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mysql not downloading

Q: mysql not downloading

MySQL Service detected with wrong path
19:31:53 [mysql] Change XAMPP MySQL and Control Panel settings or
19:31:53 [mysql] Uninstall/disable the other service manually first
19:31:53 [mysql] Found Path: "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin\mysqld" --defaults-file="C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\my.ini" MySQL
19:31:53 [mysql] Expected Path: c:\webxamp\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe --defaults-file=c:\webxamp\mysql\bin\my.ini mysql
wht can be the problem?

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Preferred Solution: mysql not downloading

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi somebody ou there could probably help me. I have free webhosting which enables MySQL databases. These sound like extremely useful things but how do I use them?? WHAT DO THEY DO?? If someone could help on this matter i would be extremely grateful

Q: Mysql

Hi Everybody,

I hope that this is the right forum for this topic... if it isn't I would hope that a moderator would move it to the right forum.

About a year ago I was experimenting with Apache, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin, trying to figure out how to get those thing to work. I finally uninstalled all of it, and deleted all of the files, and folders that were associated with each of those programs.

Well, I've just decided that I want to give it another, so I downloaded MySQL and was trying to get it setup. I hit a snag near the end of the installation and got a message saying that if I had uninstalled a previous installation of MySQL that its password file wasn't automatically uninstalled or deleted along with it, and that I'd have to delete it manually.

As I have no idea what the heck I'm looking for, or where it's hiding, I have to ask; Has anyone out there done this before? And where the heck is that file that I need to get rid of hiding?

Thanks for any advice.

♥ Wendy

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which do i use? which is more common in the workplace and where are things going? ps why the sql at the end of both. are they made by the same company?

A:sql vs mysql

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Hello can anyone help me getting with commands to get a cgi script reading a mysql database?


A:mysql and cgi

In which language? Perl?

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I recently downloaded MySQL workbench and am unable to establish a local connection to my computer. Can I please have help?


Are you getting an error?

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I am using MySQL 5.5 and today I have stumbled on next thing for the first time. I opened mysql database and saw blank screen instead tables, my data and etc. changes. I repeated the procedure, but nothing changed.

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Q: Mysql

anybody know anything about MYSQL ? am trying to install a program that needs mysql and am at a loss.


I have this script that checks if the username and password are correct for a login to my site..but its giving me all kinds of errors like:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/public_html/myfile.php on line 45

Heres the code:

<title> Welcome</title>

if (empty($username)) { die(" Please enter your username<br>"); }
if (empty($password)) { die("No password has been entered<br>"); }
if ((strlen($password) < 5) || (strlen($password) > 10)) { die("You password is to short or to long"); }



$connection= mysql_connect($host,$uname,$pass)
or die("Database connection failed");

or die("Database could not be selected");

$query="SELECT * username,password FROM login WHERE username='".$username."' AND password='".$password."'";

$result= mysql_query($query);


if(!($username) == $row["$username"]) { die("Your username is incorrect, please try again");

if(!(md5($password) == $row["password"])) { die(" Wronge password, please try again");

else{ die(" User does not exist!"); }

<?php include'header.php';... Read more


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Hello, I want to use php to sort through multiple tables in a mysql database and have them be in order by a certain field. However, I can't seem to get it to sort through multiple tables. As of now it prints out the multiple tables in order, but doesn't mix the results together in the tables. Here is the code:

function db_connect(){
$hostname = "*****";
$username = "*****";
$password = "*****";
$dbName = "******";

mysql_connect($hostname, $username, $password) or die("DB connection unavailable");
mysql_select_db( "$dbName") or die( "Unable to select database");

function search_db($usertable){
//query details table begins
$sql = "SELECT * ";
$sql .= "FROM $usertable ";
$sql .= "ORDER BY `Player` ASC LIMIT 0, 30 ";

$result = mysql_query($sql) or die("Query failed");

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))

print ("<tr>");
print ("<td>$variable1</td>");
print ("<td><div align=center>$variable2</div></td>");
print ("<td><div align=center>$var... Read more

A:php/mysql help

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I get a error code 100 mysql unable to open file "bhserverglobals.1bd (errno:1). I have spent hours looking for this file or information on it. Can anyone advise me on how to fix this problem? I get error codes 3 or 4 at a time and every 1 hour or so they pop up . Thanks in advance for your help. My system is XP Pro sp3 desk top. I have adobe version cue C52.

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Looking for help on MySql. If someone is a guru please reply

A:MySql Help

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Yea, my friend made a MySQL Database for a The Specialists Role Play Server. I need access to it. I downloaded Query Browser and he doesn't know the hostname or how to give access to me. Can anyone help?

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Hi all!

I'm currently trying to design an inventory system for my school with PHP and mySQL.

After horus and hours of searching the internet and forums.. Here's my problem:

I have got 2 tables in the database:

equipment_model (description e.g. Toshiba)
equipment_type (type e.g. Monitor, PC, Scanner)
I want to list them in a standard HTML table ordered by the equipment_type.

As you can see, the EQUIPMENT table has a unique id called "equipment_model_id" which corresponds with the EQUIPMENT_MODELS table where the model details are stored.

The problem I'm having is it does not order properly! I either get it to display and duplicate numerous entries, it will output the total amount of items in the EQUIPMENT table, but give them all the exact same model description or god knows what else... just nothing correcT!

I'm pulling my hair out! Here's some idea's I've tried with no luck:

$query "SELECT * FROM equipment JOIN equipment_models GROUP BY equipment.serialnumber ORDER BY equipment_models.equipment_type";

$query Read more

A:PHP and mySQL Getting me down :(

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I'm a newbie to PHP and MySql.
My problem is this. I host my site on a server that has poor customer support. And I have a billion files on it, too many to move to another server. I'm stuck with them.

I'm trying to install a php program that has a self installer. The program cannot logon to the data base:

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: '[email protected]' (Using password: NO) in /usr/local/plesk/apache/vhosts/mgwebsites.com/httpdocs/login/config.php on line 11

Warning: MySQL: A link to the server could not be established in /usr/local/plesk/apache/vhosts/mgwebsites.com/httpdocs/login/config.php on line 11

User paths I am adept to. And I understand perl and its opening path e.g. /user/bin/perl......

The php script calls for me to enter info close to that of perl. What do I put into these fields?

//[database vars]\\
$server = "xxxxxxxxxx";
$username = "xxxxxxx"; //The username to access your MySQL DB
$password = "xxxxxxxxx"; //The password to access your MySQL DB
$database = "xxxxxxxx"; //Your MySQL DB name
$table = "bbusers"; //Please leave

I can get this info from my hosting provider,if I can provide them with the right questions.



A:Need MySQL Help

You should be able to just ask your ISP for this info. You need server, username, password. You will probably have to ask them to create the database and table, or give you rights to do so.

For more info on MySQL, check out http://www.mysql.com

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hey all,
i wasnt sure where to post this so i put it here

i just downloaded and installed MySQL Max 3.(something) to use with phpBB2 to test MODs before i upload them to my site. now when ever i shut down my computer, when i turn it back on i need to entirely delete the phpBB database and delete the file and re-unzip them

why is it doing this and how can i fix it??


A:MySQL help

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2 questions

First, I have php installed, running IIS. PHP does evaluate pages correctly, however if I use a form and have it post to a php page I get errors. It appears to me that none of the variables are coming across to the second page when I click submit on the form. The example I have been following in a book had me create the 4 php files listed here http://toddhisted.com/php toddhisted.com is not the server I am trying to run these on, but this way you can see the code. Why wont my values pass over into the next page? btw sign is the first page to load.

My second question. I have MySQL loaded on this win2k machine, when I open winMySQLADMIN under the ODBC it says it used to say not found. I downloaded the odbc driver from mysql.com and installed it. Now it still says "not found" but under it it lists the information. Is that ok, or is something still not setup right? I have a screen shot of it here. Thanks for anything you might be able to help me with.


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Can someone trusted here install the latest stable versions of PHP and MySQL on my server? I use CPanel and you can access everything there if you want. Many thanks.

PS: Is it possible for you to update CPanel to it's latest version too? My host would do all this stuff but he's really busy and I can't wait till tomorrow, heh.

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hey all-

I'm messing with some PHP and MySQL, but I can't get a connection ... here's the code I'm using:



        or die(
"Could not connect: " mysql_error());

    if (
mysql_create_db("db_test1")) {

        print (
"Database created successfully\n");

    } else {

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A:PHP 4.3.4 and MySQL

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First of all, if this is in the wrong spot, please move it. I assumed this would be correct as i need to know how to delete a system process from my computer so i can install it again ;) Or any other workaround you guys might have for me!

I'm trying to set up a private server for a game and ran into some issues. Rather than sort it all out, I deleted all my files, planning to restart the project (now that i knew what to do and how I wanted it, this was now the easiest way. But this was including MySQL.
Now, trying to reinstall MySQL I recieve the following error:

C:\Program Files\MySQL Server 5.0\bin\MySQL Instance Config.exe

the application has failed to start because
its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.
Please see the application event log for more
I'm asuming this is because "MySQL" is still listed in the system processes, albeit disabled and unable to be enabled because of its lacking files to support it ;)
I know i should have uninstalled it properly, but I was being lazy and now I'm getting my just reward, but I'd really appreciate someone's help in sorting out this mess.

Thanks in advance to whoever can offer some insight on how to tidy things up on my PC!

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Dear folks,
i am working on a big project in C#, part of the project is a seperate exe ffile that receives mysql queries and execute them.
I need to design that exe file, i dont need the traditional DLL addons that use functions to do queries. in other words i dont want to analyze the query and then apply function such as .Connect, .Select and etc... as the options for such an analysis are infinite.
i need something that performs a query as it is.
is it possible?
any help would be appreciated

A:C# and MySql

I'm really having a hard time figuring out what you're trying to ask. Could you give a bit more detail about what it is you're asking about?

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hi, i have made a database, and have this. the database is called robsprig_gallery and the user is called robsprig_gallery and the password is example pass1234.

this is what i want editing, ive tried to do it but all i get is an error

DB Error: Could not connect to the database server (localhost, robaldo_imga2).

* *
* 4images - A Web Based Image Gallery Management System *
* ---------------------------------------------------------------- *
* *
* File: db_mysql.php *
* Copyright: (C) 2002 Jan Sorgalla *
* Email: [email protected] *
* Web: http://www.4homepages.de *
* Scriptversion: 1.7.1 *
* *
* Never released without support from: Nicky (http://www.nicky.net) *
* *
* ... Read more

A:mysql help!

Your orginal function doesn't provide a host, or user name:

function Db($db_host, $db_user, $db_password = "pass1234", $db_name = "robsprig_gallery", $db_pconnect = 0)Click to expand...

I believe it should read as follows:

function Db($db_host = "localhost", $db_user = "robsprig_gallery", $db_password = "pass1234", $db_name = "robsprig_gallery", $db_pconnect = 0)

You can also define your variables before the function like this:

$db_host = "localhost";
$db_user = "robsprig_gallery";
$db_password = "pass1234";
$db_name = "robsprig_gallery";
$db_pconnect = 0;

Then define your funtion like this:

function Db($db_host, $db_user, $db_password, $db_name, $db_pconnect)

That way if you need to change servers, or databases or anything it's easier than fishing around the code.

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Q: Mysql

I have a real frustrating problem I cannot fix. I am using Windows XP Sp2. I downloaded a free beta version of MYSQL
vs 5.2.x.x. When I tried to install this program, my computer would not let me install it, so I just decided to delete it by
right clicking on the program and selecting delete - my problem is - some of the program was removed and some
remains and I cannot find anything (uninstallers) to remove them. Since this program never installed it was not listed
in the Add/Remove section of Windows nor anywhere else except c:\program files\Mysql. When I try to delete these
left over parts of the program, I receive the following message:
"Error Deleting File or Folder. Canot delete columns_priv.frm: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or
write-protected and that the file is not currently in use." (I have never heard of columns_priv.frm).
I tried booting in Safe Mode and deleting and using System Restore but neither of these made any differnce. There
must be some way of removing these left over pieces short of a refomat. Here is the full path for MYSQL: c:\program files\Mysql\Mysql server 5.1\Data\Mysql. Each of these are folders in sequence and I cannot delete any of them. Any
help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Van


Assuming you are logged in as an admin and it still didnt work:
You could try booting into command prompt mode, and fixing it using the command line. I'm not sure why it would be locked for use, but to be safe you could rename the MySQL directory to something like MySQL_REN, then reboot into normal mode and see if anything breaks. If you're satisfied that things run as they should, delete the folder in normal mode (if possible - failing that, reboot into command line mode and delete the directory that way).

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Hi There. Anyone of you know how to create a membership system with login, personal message, member registrations, personal configurations, password recovery and others features like friendster. Thanks in advance.

A:MySql And Php

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hello everyone

me again in more problems.

can u please tell me the way i can connect VB6 and mySQL database on a remote server.

thanks in advance.


A:VB6 & mySQL

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I design MySql databases and PHP sites. My favorite site to hit in the morning is http://www.umn.com. (I am not advertising just thought it might be good to reference the problem) Everything on the site runs fine! Except when accessing artist pages. All my computers but 1 do not have a problem. The one that is having a problem is clean as far as viruses and ad/spyware according to Web Root Spy Sweeper and Norton Anti-Virus Pro 2004. Every time I click on a link to an artist page I get. The quickest way to see an artist page is to click on an act in the Chart on the index page.

The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Can anyone help fix this? I found www.techsupportforum.com in the UMN forums http://forums.umn.com/index.php?showtopic=460 so others are having issues as well.

This machine runs XP Pro with 1 gig and 3.2 GHz

Mozilla is cool, no probs! But Nutscrape and Exploder are having issues. There are other sites I am having problems with as well with this computer.

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Q: mysql??

I went to this site and i had an update downloading at the time. moments later the site went from the normal home page to haveing this all over it. Is there something I did or can I fix it? I also can not play movies any longer.
Here it is. any info or help would be very apriciated.

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Too many connections in /home/admin/domains/watch-movies-links.net/public_html/cfg/cfg.php on line 138

Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in /home/admin/domains/watch-movies-links.net/public_html/cfg/cfg.php on line 139

Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/admin/domains/watch-movies-links.net/public_html/cfg/cfg.php on line 139

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in /home/admin/domains/watch-movies-links.net/public_html/cfg/class/class.db.3.php on line 118

Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/admin/domains/watch-movies-links.net/public_html/cfg/class/class.db.3.php on line 118

Watch Movies New Featured Top Tags Genres Playlists Users Forum Submit Links

watch movies - Archive, Large Collection of Free Full Length Movies.
Watch Video Online, Download Stream Con... Read more


Run Malwarebytes and / or SuperAntiSpyware as a check.Otherwise, is the main link this? :http://www.movies-links.tv/What browser are you using.Clear the browser cache and try again.

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I've read thru thru what it says at www.mysql.com and they may as well be speaking greek still.

I'm trying configure the installer so that I can run PHP and MySql. And I get to the point where I have the password requested. I get that but it's not set up the same way as it is in a normal FTP client. So it's not connecting to my web site or is it suppose to? Like I said, it's greek. I have all the information handy that I need, I just don't know where it's all suppose to go on this one unlike a normal FTP set up. And it's giving me a headache.

All this started as a result of getting highly frustrated with the choices I had currently with the Fantastico panel as far as my database options were concerned and I went hunting for a way to do something myself. I couldn't get the current one to update the graphics.

If anyone could help explain this in simple terms, it would help. And telling me to go look for the answers like some are more than willing to do isn't going to help since I have already gone that route. Liz

A:MySql Installer help

MySQL is a database, doesn't have anything to do with FTP. Anyways, you mentioned Fantastico so the server probably has MySQL already. Are you installing this on your own server, or are you with a webhost?

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I'm going to be moving to a new server soon and I want to backup everything in my MySQL server. I have phpmyadmin and I know how to back up the databases with it. What I really want to know is if it's possible to back up the user settings. Also is it possible to backup TeamSpeak2 user settings.

A:Backing up MySQL?

What user settings? For what program?

If the user settings are kept in the SQL database then they will be backed up too. If the user settings are kept in a file then you will need to copy these files.

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OK, the computer is one of my friends that wants to do some web developing on. It needs phpmyadmin, php, and mysql. The first thing would be a application like XAMPP, WAMP or WOS, but those require some kinda - advanced setup because the computer has no internet connection, and from what I read apache ties into something with the connection and if you don't have internet Windows needs something like a "Loop-Back" adapter.

So here are my questions....

1. Does anyone know of an all-in-one server package that does NOT involve messing with the network settings?


2. Can someone give me step-by-step instructions to get XAMPP to work on the 98se, w/o a internet connection.

Thanks for any help!

--Daniel L

A:PHP & MySQL on 98se

1- phpmyadmin is not a requirement. everything it provides can be done in other means
2- installing Apache will cause it to configure to Listen *:80 which means ANY IP address on port 80 --
guess what -- the loopback address works just fine.

you can access your local machine with urls like
Install each service one at a time and get the configuration correct for it before
installing the next.


When you get to MySql, be sure to install the Admin tool too
(hint: read read and reread the install instructions on MySQL and the
user permissions/password requirements. it can be tricky.

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well, i'm really into website design, but i'm not much of a developer. i just got an offer to do a site, but they want me to develop a database for them. i know a little bit about linux, and i have installed mysql servers on both linux and windows. can anyone point me to a good site or book that will explain how to create a database using mysql. also, is this very difficult to do? the company that wants this done, wants to be able to allow certain people access to information about their clients. thanks.

A:MySql for Beginners

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My first thread and I must explain that I would be considered a novice at computing.My problem is the message - MySQL Server cannot connect to .....( at server name(.....).
I have Googled for a solution but I am afraid the high tech answers do not really make any sense to me.One simple solution was to open task manager and see if the program was running.There was no MySQL program listed in the task manager.Is this the name of the program in the task manager?or does it go under another?
I would be very grateful for any help that a novice may be able to follow.

A:MySQL Server

SQL server is a Microsoft database program. Are you currently using SQL (Sequel)?

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In my little web project that's about to be started, I'm condsidering two different pieces of software, being OsCommerce, and phpBB2.

Both of these are PHP based softawres, and both of these require a MySQL database.

At the moment, I'm getting ready to start putting this project together. I've installed Apache, and I'm downloading PHP 4 at this very moment, which I'm about to install onto Apache

The problem is twofold. I know very little about MySQL, and so I'm wondering if there's anything I need to do to enable it on my apache server?

The other issue, is that the host I'm thinking of using offers only 1 MySQL database for the price plan I would like to use. I was wondering then, whether it would generally be possible to set up OScommerce, and then use the same Db to install phpBB2, or vice versa. If it is, in time I may even be able to link the two by user-account (ie, one single sign in - once I know a little more). Alternatvely, is it the case that this is not possible, and I would have to go with a higher hosting plan to use a second database, and if so, would there be any way of linking the two pieces of software (not specifically, but purely in theory) to create a single sign-in scenario?

A:MySQL question.

Mysql is pretty easy to get into, if you already know about SQL and relational databases.


As to your second question, I think that both pieces of software will be quite capable of talking to the same Mysql instance, so both could share the same databases.

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I have an access databse with an mysql backend. I am trying to delete a record out of a linked table but im getting an error message. I have attached a screenshot of the message.

Any help would be great.


Sorry i attached the wrong file. Here is the correct one.

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What would I do to have it add up all the values in a column in a table?

Say there were 5 rows, in the column called COST and the values are: 100, 200, 100, 300, 50

So the results would be: 750

Thanks in advance!

A:mySQL Columns

there is a SUM command for SQL. You would use that in your query to add up the values pulled in the query.

try this out or search some more on Google.



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I don't know what is wrong but every time I try and log into it I get MySQL error number 2003. I've never been able to log in as well. I've created the proper tunnel and port and everything else to make this work however I get that error. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Logging into MySQL

No one has anything? This is for Win 7 as well.

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Hi i need help with this error

PRIMARY and INDEX keys should not both be set for column `session_id`
Please help. Thsi was error from phpbb board running on mysql


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I have a real frustrating problem I cannot fix. I am using Windows XP SP2.
I downloaded a free Beta version of MYSQL 5.2.x.x. When I tried to install
this program my computer would not let me install it so I just decided to
delete it by right clicking on the program and selecting delete. My problem is
some of the program was deleted but part of it remains and I cannot find
anything to remove them. Since it didn't install, it is not listed in the Add/
Remove section nor anywhere else except c:\program files\mysql. When I
try to delete these left over pieces I get the following message:

"Cannot Delete columns_priv.frm: Access is denied.
Make sure the disc is not full or write protected and
that the file is not currently in use."

I tried booting in Safe Mode and System Restore but neither of these made
any difference. There must be some way of removing these left over remants
short of a reformat. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Van

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This is what I'm seeing:

Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/louissei/public_html/rotator/admin.php on line 349

Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/louissei/public_html/rotator/admin.php on line 350

Other than this error showing at the bottom of the page the script seems to be working fine so far.

These lines read:

$standard = mysql_fetch_row($result);
$premium = mysql_fetch_row($result);

The script is for a membership based site and these lines are referring to the membership type. If this error wasn't showing in the admin area I would supply a link but I'm not about to give out my password! LOL




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Is there a significant difference between MSSQL and MySQl? I need to learn MSSQL but when I search for tutorials and books there seem to be a lot more out there for MySQL.

For example, are the basic commands the same? Any tips on getting started?

Thanks much!


I believe both use similar SQL languages and you could use queries from one on the other with little modification.

Microsoft uses T-SQL language which is a little different.

Useful link (MySQL): http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/articles/migrating-from-microsoft.html - MySQL is free

Useful link (MS SQL):
http://www.microsoft.com/sql/msde/default.mspx - you can get the MSDE for free and practice with it

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Hi there,

I run a set of boards with several users on them.

Now i want to do one simple thing, and that take the user id's of all the people that exist on there and add 2500 to that number.

What SQL command would I need to input to do this??

any ideas


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i want to know how to make a connection to MYSQL using php code

please send suggessions



A:connection to MySQL

If your not sure on how to connect to a mysql database then dont do it, learn a bit of PHP and sql....

Also make sure your server has php and mysql enabled...

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The World's Most Popular Open Source Database...
I just started to learn MySQL. I am really interested with it...
My friends are say's don't waste your time with this kind of things... If you are interested, just go for Microsoft SQL Server / Oracle.... What's your suggestion guys...? I thing our forum also based on MySQL right Mr. Admin ?


A:MySQL Practical ?

I'm interested in the answer to this as well....

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Hi Im working on a Senior Center Website
And on the side of the main page is an Upcoming Events section. It is pulling data from the database. It is taking only the ones for the current month. I need to know ORDER it by most recent-later dates. Right now its

I've tried ORDER by day;
but if I put it with the other query it doesn't work. Please someone help me out! Thanks






mysql_select_db($databaseRead more

A:PHP Coding/MySQL


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Hello everyone,
Short Question, i get this error message, how can i fix this??

Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/banking site.com/httpdocs/popup.php on line 13


Note: this could be due to it not setting problems but just the page was not well composed... im not sure

Thanks in advance...

A:mySQL problem...

Can you be a bit more specific, when do you get this message?

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Can someone trusted here install the latest stable versions of PHP and MySQL on my server? I use CPanel and you can access everything there if you want. Many thanks.

PS: Is it possible for you to update CPanel to it's latest version too? My host would do all this stuff but he's really busy and I can't wait till tomorrow, heh.

A:PHP, MySQL Installation

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