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W7 does not see motherboard video when 2nd video adapter present + W7 folder question

Q: W7 does not see motherboard video when 2nd video adapter present + W7 folder question

I upgraded my reconditioned (2008/06/10) Acer Aspire M1641 from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 home premium, because under Vista I could not use a second video adapter from a different card manufacturer while using the on-board video (Vista apparently does not allow heterogeneous graphics). At the same time I bought a different video card, being a GeForce 8400 GS from Galaxy. The Win7 upgrade worked OK, but when I put in the PCI Express-16 8400 video card, the M1641 worked using the video from that card, but could not see (in Device Manager) the motherboard video adapter (NVIDIA GeForce 7050), nor could Belarc Advisor detect the GeForce 7050. I had downloaded and installed the latest NVIDIA driver for Win7 (191.07_desktop_win7_winvista_32bit_english_whql.exe) which is said to handle both GeForce 7000 and 8000 series. My questions -
1. Do I need a BIOS update and if so what BIOS file do I need,
2. Do I need driver updates for the M1641 for Win 7,
3. Do I need to go back to Vista to be able to use 2 (homogeneous) video adapters and 2 monitors so I can have the larger desktop area I need to do my work?

And incidentally, how do I set folders to remember their settings in W7? I carefully get a folder looking the way I want that particular folder to look and set its position, then next time I open it it has forgotten....

All help and suggestions gratefully received and acknowledged.


Preferred Solution: W7 does not see motherboard video when 2nd video adapter present + W7 folder question

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: W7 does not see motherboard video when 2nd video adapter present + W7 folder question

By default when you install a Video card, it disables the onboard video. You can enable it again in the bios, if that is what you want, but this always causes problems. Your Video card should have 2 outputs (DVI and VGA) to run 2 monitors already, you don't need to enable the onboard video.

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hello, ho can u switch form an installed videocard to an on-motherboard video card? help plz

A:question on switching installed video card and thse form an on-motherboard video card

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I have a vid card with vivo. I want to be able to hook up my satellite to this and watch it and record it on my computer. The problem is I don't have a coax adapter. Where can I get one? Do I need a program to make this work?

A:Video card adapter question.

Yes, you'll need a program to record tv-programs (or anything that you pipe into your card/computer)... It is often included when you buy such a card though.

As for the coax adapter, I'm afraid you've lost me. Are you trying to connect the computer directly to the satelite feed, or do you have a special decoder which doesn't support coax output?

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I just bought MSI K8N Diamond Plus 939 board, and MSI 7800GT PCI-E video card. I read the manual and it has a 4 pin connector on the motherboard JPWR3 that is for powering the video card. But I also got a 6 pin-2x4pin(3 actual pins in molex) Y connector that hooks up to my video card. Do I hook up the one on the board only, the one on the video card only or both. A bit confused...
Video Card

A:Motherboard/Video Question

not real sure so you might want to hang out for the other guys oppinions but i think pluging that extra 4pin power on hte mobo and the card vid card will boost its power (heard it off a friend but cant remember his exact words)..

again.. just hang on a bit before you do anything....

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i recently purchased an adapter for my computer that i plug in where my monitor goes (15 pin) and it adapts it to an RCA plug (to put into my tv)

i dont expect it to be perfect...but im not really even getting a picture.... are there settings i can change?!

I just want to watch files from my comp on my tv (I dont have an S Video output)


thanks so much


A:Question regarding an adapter from a video card to an RCA cable

Post your system specs, especially video card. A video card does not automatically display a signal that can be recognized by a tv. It has to be changed to the proper format depending on if your using the US or European standard

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I am thinking of upgrading my video card. The reviews for this board that I have read has a few people stating to be sure my motherboard supports "AGP X4 or X8".

I have a Dell Dimension 4400 running a P4 - 1.6. According to Belarc Adviser, my motherboard is a Intel Corporation D845PT AAA67829-400.

Does this motherboard support AGP X4 or X8? When purchasing a new graphics card, is there anything I need to be aware of, as far as my board not supporting it? I know nothing about graphics cards and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

A:Motherboard/Video card question

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I'm trying to build a computer based off the TechSpot guide for an Enthusiast PC. They have recommended the ASRock P67 Extreme4 motherboard and the Radeon HD 6870 video card. I want to make sure the graphics card I've chosen is compatible with the recommended motherboard.


Graphics Card:

I thought I understood that compatibility was based on the Expansion slots/Interface of the two (the PCI Express slots).

NewEgg says the graphics card is a PCI Express 2.1 x16, while the motherboard has PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots. I am not sure if these need to match exactly in order for the two to be compatible.

VisionTek makes a Radeon HD 6870 with PCI Express 2.0 x16 (ww.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814129166). I don't know what is a good manufacturer to purchase for this video card, so help on that would also be appreciated (in addition to my compatibility question).


(Sorry for the weird links--TechSpot won't let me add real links to my posts until I have a count of 5 or more..)

A:Motherboard-video card compatibility question

Yes, they are compatible. PCIe is backwards compatible, so you could even use that video card with a motherboard with only PCIe 1.x slots and it would still work (with bandwidth reduced to 1.x speed).

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This is my motherboard: http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?modelmenu=1&model=221&l1=3&l2=13&l3=59

And this is the video card I want to use: http://www.sapphiretech.com/us/products/products_overview.php?gpid=180&grp=2

I had to go out and buy a new PSU for this, I installed it before realizing that it required a 400 watt PSU and I only had a 380 watt.

My question is, is this card even compatible with this board? I told the guy at the computer store which board I had and he said it would work... but I'm not so sure. Even after getting the new PSU, my PC won't boot. I noticed that the card has DDR2 RAM but I am not so sure my mobo will support it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Motherboard/Video Card Compatibility Question...

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Hi i am building my own computer (1st time),

I was considering buying the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P motherboard as i want something suitable for gaming, hd movies, multitasking and a bit of everything.

The only issues i have with it, is that it has 2 PCI slots and i would prefer 3, but its not essential and that it has 2 video card slots.

I am also planning to buy a high end video card.

First off, Is it beneficial to have 2 video card slots when only using one monitor?? Can you even use 2 video cards with 1 monitor??

And is this a suitable motherboard choice?? Bearing in mind that i hope not to upgrade for a little while.. if not could anyone please suggest some others.


A:Question regarding motherboard choice and dual video card slots

andebrook said:

Hi i am building my own computer (1st time),

I was considering buying the Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P motherboard as i want something suitable for gaming, hd movies, multitasking and a bit of everything.

The only issues i have with it, is that it has 2 PCI slots and i would prefer 3, but its not essential and that it has 2 video card slots.

I am also planning to buy a high end video card.

First off, Is it beneficial to have 2 video card slots when only using one monitor?? Can you even use 2 video cards with 1 monitor??

And is this a suitable motherboard choice?? Bearing in mind that i hope not to upgrade for a little while.. if not could anyone please suggest some others.

AndrewClick to expand...

Using 2 video card slots gives you the ability to use multiple monitors but the main reason for their existence is gaming performance. Both top GPU manufacturers, ATI/AMD and NVIDIA provide the ability to combine 2 identical cards for increased 3D performance. These technologies are called SLI for NVIDIA and Crossfire for ATI/AMD. So, of course you can use 2 cards with one monitor if you like!

The m/b you chose has pretty good features and uses a nice chipset. In case you decide to use a dual GPU configuration make sure that the P35 chipset supports both companies. Some time ago intel chipsets could only use crossfire.

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I have an Emachines T2482 computer that I bought before coming to finland. They are very bad with power supplies going out as I have just read from the internet. My dad had almost the same model as I have and it crashed after only two years. He had a replacement motherboard put in his PC but he is a very old man and he did not realize that the guy had screwed in the monitor cable to the computer and one day he was trying to remove it and broke the video pin connector. Last time I was there I carefully removed the video pin connector so that I could use the motherboard and/or components if I needed them on mine. He bought another PC. So now my motherboard and/or power supply has crashed as well and I have his motherboard here with me. I want to try and connect the new motherboard to to my PC but since there is not a video pin connector I am thinking of buying a cheap video card to put in the PCI slot. My question is how can I get the PC to work that way? Is it so that the PC should boot up even though the video card driver is not installed yet and I will see something on the monitor or is it so that I will most probably not be able to use the motherboard if it only has a PCI video card installed? I have not done that before and I am thinking that the new video card won't be active immediately since it will be new and no driver installed. Of course without the card working and without a monitor to see anything, I will not be able to go through the bios setup to ... Read more

A:Broken video connector on motherboard/can i boot up with PCI video card?

The problem is, if the psu went then the mobo may well be damaged from that happening. Sounds like the best place for it is the landfill site.

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Im working on a computer that turns on powers up, hard drive spins, etc. but no video is displayed. Ive replaced the motherboard, video card, RAM, power supply, and tried a new hard drive, is it possible that this could be a CPU problem? The computer is

Foxconn socket 939 mb
AMD Athlon 64 FX 3400+
Geforce 7600 GS 256MB Video Card
150GB SATA Hard Drive
420W Power Supply

I appreciate the help

A:I`ve replaced the motherboard, video card, RAM, power supply, but still no video.

Do you have another monitor that you can hook up just to check? Are you receiving any post "beeps" when you boot it up?

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I have a motherboard with the video adapter onboard. Problem is I don't have any drivers for the motherboard or its video. So my resolution is stuck at 16 color.

If I put a PCI Video adapter in the computer, do I need to change anything on the motherboard. I would thinking to just buy a cheap video card with drivers and install.

Now I remember seeing a bunch of jumpers and I hope you will not tell me that I may need to change a jumper because the jumpers are beyond me. I have no documentation for that motherboard.

I hope I can just Plug n Play. What do you guys think???

A:Adding a video card to a video on motherboard system???

i would first check the BIOS menu of your motherboard to see if the onboard video can be turned off there. If so, then you're all set.

If not, then post the exact manufacturer of your motherboard and the model and someone here can probably find info on it for you...

In fact, someone might even be able to get drivers for your onboard video!!

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Just need to know what upgrade hardware (video card) I need to enable my computer to play the more graphically demanding internet video games that have been developed in the last couple of years.My computer came with the standard video card out of the box.  would like to know the product part number and availability if possible.I previewed the list of desktops no longer being supported by HP and my specific model number was not on the list.  I'm hoping that gives me a good chance I can get the part I need.Thank you!

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I recently upgraded to the MS 2007 Enterprise suite on our media computer, and having trouble playing video in PowerPoint. I insert my movie via Insert > Movie > Movie From File. I found out that if I right-click and Preview the movie, it will play fine in my slide, however when running the slide show it will play only audio.

It will play audio only either when asking it to start automatically or on click.
It is listed as MS Compatible files (WMV).
The movie is located on the PC locally in the same folder as the PPT.
The movie plays fine in Windows Media Player.
I've read through "Compatible multimedia file formats" and "My movie doesn't play" articles on MS website regarding version 2007.
I've installed the "Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack" from Download.com
Please advise, any help is greatly appreciated!


A:Unable to present video clip PPT 2007

I believe that there is a limit on the size of that file, so super large files would not work.
Also, I would convert video into another format supported by MS Office 2007 like MPEG or ASF.

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I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate. The HP I have has onboard video. I wanted to be able to add a video card and attach a cable to it for using my Vizio TV for DVD's. I connected a regular video cable from the TV and wanted to connect it to the video card. I had an old NVideo card that I installed and I installed it BUT when I rebooted the PC I got no video for the PC. What I was expecting was that I would be able to keep the video cable connected to the card and when I changed the input on the TV from computer to TV the TV monitor would kick in and I wouldn't have to keep bending over and unplugging the cable for the PC monitor and plugging in the TV cable. When I turned the PC on I got no video from the PC monitor. Any suggestions?
Big Al

A:Motherboard video and video card in same PC

typically, when you add a video card, you must disable onboard video.

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Please bear with me as this video lark is all new to me.

I recently got a Sony TRV245E camcorder and was wondering what the best format is when capturing images on the PC?
I seem to have the choice of AVI or MPEG-1.

The camera does this via USB but also has a 'DV out' connection, would this improve quality at all?

I did a test VCD and when I played it on my DVD player it looked horribly pixilated. I had to use NERO to do this as the Pixela ImageMixer software that came with the camera wouldn't recognise my CDRW drive.

Also as this camera has no 'DV in' is there a way of getting images back ot of the PC and onto VHS tape?

A:Video capture and video transfer PC to VHS question?

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I'm sorry to keep asking so many video questions but I don't get cable and I love watching legal videos and tv shows online. I am using Windows XP Home SP3 and Firefox 3.5 on a PC.

My question this time is about a specific site - TNTtv.

When I watch a video of any of the shows on the TNT site they play for 30 seconds and then the video freezes while the audio continues to play.
Then after several minutes the video plays (where the audio already is) and then freezes and this continues through the whole show. There is no buffering - if I put it on pause, after the time of the section finishes, it just jumps to the next section.
I've used IE and Firefox - it's the same.

Their support told me to disable Video Acceleration in Windows Media Player but I'm not watching the show there - it is directly on the site but I did what they said and it didn't change anything.

I'd appreciate any ideas how to fix this.


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I have an OptiPlex 9010 with onboard Display Port & VGA
I am trying to hookup a new 58 inch Samsung TV which only has 2 hdmi ports and composite & component.
I need both hdmi for laptop hookups so I can't use them for the Dell 9010.
I want to run VGA to either the composite or the component.
Will the onboard VGA do this?
I have a cable like this:

A:Does my OptiPlex 9010 video card support S-Video or Composite Video out through its VGA port

Quilty-MUN,The adapter in the image should work for your purpose connecting to the TV.

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I video conference speeches and process them to VCD format. I capture video on miniDV tape or directly on computer using 1394 (firewire) port. I take audio seperately from mixer into computer using 'audacity' or 'accoustica' program. I use Ulead Video Studio 8 to match video & audio and then process it. These 2 streams match well in the begining, but then these go out of sync by upto 5 sec. Need help urgently.

Using Core2Duo desktop, 4 GB DDR2 RAM (800MHz FSB), SATA Hard Disk 7200 rpm.

A:Audio-video out of sync in video processing in Ulead Video Studio

The problem is that the framerates are a little bit different and there is no keyframe info for each to keep themselves in sync.

In fact some media companies deliberately introduce keyframe errors so that conversion prgrams and the like don't keep the video and audio in sync.

I'm still waiting for a good solution myself but at least you know you're not the only one with the problem by a long shot.

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I am working on a 233 machine with Windows 95 loaded.
The video display is not correct... very spacy colors... How
can I tell which display adapter is in this machine, so I can
load the correct driver?

A:how to tell video adapter

Control panel>Display>Settings>Advanced>Adapter

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i cant seem to get my computer to display any more than 16 colors. Before i moved the computer to a new location it had 256 colors. now when i try to set up the computers display it only supports a standard pci graphics adapter (VGA). also when i boot up the computer i notice it says agp vga. i dont know if that makes a difference. if anybody has had this problem or has any information on this i would be very thankful if they told me. thank you.

A:video adapter

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Greetings! My problem is: My videocard Radeon HD 6770M haveMemory Bus Width 128 BitBut using only Pci-express 2.0 x8and GPU-zSo... We know that for 128 bits bus we need to use PCI-E 2.0 with x16 mode, but why my notebook using only x8??

A:Why my video adapter is using only Pci-E x8 ?

Cause it is a mobile chipset, a laptop and not made the same as a desktop. 8x pci-e is correct. 

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Is the video card and the video adapter the same thng. Also how do you tell on the mother board where to plug the new video card into. I need one with more memory. Mine is on board with only 8 megs. I have an K7SEM 100MHz and a AMD 1800 CPU. 256 Mgs of memory. Any suggestions?

A:Video Adapter

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Hello I have a Gateway notebook. When I go to do a presentation using Office 2003 Power Point I would like to use the "Presenters VIew" I cannot. I am able to connect to the projectors monitor just fine. When i go to Display i do see the ability to have 2 monitors, but I only have one video driver. I have Intel(R) GMA video driver. All the information i have read tells me in order for me to use the dual monitor system on my computer I should down load a video adapter. Is this correct, and if it is which adapter should i use?

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I have an At form factor mother board with an integrated SiS 8meg AGP chipset. My problem is that I like to "game" and I have tried two different 3d accelerator cards. The first was a Voodoo2 and the current is a Riva TNT2 m64. My system refuses to properly accept either of these cards and even more so, the Riva card locks Windows hard. I think I know what the problem is already but I would like a second opinion. It is my belief that the integrated AGP chipset is my whole problem and I have to get a new motherboard? Am I right?

A:Video Adapter

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I am trying to install a new PCI Video Card on my Dell Dimension E310. I want to remove the PCI modem and replace it with the new video card and disable the on board video. Can this be done, and how do I disable the onboard video in Bios or Devise manager?


A:New video Adapter

Hi Leeman, welcome to TS :wave: .

Yes its possible to do that, depending on your motherboard. My personal motherboard requires me to change it in the bios to tell it what to do.

Here is a nice step by step guide that should help you out .


Good luck and have fun with your new GPU!

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Hi whoever: Im looking for what it takes to connect a vcr to a pc. Im wanting to input surveilence video into my pc and then print selected pictures. If anyone knows what devices i need i would be greatful.
Thank's [email protected]

A:vcr to pc video adapter

Easiest way is with either a vivo capable video card, or a tv tuner card..

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Ok, i just purchased a vga to s video adapter and the s video cord.
im trying to connect my pc to my tv but i dont know how. i have to unplug my monitor to connect the adapter ( i dont have an s video slot on my pc) but my video card supports tv out.

im really lost here and pretty frustrated, my video card is ati radeon xpress 200 series,
i tried going to properties > settings > i have a monitor 2 box i click it and check extend my windows desktop onto this monitor and hook up my adapter but it doesnt work.

please help me!!

A:Vga to s video adapter troubles

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How do I update the video adapter DDR on Windows 98. I 've NVIDIA Geforce graphic. Can anybody help me?

A:video adapter problem

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Hi, I recently tried to upgrade to Windows XP Pro from XP Home. About half-way through the install though error messages started appearing saying it couldn't install particular files. Bcos of this I abandoned the install and kept Home edition as my OS.
Now everytime I turn on my PC I have to unintsall and then reinstall my video adapters and drivers. When I reinstall them they work fine but its a real pain having to do this. When I access video adapters after start up it says 'Device cannot start. (Code 10)'. Once Ive reinstalled them ive tried to update the drivers but there isnt an update available meaning I have the latest driver. The Video cards are both 'Radeon X600 256MB Hypermemory'. I would really appreciate some help with this. Thanks!

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I'm trying to find a driver for mpact2 3dvd media processor video card. I upgraded from win98 to win 2000. I tried all the driver sites and no luck. It is a STB sys manufacture. Thanks for any help.

A:Video adapter upgrade

Have you tried the manufacturers website? presuming they have one

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I have a Dell pentium III 500mhz- 384ram with a 16mb Diamond Viper,NVIDIA,TNT,DIM,FACT video card. - win prof 2000 - activeX 8.1 - NVIDIA RIVA TNT 2/TNT2 Pro adapter. When I went to install Civ III I get a "picture management out of range" - when I installed Black & White the game won't boot at all. I ran dxdiag and noticed that the "DirectDraw Acceleration - 3D Accelerattion and the AGP Texture acceleration " features are "NOT AVAILABLE". I think that this is what is causing my problem! I think that the nvidia adapter that I downloaded and installed is my problem. Needless to say I tried all the window help screen to no avail. I suspect that I need a new adapter - an older one? What is most annoying is that prior to "upgrading to win2000 - activex 8.1 and NIVIDA Pro both CivIII and Black & White worked. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how I should proceed.

A:Video Adapter problem

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alright, i got windowsw xp and a dvd-ROM. One day while trying to shut of the TvOUT function (so that Cyberlinks PowerDVD would work) i shut off the video adapter card by going to Display Settings, Advanced, Adapter Tab, Properties and disabling it, thinking that it might be the thing im looking for.

Now, when i boot up ,i get up to the Windows XP loading screen, but after that, pitch black. Windows still works, and i do get sounds from it, but im blindsighted.

Its so hard to tryi to enable the card using the keyboard! I searched the openboards and found the same situation for a person named Veri. SPike gave him directional keystrokes like

Hold the Start Key, and press R. This will bring you to run program. type "devmgmt.msc" and press ENTER...

blah blah blah until i got to HOld Alt + A to bring up the menu on the device, press down, and then enter. Thats where he left off. According to the cues given by my PC, i seemed to be doing it correctly, but my situation hasnt changed. During a series of trials, i get up to that last enter, and ill hear the "microsoft Question box" sound, so i know there's a dialog box which will say "Are you sure you want to disable this device?"

THe next trail, or every other time there is not question sound that comes, nor any dialog window according to my knowledge, but hey, i cant see the freakin screen.

My guess, the question box is disable, and when it doesnt do it ive enabled it. But even ... Read more

A:Disabled VIDEO ADAPTER help!!

My first thought was to enable the on screen narrator, but that doesn't work as well as I had hoped, and I can't find a shortcut keystroke to narrator. You can run it by pressing windows + R, then type narrator.exe, then enter. I tried to get to my display adapter with it, but it didn't work very well, you have to click objects to get it to say what they are.

Another option is install a pci graphics card to get a display to enable your original card. Not sure if that would work or not.

Have you tried removing the graphics card,then reinstalling it to see if it will redetect it?

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I am still awaiting my Geforce 6600 AGP. So I've been talking to my friends at school and he said since I have a onboard Integrated, I need to get into the BIOS and take off the memory for the video card. Well I looked in the BIOS and everything was just right. Except the Primary Video Adapter. Before I install my new card do I need to turn the adapter to AGP? Because I can but I'm not going to do it yet. Just wondering.

A:Primary Video Adapter

All motherboards are different, but typically the flow goes something like this:

1. Boot up in safe mode, and go into your device manager. Find the drivers for your onboard graphics and delete them.
2. Shut off your computer, and reboot into bios.
3. Change the setting you found above to AGP, shut off computer and unplug it.
4. Install new card, and connect monitor cable to it.
5. Boot up and let windows auto-detect the new hardware, install the drivers as asked.

Good luck!

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I have a Compaq Presario 2286 with a Pentium class Cyrix and 96meg Ram. It has a built in video adapter and I want to add a Creative Labs Savage 4. I have the card and it fits nicely in the only available PCI slot but Windows WILL NOT complete boot up. Compaq support said there was no way to disable the motherboard adapter but I had to uncheck the "Exists in all Hardware Profiles" box in the device manager. I have done this and tried every which way to boot but it always hangs just after Windows loads all the drivers and just before the wallpaper should load.. The mouse icon appears in the middle of a black screen and the computer stops cold! Does anyone have any ideas?


A:Upgrade Video Adapter

Some motherboard simply won't work with some video cards...

The only things you can really try are upgrading to the latest Compaq ROM and video card ROM and drivers.

Have you been able to boot in Safe Mode?

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Hi There,
I just recently purchased a laptop, and things have been going quite wonderfully with it.. until I tried to use an adapter from S-Video to RCA for TV-out. Simply put, there is nothing output when I am trying to use this adapter. Windows doesn't even recognize the fact that there is anything connected.
Now, I've got one television at home that's got S-Video in, so I tried going directly from S-Video on the laptop to the television, and that worked quite alright. The adapter I'm using works for sure because that's what I'm using on the desktop machine to connect it's S-Video connection to the television in my room. So the hardware that I'm currently using seems to not be the issue.

The specs of my machine are as follows:
HP dv1010ca
- Intel 82852/82855 Graphics Controller (newest available drivers)
- Windows XP SP2

Any help that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

A:TV-Out problems with S-Video->RCA Adapter

You do know that you have to use an "F" key combo to activate the TV out Port??

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KDS Visual Sensations VS-190

Did a new clean install of Windows 98 Second.
Where can I get the right driver for monitor?
Tried some I downloaded, vs-190is, vs-190p, vs-190i.exe

None of them install properly. Can only get 16 color or 2 color.

thanks, Don

A:Monitor video adapter

It's not the monitor driver you need, its the driver for the video card you need.

Can you post the make and model of your computer for the specs for it?

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driver to download for Windows XP. I have an IBM Thinkpad type 2647. I just upgraded from 98se and my screen resolution is very low. I've been told when you upgrade you get only very low resolution and have to download the proper drivers. Windows won't let me change the resolution. Can anyone offer any help. I'm struggling here. Thanks

A:Need help finding the right video adapter...

It would be better to have kept the post in the same thread as the original enquiry but assuming you have a T20, T21 or T22 Thinkpad (the machine number 2647 is only part of the type info) then the driver is at the link below.


This was located by going to www.ibm.com and following the menus.

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Please help me i am using NVidia Winfast GeForce MX64

My pc cant find the video card adapter

i look in the properties but the adapter is unavailable

this happen after i reformat my os even in the device manager i cant find my video card.. i download the update of my card and the drivers but still my video card adapter is unavaible..i also try to resit my video card in the slot...

plsease give me some advise what to do with my video card thanks!

A:Please help me with my video card adapter

If you haven't already, install your motherboard chipset drivers, then your graphics driver.

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I went to update my video card drivers- and I saw the following screens. There was no Adapter Type listed (though I have a ATI Radeon Xpress 200m). Errrr... help? View image: Issue1

A:No Video Adapter? / VgaSave

Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager, any devices with yellow flags need to have drivers installed.
What is the make and model # of your computer? Go to the manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in your make and model # or your service tag # and download the ATI Video driver for your model and any other drivers you need from the Device Manager.

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I just bought a video PCI64 mb upgrade card. I have an all in one card on my HP Pavillion. How do I disable the all in one card?

A:Diable all in one video adapter

In the BIOS see if you have a " disable onboard graphics" option. If you do , great go ahead and disable it, save&exit.
If you don't, then look again in BIOS and see if you have a option which will let you choose which display to be used to boot first ( As in PCI or AGP <which in your case should be the HP graphics). At least that way you'll be able to make the PCI64 as the master graphics card.
If you don't have that option either then there isn't too much that can be done. If you are using windows 98 try and disable it in Device Manager.
For windows XP or win2k this will not work and you'll have to live with it.
Oh yes, consult the manual for the HP and see if you don't happen to have a "jumper "on the motherboard which will disable the all in one card.

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Is their anyone on this forum who knows of a good program to test the performance of a video adapter and test to see if it is working correctly. Preferably one with diagnostic capabilities.

Any advice appreciated.

A:video adapter performance

Any number of diagnostic programs can test your video adapter, but you may have difficulty finding one that'll test it thoroughly. Programs such as Norton and Nuts & Bolts do a cursory test and don't really put the video through it's paces very much. You may want to run a simple directX diagnostic to make sure it's up to snuff for games that need directX. You should find a program called dxdiag.exe in your c:\windows\system folder, or your could run a search for it by typing dxdiag in "find" on your start menu. The program icon is a big yellow X on a blue background.

If there's a good utility to do what you're looking to do, someone here will know, they're surprisingly resourceful!

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PowerDVD Error: TvOUT function is not working properly (It is enabled)

Q1: how do i shut off the TvOUt function?

While trying to do, i disabled my video adapter card. And now, once Windows starts, the screen is black. Windows works, (i can tell by the sounds and whatnot), but im blindsighted. I'm having trouble trying to get Display Properties Settings and getting the Adapter Section.

Is there a shortcut to get there?


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Compaq Evo D500
I am looking for a Video Adapter Driver for
nVidia Vanta/VantaLT Driver for XP Pro

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Heres the deal.
I have a nvidia geforce 6150 integrated ramdac graphics controller(which of course shares from the ram). it says it has 825 mb of total available memory. but it only has 128 mb of dedicated memory.( i dont know what it all means exactly)
I have looked everywhere on how to increase the adapter ram,and have found it is possible, through the bios. but since every computer model is different, i cant find how to do it for my bios. which is: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG. ( i have looked everywhere through my bios and have not found anything regarding my controller.)
I would like to increase it to 256, which i can afford, because i have 2 gb of ram.

Any helpful information regarding this is very appreciated.
and if you need more info about my pc, tell me what you may need to know.

thanks alot.

A:Increasing video adapter RAM

Xeera said:

Heres the deal.
I have a nvidia geforce 6150 integrated ramdac graphics controller(which of course shares from the ram). it says it has 825 mb of total available memory. but it only has 128 mb of dedicated memory.( i dont know what it all means exactly)
I have looked everywhere on how to increase the adapter ram,and have found it is possible, through the bios. but since every computer model is different, i cant find how to do it for my bios. which is: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG. ( i have looked everywhere through my bios and have not found anything regarding my controller.)
I would like to increase it to 256, which i can afford, because i have 2 gb of ram.

Any helpful information regarding this is very appreciated.
and if you need more info about my pc, tell me what you may need to know.

thanks alot.Click to expand...

I have to admit: I'm a bit lost.

(1) What is the "it" in the sentence, "it says it has 825mb of total available memory"?
(2) What is the "it" in the sentence, "but it only has 128mb of dedicated memory"?
(3) You won't be able to increase the adapter ram; that would be impossible (unless you are the god of component-level modders).

What you are looking to do is increase the graphics aperture. You can do that from the BIOS by looking for something like that has the word "aperture" in it as that is the only component of the BIOS, to date, that uses that nomenclature. Problem is, if you... Read more

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I have a problem with my video/adapter card. My computer model is the Dell Dimension B110 and I think that my video card is built into the motherboard but I'm not sure. My video card is Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller (Microsoft Corporation - XDDM) and it doesn't support 3D graphics very well.
Could anyone tell me what type of video card I should get to be able to run Counter-Strike-Source (minimum requirements of the game is on the game's purchase page) properly on my computer? Also, could anyone tell me how I could change the video card or insert it into a card slot?

A:Video/Adapter Card Help

The counter-strike-source requirements says "DirectX 7 level graphics card", and I'm looking at the Intel Extreme Graphics page and it says "DX7*/DX8*/OGL*1.1" (DX=DirectX and OGL=OpenGL) so I think you're good to go. Of course since it's integrated it won't be top-notch performance, but you can always give it a try first before buying a new graphics card.
Just in case, just grab the latest drivers for the graphics chipset:

If you're really interested in getting a graphics card anyway you'll have to check a few things before you start.
I tried looking at the documentation for your PC, but the owner's manual (in pdf) leads to a dead link
However you can look around in the html documents (click view) and get instructions for BIOS, installing PCI cards, etc.
The odd thing is I can't see an AGP slot in the specs (your PC seems like circa 2003 so I thought it was odd - or maybe the Intel graphics are AGP). Anyway that means you'll need a PCI card (not PCI Express!!!). Usually when people add a graphics card, they'll disable the integrated graphics. This is normally done by setting a jumper, or going to some settings in the BIOS. I don't see information on that here, so you may have to dig a little deeper, look in the manual, or call Dell and ask them. If it's not disable-able, I don't know if you can have two graphics subsystems side by side lik... Read more

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