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T430s Wireless Switch Issue

Q: T430s Wireless Switch Issue

So the Internet on my T430s recently stopped working, and every time I try to troubleshoot I'm told to turn on wireless capability using my wireless switch, which is definitely in the on position. (I've even tried turning it to the off position just in case I'm really stupid and have them mixed up, but no Internet there either.) What I've done so far: 1) Fn+F5 gives me the message "The hardware wireless radio switch must be in the on position to use the wireless radios," which is unhelpful since it's in the on position. 2) Going into Device Manager and checking Network Adapters tells me that I have 4 adapters, and the Properties menu for all 4 says that "This device is working properly." I'm not sure which one is being used for my main connection, but all the ones listed say they're working. 3) I did some Googling and found some random sources that said you could use BIOS to override the hardware switch and turn wireless on. Wasn't able to find anything, so I'm wondering whether that doesn't apply for the T430s. Not super familiar with BIOS so I might be using it totally wrong. 4) I opened the computer up to take a look at the wireless radio switch. Didn't see anything clearly wrong with it, but I doubt I'd be able to detect a visible problem even if one were present. So yeah, I'd appreciate if someone could help me with the issue. I'd prefer to solve it on the software side of things, so if someone could tell me a way to override the hardware switch through BIOS or something that would be great. Thanks in advance!

Preferred Solution: T430s Wireless Switch Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: T430s Wireless Switch Issue

Never mind, solved it. I opened the laptop up, pushed down on the switch's ribbon connector thing... and my wireless radio turned on again. What an idiotic issue to have to deal with; the stupid thing must've gotten dislodged somehow.

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I have T430s. My wifi does not work any more, it suddenly stopped working. I have tried all the following steps:1) Ensure the wifi hardware swtich is on2) function F5 3) Drivers uninstall and install the latest - 4) Use Access Connection - I get a message, Your wireless radio is currently off, turning the hardware switch also doesnt fix this.5) Uninstalled and reinstalled Intel ProSet Wireless6) Changed the power management setting to connect to wifi always7) Checked the BIOS setting to enable wireless always What else needs to be done? Should I fix my hardware switch, did not find any tutorial as to how to do it or Should I  replace my wireless network card? Any help would be greatly apprecaited. ThanksSantosh Jami

A:T430s wi-fi connectivity issue - wireless radio is currently off

Hi Santosh Jami,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
You have performed almost all the troubleshooting steps for that, can you also check with reseating the Wifi card once.
Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Hemanth Kumar

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Hello! I bought a second hand Lenovo T430s, and I have a problem with it. The wifi switch seem to have some problem, even if i switch it on, the laptop says it's turned off. My question is, is there a way to "bypass" the physical switch, or can i get a replacement somewhere?

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I have encountered an issue with my laptop (MSI L1300, Intel Atom N450, DDR11 1GB, Sata 160 GB, running Windows XP).

They keyboard on my laptop has become unusable due to water damage. All other parts of the laptop remain fully operational. I have taken it to the repair store and they were unable to source the parts for it so I have been using a USB plugin keyboard.

The issue however, is that to access the internet I must turn on the wireless switch usually (FN + F11). The USB keyboard I have does not have this function built into it like my original laptop keyboard does. Nor does it have any means of turning the wireless ability on.

I was hoping to find out a way to manually turn my wireless switch on so that I may continue to use my laptop.

Any help or insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

A:Wireless Switch Issue - MSI L1300

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I have an HP Zbook 14. I have had this laptop for almost a year and never had a problem connecting wireless.
The other day, my laptop froze up and was unresponsive. I rebooted it and noticed immediately a message about a hash mismatch, but the laptop continued to reboot. After coming up, I could no longer connect wireless, even though the light is on. Troubleshooting
efforts keeps saying to enable the wireless switch, which it is on.
I have done numerous tasks, disable then enable, press the wireless button on and off. Currently I am hardwired in and thought if I unplugged the Ethernet cable, it would pick up the wireless but it did not.
Any suggestions or advice?


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Ok, How do I get this T430s to recognise ONLY the nVidia graphics? I have it set to nVidia only in the BIOS, However, this thing INSISTS on using the pathetic HD4000 graphics when trying to play a game. This was easy to do for the T420. Why wont this work for the T430s? What I've done:Install ONLY the nVidia graphics drivers.... I still wants to use the "generic" VGA driver for everything.It forces me to use the nVidia panel to list games for use with the nVidia graphics. This doesn't always work. Is there a fix for this nightmare?

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Hi, I encounter the following issues with my Thinkpad T430s:- sometimes the mouse pointer starts moving on its on, always towards the same direction and always at the same speed. Rebooting temporarily resolves the issue until it occurs again. Reducing the sensitivity in the driver software does not have any impact. Pressing the trackpoint and letting go does nothing to stop it. - the left mouse button acts like a weird combination of a left click + some function that brings up context menus, if available (e.g. on desktop). This happens using the trackpoint, touchpad and sometimes even when using an external mouse. - Right mouse button does not function at all. No matter what function is assigned to it in the driver software, it does not work. External mouse works. All this ONLY happens if the trackpoint is ENABLED in BIOS. If I disabled the trackpoint in the BIOS, touchpad and all mouse buttons work fine. I tried Windows 10 and Windows 7. The problems occur under both operating systems using different driver software. Therefore, I do believe this to be a hardware issue. Anyone has experienced this issues and knows a good way to fix it? Thanks in advance! 

A:T430s trackpoint issue

I cannot be sure without seeing it, but my guess is that you need a keyboard

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I have  bought Lenovo T430s laptop recently. The main problem is that it came win Ubuntu OS. I formated all the partition data and tried to install Windows 7. There was a "A required CD/DVD drive driver is missing" issue, where a windows prompts asking me to point the directory where to load that driver. It's on that step, where I should select where to install the drive, so I tought it was the HDD drivers. I tried with UEFI/Legacy tricks such as forcing my BIOS to use UEFI only or LEGACY only. I also tried to change the HDD options from AHCI to Compatability and many variations. Well at first time, i tried with putting the chipset drivers to usb disk and point the driver then uncheck the "Hide drivers that are not compatible with my computer" and tried to force it use my drivers. Tried with different drivers and every time I got stuck to the same problem. Then I tried with Windows 8 and Windows 10, It just installed without problem. Later I had issue with my Cooling Fan. It stoped working, So i returned my laptop to the shop, where I bought the laptop. They said that they sent it to a service and the service changed the HDD and the motherboard. The HDD was Seagate 320GB, now it is HITACHI 320GB. The motherboard is changed, because previous motherboard had Compatibility options, that was suited for windows 8, now it's gone (may be old BIOS chip/software or newer, I dont' know, my BIOS version is 2.7). So after I got my laptop back (repaired) I got it with new H... Read more

A:T430s Windows 7 Installation Issue

You need to add the USB 3.0 drivers to the WIndows 7 installation media.  There are several threads on this topic here on the forums.  It can be done manually (a real pain...) or with one of several OEM tools.
Here's the Intel one:  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25476/Windows-7-USB-3-0-Creator-Utility
You may also need to make the flash drive UEFI-bootable if that's you preferred installation mode.  That involves some file manipulation, but not a complete rebuild of the media.

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 As this is my first post,  Hello all! I'm a longtime Thinkpad user, appreciating my previous T60 and T400 for their repairability and durability.  I've just bought a used thinkpad t430s, and I bought a battery for it as it didn't come with one. My issue is, the battery worked fine the first couple times I used it, but now it drains instantly if I unplug from the wall. After I restart the machine, the battery says 0% (charging), and after a short while (10+ minutes) returns to claiming fully charged (100%). So far, I have updated the bios, installed the lenovo power management software, installed the lenovo power management driver, tried removing the microsoft acpi driver without the battery in, then turning off and trying to start on battery  (no luck turns off immediately as well, critical low battery error). I also did this thing someone recommended for battery trouble where you shut down the computer and remove the power sources, then hold down the power button for a minute. The battery health is good, it has had three charge cycles, and this number isn't going up with my little drop downs to 0% and back up to 100% whenever I unplug the machine. I would like help in figuring out if this is a problem with the battery, hardware, or software of the computer. I am running windows 7 pro 64 SP1. i7-3520M @2.9ghz. Thanks in advance!  Ryan  

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A:t430s battery charge issue

Hi and welcome, moreryanIs the battery Lenovo genuine, has Lenovo FRU p/n?Have you get it from the Lenovo related store?Could you make a snapshot of the battery surface labels with quality enough to recognize labels, symbols? As you can't publish images here, in the post yet, provide an external link. Also, as your OS is win7 and I hope Lenovo Power Manager application is installed, what are the values of the second half of the battery parameters (manufacturer name and followed) PM shows in the Battery tab? Make a snapshot as well.Answers and images are needed to understand whether the battery is faked since the battery for T430 should have HW authentication.

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Recently I have been gifted with a T430S Thinkpad on which I made a fresh installation of Windows 7 Home. From time to time the mouse has a strange behavior : it operates fine except to scroll in dropdown lists. I have to use the keybord to do that an select an item. When it happens the touch pad doesn't work anymore. Switching  with an other mouse doesn't solve the problem. I have to stop and restart the laptop to recover the normal behavior of the mouse. Installing last drivers from Lenovo download center had no effect. It seems other users encountered a similar issue. Some of them got rid of it after a BIOS upgrade. Infortunately  I didn't find any BIOS to download. The only files avalaibable are just utilities to install a new BIOS. Mine is 2.05 dated 12/11/2012. So my question is where to get a more recent BIOS and do you think an update will fix the issue. Thanking you in advance 

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I've had my t430s for almost a year now and have been basically happy with it/no issues thus far.However, this morning I went to boot it up and it's completely unresponsive - no lights when plugged into A/C, no fan whir, nothing.  I've already tried the 30 sec power drain trick, verified the charger works, used an alternate lenovo charger(from a t430),removed the battery, both RAM cards, SSD, CMOS and attempted to identify the issue using the various steps recommended in the user guide, but to no avail.I suspect this to be a MB issue or possibly power socket related.  Alas the laptops factory warranty expired in June as it was purchased secondhand(and registered by me after purchase).  Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

A:T430s won't power on - possible motherboard issue?

Well, I have replaced quite a few power jacks on T420s/T430s machines, but if that were the problem, you would have gotten low-battery warnings ahead of time.  When you disconnected the CMOS battery, did you let it sit a few seconds before plugging it back in?  I always let it sit for 5 seconds and then I press the power button 2 or 3 times before putting it back.  This drains all the capacitors.  (I assume you know that the main battery also needs to be out and the machine unplugged.)

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Hi all, I'm not most learned when it comes to tech so bear with me if my terminology or knowledge is incorrect, but out of desperation I've decided to post here. A few days ago I tried to boot my T430s but windows boot manager showed me error 0xc00000e9 before I could even reach the Windows 10 screen. I then went into Lenovo diagnostics and ran a quick test where the results showed that everything passed except Smart status Smart short self testDrive self testRandom seek testFunnel seek testTargeted read test Google seems to suggest that this is hard drive / hard disk drive issue - I don't really know how to fix this. I'm thinking of downloading Windows 10 setup onto a USB or CD and then trying to see if I get past the boot screen. From the information given, do you think my data has been lost or is this the kind of error where data can be retrieved? I never backed up important documents, it's safe to say I have learned my lesson. I appreciate any advice RegardsSM

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Hi everyone,I've a T430s for more than a year now (second hand). Everything was fine until my suddently HDD died last week because of bad sector, after putting the laptop on hibernation for the night.I've bought a SSHD to replace my HDD and asked a friend who is quite good at computing to reinstall windows 7 on it. Everything works exept the wifi, the laptop is not able to catch wifi signal ... (but internet works with an ethernet cable).Installing Lenovo drivers from the support website did not fixed the issue.Any idea about how to fix it or about the source of the problem? Thanks !!

A:T430s Wifi issue after reinstalling Windows

Welcome to the forum!
The site has three different drivers, is your friend sure she/he installed the correct one? I guess you're using a 64bits Win7, right?
Eventually ask her/him to check the device-id of the wifi card from the Device Manager.
Kind Regards

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Hi all, Dropped my T430s. I had the screen repaired. Windows runs, but all programs are extremely slow. Any ideas what could be wrong?I checked RAM and applied new thermal paste, ran chkdsk, which seemed to help a little but the issue persists.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I have Windows 7 Professional on my PC. In the first load I had, the PC should automatically detect if the LAN cable was plugged in, turn off the wireless radio, and change the network icon in the right bottom corner to reflect the cable was now in use.
Unfortunately, I had to reload my PC, and since then I can't get it to do it again.
So, what I'd like to achieve is this: Have Windows automatically detect when the cable is plugged in, turn of the wireless radio, and change the network icon in the right bottom corner to reflect the cable is in use - and, obviously, vice versa.
Can someone tell me what I need to do, please?

A:Have Windows 7 automatically switch to LAN when cable is plugged in and switch to wireless when it's removed

There are two methods can help you.
1. Go to <Network and Sharing><Change Adapter Settings> and right click your wired and wireless adapters one at a time to change the properties. Select IPv4, click <Properties>
then click <Advanced>. For each one, clear the "Automatic metric" check box and assign the metric value manually. Setting your wired adapter?s metric value lower than wireless adapter one, such as ?1? for wired adapter and ?2? for wired adapter.

2. Go to <Network and Sharing><Change Adapter Settings>,
hold down 'alt' to bring up the "File" menu, select "Advanced", select
"Advanced Settings" from the dropdown menu, adjust the priority of your wired adapter higher than your wireless adapter in the "Advanced Settings" window under the "Adapters and Bindings" tab.
Hope this helps.Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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Hi everyone, I searched through the forums but couldn't really find what I was looking for.

Currently we have a DHCP server set up to a switch, that has a special line connecting to a switch in our shop which is just across our back lot, giving network access to the few computers over there. They recently put in a new machine that needs network access, but they have already accidentally cut two ethernet cords. I'm looking to provide a wireless solution for the machine, but I don't want to have to spend a few thousand dollars on a large wireless switch.

Can I plug a wireless router into the switch in our shop, and essentially turn it into a wireless bridge, or is there another, simpler way to do this?

If this has already been answered, sorry for missing it!


A:Solved: DHCP Server -> Switch -> Switch -> Wireless

While you could use a router, or even configure the router to act as an access point, why not just buy a true access point? They start at $27: http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCate...ame=Wireless-AP-Bridges-Repeaters&Order=PRICE

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1. which fru number should I look for. chekced the HW MAint manual but no info2. Wich cable (color) should be connected to which connector?

A:PCI Express Mini Card for wireless WAN - ThinkPad T430s, T430si

For FRUs - https://download.lenovo.com/parts/ThinkPad/t430s_fru_bom_20150409.pdffor maintenance - https://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/t430s_t430si_hmm_en_0b48538_03.pdf

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I purchased several Velocity netbooks for my classroom. In trying to connect to our wireless connection, we keep getting the message "Make sure the wireless switch on your computer is on." We cannot find any such "wireless switch" or where it may be....

Can anyone shed light on this? We're contacting Velocity but thought someone here might have insight right away...

A:"Wireless switch" issue with Netbook

Normally, the wireless capability is controlled either by a switch on the side of the laptop or a function key sequence. The user manual would probably be useful here. Of course, the exact model of the computers would help us too.

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Hi folks!I'm using my t430s in several areas, such as my parents house, or even at home, workplace, coffe shops, etc.... Well, at my parents house, i'm using a type 4336 docking station, with an old sharp FHD external tv hooked to the vga output.. And i used to activate it with fn+f7, when it's needed to show anything, when its necessary.... I have updated the windows lately, but after it the settings gone insane, and when i connect the laptop to the 4336 it sends the screen to the external, and need to change it back to laptop lcd by pressing the mentioned keys before. It is pretty frustrating, and i don't find the setting, which i was able to find before the update. It did the same way after the previoius update too.can somebody please help?I'm soo dissapointed in the new windows stuff by now. I used win 7 x64 for a looooong time, but.... the system came with win8 so its free os for me, and deceided to use it instead of 7. It was a mistake i know... Thank you in advance!carrEdit: I just noticed, if i close the lid, the secondary monitor is becoming the primary, and it turns itself on. How did this gone so bad?! :@
Moderator note: post edited to conform with Community Guidelines

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Hi, i have a AIO B50-30 and I'm trying to connect via the hdmi input socket my TV satellite box. I have found out recently that there is a switch on the side of the unit that will allow you to switch to the input channels so allowing viewing of the box and other like units Xbox etc. My issue is that I'm pressing the switch but nothing is happening it's simply staying on my desktop on Windows 10. Can anyone please help to see if I'm doing this right or am I missing something ?.  Any help, suggestions would be gratefully received since there is very little on the subject in connection with this particular model .thanks in advance.

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Hello, I specifically want a wireless-router with an on/off switch for the WiFi itself. Ideally a switch that will stay in postion until you press it again.

Apart from that the router needs to have all round good performance. Price isnt too much of an issue.

I'd really appreicate any help. Thank you.

A:Solved: Need Help to Find A Wireless Router with Wireless on/off Switch

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i can't find any wireless network using my laptop.
i try to switch on the wireless using the hardware switch on the lapto(fn+f2) but the wireless led wont come on.

need help. flying off in a few days need the wireless to work. =(

A:Cant find wireless network. possible wireless switch problem.

Some laptops need drives to activate the appropriate "FN" designated commands. Did you reinstall the PC recently?
Are you near a network you can connect to? Go to library, most of them have free Wi-Fi.
Also you can try to activate the card manualy. Go to Control Panel > Network Connections > and right click of your Card and "enable"
There is a low chance of this happening, but led might have burned out. Let us now how it went...

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I have installed a wireless card on a Compaq Presario 2200 laptop and tested it out with an antenna from a Toshiba A100 and an HP V6000 to no avail. (No networks found).

It also shows 'check to make sure the wireless switch is on'. This laptop has only got a plastic cover over where the switch would normally be, so is there any way to get the machine to use the new wireless without having to find a little switch for it?



A:Installing wireless on a machine with no wireless switch

You need to use a USB wireless adapter with the proper software installed

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Hi, Just updated my version of Windows 8.1 to 10, however since doing so I am unable to switch on my Wi-Fi. I have ran all the updates from Windows, ran all the HP Support Assistant updates, updated the HP drivers and still no luck. Followed the self help suggestions, yet still unable to click the Wi-Fi 'On'. It just toggles straigh back to the 'Off' position. Prior to the Windows Update, the wi-fi was running fine. any ideas/help would be great! Cheers DP

A:hp 250 g4 wireless - Will Not Switch on

I had the same problem.  I reinstalled the latest bios from the offical site after the install was completed I restarted the laptops and the wirless was switched on. Hope this works for you to. Thanks MC

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Hey all,

I had to reinstall Windows Vista to my laptop, and when I restarted it to see how it was working the wireless button wouldn't turn on. My laptop is the type that has the button above the keyboard that normally turns blue when it's on and available to connect to a wireless network.

Does anyone know how to go in through the Run prompt to get to the administrator settings to reactivate the wireless button? I found it online at one point, but I can't remember how now.

A:Wireless Switch

Is the wireless driver properly installed? Meaning in Device manager, there are not "!" marks?

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I have an e-system EL3103 lap top and am trying to connect wirelessly to the net but the only way I can do it at the moment is to use ethernet link up. I need to find out how to turn on to wireless but don't know where the switch is.
Can anyone help me. This is a PC world purchase and came with no manuals.

A:wireless switch

i will move to networking

First lets see if you actuall have wireless on the PC

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} > network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X

for windows 7
start > control panel>
System and Security>
Device Manager

The switch will be a physical switch anywhere on the PC
or a combination of F keys

there maybe a manual online - i'll see if i can find

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My gateway laptop will not switch from ethernet to wireless i dont know how to change it keeps saying cord required but i want to use it wireless. Someone plz tell me how to switch it back.i tried searchin for a wireless adapter but none come up.

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I have 2 pcs, one is connected to a high speed cable modem and linksys router, and the other is wireless.

I need to switch them around, but am wondering if there is anything special I need to do.

Can I take the wireless card out of my pc and put it into the other one or should I just buy another wireless card?

Also, I have the old ethernet card from before, but can I just put that where the wireless card is now?

How do I go about doing this switch? Is there any type of configuring I need to do?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

A:Wireless Switch

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My Catalyst 4507 switch maybe has some problem. Our pc get ip by DHCP from DC server and they connect 4507 switch. Now there are four machines have some problem that is the icon of network connect shows a "!" in it. I right click the icon and choose "repair" it.But it stopped at the process of renewing ip. I think the network connection of those machines have some problem. If i changed their net port at switch, they can work normally. And the four machines' net port at switch are next to next,it means the module of the switch has problem. Could anybody tell me how can i fix it? Connect it by "console" port and configure it? Thanks.

A:Switch issue

First off, have you checked the cables and the NICs to see if they're good. Next, I suggest you check the IP range of your DHCP server, the IP lease time of the DHCP server, and the network settings on the machines. It sounds like you're getting a IP conflict because either a machine isn't releasing a IP or you have a Static IP in the DHCP servers range.

I'm assuming this is a layer 2 switch? Is it managed?

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Hi guys..

Got a small question about adding wireless to my Exsisting Setup.

Currently I have 1 computer used to connect to the internet with ADSL, it's shared to 3 other computers using a local switching hub.
My home hub is connected to my work's hub about 70M away from my Home.
with another 3 Computers at Work...

So all computer in my network are working great! Sharing files/Internet

I got a new Wireless Laptop with 11g 54Mbits.
Can I add an Access Point to my Home Hub and another Access Point to my hub at work, so that my Lappy can be used wirelessly both home & work???

Or must I rethink my entire network with the use of a new ADSL Modem with router..
I'd perfer to stay with my current setup.

A:Adding Wireless to my HUB/Switch?

Yes, this is exactly what you can and should do instead of going and buying a new wireless router like most people.. *mutter*

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Hi.....I use a KV switch to connect 2 computers using one monitor, mouse and keyboard. Is it possible to use a wireless keyboard with this setup? Obviously, at this point the mouse and keyboard and attached to the KV switch by USB. Not understanding the wireless, I'm wondering if it can only program with one system at a time. Thanks for any input!

A:KV switch and wireless keyboard

It really depends on whether or not your KVM will allow USB hardware detection.
Some do,some don't.
Shouldn't hurt to try and find out.

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I have a 2 year old Sony Vaio laptop, running Windows XP Pro with built in wi-fi, which up until last night was working perfectly.
The problem is when I went to move the slider switch to 'On' this morning, the green light failed to come on, and i can't connect to the network. The slider feels a little loose too.
Also, when I went to shut down last night (Well, i put it into 'hibernation' mode...which means it boots up quicker), it just 'hung' saying what it was going to do....i accidentally closed the lid, then opened it back up.....i tried to reboot, but it wasn't having it, so i took out the battery hoping that would help....which it did, then i booted back up......i think this may be the reason i can't connect.......i've switched off and put back on all my router plugs etc, but to no avail.i can still connect to my desktop ok.
So, any ideas? What went wrong and can it be fixed? is it a loose wire inside?
Any help appreciated guys!


A:Wireless switch not working! Help!

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Not sure the title makes sense... but here goes:

Right now, I have Comcast HSI going to a dlink wireless router and all is good.

I have a new PC on a different floor of the house that I want to connect to the network. I don't want to snake cat5 throughout the house and it has no wireless card.

What I want to do is place a second wireless router (netgear wgv615v) in the room with the new PC and connect it (to the PC) with a cat5 cable. Then the netgear should connect to the wireless n/w and the PC gets a DHCP address from the dlink

Is this possible?

I've tried setting the netgears public IP as something in the DHCP range but I don't think that will work as it will never sync up to the dlink.

Am I missing something?

A:wireless AP as wired switch

A few routers will work as a wireless bridge (AP client). If the Netgear wgv615v is one of these, simply configure it as described in the user manual.

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 Laptop = Acer E1-510-4457OS = Win 8.1 x 64 Requesting assistance how to connect Laptop to wireless network (cell phone wifi hotspot). I live in remote rural area, only internet access is wireless via cell phone. Method to turn on Wifi on this specific Acer -is Fn + F3--- To confirm wireless switch is on, a light will come on left side front panel where there are 4 lights, the 4th right light is WiFi- - irregardless of how many times this combo is done, WiFi Light never turns on. I have spent month researching online, ACER community forums, Win 8.1 forums for wireless etc. ?. Apparently this is common problem with this laptop model. The following suggestions that helped ?solve? some Acer users?. I have attempted but have not been successful. >>>>>> HELP <<<<<<< Suggestion #1  Recovery to previous windows updates?unsuccessful.========================================== Suggestion #2. Click on Network connections, lower right corner, click on wireless connection. Problem:Message says "No connections are available" Clicked on Troubleshooting-- result -- A Network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken.".......... connected USB phone cord to laptop, Internet Tethering option, mobile hotspot option did not work.========================================== Suggestion #3.1) Click on start --> In search bar, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter. "Network Connections" will be opened.... Read more

A:Acer E1-510 Win 8.1 x 64 - Wireless Switch (Fn + F...

If you are not already at the 2.14 bios version, update the bios. Try the wifi. Go to Device Manager, right click on the wifi adapter and choose Update driver software.

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My Z3 stopped detecting wi-fi, I now have to use a cable.  Even after a return to Factory Settings there is no indication of any wi-fi.  My home wi-fi is working as normal.  Have I accidentally switched off wireless on the Z3?  If so, how do I turn it back on?

A:Is there a wireless switch on an Aspire Z3 All-in-...

What operating system are you running?
Also, can you provide the first 10 characters of your serial number?

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My friend has a Toshiba Satellite laptop. I am not sure of the specific model. Also I think some of the hardware was put in after the laptop was initially purchased.

It has a built in wireless card, but it is not turned "on." When I try to connect with it, it says to turn on the wireless switch. How would I do that?

A:Turning wireless switch on

With my Dell the switch is the Fn + F2 key combination, with the F2 key denoted with a blue tower antenna icon. I think in another thread somebody said the switch on their Toshiba is on the front and is cleverly disguised to look like simply an indicator.

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i have a gateway m520 and recently reformatted and reinstalled with the disc which came with the laptop........everything is lovely except!..........i cannot not use the fn+2 switch to toggle my wireless connectivity, this is driving me mental, what on earth do i need to do

thanks in advance people ,

dougiemcvey ....

A:gateway wireless fn+2 switch

are you sure the Key works and not stuck at all?

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My friend has a one year old HP laptop she purchased from the QVC shopping network. Wifi has been working fine until yesterday. Troubleshooting the problem says wifi needs to be enabled. There is no wifi FN key on her keyboard, nor is there a wifi hardware switch. How do you enable wifi on her computer?  (QVC computer support has been of no help.)

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Hi, was just wondering if there was a feature on Windows 7 which will automatically switch from wireless to wired connection when I plug my computer into my modem or router. I have heard of such thing, but am not sure how to do it.

I am running on windows 7, and own a Dell Inspiron N5110.

A:Wireless Auto Switch

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I have a little problem; I have an aspire 5920 laptop that usually connects to the internet fine. I have unknowingly turned off the wireless switch, though, and now it won't work. Could somebody help me locate the switch or tell me the function keys to turn it back on?

A:Can't find my Wireless Switch

Hi kruss08, and welcome to TSG.

Page 26 of the Aspire 5920's User Manual shows the location of the WLAN (Wireless LAN) On/Off switch.

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I an running windows xp home with sp2 installed. I keep getting a dialog box that opens when I boot up the says Wireless Switch Utility has encountered a prolem. I am using a wireless router and this is a laptop running on a home network. What is the wireless switching untility and how do I fix this problem. I am getting the internet and I am able to see and upload or download from other compteres on the network. Thanks

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Configfree Connectivity Doctor says that the wireless communication switch is off. The problem is that the light is showing as on. What can i do to reconnect through the wireless router? Thank you for any help you can gve me.

A:Wireless communication Switch


Type ipconfig /all

Then click on Command Prompt in upper left corner > Edit > Select All

Then hit the enter key on the keyboard. This puts the ipconfig information in the copy buffer and then paste the results in your reply.

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I have a Toshiba L655D, Satellite.. I cant get the wireless receiver to turn on. The FN+F8 button is the on/off switch, no other switch on the  outside of this PC. May have deleted a program for that , but not sure.. The realtek  LAN 802.11, is working properly... All troubleshooting test results say to turn on wireless capabilities.. I can connect thru Ethernet cable... all the other F buttons are working. What's the problem?

A:wireless switch not working

Make sure you've installed a driver for your wireless card. You can find one here.

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hey everyone, I ve got a very strange problem, I'm using an Acer 2920Z notebook which I upgraded it to windows 7, everything works fine except my wireless switch light, it works reversely!!!! when wireless is on the light is off and then when I push its button the light turns on but the wireless goes off.
I have already checked, to upgrade the driver but Acer support center doesn't have any windows seven drivers for this model. SO PLEASE HELP

A:Wireless LAN switch light

Considering all the things that could go wrong, Id just live with it.. You could check for any driver updates for your computer to see if that solves your problem...

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I have Uverse on the first floor of my house. How do I connect a switch to that from the second floor so as to connect desktops to the network? I don't want to run cables or drill holes in the floor. Is there a wireless switch or bridge that would connect to the uverse box downstairs and allow me to have multiple connections upstairs?

A:Wireless switch or bridge

I don't want to run cables or drill holes in the floor.Click to expand...

Me neither; but that's what I just finished doing this afternoon because I decided I wanted the increased reliability.

A Wireless Bridge may work. If you can't find one look for Wireless Access Points that include the Wireless Bridge capability. Some people choose to use, or at least try, powerline adapters.

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I'm having an issue where I had my wireless switch key set to Off when I was in Windows 7 and had it running on Ethernet. After I upgraded to Windows 10, I was unable to switch the Wireless Key to On because it was remapped to the Airplane Mode Button.

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