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How do i stop password creation on a limited account etc..

Q: How do i stop password creation on a limited account etc..

Hey guys

My parents want me to put fliters on the family computer because we foster, so how do i make a limited account disable password creation but still allow for applications to be installed?(they are not smart enough to crack a password with software)

Any ideas? thanks in advance .

Preferred Solution: How do i stop password creation on a limited account etc..

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do i stop password creation on a limited account etc..

Are you running Windows XP Professional or Home? If you are running Pro, I suppose making them Power User accounts but setting the "User cannot change password" option should work.

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I earlier tried to add a second user onto my system, a limited one as sort of a guest account, with a little more access and a password. I went in through the Users control panel, and added a new user as a Limited Account.That part worked fine, but when I go to log into the user account, the system just hangs. I'm able to move the mouse and Ctrl+Alt+Delete. When I do bring up the task manager, the only processes running are winlogon.exe, csrss.exe and SDMCP.exe (and of course the task manager).After trying to run explorer.exe through the run dialog, I used the task manager to log out of the limited account, which worked perfectly fine. I then used my main account to create a third user, a second Admin account. I logged into that account and everything started up like it should. I went back into my main account, removed the second admin account and tried activating the Guest account. I tried to log into the guest account, but got the same problem as with the limited account.Could there be something wrong with my system that doesn't allow certain administrative access to be restricted, such as the guest and limited account would require?Has anyone heard of this happening before, and (hopefully) know how to fix it without having to do a system restore. Even if you've never head of this before, some ideas would be useful to know what up.P.S: I'm running Windows XP SP2, and the only things that should be running on startup is my firewall (ZoneAlarm) and my Anti-Vir... Read more

A:Limited User Account Creation

Are you using the fast user switching mode or the logon mode?

In addition to the av ap and the firewall there are also Windows processes thta should appear in your startup menu. Did you disable any?

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Hi everyone.

I recently password protected my windows account and accidentally hit 'Yes' when the box came up asking whether I want to make my folders private. Since I am sharing some of these folders, I wish to undo this and no longer make them private. I tried setting the password again to see if it would re-trigger the message box again, but nothing showed which makes it seem like once its set to private, it can't be changed?!

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

A:Make folders public again after privatised during password creation on login account

Windows XP Professional, disable Simple file sharing:
Click Start, and then click My Computer. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab. In the Advanced Settings section, clear the Use simple file sharing (Recommended) check box. Click OK. Then, follow these steps:

Right-click the folder in question, and choose Properties.

Click the Security tab.

Click Add, and type in Administrators, click OK.

Select Administrators group that you've added now.

Put a checkmark near Full Control (Allow) in Permissions box.
Click OK.

Windows XP Home Edition, you need to start Windows in Safe Mode in order to see the Security tab. Remaining steps are the same.

Once you add Administrators group and give them Full Control for the folder, the Make this Folder Private option is automatically disabled. Level 1 permissions are no longer in action.

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Windows cannot remove the password. Password and/or account policies require the account to have a password

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Hello everybody,

I have realized that all the laptops I installed Windows 10 in the last year (several family laptops) are running with Microsoft-Accounts which are Admin-Accounts. Now I read that this is a serious security issue. I would like to change these MS-Admin-Accounts into MS-Limited-User-Accounts?

But how?

And next question: Should I set up for every laptop then a local admin-account?

Thanks a lot for your help.


A:Windows 10: How change account from admin into limited user account?

As long as you have not disabled UAC, User Account Control, or invoked the hidden full administrator, then your users are actually running as standard users and will be prompted before performing any Admin level tasks - you can if you wish create a standard user on each of the systems in addition to the administrator, but this will not provide much better security and is likely to generate complaints from the users as they will have to set-up the accounts again to how they want them.

If you have any youngsters that you wish to protect further there is Microsoft Family Safety as an option

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I just realized that I am unable to access my other users accounts (which are limited) desktops. I use documents and settings folder to get there, but I get this error:

"C:\Documents and Setting\Natalie and Dave\Desktop

Access is denied."

I can access the other limited account, but just not "Natalie and Dave's" desktop. I don't know why either, I am the only administrator account and I am able to access one of two limited accounts desktop.

Is there anything I can do, besides removing the account? Thanks!

A:Administrator account unable to access limited account's desktop?

You can try taking ownership if you're really an administrator.
I don't know what effect that will have when Natalie and Dave try to log in though (if they'll have permission to access their own Desktop that is).
The other possibility is corruption in the file system. If that's the case, run chkdsk /f from the command line (click start, (all) programs, accessories, command prompt, and type chkdsk /f press y and then reboot). When it reboots it will run the disk check, then reboot again. You can see the results of the chkdsk in your event viewer. (control panel (classic view), administrative tools, event viewer, application log, and look for events named winlogon).

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In our company, there are few computers where we can access only limited user accounts. I went to control panel >> user accounts >>...it shows the only limited user account name like "xyz". It doesn't show us any administrator account names, why is it so? And how I can make it happen in my personal computer?

A:xp shows only limited account name in user account control panel

Because you are logged in as a Limited User, so you can't make changes to the computer. Speak with your Network Administrator at your company.
At the log in screen hit CTRL+ALT+DEL 3 times fast. This will give you the traditional Windows Log In Screen. If you have the Built In Administrator accounts password, you can log in as Administrator and create a new Admin user account.

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Hi guys, just the title of the thread pretty much says it all.
want to create a really limited user account for the kids of the house. I already have a user account, and have tried to set up a limited one through control panel. But that asks me to first create an Administer Account, which i already have. So it would be pointless if i had two Administer Accounts showing up on the welcome screen.
Also i'm kind of a novice at this, but i am keen to learn. so help with privacy and parental control would be appreciated.


A:Creating a Limited User Account without having the create an Adminster Account first.

log off your user account and login as administrator,to get admin acc. ctrl_alt_del do it twice, if the admin one is not seen then login create the user account and edit the permissions

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Hi to All,
Why wont Win 7 allow me to create a new account called service just interested.

A:Win 7 Account Creation

Because there is already one listed? (User 'LOCAL SERVICE')

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Some applications like Google Chrome, Yahoo Messenger which installed in administrator account is not available in limited account. I'm using windows xp. Is there any work around for that?

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hello every one
I was hoping if some one could help me at this.
I had created a local account in my machine which is a part of a small office network. and given it administrative rights. every once in a while the account gets downgraded to a limited user account and a I had to go all the way to control panel to reset the settings for that specific user account. I tried background check on the machine to check it for possible malware or virus infection but couldn't find anything.
could it be the user profile settings getting changed athomatically due several usages or could it be log file getting full or needs to be cleared?
so much in need for help

A:admin account gets downgraded to limited user account

possibly because that comp didnt come with Ultimate and when it re-activates, it uses the true Admin account and resets the others.


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Hey Folks!
I'm running XP Service pak 2. I have three user accounts..Me as 'Administrator', and two 'Limited Accounts' for my wife and son.
My son is a gamer. I installed 'Call of Duty 2' from my account, and it shows up on my sons desktop, but he can ONLY play it on MY desktop! I know it has to do with administrator access, but what the hell? One can only play games/online games on Windows XP if he/she is a System Admin?!
Is there a way to modify my sons account so that he can play this game on his own desktop?

A:Playing Games on 'Limited Account' VS. 'Admin Account'

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Since this a security forum, I thought it would be nice to see how many of our members bother creating a Standard User Account or simply use the default Admin User Account.

Anyone is free to explain their own reasoning for choosing a type of account if he/she wants to.

Currently I use a Standard User Account. Decided to try one a few days ago, and so far I like it. I don't find it that much annoying or bothersome(so far)

A:Administrator Account vs Standard/Limited User Account

I do beta and malware testing, so a SUA\LUA doesn't make much sense for me; for what I do - processes need elevated privileges on a frequent basis - making a SUA\LUA impractical.

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One user account (a limited account) is having trouble connecting to network. The administrator account worms fine. What gives?

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I have seperate user accounts setup for myself and each of my children, i have an administrator account and they have 'limited' user accounts. However with limited accounts you can still access control panel and the security tab and effect changes. You cannot access content advisor but that's useless anyway.

Q: How can I control what programs my children access and what they download off the internet?

A:XP Limited Account Tpye too Limited

Pls help with my question about XP control panel access.

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How can I stop the following folders being created?

Vuze DVDs - No information contained within when created

Transcodes - No information contained within when created

A:Stop folder creation

Vuze DVDs is folder created by Vuze. If you don't want that folder,delete Vuze.
Transcodes its also folder created by Vuze. Read more here
Vuze Forums: Transcode folder in Azureus downloads ...

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Recently when migrating from one pc to another, both running win7 home prem, i saved a backup copy of all my user data on a external hdd and then moved all my original data into a folder i called useraccountname/old including mydocs, mypics, downloads etc
after successful migration i re-installed all my user data from backup external hdd to useraccountname/
and deleted the useraccountname/old directory but every time i re-start windows it recreates /old/my documents, /old/my pictures, /old/downloads etc
and many software programs still default to /old for downloading internet data etc
have learned my lesson not to do this again but how can i stop win7 from re-creating /old/my documents, /old/downloads etc every time and instead recognise my primary user data storage folders for default, ie useraccountname/my documents, useraccountname/downloads etc?

A:How to stop re-creation of my docs

Issue still not solved

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In Windows 2000 when a program crashes a little box pops up saying an error log is being created. Is there anyway to stop Windows from doing this?


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My uncle Computer was setup by self-claim IT student who did something idiot.
He setup only one limited account for the computer and no administrator account,..when we try to install something, the installation is being denial.
this account is just running in read mode...you can do anything else.
I want to visit him just days ahead and I need to fix all this and install some communications software...but I don't have idea on what I should do, he don't want his computer to be reset into factory default.
I have also tried use the hidden admin account in boot mode,..but nothing happen..everything is denial.
At that I wasn't knowing..how to show the hidden Administrator account build into Windows, but now I know...my question is.......................
Will I be deny if I run "net user administrator /active:yes" in command prompt?..in order to display this hidden account.
Any other way to solve is highly welcome.

OS: Windows XP


A:Limited account on only...No Admin account..Windows XP

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I am wondering how do I get a administrator account on this computer. There is only a limited account and I can't get rid of certain stuff for them. Even in safe mode there is no administrator account. Is there a registry key you could give me to get a administrator account on here and make it the default account to boot with the logon process. The computer is on a network and it has Novell Client if you can figure out how to fix this problem it would be very much appreciated.

A:Limited account on the computer. There is no administrator account.

Very weird problem??

Are you able to create a new user profile with admin access?

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Hi all.

I am using Windows XP Media Center Edition and I would like to use my current account as a Limited user account.

I realise that I will need at least one administrator account on my PC -- so I go into user accounts, create a new administrator account, then I try to change my current account to a limited account, but it will not let me!

See the screenshots;

I would like Admin to be administrator, and Dell07 to be Limited... I do not have the option to change Dell07 to limited for some strange reason.

I have managed to do this on my parents PC easily. I simply created another Administrator account, then changed their account to a limited one. I don't understand why this will not work on Windows XP MCE...

Any idea why this is happening?!

A:Help change my account to a limited user account!

You should log-on to the administrator account thru safe mode and this will allow you to change the account you want to so it will be a low-admin account. You can not change the account you are logged into t anything other than the account it is because it is the active account.

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Hey everyone, as a quick intro, I recently got a work-from-home job that requested I create a new user account and password protect it so that I can specifically work with that account.

"Fine," I thought to myself, "that's easy enough." I followed the necessary steps but run into this issue:

I can create a new account all that I please and even change the picture and secure it with a password, but once I decide to tell Windows to log into it, it'll go through the motion of deceiving me, let me know it's logging out, then flicker slightly and log back into my primary account. I decided to try to select 'Switch User' rather than 'Log Off,' but I get the same exact thing. So I decided I would attempt to restart the computer. Logs right into my main user account. Turn off the computer completely. Same thing.

I figured it may be a registry issue of some sort preventing the log-in screen from being displayed; I've seen that before when installing a Netgear PCI WLAN card. But then I decided to check the Users folder to see if the other account showed up. It doesn't. Windows recognizes all it wants in Control Panel that it is there but Windows Explorer won't acknowledge it (I have hidden folders shown). I even created another account for the heck of it and it won't recognize either of them.

The training for the new job begins on Monday, but it isn't totally imperative that I have an account by then. ... Read more

A:Windows 7 Account Creation Issues

Can't you choose it from the Welcome screen after a reboot? There won't be much to see in the account until after the first time you log in when a lot of the folders are created.

Try Ctrl+Alt+Del twice on the logon screen and enter the credentials.

(You don't have autologon set for your account, right?)

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On DiRT 3 I need an Xbox account and when it opens the Xbox account creation and I click I Accept it does nothing. The same thing happens on Mozilla. Help!

A:Solved: Account creation Xbox

> http://support.xbox.com/en-US/browse/my-account/manage-account/Create account

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I have been trying to create a new user for my computer and it won't allow me. I have read some of the posts and tried what I could but most were about the same advice and some of them were too technical for me. Could someone chat with me so I can create one??


A:User Account Creation Problem

Hi Mystman414 and welcome to Vista Forums

What error message are you getting when you try to create a new account? Is the account that you are using when you try to create the new account an administrator account?
See the following Tutorial: User Account - Create

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I've got a Windows 7 Home Premium machine that randomly booted up this morning, and logged into a temporary account. It leaves the data intact in the C:\Users\John folder, but creates a new one in C:\Users\Temp.John000. Everytime you log out and back in, it creates a new account. This is the second computer that I've seen do this. I was on the phone with HP tech support, and basically came to the conclusion to recover. Has anyone been running into this?

A:Random Temp User Account Creation

Create another account, and see if the issue happens then.

What happened is that your profile became corrupted some how.

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Since MS took away outlook I have been setting up Live Mail. When trying to send a picture I've been getting a "Windows Live Error 80070057"

A little bit of Googling and it seems that others have made this error go away by creating a Live Mail account.

This ruffles my feathers. If we have an account with our ISP WHY are we being forced to create a Live Mail account...OK I think I know why but I don't have to like it.

Has anyone found a way around this?

A:Forced creation of a Live Mail account

I am pretty sure you can just attach the image (as you would attach any other document) to an email. I used to do this all the time on my earlier rig, which has Live Mail 2011 (the email client). And, I did not have a Live Mail (Hotmail) account.

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Is there any way to know the creation date of local user account in windows

A:Need to know the creation date of local user account

rohan.bisht said:


Is there any way to know the creation date of local user account in windowsClick to expand...

User Manager for Domains
Active Directory / Users/Groups

Profiles data gets updated in Windows so I was going to suggest that..

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Hi all. I just installed Outlook 2010 and created 3 email accounts, 2 from Hotmail and the other from my ISP (cablevision). It seems that my folders from Hotmail came over but not those from my ISP. Should they have? Also, how do I import my contact into Outlook? I certainly don't want to re-enter them again. Thanks. Alan

A:Outlook 2010 email account creation

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I have been trying to help someone who has had a new hard drive fitted
and Vista premium reloaded.
The best we can do is to load Vista with no User Accounts created.
(We can start up up in Safe mode, too.)
Seems ok, access to Internet established, but when MS advised on over
30 updates, it would not accept an instruction to go ahead and advised
we needed Administrator account access.
When an account was created, it needed to reboot, and then failed to reach
the login screen, showing a black screen.

I wondered if this is a common mistake which your users could help. Sorry
I can't supply every detail of the computer. It's an old Dell PC, which ran Vista
well for a number of years. Checked both Memory and Hard Drive from diagnostics

The computer people who fitted the hard drive don't seem to know what's up,
and are beginning to wipe their hands of it.

A:User Account creation crashes Vista Premium

Is this Service Pack 1 or 2?

Where there any Service Packs in those 30 Updates


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Hi Everyone,

I'm using SCCM to setup Windows 8.1 on a large batch of computers for
unmanaged deployment to end-users. SCCM is used to install a couple applications and activate Windows. Afterward, Windows should return to first-time setup and the User Account Creation screen (OOBE default). The problem is that somewhere during
SCCM OSD, Windows goes through OOBE and then comes up without any configured user account.

Think of it like an OEM shipping a new computer with pre-installed software. The end-user will need to create an account to start using Windows. Any thoughts on how to invoke this screen without re-sysprepping after software installs?

Note: Before SCCM, I would simply remove the user account line(s) from my unattend answer file and on next boot Windows would act like it would out-of-the-box (OOBE).

Thanks in advance - dom.nick

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I found a laptop with only windows 10 build in administrator account, when it create new administrative account it takes 15-20 minutes and this new account start button is not work, personalization and display settings of desktop right click context menu are not working. Please help. Thank you

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i have a large amount of sensitive data, and it needs to be protected with a good password. How should I create one?

A:Solved: Password creation

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It's apparently a lot safer to use a limited user account, and that's what I'm trying now, but it's also a pain-in-the-a$$.

I also don't understand why the XP installer forces you to create another admin account, when you could simply login as 'Administrator'.

You're supposed to login to the admin account to install everything, but when you do, in most cases, the shortcuts seem to only be created for the account you're logged into at the time. Very messy.

The list goes on, and these things have probably been discussed before, but why is there a single 'Program Files' directory, which all users have access to? Surely there should be a separate directory for each user, so user A cannot access programs installed by user B, unless of course it was meant to be shared?


A:Do you use a limited account, or an administrator account?

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Just wondering is it is possible to leave admin status on a user account while removing the ability to make new accounts. Alternatively could one make a standard account have admin style(ie. altering files, running files as an admin/in admin mode, etc.) rights except the creation of new accounts? Just wondering if that is possible in Windows vanilla or with other software.

If this is answered elsewhere please just post link.

Thank you very much for your time.

A:Custom User Restrictions(ideally Admin rights -new account creation)

It's not possible.

Administrator account are, by design, capable of doing anything, that's the idea of having them in the first place. There are a few ways of imposing restrictions on admin accounts, but being an admin means that the user can simply lift them himself.

The alternative you propose is quite possible, within the limits of normal user accounts. Any account can manage the files within his own profile at will, and change all his personal settings, but nothing else. To perform admin-only tasks, he can use UAC to elevate, where he must provide an admin user/password to gain his privileges temporarily (to be true, it's the admin who actually do that, but within a standard user session, this being the scenario where UAC shines).

What's your idea about this? What do you want to achieve?

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When I started up the machine I was prompted for a PIN and then my fingerprint but no prompt for a (?real?) password. The password that I use on my Win7 machine and is required for various installed programs and the home network. I must be blind but Settings/Accounts/Sign-in Options is all for my MS account (which I didn't use for this machine) not this machine's OS entry. Nothing under Settings/Privacy or /Updates and Security. On all prior Windows versions when initially setting up the OS you are prompted for a (real) password. That password once entered and accepted is the password to enter/open Windows henceforth?even though you?re going to create a fingerprint as was the case with Win7 on the T61. That password opportunity appears to be non-existent in Win10 or I?m blind? Mark

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I am having trouble with the following tasks:

Disable a user from creating AND changing their password

Disable a user from installing ANYTHING (I used the elevated option on the windows installer group policy editor, but I tested it out on the account and they were still able to install steam which was a *.msi file)

Disable a user from emptying their recycling bin AND using the permanent delete function which allows a deleted file to bypass the recycling bin (shift + del)

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Disable user password creation & more

Quote: Originally Posted by blacksaibot

Disable a user from creating AND changing their password

In computer management, go to local users and groups and in the users section, right click the user, properties, check "User cannot change his password"

Quote: Originally Posted by blacksaibot

Disable a user from installing ANYTHING (I used the elevated option on the windows installer group policy editor, but I tested it out on the account and they were still able to install steam which was a *.msi file)

To prevent regular installers, just don't make the user member of the administrators group, that denies him access to write to program files and most shared locations. All MSI files require administrators right to run, and "run as administrator" will ask for an admin password in this case (which the user should not know).

Quote: Originally Posted by blacksaibot

Disable a user from emptying their recycling bin AND using the permanent delete function which allows a deleted file to bypass the recycling bin (shift + del)

I doubt this can be done. For instance, any user is proprietary of all files under his profile in users folder (desktop, documents, all libraries, etc) and the proprietary of a file always has enough power to delete it. The recycle bin falls under this catego... Read more

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Hi everyone and merry Christmas!

I followed the procedure found on the web, I entered "netplwiz" and did uncheck ?Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer".
There is no password set.
THere is just one user/account which is obviously also the administrator.
(the Account tab shows also HomeGroupUser$, but I guess is a default option...)

the point is that when I switch the pc on, I have to click on the icon of the user account in order to see the desktop. Is there any chance I can login automatically without even clicking on the user icon?
thanks a lot in advance

A:Auto login, one account, no password: avoid to click account icon?

Hello Lorcar, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Go ahead and create a password for your user account, then do the tutorial below again to enter the new password and set your user account to be logged into automatically at startup.

Log On Automatically at Startup

Hope this helps,

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This is probably a stupid question but I need help!!!!! My daughter has a limited account (window xp) however she can not use the Nero burning rom. Its on her desktop + programs but when you try to use it you cant and it says to check with the system administrator which would be me. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

thanks in advance,

A:XP Help (Limited Account)

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I have a home network of 4 or 5 machines. Because my girlfriend sometimes wants to access her e-mail from my place I've installed XP Pro on one of the computers and set up a limited account for her. This prevents her access to the rest of the machine, but not to the rest of the network. How can I prevent her access to the rest of the home network but still allow her access to the Internet?

A:Limited XP Account

I believe you'll have to manage the shares - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307874

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Just recently I installed some programs using pw protected admin account and disabled the welcome screen to change how the users log on.Im just confused why these programs are not present on limited account which I made for all type of users.How will I access these programs then?Thank you.

A:Limited Account

Some programs have an option to make the program available to all users or just the user under which you're installing the application.

One thing you may try is to reinstall the application and look for such a setting.

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Ok, heres my problem. I am 15, and my dad is very strict on me at this age lol. Well he has Norton Internet security installed and he knows that I can get passed it. Unless he is able to stop me from moving the files. Well by doing this he has put me on a limited account. Now my problem is, I am not able to install files unless they are put in a directory that already exists. I also play a game called HalfLife 2. Alot of you have probably heard about it. Well I am not able to play the game on a limited account. Every time steam (program for HL2) starts up, it needs to write to a file. On this limited account, I cannot write to the file it needs. Is there a way to set what I can and can not do on the limited account? I am sorry if this is the wrong place for this question. I am new to the forums and appreciate any help given. If any other information is required feel free to ask.

Thank you

A:Limited account

The system administrator decides what type of account each user has AS you have a limited account the best thing to do is talk to the system administrator --- Dad . Nothing can be done about that from here .

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I am setting up a PC for an employee. It is set up to run XP proffessional. This is a new employee but not a new PC. The PC is being used by a different user. When I set up the new employee, it only comes up with a Limited Account and shows no Startup Menu. I have done everything I can think of, but obviously I am missing something.

1. I set up an account on our domain in Active Directory
2. I set up a local account as Administrator

Why doesn't it work? This is so frustrating!!!

A:XP Limited Account

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Hi I need to install a printer driver from a limited user account. Is there any way to add a printer in XP. Also I need to know whether "Netsh" command works for limited user account to change the static ip of the system.

A:Regarding limited account

You need access to the admin privileges to do this, just have the administrator of the computer or network you are on know what has to be done.

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I want to share a folder to other users over the network. but right now the user is Admin user and its working fine the same i want to do it thro limited user in windows XP.... by default only Admin users r able to share a folder to others.....

please help me out...

A:Limited Account in XP

Just to clarify: do you want to allow limited users to access a share, or do you want to allow limited users to create new shares?

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I am trying to keep my computer better protected against malware, since the last infection was very annoying. The first clue I had I was infected was Vista seemed to be taking about 5 minutes to boot up and load all programs (it could have been less, I didn't actually time it). Then my system just seemed unstable. Things kept crashing on me, even after I ran several scans and removed some trojans it did not stop me from getting errors that "explorer has stopped working" so I just decided to format and start over. I put XP back on, since I fail to notice any benefit with Vista. Maybe there are some, but to me the UAC (or whatever that thing is called that asks you for permission) was not beneficial because I had to turn it off for games anyway. Plus, I need to upgrade my memory so XP runs faster with 2GB.

I installed Anti Vir and Threatfire, and it advised me to create a limited user account, which I understand will help security, because I will be unable to make changes unless logged in as admin. I've already run into a problem with this though. The first game I installed won't load all the way from my this account. I'm not sure how to fix this.

A:Limited Account Problem

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I used to load my computer and i could see 2 user account mine as an administrator and my wife as an administrator and I would start from there without any password protected. Now the babysitter without my consent and i don't know what she did but now i have to log on to window with a password and this is ok but i didn't have to do it before. After when i go to try to change user account under control panel I cannot pick a task and ( like adding a new user account or change limited to administrator) only have 1 user account and its a limited one. So what can i do so that i can have administrator account again. I know that I can see my old account when i go to tools/computer management/local user and group/user i can see my old account and my wife too but don't know how too or if i can restore them.Please help me and I hope i explained it properly .

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A:only user limited account now .

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