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TP Yoga 20cd -- official drivers required for windows 10 (list?)

Q: TP Yoga 20cd -- official drivers required for windows 10 (list?)

Hello all. My laptop used work perfectly until the day I decided to remove all the extra stuff by doing a clean install of Windows 10. I predownloaded all the drivers I would need and then did the clean installation. Now I have an issue with my wifi. It randomly drops connection to wifi and is slow to start working again. After coming out of sleep it does not automatically reconnect to the ap and I have to trigger it manually. Separately (i think) when coming out of sleep, the login screen does not respond to the keyboard and I am forced to use the mousepad to click or a touchscreen swipe to get to the password field. What I'm seeking is an official list of drivers that are required for a clean windows 10 install on a thinkpad yoga series 20CD. If order of installation is critical, please give this also. I believe I downloaded everything available from the support page but just want to be sure. Sometimes not all drivers are available when filtering by OS "Windows 10". Thanks in advance. Laptop specs are:512gb ssdmemory card slot2.4/5 n/ac wireless 7260ac w/bluetooth

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Preferred Solution: TP Yoga 20cd -- official drivers required for windows 10 (list?)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


For the love of all things holy please sticky this so it doesn't get lost and someone creates a new one.

This thread is for use as a central repository of everything we wish is fixed or added to Windows 8.

I'll start:

1. Pure Desktop Mode. People have been wishing for a way to login directly to desktop with a Windows 7-style start menu. I'm pretty sure if Microsoft ever does this it will only be an option in 8 Pro or 8 Enterprise.

2. An improved method of using multiple displays. Having an application quit or something because that window lost focus doesn't cut it for us.

3. Have a Metro-style "Notifications Tray". it could be a subsection of the Charms menu, which would allow you to access currently running background applications (Like Skype or something)

4. Metro system applications. I'd like to me able to use Metro Snap in order to place the calculator beside whatever I'm working on, and have a Metro-style task manager where the Start tile shows usful information (like processor activity, RAM and HDD usage, etc)

A:Official Windows 8 Wish List


A "CLICK AND STICK" solution for the classic desktop, another words I want to during the initial set up of the OS to be able to select "classic desktop" as the default boot setting, so that EVERYTIME I
start the PC up it only comes up with the classic desktop, nothing else.

If Win 8 does NOT have this CRITICAL option, and the OS will only boot up to METRO

I WILL NOT be purchasing Windows 8. Period.

My next OS will be Ubuntu or Linux. I can promise MS that millions of other users will be opting for the same.

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Hello, One of our ThinkPad Yoga goes into an endless loop when attempting to reboot. The O/S was upgraded from Windows 8.x (as shipped) to Windows 10 (MS free upgrade) a long time ago and there have been no previous issues restarting. I believe the version of Windows is 10 Home Edition. The HDD is almost fully utilised (1 gig free). Irrespective of the options taken, on boot up the screen flickers what looks like a CMD window in the top left of the display twice very quickly, then after the Lenovo splash screen is displayed:Preparing automatic repairThen Diagnosing your PCAutomatic RepairYour PC did not start correctly Restart just continues in the loop irrespective when continue or repair is selected. I?ve taken Advanced options:Continue ? Just continues in the loopUse a device ? I?ve tried creating another rescue boot disk from another yoga without a CD Rom ? attempting to create it on a USB stick but the create repair disk in Windows 10 Pro doesn?t allow USB stick as an optionSystem restore point shows me 4 states however when selecting any I get the message the backup drive cannot be foundI can access a CMD promptStartup repair - couldn?t repair your PC  see log file c:\Windows\System32\Logfiles\SrtTrail.txt.  I?ve attached this file that I copied to USB via the CMD Prompt.  I have renamed the file from txt to doc. The error message in the log file states The operating system version is incompatible with Startup RepairHow... Read more

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Toshiba Portege R830-10Q-P321E
Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit came pre-installed

Attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 and it's completely bricked my laptop - cannot access files, cannot rollback, cannot use an alternative system, cannot repair, nothing!

Looks like I need to format (I have a backup of my personal files anyway), and then do a fresh install, but I have no windows installation disk.

Looking online, it looks like I need the official one from Toshiba (I have my windows key on the bottom of the laptop), but don't know how to get it from Toshiba.


Thanks in advance for your time and help/support.

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I have an old Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga type 20CD. Recently I lost the system after a Windows 10 update.It took me a month to get the Lenovo recovery CD because the BIOS of this machine is locked.I found myself under Windows 8.1.The PC ran for 2 days but failed as the SSD was in poor condition.So I bought a SSD in the trade identical to that of the machine with a similar reference Lenovo. After formatting, the repair CDs refuse to install the system.I think they are good but they are intended for recovery only and do not recreate the proper disk structure.Who would have the solution to recreate this structure? I almost succeeded (UFI partition in fat 32, partition MSR, partition of data in NTFS but I can not create the locked system partition (1000 Mb) I could have done it using the commands in CMD but they no longer work under Windows 10 (for example SET DISK or other instructions that worked previously are no longer recognized.How to do it?Help!

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Lenovo Yoga 20CD will not power on after shut down yesterday. When I plug in charger the red dot above the "i" blinks three times. I have removed battery, held power for five seconds and put battery back in, no change
Mod's Edit: Updated model information in Subject line for clarity.

A:Thinkpad S1 Yoga 20CD will not power on

I'm facing the same issue. Suddenly it won't power on. Only LED indicator blinks when plugging in the power supply; and the LED turns on for a few seconds without plugging in the power supply. Beside that nothing happens. Any clue how to solve this? I've checked the connectors but they look ok. I've also tried resetting via "reset button" on the backside. further I've tried several sequences pushing the power button and holding it for 30 - 60 seconds.So far nothing helped. Any clue? Thanks. 

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After I turn off my yoga it happens sometimes that it does not start when I turn it on, so I have to use a paper clip on the button below. before I get turned it on.

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Long story short, i erased everything and performed a clean install of Windows 10 64bit and the computer stopped shutting down or go into sleep mode. I had Windows 8.1 64bit, i upgraded it to Windows 10 about a year ago, when it first came out. The upgrade went almost fine, some bit issue with the OS but nothing serious, so i went on till i decided, to correct those little issues, to perform a clean install.  So i downloaded the media creation tool, the version with the anniversary update, and erased everything, but keeping the recovery partition. After the install, i started having troubles with entering sleeping mode or shutting down the laptop.I installed the power management driver i found on the site (n1cku04w). With that I can shut down even if it strangely blinks a few times before shutting down. I can enter sleep mode and wake it up properly if I do it from the start menu, but if i close the laptop or try using the power button takes me to a state where OS is sleeping and HW is still awake, so i can't do anything apart from force it off. Strangely too, the driver on the site is overriden from another version i recieve from System Update app. But, with the version from System Update app, i can't even shut it down properly, the OS dies but the HW is still awake and fully functioning leading me to kill it pressing the Power Button. Anybody have faced the same issue? If somebody with the same laptop still has Windows 8.1 can he tell me, someh... Read more

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My wife's Yoga just today stopped charging or turning on.  It was working seemingly fine before and would last several hours on battery (so don't think the battery was at the end of it's natural life).   The little blinky light on the over no longer blinks when plugged in.  There's 0 sign of life.  Here's what I've tried: 1) Hold power button for 20 seconds (both with and without power plugged in while holding before plugging back in after)2) Push the reset button with a pin for 10 seconds (again, with and without power plugged in)3) Used voltage meter to validate 20V from power supply. Also tried a second power supply.4) Removed cover and used voltage meter to validate 20V at board soldier points for the power jack (so power reaching board)5) Checked all chips, hard drives, connectors that were readily visible to make sure they were tight. Nothing when plugging back in. Questions:1) Anyone know of any common remedies or things I can look for?2) Any general guidance on getting something like this fixed? (ie, send to Lenovo, find a big name store like Best Buy, other?) Thanks!

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Hello Everyone! My ThinkPad Yoga was my daily laptop for years until it stopped charging. I replaced the wall adapter in hopes that it would be a cheap, easy fix, but that didn't work any better than the original one. It won't turn on and the red charging LED (the dot on the i of the ThinkPad logo) doesn't light up anymore. I'm waaaaay out of warranty so I'll need to replace any needed parts on my own. Where do I start for troubleshooting this?

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I need to find the bios date and time of a Thinkpad Yoga type 20CD-0034UK,When I access the bios I can see the time in the top right corner but can't find where the date is shown? 

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Hello to everyone,I'll need your help. I installed a new, fresh Win 8.1 operating system on my Yoga S1. I also mount a new Intel SSD in the place of the old HDD. So it's way faster now I need to have a HDD password, also a start-up password. So, i set the same password (I'm sure, double-triple check it) for supervisor, power-on and HDD password. I enabled the password on restart option.So here is the problem - when i power on the Yoga, it asks for the power-on pass. I enter it and it is corect. Then, it shows that it enters the HDD1 pass automatically and it is succesfull. The system boots and it's fine. But when i press Restart from Windows, it powers off, ask for power-on pass - correct, then it asks for HDD1 pass. It's the same and should be automatically filled, like in cold start. Ok, it enter it manually, but it is incorrect. I also tried with blank pass, but without succes. So, after three incorect passwods, it freezes. Then, I power off completelly, start again, enter the power-on pass and it's fine, it boots the OS. So, it's not working on restart, but cold starts are OK. As I said, I checked many thimes that the passwords are the same. Please advice guys.Thanks to everyone

A:Yoga S1 (20CD) Strange HDD password behaviour

Do you still have the 2.5: drive also?  I have seen this behavior once before in a machine with a 2.5" drive and an M.2 SSD.  It turned out that the problem was related to the 2.5" drive, even though the bad pw showed up on the M.2 drive at restart.  My 2.5" drive was originally from an HP and there was something screwed up in the HP firmware that interfered with the M.2 drive.  It took me a long time to figure out what was wrong.  It also might have the same symptoms with an HP SSD

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Hello Everybody My Keyboard don't response, after change the trackpad. Thank for Help me Hugo

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Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

A:S1 (20CD) - How to increase battery life on my Yoga?

Good day and welcome to the community.Please provide more information about your system (model, OS, recent updates, etc), otherwise it will be difficult for the community to assist you. We will also be able to confirm that your post is in the proper forum.Regards.

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After running updates the computer will no longer POST.Turning on power only boot cycles (turns on for 3 seconds, turns off, turns on etc.), screen is black, no POST.Possibly a BIOS update fail? Need to spend a grand to get a new MB?? Tried removing the battery, drain power, use only power cord. No luck.

A:After update ThinkPad Yoga, 20CD cannot POST!

I wish they would stop pushing BIOS updates other than at the request and guidance of support, they seem to fail too often and brick far too many systems.       You can usually perform a Boot Block Recovery on modern motherboards, but I do not think Lenovo has implemented that technology on their laptops for security reasons, but you might still check with Lenovo Support to see if they have any options short of replacing the system board.  BTW:   Does your system have the emergency reset hole on the back side of the case, and if so have you tried unplugging it from the power supply, and then pressing it for about 10 seconds or so?  (see item #1 on page 46 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual) Hardware Maintenance Manualhttps://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/s1_yoga_hmm_en_sp40a26742_01.pdf

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Hello Everybody My Keyboard don't response, after change the trackpad. Thank for Help me Hugo

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I created this thread in order to inform people about any new catalyst drivers that AMD will release for our Graphic cards. I will try to keep it updated.

For now one we only have these drivers.

AMD Catalyst Drivers Windows 8 Consumer Preview

A future AMD Catalyst Windows 8 driver release that adds support for the AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series, and AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series is planned for the coming weeks.

A:Official AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 8 Thread

And hopefully HD 7800 series also. (I have a 7850).

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Hi all,Recently bought the Lenovo Yoga S1 (20CD) 2-in-1 laptop.I was wondering if anybody knows whether it will work with a stylus? And if so, is there a specific brand of stylus it would work with?I have tried it with a Medion writing pad stylus and a Panasonic tough book stylus, and it doesn't work.It has a "dummy" stylus on the bottom right corner.I'm wondering whether certain models simply do not work with a stylus (even though the touch screen works).Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated

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Simultaniously my keyboard backlight, touchpoint and trackpad stopped working. They do not appear in device manager and reinstalling drivers did nothing. On Lenovos advice, I purchased replacement palmrest, trackpad, keyboard etc and fitted them successfully but this has made no difference. Could it be a power management issue? I've updated PM drivers. Motherboard damage? As far as I know no water or physical damage has occurred. 

A:Thinkpad Yoga (20CD) trackpad and keyboard backlig...

Also I've done various system restores and reinstalled Windows 8.1

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Has anybody upgraded the Ram in their Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga type 20CD from 4GB to 16GB? Thanks, Vasu 

A:Memory Upgrade Yoga Thinkpad Type 20CD

Welcome to the forums!
In regards to your question I doubt you will find anyone that has upgraded the RAM on this model since its soldered and and has no extra sockets.  See psref.

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Hi there, hopefully someone can help me. Back when my laptop was still under warranty, I complained to Lenovo about the many scratches I was getting on my screen from using their pen. I don't press hard when I draw, and I even bought replacement nibs just in case there was something sharp on the one I was using. Alas, nothing helped. This didn't happen on the last tablet Thinkpad (X61) I had! At the time, I couldn't afford to send my laptop in to get it repaired. I was in the middle of a VERY busy college year. But now, the scratches are so numerous, it's really affecting my ability to work on it. Is there a way to just... replace the matte finish? Looks like it's like a screen protector to me. Is that something I can purchase on my own, or would I nee to take my laptop to a repair place to get it put on correctly? I tried to see if I could take the thing off myself, but I can't even get my fingernail under a corner. I HOPE it's a screen protector of sorts, because there's no way I can afford replacing the entire screen.

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One of my end users has a ThinkPad Yoga 20CD-00BYUS. He's one of the few users in my organization with a Lenovo device. His hard drive failed. I've purchased a replacement, but don't have any setup/recovery media. Is there a way to obtain this? I can't seem to find a way to do so on the Lenovo site, at least not for a device out of warranty.

A:Yoga 20CD hard drive failure - recovery media

If the machine has been upgraded to windows 10, you can download (free) from Microsoft.  To obtain the media to recover your machine to its original configuration, you can call 1-800-426-7378 and tell them you need to purchase a recovery set for a machine out of warranty.
I will add that Microsoft does not make it easy to apply security and driver updates to a newly-recovered windows 7 system.  If you had win 7 and you ever want to upgrade, now is the time.

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My S1 Yoga, 20CD-00B1US, is stuck with the screen off and the power LED stuck on. When I try to push or hold the power button it beeps two short beeps and the LED stays solid. I was running the Lenovo Bios Update Software directly from their site. The power cord was plugged in and no other programs were running (aside from background programs). Now it is just stuck like this. Any thoughts or help would be great. I can't even get it to force shut off. Thank you in advance!

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I just installed the office AMD VGA Driver jan 17 2017 16.40.2701.1. once through amds regular install and then a second time after using DDU in safe mode.  I can now access radeon addition settings display color setting all drivers since 16.9 drivers.  I use a tv as a display and need that function greatly.  I havent been able to get it to show that tab with AMDs newest drivers at all.  My new problem is with Lenovos drivers my apu is max 800mghz constantly when plugged in. I attached a pic so you can see.  The APU going from 800 to 300 was me plugging and unplugging it.  This is an issue for me now because I down clocked my CPU to play some games and now im crashing constantly from what my guess is the APU at 800 mghz constant even with little no no load.  THis is so frustrating Lenovo and AMD.  THis is the flagship laptop for AMD right now and Its terrible with drivers.  So any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated. I just want to use the newest drivers with display color settings.  Its not that hard to ask. EDIT in radeon additional settings I always have used maximum performance when plugged in and now when I switch it to optimize battery my APU for down to 300 when in idle or light load like it should and used to with all the other drivers ive used and left it on Maximum Performance.  This sucks if that settings on optimize battery the cpu runs at 2.5ghz on high performace. &... Read more

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any suggestions?

Sempron x64 2600+
160GB Primary
Gforce 6200A
Vista Ultimate x64
Motherboard is
Compaq - K8S-LA (I think) no Asus Support for the board as it`s a proprietary Compaq board
Sound Blaster Live 5.1 24bit
Onboard Realtek ALC658
so here is my total delema
I've downloaded the Sound Blaster live 5.1 drivers from Windows Updates... but i am not getting any feedback for audio... any suggestions anyone? yes all basic and sum advanced trouble shooting has been done... <--(8/23/2007)

(8/01/2007)--> I got the WDDM Drivers working for the SBL but then it craped out.... now it won`t detect in any of my PCI Slots i haven`t tested to see is the slots are toast but the cards not because it works in my other computer... so i re-enabled my Onboard no WDDM drivers from M$ for it... so realtek.com.tw it is... i download the AC`97 vista x64 drivers installs fine speaker (beside clock) has volume now not a red circle with a white x.... no audio....ok failed attempt so i remove tho`s drivers completely even with registry... install the HD realtek drivers installs fine well minus the fact they (were not designed for my chipset) speaker has volume and the "device is working correctly" well? I really do not know what to do... and yes i have driver signing completely disabled

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Just noticed that nVidia has posted their release of video drivers on their web page bringing the version up to 28.32.

For Win9x:

For Win2k:

Don't have the time to try these out yet; hoping that someone would

A:Official nVidia Drivers 28.32

If you check the front page... Only joking.
I'll install these tomorrow when I get home from Milan
Nice find, the drivers have only just been posted.

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Just noticed this on www.hardocp.com. Grab em while they're hot:


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I have hit a new problem, I am re-installing because Windows 7 thought i was ingenuine but i was using a CD + Serial purchased from PC World, so im just reinstalling because it was recommended to do so, now i try and re-install Windows 7, x84, and it says it cannot find drivers, if someone could please link me to download them for the following system :

Compaq Presario CQ60-214EM
Currently Running Vista

A:Windows 7 Drivers Required... WTF???!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by AdilAA

I have hit a new problem, I am re-installing because Windows 7 thought i was ingenuine but i was using a CD + Serial purchased from PC World, so im just reinstalling because it was recommended to do so, now i try and re-install Windows 7, x84, and it says it cannot find drivers, if someone could please link me to download them for the following system :

Compaq Presario CQ60-214EM
Currently Running Vista

Have you googled it? presario CQ60-214EM drivers?

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Dear All,
I have Dell laptop Intel core i5 N series. Due to various viruses and malfunctioning of hotspotshield I want to reinstall Windows 7 from scratch but I am afraid that I may remove the necessary drivers. I would like you guys to help me as I an mot much familiar with these things.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8067 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 353766 MB, Free - 284152 MB; D: Total - 599999 MB, Free - 566081 MB; F: Total - 99 MB, Free - 71 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0K08H3
Antivirus: None

A:required drivers for windows 7

Antivirus: NoneClick to expand...

That explains why your computer is infected in the first place.

Beyond that, you will need drivers for your chipset, sound card, video card, and others - but those are the most important.

What is the full model of your computer?

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I had this problem with the earlier 66.71 drivers and I just installed 66.93 and had the problem again (I was using a nonofficial driver, can't remember number). What it appears to be doing is taking the polygons of certain things and extending them, like lines, across the entire world, they move with the originating entity, but they just extend to infinity... This has happened with both Far Cry and the World of Warcraft Beta, both of which worked fine with the non-official drivers. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of thing before, or am I alone in this?

Nvidia GeForce 6800 by Chaintech
3 Gig P4
1024 MB DDR 400 Ram
Audigy 2 Pro


A:Very odd artifacts with Nvidia Official Drivers..

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Did you completely uninstall the old driver first?

Also when installing drivers it`s a good idea to disable any antivirus programme you are using as this can seriously screw up the process of installing and uninstalling.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hello, Ideapad u260 , page not found when searching through the support for that model.. Please help.SN, lenovo servie bridge not finding anything (newest version of service bridge installed , windows 10 pro 64-bit) Thank you

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Sir,       I tried to download drivers for my laptop from hp official website. The drivers are missing in the website. I request you to post the list of drivers required and their respective links. My Laptop model is HP Pavilion 15-ab027tx.

View Solution.

A:Drivers are missing in the HP official website

@Sai_Kiran4485? Drivers, some User Guides and Product Information is down at the moment. HP has been notified and is working on it. Please check back later. Sorry for any inconvenience. REO

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I had been tearing my hair out for the last 2 days trying to work out why my SSD performance was slower than my previous computer (Q9300, GA-EP41-UD3L with no AHCI, 4GB DDR2 RAM) and realised that it was the SATA drivers that came with my motherboard. As soon as I went back to the Windows default AHCI SATA drivers my read/write speeds were about 280MB/270MB per sec. once I installed the Intel ICH10R drivers and the Marvel SATA 3 drivers, my performance dropped to about 240MB/235MB per sec (This is using ATTO Benchmark)

Anyone notice this and is there a solution for this problem?

P.S. It also appears that the Intel/Marvel drivers do not support the TRIM command as when I run a program to force this to happen, the drive does nothing (whereas it works with the default drivers)

A:Slower SSD performance with official drivers

Hello Scorpian, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might give the beta Intel AHCI SATA drivers a try to see how it works for. It supports TRIM. I got better performance with my SSD with this one.

The latest official WHQL Intel AHCI SATA drivers (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) also supports TRIM, but it not the latest version as the one above.

Hope this helps,

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Hello Sir. PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0166&SUBSYS_183F103C&REV_09PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0166&SUBSYS_183F103CPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0166&CC_030000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0166&CC_0300 could you please provide me with drivers for HP pavilion g6-22585sx due to after formatting I lost all required drivers. Thanks in advance

View Solution.


Hi: See if the W7 32 bit drivers from the HP Probook 4540s work on your model. Do not use the BIOS, firmware or card reader drivers. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=5229457&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4052 The driver you need for the hardware ID you posted is the Intel HD graphics driver. This card reader driver should work for you... This package contains the driver that enables the Realtek Card Reader in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. The card reader enables users to read from or write to supported removable storage cards, which are typically used in digital cameras, digital music players, and cellular phones. File name: sp61722.exe

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Hi, I need drivers for network card of HP Pavilion 15-n051tx Notebook  Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 connector) Thanks

A:Network Drivers Required windows 7 - 32 bit

Hi Eve09, It looks like you can find the Realtek LAN adapter driver here. The most current version listed is 7.072.0410.2013. For this driver and all other drivers, you can find them on the driver pace for the Pavillion 15-n051tx.

I am an HP Employee.

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Hi everybody! Today have formatted my Laptop and changed the OPERATING SYSTEM to Windows 7 (32-Bit) (Ultimate Edition)Need basic drivers for the my HP 15-ay009ne(ENERGY STAR) Laptop for the following devices, currently being Yellow Highlighted by the Device Manager: 1. Ethernet Controller2. Network Controller3. PCI Device4. PCI Simple Communications Controller5. SM Bus Controller6. Some Unknown Device7. USB Mass Storage Device (Although it is reading the Flash Drive) Your help is requested and reply is anxiously awaited.Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Shafad Ayadathil


Hi: See if the W7 32 bit drivers from the HP Probook 450 G3 work for your model.  Do not use the BIOS and firmware files from this model on yours. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=7834518&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4053 You want to install all of the drivers listed under the chipset section. You want the Realtek ethernet (LAN) driver for the ethernet controller. PCI Device needs the realtek card reader driver under the storage driver section. The unknown device may need the 3D driveguard driver under the storage section. I don't know what model wireless card your notebook has, so please post the hardware ID for the Network Controller device and I will let you know what wireless driver from the list of network drivers your notebook needs. To find the hardware ID, go to the device manager and click on the device listed as a Network Controller. Then click on the Details tab at the top of the Network Controller window. Now you will see a Property drop down list, and it will be set to Device Description. Drop down on that list and select the 2nd item (Hardware ID's). Post the top string of characters that you see in the window.

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A:Windows 7 32 bit drivers required for Hp 15-BE002TU

Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forum ! I am not sure if 32-bit Windows is supported, but you may try. x64 is supported for sure. You can get the drivers for Windows 7 from HP website/servers . Here is the URL >> http://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/10862306/model/11543974 If you do not have Internet connection after Windows 7 is installed, you can copy the files from another computer and transfer them to your HP 15 via USB thumbdrive (for example).  Let me know if this helps and do not hesitate to post again if something is not clear.

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Allo! I need help with this one, upgrading it for a friend. Sony are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when it comes to this pretty nice system acutally... it's a PCV W1/G All-in-one unit. So can you help with drivers? I found this site today - so they must exist...

Remove Keyboard Sony Vaio Pcv W1 G

A:Sony PCV W1/G Windows 7 Drivers Required...

Tim mate the 7 OS should load drivers at install but I se from this site Sony : PCV-W1/G updates | Download updates for PCV-W1/G Vista seems to be the latest OS it came with and all I can suggest is to hunt down the drivers for the machines internals from the various manufacturers.

So if you can glean from HW Info the details of those internals it might be the go.
HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download

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I am having this laptop since more than 3 years.. I had update my softwares before from the official website of hp. As my laptop is not connected to internet now I am trying to download them individually and install it manually from hp drivers and download page. The page shows all the drivers for my product after finding it. But i cannot see a download button or a download option to download the drivers. I need to update my drivers but I am unable please help me direct downloading them.

A:Cannnot download drivers through the official driver and dow...

Hi, If you're not seeing the Download button, another option would be to click the Details box and then click on the link next to File name: Regards, DP-K

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I found identical problem her on the forum section. However, uninstall/reinsatll of drivers still gives the same error code. I did find an updated driver that was not posted (2023.5.130.2015Rev.A  17MAR2015), but I still recieve the same errror:"This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" Any new suggestions are greatly appreciated.

A:Windows cannot load the drivers required for RealtekRTL8188E...

Hi, What is your HP15 ? Did you upgrade/downgrade your machine ? Please use the following instructions to find out what is your machine:     http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00033108 Regards.

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Hello, I've just purchased "HP Envy Notebook 13 - d115t". Notebook comes with Window 10 Home. I need to install Windows 7 into it, can anyone suggest step by step procedure for it ? Also I'm not able to find out drivers for the same, so if any one has details then please let me know.... Regards,Vishal Udani

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i have Toshiba Satellite A200-1GM (PSAECE-02C00DPL) serial no. 97303299K.
I would like to refresh my Windows. I reinstalled to Win 7 - 32bit.
My problem is, when i try enter my notebook model in Toshiba driver search, there is no matches... for any windows.
Just simple Toshiba deasn't recognise my notebook model...

Can someone help me...

It's radiculous...

Best regards...

A:Satellite A200-1GM - no drivers on official Toshiba website

Your files aren't stored in the main Toshiba files, which probably means Toshiba no longer supports your model. But they are still stored in the listed archives. This is all the files I could find for your device Windows 7 32bit

Important drivers

Firmware: You will need at least one of these but not all, use the one you know you had before the refresh. If you don't know which one you had then use the top one.

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Hello HP community,I have quite a problem here. I game on this HP 15-r032nx notebook that I obtained about a year and a half ago (as silly as it seems, but I'm a low-spec gamer, so anything goes), and I've been vouching for Intel to grab the latest Intel HD Graphics drivers, as the official ones provided by HP are sorely outdated (a little bit over a year, to be exact, latest official driver was released back in August 2015), meanwhile Intel's latest driver update was released in the middle of August 2016. But, the big thing was, when I decided to revert into HP's official latest drivers, all my games' performances improved marginally. I seriously feel the performance could be further improved by having HP release their version of the latest drivers for Intel HD Graphics 4400, but unfortunately I do not see that for my laptop model. Anything going on here?

A:Official HP Intel HD Graphics 4400 Drivers Outdated

Nothing is going on. HP does not create the drivers for the HD 4400 graphics, Intel does. It is their product. The graphics solution  is on the same chip as the CPU\APU and not on the system board. Your best source for an Intel HD 4400 graphics driver will be at the Intel driver download website 

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Hello Everyone,First of all really thankful for Dell Community for  my last query,  Most satisfactory technical support. we (sloxsoft) looking forwards for further assistant. in our office we had more 200 desktop and 100 laptom of Dell. They are working properly but on timely basis we need to boost the performance of system.So, Please anyone can suggest us for re-installation of Dell official software drivers. Sincerly
Steve Smith
Manager SloxSoft

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