT Team. The first thing they look for, when looking for logs to reply to, is 0 replies. If you make another post, there will be 1 reply. The team member, glancing over the replies, might assume someone is already helping you out, and will not respond. So, just make your post, and let it sit there, until a team member responds. This way you will be taken care of, in the most timely manner.

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I hope this is the appropriate forum. I made the best decision I could. If not please inform me.

G'day! Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I have
Windows 8 Home
HP Pavilion 23
AMD 6 with 3.6Ghz

I have Outlook.com some working well I think. My question is that I added Verizon and Gmail as an account to Outlook.com as a Send/Receive accoun each. I thought by that it would mean if I was highlighted say on Verizon that mail sent from there would show up in the recipient's mail as having been sent through my Verizon account? Same with Gmail. I sent test messages of each to a web account to JUNO and they both showed as having been sent from my Live.com account I was signed in with.

Am I expecting something that I shouldn't? Thanks greatly for your help. Jack ":-D
SIGNATURE: I'm eternally grateful, well not eternally but for a long time I appreciate your help!
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(SOLVED) Outlook 2007 won't auto send/recieve

I already went to Tools > Options > Send/Receive and then said ok to all the option. It should send and receive whether online or off every 10 minutes. But it doesn't do it at all.

I even went MS help and they said that I should make a new Send receive group, disable the old one, and set up the new one in the same way.

Same result. It is not auto sending or receiving.

I'm trying to use outlook to automate certain email functions thus it defeats the whole point if I have to tell it to send and receive myself.

Is there an addon I can get that will bypass outlook's BROKEN send/receive function and just force it to do it? I've look around on the internet and this seems to be a very common problem that outlook has had for years and years. I therefore believe it to be a flaw in the software to be bypassed.

A:Outlook 2007 won't auto send/recieve

I had this saved in a notepad, hopefully it applies here to you:

Do you want to save any data in mail? (hopefully not)
Remove your profile:

Control Panel-> Additional Options-> View 32-bit Control Panel Items-> Mail-> button Show Profiles?


to find this file:

Start-->Run--> %CommonProgramFiles%\System\MSMAPI\1033

try re-opening Outlook
Still problems?
Go to Add/Remove programs and do a repair on Office

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I am working on an issue that is site wide... Small business under 200 users are having this issue. When the client sends mail everything works fine. When the client attempts to receive mail they are unable to do so.

Troubleshooting I have done:

1. I was successfully able to send mail to an external email account... but I was unable to reply.

2. I contacted the mail server host... they said the reason that it was happening was because it was a pop3 mail account - ( I think that is wrong and there is another reason).

3. I am not receiving any delivery failures... so the mail is getting stuck somewhere along the way.

Can someone help me with this... I could use some tips for more troubleshooting so that I can identify the problem.

Thank you,

A:Outlook 2003 Send\Recieve Issue

Your mail host should provide you with a little more support.

How is the mail configured? pop3?
Was mail working and now it quit?

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There are alot of people that use a laptop at work that is connected to there Domain or ISP. When they come home and want to email you have to change the outgoing server.
Is there a solution so that they don't have to change the outgoing server everytime they go back and forth?
What do people do when they are traveling to different locations?

A:Easy way for a laptop to send and recieve from two locations

Interesting question. Never really thought about it...since I don't have a laptop. But I do switch between ISPs sometimes.

1) Web mail probably most often.
2) Outlook Express...You can have multiple accounts/ISPs. The SMTP settings would be set up for each particular ISP. Both of my ISPs allow mail to be sent from other than their servers. As an example, through Yahoo! servers. So my settings are the same for both ISPs.

On the Connection Tab check Always connect to this account using.


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i am not able to send or recive files thru yahoo messanger.
it keeps saying the other party is behind a firewall or sometimes it just says cannot recieve the file....
i got the latest version of the messenger...
do i need to change any of my settings...or any thing else...

hope any1 has got an answer......

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I have recently invested in a new computer running windows 7 with Outlook 2013. For many years have used Mailwasher Pro to check my emails and delete any unwanted or spam before downloading. However this means I have to turnoff completely the send/receive settings in Outlook, so as I am un control of when I wish to send/receive.
I have scoured the internet to ty and find who to do this successfully, but to no avail.

I have unticked the ?Send immediately connected ? box in Options/Advance tab in the send/receive section, which you would think would work, but no, it still does it immediately upon start up and at intervals during the day.

Anyone know how I can turn this off permanently and put me back I control!

Thanks Stewart

A:Outlook 2013 - Cannot Switch Off Send/Recieve

Go to file/options
select advanced, scroll down on the right select Send/receive
either select the account or if all accounts is the only highlighted click edit
select the account with the 'include in the selected account in this group tick box
untick send mail items
Untick receive mail items

Or leave them selected and click the folders you want affected

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Hi Guys,

Wondering if someone can help me, i have been trying to sort my mates laptop out for the past couple of weeks. Managed to fix most of the problems but cant seem to fix the one he is having with Windows Live Messenger and wondered if someone could help or if anyone else is having the same problems.

When he signs into Windows Live Messenger he sees all of his contacts and everything, he can then send them a message but sometimes they get it and sometimes they dont and other times its the opposite he will not get a reply back from them etc.

Has anyone encountered this problem, me and a few other frieds are using the new MSN Live Messenger and are not having any problems with it.

If you could get back to me as soon as you can folks with any ideas of what the problem could be that would be great.


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