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Best Wifi Antenna for Reception to Access Hotspot

Q: Best Wifi Antenna for Reception to Access Hotspot

There is a public/free-to-use/open hotspot near me. I am trying to find the best wifi antenna I can and don't know what to look for. I don't have access to modify this hotspot and only have permission to utilize its signal, so I am working on the reception-side only. I am trying to go through multiple walls to this 802.11n connection that I can use. I am wondering if I should go with a biquad, yagi, panel antenna, fractal-based antenna, or parabolic antenna OR even a hybrid of these types. Would something like a biquad yagi work for what I am trying to do? I don't want to keep throwing money at this without results. Do you have a solution that would work for this? Would polarizing the waves help distance? Is what I am trying to do even possible??
I could either do that, or I have line of sight down my stairs to outside where I park my car, where I could put something like a battery-operated/rechargeable/portable repeater (if there is such a thing that would give a few hours of functionality on a charge). The downside to this is I would gain some 15 extra feet on that some 160 feet that I already have to go. I would be willing to use any of these methods in conjunction with each other. What should I be looking for?

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Preferred Solution: Best Wifi Antenna for Reception to Access Hotspot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have one of these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002DQUHC/103-4561921-0038218?v=glance&n=172282

My signal strength is very low. I was wondering what are some tips and tricks to getting a bettere signal? I am picking up on wifi hotspots in my area. I can only get on one but the signal is real weak.

A:Wifi Reception Antenna Mod Question

you can try adding a USB extension cable then moving it around until you get a better signal. Since the antenna is inside of that thing, no "modding" can be done. If that doesn't work, you will have to buy another network adapter.

This one has pulled in excellent signals from my router in the other end of the house when my 2 other adpaters would only get a low or medium signal. check it out here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16833124126

BTW, i hope you are attempting to use public hotspots and not leach off of somebody's home network!

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I wanted to share my ethernet internet connection over wifi so I have created a wifi hotspot on my laptop using "NETSH" commands in cmd prompt.
I have enabled sharing of ethernet connection by going to ethernet properties>>sharing>>check box (Allow other network users to connect through this computer) but the internet is not being shared.
I have configured other devices with static IPs. Gateway and subnet mask is also correct. I am also using different IPs of the same subnet.
Everything was working fine until perhaps I tried installing Connectify software, I uninstalled it later.
Kindly help to troubleshoot the issue.

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My Windows 8 does not get WIFI for my PC. Is there an software available to receive wifi? Thanks

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I have two Lenovo N586 laptops. Both of them will reconnect to our home wifi on their own. I have disconnected. It reconnects. I have disconnected and changed the tick to connect automatically. It reconnects. Did those things plus turned off wifi antenna. The wifi turned itself back own and reconnected. I did the latter plus turned on airplane mode. The machines turn on the wifi antenna and reconnect anyway. When looking at the airplane mode tick it is still on but the machine is online.
I restarted the router and changed the login code. That allowed me to "forget" the network. However, when it was still looking to get online. If I entered the new credentials the same trouble starts.
These machines share the same wlan with data sharing. They also use the same login for Google Chrome so that we both have access to the same bookmarks, etc. 
Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help. I used Bleeping Computer about 3 1/2 years ago to fix a problem. Now I'm back.

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I have two Lenovo N586 laptops. Both of them will reconnect to our home wifi on their own. I have disconnected. It reconnects. I have disconnected and changed the tick to connect automatically. It reconnects. Did those things plus turned off wifi antenna. The wifi turned itself back own and reconnected. I did the latter plus turned on airplane mode. The machines turn on the wifi antenna and reconnect anyway. When looking at the airplane mode tick it is still on but the machine is online.
I restarted the router and changed the login code. That allowed me to "forget" the network. However, when it was still looking to get online. If I entered the new credentials the same trouble starts.
These machines share the same wlan with data sharing. They also use the same login for Google Chrome so that we both have access to the same bookmarks, etc. 
I set it like the above shot and 30-45 seconds later it looks like this. Airplane Mode on but trying to logon to wifi.
If I had not "fogetten the network and changed the password it would then log on.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help.

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?I bought two identical HP laptops a couple years ago.  They are HP ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook 4, Product # C4H47AV, ?i5 core, ?8 gig, 64 bit, upgraded?recently ?from Win 8.1 to Win 10 ver 1511.The machines are rarely used on Ethernet (via cable) but when connected this way both function 100%.  Both laptops are normally simultaneously used on the inet? via WiFi through my Verizon hotspot model MiFi6620L-1B2D.  Some months ago, maybe a year or more?, one of the two ?machines began having trouble establishing a WiFi connection.  ?There were no hardware changes in the environment at the time.  Initially, the troubled laptop needed to be much closer to the hotspot to connect to and use it than the other ?(identical?) laptop.  ?Over time, t?here seem?ed to be a progressive "insensitivity" of the laptop in question as it has (seemed) to progress to the point that now the hotspot must be within 12" of the laptop for it to connect and successfully use it.The problem first appeared and has remained from well before the laptop was migrated (via Ethernet cable) from Win 8.1 to 10 a couple of months ago.  The other laptop has always seemed to work fine at varying distances from the hotspot.  ?Although I've not verified the various WiFi related driver versions across the machines, both machines are kept in sync software &a... Read more

A:Weak WiFi Reception

Hi @gcinsetn, Thank you for posting at HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that  you have two identical HP Envy TouchSmart Sleekbooks, but one can connect to the wireless network while the other cannot at the same distance. Have you tried to run the Windows Network and Internet Troubleshooter? Does it give any error message? (The step 2 on link http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04649175) Also, make sure the below option is disabled:Disable the Power Off option for the adapter:1. Open Device Manager. (Win Key+R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)2. Expand the Network adapters.3. Right click on the Ethernet/Wireless Adapter and click Properties.4. Click the Power Management tab.5. Remove the check mark beside Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.6. Click OK.   You can run the component test in the hardware failure testing to verify the wireless module too:HP Notebook PCs - Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8) Let me know the test results. If any of these recommendations helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos.  Regards,   

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Netgear tech support told me that I may improve the wifi in the other room by lowering the MTU from 1500 to 1400. Does this sound right?

A:Will al lower MTU help wifi reception?

You can check whether packets are being lost or fragmented with the current MTU. Our own Everlong made an excellent tut on this.

MTU Limit - Test and change your connection's MTU limit

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Just bought this laptop last Christmas and I've been having no wifi problems until now. I was always getting full bars. The laptop came with Windows 10 64bit. I've been having problems with Windows 10 Start button so I reinstalled Windows 10. Now my wireless registers 1 bar when I set the laptop next to the router, 1 foot away. Just tomake sure I set up my iphone as a wireless hotspot, same thing, 1 bar (incidently, even though it is registering 1 bar it will not connect to wifi). I've gone to HP's support site and reinstalled the wifi drivers, no change. I wiped the hard drive and installed Windows 7, no change. I suspect it's the driver. The device manager shows it as "Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter". Incidently, my old HP laptop is still working in the original room with full bars) Any ideas? 

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Hi and thanks for your time.
I have the laptop mentioned above and the router I have access to is a DLink DIR 600 M.
The two are literally a couple of metres apart (approx. 3 metres) and yet I am able to only receive a very weak signal, just 5 grey bars of the WiFi icon at times and no signal dominantly. Getting right next to the router gives me 4 white bars at best.
I have another Lenovo laptop and it gets a good 4 white bars at a larger distance. So I guess the router isn't faulty.

Please advise.

A:Weak WiFi reception on HP 15 AC042tu

Your wireless cards antennas may have come loose. You can check by opening up the laptop and looking at the card.

They should look like this:

If either is disconnected, just press it down onto the circular connector, it doesn't take much force so don't crush it, you could bend the little "flaps" on the coaxial cable end.

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I was having exactly the same issue. My dell xps 13 would lose wifi connection from time to time, reconnect, lose it again and so forth for a couple of minutes. Then it would work ok for a while, but show the same problems an hour or two later. 

In the support forums, some users suggested the problems may be caused by the new network driver ( If you have this driver, try to revert to the old one ( I downloaded it 

Sorry this is Windows 10 related , but PLEASE help !

My Wifi signal is OK next to my router but there is very little sinal over 30Ft , I have tried almost everything but with very little IT experience ?

Where do I Go !  Broadcom driver 1.519.0.0 is installed (the latest)  but I have to go back to ????  No Idea

It's all related to Windows 10 They say ? 



Max van Peer

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Hi, I recently purchased HP 15-BE012TU with FreeDOS operating system. I installed Ubuntu 16.04 alongside with FreeDOS. The real problem with this laptop is weak WiFi reception. I have a Dell laptop and that works perfectly fine, while this laptop is not able to receive WiFi signals beyond 10 Feet. Please suggest any solutions. Thanks,R. Adiga

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hello,i have recently purchased a new y50 70 leptop computer, to replace my old hp pavilion g series leptop,the leptop works fine but im am getting really bad reception from my wifi router, i have a two storey house, my wifi router is located on the first floor and i use my computer on the second floor,so that the router is quite far from the router and has a few walls seperating them. the problem is that my old computer the hp pavilion which is a 5 year old computer is getting a very good reception and is working fine, while the new y50 70 reception is very bad and very unstaible, i have read alot of posts and tried varios netowrk adapter settings and upgrades,i have disabled WMM, switched to only 2.4GHZ bandwith to improve penetration, installed the latest windows 10 network drivers from lenovo's website. but still the reception is very un stable,for one minute i could be getting full reception and after a minute only two strips, and after anoter minute no reception at all. when i am closer to the router the reception works alot better, and dosen't act so un predictably. seems weird to me that my old computer manages just fine while a new computer dose alot worst,i bought this computer to upgrade not downgrad.  some details:my lenovo y50 70:- uses an dual band wireless ac 3160 driver- runs on windows 10 my hp pavlion g series:- uses broadcom  4313 802.11 b/g/n driver- runs on windwos 7 my r... Read more

A:Y50 70 touch wifi reception problem

I eventually bought tp-link wifi dongle  n600,now my computer reception is more stable and i can work properly witht the internet,i dont know exactly what was the problem,but the dongle uses a diffrent network adapter or it is just simply better than the hadrware inside the computre. 

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I bought an IdeaPad U330 Touch a few months ago, I always noticed it had a pretty bad WiFi reception and overall functionality, the connection drops quite often at 4 or less bars of signal, I tried fixing this by toggling max performance on the power options, this did not work.I tried installing the most recent drivers and all the official supported software, as well as the most recent intel wireless drivers, neither of which made things better.Performance was equally poor on Linux, clarifying that the issue is not with the software, but the hardware. I recently thought about upgrading the wireless card, which I wouldn't have to do if Lenovo would employ care in choosing the hardware that goes into their products, but apparently that's simply asking too much.The card I chose was an Intel 7260ac dual band 5ghz, which is literally the upgraded version of the card I currently have in my laptop.To my surprise that card is not supported. In fact, no 5ghz card is supported on this laptop.This is because of Lenovo policy to only whitelist a few(4) cards, if you try to run your laptop with a non whitelisted card, it won't even boot up, you get a "Unautherized card, please power off and remove it" message.Oh and by the way, my laptop package did not come with a list of the supported parts, I had to find the official list online on the technical manual, which apparently does not come with the laptop itself. So I'm left wi... Read more

A:IdeaPad U330 Touch - Bad WiFi Reception

Hi Sight I was wondering if you managed to find a solution as I'm dealing with the same issue. Thanks for mentioning the technical documentation, without this I would have had no clue where to start. So these are the 4 supported cards that you mentioned: WLAN WiFi 2x2 BGN+BT4.0 Intel 7260BN 2x2BN+BT PCIE HMC WLAN (U330/U330 Touch/U430/U430 Touch) 20200412 NWLAN Intel Wifi 2x2 BGN(tech ready) Intel 2200N MOW M PCIE NB HMC WLAN (U330/U330 Tpuch) 20200048WLAN Non-Intel Wifi 2x2 ABGN+BT 4.0 combo Cbt BCM943228HMB 2x2ABGN+BT4.0 HMC WLAN (U330/ U330 Touch/U430/U430 Touch) 20200221 NWLAN Liteon WB222 2x2ABGN+BT4.0 HMC WLAN (U330/U330 Touch/U430/U430 Touch) 20200225 N You wrote that none of them support the 5ghz band, but is this really the case? I checked the last two and they might be ok. I'll do some more research and see if I can order one of them. Cheers

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I recently got a HP 15-ay019TU laptop. The wifi reception and range is terrible. The system wont connect if its more than 2-3 meters away from the modem, and wont even recognise if further away. At the same time, other devices work perfectly. Please suggest a useful fix to the probelm.

A:Terrible wifi reception and range in HP 15-ay019TU

Hi: I see you installed W8.1 on your PC that came with FreeDOS. HP only supports that model with drivers for W10 and W7, 64 bit. So unless you have already installed the correct W8.1 driver for the Broadcom wireless card your notebook has, that would be the only suggestion I can offer to correct the deficiency. The package contains Broadcom Wireless LAN driver for supported notebook models running a supported operating system. Broadcom Wireless LAN driver is required to enable integrated Broadcom Wireless LAN adapter. Rev.B (21 Oct 2015) ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp72501-73000/sp72927.exe 

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Sorry to bother you but you seem very knowledgeable about networking.
We travel in a motorhome about 6 months of the year. Have dsl at home but when we travel, I sometimes use my cell phone as a modem (have for about 4 years). The last couple of years a lot of the rv parks have installed wifi for the residents to use, but reception can be rather spotty in the parks. We do have a hawkings amplified antennae, (looks like a little satellite dish) which does a terrific job, but we would like to be able to extend the distance for reception.
Some folks have used an amplified usb external antennae,(in their coaches) with a marine external omni directional mounted outside. Do you have any recommendations as to what brand would be best for this use?
THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOU TIME AND TROUBLE to answer this question for us.

A:Solved: range extending for wifi reception

The combination of these two should give you greatly extended range: Hawking [HSB2] Hi-Gain WiFi Signal Booster and the
[HAO14SD] Outdoor Hi-Gain 14dBi Directional Antenna Kit. I'm assuming that pointing the antenna at the source is not an issue for you, right?

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I recently moved to an apartment that has NO cell phone reception. My carrier is Verizon, and I am on a family share plan with my parents. I don't want to get a new cell phone with AT&T (the ONLY carrier that has reception where I'm at), because I'm on a tight budget. I was hoping to use Skype or Google Voice to make phone calls; however, the apps don't work on my phone. They require a 3G signal, and won't work on just the WiFi I have set up here at the apartment. Of course, I could always just leave my computer on and make calls from there, but it's old and I don't want to risk breaking it. So I was hoping someone could give me suggestions for apps that would work with WiFi, and do NOT require the 3G network to make phone calls. Is that even possible?

A:No cell reception... any apps I can use that only need WiFi, NOT the 3G network?

text free with voice works on wifi it can be a pain to get the free minutes or you can buy minutes for it but the texting is free voxer and hey tell are similar to PTT but dont have to use 3g

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Hey guys,

So, what i'm trying to do is create a wifi hotspot using my computer. In other words, turning my computer into a router. I'm wanting to do this so i can use my ipod at home instead of only when i'm around other wifi hotspots.

My computer is running off of a wired router, so that i can play online on my PS3 as well. I was told wifi doesn't work well with Ps3's normally so i just bought a wired router. So, the mainline internet cord is plugged into a wired router and then another line runs into my computer.

For some reason, after i make an adhoc connection, the computer is not sending the required information to the iPod so that it connects to the internet.

I've tried entering in the information into the Static tab in my ipod as well, and still only get Local Connection instead of Local and Internet.

This is what my connection looks like through the router using ipconfig /all:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Kyle>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Crommy
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : twinvalley.net

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
... Read more

A:Creating Wifi hotspot with built-in computer wifi card.

Hi Cromsy,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as that. You are connected to the router fine with your computer, but that tells us nothing about the ipod because wireless is off (but that's not the whole story either - you need something extra to do what you want). The following article should tell you what you need and how to do it: How to Connect iPod Touch to Windows 7 Ad-hoc Wireless Network. Although it says Windows 7, there are procedures for Vista as well (and the software will work with Vista).

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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I am currently stationed in Germany, and live in a village that has horrible internet. I cannot stream netflix, hulu, and downloads take several hours.

Is there a way to combine the internet that my cell phone receives and the wifi router I have at home to increase speed?

I have the ability to create a wifi hotspot from my cell phone if this helps.

Just something I thought up in my head, and wanted to find out if it is possible. Thanks in advance.

A:Combining Wifi Hotspot and Router Wifi for faster internet

You can, try this http://www.octopusplus.com/download.jsp or http://www.connectify.me/

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My laptop shuts down suddenly and I think it is either because of static electricity, cooling fan not working and unit shuts down because of over heating or both. In addition this laptop has terrible wifi reception. I have an old Dell Inspirion unit with Windows XP that still works and has great wifi reception. Anyway for the static electricity I think the problem is in the circuit between the ground connection between the computer (outside cylinder of male pin plug) pin and the electric ground pin of the plug to the wall receptacle. With the Dell laptop I get 0 resistance (using ohmmeter) across them. But with the HP I get anout 1 ohm and the resistance is in the transformer. With regards the overheating I used a vacuum cleaner with wand attachment to try to suck out dirt/lint through the fan discharge. Also I added rubber bump pads (sticking them with contact cement) to lift the bottom up higher to make it easier for cooling air to enter the bottom air intakes.  I  did not want to open up the unit. I saw how complicated it is from YouTube videos. I heard Dell laptops are easier to get into. The CD/DVD cover on the laptop will not open. I have to insert a wire through the hole near the button to open it. Alsio this laptop is super slow yet it has a i7-4710HQ CPU! HP this laptop sucks!

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My son's large apartment complex just installed wifi for its tennants however it only reaches 300 ft. from the base unit. They gave him the password to log on but he is at least 3 times farther away than the 300 ft. He is on the 2nd floor of his building which should help somewhat but the apartment next to him is located between his & the building with the base unit. His balcony & windows face the opposite direction since he is on the backside of his building. He only has the wireless card that came installed in his Dell laptop. Is there any inexpensive device/antenna/booster that could increase his range of reception in order to pick up the wifi? He can not afford what his city charges for internet. Any help would be deeply appreciated since he doesn't have cable either & is going stir crazy.

A:How can I increase my reception wifi range offered by my aparment complex? Help!

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Hi there,

I have a new problem that has just cropped up today. I am no longer able to connect to public wifi or my phone's wireless hotspot. My laptop either will not connect or connect with limited access. It has connected without issue in the past and as soon as I returned home it connected to my wifi here.

What I did notice is I am connected to an unidentified network with no internet access in addition to my home wireless network:
Acer Aspire S7 392
Windows 8.1 64 bit
Intel Dual Band Wireless 7260 (driver updated)
Disabled my firewall and antivirus

I just connected to my phone's hotspot again and here is what I am coming up with:
Attachment 57082

And when I run ipconfig/renew
Attachment 57083

Any ideas what could be causing this?

A:Can only connect to home wifi - no public/hotspot wifi

What Internet Security software are you using? Are you using any third party software to manage network connections?

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I have a used desktop optiplex 980 with a missing wifi antenna. what is that antenna and what does it do. What is its price?

A:The Wifi antenna

RU297 is the antenna. 

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The wifi antenna button on my keyboard (aka F12) is supposed to turn the wifi antenna on or off.  It has done that successfully for a couple of years.  It now turns that airplane mode on or off.  I haven't been able to turn on my wifi since that happened.  I can't turn the wifi on with the sliding switch either.  This may have happened when I upgraded to Windows 10, but I am not sure.  There was about a month between the upgrade and the next time that I tried to use wifi.  Has anyone else had this problem?

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I need a replacement for the WiFi antenna that screws into the card in my HP Computer.

I note two similar antennas, one rated at 5 decibel gain vs. 8 decibel gain. In there any benefit for the higher decibel gain for WiFi basically reception and some upload (i.e. email). The building that I live in has WiFI Routers.

A:WiFi Antenna

have a read here

is there much difference in price?

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I have a Dell E1705 laptop with Intel's Pro wireless built in Wifi card...The signal I receive is poor to none. Is there some magic way of adding an antenna to boost the incoming signal? If not what would be an answer...? Do they make express port card or is some kind of usb less expensive

A:Need to add wifi antenna

I doubt you'll add an internal antenna. If you feel the need, you probably want to consider either a ExpressCard or USB adapter with provisions for an external antenna.

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Good day!i am planning to extend my wifi signal so that it can reach to my mothers house.which wifi antenna should i use?a biquad or yagi antenna..the distance is less than 500 meters away but there are 2 buildings in the line of site.

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dear fellow IT experts
i am looking to increase my wifi range by buying a few aerial. what will fit my netgear wpn311 wifi card. also which is teh best for range as i hear parabolic are good but they are expensive. i found this site with antenna's on it. any clues as to which is the best?


cheers everyone

A:Wifi antenna

They appear to have the standard reverse-SMA connector, so I suspect all of them are compatible. If you have a point-to-point situation, the directional antenna with the highest gain is the best choice. It doesn't matter what the style is, it's the gain that determines the amount of improvement in signal strength.

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I'm looking for a better antenna system for my D-Link DI-624 router and D-Link WIFI PCI card.

Perhaps it would be best to improve the antenna on the PC, not the router, since I don't really want to broadcast my WIFI signal outside of the house (I am using standard 128 bit encryption).

Perhaps a directional antenna is what I need.

Can anyone suggest one?



A:Better WiFi antenna?


Mine works well. It still won't shoot through thick concrete, brick, or steel walls, but in a regularly constructed house, it is a good improvement.

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I am wanting to create a homemade antenna and I have a few questions. I found a website..... http://wireless.gumph.org/articles/homemadeomni.html that I was going to try out. What I am curious about is am I able to make more than one of these and somehow connect them so as they act as one in a type of "flower mount" effect? Or would the signals interfere with each other and cancel everything out? I am trying to extend my reach of the antenna that came with the card basically. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Homemade WiFi Antenna help

I'd suggest some tried-n-true designs. I've used a pair of Cantenna units with some Linksys equipment to link two sites about 3/4 mile apart.

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I have purchased a new ac router and a new ac pci-e network card (Asus).

My setup before this purchase was this, pci-e 802.11n with two antenna connectors. Each connector has a 30 ft Wifi extension cable leading to two simple yagi antennas mounted outside. This has been working just fine for several years.

My new ac network card has 3 connectors.

Do you think that I could just buy another 30 ft extension cable and another antenna like the ones I already have. Should it work?

The reason I am inquiring is the antennas are advertised as 2.4 ghz. AC standard will be in the 5 ghz band.

Shouldn't the cable and antennas use whatever ghz I am working with?


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hello everyone i am using internet through a wireless wired connection which means on roof top i have got a wifi antenna and from there a wire is connected to my laptop
well my query is that i stay near to my college which grants us acess to free internet but my laptop wifi or any other usb adapter is not capable of catching that wifi signal so i wanted to know is there any way that i can configure my wifi antenna to catch my college signal if no please help in getting a way so that i can connect through my college wifi signal as my college wifi gives great speed and the plan i am subscribed to is like shit i pay for 1mbps plan but i get max downloading speed upto 150kbps
please help

A:Wifi antenna configuration


Does your Wi-Fi antenna have higher dBi which is also called high gain antenna? Anything higher than 7dBi might be doable and possibly you may get a great signal from your college Wi-Fi network. I'm sure that it's detachable or removable so that you may upgrade it to a higher dBi, please check this out.

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Can someone explain to me the diff between a TNC and SMA connector in a wifi antenna? A company has asked that I change out all of their wifi access points with new linksys AP's they purchased. The current AP's have a antenna connected with a cable. The cable looks similar to a standard COAX cable, but smaller. The connector is also smaller.

When I remove the standard antenna from the linksys, the plug is too large for the current cable.

I belive that I need a TNC to SMA adaptor, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know? Also, can the connectors be purchased at a hardware/electronics store, or is online the best place?

A:Wifi Antenna (TNC vs SMA Adaptor)

This is the TNC connector.

Here's the SMA Connector.

Note the subsection for the SMA specification that specifies the Reverse SMA, which is commonly used for most WiFi equipment antennas.

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Do these things actually work??????

A:Solved: WIFI Antenna

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someone just stole my TP link wifi card, so I need a new one.
can you please give me a recommendation on a good card, that meets these requirements:
1. at least G standart, if possible, N.
2. supports BackTrack (AirCrack, Airodump etc.) and monitoring mode.
3. good range and power.
I thought on anything from here:
also need a good antenna to go with it.

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Hello, My T420 has a hard time competing for bandwidth and I need to either replace the antenna or upgrade it.  I could use some advice on this and I thank Y'all in advance for your expertise. On my hotspot, connectivity is great.  I am the only user with the occasional visitor connecting with a mobile device.  However, at a friend's, my T420 can connect, but browsing is painfully slow.  There are five devices connected into friend's router:  1-apple TV; 2-iphone 5; 3-iphone 6S; 4-ipad; and, 5-Lenovo ThinkPad T420. I am aware that the stronger/est antennae captures the bandwidth.  So, at friend's location and when connecting to public wifi, I need a stronger antenna, it seems.  Please adivse.  Thank you.  

A:WiFi antenna on T420

If your antenna works at your hotspot, it works.  It cannot be upgraded, it is simply wires running around the outside of the lid. 
If it also is VERY slow at your friends heavily loaded router, it is probably just that the internet connection is overloaded

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What is the part number, or an otherwise suitable internal antenna for a M.2 wifi card for an M710?  I am only interested in the antenna and not the M.2 wifi card itself.

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I have had a problem connecting to the wireless networks at my school bc I can barely get a signal. I am using an internal wireless card. I have read that I would get better reception if I used a high gain external antenna.
My question is what adapter cable would I need to connect the antenna (rf cable) to the two little connectors on my internal wireless card? and what kind of range improvement could I expect with a 7.5 dbi antenna?

A:Laptop Wifi Antenna

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where i can buy a Internal Wireless Antenna for alienware 17 r4? i cant find anywhere! please help me!greetings

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So, there are many articles out there that will show you how to use cmd prompt to create a wifi hotspot (eg: this article Internet Connection Sharing - Create WiFi HotSpot)

However, is there anyway to do this with TWO separate wifi adapters? That is, use one adapter to connect to your router and the other to act as the router? Some articles seem to indicate this is the ideal setup but no one seems to specify how to control which wifi adapter is used to create the wifi hostpot in command prompt.

Thanks for any help.

If I can get the basics to work, the next step is to try to integrate a VPN so that I can basically use my PC as a VPN router (but with no physical ethernet connection).

A:Creating Wifi hotspot using SECOND wifi adapter

It is no different than bridging an Ethernet and Wifi adapter.

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Alright i have one black wire and one white wire on a laptop that has mini wifi. on the card it has a main and an aux which one goes where?

A:mini wifi antenna how to hook up?

Probably entirely dependent on the laptop make and model. But we have no idea what that is?

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The *****s in my building keep pointing the antennas down the hall toward their rooms not realizing that they are decreasing their signal strength. I know that the signal comes out of the sides of the omni-directional antennas on the router, but no matter how many times i fix them someone comes behind me a messes it up. I need a simple clear picture that explains how this is a bad thing. I know someone here has seen such a thing. And yes I googled it to no avail.

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My notebook only finds wifi if it is within a few feet of the router. The router is not the problem--my smartphone does not have a problem with wifi. And my notebook will not pickup wifi in other places with good routers. A tech told me it is probably my wifi card. But would I be picking up wifi at all (even a few feet from the router) if the card were bad? If you think it is more likely the card, then what are some good replacement cards? Would like to get 5g as well as 2.4g if possible. If it is the antenna, what kind of antenna do I get?  Please be as specific as possible. Thank you

A:replacement wifi card or antenna

Hi, Your machine has     1x1 802.11b/g/n WLAN  card     Source : http://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c04504172 and antenna is built-in around its screen. New anntena may not work and adding/replacing it can be like a heart operation. It may simply loose from the connector. My suggestion: reseat the antenna. Pages 61 & 62 of the following manual may help:               http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04409502.pdf Regards.

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i have been reading on the forums and there seems to be alot of mixed information on plug in wifi antennas for win7 as far as what will work and what wont. the most common thing ive been reading is that many cant get the drivers to work with their antenna. i would like an antenna for our girls laptops when we visit the grandparents that reaches out to the pool house...about 150 ft away. i know they have a "G" router and although the girls pick up a signal..its very weak and drops often. id like one of the smaller plug in usb types that is not on a long usb cord or anything. is there one that is recommended that will work for certain with windows 7 32 bit? price is not as important as performance. thanks for your input.

A:best usb wifi antenna for win7 32bit?

Using an USB adaptor with an antenna may not be enough for that range. I can't really make an accurate prediction about which USB antenna to use because certain ones work better with different routers and the drivers come into play also.

It may help to get one from the same company as the router being used although there are too many factors involved to predict the outcome. Wireless G has it's limitations which is why there is wireless N.

If you want it to work right and don't mind spending some money to upgrade the hardware then going to a wireless-wired N router would be the way to go. You would need to run an eithernet cable from the router to a wireless N access point at the closest location to the pool house for the best possible connection.

This would give you the best chance at making this work but I realize it's probably more work, time and money than you want to put into it. You would also need to use wireless N capible network adaptors on the pool computers to pick up the signal. This type of set up would work for certain but it's still a matter of how much you want to put into it.

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I use a external Wifi Antenna  to get a connection were I am. How can make my computer a hot spot so I can connect other devices I have with the same Wifi?

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Good evening all:
The question I have is:
We spend about 5-6 months a year in a motorhome, and have access to wifi service in the rv parks. I want to know if a wireless router could be used with an outdoor antenna when we are on the road then taken into the house and used with a dsl modem when we are in the house.
If this is possible, could one of you recommend brand/model that is not too expensive but would do the job.
Thanks so much in advance.

A:using wireless router with dsl or wifi antenna

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