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JavaRuntime Script access date displays year as 2073

Q: JavaRuntime Script access date displays year as 2073

Not sure if this is the right place to post my query but here goes.
When trying to troubleshoot a pesky Vista upgrade problem within various folders, including synchronizing the computer time, I stumbled upon the attached JavaRuntime script which shows a 'last accessed' date of 9/03/2073. Have attached a screen jpg screen dump.
Unless I'm rip van winkle, the last time I checked, currently it is 2009.
My questions are - where does this date come from and is this date component of 2073 a cause for concern.
Any advice appreciated. Many thanx. Lucee

Preferred Solution: JavaRuntime Script access date displays year as 2073

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: JavaRuntime Script access date displays year as 2073

Hello lucee and welcome to TSF

Usually the last accessed time is generated by the PC using the current time set and stored in the CMOS (BIOS Settings),

If you are having issues setting the time or the CMOS is faulty and the time cannot be set then the last access time will be completely incorrect and far fetched,

What is the issue your trouble shooting to cause this java error?



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Filename: SysInfo.exe
Full Path: c:\Users\JIMBO\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\RBAGCWGH\SysInfo.exe


Not Available


6/27/2016 at 5:17:31 PM

Last Used
Not Available

Startup Item
Many Users
Thousands of users in the Norton Community have used this file.

This file was released 4 years 8 months ago.

Norton has given this file a good rating.
Source File:

File Thumbprint - SHA:
File Thumbprint - MD5:
Not available

A:excel Today's date (year) - cell date (year

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I am trying to write a function that will determine the first day of our fiscal year for whatever date is inputed into it.

Our fiscal year always ends on the friday closest to 1/31.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to deal with january dates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Function FiscalYearStart(dteDate As Date)
Dim dteNextFriday As Date
Dim dteLastFriday As Date
Dim x As Integer
Dim dteJanThirtyFirst As Date

'set as january thirty first of calendar year
dteJanThirtyFirst = "1/31/" & Format(dteDate, "yyyy")

'if 1/31 is a friday
If Weekday(dteJanThirtyFirst) = 6 Then

'use 1/31 and exit function
FiscalYearStart = dteJanThirtyFirst
Exit Function

Else: End If

'set as friday after january thirty first
dteNextFriday = DateAdd("d", 8 - Weekday(dteJanThirtyFirst, vbFriday), dteJanThirtyFirst)

'determine day of week for january thirty first
x = Weekday(dteJanThirtyFirst)

'if weekday is saturday
If x = 7 Then

'subtract 1
dteLastFriday = DateAdd("d", -1, dteJanThirtyFirst)


'subtract 1 and the number of the weekday
dteLastFriday = DateAdd("d", -1 - x, dteJanThirtyFirst)

End If

'if last friday is less than next friday
If DateDiff("d", dteJanThirtyFirst, dteNextFriday) > DateDiff("d", dteLastFriday, dteJanThirtyFirst) Then

'use last friday and add 1 day to get start of fiscal year
FiscalYearStart = DateAdd("d&quo... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2007 VBA Fiscal Year Start Date

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I would like to "Build" an expression for a date/time field that will query the date and display my query output as "01/01" or "January, 1st", and leave off (omit) the year.

Im trying to print a report of my employees birthdates without displaying the year, so i can post it publicly.

the name of the column is dob (date of birth) and the format is standard date/time, displayed normally as 01/01/2009 etc ....

The best idea i could come up with so far is

= Format (Date(), "dddd, mmm d")

but this displays todays date and not the date stored in my column lol.

A:Access 2003, want date/time to show day and month only (& no year) in query

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Searching for files modified in a specified date range (of the past 3 days) gets a search result list titled "date modified", and with the column heading "Date Modified" but the date listed against a file modified today is wrong. The date displayed matches the file creation date & is within the specified range ... but how do I know what the Search is doing?

Can't trust it... !

A:File search (by date range) displays incorrect Mod Date in results

That is very strange. Bump for a possible solution, since I can't think of one off the top of my head.

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The following pop up error message appears when I try to double-click on an external drive from My Computer:Windows Script HostCan not find script file "H:/FS6519.dll.vbs"I have posted my hijack this log. Any help would do, thank you.Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 3:51:43 PM, on 2/2/2008Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\SOUNDMAN.EXEC:\Program Files\Thomson\SpeedTouch USB\Dragdiag.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exeC:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\jusched.exeC:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exeC:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Yahoo! Music Jukebox\ymetray.exeC:\Program Files\Last.fm\LastFMHelper.exeC:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\ymsgr_tray.exeC:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exeC:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft�... Read more

A:Displays Error: Windows Script Host, Can Not Find Script File "h:/fs6519.dll.vbs"

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis Logs and Analysis forum. My name is Richie and i'll be helping you to fix your problems.Apologies for the late response,as i'm sure you can appreciate we are extremely busy.If you've already recieved help at another forum and your issues have been resolved,or you're presently recieving help elsewhere then please let us know.If you have not followed the info in the link below prior to posting your log then please do so now:Preparation Guide for use before posting a HijackThis Log:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/34773/preparation-guide-for-use-before-using-malware-removal-tools-and-requesting-help/If you still require help,please post a new Hijackthis log into this topic in your next reply.Also post a detailed description of the issues you're experiencing.*Note*Post all reports/logs directly into this topic,not as attachments,thanks.

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I need a macro to keep track of Year to Date to use in a very simple payroll worksheet, or maybe an Excel formula that will do this.All I will be using this for is to add additional information to weekly paystubs.I don't have a regular payroll program,just a worksheet that figures paycheck earning and deductions.
Thank-you, Bud

A:Solved: Year To Date

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Hi all, I am a newbie, but am hoping someone can help me shed some light. Night before last I shut my computer down as I try to do once a week. Before leaving for work I started it back up and left~ When I got home the computer was on but all of the folders, programs and icons are from a year ago. We tried restarting and went through a few different steps to try to figure out if something was different but couldn't see any changes. Ran a tsskiller~ and no threats were found on the computer. And none of my external hard drives are recognized~ as a pro photog I am a little concerned. Has anyone heard of something like this happening as I have not. thanks so much! ~S.

A:Starting from a Date over a Year Ago

Iv'e seen something like that , if/when a hard drive is starting to fail, it can lose data.... see if chkdsk reveals anything http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67612-check-disk-chkdsk.html
then I would run a test on the hard drive from the maker of the drive itself... if you can't find yours, heres one iv'e seen recommended before... http://pcsupport.about.com/od/toolsofthetrade/gr/seagateseatools.htm

good luck

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I've just upgraded my computer with a new mobo, cpu and HD so i'm not sure if this is a hardware or software question, if this is in the wrong forum please forgive me.
When i first loaded windows i didn't put the right date in somehow i put 2000 in the date. I changed the date when the OS was fullly loaded
But now when i try to load Norton it says my subscription is out of date, it says installed 2000 and and subscription ended 2001
I've done everything i can think of to fully uninstall Norton, uninstalled the program, used their removal tool, removed everything from Registry with Registry Mechanic, done everything i can think of but it still keeps happening.
So i wondered if there is a date somewhere related to the computer as opposed to the software that keeps telling Norton its the year 2000.
I've checked the date in the Bios and it is the right date.
Thank you for your help

A:year 2000 Date

Doesn't sound like your computer is reporting the wrong date. As long as it shows the right date in both BIOS and windows, it should be right. Norton Live Update is a paid service, meaning you actually have to pay them (annually i think) to get the updates. If you have legitimately subscribed to their service then i suggest you contact their customer support. If you have not subscribed and do no wish to pay to get virus protection (assuming you're talking about Norton AV), then I suggest you get this very good free antivirus program (better than Norton imo): AVG Anti Virus

here's their site: http://www.grisoft.com/doc/1

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Hi, i am trying to figure out a starting date based on a 360 day year, or 30 day months. I have the following information: End date, and the number of days that I need to go back to calculate the start date. For example: End Date = 9/14/08; Number of days to go back = 180. So the start date that i am looking to return is 3/14/08 (not 3/18/08), which can be verified using the =Days360() function. thank you in advance!

A:Need help in Excel with date function on a 360 day year


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Hi to all,

In my form, I've a text box that has a input mask: 99/99/0000;0;_ and the Format: Short Date.

How can I ensure that the user enter day (1-31 and 28/29 depending on leap year), month (1-12) and year (starting from 2000).


A:Validate date (Day 1-31/ Month 1-12/ Year)

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"The free SiteAdvisor browser add-in claims to protect you by labeling Web sites green, yellow, or red to indicate that they are safe, questionable, or dangerous.

But a good or bad SiteAdvisor rating can persist for as long as a year after the site's content has changed, raising serious questions about the service's usefulness.

McAfee certifies for a fee, but it's no guarantee.

For the smallest sites, SECURE certification costs $859 annually plus a $100 setup fee. If a site gets more than 2,000 page views per day — a tiny number for any serious e-commerce destination — the price rises. McAfee measures traffic by inserting a bit of HTML into the site's pages.

After a site ponies up the cash, a security audit is performed, according to a description by McAfee. This audit (formerly known as McAfee HackerSafe certification) has long been criticized as permitting critical Web vulnerabilities, as outlined in a recent analysis by security researcher Mike Bailey.

Even paying for and passing SECURE certification, however, doesn't guarantee that a site with a false rating in SiteAdvisor will get the red flag corrected immediately."

McAfee sounds like a nice user friendly company

A:SiteAdvisor ratings may be 1 year out-of-date

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Whenever I boot my PC, the date is always a year from the current date. I go into the date and time settings and reset it, but the next time I start the machine a year has been added. The same thing occurs if the PC is on past midnight. At 11:59:59 the date will be 1-29-2001, but then it becomes 1-30-2002.

This is a 3-month old Gateway P933. Gateway says this is 'impossible' and that some software must be setting the date incorrectly. I've run 2 virus checkers (nothing found) and don't have any unusual programs running automatically. I KNOW that this IS possible because it's happening. What are some possible causes.


A:Date always resets to a year from today

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The system date in my PC couldn't be changed via Control Panel. The 'Year' is always jumping from '1990' & '1994' when I opened the 'Date & Time" in Control Panel. When I tried to change it to '2007' and click 'Apply', the 'Year' is still showing '1990' or '1994'. I could change the 'Year' successfully when I boot up the Window in Safe mode.

I tried to scan the virus/spyware by Norton & AVG Anti-Spyware, but no virus/spyware is found. Any idea on the problem ? Please help.

Below is the Hijack logfile for reference, the date is showing year of '1990' as well :

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 5:49:47 AM, on 4/13/1990
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common File... Read more

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The free SiteAdvisor browser add-in claims to protect you by labeling Web sites green, yellow, or red to indicate that they are safe, questionable, or dangerous.But a good or bad SiteAdvisor rating can persist for as long as a year after the site's content has changed, raising serious questions about the service's usefulness...http://windowssecrets.com/2009/02/12/01-Si...ear-out-of-date

A:SiteAdvisor ratings may be 1 year out-of-date

i knew i should have just stayed with WOT...

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I had been using it with firefox and after upgrading it left a toolbar in IE which I disabled, but leaving it active in FF w/noscript. After getting too many false positives and missed advisories I will probably uninstall it.http://windowssecrets.com/2009/02/12/01-Si...-date/?n=story1

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Recently I noticed that every time I switch on/off the computer, the year in the Date and Time becomes 2005, while the date and time remain unchanged.
When I try to synchronize with windows time server it says the year has to be correct for synchronizing the time. But in my case only Year is changint to 2005.
Please help...can it be a problem with the RTC (Real Time clock) battery of my system...it's 6 years old now.
Please advice,

A:Computer date- year goes back to 2005

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I have a date column displaying all payment dates.

Is it possible for the user to query by year only, thus displaying payments only from the desired year? [DD/MM/####]

I know how to set up input queries, but am not sure how to prompt for only the year correctly. Thanks for any help!!

A:Date Column, Query Criteria only Year

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please help,

virus changes the date back to year 2005. (Kaspersky starts defucntioning due to that)

plz help!!

thanks in advance


Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:05:44 PM, on 12/22/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0\avp.exe
K:\Important Softwares\hijackthis\HijackThis.exe

F2 - REG:system.ini: Shell=explorer.exe "svchost.exe"
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {02478D38-C3F9-4efb-9B51-7695ECA05670} - (no file)
... Read more

A:Virus Changes the Date back to year 2005 :( plz help!!

Do a HijackThis scan & place a check next to these items and select "Fix checked":

F2 - REG:system.ini: Shell=explorer.exe "svchost.exe"
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [ASocksrv] SocksA.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [WinSysM] C:\WINDOWS\273100M.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [WinSysW] C:\WINDOWS\273100L.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [upxdnd] C:\WINDOWS\upxdnd.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [LotusHlp] C:\WINDOWS\LotusHlp.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [mppds] C:\WINDOWS\mppds.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [AVPSrv] C:\WINDOWS\AVPSrv.exE
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Kvsc3] C:\WINDOWS\Kvsc3.exE
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MsIMMs32] C:\WINDOWS\MsIMMs32.exE
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SSLDyn] C:\WINDOWS\SSLDyn.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [DbgHlp32] C:\WINDOWS\DbgHlp32.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [PTSShell] C:\WINDOWS\PTSShell.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [cmdbcs] C:\WINDOWS\cmdbcs.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [msccrt] C:\WINDOWS\msccrt.exe
O23 - Service: 40B9CB77 - Unknown owner - C:\WINDOWS\system32\280E6F14.EXE

Ignore any prompts for a reboot

1. Please choose from any of the above links. Download the file & Save it to Desktop.

2. Double click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.

3. When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Post that & a fresh Hijackthis log in your next reply

Do not mouseclick combofix's window whilst it's running. That may cause it to stall

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Encountered a small but irritating problem between Access 2000 and Access 2003. Designed a table and input form in Access 2000 that contain a date field to capture credit card expiration dates, which are always only month and year. Made the format "m/yy" with an input mask of #0/00;0;_. Works perfectly in my Access 2000, but when I installed the application on a client's (non-profit org.) computers, which have Access 2003, every entry of a year other than this year (06) gets changed to 06. E.g., if the user enters 0508 and tabs to the next field, it displays "5/06". It behaves as though it thinks you entered only the month and DAY, but since the format has to be m/yy, it displays the 5 and tacks on the current year.

Access (at least Access 2000) does not offer a built-in month/year format. So how can I make the field understand that what goes in there is supposed to be only month and year? Is it possible to do with a Date/Time field type, or do I need to make it Text, or what?

A:Solved: Month/Year date format

i'm a surprised on the M/YY format - how doesOct Nov Dec work 10/11/12
should the format be MM/YY

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I have been using Iomega Network Harddrive 250GB for years connected thru the router. When trying to change the date for this years daylight saving time, the year 2013 is NOT in the drop down list.

I have not updated the firmware in all these years and cannot find any for this drive. The serial number is KUBH43A426. Any thoughts?



A:How Can I Change Date - Year Not In Dropdown List

Quote: Originally Posted by zzyzx48

I have been using Iomega Network Harddrive 250GB for years connected thru the router. When trying to change the date for this years daylight saving time, the year 2013 is NOT in the drop down list.

I have not updated the firmware in all these years and cannot find any for this drive. The serial number is KUBH43A426. Any thoughts?



This is a "shot in the dark", but is the current year omitted by design? In other words, if you select 2014, for example, is it omitted from the list and does 2013 show as an entry?

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Hi to all ... Is windows xp really that use easier to use than mac? Can they be networked togeher?

A:Its leap year and the wrong date is on my computer!

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Hello I'm new to the forum and I saw a post bck in aug of 2012 where you helped someone fix a paystub for employees to do year to date figures. I need the same thing on a different type paystub and the only problem is I'm using the EXCEL for Ipad or Iphone and apparently it does not recognize macros. I guess I will have to make the suggestion to microsoft about that. Like they will listen.

Just wondering if you can help. If so please lmk and I'll send you the file I use. Thank you.

Leslie Wilson

A:Excel paystub for employees to do year to date figures

I have edited you post tile - from
Etaf - Wayne please helpClick to expand...

Can you add a link to the post you are referring to
Please upload a sample of your workbook to the forum, Make sure you have removed any private information, remember this is a public forum and so available to anyone
Would like to see an example of your data and also a manual mock up of the expected results you want to achieve.

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Hi All,

When browsing (using IE6) to a directory in a certain FTP site some - not all - of the files created today are displayed with a date of exactly one year ago (Aug. 9 2006). Dir from command line FTP shows the correct dates. Any ideas?


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This was working correctly for non leap years, but is a day ahead with calculated julian date...
JULIAN DATE FOR THE DATE OF: 09/08/2004 (Sept 8, 2004)
= 04251

My formula from above is calculating today's Julian Date as: 04252

Any idea what's wrong?

A:Excel 97 ~ Julian Date Calculation is a day ahead for Leap Year

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I know how to change this but I'm just curious why a fresh and clean install of Windows 7 put the year to 2010 even though I selected my correct timezone during the setup.

A:Clean Install; Date & time shows wrong year

Sounds like the motherboard battery needs to be replaced

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I need to set up a query that pulls information matching a certain date of the current month and year. I'm not sure about the syntax. Someone help please?

A:Solved: Query for specific date, current month and year.

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This is very strange. I created a time tracking system for the company I work for. What they do is enter the time they start each task throughout the day and at the end of the week it all gets imported via VBA into an access database for the manager to review time cards. We had a need for people to be able to edit a record after importing so I set it up to do that. Problem is I found out when Excel sends the "start time" over to Access, it is sending over the time, for the year 1899. If I open Excel on my PC, click on Cell A1 and type 8:15 AM and hit enter, it shows in the bar at the top "8:15 AM". If i store that time in a variable in VBA and format it to show the year associated with that time it comes through as "12/30/1899 8:15 AM". This totally screws up my ability to edit records because when I programmed Excel to edit records it is searching based on a date/time to find the unique record because for John Doe and his time card he will have only one job starting at 8:15 AM on 4/9/12. So it looks up the record by the combination of the date and time. Problem is Excel is not storing a time as "today at this time" so lookups are failing because the year is wrong.

How come if I type in 8:15 AM in Excel it is not stored as 4/9/12 8:15 AM? The date is in a different cell on the sheet so if there is a way I can append the date with the time I guess that is what I will have to do. But as of yet I don't know how to do that.

Here is ... Read more

A:Excel date/time problem. Wrong year being displayed

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Attached is a excel sheet where I've made 8 date calculations...

Te issue is in column E =IF(I2="",0,MIN(12,(DAYS360(H2,$O$1)/30-D2)))

Some contracts start in 2019 while others end in 2019... I am trying to count which months contract will be effective... what am I missing? Do I need an additional column or can this be accomplished in one formula?


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I am getting a window dispay "IE script error". This has been occuring when I was in affected by the "windows Restore" malware. I am not sure which came first, but felt the "windows Restore" malware was most important to fix.

I found your guide to fixing this malware. I ran the rKill.exe,(which I ran). My desktop disapeared, but I could browse to malwarebytes_setup with Task Manager. Running MBMA updated and scanned. 8 problems were found.

I am now stumped on how to fix "IE script error", which I feel psrt of the entire attack on my computer. Task Manager does not show a process for the window, which makes me suspect my xp os has been sandboxed.

Please let me know what I should do.

A:IE script error message displays

Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include a description of your computer issues and what you have done to resolve them.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.

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I purchased a brand new Pavilion notebook and received it on Monday (September 12, 2016). When I customized it I choseHP 3 year Accidental Damage Protection with 3 day Onsite Pavilion Notebook Service to go with it. I noticed late Monday that HP has only 1 year Manufacturer Warranty attached to it. I have made NUMEROUS phone calls about this between yesterday and today and no one is fixing the issue. they keep telling me yesterday that the issue is fixed and I would be to see it fixed on the website "in a few hours". This was warily afternoon when I was told this. I waited at least 5 hours to check the website and it still said that I have 1 year Manufacturer Warranty. Then I checked again today and it still said 1 year Manufacturer Warranty. If you look at my order details it says Product Number is ABC (edited for security reasons). If you press fn+esc or look at the bottom of the system it say the Product Number is XYZ (edited for security reasons). It has the serial number for BOTH serial numbers. I don't know if this is the issue or what is. I need this fixed in case I need it and it seems like no one knows how.

HP Pavilion 15t-bc000 CTO Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (Windows 10 Professional)/HP ENVY TouchSmart m7-j020dx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (Windows 8.1)

A:Warranty Checker Displays Incorrect Expiration Date

I will request someone look at this to see if they can get it resolved for you. Did you get any papers for the Accidental Coverage? Thinking you may have to register that first- just a guess though.  As for the Product number being different that usually changes when you customize the base model and are assigned a new Product number to match the hardware/software in your model. This should not have any negative impact on warranty coverage. 

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my mom has 6 years of photos on one of her 500GB HD's. She hates windows 7. Her latest complaint that I have not been able to figure out is folder sorting.

Mom has a folder called "camera dump" in the "my pictures" folder.
In the camera dump she has 6 years of folders containing photographs.

Currently windows 7 is sorting the left side screen like this:


The problem is mom wants them in proper chronological order.. In other words, all of 2011 in proper order Jan to Dec, and 2012 after that, and 2013 after that.

Can anyone tell me how to do that? Ive tried just about every sorting option I can find in windows 7.
I suggested to her that she use YEAR master folders, then put the months inside as sub folders.


A:How do I make windows 7 sort photo folders by year, month, date?

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I have a dual monitor set up in my office with a 23" Asus connected via DVI and a 19" Sony connected via VGA and adapter to my custom build. In my living room I have a TV connected Via Receiver Via adapter(composite/s-video) Via s-video to my same custom build.

At the moment I have to go in to "screen resolution" and select the sony from the "Display" menu and then "disconnect this display" from the "Multiple displays" menu. So far I have only disconnected the sony monitor, I still need to extend desktop on to the TV.

this gets to be a legthy process when I do it 8 times a day every day. Is there a why to have 1 or 2 executable script that will allow me to switch between the desired displays?


A:executable script to switch active displays

For starters you''l get quite far by using default installed hotkeys: Press WindowsKey+P

It should be fairly obvious from now on. However; select one of the four default configurations and it will set up your view as requested. Try all of them if in doubt, but try to avoid duplicate.

- On my setup its somehow reversed. I use Projector only for my computer screens. But to watch TV I have to choose Computer only.

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First started with screen saver (use cute default of bubbles) issue; would receive "cannot run screen saver ... video card" error instead of the screen saver engaging;

Would get black screen / recover message upon starting computer;
(has happened 3 times over past month or so);

Occasionally would need to restart because keyboard quite working (mouse would still work however);

Started computer on Friday and received license expiry messages - turns out date/year was set to 2400 and something (manually changed date and rebooted);

Started computer today and entire Outlook Calendar is wiped clean! (OHMIGAWD all my business appointments are gone!!)

I use AVG (licensed) Professional version and run SpyBot regularly.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

A:Vista behaving badly - losing keyboard control, outlook calendar, year/date changes

Run chkdsk on your hard drive.

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I am using the "microsoft access date/ time picker" control to pick dates. These dates like termination date of a contract will end up in the database. The problem I have is that when I do this,

rst!dateIntoForce = Me!ActiveXCtlDOForce

I end up with this in my database:

1/6/2003 5:48:43 PM

How can I extract only the date part from "1/6/2003 5:48:43 PM" so that only


goes into the database

A:Date Part only from MS Access Date picker control

Format the date before it gets entered into the db. Format([Date], "m/dd/yyyy")

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Hi there

I know how to do add a criteria to a Query. For example in the QBE pane in design view in the criteria row I enter this statement: Between [Start Date] And [End Date]. When I open up the form that is bound to the query, a message box pops up and I enter the required dates and I get the required data that is between the dates that I specify. However, I'm now finding out that this method is now becoming a nuisance.

Is there a way that I can have 2 unbound controls - one for the start date and the other for the end date in a criteria form. This way I input the dates I want for a particular customer and the form with the required data shows up. For example, I have already developed a criteria form for customers. I have an unbound combo box control that has customer names and when I click on a particular customer name, all the data for that customer is displayed in a form. In the row source of the unbound combo box control there is a SELECT .... FROM ... statement. I also have a button next to the unbound combo box control that opens up the form for that particular customer. Now I want to add two more Unbound controls in the criteria form, one for Start Date and another for End Date.

This way I can select a customer from the customer combo Box, select the start start date from the start date combo box and the end date from the second combo box control and get the desired data for that particular customer between the specified dates. I have attempted to do this bu... Read more

A:Access - Start Date and End Date in a Criteria form

Mario: What you want is called a query by form (QBF). I don't know how to do them myself, offhand, but here's the MS Technet article:

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I have a Date/Time field that I need converted to just a Time field.

It comes back with 2/11/12 0:00:00

I need just the 2/11/12

I thought about changing it to a text field but I think there will be an issue with the month because it does not bring back a 0 in from the months with only 1 digit.

This table that I am creating is being sent to a txt file and that is where I see the issue. It looks good in Access, but not the txt file.

Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Access - Convert Date Time to Date

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Anyone have any insight into java for whatever reason it stoped running and I can?t get it restarted. Reset my computer and device I?m trying to log into no luck still


Have you tried getting the latest version from Oracle ?

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My OS is Windows 8.1.
I partitioned my hard drive and labeled the new partition (H), the (D), is the recovery partition from HP. I then created an image of the (C), onto partition (H).
I than checked the recover image through the recover process and the new image reads (D) not (H). The funny thing is, that the date and time is correct for when I created it.
Does anyone have some insight on this?
Thank you,

A:Solved: Image repair displays wrong partition drive letter, but right Time and date

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Does anyone know of a script that counts down days until a special even that can be used on a web page so that the number of days to a certain date is automatically updated? This is the kind of thing that was used when counting down to the Y2K.



A:(ttt) Date Countdown Script

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I want to format date in my batch script so that I may use it as file name.How can I format date from default formatting to dd/mm/yy ?

A:date format in script

These instructions should be what you want: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_zdpcm/is_200406/ai_ziff128194

Will only work in XP.

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This is a two part question. First, I need to create a logon script with the date field, but don't know how. All workstations are NT4, on an NT network. I want the batch file to run only on a particular day. If it is not that particular day, I want it to do nothing. I'm not very strong when it comes to "If, Then" statements so a lengthy explanation is welcome.

Second, can anyone recommend a book for writing logon scripts in NT?

Thanks for the help,


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I get an error message when I start my computer about JavaRuntime.00.exe cant initiate and I thought it was a virus but I cant seem to get it off and have tried many virus removals and registry cleaners and spyremovers...nothing works and it is just annoying when I start my computer...please help me.

A:JavaRuntime.00.exe error

Go Start > Control Panel > Add and Remove Programs and remove any Java related entries.Then download and install the latest Java from here:http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp

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System: WinXP and Win98SE

I need help with a script or vbcode that will automatically backup a file or files daily. The current format (so that I can identify the date it was backed up) is: date-filename.bak (ie. 040831-filename.bak).

I would prefer the date be generated automatically, but if there is a dialog box that appears so that the user enters the date manually, that would be fine also.

This particular need is going to be used as an intermediate step to the weekly backups of the datafiles, and is not intended to take the place of the full backup procedure. But I need a step in there incase the the file becomes corrupt, and the user does not know it until several days later, they can go back one or two days, not an entire week, to use as a starting point on the data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

A:Solved: Automated date script

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Running WindowsXPHomeSP2 and every update, so far as I know.
Symantec Norton Internet Security with Norton Firewall, Norton Antivirus, all updated.
After being advised in another part of this forum that my Java was outdated (JRE1.4.1), I proceeded to the Java website and attempted to download JRE6u3. The download attempts all failed. Typically, the flying paper animation interface would go on and on never exceeding about 14%.
I have contacted Java Support, however, I am suspecting that Windows Installer may be a problem. Here is why:
In order to get theJRE6u3 update, I imported it from another computer and bluetoothed the file to this desktop. When I activated the exe, Windows Installer interface popped up and sat there "Preparing to Install" for about 2 minutes. Then this was replaced by a new message thus: "Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid." Installation did not happen. I Googled the error message verbatim and turned up a Microsoft KB article that applied to some problems with Microsoft programs. Java Runtime was not mentioned. Also, in the KB article on repair or cleanup of windows installer was something sketchy about software that used the older installer version that would need to be reinstalled and I could see how this could get very tedious, at least from what I understood about the article. In case this is a Windows problem I hope that this request has been placed in the correct forum. ... Read more

A:JavaRuntime,WindowsInstaller issue

I am replying to my own post. The folks at Java were able to suggest a solution where one must locate the .msi file related to the Java download in C:\Documents and Settings\username\ApplicationData\Sun\Java\jre6.
If the .msi file is present, you can double click on it and the Java Installation interface starts.
This is a known issue where the downloaded file fails to complete and the error message can be found in their errors page.

Hopefully this will assist someone else having the same problem. And perhaps others will gain some knowledge after reading this thread.

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Hi, i'm new here and i need a script like in this old topic: https://forums.techguy.org/threads/...te-and-time-before-starting-a-program.985824/ , but i need for windows 10 with automatic date and time adjust, coz i have a laptop and each time i close the time is delay, i try all tutorial from internet to make the setings and to change bios battery with a new one and the problem is the same. and the only way to ajust time is to click right on time and go to ajust and press update.

if you can help me to make a .bat like in that old topic but to work on windows 10 with automatic adjust time and date to execute by click on it each time after windows is open will be great.

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