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Clone old drive, to new drive that already has Windows 7 installed?

Q: Clone old drive, to new drive that already has Windows 7 installed?

Hi there.

I am looking to move my 1TB of data (documents+games+movies+programs) to a 2TB harddrive (brand new harddrive). So what I want to do is to install a fresh Windows 7 onto the 2TB, and then I want to clone and copy over the 1TB harddrive's data to the 2TB harddrive, so that all of my games (with their saves) and programs will work on the 2TB harddrive.

And the obvious reason why I don't want to copy or clone the OLD windows 7 install from the 1TB is because it's full of bugs and errors, and is like 6 years old (I regularly get "rpc server is unavailable" errors and sometimes BSODs). So I want a fresh harddrive with a fresh windows 7 install, but I want all of my old data + games copied over exactly as they are. How would I go about doing this>? I do have a program called "Macrium Reflect" which will do the cloning (or I could use the Windows Transver feature maybe?).

PS. The computer will be the same ie. no new hardware will be added, I'll only be slotting in a bigger harddrive, so there won't be any hardware changes or anything of that sort. I'm an IT-tech of 3years (even though I've never done this), so don't worry about using any IT jargon, I'll understand what you're saying.

Computer setup is: Windows 7 Pro, 64bit, service pack 1.

So, is this achievable?

Preferred Solution: Clone old drive, to new drive that already has Windows 7 installed?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Clone old drive, to new drive that already has Windows 7 installed?

- First of all: disconnect your actual disk from the MB. This is very important to make sure your boot loader will be on the new disk.
Do a fresh install Clean Install Windows 7
When creating a user, select Test.
After installation finish, install all drivers and win 7 updates.
To save time with the updates: MS releases SP2 for Windows 7
Install all your programs (Office, games etc)
Under user = Test create a new user with the same name you have on your old computer (Plank?).
Log off Test and log in as Plank. Windows will create a Plank user.
Shut down.
Attach the old disk. Make sure you boot on the new disk.
Log in as Test

Now the trick.
Under user = Test rename the new \users\Plank to \users\Plank_New
Copy from the old disk your folder \users\Plank to the new \users
Shut down and remove the old drive
Boot and log in as Plank. You should have all your user settings on the new installation.

With this trick, you moved all the old registers for Plank to the new disk

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I need help. I was trying to clone my laptop drive to my new drive using Copy commander but when I had the new drive partitioned, it will not allow me to clone my drive. But if I do not partition it, it works. Any input would be appreciated......!!

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I recently bought a faster 2TB hard drive to replace my old 1TB 'games' hard drive. Unfortunately, the software that came with the drive (Seagate Disc Wizard) will not clone my 'games' hard drive onto the new hard drive. Every time I try the clone, the software tries to reboot the PC, thinking that I'm trying to clone the OS onto the new drive, and I'm not.

Will copying everything from the old drive onto the new drive and then renaming the new drive letter (I to the old 'games' drive letter (E (after removing the original 'games' HDD) work the same?

A:Can't clone a new drive; can copy and rename drive letter work?

When cloning software asks you to reboot it's because they notice that some of the stuff you want to clone is used by Windows somehow. Even if you were just copying files or whatever. Maybe Steam was active or some kind of background program.

Anyway, in case that utility is just dumb, you can try with the program I use all day, EaseUs Partition master. Once installed, just clik on Wizard and then on Clone disk wizard, follow the wizard and you're set. Click on Apply when ready.
In case it asks for a reboot, let it do so (it takes a bit of time for so big drives though, so do it when you have something to watch on TV or whatever). If you selected the right drives in the wizard it won't screw with C, maybe it just needs everything to be sleeping while doing its job.

Will copying everything from the old drive onto the new drive and then renaming the new drive letter (I to the old 'games' drive letter (E (after removing the original 'games' HDD) work the same?

Yes it will work fine. FastCopy is an utility that will help you transfer so much data quickly and efficiently (more than copy-paste), and can check that all files were copied successfully (just to be sure), and stop/begin again the transfer without a lot of fuss.

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I have a 300 gig SATA drive on my computer. Stats in my profile.

I bought a 500 gig SATA drive to replace it with.

When I get done, I want the repair/recovery part and the C:\ part to be on the new drive.

I have an external hdd SATA USB holder to hooking it up to start the process isn't a problem.

But I'm not sure of the exact method as the times I've cloned a drive in the past, no recovery partition was there, and the drives were the same size.

I look through the tutorials and didn't see one that fit. I searched for 'clone hard drive' and 'clone boot drive'.

Thanks for your help.

A:clone/copy boot drive to larger replacement drive ?

This free software has a drive cloning component. I've not used it myself. (I am using it for image backup.)

Free Hard Disk Copy/Clone Software for PC & Server Hard Drive. Disk clone, disk backup, disk image and partition copy freeware.

As far as the recovery partition, if you still have the option, I would make the recovery DVD set. I don't know if these are hard wired to expect to be on certain disk sectors. Maybe someone who has Acer can chime in. But according to Easus user manual, the disk clone will copy the entire drive as long as the new one is of equal or larger capacity.

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well i just got a brand new WD Elements basic storage 1tb external hard drive. my plan was to create a back up image of my laptops hard drive and instead created a clone. my computer no longer recognizes the drive as an external hd but as replicated computer and recovery drives. i just want to wipe the drive but i cant locate it. i did find it on disk management but i cant delete all the parts and it would not let me format it. i can format the cloned drives just not the the external drive as a whole. some help would be amazing

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hello. I'm new here so sorry if i have made the thread in the wrong place.
i have a seagate 2tb hard drive that recently started having bad blocks. so i bought a seagate 4tb drive.
I have a motherboard compatible with UEFI(asus P8H61-M LX) and a Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
My question is: how can I clone my atual 2tb drive(which is mbr) to the new 4tb drive and make it bootable? if possible, explain to me step-by-step.

Thanks in advance for any reply.

A:Clone windows 7 to new gpt drive

Ten minutes with Google tells me there are a lot of people that want to do this, but I can't find a clearcut answer.

Lot of suggestions, try this, try that, reports of errors and roadblocks, and more suggestions and guesses.

All I can suggest is to try your own Google-fu and hope.

I'd probably throw in the towel without trying and just do a clean install in the interest of avoiding frustration.

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Hey Guys,

I needed*to install SQL Server 2014 Management Studio for a database course that I'm taking. I wasn't able to load the database, so I played around with the C drive permissions and I ended up losing all access to my C drive.*If I try to*go anywhere like Acer Recovery Management or C: Security Tab or UAC, I get "access is denied".*I have my Windows 8 recovery USB and I played around in the command prompt but ended up making it worse. (Before I could still log on and use Chrome) but now I'm getting "\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD - You'll need to use Recovery tools" It*messed up when I tried this command "bcdboot c:\Windows /l en-us /s x: /f ALL" I tried all the other commands from this website:


except for the paid software:

Easy Recovery Essentials ?

but haven't bought it yet. I know*it can be fixed*from the command prompt but I'm not sure how. When I try "Reset*/ Refresh your PC" from the recovery media, I still get "The drive where windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again"*I have all my files saved on Google drive so I don't mind losing anything. What can you suggest?

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Hi Guys,

I need help with this situation:

I've cloned a 1GB CF with XP embedded and image it onto a 2GB CF, but the new 2GB CF is getting stuck while booting.

The boot process would get stuck somewhere within in "PCI device listing... " .

Obviously, it seems like the system doesn't like the boot disk size change, but I don't know how to fix this.

Can someone help me resolve this?


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hello all,

I cannot get windows xp to load/open. It is still on my hard drive and I need to save my files and programs. How can I do that? Thanx.

A:clone hard drive without windows

So what you are saying is that you want to copy over files and programs from 1 hard-disk to another without a Windows loading??

It may be dangerous copying programs as many use registry keys within their installation so I would expect some programs not to work.

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Hello everyone, I am requesting help getting windows off my C: drive on my 80g Seagate Barracuda HD to install to a new Hitachi Deskstar 400g. It's an old HP computer running XP Pro. I did not get a disc when I bought it, all the windows files are in Cab files. I tried to copy the i386 files but couldn't find any startup files to extract the cab files. I don't want to clone the entire current 80g drive as I want to partition windows and some critical files into a new partition on the new drive. I partitioned off 1g for that purpose. Is that enough for windows files and allow enough for updates? That way I can keep my documents and photos, music etc separated from windows. I think it will be easier to backup that way.
I installed Macrium Reflect but from what I read on the site, you can't pick out specific files, you have to clone the entire drive. If I created a drive image backup for windows on DVD, then restored that to the new drive would windows work off that? The reason I don't want to clone the entire drive is that there are several programs I don't want on the new drive. When I try to delete them, it says "access denied, another program is using this file. close the file and try again." Nothing shows up when I call up what is running at the moment. It is hidden somewhere and I can't find it.If it won't let me delete it now, I probably won't be able to delete it off the new drive if I clone the entire drive.
What's the... Read more

A:How do you clone windows off hard drive?

IMO...the easiest thing to do...is clone the entire drive.

After that is done and you can boot into Windows...then you can create any other partitions you may want...reduce the size of the Windows partition...whatever, using a program like Easeus Partition Master.


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I have a Samsung 850 Pro fresh out of the box, and I'm hoping to clone my old Seagate onto this SSD, and then use it as my primary boot drive. If possible, I'd like to do this without reinstalling windows and all my programs.

The drive is recognized on Windows (once I initialized it in Partition Manager, per Samsung's FAQ instructions) as a 250gb drive, but it is not displaying as an SSD in the Defragment dialog, nor is the Samsung Magician software recognizing it. This leads me to believe I've not set this up correctly as an SSD, and I want to get this resolved before I clone the drive with Samsung's software.

I have the drive connected through a USB cable to a board that's from a USB Hard Drive. The connection interface is the same (Sata 2?) so I assumed I could clone the drive while the SSD was plugged in to USB, and then swap out the internal HDD with the new, cloned, SSD (I run a laptop therefore only one drive slot). Perhaps the USB connection is screwing up how the SSD is being read?

I don't have any experience with SSDs, so I'm looking for help here. I'm anxious about messing up this 250 dollar purchase, so any advice is welcome. Thanks!

A:SSD misread on Windows (attempting to clone drive)

Your specs say the Seagate is 500GB but your Samsung is only 250GB. You can use Macrium Reflect to "clone" the first disk to the second provided that the USED space on the first disk is smaller than the total space on the second.

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I just bought a ssd drive and I have 2 partitions. 1 is for work and one is for personal. I did a fresh install for my personal partition. However for work I want to make a clone(it would be a huge pain to setup everything again) of it on my ssd drive.

Original Drive

1 Tb seagate hard drive and has my 100gb work partition with windows 7 on it.

I want to now take that partition and put it on a partition of the ssd drive.

I tried to use

Acronis Disk Director to make a copy of it and I tried DriveImage XML to do a clone of it and I get the same result both times.

The cloning finishes and I was unable to acess my work windows 7. I used "EasyBCD 2.1.2" to hookup my computer so it can handle dual boot(my fresh windows 7 and my work windows 7).

I loaded into my work windows 7 partition and it comes to the login screen and everything is all good till I try to log in.

I get a screen that goes "personalizing settings". After like 5 minutes it goes to another screen with a dialog box in the top left corner.

"setting up personalized settings for: web platform customizations".

After 45mins it is still on this screen.

I don't know why this is happening.


I should mention that I can log into my work partition under safe mode. It does not run into that problem but it comes up with a message saying the "profile is broken....."

A:How to Clone a Windows 7 Partition to a new Hard Drive?


First, amplify your system specs please.

Update your SevenForums System Specs
User CP (located on the top menu bar) |
Your Profile | Edit System Spec (left-hand column)

To gather info, use Speccy (my favorite) orSIW or System Info

Add the word laptop or desktop or netbook to the
?system manufacturer? block, for example,
Toshiba Satellite L305D notebook.

Provide full windows version info, for example:
MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Use the ?Other Info? block for Optical Reader,
Mouse, touchpad, wifi adapter, speakers, monitor, etc

Scroll down and click on SAVE CHANGES.


Now, related is: What is the size of the SSD?

2nd, Post following please:
Run disk management:
WIN=key with Microsoft logo on top.

Maximize the output of Disk Management:
ALT-Spacebar key combo | X key (selects Maximize) |
Drag the field separators (such as between Status and Capacity) to show entire field.

Make a snapshot:
Drag the cursor around the area you want to snip.
File | Save as | select save location and name | Save

Post the snapshot:
Post a File or Screenshot in Seven Forums

thanks, karl

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Hi. My Dell had a hard drive failure and I replaced it on my own and also they replaced it. They wouldn't do it at first so I did and I set up a lot of good programs and settings so I wanted to partition the new hard drive that they installed yesterday so that I can clone mine and then compare things and go with all of the drivers and programs that work best.

Does that make any sense? I don't want to keep all of their bloat but I would like to keep some of it. I also don't want to have to reload all of my programs again. I have Acronis Disk Director 12 and I also have Acronis True Image 2015. I have a SATA cable connected to my hard drive. I also have two additional external backup hard drives. I am using Windows 8.,1 and I have Window 8 currently on the newly installed Hard drive. I also would like to have a partition to try Windows 10. Any help would really be appreciated.

A:How to partition a new drive to clone 2nd hard drive

clone a hard drive will delete all the data on the destination drive. You'd better clone all the partitions on the drive that clone disk.

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What I am attempting to do is clean up my wife's Toshiba L555 laptop. the problem is she can not be without it because of her work requirements. (her life is on that drive) so can I clone the toshiba drive onto another drive that she can work on till I get her laptop cleaned up? I am even willing to give up my computer for a day or two if I need to clone onto it so she can keep working. and how do I go about it. (obviously I am less than an "expert" I know just enough to hurt myself)

A:clone a hard drive to an external drive? or maybe a second pc

I don't think Windows is going to boot from an external drive.

What do you mean by "clean up"? Reinstall Windows?

Even if you "clone" (a loosely used word) her installation to some other location, such as to your PC, you'd have issues because your PC hardware differs from her laptop hardware.

Does she ever sleep? Do it then.

Does she ever have a day off? Do it then.

Is her laptop Windows installation backed up?

Is her laptop data backed up?

Regardless---"cloning" is an imperfect procedure. You'd be nuts to assume it will work if "her life is on that drive" and "she cannot be without it". Cloning is an unnecessary complication to what I assume you want to do----correct some errors/issues on her laptop. I'd find a way to work around her schedule.

What happens if her hard drive fails at sundown today? What's your plan?

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I have a Dell Dimension 4700 running XP Service Pack 3. My original Western Digital Drive was dying. This drive was the boot drive and listed first in "setup" (after hitting F2) There was also a 300GB Maxtor SATA drive already installed which I used for data storage -- not bootable. It was listed 2nd in "setup".

Ultimately the WD Drive wouldn't boot. I cleared the 300GB Maxtor and did a clean install Win XP from manuf. disks WITHOUT removing the WD - Drive 1 first. (I had hoped to remove some data I hadn't yet back up

I tried rebooting BUT if both disks were set to "On" in "setup - F2" the system would NOT boot. If Disk 1 (WD Drive) was turned off the system would boot fine. I removed the "boot partition" on Disk 1 but if both drives were turn on - no go.

I have now replaced the defective drive (WD) with a Maxtor SATA II/300 (1 TB).

The boot drive (300GB Maxtor) is the "last" drive on the SATA interface cable and the new drive (1 TB) is on the second to last connector.
Still, if the blank, new drive is turned on in "setup - F2" the system won't boot. If off, system boots. (I want to use the 1 TB drive solely for data storage).

It seems the SATA controller refuses to recognize the bootable drive if both drives are active. All I can think of is this is due to the 300GB being "Drive 2" in my original system and still listed that way in "setup". There is NO ability to c... Read more

A:Solved: Drive Crashed - XP installed on 2nd Drive - Replaced Drive Won't Work

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Ok-I was reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron 1750. I, by mistake, installed it on the D/Recovery Drive. Did not realize this until I went to install my MS Office again. After realizing my mistake I reinstalled on the C drive. Now I have Windows 7 on C and D. My recovery drive is completely full and I wanted to see if there is a way I can remove it off of my recovery drive. The one on my C drive is working great. I do know a little bit about computers. I looked over several forums online but nothing seems to be in just plain "cornbread english" for me to understand fully. Can anyone please help me....


A:Windows 7 Installed on C drive and D/Recovery Drive

Quote: Originally Posted by awalls

Ok-I was reinstalling Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron 1750. I, by mistake, installed it on the D/Recovery Drive. Did not realize this until I went to install my MS Office again. After realizing my mistake I reinstalled on the C drive. Now I have Windows 7 on C and D. My recovery drive is completely full and I wanted to see if there is a way I can remove it off of my recovery drive. The one on my C drive is working great. I do know a little bit about computers. I looked over several forums online but nothing seems to be in just plain "cornbread english" for me to understand fully. Can anyone please help me....


When you reinstalled Win 7, did you do it from a DVD? If that is the case, there should not be anything on the recovery drive that you would need. Let me know how you reinstalled Win 7 and what is on the D drive.

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Hello all,

Trying to clone my windows 8.1 partition on my 1TB HDD to my 480GB SSD.

Clonezilla is not working.

What I wish to accomplish is:

Leave all recovery partitions on the 1TB HDD, copy the C:/ partition (windows and my programs/files) to my 480GB SSD. The amount of space on the "C:\" partition is not even 10 GB, so there is plenty of space. The problem I am having is figuring out a way to clone it, like what software to use.

I was thinking maybe using the Ubuntu flash drive I have and simply "dd" the partition or will that not work? Also, would that give an error considering the "if" location will be larger then the "of" location?

I'm kind of lost here.

Thanks everyone!

A:[SOLVED] Clone Windows 8 partition to another hard drive

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

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I was prompted a while ago to update to Windows 10, but haven't had a reason to until recently, there's a game (Killer Instinct) which is Windows 10 only so I decided now's the time.

When I was prompted for the update originally, I followed a guide on this forum for turning the update file into a bootable iSO, I though this would let me install windows 10 on another partition so I could dual boot, but when I tried it asked me for my product key and didn't accept my original Windows 7 key.

I'm currently running windows 7 from a 120gb SSD, now partitioned in 2 equal half's. I was wondering if its possible for me to clone my existing Windows 7 drive to the 2nd partition, then do the Windows 10 update on either the clone or original drive for a dual boot setup. Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance

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Sony VIAO - Vista -

I'm copy/paste the info from the thread so I don't have to type all info twice. Trying to clone and seriously need some "professional" assistance. Still haven't gotten the answers necessary to complete the task from other forum. Info posted as follows:


I want to "Clone"/"Copy" my old smaller HD to a new larger HD.

I bought a brand new hard drive for my Sony VIAO laptop and would like to clone the old hard drive to the new one. Then swap out the smaller drive with the larger/new drive. I've been trying to read through as much info as possible to figure out how to do it but am having problems. I downloaded EaseUS ToDo BackUp Free and bought an adapter to connect the new SATA hard drive. I thought all I had to do was connect the new drive then open the EaseUS software and click "disk clone" then start the clone. But the new drive doesn't show up in the "disk clone window".

Do I need to format the new drive? Or...
Do I need to create a partition on the new drive with the "manage" option on right clicking "computer" on my desktop?
Or...Do I need to "create a bootable disk" in the Ease US software?.....or a bootable CD?
I don't know "exactly" how to do any of those things.

This is more confusing then it should be, I know. I thought I'd be able to do this seemingly simple task, but need help.

If I have to somehow &qu... Read more

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I have a Shuttle SB61G2 and I wanted to upgrade the hard drive to one of a higher capacity. I wasn't prepared to reinstall Windows so I decided to clone the hard drive. I used DriveClone XML and backed up the current drive image and restored it onto the new drive. All was successful so far.

OS-Windows 7 Enterprise
Current drive-Maxtor 300GB BANC1B10
New drive-Seagate 500GB ST3500320AS

I then plugged the new drive with the restored image on into the Shuttle and turned it on. I was met with the following error message:

"Windows failed to start. A Recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your langugae settings, and then click next
3. Click "repair your computer."

Status: 0xc000000e
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."

Naturally I inserted the repair disk and it reported saying there were errors and it would automatically repair them. When it restarted it booted up normally until it reached 'preparing your desktop', it stayed on this screen for a good 3mins before producing a blank blue screen with a mouse and text in the bottom right corner of the screen saying:

"Windows 7
Build 7601
This copy of Windows is not genuine"

I was confused by this so I inserted the original hard drive and it worked fine, and its activated.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in ad... Read more

A:Windows 7 Enterprise Boots to Blank Blue Screen after Hard Drive Clone

Something similar had happened to me a while back with Win XP. Windows recognizes the new hard drive as a new computer. Since your copy of windows is already registered to your old PC configuration when it checks for authenticity it appears that this is a new PC using your activation code. Call Windows support and have your activation number ready. They fixed it for me with instructions over the phone. I hope this is the issue and that this would help. Good luck!

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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive

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I have a backup drive that we had used for for a while (WD 6000aak), previously in an external drive enclosure. I connected it today via USB to find that the computer has the driver installed, the drive appears in the Devices list, but it does not show in My Computer. In "Disk Management" the drive appears but is not assigned a drive letter. Also, all the options for the volumes are greyed out and cannot be selected - thus I cannot assign a drive letter.

I have tried this on multiple computers. I have also removed it from the enclosure and connected the drive via SATA... the result is identical. I checked the bios and the drive appears there.

The drive does spin when powering up. It is hot (even though it cannot really be accessed).

Any suggestions? Is this drive done?

A:Hard drive installed, shows in Drive Mngmnt, in Bios, but not in Comp.

Go to Disk Management, in the bottom part of the screen, right click the drive, select 'change drive letter or path', next window select add, next window select a drive letter from the drop down box. For an external drive it's best to use a letter lower in the alphabet. If disk management wants to initialize and format it, don't do it if there is data on it you don't want to lose. If no data or if you don't care, go ahead. It will show in computer when a drive letter is assigned.

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I'm playing with a recently retired server running 32bit Windows 7 Professional. Originally it was configured as RAID 0 with 5 SATA drives. Those drives are gone but I want to install a spare 2TB SATA drive that I have. Using the RAID Management software I have created the drive and it shows the correct configured capacity. I initialized the disk with Disk Management and it lists the disk as online but it doesn't show up in the volume list with a drive letter. My intention is to use the 2TB drive as media storage. Other than combing RAID and Windows 7, what am I doing wrong? Am I better off reformatting everything and reloading Windows?

A:Unable to assign drive letter to newly installed SATA drive.

I had the same problem this week with a drive like that. Have you tried to reformat it? Also make sure your system can handle a 2TB drive.

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Is it possible to have pre-installed vista on your internal drive then buy a new external drive, install XP on it and then boot that drive to use XP?

A:Running Xp on an external hard drive with Vista installed on internal drive.

Yes this is possible as long as your BIOS supports booting from USB.

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A:Can I add additional hard drive to my yoga 20CDCTO1WW? My installed SSD drive is too small (duh).

How to find out if the Thinkpad S1 Yoga has an additional SSD slot?

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I just bought a new P50. Bought a Crucial mx300 M.2 SATA SSD drive to install, bought the mounting kit and everything. Read over all the documentation including the hardware maintenance manual.  Installed the drive LABEL UP, with 6 pins on the left and 5 on the right. Turned on the laptop, instant electrical burning smell, SSD error. Turned off the laptop and found this.. There is also damage to the bay and the board.  NOW... I tried putting this drive in flipped over and went with the LABEL UP standard. I could not find ANY INFORMATION ON WHICH WAY TO INSTALL THE DRIVE... there is NOTHING about m.2 drives being asymmetrical.. no information anywhere for the p50 in regards to this. Not to mention you cannot even see the bay as you install it. Lenovo is currently refusing to cover damages by my warranty (I also purchased an extended warranty) Crucial sent me a new drive and is looking into it.  I'm waiting to hear from a repair technician, but basically customer service (who literally knew nothing about computers btw ) told me that it would not be covered because it wasn't a Lenovo drive.  Anyways, just wanted to vent and warn you all. I still can't find a definitive answer on which way to install it, or even if it was installed improperly. Lenovo simply called and told me it wouldn't be covered and they literally just said what I wrote down on the piece of paper.. they didn't even do a diagnostic or anything.. &... Read more

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I have a 1TB hard drive that I am only using 30GB on and want to clone that to a 500GB hard drive. I have tried using Drive Image XML but it tells me that I have to get a bigger drive in order for it to work. My question is this, is there a program (free) that can clone a bigger hard drive to a smaller one?I might be answering my question here but I wonder could I image the drive and the restore the image from that one to another one? There has to be a way to do it.uByte

A:Clone Bigger Hard drive to smaller hard drive

The verdict is still out. I tried to image the drive and restore it to the smaller one and it gave me the same message. I wonder if I resized the partition of the bigger one to make it smaller then tried to copy it. That might work.

If anyone has done this before let me know.


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I was just copying files right from my c drive (which contains 2 defunct windows folders that the pc doesnt use.. I had no clue what i was attempting to do years ago with this install.) onto my e drive which is the primary drive. i am going to reformat the c drive to install windows 7.

Now what happened is that i went to disconnect the one drive to make 100% certain the windows folders on c are not in use (im sure theyre not since they havent been modified in years) but ran into an error on bootup where the system couldnt find the file ntldr. I had to burn this fix from my laptop onto a dvd and then run that and it fixed it. What happened was that in the root c drive folder was the ntldr file (and a few others apparently) that i moved into a folder on my e drive in my attempts to preserve everything from the c drive for after i format it.. I moved all those little files back to the root c drive. I checked in the root e folder and those files arent there. I was expecting there to be copies of them at least.

I then copied those files from the c: root dir to the E: root dir. I then unplugged c and booted and i get the "error loading os" or "os not found" i forget the exact error message... This may have something to do with e: being a SATA drive and c: being an IDE drive however.

Anyway, for whatever reason, the pc will not recognize the e drive on the SATA as bootable. I read that if I boot from the xp cd and choose repair on the e drive, it may fix... Read more

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I have a Dell 14-3452 given to me for my 10 year old grandson to use with Win10. It has the embedded eMMC installed with 32gb for C: drive. I was able to update Win10 to 1511. Not enough storage to upgrade to Win10 1607.
 I downloaded Win10 from Microsoft using the MCT to a USB stick with the intention of doing a clean install to the eMMC and then using a 64gb SD card for the Apps.
I screwed up and deleted the C: drive partitions, I should have extended them instead.  Win10 install said unable to install on drive.
Found a tip on Dell forum to use Shift +F10 at the WIN10 install screen to get to diskpart. Then, list disk>select disk 1>clean> create primary partition>active> format fs=fat32 quick>convert gpt
Since then Dell 41-3452 says no drive installed.  I’ve reloaded the default using F9 at the setup screen. I can’t remove this embedded C: drive to re-initialize. With the Win10 USB stick installed I select USB at F12 boot up, the PC goes straight to Dell ePSA pre boot assessment diagnostics.
I think I may have killed this PC.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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hi I want to clone my existing hard drive containing the operating system (WinXP Pro sp3) and ALL drivers etc, to a new larger drive. The intention is once cloned I make the new drive the master and I wont have to reinstall everything again. (The current HDD will become a secondary/slave device)
any advice on a free program that will do this for me please? If it will work in windows that would be best Im not familiar with DOS based programs. I have tried Norton Ghost 15 which does have the option to do this but not in the free trial version sadly.
Any advice, particularly from someone with practical experience, would be really appreciated
many thanks

A:Clone OS Drive help!

Try Clonezilla here, simple to use. Just burn the ISO using something like Imgburn here, then boot from the CD.

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I'm trying to clone my current drive to a new ssd. Current windows 7 install is on a 232gb hard drive and i want to move it to a 220gb ssd.

running into problems though. Seems the hard drive is messed up any any clone i try to do in macrium just fails at 1% with the error read failed 22- broken pipe.

even tried to do a system image restore from within windows 7 itself after installing it to the ssd but it just gives me an error during that process with no information.

any help?

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Hi all. I have a Maxtor external hd and I would like to clone my C drive to have a copy in case of a C drive crash. I have used xxcopy before, but I'm hesitant to use it again because when I tried I got a warning message that says "the source includes the destination-warning make sure the destination (C:\Windows\Desktop\E is correct." I don't want to copy the former cloned C drive copy on the external drive back to C by mistake.
Please help.

Peggy Nielsen

A:How to clone Drive C

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So I have a storage drive that is pretty much dead and it contains some programs that I still use, like steam. And I was wondering if I could just copy and paste everything to a new drive and change the drive letter of the new drive to match the old drive instead of cloning. I'm curious, would that work?

A:Do I need to clone a drive that does not contain an OS?

Anything that was custom, advanced, default installed will have to be installed likewise again.
Everything that was copied and pasted onto that ol' drive can be copied and pasted onto the new drive.
Using Macrium Reflect free or fee, you can make a full image of the drive. Then restore said full image onto the new drive.

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I bought a laptop on Ebay and it has a 5400rpm hard drive and I'd like to clone it to a larger, faster drive. Is there a free way to do it. It has a clean install if Windows 7 but no install disk. Thanks

A:I need to clone a drive

This is what I use. I works very well.


Here is the free home addition:

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Other than acronis, what is a good drive cloner?


A:drive clone

xxClone is one I have had good results from.

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Hello All,

I have just downloaded Visual Studio Professional 2010 onto my PC through Dreamspark.

I have not used clone drive for ages; the download completed and the virtual clone drive application launched; however, I cannot find the image anywhere in my computer.

Running Windos 7.

I seemed to remember from last year that an icon was placed in my computer somewhere. There is 2.2GB about of application somewhere and I cannot find out how to install it properly - please help.


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I have a 1T SATA system drive and a 1T SATA working drive. I installed a 3T SATA storage drive, and now my system won't boot from the C:. I have to go into the BIOS and boot from there, or use a boot disk. How do I get the system to boot from C: again?

A:Installed storage drive, now system drive will not boot

Was 1T drive was removed from the computer or it is still present in the computer and what is the boot sequence selected?
Also does your motherboard support 3TB hard drive?

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My laptop is preloaded with Vista home edition and there was only one single drive c, i took the method from this forum to shrink the c drive, and then created a new drive from it, called d drive. after that, i install the xp into that d drive, everything works out fine except that the new d drive has only 10 gigabyte, and xp is eroding the space very quickly, leaving only 2.6 giga free space to now. but meanwhile, the original c drive has almost 60 giga free space.

My screen-shot of the disk management is as below:

my problem is how to extend my xp drive to have like 20 or 30 giga more space?
I barely use vista, and would rather make it disappear.

Thank you so much!

A:How to Expand XP Drive while the othe only drive is installed with Vista?


Under VISTA, follow "Step One" ONLY here: Disk Management - Shrink Partition

Then under VISTA again, follow "Step Two" ONLY here: Disk Management - Delete and Extend

If you have any problems, just post back.


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I am looking for software that will clone my HDD from one size to a bigger size so I can replace one of my drives with a bigger one. Will Acronis do that and what other software is good for this?


A:Drive clone software

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Hello : My sons windows 10 computer the harddrive has errors . Windows will still run but I need to clone his drive . I tried acronis easy migrate but it stops when it tries to copy a error . Any ideas ? thanks . I bought him a new drive today .

A:clone drive that has errors ?

I would scan and repair the disk errors first - right click the disk then select Properties / Tools / Error checking or run chkdsk C: \f (or whatever drive letter you need to check) from an elevated command prompt.

I prefer to use Macrium Reflect for disk imaging using the option ‘Create an image of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows’ to back up all system files. Backup/restore is preferred rather than cloning since cloning might duplicate the disk signature creating 2 disks with the same signatures. It's also good practice to ensure only your system disc is connected the first time you boot.

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I have tried EaseUs todo...... and apparently it has built in compression and will clone to a slightly smaller drive , apparently Acronis 2014 will not. I have a 1.5 TB drive in desk top but it is only 1/2 used , but I am having trouble cloning to a empty 1 TB drive. I thing it might be because even tho I dont have much data, the partions take up the entire 1.5 desktop drive. Is this normal and if so what programs will automaticly clone to a smaller disk.
p.s I do not want to get into a discussion about imaging etc.... just cloning
thank you

A:Clone to smaller drive

Hi there,

You are trying to copy 750GB of data on a 1.5TB partition to a 1TB HDD? Is that correct?

What the cloning software is doing as you noted is copying the entire partition even if it's empty data. Macrium Reflect - Free can copy part of the partition and resize it to fit onto a small drive. (When I say part I mean the 750GB of data you have used and it will ignore the blank space.)

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I just bought a 1TB hard drive and wanted to know how to clone my operating system and all its data from my old HDD to my new one. I tried using AOMEI backupper. I tried to clone a partition to my new drive but I think I did something wrong, when I go to my computer I can no longer see my 1tb drive and can only see "Copy of C" any help would be appreciated.

I followed these steps: How to Do Partition/Volume Clone, Partition Clone, Volume Clone

A:How to clone a hard drive

I think you would be better cloning the whole disk, not just doing a partition copy.

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When attempting to clone an 80 Gig hard drive onto a 500 Gig hard drive, the larger drive only shows 80 gigs . This has happened with a number of cloning programs. HELP!

A:Hard Drive clone

Im no expert, but i assume you have cloned the 80gig onto the larger, and its created a partition on the larger. So in effect have exactly the same drive size recognisable as you cloned it.

What i mean is, your new drive will have 2 partitions, the one you can see, which is your 80gig old drive, and then an unformated partition of roughly 320 gig.

You could perhaps use a partition managing program to extend your useable partition into the unformatted space, thus formatting and includin it, if that is indeed your problem. However most of these partition managers and cloning applications etc i have always found to be much less effective while inside windows, if it is an option, you could maybe consider using a drive utility disk from your drive manufacturer.

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I have a program running on one laptop, an older one, that I'd like to run on my Windows laptop. Is it possible to completely clone the older laptop drive and "run" my program from the newer laptop?

A:How to clone drive and run on another laptop?

Not really. A cloned drive will only run Windows on the original machine. If the program is more or less "standalone", you can run it on the other machine by just moving the Program Files folder for the program. If it's more complex, you will need to reinstall it on a new machine.

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Hey everyone, I am getting an SSD drive for my laptop. I need to clone the laptop drive onto the new SSD drive. I have a computer that I could put them both into but is there any particular way to clone them? What software do I need? How do I boot to the correct Hard Drive when trying to clone the secondary one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Jack

A:How to Clone a hard drive?

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Hi guys,
I just want to upgrade from an 80 gig hard drive to something in the 250-500 gig range, and I would like to clone my existing drive with operating system directly to the new drive. Is it possible with freeware? I'll then format the old drive and use it as the slave.

Thanks in advance for the info,

A:How do I clone a hard drive?

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