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Shadow Just Appeared Bottom Right Dell E2414 Monitor - Tapping monitor fixes it ?!?!

Q: Shadow Just Appeared Bottom Right Dell E2414 Monitor - Tapping monitor fixes it ?!?!

It is an Analog VGA. The manufacture date was 2014.. It was purchased closer to 2015. There is a dark shadow on the bottom right hand corner of the screen It is about 1 inch high. It extends about 2-3 inches across the bottom (Where time/date is). Looking at the shadow it has a specific and static shape almost like a graph going UP (Up hill); you know the line on the graph from x-y? It is a giant blob, a shadow but does have a specific shape impacting only the bottom right. The monitor was not placed near magnets, moved, hit, dropped or struck in any manner. It is highly unlikely it was moved without my knowledge. It was working amazing since the day I got it. OVERNIGHT near a windows 10 update this shadow problem happened.I unplugged it and moved it around a bit. I noticed tapping the bottom right (where the shadow is) does make it go away for 10-30 seconds. So touching that area in the back (not the controls) somehow fixes the problem. I do not know if this helps but the shadow is translucent (more grey than solid black)

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Preferred Solution: Shadow Just Appeared Bottom Right Dell E2414 Monitor - Tapping monitor fixes it ?!?!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello Guys,I bought a brand new S2216H Dell Monitor a week ago, I am using a VGA cable to connect the monitor to cpu. The text,icons,images and every other thing displayed on monitor has a shadow to the right edge, Please find the attached image below.
I have tried

changing the resolution,
screen refresh rate,
adjusted the brightness and contrast 
also turned on clear type

with no luck
Should i replace the monitor, is it covered under warrenty ?
Please help me to fix the issue.

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My apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section, or if this has already been answered but for about several months now, I've been experiencing a shadow on the Monitor. What I mean by that is, every text, image etc. has a black shadow after it, and to be quiet honest, it's getting very annoying. Is there any way to fix it?

By the way, I wish I could send you a screen shot, but I don't think it would show up on the image, since it's a personal monitor problem. :X

A:Shadow on Monitor.

Is it an image burn?...I had that on one of my old laptops - The quick launch icons were slightly burned onto the screen. I managed to eliminate most of it by running a pure white image ( RGB 255,255,255) for twenty four hours.

Is your monitor old.......maybe use it as an excuse for an upgrade..........

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I just bought a new computer and hooked up a flat panel monitor to it and I have a slight shadow on everything (letters, images, etc). Strange. I KNOW this monitor works fine because I never had any problems with it on my other computer.

A:Help: My monitor has drop shadow on everything

Is it a DVI or VGA connection, or are you using an adaptor?
Check the cable is firmly attached and, if possible, try another cable.

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Hello,I need an advice.
Dell Vostro 1510 (version nVidia) does not function LCD - very little light.External monitor works OK.LCD - brightness up and down works. Closing cover notebook to sleep - works OK.
Test another inverter and LCD.It's the same :(
Please, give me an advice.Thank You.

A:Dell Vostro 1510 LCD DIM - monitor external monitor works

If the other inverter/LCD is known to be compatible with the system and produces the same result, bad power circuit to the inverter - replace the mainboard.

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My old dell laptop L502x is a bit quirky and caused me to buy a desktop, however, i think it is still saveable. when i have it display to an external monitor via hdmi, it works 100% with no problems. however, when i use the monitor that is physically attached to the laptop, i will get a " A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor" BSOD. from what i've gathered over numerous crashes, i believe its a problem with the integrated graphics in the processor, since they are not used when outputting via hdmi. i could be wrong tho, any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Laptop external monitor = OK, attached monitor = BSOD

Before posting a BSOD thread, please read the instructions here: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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All my letters and pictures look like they have a shadow. I have tried fixing the screen resolution and the screen refresh rate but that has not helped.
Can someone help.

A:letters and pictures have a shadow on my monitor

I just find the problem. I thought i would post it because maybe someone else might have the same problem. The problem was that my cable that connects from the monitor to my computer was loose. All i did was pushed in the connection and the screen looks perfect now.

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I'm running Windows XP and have a ProView flat-screen Plug-N-Play monitor. Recently, out of the blue, it developed a condition where there's a little green shadow around the edges of a lot of the images (including all text characters). Also, with some applications that have a large area of a solid color in the screen display, a portion of that solid-colored area appears as vibrating bright vertical lines against a darker background. The monitor's self-adjust feature doesn't fix it, and the standard Windows troubleshooting tool in the Control Panel doesn't find anything. Is this likelier to be a hardware or a software issue, and if the latter, which piece of software? How should I proceed?


A:green shadow on monitor image

Make sure the monitor is securely connected. If it is try your monitor on another computer and/or try another monitor on your computer.

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I'm really hoping it's not my screen and just my VGA cable. It does it to everything on the screen. Anyone know the cause of this?

Picture example below.

A:External monitor putting a shadow to everything?

Could be the cable. try reseating it and change your resolution and refresh.

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So, I have a 27" Acer Monitor. I was using my computer as usual, and all of a sudden, the screen went black. When it came back on there were about 3 inch black lines/spaces on either side of the "viewing" area. Its like my monitor went from Wide Screen to.... "Square" Screen. I tried adjusting the resolution. But it only adjusted the resolution within the "square" viewing area. The black lines stayed. I tried changing the actual monitor settings, using the buttons on the monitor itself. It had a setting called "Wide Mode" There were only 2 settings. Aspect and Full. It was set to Aspect. When i changed it to Full, the entire screen came back on and the black lines were gone, but it was like it was stretched wide and not in Wide Screen mode. I tried updating the Drivers for the Monitor and PC, didnt work. So, i Spoke to Windows Tech support and did a Troubleshooter, didnt work. Restarted my computer, didnt work. Unplugged the computer for 30 seconds, didnt work. The computer, internet, everything... is working fine. Just there are now 3" black lines on either side of the screen. And no, i didnt just do any updates or anything prior to this happening. It just happened out of the blue. PLEASE HELP!

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A two-tone blue 1" by 4" box with the word 'volume' and a 0-100 bar has appeared out of nowhere, on my monitor. There is what looks like an iPod icon on the bar. (I do not have an iPod.)I can't move the box; my cursor disappears behind the box when i move my cursor across it.I've gone through my Task Manager, Start Up Folder, and msconfig without any luck. Has anyone here heard or experienced this? Were you able to get rid of it?Any and all help would be appreciated.Thanks.

A:Volume control has appeared on monitor

Do you have speakers as part of your monitor?

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Hi, all, I have a Dell XPS 15 laptop and recently bought a Asus MB169B external USB monitor.  When I plug the monitor in, the laptop monitor (not the external monitor) flickers about every half second.  If I unplug it, it stops.  I upgraded my video driver to no avail.
Is it simply a power supply issue (the external monitor  does not have a power cord)?  Anything I can do?  It does it even if I have the laptop plugged in and charging.  
*something interesting - I just discovered if I duplicate the display and not extend the flickering goes away...but that kind of defeats the point of a dual monitor for me.

A:dell xps 15 monitor flickering after connecting external usb monitor

What is the exact system model? 
Have you connected the external monitor to a dock or hub or directly to the system USB port?
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/1n3X2po - enter the service tag and download the BIOS, update and restart the machine and check.
Reinstall the video drivers and chipset drivers for the system from the above link and check.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I recently did a clean install of Windows 7-64bit and the computer has been running very smooth for the last week. Last night (08/18/2016) I installed a couple of windows updates and while checking the reliability monitor in the action center after installing the updates I noticed a new entry "Generic Volume Shadow Copy"; I'm aware that it's related to restore points, but I've never seen this entry in the reliability monitor section. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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I recently did a clean install of Windows 7-64bit and the computer has been running very smooth for the last week. Last night (08/18/2016) I installed a couple of updates and while checking the reliability monitor in the action center after installing the updates I noticed a new entry "Generic Volume Shadow Copy"; I'm aware that it's related to restore points, but I've never seen this entry in the reliability monitor section. Is this something I should be concerned about?

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Hey guys.

So, everything was working just fine until this very morning. No headaches whatsoever.

So, this morning I turn on my monitor and receive a "HDMI No Signal" from my monitor. Thing is that, 8 hours prior, it was working just fine. So, here's what I've done.

* Monitor was connected to a self-powered HDMI switch. Connected directly instead. No signal.
* Electric reset. Nope
* DVI. Nope.

Until, I bit the bullet and pressed the reset button while my monitor was connected in DVI. Lo and behold, signal! HDMI worked too. So, after an hour no problem, I had to attend some business in town then visited my father. When I came back, my monitor... had no signal once again.

So, I pulled off an old 24" monitor (1920x1200) off my closet that was going bad on one side but was still working, we could still see something. Connected DVI on it (no HDMI). No signal. So, I put my main monitor back in place through HDMI and reset. Voil?, once again.

So, checking my temps now, it's definitely not overheating. My graphic card idles at 36oC and my CPU is ~45oC (it always does a little something all the time - 5-10% use).

I will be trying to update my GPU drivers although I don't have a lot of faith in that and I can't really test my GPU in other computers.

Also, of note, when booting my PC, it does a single bip meaning everything is A-OK.
Another note is that one of my HDD is in the red with 5 unstable sectors and the BIOS logged a SMART event because ... Read more

A:Monitor loses signal after a while, reboot fixes temporarily.

Found out that, somehow in Power Options, that Windows would turn off my monitor after 20 minutes (I don't remember setting that option to that value, ever). But that doesn't solve my problem because the first time it happened, my monitor was actually powered off. It might be something that updating the driver did though...

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Ok, my friend's family bought a new monitor, it dosent have any screen adjustment buttons im told (only ones that make the screen brighter or darker) and now she cant see the blue windows bar on the bottom or start button. She wants to know if theres anyway to move the bar from bottom to top? (I douldent decide where to post this).

A:New monitor..cant see windows bar at bottom

They bought a new monitor that only has brightness and contrast adjustments? Doesn't sound too new to me...are you sure they've pressed all the buttons on the front of the monitor? Most new ones change those settings with an on-screen display, not a seperate button for each adjustment.

Anyway, Start->Control Panel->Taskbar and Start Menu, uncheck 'lock the taskbar', then change the resolution to something where you can see the bottom of it, then click and drag the taskbar to the top, then change the resolution back. Also, you may want to try messing with different refresh rates, sometimes that changes the size of the screen as well. (Start->Control Panel->Display->Settings tab->Advanced button->Monitor tab) Make sure that after you're done adjusting, this is set to at least 72, as anything lower than that starts to hurt your eyes.

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RIght I've spent 5 hours searching this issue on the net but I can find nothing that matches my problem, so I'm hoping you guys can perhaps help me out with this :haha:

I recently purchased a monitor off of eBay which arrived yesterday. It works great and I love it. At the bottom of the screen, there is a white mark however:


The picture is a little inaccurate, as in reality, it's more of a "fog" than a mark. For example, if I mouse under it, I can still see the mouse, it's just covered in a white cloud, which I guess also rules out the chance of it being a dead or stuck pixel issue. Another way to describe it would be to compare it to the effect you get on an LCD when you press on it slightly with your finger - it's the same white effect that that gives pretty much, only it's permenantly on screen (only when the monitor is turned on though). I have the computer connected through the DVI port and my Xbox connected through the VGA port of the monitor. This issue is present on both of them, which rules out a cable problem - it is deffinately the monitor.

I'm not sure how easy getting a refund or replacement would be. The monitor is second hand, but as new according to the seller. The seller also used pictures of the actual item, and on those pictures, the mark isn't present, meaning this damage was done during postal transit. I've been told that marks like... Read more

A:What is this blemish at the bottom of my monitor?

According to the listing on ebay, you have 7 days to return it.
That's all I would do since finding another to replace it at that cost won't be too hard.

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I purchased my HP all-in-one desktop at the end of November, 2016. It's been great so far, aside from getting used to the windows 10 formatting. Yesterday, I was working at my computer, walked away for less than an hour, and when I "woke" it back up there was a shadowy area in the bottom center of the screen. It appears as though a bulb has gone out, to give a better description. The information on the screen still shows up, but is shadowed in an arc around the center of the bottom, reaching nearly half-way up the screen. Is there any help I can get to fix this issue, or warrenty I might be able to claim?

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Everytime I create a Restore Point, I notice that "Generic Volume Shadow copy" is listed in the Action center.  Should I be concerned?  I don't remember seeing that listing before.  I have a done a couple of System Restore points but none of them show up in the action center as "Generic volume shadow copy."
Driver Management concluded the process to install driver FileRepository\volsnap.inf_amd64_neutral_7499a4fac85b39fc\volsnap.inf for Device Instance ID STORAGE\VOLUMESNAPSHOT\HARDDISKVOLUMESNAPSHOT24 with the following status: 0x0.


A:Generic Volume Shadow Copy listed in Action Center's Reliablity Monitor

FWIW:  http://blog.szynalski.com/2009/11/23/volume-shadow-copy-system-restore/ .

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Recently my monitor is showing a black space at the top and is putting the bottom bar out of site. I cannot see the "start" or the time or anything else at the bottom. Is my monitor going bad? If not, how do I fix it?

A:Solved: Monitor Puts Bottom bar out of site

There should be adjustment buttons on the monitor, they are usually located on the front(bottom) or on the side to adjust the position and size of the picture.

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I installed DisplayFusion for my dual-monitor setup, but decided to uninstall it soon after. Upon uninstalling I noticed a permanent black band/bar across the bottom of my screen. I can access (right click and get a context menu, etc.) the screen space under the band, but it completely hides anything under it including the mouse pointer.

Here is a screenshot of the area and a representation of what I see:
I'm not sure if DisplayFusion could have caused this, or if it was a coincidence.

Has anybody seen a problem like this before? Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Permanent black bar on bottom of secondary monitor

Welcome to Seven Forums Jorwoody. Does the black bar appear to be the height of the taskbar DisplayFusion put on the secondary monitor? If so, it seems likely that DisplayFusion is the culprit (it seems likely anyway). Do you have a System restore point from before you installed DisplayFusion? If so, I would start there.

System Restore

If not, or if that doesn't help, I would suggest you reinstall DisplayFusion, confirm the secondary monitors taskbar displays normally. I would then uninstall using the free Revo Uninstaller. See if that fixes it.

If neither help, I would run the System File Checker

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Let us know how it goes. A Guy

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My darling son wanted to be helpful and decided to clean off my desk for me... and proceed to spray windex directly onto my monitors and wipe them with a dish cloth

The following occurred:

So it's quite obvious I need a new monitor, there's no fixing that I'm afraid, I'm not sure if it's water damage or he pressed too hard but the damage seems so far to be isolated to the bottom edge of the monitor. I will be replacing it when I can afford it but that could be several weeks/months away with my current budget.

I was curious if there's a way I can just change the positioning of the monitor so that the bottom damaged portion is below where the actual displayed portion is? I tried to do this by adjusting the settings on the OSD (On-screen Display) and it has Vertical and Horizontal Positioning but using the arrow keys it just completely skips over it and doesn't let me alter those settings even though they are present there. It does the same on my second monitor (they are both identical models). This is on an Acer 220HQL Monitor, I even looked at documentation but it doesn't say anywhere how to actually change the positioning of the monitor image (they are both plugged in through DVI)

Does anyone know how either I can unlock the positioning on the actual monitor OSD or if there's another workaround on the graphics driver side I can try?

Also if anyone is at all familiar with this kind of monitor damage, will it the damaged part remain constant or should I expect it to p... Read more

A:LCD Monitor Damaged on bottom: Can I position the screen out of it?

Radeon graphics drivers have an "Underscan" feature where you can set the displayed image to be smaller than your monitor. It works for sure on HDMI driven monitors but I don't know if it works on DVI driven monitors, but it's worth a try.

This is the screen to get to:

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Recently the screen started shrinking at the bottom. The rest of the screen is fine. It occurs where the taskbar is. Sometimes it only squeezes half the area of the taskbar and sometimes almost all of it. It can be hard to see the icons on the taskbar. Usually, after calling up a program which changes the screen, it reverts to normal; sometimes it reverts faster than at other times. I seem to find it most often when exiting the screensaver. I have an older Viewsonic A90f CRT and I am wondering if the problem might be in the monitor itself, or in the video card, which is built into the mobo. I figure, whichever it is, I'm gonna be out some bucks.

I appreciate any help you can offer.


Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 925 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7678 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4250, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 82364 MB, Free - 3009 MB;
D: Total - 24050 MB, Free - 23125 MB;
E: Total - 200279 MB, Free - 151532 MB;
F: Total - 431346 MB, Free - 243276 MB;
G: Total - 716798 MB, Free - 289891 MB;
H: Total - 6912 MB, Free - 2571 MB;
I: Total - 104234 MB, Free - 39775 MB;
J: Total - 231499 MB, Free - 92144 MB;
K: Total - 348692 MB, Free - 126695 MB;
N: Total - 15374 MB, Free - 12052 MB;
O: Total - 17280 MB, Free - 8938 MB;
P: Total - 21791 MB, Free - 10836 MB;
Q: Total - 11593 MB, Free... Read more

A:Solved: Image on monitor shrinks at bottom sometimes

My best guess is the monitor, time for an LED.

Can you borrow a monitor from someone to test it?

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I'm a total computer novice so I hope I'm able to convey what's going on here. Last night I was working on some research on my emachine desktop and I accidentally hit a button (I think it might have been one of the "F" keys) which made my webpages appear smaller. Now I can see my desktop picture on the top and bottom of my screen when a webpage is open, even though the icons that normally appear on the bottom of the screen are still visible, albeit over the desktop picture. Another new thing I noticed as a result of this is at the top of the screen above where the webpage ends and the desktop picture is now seen, there is the Firefox icon followed by information about what page I am currently viewing (i.e. right now it says "Tech Support Guy Forums - Post New Thread - Mozilla Firefox). While this is all really cool, I want to be able to return to viewing my webpages normally with the tools on top and the icons on bottom of each page (not in the FULL page view where these are not visible, if that makes sense).

Geez, I hope I explained this so that someone out there knows what I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure I just need to hit another key to return it to the normal mode but I don't want to start pressing random keys and create another problem.


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Hello...I have a thin blue line on the bottom of my lcd monitor. Not all the time though. It's only when the desk top, itunes and firefox / I.E. are up.. Maybe a millimeter wide. It's doen't go through the green "windows start" button when it is up or when the media player screen is on. So I don't think there is anything physically wrong with it. Is there any adjustment for this? It's not a big deal, it's just that knowing it's there is kinda aggravating.

Screen cap with the line at the botton
Two with out it
You can see the blue stops where the media player skin starts


A:Solved: Blue line on bottom of lcd monitor screen

That appears to be the taskbar in Auto-Hide mode.

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I don't know if this is hardware or software related, so I kept it in this topic.

There is a constant horizontal stripe that takes up the second and third row of pixels from the bottom of my monitor. The color varies, but it seems to be some sort of an average color of the column above it. For example, if I move a black box around a white space (like in paint), I can see the stripe change to gray in the areas above which the box is (if that makes sense). If I widen the black box vertically, the color becomes darker.

The stripe does not show up on screenshot, so I took a picture with a camera to show it.

The stripe exists at all resolutions.

It is superimposed on everything -- including full screen applications and the taskbar.

It does not go away with a restart, sleep or hibernate, and I can't recall exactly when it showed up. I did recently install many Windows 7 updates, however, but no new video drivers.

A:Constant horizontal stripe along bottom of monitor picture

Have you contacted the maker of your monitor/ customer service and asked them if this problem has come up before.
They usually have a tech support on their homepage for issues like this.
I would start there first. IMHO

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I just noticed the bottom bezel of my t480 is somewhat hollow or soft. The top, left and right bezels are hard. Is this normal? I have an x230 and the bezels are hard all over.

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I have HP Desktop Tower Pavilion with windows 10, I had two HP S2031 monitors in dual mode, worked fine. One of them died, I got a good deal on a larger HP 27er monitor.  I hooked it up, they were both working fine ... it was using a default monitor
setting ... and then yesterday the computer downloaded some updates, and in doing so, it downloaded the driver for the HP 27er and installed.  The next thing that happens is the older HP S2031 starts to go dark ... like it is going into sleep mode, and
then it is totally black.  On reboot, it starts up with both monitors working, but within seconds of reboot the HP S2031 goes black again. The HP S2031's buttons do nothing, other than the power button, which turns it off and on, but that is it.  
I have done all troubleshooting, I did not even have them set up to sleep, all settings are at NEVER.  In coming here, I have done all the fixes I can find for similar  that are posted for similar issues, the Windows Key + W... nothing. 
The create new power plan ... nothing.  the device manger>display adapters>disable then enable ... nothing.  and lastly Start>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>display adapter>driver tap>update ... still nothing.  HOW
DO I GET THE HP S2031 MONITOR TO NOT BE IN SLEEP AND HAVE BLACK SCREEN.  I can not figure this out and am not finding any fix.

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I have an HP laptop and I have been running it with dual monitors. I finally decided to upgrade to Windows 7 and after I installed it I noticed that the built in monitor of my laptop looked strange and when I opened the display settings to change the screen resolution and set the external monitor as a separate monitor rather than a mirror I noticed that only one monitor was detected and it was the external one (Generic non-pnp monitor on standard VGA graphics adapter) and the built in monitor does NOT show up at all.

I've tried the detection button, in hopes that the computer would read the built in monitor and I could fix the problem. This did not help. I tried unplugging/replugging the external monitor to no avail. I tried restarting without the external monitor plugged in and it STILL reads the built in monitor as if it is the external one. Is there anyway to fix this? I have not tried re-installing the OS, not yet anyways.

Any suggestions ?

A:Monitor Issues - Laptop Reading Built In Monitor as if it were my external monitor.

Only thing I can think of is to disconnnect the external monitor, uninstall any monitors listed and then reboot and hope the computer installs the correct drivers for the laptop monitor.

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I have sony cyber-shot W35 wich is about 3 years
old. It was working fine till last couple of days, I try
to use yesterday and when i took image on display
they was pink shadow in bottom of the screen and
same shadow is showing on picture, is it problem
with display or ccd sensor

A:Sony DSC W35 shows pink shadow in bottom

If the "shadow" shows up only on the viewer of your camera, and not appearing in images on someone else's computer screen, then it is your camera's display.

If the "shadow" also shows up on other people's computers when you send them images, then it is your sensor.

In looking at your two shared images, the 1st (dsc00896l.jpg) I can see that the distortion appears to be on your camera's viewer. Especially notice that the picture you took was from another camera (assuming the EXIF data is correct, a Sony DSC-W110), and that overall image does not show the distortion.

In the 2nd (dsc02393q.jpg), if that is an example of a picture taken from your camera (looks like a Sony DSC-W35, if the EXIF data is correct) then since I see the distortion here, I would say that your camera's sensor is giving you the problem.

So that DSC-W110 it is the better camera for your use, right now. Use that.

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Hello experts,
I have connected 3 external monitors to my 9560 laptop via TB16 dock. 2 Dell 24" 4K monitors: 1) DP to DP and 2) miniDP to DP & 1 Dell 24" 1920-1080 via VGA-VGA connection. The 4K monitor with miniDP to DP constantly disconnects. What am i doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance,

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Bought a X-rite i1 display calibrator to be able to hardware calibrate my Dell u2413 Monitor but there seems to be a communication problem with win 10 even though there is a win 10 driver installed for the monitor. Is there a solution to this for win 10? Otherwise I don't have much us of the x-rite since im not interested in software calibration...
Plz help?

A:Dell u2413 Monitor not recognized by Dell Display Manager or Dell Ultrasharp Calibration Solution

You might get a better response if you re-post this in the Monitors forum.
Be sure to mention the PC model and the video port being used when you post over there.

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I am using a 22" screen for my primary screen and the laptop lid open for a secondary screen. The main screens resolution is 1680x1050, I can set it to anything I want and it's always using the full screen. The laptop screen on the other hand will only use the full screen if it's at 1400x1050 resolution (max for that screen, IBM Thinkpad T43). With the large 22" screen I have no trouble reading the screen at high resolutions, the screen is huge, with the little 14" screen though I have to strain to read the screen at 1400x1050.

The problem is when I set the laptop screen to anything lower than 1400x1050, it uses less of the screen. Preferrably I want it at 1280x1024 or 1024x768 (I dont know which I want yet as I can't see the freaking screen at that resolution). At 1280x1024 for instance the useable screen is just a box in the middle, so the "1280x1024" is still barely readable for me cause it's shrunk from full screen, plus it's just annoying only using a portion of the screen.

I have played with the ATI Control Center, the Thinkpad display settings and windows display settings and just cannot get this thing to go full screen at lower resolutions when docked and using the external monitor.

Anyway to resolve this?

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Yesterday I was playing a video game called Dying Light in my Dell 5558 i5. Paused the game for like 15 minutes to eat and then come back. but looks like the game was frozen, mouse wasnt moving, could not minimize the game, or do anything, so I decided to close the screen of the laptop with the hope that it will turn the game normally or at least run the windows again.
but the screen didnt close, it didnt put on sleep. (I know it was a stupid move) 
so I force shut down the pc, and when start it up, more than 3 little dots appeared on the bottom left side of my screen. 
it looks like its hardware problem.. how to fix this? I dont have this laptop more than 6 months and is kept in a good shape, no direct hit, or anything..

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 My ThinkPad T430 screen has developed a dim, cone-shaped "shadow" on part of the bottom half of the screen which adjusting the brightness does not change (see attached image).
I suspect either the screen is dying, the LED back light is dying, or the inverter is dying. I am not competent to replace any of the above, after checking the detailed steps required in the T430 Hardware Maintenance Manual. Sadly, the T430 is now two months beyond its extended three-year warranty.
All hardware diagnostics that Lenovo Solution Center runs show no internal hardware issues.
Any suggestions on either reliable repair options, or additional non-invasive steps (drivers, BIOS) I might take to get full screen backlighting again?
Link to image
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A:T430 screen cone-shape dimming/shadow at bottom

Hello, I am having the exact same issue with my T430s. Did you manage to fix this problem?  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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Have got a shadow appeared on bottom right hand corner of screen? purchased  HP 15 Pavillion beatsaudio in January 2015.  Unsure what 2 do........... should i take back to PC World or is there a solution to this.  Thanks.

A:Dark patch appeared on screen bottom right hand corner

Hi there @Bovey,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are seeing a dark patch on your display, in the lower right corner of the display. I am happy to help with this. Please post the operating system in use on your notebook. See the following, if you need help with that information. How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? How large is the darker patch?Can you still see the image on the screen behind the darker section, or is it completely opaque?Was or is anything pressing on the display in that area? I would also suggest that you take a look through these pages, which may help, or in the bottom one help quantify the problem.Resolving Problems with Notebook Displays (Windows 7 and Windows 8)Resolving Problems with the Brightness of the DisplayDiagnosing a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for DamageIf it appears to be a physical problem then I would suggest that you use the following http://www.hp.com/contacthp and create a case for your issue and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link below to get the contact information for your region. http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html I hope this helps.

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ok so recently i decided to get a second monitor because i want to start getting into editing. I found a local seller that was looking to sell a cheap monitor. The monitor was a Dell SP2009W which i found out once3 i had bought it for $10. I got home and started trying to hook it up but the message i get is that there is no signal coming from my computer. im running an intel core TM i5-4590 for my CPU and my GPU is an AMD Radeon R9 270. my operating system is windows 10 64 bit i believe. i have no idea if its on my end or the monitor's end but if you can help me out it would be much obliged

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My new XPS 15 (FHD) has dark shadows at the bottom right and left side of the screen. It is visible only on white/ light background (unnoticable on dark background). It is really bothering me, especially since I do a lot of reading and work with Word.
Do you suggest to exchange it? Or is there some sort of software configuration reset that I can try to fix this?  
Thank you!

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After connected my dell XPS 13 with Dell 34" ultra monitor via Kensington SD4000 universal docking station. Have video but no sound coming out from my ultra wide monitor. The only sound that I heard was from the XPS laptop. My Laptop's OS is window 10 and I tried to use Chrome and explorer Edge, none of the search engine is able to solve the problem. Moreover, I checked my all connective cables to/from the docking station and it seems fine to me. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have a new Dell XPS 8900 connected to a Dell U2413 monitor using the HDMI to mini-HDMI cable.  When I switch off the monitor (to save the screen and energy), the PC jumps into an unrecoverable power saving mode, shutting down all open applications in doing so.  The mouse and keyboard lock up.  The only way to restart the PC is to press the power button for several seconds (hard reboot).   This began happening recently.  What can be done to fix?

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I am picking up the XPS 15 this week and currently have two P2815Q monitors I am using with the Microsoft Surface Book.  Currently these are connected to the Surface Book via a single mini-display port cable with the 2rd 4K connected to the first via mini-display port.
So my question is how do I connect these monitors to the XPS 15.  I understand the XPS has Thunderbolt and a single HDMI 1.4 port.  While HDMI 1.4 is not capable of driving 4K at 60hz, I'm also wondering what the new Dell Dock is going to bring to the game here.
Would love some help, so thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS 15 9550 and Dual Dell 4K P2815Q Monitor Hookup Question

Did you find out the answer to this? I'm killing myself trying to find a solution.

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We're encountering scrolling issues with Excel 2013 (and 2016).
What we mean by that is graphic distortions (blocks of black) appearing on the worksheet during the scroll action.
It happens almost exclusively on the externally attached monitor.
Even after the scrolling action is finished the blocks of blacks will persist and will obscure the data in the cells. Generally only opening the worksheet anew will correct the issue (until scrolling is once again initiated)
This is on a new Dell XPS 15 (9550) running Windows 10.The monitor is a Dell U2717D connected via the HDMI.
We've done quite a bit of troubleshooting but before describing in detail we wanted to know if anybody had seen something similar?

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Hi everyone,
I have a new hardware:

Dell XPS13 (9360) with Thunderbolt 3
Dell U3417W 34" monitor  (3440x1440 px)

I have prepared everything on my table because I had no idea that new Dell only has Thunderbolt 3 and no mini display port. I was kind of surprised (in a bad way) that I will need another reduction.
The problem is that I can only input display port, mini display port and HDMI into the new Dell U3417W monitor. I am not sure how much resolution I can squeeze from HDMI, so what is left are those display ports. 
Should I buy USB-C -> Display port cable like for e.g. Startech USB Type-C to Displayport cable, 1m (CDP2DPMM1MB) which could possibly do the job? Or perhaps even some Thunderbolt 3 cable?
I need to have 3440x1440 px @ 60 Hz where some of those cables support only @30 Hz and they do not explicitly state that 3440x1440px resolution is supported.
I would rather avoid those bugged Dell docking stations where the whole internet (e.g. Amazon) is snowed by users complaints.
Thanks in advance for any help!

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I've got DELL Vostro 3750, and I bought Dell U2515H monitor for second display.
I can set only maximum 1920×1050 resolution, instead of the optimal 2560×1600 of the monitor. 
I'am connected them with hdmi cable.
Please help me solve the problem!


A:Dell Vostro 3750 with Dell U2515H monitor resolution problem

The U2515H HDMI in port can do up to 2560x1440 60Hz. But the U2515H does not dictate the resolution. That is done by the capabilities of the laptop GPU video card. The 2011 Vostro 3750 HDMI out must be limited to 1920.

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Hi, I can't seem to get anything higher than 1920x1080 in the list of available resolution options when I connect my Dell U2713HM monitor to my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. I've run this monitor at 2560x1440 on another laptop over HDMI in the past but that was with Windows 8. The Intel HD Graphics 530 Control Panel doesn't offer any resolutions above 1920x1080 for the external monitor and adding custom resolutions results in the error "the custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity". I'm using the same high speed HDMI cable that worked at 2560x1440 with this monitor on my previous laptop. I'm fully up to date on all of the drivers for the laptop.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not sure what else to try. Could this be a Windows 10 issue? Should I try the standard Intel HD Graphics 530 drivers from the Intel website?

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Hi Guys
How can I connect DELL LATITUDE 3540 laptop to the DELL U2413 monitor ?
Somehow , it does not work.

thanks for your kind advise.

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