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Shutting off changes to a WORD Doc before e-mailing it ?

Q: Shutting off changes to a WORD Doc before e-mailing it ?

I searched a little bit, I didn't see it:

How do you shut off a Word document before sending it so the receiver of the document cannot back-track and see any changes you made to the document before sending it ?

I hope that made sense, but I read something about a year ago that said if you e-mailed someone a Word Document, that they may be able to pull that document into their system, and simply use the 'back' key to show any changes you made to the document before you sent them the version you saved as the final one.

Am I making sense ?

There is a way to shut this off so they cannot do that, I just don't recall how.

Preferred Solution: Shutting off changes to a WORD Doc before e-mailing it ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Shutting off changes to a WORD Doc before e-mailing it ?


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I tried sending an e-mail in Microsoft word with the e-mail icon on the quick toolbar, couldn't send it and couldn't close Word. I got this message:
"This error can occur if you try to send a Word document by using the Email ( Microsoft Office Button | Send command) command. If Word hangs, or you closed Word and a new message dialog does not appear, it is possible that Outlook did not receive the request to start a new message.
To avoid this issue, restart Word and attempt to send the attachment again, but wait for Outlook to respond prior to attempting another action.
You cannot close Microsoft Office Word until the Send Mail Command is finished. Switch to the New Message first, and either send or close the message". I had to manully close down my computer, then restart it. I can use all my programs but everything is different, and Outlook background is grayed out.
Can you tell me how I can correct this problem?

A:E-mailing using Microsoft Word

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I am running MS Word 2010. Here is my problem.

Letís say I type a letter and have the personís name and address in the letter. On the Word menu bar I select labels. For some reason when the label prints, it is center adjusted and not adjusted to the left like a normal mailing label would be.

Any thoughts on how to fix this.

A:Mailing Labels in MS word Help

double check that your left alignment is selected on the home ribbon.

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I created a word document to send around to my co-workers for editing, the problem is it can not be edited. The way it is being sent is file send to mail recipient, not in the form of an attachment.This is my work pc and we are running XP. I hope this is enough information for this is my first time here.
Thank you.
Core Man

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Does anyone know how to create labels in MS Word. I would need to instantly email or fax it but have know clue how to create the labels in such a way that it can be easly emailed or fax from my pc. I would appreciate it if anyone out there can help me cause I really need to do this asap.

Thanks to all.

A:MS Word Mailing Labels

Are you using some special labeling paper? I'm assuming it's a sticky label on one side. There should be instructions on how to do the File>>Page Setup... Then choose your appropriate type of paper. For the labels it should create a large table where you can input the many different addresses.

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Hi everybody,
In Word 2000 there is an e-mail-button. How is that supposed to work? When I click it, I get the email address lines and so on at the tip of the screen. When I click the send button, Word (or some other program) immediately tries to send the mail, and complains, since there is no Internet connection open. If I click the send button once again (being stubborn), it starts to dial my default dial-up connection, but without the password, although Outlook Express and Internet Explorer always remember the password.
Can I get Word to put the mail in the outbox of Outlook Express instead of trying to send it immediately. Or, can I get it to remember the password, if it has to send it immediately.

When I looked in the Word help, it seemed more normal to combine word with outlook 200 than with Outlook Express. Does it make sense at all to try to use Word and Outlook Express together? Maybe it is better to simply write the e-mail message in word 2000 and then cut and paste it into Outlook Express?

Mats Westholm

A:E-mailing from Word 2000

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I have a address book set up in Phone Tools and would like to merge it into Word to create mailing labels. Or I could recreate my address book in Word and make labels from there. I cannot figure out how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Word mailing labels

Hi there.

How to do a mail merge in Word?
Click on the link for Mail Merge at www.theofficeexperts.com/word.htm

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Setting up Word 2000 so as to e-mail from Word. I get my e-mail from MSN and read it from Hotmail, Outlook 2000, or Outlook Express.


A:E-mailing from Word 2000, How to set up

What happens when you hit File-Send to, Email recipient?

Is this what you're trying to do or fix?

Do you want Word to be your email editor?

Or what?

Your question isn't clear---sorry!

Is that Old CWO4??

That makes me OldE4?

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Hi there

It's been quite a while since I asked for help. I can easily create mailing labels using Mail Merge. The data source resides in Excel. I automated the mail merge process by recording a macro in MS Word 2000. When I ran the macro it did exactly what I keyed in. I looked at the macro, which defaulted to Macro1, by going to Tools-Macro-Macros. The macro was there. I saved the Word file as Labels.doc in my C drive. I also saved the other file that had the fields in one sheet. You know the one that I mean.

Here is the problem. I e-mailed the 2 MS Word files and the Excel file to my co-worker. My coworker saved the 3 files into his C drive also. When he tried to run the macro, it did not work. As a matter of fact, when I went to Tools-Macro-Macros to see what went wrong, my Macro1 was not there at all. When I e-mail an Excel workbook with macros to anyone, the macros are attached to the workbook but this is not the case with macros recorded in MS word. How can I get around this??


A:Mailing Lables in MS Word 2000

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I have attempted to create mailing labels using Word 2003. I used a prior Word version several years ago and was able to save the labels as a file--ready to print, not requiring database. Any ideas how to do this with Word 2003?

Thank you for your help,

A:Word 2003 Mailing Labels

Were you doing a mail merge? You can save the lables as a template as long as your data source for the mail merge is consistent.

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Please where can I find mailing tab on microsoft word 365?

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How to export mailing labels from Word 2010 into Excel 2010 to upload to USPS for bulk mailing

A:Export mailing labels from Word into Excel

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

This MS website may help you, but it does seem fairly complicated.

Create and print mailing labels for an address list in Excel - Excel

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I want to do a mass mailing using the Word application of Vista. I have created the Address Database - correctly, so far as I can tell - at least it works to put the salutation on the letters. In addressing the envelopes I place the cursor where I want the Address Block to appear but in the execution of the address only the 1st line (the name) of a 3-line address appears there. The street and number and the town appear near the left edge of the envelope and the ZIP code appears near the right edge.

Thanks for your thoughs.

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When trying to create a 30 label sheet from a .wdb file, WORD (Office) says it can't merge from this file. Please verify that this is a valid Works file.
At Open Data Source I call on my .wdb file and am blocked by the above message. I'm using Works Suite 2006 and Word 2003.
I can't get past that point.

A:Solved: Mailing labels - from database to word.

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In Word can I set up a batch file to print envelopes from a master address list, and only choose the addresses I want, as well as the quantity of envelopes per address I want to print?

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Is there a way to close a Word document in Word 2007 without going to the dropdown menu? What happened to the little 'x' in the upper right hand corner that all other Windows programs still have? I have the minimize, maximize, and large 'X', but if I am only working on 1 Word document and click the large X, the file AND Word both shutdown. Is there any way to get the little 'x' back?

A:Close Word document without shutting down Word as well

Go in word options/personalize and add the command "close"
The icon to close the current document will appear on the upper left tool bar.

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Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 with office 2002 plus Outlook 2003 installed, Exchange 2003 is being used as the e-mail server.

When I do a mail merge from Word 2002 to e-mail for a mass e-mailing in Outlook 2003. The process completes but there are no e-mails sent from Outlook 2003. The e-mails that were merged are never recieved by the recipents that are being set to. Help.

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Lets say the last time I used 7 labels from my sheet of 30 labels. Now I want to use up the left over 23 labels on my avery label page.

Can I do this in Office 2007? Like somehow start printing at label 8 on the sheet?

Thank You,
Michael D

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I recently got a new Dell Dimension 2350. It is running Windows XP. Office 2000 was installed. Everytime I get into Word after about a minute I get a message that Windows has encountered a problem and needs to close.
The AppName: winword.exe, AppVer:9.0.06926, ModName:hpc3ui.dll, ModVer:, Offset:00003fd9

I don't know what all that means but I have tried updating everything and am still not sure why the message. The message also occurs if I try to run Word Pad, or if I change the font in Excel. So far Power Point seems OK.

A:word keeps shutting down

This: hpc3ui.dll

indicates to me that the printer/driver install is bad.

I'd remove the printer and reinstall.
While it's removed, it wouldn't hurt to see if Word acts okay. This would let you know for sure that it's your printer installation. Then if you reinstall and have the same problem, you'd better check that you have the best/most recent driver for Windows XP and your model. Just go to drivers link at www.hp.com for it.

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My OS is Windows XP, with Office 2003 (except for Power Point, which is the 2007 version).
I am having trouble with Word 2003. It keeps shutting down at intervals of a few minutes (I'm not sure but it seems to tend to shut down after I stop typing for a little while). The error message I get is as follows:

AppName: winword.exe AppVer:11.0.8328.0 AppStamp: 4c717ed1
ModName: winword.exe ModVer:11.0.8328.0 ModStamp: 4c717ed1
fDebug: 0 Offset: 00075469

I don't know what it could be, I have never had this sort of problem. I have run an antivirus scan (Webroot) and a performance optimizer (Ashampoo WinOptimizer), but with no results.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any additional info to be able to help.

A:Word 2003 keeps shutting down/restarting

Have you tried doing a "Repair" on your Office?

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Hi Can anyone help, when closing the computer we are getting the following message:

Please close all Word Documents before shutting down (click OK)

We didn?t have any word documents open but went into word and did File Exit; this took us to the last email we replied to, which I then had to close before shutting down .

This has started since we set up a signature for replies and only happens if we have replied to a message that day.

Any help would be great!

A:Please close all Word Documents before shutting down

Your signature file is most likely a Word-document.
OE or Outlook opens that Word-doc in the background.
Switch that 'signature' over to text-only within OE/Outlook Options.
Or get a better email-program.

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Could not find anything even though title is similar to other posts...I am using Windows XP and Office 2003.
While responding to emails, Word (as my editor) 'encountered a problem and needs to close'. The email I am working on freezes until I send the error report, then closes, and WORD opens as a separate new document aside from Outlook. Outlook continues to work. I have the error signature if that matters. If the recommendation is to reinstall Office, I would need to be certain that I don't lose my emails in the process. I have not installed anything new on my computer. I had this problem a few months ago and then it went away until today.

A:WORD shutting down during Outlook Email response

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I am having trouble e-mailing a video after taking it with a web cam. After I send it to the e-mail it says it is attaching files, but after one hour it is still attaching..I can send pictures just fine, but not videos...Can someone help? I have purchased 3 different web cams, so the problem is not the cam...

A:Web cam e-mailing

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Hi, until recently I have been able to send a webpage as e-mail via "File"
but now I am told that " The current document cannot be sent as mail.Would you like to send a shortcut instead?" can you please tell me why this is.
Thank You


A:E-mailing web page

Hi, and welcome to the TSG forum

do you still have this problem,
can you supply more info
what windows version
what email software
IE version
what changed on PC when it went wrong - have you updated windows or added some new software

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Hi All,
I have a form in Access and a command button which when pressed, sends the contents of a memo field as an e-mail. My command button code is:

Private Sub Command51_Click()
Dim subject As String, Body As String
subject = "Quote" & " " & [Text46]
Body = [LetterText]

DoCmd.SendObject , , , me.emailaddress, , , subject, Body, True

This all works fine and the e-mail is sent to the address which is in the field "emailaddress".

My problem is that when I look in the sent folder of Microsoft Office, ti shows that an e-mail has been sent but the "to" field is blank and you can not see where the e-mail has gone. I has def been sent as I have checked.

Any ideas?


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can somebody please tell me how to e-mail a slideshow from corel presentations 10. We have put a slideshow together its about 12 slides in length but we are having problems emailing it to other email addresses. Please let me know. I would like to send them out before xmas to relatives.


A:E-mailing slideshows

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is there anyway i could send mpegs in e-mail , making them smaller etc etc ???

A:e-mailing mpegs

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When I E Mail a photo that has been processed in Adobe Albums it is about 4 times the screen size. It is a jpg image. What do I need to do with the image to get it down to a decent size?

A:E Mailing photos

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I used to have software that would let me create a direct mailing list from either business or home addresses that were on the disks. I can't find my old software and have been unable to find it in stores or online.
I think it was something like USA address Reference or something like that.

Does anyone know of software I can purchase that does this?

Thank You

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I WASN'T FINISHED YET! I want to be able to print Avery labels from information I've input. Is this already in this program? If not, how do I format the labels? (Obviously, from this message, I am a computer infant!).

A:Mailing labels

What do you mean "I wasn't finished yet"?

Where is the information?
Can you describe how you typed it?

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How do I e-mail a calendar in microsoft Outlook?

A:Calender e-mailing

If you want the entire calendar you could export just the calendar folder to a PST file and then mail that. At the other end just import it.

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I have a problem with my PC mass mailing people - everytime i turn on my PC it mass mails people.

I have tried Trend, Norton, Norton onl;ine, Sophos, spybot,cc cleaner and adaware but my pc is still infected ant ideas?

A:Pc is mass mailing - Help


Here are 2 good ones to try

Online scan
Kaspersky online Scanner http://www.kaspersky.com/kos/eng/par...avwebscan.html

Download and run this program (the free version)
SUPERAntiSpyware http://www.superantispyware.com/
Update it before running

If they don`t help go to the HijackThis forum and post a log. The experts there will sort it for you.


Read the Red sticky at the top first
IMPORTANT - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help

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I have a database of 200 people in excel. Some have e-mail addresses and others don't. I filtered out all the ones that don't have e-mail addresses. I am using Microsoft Outlook. I want to know how can I make a mailing list to send each person a different letter in HTML? I want to send people there information without having to write 200 e-mail addresses and be able to send this letter without having to type each letter 200 times. Do I use Word, Excel or can I do it right from outlook. Please inform me step by step.
Thank you for your help.



A:Mailing List

You're supposed to be able to do it from either Outlook or from Word. If I were you, I'd do it from Word with Outlook as my data source (just import your Excel file into an Outlook contacts folder--you'll probably want to create one just for this).

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I've ripped the selections to Media Player, but get the following messsage when i try to forward as an attachment: "e-mail programs may prevent sending or receiving certain types of file attachments. Check your e-mail security settings to determine how attachments are handled." How do I do this, or how, exactly, can I send the music via e-mail? I'm using Windows xp, and Micrsoft Outlook.

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I am receiving e-mail from a friend who forwards everything .Now i am receiving e-mail from people in the friends address book.I know this because their addresses are in some e-mail i received .

Who has the mass mailing worm ?

A:strange e-mailing

get a big stick and break his pc with it then turn on him.....hehehe

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Mornin'...hope y'alls weekend is starting off good for ya'

Okay here is my question for the day.

I have an Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom digital camera. and I can take 15 second videos also, besides still pics. I have Win Zip on my computer.

Can someone please explain to me in "thorough detail" ...how to go about sending a video to my sister (in Texas) via e/mail...where it doesn't take 1/2 day to get there.?

She has DSL...We can not get it out here in the boonies... Hey we are just one step up from string and 2 tin cans. I am still on dial-up from a local co-op phone co.


A:e/mailing videos

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I have mcafee installed and the protection log says this every 2 min

5/19/2008 9:53:54 AM Blocked by port blocking rule C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe Anti-virus Standard Protection:Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail

i have ran the virus scan for mcafee, spybot s&d, and crap cleaner just for good measure......
still having the problem and this is what i got from hijack this.....

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:48:56 AM, on 5/19/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16640)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\Mcshield.exe
C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise\VsTskMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero8\Nero BackItUp\NBService.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Ghost\Agent\VProSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\Shared Files\RichVideo.exe
H:\XP Programs\Media Server\MediaServer.exe
C:\... Read more

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Hi all I am not sure if this is where I am supposed to post this question to but here goes. I have a printed mailing list and It is 509 pages 4500 names/address I need to somehow get them into an address book I have several programs that have an address book,thay I can scan to or whatever needs to be done. I have a psc 750 printer/scanner/copier is there a way to get them into the address book without typing each and everyone in? When I scan to word all the words are jumbled or incorrect. I am new to this scanning stuff so I might have something wrong. I am using xp if this is any help. Thanking you in advance ........missdaisy

A:mailing list

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I have developed a small company in the last
year. What I would like to able to do is put a list of customer's names and mailing addresses in my computer.

Then I would like be able to print those names and addresses and create mailing labels to send literature to my customer's at various times of the year.

Can anyone recommend a program they have used that will accomplish this task.

I would also like to send mass mailing via e-mail to these same costumers. What would I need to do this.

Thank for any help,


A:Mailing Lists

I have seen various programs for labels etc. but don't remember them off-hand...
While your looking, though, remember to get the customers' permission before using bulk email or you will be open to all the legalities of SPAM...Also, ensure you include a removal option when you email...BOL

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The OS is Win 2000 and the e-mail account is Juno. When the person trys to e-mail back through a link he wants his Juno e-mail to come up not Outlook Express or a .NET message that comes up. I already set the in I.E. the mail client to Juno by going to Tools\Internet Options\Programs\E-mail. I also have gone through Juno to setup the browser to choose a Internet Mail account. But it still won't bring up his Juno e-mail account to e-mail back the person.

A:E-mailing through I.E. browser

Juno is a web-based email program, is it not?
IE isn't designed to work with one of those unless, of course, it's done with Microsoft, like MSN. So it doesn't surprise me at all that this might not work.

Set up Outlook Express to use Juno as Pop3, then just use Outlook Express. Or live with it the way it is. Sorry--

But welcome to TSG!

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Since last couple of days, my PC is sending out some mailings automatically.
You can see the attached screen capture.

Can someoen pls give me a lead.

I tried various tools ( [email protected]) from Symantec .. but not.. non could find a intrusion in my pc.


PS. Also, this PC is teh internet gateway for other pc's in our office.

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'Morning Techguys.

I hope you can help me with a problem I've encountered with the Zoombrowser software that came with my Canon Powershot A610. Since I'm ignorant of other software options for organizing photos, I've been happy with it. . . until this glitch in its e-mail function spontaneously occurred a couple weeks ago. ("Spontaneously" b/c the previous time I'd used the program-- a week earlier-- it worked perfectly. I'd made no changes to anything in-between.)

When I attempt to e-mail a photo, I have no problem selecting and re-sizing/compressing it. But when I try the "send" step, & the "new message" window comes up--complete with the attached photos--there's no Send button on the toolbar! There's also a message beneath the toolbar telling me "this message has not been sent." (As if I didn't know?)

The problem MAY be that ZB quit recognizing my Outlook Express program-- or maybe my Comcast ISP??? Neither makes any intuitive sense to me. I've tried every "fix" I can think of, so far, including re-installing the program-- with no results.

Thanks! I await your response patiently.

A:e-mailing photos

when I try the "send" step, & the "new message" window comes upClick to expand...

Is this the 'new message' box you are seeing? And the 'Send' at the top left is missing?
If so, at the top of the box, click View, Toolbars, Customize. See if Send is listed in the right or left box. If on the left, move it to the right.


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When I E Mail a photo that has been processed in Adobe Albums it is about 4 times the screen size. It is a jpg image. What do I need to do with the image to get it down to a decent size?

A:E Mailing Photos

You've got an answer to this in your other thread you started. I'll get these joined up as it can get confusing.

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dear all,
I am facing a situation, that whenever i start my smtp server on "system manager", so many emails start to send itself.

- the relay is blocked just for people at the LAN.
- so many badmail emails at the folder.
- i removed the network cable, but still the same problem, local not from one of the clients.
- checked for the latest viruses, but nothing, i am using mcafee, and i ran some removal tools from symantec like swen, sobig.

please anyone can help? thanks.

p.s: the query of the SMTP server is always sending to specific hosts like: yahoo, msn, hotmail, att, earthlink.

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Opinions differ, but as having a own company, customers enquiries do flood in pretty rapidly,
I am currently using Mozilla Thunderbird but I am looking for a secure (not that TB is not secure) mailing program with a nice GUI and simplicity, I have seen people use OutLook but I just don't take a fancy to it, maybe I'm not giving it a chance or because of using it at work just makes me shiver.

A:Best mailing program?

Hey Partian I prefer thunderbird to outlook. If I was to go with a program I would stick with thunderbird. I mean it's personal preference tbh. You can alter your settings to automatically check your e-mails every so often aswell and you can mark all as read etc.

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which is the easiest way of e-mailing pictures?

A:e-mailing pictures

The best way I have found is to upload them to a file hosting site such as skyDrive and to email a link to them.Windows Live SkyDrive - Online document storage and file sharing

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