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Import outlook 2003 files w/o backup files, but have original working file

Q: Import outlook 2003 files w/o backup files, but have original working file

Okay, here's my issue. Like a dummy, I renamed my workgroup without exporting to a backup file for my outlook 2003 working files. Now that I am in a new environment, I cannot seem to import my old email and contact information to my new profile under the new workgroup. I tried to import, but no option; I tried to copy the old files to my new directory, but no luck. I am hoping someone out there knows a bit about outlook 2003.


Preferred Solution: Import outlook 2003 files w/o backup files, but have original working file

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)

A: Import outlook 2003 files w/o backup files, but have original working file

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I have been using the beta version of Office 2007 til it expired last month and during that time exported a back up of Outlook (contacts, calendar etc) to My Docs.
Not all that fussed with the '07 Office suite, I uninstalled it and then reinstalled Office 2002 but when I try to import the pst file to this earlier version of Outlook, it tellss me that it is not compatible and to contact the Administrator (me!).

If I cannot work around this somehow I intend laying on the railway tracks quite shortly as life without my files will no longer have any meaning to me!

I guess as a last resort I can download the latest trial of 2007 Office and see if that will let me re-import the backed up pst file but what a drama!

A:Cannot import Outlook Beta 2007 pst files to Outlook 2003

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I following the following path as was instructed in multiple forums, but cannot find correct path. I was told to go to C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.pst.

The problem is that I cannot find the Local Setting Folder in the path. It goes out to Owner, but then the rest of the path doesn't work. I have the following options under owner:

My Documents
Start Menu

Can't find Local Settings? Any ideas

A:backup .pst files in outlook 2003

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I am having problems restoring outlook 2003 .pst files to another machine. Duplicate folders are being created and I cant work out why

1st machine is running outlook 2003 on vista and I want to copy everything including message rules and account settings and replicate the original set up of outlook with all the folders etc and make an identical image on the XP machine also running outlook 2003.

Is there a simple way or program that will easily replicate everything and restore it all to the 2nd machine without changing folders or creating copy personal folders ? So that both machines show identical layouts and have identical settings and message rules

Also is there a reliable program or method of finding duplicate emails in outlook 2003 in several folders and removing them or moving them to a separate folder ?

A:Outlook 2003 Backup & Restore pst files

reply from d
try you tube seach

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I have a customer site with an issue that I have been unable to resolve. The configuration is a Windows 7 Pro workgroup environment where we are using one of the machines as a shared resource. All other machines are Windows 7 pro also and everything
is updated with the latest windows updates. All machines are running AVG business edition (latest version).
The problem is that when the user goes to move (not copy) files from the shared folder to another folder, the files will show up in the new folder but they still show up in the new folder. Or if he deletes files from a folder they will show as deleted
but if he goes back to that same folder later that day, those same deleted files show up.
As a side note, all of these files that I am talking about are pictures that were uploaded from a camera (autobody shop) AND scanned files from a Xerox copier going to a scanned folder. No other folders are affected like this so it?s not a problem
with any other folders on the shared folder.

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hello i'm trying to import a complete 3.6 GB PST file into my OL 2003 but no sucess

what's best procedure?


A:Solved: Outlook 2003, trying to import a 3.6 GB PST file

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My original files order on C:\Romans is as follows.
I copied the files to USB flash drive G by drag and drop.
The backup files order on drive G is different from C drive.
e.g. Romans14.mp3 becomes the first file listed on drive G.
How to fix this problem?

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Volume in drive C is Acer
Volume Serial Number is 5CBC-C608

Directory of c:\Romans

07/08/2011 06:17 PM <DIR> .
07/08/2011 06:17 PM <DIR> ..
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 1,075,034 45 Romans01.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 915,791 45 Romans02.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 923,524 45 Romans03.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 865,950 45 Romans04.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 778,283 45 Romans05.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 821,019 45 Romans06.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 877,235 45 Romans07.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 1,397,489 45 Romans08.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 1,075,766 45 Romans09.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 684,871 45 Romans10.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 1,237,204 45 Romans11.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 676,303 45 Romans12.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 559,065 45 Romans13.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 800,228 45 Romans14.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 1,044,838 45 Romans15.mp3
18/05/2011 09:29 PM 795,004 45 Romans16.... Read more

A:Backup Files order different from original

Just out of curiosity, what is the file format on the USB flash drive?


Did you FORMAT the drive before using it?

Do you get the same result if you do the directory display in two steps:CD G

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We changed one of our computers to Windows XP SP 2 and in doing so I had to update office and access 2003. In doing so I see we can't export our database from excel and bring it into access as a table. I heard there was a lawsuit that prevented the linking now.

I've seen a few work-arounds but I can't get them to work. The error message is "could not find installable ISAM" but when I read the microsoft articles it doesn't really tell you how to do it. I'm not an IT guy. I read somewhere that you can change the connection string...but I don't know how or where to do that.

I seem so close...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Access 2003 trouble import excel files as tables...

You'll have to edit the query and connections.
ISAM as far as I know is a ODBC driver which has to be bought and installed, it's system bound as far as I know, so maybe that's the problem that you 'lost'the ISAM ODBC driver after the update ???

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I have used Eudora for many years and I'm now switching to Outlook 2003. I have about 200 addresses in Eudora and it has no export option. I have managed to get all the names and addresses into a comma delimited file by doing a manual search and replace. Here's the format:

FirstName,,LastName,,[email protected]

I did all of this on the assumption Outlook had a way to import a comma delimited text file into its address book. But, alas, I don't see any way to do it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I don't mind abandoning this method for another if need be.

A:Import Comma-delimited Text File into Outlook 2003 Address Book?

I was just looking at a site for making a backup of Eudora's Address Book.

Try Exporting the Contacts folder in Outlook, as a .csv file, first.
Then add the contacts from the Eudora Address Book to the .csv file and Import the .csv file back into the Contacts folder in Outlook

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When I open an html file with Notepad I can see all the tags. How do I import html files into XL and have the html files appear in the XL cells with all the tags showing? I want to limit the number of lines I import into XL.

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i have a little problem...I want to create a directory without having to add each name one by one. How would i do that from a website.

This is the website that has all the address.


A:Import Files into Outlook express

That's not bad at all, actually.
Select all the rows.
Paste into Word (believe it or not)
Select all that you just paste, and NOTHING extra.
Hit Table-Convert-TExt to table.
Use a hyphen as the delimiter (might have to type under "Other")
Make sure it shows 3 columns will be used.
Hit Ok.
Copy the table. (Table-Select table, copy)
Paste into Excel.
Save as a CSV file.
Import into OE.

I can't swear it'll work. I don't use OE, but I do believe it'll take a CSV file--check first.

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Hi guys,I have made a format disk and am recovering everything. I had five folders in my Outlook Express that I saved to import after reinstallation, all of them are under the .dbx extension; however, they are not coming up.I could import old folders that I had in another back-up (to try if importing was a problem), and it worked out, but these old folders contain irrelevant information.The error pop-up says: 'No messages can be foudn in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open.'I tried to copy and paste the folders in the 'Identities | Number | Microsoft | Outlook Express folder but it is not working either.Suggestions? (I really need those folders to work).Thank you so much for your time and effort.Julian.

A:Can't Import .dbx Files To Outlook Express

i usually get that message when i import, it asks location, and i forget to "browse" to the location it is stored, ex: c:backup\mail . or whereever you saved it to. if you look closely, while importing, it defaults to the current stores locvation when it asks where to look.
did this help?

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Hi there-

I'm a Solaris and Linux guy who gets drug in to fixing his friends and family's computers, so please pardon any ignorance of Microsoft terminology.

Here is the situation: My friend had a computer crash, and went out and bought a new machine from a local shop, with XP on it. He wants to transfer his old mail and address books from his old hard drive to his new one.

He has the old drive installed in the new machine (F:).

Again, this is a OE v6 to OE v6 procedure. Both the old and new machines are XP w/ SP3.

What I need to know is what files to dig around for (dbx and wab I believe), and how to import them.

Thanks for your help!

A:Outlook Express v6 - import other v6 dbx files?

Hello rmf2112

Here is a very good tutorial for you
Scroll down to #1

Back up and restore are both covered


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I have an inbox.dbx and sent.dbx from my Outlook Express 6 program. I have been able to view the emails with an free Outlook Express viewer, but I have never been able to get either Outlook Express or Outllook to import/access those files on my newer computer. I have them on a CD.

I have been able to import email from Outlook to Outlook Express, but I can't get Outlook Express to Import the inbox.dbx and sent.dbx.

Any ideas or programs that would do this?

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I have outlook installed in windows 7 and I am trying to import my .pst files from outlook running in windows 2k. I have installed the latest windows 7 updates including the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 2 (SP2). When I try and import the .pst file, I always get the error: "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook".

I have tried many things, including reboots, microsoft update, selecting "Allow upgrade to large tables", running outlook as administrator (or not). I ran the inbox repair tool, which said there are no problems with the .pst file. I tried to open both the archive.pst and the outlook.pst file, same problem with both. The files are on usb flash drive, but I tried copying them to local hard drive and opening them there, no change.

The .pst files are readable in Outlook in win2k, from the same flash drive.

The .pst file is 1.6GB. I saw a reference to the pfbackup tool, which can be used to break the .pst file into folders, but the note only applied to later versions of outlook.

I can successfully send and receive mail in outlook under windows 7, I just cannot import the .pst file from win2k.

I also tried copying the current outlook.pst file that outlook is using in windows 7 to flash drive, and opening it there. That also fails, same error.

A:Cannot import .pst files into outlook in windows 7

How about copying it off the flash drive to the Win 7 machine? Outlook may balk at opening a pst file from removable media. FYI, there's no need to "import" it, from the File menu in Outlook select Data File Management, click Add and browse to where you copied the file. If you get prompted for the pst format before browsing for it, just keep the default, Outlook will make the adjustment when you select the file to open. The file will then show up on the pane to the left and all the data in it will be available.

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My uncle has about 100 .vCard files (each one a seperate contact) which he exported from outlook ... he now has a new computer and wants to import the contacts into outlook. I have tried importing them but am unable to select more than one at a time, I also tried dragging them into outlook but it just opened each one and again I had to saveeach one seperatly.
If anyone can help it would be great! My uncle is leaving tomorrow so not long!
Cheers, Matt

A:Import multiple .vCard files in Outlook

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I had mistakenly deleted my work folder and sub folders from Outlook. Used my Carbonite backup to retrieve them but have not been able to import them. I've been on this for 4 hours. Carbonite reffered me to some shady off shore company to assist me...after 25 minutes of her terrible english and strange questioning she said she could not help me. I've been online searching for a tech who can help me and also trying the Microsoft site and there is no direct way to contact their support desk. It asks me for an email addy and they will 'send' me a key code to put in but it never comes. I'm at my wits end!! HELP!!!

A:Unable to import recovered pst files into my Outlook

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Hello all!!!

Lately I was having issues with my machine. Been years since I formatted. Finally after receiving a few blue screens I decided it was the time. I had backed-up my .DBX files messages in OE to a separate drive as with other important data. I dived in to the format. After all was said and done none of the .DBX files worked!!! I checked in Google to see if I was doing something wrong. All looked fairly straightforward except there was one tip about they might be read only, nope mine aren't. Since I had a fresh copy of everything I did transfer my old .DBX files to a desktop folder, where they still sit. I did try the import messages from File and it said it was successful, but nothing. I tried to drag & drop into the new message store, nothing. I even removed all the new files and replaced them with my old ones, no go.

Have I lost this info for good? Did I not b/u correctly? I could sure use some help here. Thanks in advance. Rich

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I know there is a thread on this already and I have read that thread multiple times. I have 551 phone contacts that I watnted to put on my Iphone and obv I do not one to do it 1 by 1. What is the fastest possible to do this.

QUOTING Rollin_Again:

This can be done using a VBA macro. First create a folder on the root of the C: drive and name it VCARDS. Next copy all your individual vCard files (.vcf) to this newly created folder. Next open Outlook and click ALT + F11 to open the VBA editor.

Click TOOLS --> REFERENCES and then select Microsoft Scripting Runtime and Windows Script Host Object Model from the list and place checks in the box next to each and click OK.

Next click INSERT --> MODULE and copy and paste the code below into the blank module. Save and run the macro to automatically import and save all the individual files into Outlook.


Sub OpenSaveVCard()

Dim objWSHShell As IWshRuntimeLibrary.IWshShell
Dim objOL As Outlook.Application
Dim colInsp As Outlook.Inspectors
Dim strVCName As String
Dim fso As Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim fsDir As Scripting.Folder
Dim fsFile As Scripting.File
Dim vCounter As Integer

Set fso = New Scripting.FileSystemObject
Set fsDir = fso.GetFolder("C:\VCARDS")

For Each fsFile In fsDir.Files

strVCName = "C:\VCARDS\" & fsFile.Name
Set objOL = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set colInsp = objOL.Inspectors
If colInsp.Count = 0 Then
Set obj... Read more

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Hi ~

I recently had to wipe my computer and reinstall Windows XP Media....before I did this, I had gone into Outlook Express and (without doing much research), opted to back up all the messages and contacts which saved them as .pst files.

After my reinstall, I went into OE, expecting to simply click on Import and get everything back the way it was. That has proven to be like slamming my head against a brick wall!

No matter what I do I can't figure out how I can get OE to let me choose these files to import.

Does anyone know what I can do to get these files back to where they belong?

Thanks so much!

A:Can't import my PST files back into Outlook Express??

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I have two W2K installs in different partitions on the same hard disk, which I'll call the primary install and alternate install.

In the alternate install, Windows File Protection (WFP) works <b>normally</b>. If I rename WINMINE.EXE to WINMINE.OLD, the executable will be restored from DLLCACHE. The following files are consulted (in chronological order) so that this happens:


In my primary install, WFP is <b>broken</b> for <i>any file in DLLCACHE that has not changed since the original install</i>. WINMINE.EXE, for instance, has not changed through the W2K service packs and hotfixes. If I rename WINMINE.EXE to WINMINE.OLD, the executable is not found in DLLCACHE (even though it's there) and WFP calls for the insertion of the original W2K install CD. The CD's recognized when it's inserted, but the file isn't replaced.

The following files are consulted while this happens:

... but NT5.CAT is never used, though it's present and identical to NT5.CAT in the alternate install.

If a file in the primary install that originated with a service pack or hotfix is renamed, it's quickly replaced with the version stor... Read more

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Hi all!

I meant how to import .csv email files from a cd back to outlook express 6

I friend of mine uses OE6, she had to reformat her pc so she back up her favorites and emails.
She said she exported her emails then burned them to a cd. .

Right now she is trying to import them but with no success. . We tried to use the import wizard but we cant seem to locate the .csv file on the cd when we do browse.

We really appreaciate any help that we can get.



A:how to import .csv email files on a cd back to outlook express 6

This may sound simple, but I'd right click on the .csv files on the CD and select 'Send to My documents' and then see if you can locate the file with the import wizard.

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Today, I subscribed to two newsletters, and attached to both email confirmations I received, were .vcf (vCard) files. I never got those attachments before when subscribing to any newsletter. My Hotmail email program was recently updated to Outlook. I have Windows 7.

When I click on the vCard files, a Windows Contacts "Properties" box opens, containing basic contact information (email, name, name of company).

- Since they are .vcf and not .csv or .txt files, can you tell me how to import these contacts to my Outlook [live, previously Hotmail] contacts.
- Also, can you tell me whether these .vcf cards I receive attached to email subscription confirmations are a feature of the new Outlook interface?

Thanks for your anticipated help!

A:How to use .vcf files - How can I import .vcf info to Outlook (live) contacts

Hi please see these How to use the vCard feature in Outlook Send and save contacts as vCards (.vcf files) - Outlook - Office.com

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Got lent my bosses hard drive for some films and accidentally pressed "scan & fix (recommended)" which removed a folder with a large amount of movies and changed them all to .CHK filetypes because of a few bad apples. The files are all without corruption. Just need a way to revert them to exactly how they were before windows 'scan & fixed' them.

Otherwise can someone help me on finding a program which scans movies without any reference, just the data from the file and name them accordingly. That would be great

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I need to import apple mail archived files in windows outlook 2013. But every time I open the import wizard and reach the file selection step, i cannot select the archived file. It doesn't even show in the dialog box. I dont know what is the issue. 
Is it the file size issue as the archive file is heavy (about 40gb) or there is any other fault???
Please help.

A:How can I import Apple Mail files in windows Outlook 2013 ?

Apple mail and outlook use different formats, hence you cannot use the outlook import/export tool to import apple mail files. Outlook wont recognize apple mail and vice-versa. You need to use a third party converter. There are a LOT of tools out there which you can use. Depending on the urgency and importance, whether its a work or home email account, you can either use a paid tool or free tool. Needless to mention, paid tools will be more robust sand have the option of support in case you face hiccups.
A free tool that you can try: http://psttombox.blogspot.in/
A paid tool: http://applemailtopst.com/download-free-trial-applemail-to-pst-converter/
ALWAYS scan any files that you download from the internet with a good antivirus before installing on your computer.

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I am totally not sure whether I am posting under the right category or not. I just need a solution to transfer emails from my previous windows laptop to the new mac that I have bought a couple of days ago. I need to transfer email data and folders from outlook 2010 to apple mail in mac. I have transferred almost all the data that I need to mac but the mail migration is the problem that I am stuck into.

I have have high hopes that I'll find my solution here or please guide me to where should I post if this is not the accurate place for this query.


A:How to import Windows outlook 2010 files in Mac apple mail?

I'm also not sure, but moved the thread from Windows 7 to Web & Email because I think you have a better chance of getting an answer here.

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My Acer laptop with windows xp crashed. The hard drive was OK so I connected it to my HP PC with vista using an external case. I can read all files on the Acer hard drive with my PC but cannot run any programs on that drive. I would like to transfer my address book and e-mails from outlook express on the Acer drive to Thunderbird on my pc.

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I have to move a few thousand files and folders from my desktop to external USB hard drives to free up space on the desktop drive.

I need to keep the original folder and file dates. When I copy or move folders, Windows changes the folder date, but does keep the file date (created, modified and last accessed now become the current date.)

Is there any "tweak" in Windows I can do in order to keep all the dates accurate?

I've even tried a couple backup programs to move/copy files, and the folder date is changed to the current date in all three categories as above.

WinXP Pro

Thank you

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My files have a format of "ID_date_time.d7d?
Ex: 11111-5_2013_10_07_142149.d7d
The ID is 1111-5 and was tested 10/7/2013 at 2:21:49 PM and the file extension is always .d7d

The local files are automatically saved here by the program generating the data:

I want them copied to the following directory:
E:\common\UserGroup\UserLocation\Test Data\(ID)
For the above example, it would be copied to: E:\common\UserGroup\UserLocation\Test Data\11111-5

Then, upon successful completion of copying the file, I want the file moved to:
C:\IDArchive\Data\Old Data

Then the file should be removed from the original Local folder.

I can do most of this with a batch file, up to the point where I match the file in the Local\Data folder to its proper destination using its ID number. I need to pull the ID number out of the file name and use it to identify its destination - all of the destination folders already exist. I can't figure out the correct code in the batch file to find the ID number and then extract and match it to its folder.


A:Move files from original folder to existing folders - w batch file?

Hi Jordansl,

Here's a full solution to the task you mention. A double For /F loop is used to extract this ID from each file name.


@echo off

REM For each file in %source_location%, copy it to
REM %copy_to%\*ItsID*, then move the file to %move_to%.

set from_source="C:\Local\Data"
set copy_to="C:\common\UserGroup\UserLocation\Test Data"
set move_to="C:\IDArchive\Data\Old Data"

pushd "%from_source:"=%"
for /f "delims=" %%A in (' dir /a:-d /b %from_source:"=% ') do (
for /f "tokens=1 delims=_" %%B in ( "%%~nxA" ) do (
for %%C in (%COPY_TO%) do (
if exist "%%~fC\%%~B"\* (
copy "%%~fA" "%%~fC\%%~B"
) else (
echo.& echo A destination directory for the file '%%~fA' does not exist.
echo Would you like one to be created for it with the file '%%~nxA' copied to it?
echo If N, the file will not be copied or moved.
choice & if not errorlevel 2 md "%%~fC\%%~B" && copy "%%~fA" "%%~fC\%%~B"
if not errorlevel 2 move "%%~fA" "%MOVE_TO:"=%" || echo.

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I'm a new member but have gotten a lot of useful info from this forum over the past couple months, thank you! Hopefully someone can help with this issue.

I have a user at my work who is having an issue in Outlook 2003. When she replies to or forwards a message, the spell check is checking the entire document even though she has the "ignore original message text in replies and forwards" option checked. Here's some info on her setup:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
Microsoft Office Standard Service Pack 3
Does not have the "prefix" option set
Uses Word as the email editor

I have read in other forums that opting to not use Word as the email editor can cure this issue, but all of our users use Word as their email editor. Also, this issue just appeared out of nowhere a couple days ago. Possibly a windows update?

Please help!

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Files on Flash Drive Keeps converted to short cuts and the original File disappears .

I have tried to format more than once and tried scan with AVG and nothing is wrong. but after I format the flash drive and opens it again after few seconds a shortcut file appears , and If i paste any file in the flash drive it gets converted to shortcut after the paste is done. here is the DDS.txt

DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16555
Run by Ahmed at 16:19:17 on 2017-05-01
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic 6.1.7601.1.1252.1.1033.18.4087.2539 [GMT 2:00]
AV: AVG Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {4D41356F-32AD-7C42-C820-63775EE4F413}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
SP: AVG Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {F620D48B-1497-73CC-F290-58052563BEAE}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Program Files\IDT\WDM\STacSV64.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\Antivirus\AVGSvc.exe
C:\Windows\system32... Read more

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It is a small but annoying problem. I upgrade my Office 2000 program suite to Office 2003 professional. I selected the upgrade option on the installation CD. I first selected to upgrade the regular Office software (Words, Excel, Outlook, Access,etc). After this first installation, I noticed that I had 2 Outlook icons in my start programs: the Outlook 2000 icon and the Outlook 2003 icon. I then installed Frontpage 2003 and the Outlook 2000 Icon was replaced by an anonymous .exe program icon. When I clicked on this icon, I got a message saying that this icon only works with an installed application. So I thought it was only a residual icon and I deleted it. Where is the bug?
Well, next to my user logon on Window XP, I get a message that I have 1 unread e-mail. When I open Outlook 2003, there are no unread e-mails. I tried to import e-mails from other applications and I got an e-mail that had been received on Outlook 2000 (A welcome to Outlook 2000 Version 6 message). The problem is that this message keeps reappearing from time to time and I always get this message saying that I have 1 unread e-mail which I cannot see on Outlook 2003. I know I still have some Outlook 2000 files on my C drive but I cannot delete them because the system then tells me that the files cannot be deleted because they are used by an application.

1-How can I remove completely the Outlook 2000 Version 6 from my system (It is not listed in the Control Panel add/remove program list)?
2-If ... Read more

A:Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

not a complete answer for you, but to get rid of that annoying "Unread message" at the logon screen see this to turn out via the registry: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304148/

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My sister is getting a new pc and her old pc has outlook express (Microsoft office 2003) Is outlook express part of Microsoft office? Anyway she is continually creating backups because her hard drive is about to fail. She is running XP too. My question is, when she gets a new computer, and it will have windows 7 on it and office 2010 or 2013, how do I convert the dbx files to pst files? I probably could just export contacts, but how do I get the other files like emails, appts, etc converted into Microsoft outlook? And also, with the backup, can I restore the files to a windows 7 environment? And when I do that will the dbx files just go to an appdata folder? Can I just grab the necessary files from the backup file to just convert to pst files?
Help I am confused.

I have googled and searched but no one seems to have a clear explanation.

A:Converting outlook express to outlook & backup files

This will be helpful for your Outlook issue:

Moving from Outlook Express to Outlook - Slipstick Systems

Outlook Express is old and outdated and is not apart of the Office Suite. It will use a PST file, I believe, that can easily be ported over to the new edition of Outlook.

Also it should be noted that new PCs do not come with Office preinstalled. They are trials and you will need to buy it on your own.

How did she go about creating the backups? Using software or manual?

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My sister is getting a new pc and her old pc has outlook express (Microsoft office 2003) Is outlook express part of Microsoft office? Anyway she is continually creating backups because her hard drive is about to fail. She is running XP too. My question is, when she gets a new computer, and it will have windows 7 on it and office 2010 or 2013, how do I convert the dbx files to pst files? I probably could just export contacts, but how do I get the other files like emails, appts, etc converted into Microsoft outlook? And also, with the backup, can I restore the files to a windows 7 environment? And when I do that will the dbx files just go to an appdata folder? Can I just grab the necessary files from the backup file to just convert to pst files?
Help I am confused.

I have googled and searched but no one seems to have a clear explanation.

A:Converting outlook express to outlook & backup files

This will be helpful for your Outlook issue:

Moving from Outlook Express to Outlook - Slipstick Systems

Outlook Express is old and outdated and is not apart of the Office Suite. It will use a PST file, I believe, that can easily be ported over to the new edition of Outlook.

Also it should be noted that new PCs do not come with Office preinstalled. They are trials and you will need to buy it on your own.

How did she go about creating the backups? Using software or manual?

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The test result is under Win7 build 7000
1. Open backup and restore center
2. Set backup settings
a. Choose backup locations to local disk,for example f:\
b. Choose [Let me choose]
c. What do you want to back up?
Only choose the folder of c:\program files\windows photo viewer\
Do not choose [Include a system image]
d. Backup summary
Items are c:\program files\windows photo viewer\
e. Save settings and start backup

There is no files under F:\TEST-PC\Backup Set 2008-09-29 032022\Backup Files 2008-09-29 032022\Backup files 1.zip\

So, the question is why we can not backup this folder at the first time(it should be a full backup)

Anyone can help me, thank you in advance!

A:Backup files fail to backup files in Program Files


Backup doesn't usually back up a program's files. Since Programs need to be "Installed", it makes no sense to simply back up the program's "program files" folder if no User data is stored in such folders. Since that folder would be fully rebuilt upon it's reinstallation, why does a backup need to be made of it?
I tested this also, and while a backup file was created, the zip folder was empty as was yours.
But again, backing up such a folder makes no sense and is a waste of space in the backup file, so it only makes sense that certain file types are excluded from being backed up.

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I just upgraded to outlook 2007 and having trouble copying my nickname file overfrom outlook 2003. I am using the same profile name and have copied the 2003 NK2 file over and pasted it in the right place but hen I try to access the nickname function - nothing happens. The file is there and is the same size as it was before - what am I doing wrong?

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Hi TechGuys,

My difficulty is in the above Outlook 2003 software. I have kept a copy of the pst files as a backup, but unfortunately overwrote the good files with the backup files dated September 2012. The current files and folder structure of my e-mails have now reverted to the September's. Any help in retrieving those files and folders would be much appreciated.

A:MS Outlook 2003: overwritten my pst files (archive.pst and Outlook.pst)

I believe they are gone to "Bit Heaven", sorry.

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I'm preparing for an upgrade from Win2k to WinXP and I'd like to know which files I need to backup so I can keep my configurations and data for IE6, Outlook Express and Outlook 2003. (I will be formatting the drive and starting from scratch).

I've tried backing up .PST files for Outlook when I was using Outlook 2000 but I lost all my customization, (ie: rules, favourites, etc). I'd rather not repeat that performance.

Thanks ...weeG

A:Which IE/OE/Outlook files to backup

Here is a compilation of some tips gathered on this forum:


You need to go to the microsoft website and download the back up program.

http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2002/pfbackup.aspx [/URL]

Follow the instructions at this site


The emails on Outlook Express are saved in this location

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\"""{CC5D8D60-5F89-12D0-A3DB-09B07}"""\Microsoft\Outlook Express

The value in """ """ is the identity number...so it wont be the same number as this one.

The files in side the folders contains the folders on your outlook express ... inbox.dbx, senditem.dbx....etc. save those files and after you format your computer and reconfigure outlook copi those files on the same folder

The method I mentioned I have used before several times, but I just ran a quick test to check it out. I was then reminded of 2 things I failed to mention.(it's been a while since I transfered Emails - or perhaps I was having a senor moment!)

FIRST: I ALWAYS save one copy of the folder for security sake and then make a SECOND copy to work with. Outlook Express can be funny sometimes - especially when messing with it's folders!

SECOND: If you wish to save your "Inbox" as a separate folder called OLD INBOX (or whatever) in LOCAL FOLDERS - you must go into Outlook Express and ... Read more

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My Outlook 2003 is not allowing any new info to be added. It says Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size. Unfortunately, I cannot open the program to delete any information. The error message also suggests using "Personal Folders file", but I don't know what that is or where to find it. As of right now I cannot add appointments, send/receive email (through outlook).

A:Outlook 2003 and .pst files

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I had issues with my comp a few days ago. I was instructed to run the recovery program. After doing so, I can no longer retrieve my outlook files. Help!

A:outlook 2003 files

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My company has contracted a ransomware on a computer that was attached to a virtual drive on a server. Although the server couldn't get infected, its virtual drive files (which is a repository) got encrypted.
Since I have a couple of files that I had backed up and therefore have the original copies, does a program exist whereby I could load the original file and the encypted file and the program deduces the private key so that it can decrypt the rest of the files?
I do not need to remove the malware since I have already done so myself.
Thank you,

A:Retrieve encrypted files if have some original files

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What is the best way backing up my pst files in a different device than HDD (like CD or DVD) and after that read (only) those pst' s without copy the file again.

A:Backup *.pst files from MS Outlook 2000

Hi atg72,

It's the same for any files to be backed up.

To backup onto CD or DVD you must have a CD or DVD writer. Software wise later versions of Windows have in-built writing capability but I find it's better with other s/w such as Nero which doesn't need to save to temp first and can cram more onto a CD/DVD.

Once on CD or DVD it is Read Only so you won't be able to change the data.

Just burn your .pst file but beware there are problems using it in anything other than the same version of Outlook that created it.


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What files do Ineed to back up ?


A:Outlook 2002 SP3 - what files to backup ?

The only one of any real importance is the outlook.pst file. This holds all the email/contacts/tasks/etc in Outlook and is what you need to recover the Outlook data. Everything else can be reinstalled or reconfigured from scratch.

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hi, i have outlook express files saved to cd with the file extention .dbx i have a program called outlook express backup from genie-soft which opens files with a .boe extention, i am not sure why my computer has saved them as .dbx and the program i have will not open them.
is there another program that i could use to open them or another way to open them, any help would be apreciated.

A:Outlook express backup files

Hi steady9669

Outlook Express created the .dbx files, these are the folders you see in Outlook Express.
I have never used the program you mention.
If you want to view messages you have backed up for Outlook Express, Import them back into Outlook Express.
Otherwise, you will need to save the messages themselves (*not* the .dbx files) as .txt or .eml files if you want to view one or two here or there.

Copy the .dbx files to a folder on the Desktop, start Outlook Express,
File > Import > Messages > Microsoft Outlook Express 6 > Next > Import from an OE6 store directory
Browse to the folder on the Desktop to complete the Import.

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I'm using Outlook 2003 in Win7 and trying to send an excel .xls file to a mac user and he keeps getting a winmail1dat file. According to Googled how-to info, this is what happens if you email in rich text format which I am not. I'm in HTML mode. He can receive .xls in plain text. Another mac friend gets the same .xls file in HTML just fine. ???

Any suggestions without sending in plain text just to this one user everytime?

A:Outlook 2003 won't email .xls files to a mac

Tell the recipient to save then rename winmail1.dat to winmail1.xls. He/she should then be able to open it in Excel.
I've no idea why they are receiving it as a dat file.

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I have Windows XP Home and I belive Outlook 2003. I have another thread in the XP forum at the moment describing my problemsn (http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/994273-blah-application-data-folder-gone.html), but the short is that I did a hard shut down of my computer and now can't open outlook - it says it can't open the set of folders and that the server isn't available.

I looked online and found some posts elsewhere saying that the data files for outlook are in outlook.pst or some other .pst file - it could vary.

When I look at my carbonite backup (internet service) there's an outlook.pst file but it's 414mb! Yikes! Is that really how big it's supposed to be?

I see also an archive.pst file that is 65.9mb. Both were last modified on 4/29/11 in the backup.


A:Outlook 2003 Data Files?

Those are your data files. Yes, they can easily be that big. Many are larger. Take a closer look at the error message you're seeing. Is it referring to a problem with the PST file or the OST file?

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