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Power / battery problems with Sony-Vaio laptop

Q: Power / battery problems with Sony-Vaio laptop

I have the following, seemingly related problems with my Sony-Vaio laptop and Windows 7 Pro. When I go to Control Panel + Hardware & Sound + Power Options + Edit Plan Settings, I get the following error screen:
When I go to My Computer + Manage + Services + Power Service, and start the service I get the following error screen:
As a general rule, I leave the laptop plugged in. I am unable to run the laptop on battery power, with the cord unplugged. How do I correct the problem? I know that I didn't use to have this problem. Should I unplug the laptop periodically, and use the battery
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Preferred Solution: Power / battery problems with Sony-Vaio laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


After my friend's laptop wouldn't run on battery power OR charge the battery I tried many "fixes."
Shockingly none worked that I found.
Only one thing worked for me to my surprise.
A last ditch effort was to open up the laptop (sony pcg-81114L) and disconnect the cmos battery for a few minutes to reset the CMOS.
To my surprise, when powered on, the battery instantly showed it was charging AND when removing the power plug the battery POWERS the laptop now! (and I'd thought I was wasting my time.)
Worked with an off brand battery also.
Many times this has saved many computers that have odd "unsolvable" things wrong with them.
Surely someone else has done this also but I haven't seen it posted anywhere to my knowledge.
Thank GOD for bringing the idea to remembrance!

A:sony vaio won't charge battery or run on battery power (CMOS BATTERY FIX!)

Hi askfault,
Do you have any information on how this fixes the battery problem? would be interested to know.

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Hi hope someone can help. I have done a clean install of Windows 7 Homepremium and my battery life on my Vaio TX3 has gone from 6.5 Hours to only 3 hours. I cant find the power management drivers. Also I can no longer use the keyboard hot keys to adjust the screen brightness ! thanks

A:Sony Vaio VGN-TX3 XP/L power / battery drivers

Was told today by Sony that the VGN series will not be supported with Win 7

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Hey guys, im not sure if this is the right section or not but oh well.

I have a sony vaio VGN-NR31J/s laptop, and i recently installed Windows 7 ultimate, it runs perfectally but im having some issues with my battery.

First problem is that i only get about 30-40 minutes maximum battery life, opposed to the 3 - 3.5 hours i had on vista.

The other problem is that it takes a whopping 5 hours to charge back up!

i have no idea whats causing these problems, i have installed the most up to date drivers for everything, installed sony vaio power management and tweaked every setting possible, but still no change.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thankyou.


A:Sony Vaio battery problems.

With Lithium ion batteries, you will want to turn off sleep and hibernate and drain them once per month.

Completely drain the battery, then fully charge it.

It will help, but it may be beyond repair if you have never done this.

It can't hurt to try it.

You can also go in to advanced power options and change the settings on the battery.

Good luck. Hope this helps in some small way.

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A friend of mine has a Sony Vaio. His battery although fully charged gives only 15-20minitues of usage. He then bought a new battery and it gives the same problem. HELP!

A:Sony Vaio Battery Problems

I assume you are talking about a vaio laptop???
The best thing he can do in my opinion is sell it asap and get a proper laptop.
Sony make good tv's and stereo's, but their vaio pc's and laptop's are rubbish.

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Hi, I bought a new Sony Vaio Laptop Model SR 520G from Best Buy 10 weeks ago. It came with Win 7 Professional installed. Now I am getting the error message

"The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer. Press OK to hibernate and remove". as soon as I turn it on. It works fine if I remove the battery and run on electric power.
It will only hibernate, I cannot click anywhere else, or get past this. How do I overcome this error? Thank you.

A:Battery Problem on New Sony Vaio Laptop

I would contact the the supplier as it maybe the battery has failed.......

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Low Battery Warning and replacement on SONY VAIO Desktop RSV320.

I have replaced the two 3220 type batteries twice in the past three months after never doing that the first 2 1/2 years I have owned it.
Any ideas?

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I just recently upgraded my sony vaio laptop pcg-934A with windows xp and installed a wireless wlan1500 pc card. Before installing/upgrading, my battery was working fine, up to 2 hours of watching a DVD movie on it. Now, while the battery shows as 100% charged, whenever I disconnect the power cord from the laptop, the battery power instantly shows up as 10% charged within seconds and automatically shuts off. I have to replug the power cord onto the laptop in order to have power. Is it possible that the battery went bad overnight? I have been trying to figure this out for a week now and am nervous about taking the laptop to a repair shop, only to charge me $100 just to tell me to buy another $100 battery.

A:sony vaio pcg-934A laptop shuts off automatically when using battery only

Actually call afew of the shops in your area including battery vendors and ask if they can test the battery for you. Most will not charge you to do this.
Unfortunately with batteries there's no rhyme or reason to their failure, ive seen them go both ways; gradually over time and just plain dead overnite.


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I have this vaio laptop... the onboard video chip had issues (no output to lcd), sent it off for repair, returned working, but only supported software graphics mode (low res.)... booted OK - able to install xp w/o video drivers / ubuntu (could not change resolution). one day, when i was opening the case to look at the motherboard, because i was shopping around for a good used one, and when i put it back together, it stopped powering on at all. on a/c or battery. when a/c is plugged in, the upfront LEDs don't power on at all. checked all cables, reseated everything... thought i burned out the board by shorting it or something... so, i needed a new board anyway and bought one. installed it and same issue.

i can't think what i've missed.. the only thing i can think of is the cable from the motherboard to the power button and upfront lights is bad... thats all i can consider other than the possibility of the new board being bad as well, but then the upfront battery/power LCDs may light up...

i know someone with a similar laptop who will let me borrow the keyboard and case cover to test the cables.

any suggestions are welcomed! thanks!

A:Sony Vaio VGN-S260 laptop - won't power on

Sounds like a static discharge. Did you ground yourself or use a wrist strap? If you didnt and you did discharge into it you migh have fried anything on that board. the ram, cpu, anything. I doubt the LED's are the problem.

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Having problem Powering On an Old sony Vaio PCG 954A or (PCG FX 140) When I press the power Button all the little power light buttons turn on for a SPLIT Second INCLUDING the FAN but it does NOT Power on all the way, if I keep pressing the power button it keeps doing the same thing over and over. Afther a few try’s it TURNS on and laptop works perfectly. Lately it does not turn on afther a few try’s anymore. But afther a few day’s have passed I will try it and it will turn on on the first try and it will work great once it is powered on, and it can stay on 24/7 without a problem. The MAIN PROBLEM is powering Up the Laptop, have tried starting it with power supply and only with Battery power and does the same thing. Tried troubleshooting but it say’s that all components are working properly. Lately havent been able to succesfuly turn it on anymore but still geting the same reaction. Can U help pointing me in the right direction to troubleshoot? Thank you for your time

A:Sony VAIO Laptop Wont Power Up

sounds like a hardware issue, faulty mobo, faulty connections , dropped banged lappy? prob best for lappy hospital

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I have a Sony VAOP VGN-NR385E laptop. In the past month, it has been hard to get this laptop to power on. Now it will not come on at all. I took off the back cover and checked for voltage through the adapter jack all the way to the plug mounted on the PC board and have found the 19.6 volts all the way to there. I am wondering if the power button assembly is bad. I don't know if there is a way to jump the button to make it come on or how to check if the voltage is getting to the assembly board.

Has anyone has this problem before?

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I saw a warning about trying to replace my Sony Laptop battery...that it wouldn't work with Windows 7, but the battery sales person convinced me it would. Now I've spent all day trying to figure out a solution, and have found none.

The battery came with a driver disk which won't load cause it was for a 32 bit, mine is 64 bit.

I tried uninstalling the "Batteries > Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery" and reinstalling, but it gave me an error message saying it couldn't install.

I went to Microsoft and downloaded all the updates.

I tried this...but could not find "ISBmgr.exe" under the start up tab.

From either the Start menu or command prompt run MSCONFIG.exe
On Vista machines, Windows will prompt you for permission to continue
In the System Configuration window, click the "Startup" tab and find the item containing "ISBMgr.exe"
Uncheck the box for the "ISBMgr.exe"
Click "Ok" to save and accept the changes and restart the laptop
You may be prompted on restart that Windows is running in selective mode. Just uncheck the notification option on bottom right.
I followed a few other iterations of those above steps with battery in, battery out, and other pokie turn yourself around things and am now stuck.
The new battery does not charge even when everything is shut down and plugged in. Yet, my old battery charges fine. It just won't hold a charge for longer than 20 minutes. T... Read more

A:Sony Vaio Laptop Battery Replacement Windows 7 (Plugged in, not charging)

Is this new battery a SONY battery?
If NOT, I would take it back to where you got it, get your money and get a REALLY Sony battery.

All I can find at http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu-list.pl?mdl=VGN-FZ180E&region_id=1 is Vista, no Windows 7 support.

Did you install a retail version of Windows 7 on a Vista machine?

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop which i bought about a week ago.

When i unplug the adapter and the laptop switches to battery power, it drops to 90% in about 2/3 minutes.

After that the battery discharges slower. It lasts about 2 hours, surfing the internet (it advertised "up to 3").

I just wanted to know if this rapid discharge to begin with is normal and whether this is a normal battery life to expect.

Many thanks

A:Sony Vaio Battery

2 hours is not terrible, and "up to 3 hours" battery time is figure with maximum power saving settings. Unless the performance of the battery degrades I would not think that is a problem.

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Hey guys, I've got a Sony Vaio FE35GP laptop and a while ago I started experiencing weird problems with the graphics. Pretty much what was happening that during startup or a short time after startup, the screen would jumble up and the computer would freeze. I had it checked out by multiple techs and ended up replacing the motherboard.

That particular problem was fixed but now when I power on my laptop it sometimes doesn't start (all the lights go on and stay on but it never posts etc.) and when it does start it works fine for a while until it freezes, this could be after more than an hour of use. It seems that my initial problem was fixed with the replace but the thing is that my laptop battery is extremely poor, it will waste in less than 10 minutes on its own. Having said this, I don't see how this should be affecting the power of my laptop (at startup), cause this happens even with no battery attached and it's running off the adapter exclusively...

I'm running XP on the machine btw. I just want it to power on everytime and NOT freeze while I'm using it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Hi There

This is just a query and apologies if in the wrong forum.

I have just bought a new Sony Vaio VGN-NW20ZF/S recently with windows 7 on it. i removed mcaffee and put kaspersky 2010 suite and FM 2010 and need a quite powerful machine and the guy in the shop said this will be ok which it has, which is one of the main reasons i bought the machine.

The battery seems to take ages to charge (it is at 66% at the moment) and still has an hour and if down to 10% and takes over 2 and half to maybe 3 hrs to charge but am not sure exactly as i charge it over night when the machine is switched off. Is this normal? The battery is a 2.5 hr battery.

The battery seems to discharge quite quickly although this might be that i am using the machine and loose track of time.

i am trying "batteryBar Pro" for 30 days and it seems quite good.

Also it seems to take a wee bit longer to to load than when i first got it. Especially the VAIO GATE which takes a wee while to come up.

I have the machine connected wireless to a router and connected in a network to 2 other desktop machines (running Windows XP).

The bottom of the latop seems to get hot after an hour or 2 and wondered it that is normal,. When using it on my lap i use a book to put it on between my legs and the laptop as it is hot.


I made recovery disks when i first used the machine and they are on 3 DVD-Rs. I was wondering if i used the recovery (by prerssing F10) i think during boot to reset back to factory settings... Read more

A:Solved: Sony Vaio Battery

I made recovery disks when i first used the machine and they are on 3 DVD-Rs. I was wondering if i used the recovery (by prerssing F10) i think during boot to reset back to factory settings will this delete the hidden partition that is used for recovery or will it just erase the c drive and leave that partition?Click to expand...

It should keep the hidden partition

You have quite a few charging options on the Vaio - on of which is a low charge and set to increase battery life
I'm not next to my vaio so cant see the settings to post here - i'll have a look soon and repost

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Hi, I'm new.. etc..

I'm the process of trying to fix a Sony Vaio PCG-FX105K, running Windows 2000.
Amongst other things, the battery doesnt seem to charge.. the diagnostic (which I assume is Sony's own) reports the battery is 0% charged, and will require 7½ hours to charge..
Only other redeeming feature, is that the battery light flashes twice every couple of seconds..

Any pointers would be appriciated

A:Sony Vaio battery problem

Hi :0

7 1/2 hours for charging indicates that the system must think that the battery needs a full charge, which could indocate a number of things

the battery charging transformer that is connected to the power supply is maybe not working properly

the connection to the battery are disconnected or connected wrong (check that the ground wire and hot lead are correct

the battery is not good and connot be charged any more ( you can check this with another battery)

one thing you can do is use a multi-tester meter to check the input (charging leads) to the battery .. this way you can see if the voltage is getting to the battery

if yes, then replace battery

if no, replace the connection to the battery
that is all I can suggest with the information given

good luck

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I just got a used 2003 Sony Vaio laptop (Model PGC-FRV27) and after cleaning up a messy hard drive, it seems to run nicely, except I can only use it while plugged in to the power adapter/charger!

I bought a new battery thinking this should be an easy solution, but no go. The battery charge light blinks, which indicates the battery is recognized and being charged-right?
I just returned the new battery to the Ebay dealer (explaining it won't take a charge) and they will only replace it with another one
I think it's a problem with some connection or other hardware issue.
Can anyone please help me with this?

>>>> I also tried increasing the memory, but it isn't being recognized either. (See seperate thread post above)....

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I have a Sony VAIO VGN-230E running on Windows Vista. I recently had to replace the battery with a non-Sony one. To remedy the problem of an annoying dialog box coming up to tell me that the battery was not compatible, I did the MSCONFIG fix I found on this board. However, I now have another problem: the battery meter reads plugged in, not charging at 52%. Is the battery really not charging or is this because of the utility program I shut off?

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I have a Sony Vaio SVF15N17CXB Fit 15A Flip 2-in-1 15.5" Touchscreen Laptop.

I can run it only plugged in to the wall. The battery icon in the taskbar shows a red X and has the words "No battery is detected" when you hover over it.

I have replaced the battery 2x (one was a used battery, the other new) and it has not fixed the issue.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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Sony vaio replacement battery not recognized?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3061 Mb (All 4GB recognized by Vista, not BIOS)
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 74816 MB, Free - 10203 MB; D: Total - 870 MB, Free - 224 MB; E: Total - 1749 MB, Free - 609 MB; F: Total - 2831 MB, Free - 428 MB; G: Total - 14315 MB, Free - 3748 MB; H: Total - 74811 MB, Free - 11524 MB;
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled.

got a replacement battery and a different original from a computer bought at same month when the initial one became a brick for some undetermined electrical charging problem. Initially, if the larger generic replacement stopped being recognized, I could put in the other original and the system would reset. After a night when the hibernation file was deleted (now restored), and the batteries changed, the unit has never recognized either battery. The complaint is the same as this prior : It shows that there's a battery there when I plug it in, and will power the computer when I unplug the power supply. However, my orange battery light blinks very rapidly, nonstop and the batter will discharge but not charge. Should I turn off my computer, it will not t... Read more

A:Solved: Sony Vaio battery not recognized

This problem solved by two steps:
1) replacing the ISBMgr.exe in registry with the 'Version.txt' stopped the ISBMgr file from working AND notifies me of the registry switch to be corrected later by showingup on boot, but
2) using device manager to delete Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System from the System category of devices seems to have re-initiated the entire system.

On deletion of Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System, I had to be ready to replace the video driver; all the other drivers seem to have been found automatically.

Both portable batteries now charge and are charged. The system boots by battery; operates on battery.

The system hibernates correctly after having followed instructions to rebuild hibernation file by
using an administrator command prompt, & typing:
powercfg /hibernate on
followed by a computer restart.

I also fixed the power settings to protect hibernation by following these instructions on all power settings:
•Click “Change advance power settings”
•Scroll to and expand the “Sleep” option.
•Select “Off” to the “Allow hybrid sleep” option.
•Scroll to and expand the “Power buttons and lid” option.
•Select “Hibernate” for the “Sleep button action” option. 10. Select “Hibernate” for the “Start menu power button” option.

The VAIO VGN-CR320E now uses its battery function as it should. I continue to get the text at start up for having replaced ISBMgr.exe in the registry with Version.txt. I have not yet decided to delete ... Read more

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sony vaio vgn-fs840 battery not recognized. anyone know why?

A:Sony Vaio vgn-fs840 battery not recognized

The only way to sort this out, is to install another battery. If the "new" battery is not detected, the motherboard may be bad

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I see there is a thread from 2007 on this, that is now closed & refers to doing something scary with the MSCONFIG or something. Please can someone explain to an (almost) novice, what I need to do to make my brand new battery work on my Sony VAIO VGN-FE31Z. The message I get when I install my battery is that "The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer. Press OK to hibernate and remove". Help!! I am running Windows XP and the laptop was purchased new from Sony in September 2006.

A:Sony Vaio replacement battery incompatible

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Good morning Computer Tech guys,
I may have made a slight error switching out my power supply well first of all... I changed it out because the old one would turn the computer on randomly (me pushing the button of course). Now I put in this new battery 250 W and I get sort of clicking noise? I have read about the fan interference, but there is nothing blocking the fan and I do not think it is the hard drive or mother board itself. So should I try another power supply? Thanks again.

A:Solved: Sony Vaio Battery change

And low and behold 230 volts instead of 115 I feel like a noob

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I can't find a way to disable battery charging in my Sony Vaio E series model. I play games and battery drains quickly if I play games on battery. For now I have removed the battery but this is not an option. Please guide me how do I disable battery charging in my laptop.
Thanks a tons in advance.

A:Diable Battery Charging in Sony Vaio

Windows 8 64 bit
Hardware : -
Core i3
2.1 GHz
512 MB Nvidia GeForce 410M

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Hello -

I have a Sony Vaio vgn-fs760. I decided to replace the battery because I was only getting 15 - 20 minutes not connected to the AC adapter. I ordered a large capacity battery (VGP-BPL2).

I installed the battery and let it charge overnight - it still reports 100% charging when I hover in the systray. When I double click on the battery in the Power Meter, I believe that it is still showing as the old battery - clicking on refresh does nothing.

Please help.

A:Sony Vaio main battery replacement

sony charging systems has very large period of "tickle charge", that means, that battery will charge to reach designed capacity with very small amount of current(from around 80% till 100%), and this is normal. download mobile meter software, in "battery information" tab you'll see charging process of main battery in realtime. also it shows designed capacity, full charge capacity and current capacity that slowly rises.

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sony vaio vgn-nr430e. got a replacement. It shows that there's a. battery there when I plug it in, and will power the computer when I unplug the power supply. However, my orange battery light blinks nonstop, the battery is at 80 percent but not charging, and when I turn on my computer it will not turn on unless I unplug the battery. The orange battery light lights up and remains lit until I remove the battery. It will turn on with AC power alone. Inserting the battery after turning it on induces the situation I described first- can see that battery is there, but it won't charge, and the light blinks. battery model is vgp-bps9/b. tried the file that came with it (bps9.exe) that I guess should block isbmgr.exe in some way but two more problems arise- can't find isbmgr.exe anywhere in program files, and when I run the program I was provided with I get error code 1275,Can't update BIOS, drvr phlashnt.sys has been blocked from loading

if it helps yesterday i upgraded from vista 32 to windows 7 64 bit.


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I have noticed since upgrading my Sony Vaio VGN-FZ180E to windows 7 the battery life is very poor. The battery was purchased off ebay and was bought to replace the original sony battery. The battery life was much better with windows vista. I remember reading about problems with the battery if upgrading to W7. However, I would rather have W7 and decrease battery life, then Vista and good battery life. Am I stuck with poor battery performance while having W7 installed or is there something I can do. Appreciate any tips

A:Poor Battery performance with Sony Vaio VGN-FZ180E


The troubleshooting section may be helpful to you.


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i just got given a replacement battery for my sony vaio VGN-CR220E, plugged it in and my computer wont recognize it and wont charge it.
a sheet of paper i got with the laptop says the battery has "microporcessor software, which calculates the battery volume during charging" and my computer says the battery is not installed on the computer
is there any way to install it?
really really need this battery to work

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I installed a new battery and it won't charge. battery light just blinks away. I have un/reinstalled battery with no change. The battery is listed as compatible to my laptop. OS is Win 7 Ultmate 64bit.

A:Solved: Sony Vaio (vgn-aw130j) battery won't charge

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I am trying to find a replacement battery for My Sony Vaio VGN-FZ 180N. I have found quite a few on ebay as seen in the below link.


However, they are all saying that the battery will not work if the computer is running windows 7. I am definitely wanting upgrade from Vista to W7. It's quite funny that each post on ebay has simple grammatical errors and all of their replies to my questions were the same.

What about this Battery: http://www.buy.com/prod/battery-for...-vgn-fz18-vgn-fz180e/q/loc/101/219129390.html

Can someone tell me if this is not going to work or there is a battery that will work with this Sony and W7. Thanks.

A:Finding a replacement Battery for a Sony VAIO VGN-FZ180E

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I have a rather nice Sony Vaio VGN-S4xp that suddenly died on me. In normal operation all of the power dissappeared, the display went, fan/disc powered down and nothing will return.
When I press power on I get power and battery flashing about 1/second and the wireless light at half this rate.
This happens with any power configuration. Battery only, batt+mains, mains only.
I have tried the 30 second reset.

Any ideas what the error lights are telling me?
Any experience of this type of fault?

Next step for me is to trash the laptop as Sony quote £185 just to look at it and estimate £3-550 repair costs. Jokers.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Sony Vaio No Power

Try wiggling the power cord. That could be a loose connection. If you take it down to a computer repair shop they could solder on a new DC jack which could make it work. Anyhow, a computer shop will be quicker and cheaper than sending it off to sony

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Hi there,

I am using a Sony PD 170 DV camcorder hooked up via 4 pin firewire to a Sony Vaio laptop. I am also using Avid Composer video editing software. The problem is that I can see the video from Avid in the viewfinder but it freezes in the viewfinder even though it is playing on the computer. This is preventing me from outputting a project. Do I need a driver for this camera?


A:Sony PD 170 Camcorder & Sony Vaio Laptop

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I have a Sony Vaio PCVRX650 CPU with a bad power supply. Are there any replacement options other than Sony parts. The Sony part number is 146860114.



A:Sony Vaio Power Supply

i'd say 99% no.. lappies are generally manufacture specific parts, due to size and spec. restrictions.. thats generally why they cost so much.. every single part is its own little monopoly on the market...

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My sony vaio VGNFS790P is not showing any signs of power: no lights, sound or any other reaction. I have tested the adapter, power cable continuity, and internal power cable continuity. The laptop was supposedly working when last powered down. What is likely the problem?

A:sony vaio power issue

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Ahoy!!!! I am attempting to switch my power supply on my Desk top. Series is the VGC-RA700-Has anyone ever done this??? Any tips? I would hate to have to send it in to SONY and get charged an arm and a leg for something I can do by myself---Please Advise.

A:Sony Vaio Power Supply

The Vaio should take a standard ATX power supply

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I got a old pc sony vaio model pcv-1154 that the power supply is bad
and i can't find it. model:dps-400lbb, if some one tell me another one to use
insted of it.I saw in this forum that some recomended ss-350es but it has 24 pins
can some one help me.

A:Sony Vaio power supply

A 24 pin power supply, most just have 2 pins on either a barrel connector or jack socket type plug..

do a search on ebay for your model of laptop just put in sony vaio and you will get hunderds of hits for PSU;s

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I've inherited from my son a Sony Vaio VGN-N110G laptop that will not power up. No lights, no sounds, nothing. I've ruled out the power supply cord and battery.

What's interesting is that I took it apart and removed the hard drive, the CD drive, checked all the connections, powered down the BIOS, etc. to no avail. I had given up when I tried the power button one more time and IT POWERED UP. I was elated, and just about to snoop through my sons files when it went dead again. I tried everything that I did earlier but no luck this time

Any ideas?

A:Sony Vaio VGN-N110G will not power up

Hope it is not like ours... identical model... went dead and stayed dead. ...now sitting on our display shelf as a worry for Sony customers... went dead and stayed dead... motherboard died, and we couldn't find a replacement at anywhere close to a reasonable price.
Good luck. We will be watching and hoping for a good result we can learn from.

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I have a Sony Vaio model PCG-4A1L notebook computer. Today when I went to power up absolutely nothing happened. The power lights are on but nothing is operating. I removed the battery and tried to run it off of AC power and also unplugged the AC and tried to run it off of battery power. Still nothing. I went to Sony's website and they didn't even recognize the model number. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Sony Vaio Power Problem

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if it is microATX, then chances are that you won't be able to find anything more than 300watts. Newegg has a 450W mATX PSU, but it is a piece of crap, got very bad reviews from everyone that bought it.

To answer your question, if it is mATX (microATX), then it is an industry standard and and any mATX PSU will have the right connector.

A:Sony Vaio Power Supply

I need to know if anyone has any info on mycomputers power supply. Currently I have a Sony Vaio PCV-24G, which appears to have a 300 Watt Power Supply. I have tried Sony Support to get info on the power Supply to replace it with a power supply with more Watts. It appears to be a mATX power supply, but I need to know if it is standard wiring, can I use a standard stock mATX power supply.

Any infi would be helpful.

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I'm looking into why my son-in-laws Vaio VGN-FS115Z laptop doesn't power up. Would appreciate any pointers.

Have done all the obvious (reseated CPU, removed etc memory, run with power supply, checked out HDD elsewhere).

Symptons are :-

Power button works , turns machine on and off.
No backlight, no screen, no Bios beeps (even if you remove memory etc)
3 leds (Caps lock / Numlock / Shift lock) all stay on.
All chips get warm after a while.
No sounds (beeps or otherwise)
CPU fan doesn't seem to start up - not sure if it needs the CPU to get really hot first, though.
Almost as if it's lost a power line, or CPU is dead, but drive, battery, mains, wifi leds all come on and appear to work fine.

Any pointers gratefully received...


A:Sony Vaio doesn't power up

I've seen this on your identical model of laptop during a service for a client. We RMA'd it back to SONY and they ended up replacing the motherboard. At least that's what the cryptic service notes said when it was returned.

In my own technical opinion though it doesn't look good. When your motherboard doesn't respond at all...it's never a good thing.

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Just done a clean install from Vista 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit. Installed most of the Vaio software to restore functionality to the hotkeys etc. That all works perfectly thanks to various forums on here! For some reason I can't get the Power Management to work. It is installed and included on the installed Programs list, but the extra tab does not appear in the Windows Power Options page and clicking the 'Advanced' option on Vaio Control Center does not load it either.

Thanks in advance!

A:Sony Vaio Power Management

The driver for windows 7 in VAIO support page is not correct i think. If you uninstall this driver and then you install the vista version you get, after a reboot, a service called VAIO Power Manager and the options working ok.

I got a VAIO FW laptop.

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I have searched the forum and cannot find a reference to this problem....any help appreciated:
1. SONY VAIO VGN-FE790G with Windows XP Home. Ran A-OK until recently.
2. PC powers on and boots up normally with AC only. (battery removed)
3. PC powers on boots up normally with charged battery only. (AC removed)
4. PC will not power up with both AC and Battery connected, however battery led flashed rapidly as though it is charging.
5. Have tried different battery, different AC, and removed all SONY management software.
6. Updated the BIOS
7. Windows Power Meter recognizes battery, but gives "remaining unavailable" status.

I am assuming this is somehow related to the battery or the power management hardware in the PC. I understand there is a Power Board attached to the Motherboard. Could this be causing the symptoms I have?

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Hello all,

I hope someone here can help since i have searched the web far and wide for a solution but nothing seems to work.

Okay so i will tell you what led up to this problem:

I had a friend with an Sony Vaio SVF15A1C5E who from when he bought it had windows 8.1 installed. So he came to me with windows 7 and asked if i could make a clean install with. So i did without any big problems, he had it for like 2 months and everything worked. Then he installed some shitty programs on and it went slow on him. So we had to reinstall windows just to make sure everything was gone.
So i reinstalled Windows 7 without any problems every driver seemed to work but suddenly i noticed that the battery would not charge which i found odd, so i fumbled around with the AC but nothing seemed to work. Then i tried to reinstall the driver for the AC management that was on it. Still nothing seemed to change it. Then i thought okay, i will just reinstall windows 7 once again and it should work. But sure enough it did not work. So i am stuck now and i do not know what to do.

Notice this is a laptop only 1 year old and the battery cannot be taken out so i can try those options people have come up with on other threads. Also i tried to update bios but it says that bios is fully updated. SP1 is also installed.

I really hope someone can help here. Thanks.

A:Sony Vaio wont charge battery after clean windows 7 install

Okay so now i have installed windows 8.1 on it and it does charge with it. So it is without a doubt a software problem. im still not having windows 8 on this laptop. since my friend wants windows 7 on it.

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Hi I have a Sony VGC-M1 which is an all in one integrated speakers media centre. The power supply packed up last week. I've opened it up and removed the power pack. It is a bespoke pack for this system (Details -Delta Elctronics, INC. Model number DPS-197AB A). I've been in touch with Sony and as it's well out of warrant no chance of a replacement. I can't find this power supply anywhere on the net (come across other people looking for it too). Made loads of phone calls too.

I've come to the conclusion I may not get one so am now considering alternatives. The motherboard of my Viao is obviously Sony, the power supply has an 18 pin cable (P1). I've been told all standard ATX power supplys have either 20 or 24 pins. I've read that in the Sony Vaio desktops they use standard power supplies. Does anyone know if I could find a Sony power supply with an 18pin connector, or is this a pointless avenue??

Thanks for any suggestions!

A:Sony Vaio VGC-M1 Burnt out power supply

Sony Vaio VGC-M1 Burnt out power supply!

I have had the same problem with my Sony Vaio VGC-M1. I have actually opened the PSU and found it was a burnt out resistor. More drama's to follow though as these PSU's were made in Japan and I have been unable to find our equivalent resistors. I have found out it is a .22 ohm but the nearest I found at an electronics store was too big to fit. Has anyone out their had any joy sourcing these PSU's?

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I a sony vaio pcv-w30. It will shut off randomly. and wont turn back on. I switch the wall outlet in which i have it plugged into and it turns on but will repeat the process randomly again. For example i have 3 outlets on my room A B and C. It shuts off in A i use C andi t will work for a lil while then shut off then i plug it back into A and it will work for a lil while then shut off... whats wrong with this?

A:sony vaio pcv-w30 power shuts off randomly??

mak: It sounds like a heat problem. Check the bios to see what temperature it's running at. Are the fans working? Can you feel warm air when you put your hand near the fan outlets?

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I've been looking at a friends computer(Sony VAIO) that shuts down randomly. It's like someone pulls the plug or a power failure. Sometimes it runs for hours, other times minutes. It will turn back on if it sets a minute. I checked the temps in the BIOS and its not running that hot (CPU-41c, MB-22c) I suspect its the power supply, but not sure. Only way to tell is to change it out with another PSU, but I've read that sony uses proprietary hardware. Is this true for the PSU too? The reason for asking is I don't want to fry the computer.

Thanks for any help on this!

A:Sony vaio power supply question...

DoTheDew said:


I've been looking at a friends computer(Sony VAIO) that shuts down randomly. It's like someone pulls the plug or a power failure. Sometimes it runs for hours, other times minutes. It will turn back on if it sets a minute. I checked the temps in the BIOS and its not running that hot (CPU-41c, MB-22c) I suspect its the power supply, but not sure. Only way to tell is to change it out with another PSU, but I've read that sony uses proprietary hardware. Is this true for the PSU too? The reason for asking is I don't want to fry the computer.

Thanks for any help on this!Click to expand...

well i dont see how they can at least in processor, memory,cd rom, and powersupply wise. So should be able to get a new power supply for it even the micro atx power supplies are avalible. but before i would do some thing like replacing powersupply get compressed air and hose the dust out of the power supply.

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