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Lenovo G510 Camera Dark Poor camera Result Issue

Q: Lenovo G510 Camera Dark Poor camera Result Issue

Hii got new Lenovo G510 last week windows 8 64bit operating system core i3In its specs it se clearly shown that it have 720 p hd camera but when i opened the camera app from start menu it only shows 0.1MP (4:3) and 0.3 (4:3) option and result is so dark and laggy I checked the driver in device manger it shows properly installed by this name 'Lenovo Easy Camera" driver details are Microsoft driver version 6.2.9200.16664 i tried to update it from internet but it says its updated i tried manually install the driver from here " C:\drivers\Camera Driver (AVC, Liteon, Bison, Chicony)" but Warning message pops up " NO APPROPRIATE DRIVER TO B INSTALLED" Then i tried to install it from her C:\drivers\Camera Driver (AVC, Liteon, Bison, Chicony)\HD\Bison\3.13.301.1 but setup gets "failed" at the end and says "please plugin the device and restart the setup" PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE

Preferred Solution: Lenovo G510 Camera Dark Poor camera Result Issue

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Lenovo G510 Camera Dark Poor camera Result Issue

I bought g510 week ago and the camera is terrible black, and blur i tried many drivers many ways but nothing succed... how to fix it!

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G510 camera quality is very poor. Can someone please help ?

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I have downloaded Camera driver for Windows 7 which is (cam125w7.exe ) but when i try to install it i get an error message ( No Appropriate Driver to be installed)I have tried also to install the driver from c:/drivers/camera driver but i got the same error messages for every driver i tried to installI am sure that it is a software problem not a hardware problem because camera was working well on windows 8 using the drivers on the cd which comes with the laptopPlease help

A:Lenovo G510 camera driver problem with windows 7

Hi Shady,
Welcome to Lenovo Community
I?m sorry to hear that the webcam is not working and displaying an error message while installing the driver. I suggest you to check if the Webcam is getting detected in ?Device Manager? after enabling the Webcam by pressing Fn+Esc keys together on the keyboard. Please let me know the findings.
Hope to hear back soon
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Hi I just bought this laptop but the webcam is so dark. I tried fixing brightness and stuff it still is quite dark for me. Is there any software that can fix this? Thanks

A:Z470 Lenovo camera dark

Hello Maria48 and welcome to Lenovo community,
Kindly try reinstalling the camera software and check if it resolve the issue.
If the persist, please try following methods:
Install YouCam Software first.
Method one:
Adjust brightness and contrast via the interface ?Video Enhancement?, camera image effect could be improved clearly.

Method Two
Click ?Configure the YouCam settings? and adjust ?Capture resolution? to a higher value. The higher the resolution is, the better the effect will be.


I hope this will resolve your issue.
Best Regards,

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error: 0xA00F4244<NoCamerasAreAttached> been on device management and cant find any camera or webcam but the laptop is meant to have integrated camera built in.

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I am using native camera API in an android app development, the camera preview doesnt display the camera's best resolution, it looks dull, compared to how it looks when using the native camera of the device.
How can I fix this? I am sing the android's native camera api, and not intent, as I need the API usage to performs some functions with the camera.

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I have a web-camera issue with my notebook. It doesn't work. It used to work once or twice. But then suddenly something went wrong. Neither works mic. When I opened my windows 10 "Camera" app it said "Can't find camera". I checked device manager for drivers issues and couldn't find anything about camera. So I added a knew device "Lenovo EasyCamera". My "Camera" app still doesn't work. So I tried to fix in with Lenovo Settings. But there is no any camera folder in it. Reinstalling still didn't fix it. Also I tried installing drivers with official Lenovo website. Still nothing. 

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I played with jv16PowerTool application and there is a chance that I accidentaly uninstalled bluetooth driver and I am unable to install it again:"No appropriate driver to be installed". I tried uninstal all the driver to fix it and now I cant install camera dirver. it's appears with yellow triangle in Windows 8.1. in tools manager.

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I have a Lenovo G510 and when I am on battery power, if a dark object comes on to my screen it automatically goes dark. I don't know how to stop this. I have turned auto brightness off in the 'power options/change plan settings/change advanced power settings' but this has made no difference. Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

A:Lenovo G510 Screen Keeps Dimming when a dark objec...

Hi there, Matty -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
What is that dark object? Did the issue persist in safe mode? Also, try updating the below video drivers.
Win 10(64 bit)
Win 8.1
Update us how it goes.         
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Hello everybody, I'm an owner of a Lenovo G510 laptop and I'm having a little problem. 
When I'm unplugging my battery charger , my laptop seems to be running like 10x faster. Every game I'm playing it just runs perfect when I'm unplugging the charger, and when I plug it in again it starts running like crap...
Can you help me??
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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My native camera app started acting weird: when turning it on it shows the camera image with an incredibly small framerate of around 2-3 fps, instead of the usual smooth 18-30fps.
When I open the camera in some other application like Skype or OpenBroadcasterSoftware everything works just fine so it's clearly not the hardware webcam problem.
When you click on the video button inside the windows camera app - the image jumps to the normal framerate aswell, but only until you end with making the video and go back to the photo mode; the pics themselve also end up alright, only the experience of making them ain't the best because of the sucky framerate.
The camera app wasn't always weird like this, it used to have the solid framerate until something like a month ago when it has changed completely spontaneously, I can't recall any program installation or other event that could be the cause.
I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro and the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. Any help on fixing this highly appreciated!

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Photos and video uploaded to my computer from my digital cameras is very dark compared to viewing them on the camera or TV.

Photos are uploaded from my Olympus C-765 using Camedia master. They take on a dark and yellowish tone that isn't visible when taking photos or viewing them on the camera's LCD.

Videos are uploaded using Windows Movie Maker. Video shot on bright sunny days appear overcast when viewed on my computer.

Any ideas?

A:photos/video uploaded from camera is dark


If the photos and videos look good on other sources (TV, camera's LCD display, other PCs), it's likely a problem with the Color Management profile you're using in your Windows Display properties.

Right-click on your Desktop, left click on Properties, click on the "settings" tab at the top, click on the "advanced" button, click on the "Color Management" tab at the top. In the screen you can load specific color management profiles for you monitor or other devices. You can click "Add" and browse for color management profiles *.icc" files. You may want browse through your olympus CD that came with this camera and see of there are ICC profile on that disc.

The other issue might be the "White Balance" setting on your camera. Depending on the light source, white balance can compensate for the yellow cast of incendescant lighting or the green cast of flourescent lighting. Check out:


You should also be able to manually adjust brightness, contrast, color tempurature and gamma settings directly on your monitor to compensate for the difference between how your pictures look on your display and how they appear elsewhere.

There's good high-end color matching software that can sync the image on your display with a scanner and printer. Check out:



http://w... Read more

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I bought this brought a wbhile ago IdeaPad 320-15IKB  (Type 81BG, 81BT) Laptop (ideapad) - Model 81BG009WAK (Serial#PF10M6JQ).Initially I have been using the camera and it was perfectly fine with skype and with camera app. but later may after the windows 10 updates it went dark and I cant seem to fix it.I tried YouCam as someone mentioned on the forum but the one I installed which was compatible with my device was YouCam Mobile and it didnt have much settings in it to improve the camera brightness, with dark the camera is also black and white. I increases the brightness but all i could see a black and white video with that being also not very bright even with full brightness. I tried reinstalling the drivers a couple of times, but it didnt work.I downloaded this driver as it was listed in my lenovo PC support https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/fl5303af.exe, but it didnt work either. Do you have any clue where might be the problem is. Thanks

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The Chicony camera driver is not very good and has a bug. When using something like Messenger Live you can't enable "Night mode" using the advanced video settings as the setting is absent from the adjustment pages. You can set "Night Mode" on the Camera Assistant software, but this has no effect when the camera is running in Messenger Live.

"Night mode" is pretty much essential for typical indoor usage on the Chicony camera and without it the picture is very dark and not that usable.

If I use a Logitech camera it's driver exposes much better settings in Messenger Live including it's equivalent of 'night mode'.

It this something Toshiba can feed back to Chicony and get some better drivers?



A:Satellite Pro S300 - Chicony USB 2.0 Camera poor driver support


I managed to get night mode working in Messenger.

1) Start Messenger and connect to your contact and start sharing webcam as normal.
2) Launch the Camera Assistance Software and from the menu select the first option to preview video. The preview will not show and you see a message about the camera locked in use.
3) Click the spanner icon top right, then select Properties.
4) If night mode is selected, deselect and click apply, then apply it, the webcam is now in Night mode in Messenger.

*Note*, you have to go via the image preview route as the buggy driver software will not change the Night Mode setting if you go directly to properties using the spanner icon in the slide out menu.

What would be nice if Toshiba got some better driver support and night mode was selectable in the exposed properties in Messenger.

The Chicony camera and driver support is one of the worst ones I have seen included in a laptop.



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The problem happens in both windows store apps and .exe programs. Camera doesn't work in Chrome, Edge,Skype(both store and .exe). I recently gave my laptop in for servicing at an authorized service center(Just a speaker issue). Could it be that they could have unplugged the camera cable? I also saw a post referring to the same laptop but in that post only store apps had this problem. Already tried reinstalling driver, enabling permissions etc. If I remember correctly this problem started after the fall creators update. When the camera is used the white led does blink, even though an image doesn't show. Please help me with this.

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you know when you plug your camera into your computer it brings up the picture transfer wizard. well my computer no longer does that and its kind of annoying. anyone know how to reactivate autoplay i guess? ive tried different usb ports and i even uninstalled usb root hubs and rebooted and let them reinstall themselves

A:Camera Wizard Autoplay no longer shows up when plugging in camera


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(Edit - Subject should read 'Microsoft Camera Wizard does not work anymore with Canon digital camera')

I have a Canon SD 700 IS digital camera bought about 15 months ago. Until recently, I could connect it to the USB port (same one each time and that port is not used for anything else) of my Windows XP PC (1 year old, bought new) and the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard would appear allowing me to use that software to transfer my digital pictures to my PC. Now, that does not work. I tried reinstalling the Canon EOS utility that came on a CD with my camera - no success in getting pictures transferred with that. The only way I can get the pictures to transfer, is to open Windows Explorer, the camera shows up under My Computer, but if I right click on Get pictures highlighting the camera listing, after multiple trys and 30 minutes, I get the few dozen pictures to transfer.

Anyone know what to try? I am suspecting it has to do with a recent overhall of my PC anti-spyware and security software (details below) as was using Lavasoft and Spybot before and found them becoming less effective. My computer is anti-malware free as far as I know from anti-spyware scans with multiple products (at least twice weekly) and real-time protection and anti-virus scans a little less frequently which Zone Alarm has never from day one found any viruses.

The computer is recognizing the camera in the USB port (it is enabled) and camera powered on and has no issues when taking pictures.... Read more

A:Microsoft Camera Wizard does not work anyone with Canon digital camera

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Got a new Canon camera which uses its own program to download pictures to the computer (Gateway MX6930) running XP (sp3) and have had no problems. Tried to download some pics from my older Sony camera which used to bring up the Camera Wizard allowing me to title each shot with a name and number but that no longer happens. I plug in the Sony (USB cable) and nothing. It shows up on Explore and right clicking does not get me to the Scanner and Wizzard start-up screen that would allow me to select the photos I want and to name them as they are put on the hard drive. When I search through Scanners & Cameras and click on "Add an imaging device" the "Scanner & Camera Installation Wizzard" starts but Sony is not listed so I cannot select it. I can click on "Have Disk" but the CD that came with the Sony does not have the file it needs. The only thing on the CD (besides photo programs) is a USB driver which I did download but didn't help...... HOWEVER I have had MS Word refuse to start a week or so ago and I tried reinstalling but didn't work, I found an MS site that showed me how to repair the Word registry and that worked OK. This makes me suspect - maybe something has happened to the registry. I can't go there so I decided to ask for your help.... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance...

A:Cannot find MS Scanner & Camera Wizard to download photos from camera

Either camera should show up in "My Computer" when connected via USB ...
Where you can explore the files and copy>paste (drag>drop) them to a folder in your computer.
Can you get your pics this way ????

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Just downloaded Windows 10 and with I put my memory stick into my computer I get the following error message:
E:/ the directory name is invalid.

Can someone assist me?

A:Viewing camera pictures from the camera memory stick

We're going to need a lot more detail than that. What are you trying to do when you get the error message?

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Hi, I'm having trouble with my digital camera software and/or transferring pictures from my camera and dock to pc. I have a Kodak cx7525 digital camera. The software loads normally, but when trying to open the software or trying to transfer pictures to the pc, I get an error message that states a .dll file is missing. The dll file is LOCACQMOD.DLL. I contacted kodak and they sent me new software but that didn't help, still get the same error message. The camera works fine but cannot get the software and camera to work on pc. I have searched for the dll file but cannot find it and have no idea what it is or what it does. I'm guessing something is missing from the pc instead of the camera software. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have family photos stored on it that I would love to be able to save them and not lose them. Again, thanx for any help I can get. You guys and gals are the best.

A:Cannot get digital camera software to run and pictures will not transfer from camera

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Is there any way to upgrade the standard camera to the Realsense camera? Does Lenovo offer services like this, or is there a way to order the camera and install myself? I can't find the part online anywhere, and I can't find any information on upgrading it. Thank you!

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I updated to the latest drivers for Intel AVStream Camera on my tablet / laptop. After the update, only the front camera works now.

Hope someone can help solve this problem.



A:Front camera working but main (rear) camera is not

Can anyone help me?
I've tried updating my camera drivers in device manager, uninstalling the camera and booting windows 10 again...to no avail. Still no main camera....only the front camera works.
Does the rear camera need seperate drivers? How do I check this?

Thanks again.

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I have a digital camera with Window's XP. Originally, when I turned the camera on, it would launch a wizard to transfer the files.

Lately (maybe since I installed SP1), it doesn't recognize the camera as picture files, but as a removable drive. I have changed this setting in the drive properties, but the setting won't stay so something must be overriding it.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the camera, but the same thing happens.

A new program called "safely remove hardware" might possibly be involved, but I can't find any settings there to change that might impact this. I'm not sure where this came from unless it was part of SP1.

Any help out there?

A:XP recognizes camera as removeable disk drive not a camera

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I have a Kodak SD camera card that my Sony A230 stopped detecting when inserted. I have been using this card for a year with no problems till today. I can plug it in a card reader in any of my computers and remove or send photos to it so I don't think it is a contact issue. I was using the camera today when the battery became exhausted and it shut off during a shoot. Since then the camera won't detect it. What could the problem be?

A:Camera Card Not Detected in Sony A230 Camera

Just a wild guess at this point ... Might need to have the camera reformat the card

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I want to add a usb camera device and use it as default rather that the installed camera.

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I'm sorry if this has been addressed before; I'm getting increasingly frustrated so I'm more than likely to miss it if I scroll back through the threads.


I have an Olympus X-760 camera, and the software that came with it is Olympus Master Version 1.4. I've had to reinstall Olympus Master because my main computer died.

My main computer has been stupid recently, so I decided to install Olympus Master onto my laptop (which has Windows Vista). The installation went fine, so I plugged in my camera, clicked 'PC' on the camera's screen and went to 'Transfer Images' on Olympus Master. I ended up with the following message:

"The software is unable to find an Olympus digital camera connected to a USB port on your computer,"

...So, I've tried every USB port on my laptop and I've even unplugged and plugged back in the part of the cable that plugs into the camera itself but I keep getting that message. My laptop itself realises something's been plugged in, as it brings up 'Autoplay' - I've clicked on 'Open folder to view files' and it has all my pictures in that folder apart from the photos I've taken at an event this weekend. ...And because it's those photos I want this whole thing is making me incredibily annoyed. The photos themselves can be viewed perfectly fine on the camera itself.

Then I decided to see if my main computer would be anymore helpful, but I get exactly ... Read more

A:My camera's software can't find the plugged-in camera

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Been fighting this issue for a while now. In win8.1 the Win camera app can switch between front and rear looking cameras. In upgrade to win10 anniv just the front facing camera is available with no option to change. Is this a fault in win10 seen in other laptops Win8 app to a win10 laptop?

A:Loss of Rear Camera in Win10 Camera App

Completely restart the tablet from scratch by clicking restart from the power icon or hold down shift key when you click shutdown.

After the tablet does a complete restart from scratch, does the rear camera option work? There are a couple of fixes I have tried and one thing I discovered is that both cameras will not work after a hybrid shutdown (the shutdown you normally get if you have fast startup enabled in Windows 10). On my table they do both work only after a startup from scratch (restart, shift + shutdown, or fast startup in Windows 10 disabled).

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Hi, In my laptop Camera app displays "To get started connect to a camera" and in device manager Imaging device is also present. Kindly help me

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i have my Hp mini Laptop that has a build in camera everything was working fine in the Camera app until today i was recording a video and then the image was kind freezing and some option were at the bottom and i press "change camera" nothing happend so i shut down my computer and turn it back on and now it saids Connect a camera i need your help to fix this problem??

A:HELP Camera problem "connect a camera???

more information about my pc is a hp mini 110-3510nr what driver do i have to install for my build in camera?? i know there at the hp.com but i dont know witch one to install ???

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I recently purchased a digital camera for ordinary use with my pc. Everything seemed great until it was time to connect the camera to the pc - directions: "connect the USB end to any USB port on your pc" I have a reason to believe I don't have a USB port.

I know I must clarify that my computer is extremely outdated by today's standards. It has Windows 95 and is about 5 years old.

My main problem:
I have a digital camera with no way of transmitting my pictures to my pc for viewing and sharing.

I did some research. Along with my camera I have a 32 MB memory card. I went to the site prescribed by my digital camera manual and I found this:


By chance, would I be able to put the memory card with my pictures on it into this card reader and would it work? It says it is compatible with Windows 95.

The type of dig. camera I have is an HP Photosmart 318.

I am extremely grateful for any tips or help anyone has to offer. Thanks a million!

A:Digital Camera/Camera Software Expert, Anyone?

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I have an older Sony digital camera and I have had no problem downloading the pictures from the camera to the PC which is 8.1. Now I have windows 10, and win 10 does not recognize my Sony camera anymore. I've heard it is a common problem, but I'd like to know what people are doing to get their pictures off their camera now?

When I plug in the camera, the pc ding a lings, but when I go to file explorer it shows everything on the pc like normal. I click on "this PC" and it shows the c drive and the DVD . No removable drive like camera. I've done a google search and it is a common problem with win 10. But what is the answer?

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My build in web camera is not working. I have windows 8.1 OS install on my computer. When i launch the camera app, the screen is black, Im able to take a picture but when i click the previous arrow to see my picture, it say " The file cant be open, the file may be damaged".

A:Build in camera not working in Windows 8.1 camera app

Hi, and welcome to TSF, we need more info than that. What is the make and model number of your computer, have you checked in device manager for any error flags, either a yellow ! or red X, have you tried reinstalling the web cam software or driver.

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Hello, I have a new T530 with Windows 8 OS. I am having trouble using the integrated camera. It functions neither in the Windows camera app nor in Skype. In both cases I get a picture with a gray background and a camera with a line through it. In Device manager, the camera does appear, is enabled, and the drivers are up to date.After looking through other threads, I tried checking whether the camera was plugged in and indeed it was. When using Skype and I set the camera to on (Skype did detect the camera), I still got the gray no camera image, but the green light on the camera itself turned on.I also tried using Fn+F6 to check settings. Lenovo settings opens, but the when I click the camera settings Icon, the screen loads a blank page that says "Camera" in the top right and has a back button (left pointing arrow) in the top left hand corner. The back button does not seem to work and I must change the window to something else in order to exit/close settings.I tried manually installing both camera drivers and "power management" ("energy management"?) drivers. Neither of this solved either of these issues.Please help me to resolve this problem. Thank you.

A:T530 Lenovo Integrated Camera not working, Lenovo ...

Hi, euterpenc
I would make sure that the BIOS is up to date in the system. The current BIOS for your system is 2.07 and can be found here. Also, I would ensure that the chipset drivers are up to date, and those can be found here.
Hope it helps, and let me know how it goes

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Hi! I have a G510 laptop. Few days back the LAN stopped working. It does not detect the ethernet connection....It says 'unidentified network'. I tried a system recovery, did a full antivirus scan but the problem still persists. Please help me out...I'm really worried!

A:Lenovo G510 LAN issue

Hi Saum , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
How did you do system recovery ? 
Was is just a system restore or a full factory system recovery using the novo button from initial back up ?
Was there any yellow marks on device manager ?
Any blinking link lights on the port connection of the cable when plugged in?
Update us so we can further isolate the issue.

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for Lenovo z50-75 camera and nothing is working. I need some assist because calling into the call center was the worst experience in my life.  

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for Lenovo z50-75 camera and nothing is working. I need some assist because calling into the call center was the worst experience in my life.  

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My camera has just gone off, just a black screen I have turned my phone off and on but hasn't helped .pls advise me 

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The camera suddently stopped working and I cant get it fixed. The application for camera says that it cant detect a camera. Its not even showing up in device manager to reinstall the drivers. I also tried downloading drivers from lenovos website and it wont install giving me an error. Any help would be highly appriciated 

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My camera used to work and i used it frequently. i worked one day and the next after making no downloads or changes to my computer it stopped working. The Imaging devices under device manager is gone and when i try to re-download the appropriate driver it says there is nothing to apply the driver to. It is as if the camera literally is gone. I have tried keyboard shortcuts and looking in device manager i don't know what else to try please help. Thanks!

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H guys, I have Lenovo G50-80, i7 and today my camera stopped working. I can see the light is on, but the screen is black. Occassionally the picture appears, but it's frozen. I tried updating drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the cam and drivers again, but nothing seems to be working. I ran diagnostics and this is what I got (attachment). Is it time to buy an external camera, or this one can be fixed? Thank you so much

lenovo.JPG ?111 KB

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I'm trying to set up my Lenovo USB2.0 UVC Camera to work with Skype. I installed the drivers and tried opening the amcap program to adjust the image. However, it gives the message "This image cannot be viewed properly! Please check your camera plug-in!" This camera is built into my Lenovo LCD monitor. Obviously this is saying that the camera is not connected, but I'm not sure what cords are needed and where to plug them. Help would be appriciated

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Hello,i need help with lenovo z51 i camera  for W7 64 bit i  have problem with installing when i try it looks like this:  "No Appropriate Driver to be installed"

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Hi, I own a company called "Cooper Webdesign", where I develop Drupal CMS solutions for private and business companies. I use the Y70-70 as a development-machine to test features I develop for my customers. In this case I am developing a feature where a company will have a live-stream connection through a page like this: http://www.cooper.dk and this: http://www.cooper.dk/cases But the driver for the camera for Windows 10, 64-bit doesnt work. Does anyone have a solution for this? Best regards,Cooper Webdesign

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Hello, I replace my G510 HDD to SSD and replace the optical drive to optibay with the original HDD (st1000lm024 hn-m101mbb).The HDD in the optibay sometimes appearing in bios somtimes not.If not the notebook starting normally if appearing I cannot boot. I hear the hdd need to starting but cannot start just click and click again. I use the latest bios.I try the optibay with the HHD another machine it's working fine.Any idea? Thank in advance.

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