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e93z windows 10 64 bit graphics problem

Q: e93z windows 10 64 bit graphics problem

Since a month when trying to play games the pc is using only integrated intel graphics and overheating with sudden low fps and all sorts of problems, before nvidai control panel allowed me to designate the geforce 720a for gaming but now neither with control panel or any other way can i use the nvidia card, have uninstalled reinstalled drivers for both nothing works is there some kind of conflict or fix for this?

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Preferred Solution: e93z windows 10 64 bit graphics problem

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


We set-up Windows 10 operating system on Lenovo think centre e93z all-in-one pc. When we command ?shut down?, the pc doesn?t shut down and restart. Can you please help us about this issue ?My best regards

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Every time i'm starting my pc , it gives me the message" error 1962 no operating system found lenovo thinkcente".I did a storage test and it gaves me the following result:Smart status  : FAILEDSmart short self-test  : NOT APPLICABLEDrive self-test  :  NOT APPLICABLERandom seek test  :  FAILEDFunnel seek test   :  FAILEDTargeted read test  :  PASSEDAnyone can help me?

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Hi guys,  i try to update the BIOS through the lenovo windows update utility to the FFKT46A version but I can't.It starts the process, it starts "reading flash" but after that it doesn't erase and it doesn't write anything and after restarting it does the same. I also tried the previous version FFKT45A at the very bottom of the bios download lenovo page but without success.Shall I try to download from here  my version FFKT28AUS and overwrite it?Do you have any idea?RegardsFranco 

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When I select shutdown, the system will restart momentarily instead of staying shutdown. This happened with Windows 7 and now with Windows 10. Please help me. Thanks  

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Hi,  I can't get the touchscreen working on my new E93z ThinkCentre All-in-one? I followed a link on another thread that said to check the drivers are up to date but I can't get that working either as the piece of software it asks me to install to create something called a "bridge" says there are files missing on my machine so it won't install?? My warranty is also apparently expired in 2015 despite me only receiving the machine yesterday but when I try to fill in the form it wants and invoice or purchase order for my machine but I bought it off Amazon so I don't have these?! Help!!

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Hi,  We are trying to connect an additional screen to an E93z All in One PC but the additional screen is not detected by the Windows or Intel Display settings.  The additional screen is connected by Display Port to the HDMI on the back of the AIO. We have tested to make sure the screen works on another PC not the same model and the screen works. I have tried both HDMI ports as there is an in and out on this model.  The All in One is running Windows 10 Professional.  ThanksMatt   

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Hi! Using a ThinkCentre e93z - great device, but sits too low on my desk. I have seen this but don't think it will work http://www.morecomputers.com/product.aspx?pn=57Y4352&man=Lenovo&referer=Froogle1&gclid=CJa2y-bU688CF... Does anyone know of a stand or desk bracket that is compatible with the ThinkCentre e93z?  Thanks!  

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Hi guys, I have windows 10 1709 updated from W7. the product is exactly 10B8003TIX.if I go to start and click on shutdown it shuts down, the power led turns off but after few second it reboots normally exactly as if I pressed the poeer button.The difference between this and a reboot is the power led, in a proper reboot from Start button the poer led stays turned on.I performed all windows updates and all lenonovo system updates. my Bios version is FFKT28AUS and on the product page I found the FFKT46A version, I tried to flash it through cdrom and from the operating system but no changes... i could try the USB drive flashing but there are no instructions and I don't know how.I also tried to perfom a clean boot and also to restore default settings in bios but nothing changed.I am lost....could you help?RegardsFranco

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Hi folks.  I am working on an e93z-10BA (ThinkCentre AIO i5/500gb HDD/Touch screen). It has a corrupt EDID for the monitor/screen. It is loading the default Microsoft digital panel info and displaying at 1024x768. I know most manufacturers provide an INF file to override the monitor?s EDID information in Windows. I cannot find one for the built in panel in the e93z-10BA. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi all, We are a school and recently have bought 34 of the above Thinkcentres for an IT suite. Unfortuantely 7 now are displaying the above issues. To recap: The screen is blank, but if you screen change mode it says on the screen it is in PC mode (so screen works)The mouse and keyboard are dead and yes they are plugged in!The green power light (bottom right hand side)  is constant green even if you reboot (5 second finger) it still is constant green when it come back, never orange and the machine does no start. Fan is operating.There is power to the machine that IS on. I have swapped out the power cables and mice, put the "faulty" mice onto another machine and they have all worked, but not when you place then on these 7 machines. If any of you techies could figure this out that would be great, it would be a shame if we had to warranty return 7 Lenovo machines due to being faulty..   Thanks all Andy 

A:Lenovo e93z wont turn on. Green light on constantl...

Hi Andy, I have the same issue with a E93z and even if I have next business on-site warranty, Im waiting since monday mornig but there are no replacement parts availible. Awesome service !! Brandnew and unusable PC. CheersGeronimo 

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I have a couple of games on my computer, and one of them is GTA San Andreas. Here's a picture of what's going on.

I also have Borderlands 2, and the same problem with the models occurs.

My graphics info:
In Device Manager, Display Adapters, I have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series (Engineering Sample - WDDM v1.1).

Where can I start?

A:Graphics Problem with Windows 8 RP x64?

Did you get the driver for your particular graphic card?

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I have Windows XP, SP2, few days ago i update security packages.

Windows works perfect in last 8,9 months. Few days ago i had some problem with malwares. I fixed that but consequence has stayed. I do not know is that bcz malaweres or bcz something other...

Here are pictures which i took from mobile phone to see what are happened. After some time, sometimes it happens for 30 min, sometimes for 2,3h. Everything starts to disappear: text, buttons, tabs etc. Then i have to restart Win. After restart it is all ok some time.

Here is forum search results you can't see nothing text is disappeared, you can see too tabs have start to disappear (text which pages are) etc.

I tried to update the lattest drivers for my graphic card (it is 6600) and everything is the same again.
When i had problem with viruses guy who helped me is pro for malwares. His jobs on forums are to help against malwares. He said it is probably something other...

A:Big problem with Windows XP (graphics)


Try this:
Put the Windows CD in the tray, open a command prompt window and type:
sfc /scannow

This way you can see if any windows' files are corrupt.

Hello again

Found that from Microsoft http://support.microsoft.com/kb/962963

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How to run C++ Graphics program in Windows 7 ?? This problem persists in my other friends' system also. Mine is 32 bit OS.

Plz help me out......

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I am having some trouble with graphics glicthes on websites and i need some help to figure what is doing this and how to fix it, i have 3 screenshots showing what happens.
So far i have updated drivers and checked if anything was loose inside the pc.

Quick Specs:
GPU: GeForce GTX 680 x2
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770k 3.50GHz

A:Windows 7 Graphics Problem.

You did not attach your screenshots. How to Post a Screenshot | Tech Support Forum

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I?m not sure if it?s a Windows problem or a graphics problem so I?m going to post this on different forums.
Problem: When doing a hard boot the graphics settings are lost and I have to reinstall my graphics drivers all over again and then adjust the screen mode, rearrange desktop and then be able to start work.
Computer: See spec.
I don?t recall when exactly this started but it?s been going on for over a week. I uninstall using amd_cleanup_util_1.2.1.0 before reinstalling drivers. I have tried older versions of CCC but all have the same result, so my thoughts are leaning towards a Windows problem.

Thanks in advance,

A:Graphics or Windows problem - not sure

Although the drivers may be older, since this is a Dell Alienware system, have you tried reinstalling the drivers on the Dell downloads for your specific PC and see if it does it with those drivers? If not give that a try and see what happens.

www.support.dell.com Use your service tag number to access the downloads.

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Hello, I run an ideapad z565 with Ati Radeon hd 4200 series gpu, Amd dual-core 2.8ghz phenom 2, 6.00gb ram.

I play online Gta San Andreas whiich is pretty simple not very gpu intensive, everytime I've played on win7 it lags in a way thats kind of hard to describe. Its like jitters in the graphics which makes gameplay very hard because if I'm driving and make a turn when it acts up and glitches then it skips ahead and I end up hitting a tree or something.

Such a strange problem that I can't pin point in windows 7, I've done updates to DX, installed performance updates through win update, and optimized the hard drive to its best performance. But no luck, the system is fast but the game still has problems.

Which brings me to windows 8, I'll install windows 8 and install the game and boom, works perfect. So basically I'm stuck with windows 8, I've tried going back to 7 but everytime I do, I encounter problems when playing the game. Of course it only acts up on the online part, not the normal single player mode. But for me on my laptop I can feel the difference in performance, win 8 is very good and fast. So I'm glad windows 8 runs it perfect, I just don't understand why a laptop built for windows 7, with a good cpu and gpu can't run an older game smoothly. Whatever the inconsistency is in windows 7, its seems like its been addressed and fixed in windows 8.

Vista was the same as windows 7 too with poor game performance of gta san andreas online. Xp was decen... Read more

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My screen resolution and Windows Aero effects are all gone. They were working yesterday (12/13/09), but when I turned on my computer today, they were all screwy. I had recently completed a Windows Update and it installed a standard VGA device, but I can't do a system restore back beyond today. I have also tried to update my Nvidia graphics card, but that didn't work either. I really don't want to reinstall Windows 7 when there is a quick fix for this.

I looked at my System Information and it detected my Nvidia G 105M card, but when I open up Nvidia Performance from the Control Panel, it said "You are not using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU."

I don't know where to go from here, but my idea would be to uninstall that standard/generic VGA device. I don't know how to do that though. If that isn't the problem, could someone point me to a solution?

I did a quick search on what my Intel graphics accelerator card driver was ( and it is newer than what is on the Intel website ( This makes me think that the one I have installed is a generic one. The Intel site informed me that installing generic drivers could cause problems. Can I just download the older driver and downgrade?


A:Solved: Graphics Problem (Windows 7)

I just installed the drivers from the Intel site. It worked! The installer un-installed the new ones and re-installed the old ones. YAY!

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So I had my CPU repaired and I just got it back today, it seems like my PC DETECTS that I have a GRAPHICS CARD but it ain't functioning. Well before, my PC always run smoothly I can play games and watch movies in VLC but today it isn't working even just by opening VLC to watch a movie or play a game it just shows nothing it just pops up an error /or a black screen.

A:Windows 7 Graphics Card Problem.

I had my CPU repairedClick to expand...

If something is wrong with the CPU, it is replaced not repaired.

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Hello, I recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 64bit, and it seems that every video I watch now gives me a very pixely picture and its not as clear as it was when I had Windows Vista, I have the following video card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4300 Series

My Laptop is: NP-R522 Samsung, and I bought it a year ago.

I have been getting some help with it in another topic in this forum: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic394120.html/page__st__15

snemelk suggested that I posted a post here to get more help with people that are more knowledgable in this aspect, but I thank him for most of my help so far :D

Thank you

A:Graphics Problem After Upgrade to Windows 7

I assume, you upgraded form Vista 64-bit to Windows 7 64-bit?Did you try to go to Samsung site and see, if they have video driver for Windows 7?

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i have compaq cq61-303sv with 3 GB RAM,2.2 C2D processor and 320 HD,having Windows 7 ultimate .i have a resoulation problem ,at screen a person can seen the pixel in square shape in lines.The pixel are apperar in lines.lines can be viewed at all screen.i install all driver of computer as well as the graphics and update the BIOS by downloading the drivers available at compaq website.Some time this problem automatically resolved and pixel become very tiny and can not be seen in the screen.after some time it come to previous line resoulation.these line can be seen at pictures and movies.i am very upset .any one can help me ?

i will be thankfu l to all who help me

A:windows seven and Graphics /Resolution problem

Hi hayat,

My apologies but I'm having difficulty understanding what you mean. What have you highlighted with the red oval in your screenshot? It looks normal to me...


Windows Outreach Team

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I believe I have some sort of infiltration to my computer which runs on Windows XP. A few days ago (6 to be precise), my screen saver appeared as scheduled, but became extremely distorted. Its the standard "acquarium" variety. My system basically froze, forcing a hard reboot. Upon restart, the low-res graphic showing Windows XP with the black screen had several dashed vertical blue lines through it. After the screen changed and my desktop loaded somewhat normally, except for several application icons which were "blacked out", completely missing or had faint horizontal lines through them (this did not happen to everything). Further, my mouse pointer also had several faint black horizontal lines in the background (but only when the arrow was showing. Sensing a problem, I ran a virus scan with McAfee and found nothing. I went to the control panel and checked the screen savers and the distortion appeared in the screen saver preview. I installed a newer version of McAfee, scanned and found nothing. I began searching online for possible "graphics" related viruses. One thing I saw mentioned to turn off the system restore and rerun the antivirus package. I did this with no results.

One other thing that was happening during this time was the system kept prompting me to install updates to different programs (programs included Adobe Acrobat, Java, HP scanning and Windows). As a test, I actually went to install the Java update and I immediately received a v... Read more

A:Windows XP Graphics Problem (virus???)

From what you are describing, it sounds as if your video card has overheated and is now running in a very low resolution which can be taken care of by replacing your video card.

Before changing out any hardware on your computer can you give us a little more information about your computer?

Manufacturer, model, operating system.

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So I kind of have a long story. I got my pc on the 3rd of January, 2017. For 6 months I was playing like an idiot and had my hdmi cable running from my monitor to my intel graphics/motherboard, as opposed to my NVidia graphics card. So, about a month ago, I felt like my pc was not getting the fps it should have. So, I noticed that my hdmi cable was not plugged into my graphics card, and I fixed that problem very quickly. Now I was getting 300-400 fps in game (CSGO) on high settings. But, about two weeks after doing that, I noticed the fps had dropped from 300 to about 120 in competitive and deathmatch servers. Sort of like it was before when my hdmi cable was not in the right slot. Now I am at a complete loss and have no idea where to go from here. I used compressed air to clean dust out of my pc, and I checked to see that all of my graphics drivers were up to date. Any ideas?

A:Graphics Card/FPS Problem - Windows 10

If you want any help here from the hardware/gaming experts, you need to submit a detailed description of your computer's hardware.


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Hello my name is Dani and I had purchased an HP Pavilion Dv6000 Laptop and factory it was running Windows Vista Home Premium (32Bit). The Laptop crashed and upon reboot I no longer had an OS. I obtained a copy of Windows 7 Professional (64Bit). I installed it and everything went normal during installation. Upon exploring 7 a bit, I realized that I couldn't apply the 'aero' effects, and when I was running Vista it did. After some troubleshooting i get a message along the lines of "your graphics card does not support the 'aero' effects. I also cannot run games and emulators because it says "Direct3D failed to initialize" and none of the video plugins are compatible with my graphics card. i do not have internet on the computer with this problem so i can't auto update the driver. i know i need to find a driver update and i have online access on both my PC's but i dont know where to look or how to go about it. i dont remember what graphics card driver was installed on the factory system running Vista32, but now (with Win7) it just shows it as 'Standard VGA Graphics Adapter'. Please help me with getting the proper driver for this and fixing this problem. Sorry for writing so much >_<

A:Windows 7 graphics card problem. Please help

Welcome to Seven Forums their are so many models of the DV6000 first off we could use the addition letters following the DV6000 Product search results Then we can get a more accurate list of drivers available for your system as well as what graphics card you are running. Thanks. Fabe

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everything is ok until yesterday [8/16/2010]

my monitor doesn't recognize my graphics adapter and also my monitor.

i've installed the latest ATI Raedeon 2400 HD Pro on my comp from their site but that doesn't work.

also i've installed the graphics card installer from Acer - where i bought my pc.

also doesn't work.

i've tried several troubleshooting tips like:

System Restore
Installing/Uninstalling drivers
Change of VGA connector
[to the one's w/o video card]

Hoping someone might help!


A:windows 7 graphics card problem

Go into Device Manager. Delete any references to display adapters and monitors. Reboot and let it rediscover devices. If prompted for video, use the latest drivers for the ATI.

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I'm running Windows 7 (Build 7000) on an lenovo pc (Intel Pentium 4 - 2.8GHz, 2.00 GB RAM). my pc's actual graphics card is "Intel 82865G Graphics Controller" but windows 7 installs it as "standard VGA graphics card" which gives me a very bad video quality on all media players. howerver when i updated video graphics back to my "Intel 82865G Graphics Controller" & play any video or any desktop activity, computer hangs.

I keep having hard locks when using various software mostly involving video.

i tried changing carious 3d settings in opengl as well.

one thing i've noticed is windows 7 comes preloaded with direct3D (directx 11) but my graphics card is directx 9 . do u think theres a conflict ther?

Does anyone please help me out of this??


Have you tried the compatibility manager directly or via the trouble shooter?

If not run it and select the newest OS you know the video device worked with on that computer, it should correct the problem for you.

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Hi everyone,
i really need help with my graphics card sis mirage 3.
Basically i upgraded from vista home basic to windows 7 proffesional.
When the installation finished the screen resulotion now is 1024x768
this resulotion is not good because on vista the resolution was 1280x768
and now windows 7 has given me 1024x768(highest)
i updated the igu driver and restarted.
when i restarted the screen kept on scrolling down several times.
so i had to use system restore point to take me back to where i was on the computer.Plz help me..

A:sis mirage 3 graphics problem with windows 7

Silicon Integrated Systems (hereafter as “SiS”) is the chipset provider for computers, motherboards, VGA cards, network adapters and/ or other electrical devices in Taiwan. You may download the driver or software of the chipset in this website for test purpose. IF YOU NEED THE DRIVER OR SOFTWARE OF THE CHIPSET, SIS HEREBY RECOMMEND YOU TO OBTAIN TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND DRIVERS OR SOFTWARE FROM THE DISTRIBUTOR OR MANUFACTURER OF YOUR HARDWARE DEVICE FIRST BEFORE INSTALLING SIS DRIVER OR SOFTWARE FROM THIS WEBSITE.


Please provide make, exact model and all info available for your computer for assistance please.
Adding the info to "My Sysyem Specs" is preferable.
Click UserCP tab at top of this page.


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I'm stumped as to what my problem is--starting by posting in the Graphic Card area.

Two weeks ago my computer freaked out. I'm running W7 64 Bit. I had IE9 at the time but have since gone back to IE8; problem didn't correct itself. The problem is, everything I see on my screen in IE (and some in Sarari and Netscape) --- well, it's not appearing as it should. I see "outlines" around everything...text that should be displayed isn't displayed...pictures don't show up. The Facebook hme page is missing the Facebook logo...that kind of thing. (I have screen shots but am not sure how to share them--I'll try to attach a sample of a page in IE.)

I know ZIP about computers so I'm stumped on how to know what is wrong. I thought maybe I could reinstall IE and Windows Mail and see if that would fix it...but can't find how to do that either. All my auto-updates show that everything is updated?

Also---I have a lot of folders in Explorer with padlocks next to them, and they didn't use to have padlocks next to them! My "desktop" folder in Explorer is gone---thank goodness I had backed up the contents to another folder before that but it's not convenient to have the folder gone. My recycle bin vanished from the desktop, too, and has a padlock on it. Stumped.

Please--can anyone help???

A:Graphics, or IE, or Windows Mail problem

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

The padlocks on the folders concerned is telling you that you cannot view the contents without first having permission.

Do not attempt to change these folders as they are not real folders, they are just junction points that Windows 7 uses to ensure compatibility with legacy applications.

For you to see them your folder options must have been changed so that you can see hidden folders and protected system files.

I'm just wondering if you have a virus infection and because of that I'd suggest running a scan with Malwarebytes, which is very good.


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I downloaded a Windows update which included optional AMD updates.  Since then, I'm having graphics problems when playing games on Facebook.  It also updated IE to 10 even when I unchecked the box.
I did a Windows System Recovery but it's still not fixed.
I'm running Windows 7 x64 and have Norton 360 and use CCleaner on a regular basis.  I was using AdAware but uninstalled it when I got a pop-up from Norton about a conflict.  Earlier today I installed Malwarebyte with no threats detected in a Quick Scan.  I try to be diligent but I guess something got by me.
If you need any other info, please let me know.

A:Graphics problem after Windows update

updating drivers from Windows update should be done only if there is no updated driver is available from the manufacturer's site (or you have a problem with the driver provided by manufacturer). If you have a desktop, ATI and NVidia drivers can be downloaded from their site.
So uninstall the AMD driver currently installed (control Panel --> Programs) and download the latest driver from below link.

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Hi gurus, greetings.
Not sure it's the correct topic here..anyway.... here's my problem...
I am using dell dimension (no more warranty) Windows XP and could not boot up my PC. When powered up, there are multiple vertical lines (possibly in lines of 3) across the screen when the Dell logo appears .... then there was a scan-disk (schedule earlier), it did reported my C drive "volume is dirty" and then the PC hangs (repeatable everytime boot up)... I cannot go inside safe mode, similar hang situaton. I ran the F12 dell diagnostics,there was reported video corruption for the test "VESA SVGA Video Memory Tests" Error Code 6553:0119. " Message was "Detected a failure while writing and reading video memory. Video Mode Dh (320 x200 x16) Address A0004h, expected to read 0h, but read 80808080h instead" ...so is the graphics card (256M PCIe x16 nVidia) defect or monitor or windows or others? Any advice? Please let me know fast if sir have idea....Appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

A:Windows XP couldnt boot up with graphics problem..any help? Thanks...

It sounds like you might be having a couple of issues going on. The first one is something is going on with video. If you have a seperate video card, simply remove it and reseat it. I have seen a simple reseating can solve these issues as video cards have a reputation of 'creep', moving inside of their slots, sometimes to the point of unseating themselves. If this does not cure the video ills, then you should think about replacing the video card. The clue here is when you say "there are multiple vertical lines (possibly in lines of 3) across the screen when the Dell logo appears ", this should not be happening, and it is not a driver issue as the video driver has not loaded at this point in the booting sequence.

If you have on-board video, then you might be able to add a video card and be ok.

Let's start with this issue and then tackle any remaining issues later. Let us know.

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Please Help me :

Details of of my system is as below :-

? Destop PC
? Dell
? My processor is intel 2.8GB
? RAM is 2 GB
? Hard disk : 40 GB

The adapter type is: standard VGA Graphics Adapter

Chip Type is: Intel(r)845G/845GL/845GE/845GV Graphics chip

Dac Type: 8 Bit
Adapter String: VGA

Bios Information: Hardware Version 0.0

Total Available Graphics Memory: 832 KB

Note : (Now the system is on 16bit colours)

In installed the video driver but i dont know what is the problem.

Please guide me how I update / install my original driver, so that fix this problem? Please guide me easy and simple procedure. Thanks.

A:Problem with graphics card driver with windows 7

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .... Go to the Dell Website you can find your Original Drivers there ...

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Hi All,

just after installing Windows 7 on my laptop and i have discovered an issue with the taskbar along the bottom...

When i move my mouse pointer towards the bottom of the screen, another one starts to appear as if from off the screen!!!

Now be careful everyone and stop typing... let me finish...

i have tried a few things already and discovered some shocking facts about Dell (yes i know, i've got a dell) and Nvidia who believe they are the leader in graphic technology!!!!

first i booted to safe mode.. glich gone! resolution bad.....
booted back to normal windows and changed the resolution to a really big one and gone again!

i have uninstalled the driver and tried installing one in every possible compatability mode, yet all i get is failure!!
So where do i go now? Nividia's website? They dont support me cause my machine is an OEM and Dell? They will only give me drivers for xp and 32bit Vista or they say "your warranty has expired sir, i cannot help you" (in my best Apu accent)

Don't ge me wrong, Nvidia's website does have loads of drivers for Windows 7 x64 but sadly not for me!!!

Can anyone help?

System--- Dell XPSM1210
GPU--- Nvidia Geforce Go 7400
OS--- Windows 7 64bit

P.S. I've tried Windows Update

A:Windows 7 Nvidia Graphics Card Problem

Thats why I don't use NVidia...

But have you tried Vista x64 drivers since the 7 didn't work out? They are enough of the same OS it might work...

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Hello everyone,

I am having problems with my Nvidia graphics card. I have bought Windows 7 ultimate yesterday and installed it on my Sony Vaio VGN-FE11M laptop. I have installed the latest driver, said to be Windows 7 compatible, but when I load up a game it comes up the blue screen error message. Any ideas?
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce Go 7400

Thanks NoA.

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Hi there,

I have a Lenovo 3000 c100 notebook and have recently installed windows 7 however I don't think my video controller is working at all. I am trying to run football manager 2013 and when xp was on it originally it ran it without a problem however having installed windows 7 it wont even launch.

I have checked in device manager and two items, vga flash memory and vga video controller are both not available. I have tried updating them through device manager but it doesn't find any drivers.

I don't have any other games to test it on so have no way of checking to see if the video card works.

Could someone please help me solve this problem

A:Please help..Lenovo laptop graphics problem windows 7

Please can someone help, I,m sure it is a case of the video controller not working but how do I get it working, is the graphics card, just an onboard vga, compatable with windows 7? if so how do I get the drivers??

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Hello everyone, Since March 2016 I have a Lenovo G50-80 80R0, with i5 processor 5200U, 8GB Ram and Intel Graphics HD5500. I've always used Windows 10 in the factory installation and achieved considerable graphics performance, from 60 to 80 fps in the Counter Strike Global Offensive game. I bought a 120GB Kingston SSD and did a clean install of the system on the new disk, using the original HD as a filesystem. However, I noticed that the graphics quality in games has dropped considerably, going from 20 to 30 fps in the same game. I do not know what might have happened, since I installed all Lenovo-supplied drivers, updated Windows 10 to Anniversary Update, and disabled the Xbox DVR. I already rode the Intel driver update system and also tried the latest version, still in beta. All tested drivers gave the same result, even after the full reinstallation. The current driver version is: Intel Corporation i5 5200U 2.2GHz 2.19GHzMemory: 8GBSystem: Windows 10 64-bit In addition, the system had a considerable improvement in performance, connecting in a matter of seconds and initiating programs with agility and stability. Although I do not run heavy applications, I use this note for web development and any games. If anyone has any ideas, I appreciate it!

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I am hoping to get help and advice from the Dell Community and/or Dell itself on a problem with my Dell XPS 435t/9000.I have had this for quite a while and have kept it up to date.  I have a 512 GB SSD for C: and a 1 TB hard drive on D:.  I also have two DVD writers and and 12 GB memory.  My video card is now a problem.  I have the original Radeon HD 5770 card and the performance was adequate for my needs, but now I'm having a problem.I upgraded successfully to Windows 10 Pro and then the trouble started.  I get problems with a graphics fault.  The message is "Display Driver has stopped and has been restarted...."  Some random application my be listed. Here's what I have tried.  I uninstalled the original driver and installed the latest 15.xxx driver from AMD and the catalyst control center function was restored and failures got fewer.  If I get a failure, usually a log off and log back on will fix it.  The symptoms, besides the message, usually are display corruption and finally system response fails.I did remove all amd software before installing the new drivers.  I am wondering if anyone has tried a different video card with success?  I found a card, PNY XLR8 GeForce GTX960 (~$200) which seems to have power requirments that fit the current power supply and performance as good or better than my current card.Has anyone tried this card and what were the results?  I am willing to buy a new card,... Read more

A:Help with Windows 10 graphics problem XPS 435t/9000

Unfortunately, you may have a trouble finding windows 10 drivers for the other hardware installed in the computer other than the video card.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.

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I have a problem with my game where the windows in all of the houses don't let in any light. It seems stupid but it really makes the game hard to play seeing as it's completely dark and i can't really see my sims, etc. I had reinstalled windows on my computer and reinstalled the game and everything a week ago, and since then I've had this problem, but I didn't have it before. I did manually install a driver for my graphics card, meaning I looked for the driver online since I didn't have it on CD anymore. I found a driver for it and installed it, so I'm guessing that the problem could be with that driver, but I still don't know how to fix it. My game doesn't have any other problems though.
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.40GHz
Memory: 504MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)

Display Devices
Card name: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Chip type: Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller
Driver Version: 6.14.0010.4342

A:The Sims 2- Graphics problem; no light comes in through windows!

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I'm having a problem others seem to encouter, but can't get it resolved. I bought a ATI Radeon 600X Pro 256MB/PCI-E card. I have an Emachine T6410 computer with built in ati xpress 200. Specs found herehttp://www.emachines.com/support/product_support.html?cat=desktop&subcat=T-Series&model=T6410)

My problem is after installing the card my computer doesn't recognize the hardware. As soon as I put the card in, my monitor will not work. The computer boots up and the monitor has power, but no picture. The card fan is working...i can hear it. I take the card out and it works fine.

Here is what I have tried:
-Called emachines for support and after disabling my onboard graphics, still doesn't work, they say call ATI
-Tried support from ATI....no help, they say its the computer
-Tried disabling in BIOS, but it doesn't offer a selection for that. It also does't have a PNP feature. Only first initial display..which I tried on PCIEX
-Plug monitor to both card, and onboard.
-Check MSI website and I do have updated BIOS

I can tell that the onboard graphics are disabled due to large scale print. I tried uninstalling the drivers, but when i turn it on it detects and installs the built in graphics. I just can't get the monitor to work whenever the card is inserted. If it would work I could manually install the hardware and drivers. I'm thinking I need a different BIOS that would let me use PNP and disable onboard graphi... Read more

A:Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics

An extreme option

As you do have the option of a working computer prior to installing the new card I would back up any files that are important to you..
Then, before I would pay someone else BIG bucks, I would put in the new card and try a fresh install of windows. Force it to recognise your new card. The drivers that Windows will pick should suffice until the install is done and you can then install the card specific drivers from your disk.
This is given ONLY as a choice. I am not sure this will solve your problem but IT IS something this cheap bas____ would try before paying someone else.

Good Luck and check back, maybe someone else will contribute a better idea.

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Hello All The Members of Seven ForuMs!!

Iam having DELL OPTILEX GX-280

Last days i bought nvidia quadro fx 3400/4400

i installed it on windows 7, every thing was fine but COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 and other games were LAGGING AND HANGING ON WINDOWS 7.

I installed XP on other drive of my hard drive and then used EASY BCD program to get BOOT OPTION For both the windows on startup.

Well, on xp ALL THE GAMES START TO RUN 3x to 4x faster then their normal speed.

Then i realized that this is my graphic card prob.

But before unplugging it, last days my dad installed some of his software like PALTALK, CAMFROG, K-LITE MEGA CODEC PACK, etc..

After that my windows started to hang, i cannot say that this is because of those software which my dad installed.

Because the type of hang is that when my computer starts and the boot screen of windows 7 comes, their the logo of 7 "THE ANIMATED LOGO" IT APPEARS BUT IN A VERY HANGY HANGING style. After that when WELCOME SCREEN appears and the welcome sound appears in a DISTROTED way.

Now i have the BUILT IN GRAPHICS.
Nvidia card i have return in the shop.

I reinstalled the windows 7 but same problem.
Where as XP is running quite best and fast..


And built in SOUND CARD !! nOthing extra..

now plx help me.. I want to use WIndows 7, and if this problem remain then i would not buy ATI RADEON 512MB.

I was in mood to b... Read more

A:Windows 7 problem (sound distroted) graphics hangning


ON WINDOWS 7. When i open any FLV VIDEO FILE .. It says an error.. some thing like..

d3d_e** i do not remember the same wording of error because at this time i am using XP..

I installed DIRECT X 9.0c JUNE 2010.. But nothing happened..
And when the FLV VIDEO FILE IS OPENED. IT SAYS THE SAME ERROR 3 TImes. and then the video starts in a HANGY HANGING Mood and SOUND COMES VERY DISTROT..

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(EDIT: Apologies in advance if this is a wall of text. For some reason, the forum isn't posting my paragraph spaces. If some one can fix this to make my post a bit more readable, that would be awesome.)
(This topic concerns what appears to be a graphical issue, but may be an OS issue. If it isn't a 7 issue, please move this thread to the appropriate forum)

I've had a problem with my (brand new, less than a month old) laptop for about a week now. Originally, the problem could be fixed by restarting the computer once or twice, but now it seems like it's flat out done working right.

Every time I start my computer up, the graphics go insane. Most &quot;white&quot; colours turn a pixellated sort of blue. It's not static pixelation, more of a constant flickering, which rules out screen burnout. I've tried monkeying around with my video card settings and updating the drivers to no avail. Sometimes, this problem "fixes" itself, and by that I mean, the pixelated colour changes (it's normally whites, but a moment ago, it randomly switched to yellow colours, and now there's no clear pixelation, although this could change. Update: It's affecting certain reds now. I have not reset my computer since the pixels were gone. I should elaborate and add that the colour of the pixelated bits changes depending on which colour spectrum it appears to be affecting.)

The fortunate part is that this problem has never been permanent, but it often lasts upwards of 20-30 min... Read more

A:Frustrating Graphics Problem (Possibly not Windows 7-related)

Right click the Desktop/Personalize/Display/Screen Resolution/Advanced. This will tell what adapter you have. You need to update the Video/Display adapter at your computer manufacturers support web site. Type in your Make and Model # and it will take you to the driver download page.

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Okay , so i was downloading updates and i installed almost every one of them but there was an error with one of the updates so i decided to restart my computer and try i again but that din't work either.
Here is my computer details : windows 7 x64 ultimate sp1

And here is the update details : Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.3 - Intel(R) HD Graphics

Download size: 97,0 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Optional

Intel Corporation Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2, Graphics Adapter WDDM1.3 software update released in May, 2014

More information:
Driver Information

Help and Support:
Microsoft Support

And Here's the error code of the update : Code 80070103

I looked it up on Google how to fix this and Microsoft said install the update your self but that's to hard considering i wold have to download the update even doh i don't know where and try installing it my self without windows update. Can anyone help?
Here's some screenshots :
Attachment 321457
Attachment 321458

A:Intel Graphics Adapter windows update problem.

Hi there ... Try the Link below for the latest Intel HD ...

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Ok the problem is that last week Installed Service Pack 2 from Microsoft. The only problem I've had with it is that when I try to change my system to 16bit color it looks like 256 colos i.e. safe mode resolution. Attached is a screen capture of my problem.

The only way I can get my screen back to the way it was is to set it back to 32bit via going into Display Properties > Settings.

Somebody please help. Thank you.

A:Windows XP Pro - Service Pack 2 - Geforce 2MX - Graphics Problem? - Help Plz

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I had to reinstall Windows 7, and after doing so, now when I try to use certain filters in Photoshop, or open my webcam software, I receive an error about not having the proper video graphics card or its driver installed.

I haven't changed any hardware, and those programs worked just fine before, so I'm guessing it's a problem with either recognizing the card or the driver? I'm not sure, any help is greatly appreciated!

A:[SOLVED] Graphics card problem after reinstalling Windows


It would be easier to help you if we could see some system specs.
Please download Speccy System Information Tool and save it to somewhere convenient such as your desktop.
Close any programs that may be running including your browser and double click Speccy.exe to run the tool.
Watch out for any offers to install other programs such as google chrome and untick the box(es) if you don't want them.
Speccy will very quickly scan your pc and create a report.
Top left of screen click file and select Publish Snapshot...
Click Yes to proceed.
Copy the URL to your clipboard and paste it into your next reply.

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I have the same problem like this (Problem With Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor In Windows 7 Ultimate) please teach me step by step because I'm still new

Here i am attaching the details of my pc please check and suggest

A:Problem With Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor In Windows 7 Ultimate

When I'm trying guide from this link (System Info - See Your System Specs)

This thing pop-out .. how can I fix it?

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Hello Friends,

I am new in this forum and this is my first post.

Actually i am facing problem in my pc due to Graphic driver.

I have upgraded my system from Xp to Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

Unfortunately My Screensaver and Games not working due to some error showing " The screen saver cant run because it requires a newer video card or Thats compatible with Direct 3d".

The same error in showing in games too.....

Some one told me that i have not installed exact graphic driver in my system when i checked Under the Display Adaptor in device manager i found that " Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor" is installed .

As i used "Driver checker" to upgrade my drivers but when i scan with driver checker it also shows that all the drivers are updated.

I tried to uninstall the Standard VGA graphics adaptor so that i can install a new or actual required driver for my pc but i am unable to uninstall. Whenever i tried to uninstall my system reboots and standard vga driver installs again automatically.

So please help me out i want to uninstall this Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor and install a Actual driver for graphics which can perfectly work with my system.

Here i am attaching the details of my pc please check and suggest which driver will work on my system for graphic and how can i completely uninstall this Standard Graphic Adaptor.

Thanks and looking forward for the best solution from you all.

A:Problem With Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor In Windows 7 Ultimate

Your integrated graphics card is an intel 865G so head to intels driver and download section and find it there. Or go onto LG's website and download the drivers for your model pc.

HOWEVER! You have an old computer with old components, that may no longer be supported with modern versions of windows, so you might not be able to find one from windows 7, a vista version may work, but its not actually a supported version, so any issue that arise won't be curable.

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See, i've just got this HP ProBook and it had Windows7 Enterprise 64 bit.
When i looked to the system information and the dxdiag i saw that it had a 1.7GB VRAM.
When i Installed a game today, it said that it doesn't support the minimum requirements of it , which it was 128mb VRam.

What should i do, I mean is it the fault at the windows 7 64 bit or, enterprise can not recognize it.

Do anyone know this, or had encountered this problem and fixed it.

A:Intel(R)HD Graphics Family recognize problem with WINDOWS 7

This notebook has Intel 3000 integrated graphics.... It doesn't matter how much ram those graphics have...they are just too weak for gaming. However some models have a discrete AMD 6470m card also, but that is a special order thing...does the box have any information on it?

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