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User cant change password: Configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied

Q: User cant change password: Configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied

We are running our Domain Controller and Active Directory in the cloud. All our users use their AD account to log onto their computers and this has been working fine for the last few years. Today an employee needed to change their password and for some reason
they get the error: "Configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied".
After trying it several times, always with the same result, I checked to make sure that the DC/AD was available. After that, I manually entered the DNS of our DC to make sure that it wasn't just a network error. That didn't change anything though. Then I
used my account to log onto his machine and I was able to change my password with no problem. That made me think that this must be an issue with his account but when I checked it, the permissions were all set correct.

After researching this error online and finding no helpful answer that explains why this is happening and how to fix it I'm stuck. Does anybody know why this is happening? And does someone know how to fix this?
With kind regards,
C. Zerbe

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Preferred Solution: User cant change password: Configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied

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I have a Machine with windows 7 x64 pro which was connected to a domain controller that is dead and not available anymore.
I want to continue to use this computer standalone and keep all the software and configurations already installed, however i need to change my pass and i am not able to do it getting this msg : configuration
information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied.
How can i solve this (change the pass or copy all the user settings to local) without the domain controller server?
thank you

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I had a user today whom i was assisting with domain password change.
Machine was on corporate domain.
Machine was connected to corporate network via LAN connection
Machine was connected to corporate network via corporate WiFi network same time
Pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL password change will not work.
Had user change password via corporate online system.
Now machine would not unlock with new password would still unlock using old password.
Confirmed user logged onto machine with domain account.
I disconnected LAN and was able to lock/unlock Windows with new domain password while system was connected to corporate WiFi network.

What would cause this issue? How to troubleshoot such issues to find out root cause?

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We have a win 7 PC that has the password set to expire every 42 days (be design set in gpedit.msc). The user logs in and is presented with the "you must change password" screen. They enter a password and get this.  "configuration
information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied" 
  It is a WORKGROUP pc not a member of a domain but unsure if it every was. I changed the password using the administrator account and set the password that way without issue but the user stated that this was not the first time they had this issue.
I deleted the GPO settings (https://www.404techsupport.com/2014/04/script-clear-cached-group-policies/) and changed it to WORKGROUP1 in an attempt to reinforce the
non-domain status and no change. User is not restricted from changing their own password. User is not the admin.

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What could be the cause that a Windows 7 domain-user is unable to change his password from his Windows 7 Pro client? Client is connected with a Windows 2008 server (DC). Whenever a user uses CTRL + ALT + DEL to change his password, an error appears
that access is denied. As an systemadmin changing the users password from the DC isn't a problem, but I would like to have the availability for users to change there own password. Thanks! 

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I have an NT 4 SP6/Win98 network setup with 2 subnets connected via a fractional T1 and Cisco router. The PDC is on our Corporate subnet, the BDC is located at a branch office.

When I try to logon from a Win98 box at the branch office, I occasionally get a message "your domain password is incorrect or access to the domain controller has been denied". The password IS correct, and it happens from all the PCs when this occurs. If I wait for 5 or so minutes, I can log in fine. This happens intermittantly several times a day.

I had 2 NICS in the BDC, but disabled one of them because it was causing me DHCP renewal problems.

Anybody have an idea of what could be causing this, or how I can track which domain controller the Win98 box is trying to authenticate through?

There are no Event Log messages pertaining to any problems, so I am kinda stumped. It also looks like I'm getting DHCP renewal OK, even when it won't let me log onto the domain.
Thanks for any help/suggestions!

A:Access to domain controller denied

Hi shannon this sounds like you may not be getting name resolution. if you're using WINS servers then the link may not be quick enough to get name resolution for the PDC. We have had similar problems and had to have the PDC and BDC IP addresses in the LMHost file on the win98 / client PC.

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Hello everyone,

We are running into a somewhat peculiar issue that I have been unable to find any information about and I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.

Several of our Windows 7 laptops (We're working on moving to W10) have become unable to change the password for a domain account from the Change a Password screen after hitting CTRL ALT DEL. Usually when someone would select to change their password,
it would take them to the text boxes with the domain\username pre-populated, I'm sure you are familiar.

Recently, when following the same steps, an account selection screen comes up with the option to use a smart card or simply type in the username. While we are working on implementing smart cards, they are not yet in use and in fact should not even
show any options for them yet. After opting to type in a user account, rather than populating the username field with domain\username, the field remains blank with grey text saying "provider\user name" instead. If the user types in their domain\username
and attempts to change the password, they get a generic error stating it is unable to change the password.

Users are still able to use a co-workers machine to change their password from the same screen by substituting the username. Most of the affected machines are from users that work in the same team, even though those same users can change their passwords
elsewhere just fine. It appears to be isolated to specific ... Read more

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User reset his Windows 7 logon password as directed and completed with no problems. Had user restart the computer and logon with new password. Again no problems and everything came up. Except now user cannot access any files in their "My Documents" Folder that is re-directed to the Primary File Server 2012. Access to the folder worked fine before the password change. No access afterwards, only "access denied" errors.

As the user is an Administrator member, they tried to access the properties and verify. Blank. Could not take ownership either as it would not allow it and kept saying "access denied" and contact the System Administrator.
I accessed the user's home directory directly and verified that the user is listed as supposed to be, but still cannot access it.

Has anyone encountered this access denied problem specific to user changing their system password?


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Hello, I have a domain environment and my current windows 7 is in domain, (I'm logged in with local admin credentials) I'm using command "net user <user> /domain" which gives me access denied (<user> is domain account) Can't figure
out why, hope you can help. Thanks.

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When connecting to the internet, I get this message every so often even though the password is correct. It's not stopping me from getting online, because I just try again a few seconds later and it works. I'm concerned it may be evidence of something malicious though. Might this be the case?

A:Access denied because username or password is invalid for this domain

Do you normally have to provide username and password to connect to the internet? Are you in a business setting where there is a domain server?

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hi i have an old assembled PC running on windows xp sp2 . i have been getting the above mentioned problem for the past couple of weeks. the system does connect and i am able to work , but the connection keeps going on and off and sometimes there is this message "Access denied because username or password is invalid for this domain"

this is a home pc connected to a dial up modem

A:Access denied because username or password is invalid for this domain

What domain is it a member of? Are you connected to work?

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I have just installed a new PC running Windows 7 Professional for an existing user on our Windows 2003 domain. When she tries to change her domain password, she gets an "access denied" error message. I am able to change her password on the server, and the new
password works fine. I have added her to the local administrator group. But no success. As a test, I added a 2nd user from the same domain to the users on the PC. The 2nd user is able to login and successfully change her password. Not sure where
to go from here except to create a new account on the Domain for the 1st user. Any help would be appreciated.
This is a single forest, Windows 2003 domain, with no other trusts.
This is the 1st Wiondows 7 PC added to the domain. All other workstations are Windows XP.

A:User cannot change their Domain password on new Windows 7 PC

Check her account in AD, is it set to require logon to change password in the "Users must log on in order to change password" check box in the Account Policy ?

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I have only Windows 7 machines in Server 2012 domain (Server 2008 R2 functional level). Everything is working fine except when a user changes his/her domain password from Windows 7 machine- it takes a long time ~5 minutes or more to successfully change the
password but changing a users domain password from the DC (2012) works instantly.

I hope I posted this in the right forum category.
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 slow domain user password change.

Please check if there are some related errors in your Event Viewer. Also, check the error on your DC side.
Tracy Cai
TechNet Community Support

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The domain user is not able to change the password using Ctrl+Alt+Del OS WIN8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship.

[email protected]

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Router is an Archer TP-LINK 5400 and it holds the large several terabyte share using USB 3.  The ability to give the domain users access is limited by the RPC availability and creating a share is dependendt on RPC.  The domain error is a Samba
error.  Windows 1709 and above seems to have created the issue.   It hasn't been an issue in the past.
Help?  If there was a way to map the Samba Share permanently without cloning the huge drive - in other words, make the share work like a share?   Users are very frustrated.

R, J

A:Windows domain controller RPC unavailable and specified network name is no longer available

Here is a different method that I have noticed now that I did not earlier.R, J

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I am trying to change my password as administrator for the administrator account through the ctrl+alt+del "Change Password" menu, but am getting the following message:

"configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied".

My computer is not part of a domain, and never has been.

Any ideas that I might try?

A:Can't change password: "configuration information could not be..."

Quote: Originally Posted by Mzima

I am trying to change my password as administrator for the administrator account through the ctrl+alt+del "Change Password" menu, but am getting the following message:

"configuration information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied".

My computer is not part of a domain, and never has been.

Any ideas what I might try?

Are you seriously running RC-1 (7100)???????

It is set to die in 3 days

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I received a new laptop at work to install Windows 10 Pro on. It previously had Windows 8 Home but I did a clean install of Windows 10 and upgraded it to Pro using a valid key. The issue I'm facing now is that when I try to login, I get the "Password is incorrect issue" many times trying to login with a domain controller user account. I've searched and have found no answers. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? I'm currently on Build14393.

I assume the upgrade to Pro, which simply installed the 'Pro' features on top of the Windows 10 Home upgrade, didn't fully install the domain functions? There was no option for me to do a clean install of Windows Pro from USB. I'm just throwing that out there just in case.

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Hi guyz,

I wanted to know about the Domain controller I mean what are sites, forest etc. More over I see in the administrative tools different things like Active Directory Site and Services, Active Directory Domain and trust, Domain Controller Security Policy, Domain Security Policy, clusters.

I have worked with group policy on domain controller for disabling USB drives and some other registry key auditing through Domain controller but I am not satisfied with that and also I do not want to go into theory things. Can you provide me any good reading like case study which will clear my concepts about all these things?? In fact I have configured one DC myself for testing purpose but I was just doing hit and trial and similarly I completed the installation of the DNS for that Domain Controller. But I am not satisfied and neither my mind is clear about these things so please suggest

A:Information about Domain Controller 2003

I would go to Amazon.com and query for book titles like "Adminstrating Windows 2003 Server" or "Windows 2003" etc. Amazon is one of the largest online bookstores and they deliver to everywhere.

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Hi All,

Ran into a really odd issue today. A system that has been on the domain for longer then I have been with the company suddenly will not allow access to any domain locations on a specific profile(Ned). If I log in with my AD profile, everything works normally.
If the profile that will NOT work on that computer logs into any other computer, it works normally. From what I can see, the problem only occurs when "Ned" logs into his system.

Verified the tcp/ip settings Removed the system from domain and added it back in
I am about to create a new profile for Ned to resolve this but would rather not if possible.

Please help!

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I know you can lock down an AD account to log into a specific machine but can you lock down a machine to only accept certain user logins? We have some mission critical machines that only have the specific rights with certain ID's but the users keep insiting on logging onto them as their own ID thus making the app not work properly and the machine go whacky. I want to set it up to deny logins other than using the specified ID's they have been given already (and not their own user accounts).

Is there any way to do this other than limiting EVERY user account (since I only need this limit on like 2 PC's per site I have).

Thanks for any help. (yes I know about runas types of solutions I really would like to keep these PC's as clean as we can and not have other user profiles on them at all).


A:Lockdown user login on a domain machine to a specific user.

So I would assume these computers are attached to the domain, so their domain logins allow them to login to the computer.

Couldn't you use a combination of the local policies
Deny logon locally
Logon Locally

Both of them allow you to add a user or group to those local policy. I would think that if you deny the everyone group in the domain then set the users who are allowed to login in the other policy, that might work. I am not sure though. I would have to test it.

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Hi, I'm getting a message "location unavailable, access denied" from my usb

A:Hi, I'm getting a "location unavailable, access denied from

Have you tried moving the device to another port? Have you tried using a different computer?

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I've got a customer who's XP Pro box crashed. He Re-Installed XP Pro using the "Delete existing Windows folder" option. Now he can't gain acces to his previous user "Documents and Settings" folder even after recreating the same user and password in the new install. I'm thinking this is because the Windows "Computer Name" has changed. Anyone know of a way to get into and change the old computer name to the new computer name?

A:Access Denied to User folder. "Computer Name" change

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How to block internet access to local machine users. The machine is in under domain control.

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Is there an official explanation of this attached DC on VMWare warning message?
The domain controller admins i am working with cannot risk installing the lightweight gateway agent if it will cause stability or performance issues, even on a test system.

I am thinking it may be related to the dynamic memory issue, but there is no way to know exactly what this message is referring to, the link does not give a clear answer.

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Hello, I am having trouble with changing my password on my windows 8 laptop it keeps saying Server Unavailable Right Now Try Again Later it doesn't matter how many days I wait it still keeps saying the same thing.

Thank you.

A:Windows 8 Password Change Server Unavailable Right Now

First of all, SHRINK DOWN your fonts! They don't need to be huge!

Second, my guess is that you are logging in through your MS account -- and since I avoid that option like the plague, I can't help.

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I've got to set up a new domain controller for a remote site here and was wondering if anybody knows of any pitfalls of setting it up here as another domain controller and then later just changing it's ip to the subnet of the remote site and moving it in site configuration?

It's a 2003 Active Directory.

A:Domain Controller change of ip and site?

I have heard (but not seen, admittedly...) that you can change domains, sites and probably trees (can anyone confirm this?).

The best bet (that I know does work) is to demote your DC to a member server, then re-promote it to a DC through dcpromo.exe on your Windows Server CD. I don't know if it has a copy on your hard drive or not.

This is MCSE territory. It'd probably be best to wait for more knowledgable folk to respond.

In the meantime, a handy little website I know of is this: http://www.petri.co.il/. It was a handy resource to have during my studies at TAFE here in Oz (I suppose it would be the equivalent of a community college) doing Network Management. Hope it helps.

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The domain controller can only be found for the initial login after changing from workgroup to domain, any further login attemps bring up the logon message 'a domain controller for your domain could not be contacted'. Once I remove the computer from the domain on the server I can add it again by changing from workgroup to domain on the new machine, but again am limited to only one login. Any idea on what could be causing this?

A:{User Opened New Thread} - Domain controller


Can you ping the server? Can you net view it? What network access do you have to it?

Are you connecting to it over a router? Is it in another subnet?

Are you trying to connect using Win9x or an NT machine?

What type of protocols are you running? What types are the server running?

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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We seem to be having a problem with some of our users trying to access their computers on our domain, they are getting Access Denied. This effectively locks the machine to all users and you cannot log in. Often you
have to remove from the network, turn off the computer, turn back on and log on as local admin. If this works (often takes up to 10 restarts) the computer tells me that the copy of windows is not genuine.  The only short term fix for the moment I find
is going into msconfig, selective boot into safe boot, select "repair active directory," (this does fix the problem), logs in safe mode and runs repair, however we have had 1 repeat. I have searched for answers or if this problem and cannot find
anything. Any suggestions? 

About our environment:
computers: 600
occurred problem: 45
avg time to run this repair: 15-30 min
locations: 50 

Before the problem started our Manager directed us to turn on our account lockout policy through Active Directory GP. Once the problem started we immediately turned this off, but the problem has continued going on 2 weeks. There is no rhyme or reason
to which computer gets this error. Things we have ruled out:

Sysprep vs non sysprep images. 
Static IP vs DHCP
user accounts: local admin vs standard user

Please feel free to help it is driving us crazy.

Thank you

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We have a remote user using windows 7 pro 32 bit and  cisco vpn on his laptop.
The remote user is prompted to change his password while he is connected to the domain during the vpn session.  He follows the prompts to the change the password.
When he performs the following Ctlr+Alt+Del, selects lock, and now tries to unlocks the laptop with the new password he  receives the message of 
?The trust relationship  between this workstation and the primary domain failed?
In order to get into the laptop   the remote user restarts the laptop and uses the old password with his domain username.
Even though he is vpn into the network  the remote user  is unable to gain access to any network resources since domain password was changed.
VPN password and domain password are different.  The Cisco VPN username/password account is keep on the ASA.  The domain username/password is keep on a Microsoft server. 

Does anybody know how to get the changed domain password onto the laptop while VPN?

Thank YOU!

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I am the only operator of:
Dell PC - P4/2GHz - 512RAM - Win XP-HomeEdit.-OE&IE 6 -dial-up -not on a network - new 11/2001. Never have "logged on" or used a password. User Accounts are {my name}Computer Administrator and Guest(closed).

If I try to open System Information directly or using msinfo32 on the Start/Run line, System Information opens but with the following message:
"Can't Collect Information. Access denied to Windows Management Server on this computer. Have an administrator change your access permissions."

How can I gain access to this information tool?

Thank you,


A:System Information-Access denied!

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Help! I mistakenly removed a user machine (Win 2K pro) from the domain (Win 2K Server) and put in in a workgroup. Now I can't logon to the local machine! Help!

How do I put it back in the domain -- how do I even logon?

Any help Greatly Appreciated!

A:return user machine to domain from workgroup

After depressing Alt+Ctrl+Del the Logon menu should have a drop-down for Domain. Click it and you should see the old Domain name.

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I have a new user object on the domain
New PC Fresh Image joined to the domain
Each time this user logs in they get a Temp profile. Whats odd is that no matter what machine new old XP Win 7 they get a temp profile. 

Any thoughts about the user object? It's not a roaming profile and it's the same default user that everyone gets.

A:New User on domain always gets a Temp profile. On any machine.

What does the user object mean?  Is a domain user account? And what is the meaning of  the same default user that everyone gets? Is it a local user?
Do you mean that any machine gets a temp profile when this user account logs in?
Here are two discussions and one guide about logging on with temporary profile issue.  
Temporary profile loads at log in
Windows 7 - windows 7 creating temp user profile
Vista - User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile
Hope that helps.Ivan-Liu
TechNet Community Support

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Hi there! I just switched to Vista and as usual, I downloaded Piriform's Defraggler (as I "hate" Windows Defraggler). Anyways, I did a defrag and a message poped up saying that some files were not defragged. So, I checked the files and it was System Volume Information. Now I know by default you don't have access to this folder (I am logged in as the Administrator), so I went to see If I had permission to it, I also made the "Hidden Files and Folders" show. Nothing changed, I still don't have access to the System Volume Information. I know that Windows Defraggler somehow bypasses that, but I REALLY hate using it.

A:Access Denied to System Volume Information

Did you read this.

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We are using ATA 1.8.6765.36693 and this is a clean install.
We used previously "ATA.Read.Only.User" as the read-only AD account for ATA. It had only Domain User permissions and it was able to retrieve data from AD.
I wanted obfuscate a bit so I created a new AD account SQL.User.Test with same permissions, and now I get error in ATA:

"Read-only user password expired

The password for the read-only user, domain\sql.user.test, expired on Monday, September 4, 2017. The read-only user is used by the Gateway services to perform LDAP queries against the domain controllers in the environment. ATA is not functioning as expected."
The new AD-account sql.user.test's password has not expired. I can login to it normally and "net user sql.user.test /domain" shows "Password expires Never" . And it doesn't make any difference if I change the password for the account
or remove "Password never expires" from the AD account. Also ATA shows "Connection succeeded" when I click Test connection.

I also tested with Domain Admin account, with it I don't get the error about password being expired.

I created the original Read-Only account "ATA.Read.Only.User" perhaps few weeks before I installed ATA, I am wondering could this be because the new read-only account sql.user.test was created today and there's some bug with that?

Any ideas how to fix this?

PS. I cannot easily revert back to the ATA.Read.Only.... Read more

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Laptop is Toshiba running windows vista.
have connected it to a wireless network but will not connect to the internet. Message is "Access denied to system because of URL Filter Configuration".

In addition there is 4 windows update that refuses to load and install.

Any suggestions on how to fix?


A:Access denied due to URL Filter configuration

This question has been asked and solved before here

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 I joined my Windows 7 computer to my 2003 domain. The group Domain Admins was added to local Administrators group as it should but I still do not seem to have full access rights to the computer when logging on with an account that is a member of the Domain Admins group. For example I cannot access the c:\documents and settings folder. I also cannot install software remotely, ie.. virus software deployment.  I recieve an error staing that I must use an account that is part of the administrators group. Any idea why domain admin rights are not being honored.

A:Domain admin group denied access

Windows 7 works the same way as Windows Vista. Administrator accounts do not normally run with administrator privileges until you elevate whatever process needs administrator privileges. C:\Documents and Settings is a junction not a folder. It is for comaptibility purposes and can't be accessed by normal methods. There is no need to access it as it is just a pointer to the real location of the files C:\Users.I suggest you do some reading on the differences between Vista and XP. For the most part everything you read about Vista is applicable to Windows 7.http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc709691.aspxhttp://download.microsoft.com/download/5/7/8/578cbb95-c42e-4b9f-9989-93ffdeae8af4/Introducing_Windows_Vista.pdfhttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/aa904820.aspxThe above links will get you started. I recommend you install Vista on your own computer and learn it inside out. It has many advantages over older versions of Windows, especially in a domain environment. It is however very different from XP. It bears repeating that whatever you learn about Vista will apply to Windows 7.

Kerry Brown MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience

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And yet quite possibly another no brainer for you all, I work on a large number of machines for family and friends, mostly 2000 or XP Home and Pro and to be quite honest with you I am not sure what the best way to connect to these machines would be, what I mean is I am soooooo tired of setting up a machine in my shop, running up stairs to my primary machine to either get in remotly or tap into the c:\ drive of the other machine only to realize that I do not have permition, or I do not remember the computer name, or I do not have the password, or I can not log on as the "guest". Do you know what I mean? I get so frustrated when I get the "Access Denied" message. it seems to me I spend more time trying to get into these machines than I do reparing them. So I guess my question would be, once I have the machine setup what is the FASTEST way for me to gain access to that machine from another machine? Lets just focus on XP and 2000, Do I really have to setup a user first to gain access? or is there a quicker way. Thanks.

A:Access Denied (how to gain access to another machine QUICKLY!!)

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Access denied - H:\system volume information,

I?m confronting serious problem due the virus that

1. Hides folders
2. Generate shortcuts

Through the search in the web, none of the solutions could remove this virus!

According to one of the advices, the hidden file on a particular hard drive can be shown by applying the command

F:\>attrib ?s ?h *.* /s /d

I tried it, But it ended up with (also attached):

Access denied - H:\system volume information,

What might be the issue here?

I don?t know the use of the antivirus software! They do nothing! Nothing at all

Thank you



A:Virus - Access denied - H:\system volume information

Jamal NUMAN,

Let's see if we can get to the root of the problem...

Please download RogueKiller:
Tlcharger RogueKiller (Site Officiel)

When you get to the website, go to where it says:
(Download link) Lien de t?l?chargement:
Select the version that applies to your system: x64.
Click the dark-blue button that applies.
Save to the Desktop

Close all windows and browsers

Right-click RogueKiller and select: Run as Administrator

Press: SCAN

When done, a report opens on the Desktop: RKreport.txt

Please provide the RKreport.txt (Mode: Scan) in your reply.
(Please do not delete anything!)

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Hi folks , my machine was infected with a virus a while back ( alas , i dont recall which one ! ) which has since been neutralised . However , since then I am unable to access C:System Volume Information - I get the message .... C:\System Volume Information is not accessible . Access Denied . Mousing over the folder I am told the folder is empty . Also when I go into C:\Recycler there is always one folder in there that I cannot delete as it is "being used by another person or program . I have tried renaming it , Advanced Uninstaller Pro , etc . I even restored it but it keeps coming back to Recycler and always the same story ! Does anyone have any ideas how to get these back to normal ?

Thanks in advance

A:Access Denied:Recycler and System Volume Information

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I'm using the OP system of XP Home Edition and I've changed the parameters to allow me to view the System Volume Information folder but I am denied access to view / open that folder.
Any suggestions on what to change to grant me access?

A:Access denied when trying to open System Volume Information

Have a read of

M$KB 309531 How to Gain Access to the System Volume Information Folder


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Hi ,
I am using XP Pro and and get "access denied" when trying to access system volume information on a removable drive. I am set to see hidden files etc. but I also get "unknown boot code" from bootkit_remover.exe
When I use "fix" parameter from this utility it says "cant read first sector of disk"
Have tried a format but still the same.

Now I am not sure If I really have a virus.

Any help appreciated

A:access denied system volume information - virus ?

System manufacturer and model?Can you post a screenshot from Disk Management? Start/Run...type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter.How to take and share a screen shot in Windows - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-take-and-share-a-screen-shot-in-windows/ Louis

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I am ready to pull my hair out here! I can't wait for help.

I am trying to use Heidi Eraser ver. to sanitize a small (80 GB HDD) secondary drive. I receive the following error message "Files in E:\System Volume Information did not have its cluster tips erased because of the following error: Access to the path 'E:\System Volume Information' is denied."

PC is a Dell studio XPS 8100 -- Dell - Studio XPS 8100 Desktop / Intel? Core™ i7 Processor / 8GB Memory / 1.5TB Hard Drive - SX8100-2777NBC) -- running Windows 7 Home SP1 with Webroot (anti-virus). The 80 GB drive is a second drive added to the system.

I am running Heidi Eraser from the Administrator account (full rights). I have System Restore turned off on this secondary HDD. I turned off Webroot. I formatted the drive through DOS, and I am still receiving this error message when trying to erase. Oh, and in Heidi Eraser I do have the option selected to... Erase Cluster Tips.

What am I missing please?

A:Sanitizing & access denied to System Volume Information

Quote: Originally Posted by 2wheels

I am ready to pull my hair out here! I can't wait for help.

I am trying to use Heidi Eraser ver. to sanitize a small (80 GB HDD) secondary drive. I receive the following error message "Files in E:\System Volume Information did not have its cluster tips erased because of the following error: Access to the path 'E:\System Volume Information' is denied."

PC is a Dell studio XPS 8100 -- Dell - Studio XPS 8100 Desktop / Intel? Core? i7 Processor / 8GB Memory / 1.5TB Hard Drive - SX8100-2777NBC) -- running Windows 7 Home SP1 with Webroot (anti-virus). The 80 GB drive is a second drive added to the system.

I am running Heidi Eraser from the Administrator account (full rights). I have System Restore turned off on this secondary HDD. I turned off Webroot. I formatted the drive through DOS, and I am still receiving this error message when trying to erase. Oh, and in Heidi Eraser I do have the option selected to... Erase Cluster Tips.

What am I missing please?

System volume information is owned by the user group "system" Even admins dont have rights to it. Only way I can think of is to take ownership of it (perhaps in DOS) from another OS or DVD.

That may make the HD unusable.

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Hello, I am hoping someone would be able to help me with this problem detailed below..my friend can get to other websites but gets this error below when he tries to access it . The start web page is ok, but it happens after he inputs the zip code...I don't have a problem using my connection from home.. Also he can't access the tools/options in IE6..he is designated as administrator..

Problem Report
Access denied to system because of URL Filter Configuration, while attempting to retrieve the URL: http://www.spanalaskasales.com/cgi-bin/formmail.pl.

Message ID:

Problem Description

Your system was configured to deny access to this URL.

Possible Problem Cause

Request denied, as specified in the local filter list configuration.

Possible Solution

Contact your network support team if this problem persists.

A:Access denied to system because of URL Filter Configuration

Just to get this fix documented for googlers as I just had it myself.

Access denied to system because of URL Filter Configuration. Message ID: FILTER_DENIED
Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > Lan settings, untick > Use a proxy server for your LAN. Click OK twice.

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Access denied" getting this while trying to update information for windows 7 ESU Using VAMT

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I'm trying to run a scan on the domain computer, but I keep getting the error User is not an administrator on the scanned machine. I am running the scan from the DC with a domain admin account. This account works on all computers in the domain, so I don't
understand why it's saying the user is not an administrator.  Any information as to why this is happening is appreciated. Thanks, Chris

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Hey all, first off let me say if this has already been posted in some shape or form, I'm really sorry. I have had a look but can't find anything to help me..

The problem I have is I have a vista os on my laptop, and i have a wireless LAN set up. I can access the internet on my laptop through this lan, however, if I try to access files on my xp os computer, which has the modem/router plugged into it, I get told I don't have permission. On the xp machine I have allowed my documents to be shared, and as far as I know, I have let anyone access it (I did this just so I could get the file sharing working, I was going to look at security afterwards). Anyway, I have tried everything I know (which is very little about networks) to get it to work, but the same result each time. If someone could write up a quick walkthrough on how to set up the file sharing, or point me to a website that I can find out, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have Vista Home Premium on my laptop.
XP proffesional on desktop computer
and a etgear wireless modem/router.


P.S. I'm not an idiot when it comes to computers lol, I know pretty much everything else, so the walkthough doesn't have to be extremely detailed .

A:Vista denied access to XP machine

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