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accidental removal of floppy disk drive

Q: accidental removal of floppy disk drive

I am a computard and i was messing with stuff i shouldn't have been and i erased my floppy disk drive from existance. I was hoping someone would know how i can make my computer re-download it. thank you

Preferred Solution: accidental removal of floppy disk drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: accidental removal of floppy disk drive

Your description is a bit confusing.
- Is the floppy drive completely missing from the My Computer list?
- Did you accidentally erase all the files from a floppy disk and need to recover them?

What exactly does "messing with stuff" mean?

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I installed a Sony floppy disk drive into my Vista PC - and got this message: "A:\ is not accessible. The floppy disk controller reported an error that is not recognized by the floppy disk driver." The disk shows up as Drive A on My Computer, the green light comes on, etc - but will not read.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times, but the same problem.
Can anyone help?

A:floppy disk controller/floppy disk drive problem in Vista

In your BIOS, do you have the proper floppy drive configured? Most BIOS settings will allow for several different kinds of floppy drives ("3.5", 5.25", etc). Make sure the right one is selected.

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Ok I have a self-built computer...it's a year old just a few days ago.

Win XP SP2 (I think)
Intel Quad-Core 2.4ghz [OCed to 3.2ghz)
RAM 4gb [2.5gb detected]
HDD- Western Digital 160GB and not sure which company could be Maxtor 500GB SATA
8800GT 512mb Video Card

I have an IDE drive on there too with an Apple OSX installed on it.


I've been hunting viruses and trojans [due to a backdoor trojan that] for the last few days and elimintated most of them including the backdoor. I was running a 'thourough' scan today while I was at school as well as downloading some things. MY anti-virus program is avast!

Thinking my comps quad-core 3.2ghz could handle the load I turned on Company of Heroes while all this was running....the comp froze...I restarted manually.

The first screen I got is the usual one except under SATA Channel listings it said Floppy disk(s) fail (40)....I don't have a floppy drive.

Then when I press F1 to continue it doesn't load up my main hardrive where Windows is installed. Like it doesn't detect it....it only detects the IDE drive with Apple on it and can start it up.

Don't ask me how I have an Apple OS on my comp the answer might violate the forums rules...but that OS isn't the problem.

Somehow the anti-virus scan mixed with downloading and a video game crash messed things up. Even F8 doesn't work.

A:[SOLVED] Floppy Disk Fail(40)...but I have no floppy drive..no startup

The BIOS was reset to default values. Enter the BIOS at startup and change the boot order priority to the sata hdd first. Locate the screen with the setting for the floppy drive and set that drive to disabled or none. If there's a setting called halt on disk errors change it to "no errors but keyboard" or something like that. Once you're back within windows run chkdsk c: /R to correct errors in the file system caused by the hard restart (answer y when prompted to schedule the scan at next startup and restart the computer).

What's the brand, model and wattage of your power supply ? The freezing wasn't necessarily caused by the antivirus, could have been caused by an underpowered power supply. With an overclocked quad core and a 8800GT you need a quality 700W+ supply. Locate the hardware monitor screen in the BIOS and report your temps, fan speeds and voltages.


Don't ask me how I have an Apple OS on my comp the answer might violate the forums rules...but that OS isn't the problem.

Actually mentioning it already violates the forum rules. Please read them if you didn't already : http://www.techsupportforum.com/rules.php. Also read this. I'll pass this time cause it's your first post but I'll have to issue an official warning next time.

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I'm trying to build my first computer and I think I've got things setup right, but whenever I try to boot up I get the a message on the screen saying Floppy Disk(s) Fail (40). The Problem is that I don't have a floppy drive and my computer only gives me about one to five secs. (depending how long I wait between boot attempts) to get into the BIOS and try to do anything. the motherboard I am working with is a EVGA nForce 680i SLI motherboard and it uses Pheonix-Award BIOS. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Floppy Disk(s) Fail (40) error but I don't have a floppy drive

You need to get into the BIOS and Disable Floppy drives. It should be on the same screen as the basic set-up.
Also take it out of the Boot sequence.

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Hi All,

Here is the low down. I cant boot into any OS.

I formatted my PC and figured that after installing XP i'd dual boot Ubuntu (9.04).
So all went well, XP and Ubuntu installed as anticipated i could access both OS' for a couple of hours.

When i was in Ubuntu, i was trying to change my primary monitor (22") to have the toolbar instead of my 19".
I went on Ubuntu forums to see what had to be done, and i needed to reboot for the changes to take effect.

After i rebooted, it didnít list any of my 2 hard drives (150gb raptor, 1tb Samsung) or my Asus DVD/CD drive.

My motherboard (Nvidia 680I) stated 7F which only says in the manual as "Check POST error and display them and ask user intervention".
Well, the lovely post error comes up as:

floppy disk(s) fail (40) Click to expand...

floppy disk(s) fail (40)
Real helpful right? And considering i have NO floppy drive...(its a custom built PC)
And i have two options, F1 to continue and DEL for BIOS.

I checked BIOS first, reset to default, removed floppy drive from the boot menu, rebooted, same issue.

Hit F1 to continue now, and the only bootable option is the NVIDIA Boot Agent and comes up with this:


This goes on a continuous loop, failing every time. I've checked all cables and it all seems fine.
Now i cant even access my CD/DVD drive (completely disabled) which... Read more

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I am trying to get into one of my foppy disk as it has some files on it that I am trying to look at. everytime I put my disk into the floppy (A) drive and try to load the files on it I get a error message saying disk drive A is not formatted and when I click on yes to format the disk it says my information will be erased of the disk if I do so I didn't try it however I tried to load another disk with nothing on it and I tired to reformat it but it didn't reformat it(I forget what It said). how can I get my floppy disk to load my files to where I can pull up the Microsoft word documents that I have on them? what is wrong with my floppy drive?

A:floppy drive won't format floppy disk

The disks are probably corrupted. You can try and recover the files off of them using BadCopy Pro - Floppy Disk, CD, DVD and Digital Media Data Recovery Software

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This is not a "biggie", merely an annoyance. When I eject a floppy disk from the drive, it is a little difficult to grab hold of the amount of disk sticking out of the drive. (I am running a Compaq 6300US with Windows XP - if that it relevant) Anyone ever have this problem and figure out a way to overcome it? Appreciate any tips. Thanks.

A:Solved: Floppy disk removal

I know what you mean, long nose pliers come in handy sometimes

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Hi folks. I am thinking about pulling the 3.5 floppy drive out of my system permanently. Is this wise? and if I do can I just remove it or do I need to play with the bios or whatever? Thanks.

A:Permanent floppy drive removal- ok?

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Is there a way to remove the a: drive icon from windows explorer?

I don't have a floppy drive on my PC and if I accidently click the icon I get the egg timer while it searches for the device which freezes things up.


A:Removal Of Floppy Drive Icon


honestly, i just wouldnt click on the thing.

but look through here

be carefull

post back

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I have the exact problem with drive A. When trying to backup to it, a frequent blue screen write error appears. In searching the web, others have experienced this problem. I have not found a clear solution to the problem short of reloading all of windows. Can someone help?


A:[SOLVED] Floppy Drive Error: Unable to write to disk in drive A

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I receive the following error whenever writing multiple or large files to my floppy disk:
Disk Write Error
Unable to write to disk in drive A:
Data or files may be lost

It occurs about every 5 seconds when writing files. Some files, typically small ones, are written with no problems.
I've replaced the floppy drive with a new one and the problem remains.
I swapped in a known working floppy and cable from another working PC and experienced the same problem.

Please suggest a solution.

A:[SOLVED] Floppy Drive Error: Unable to write to disk in drive A

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I cannot get my floppy disk drive to work. When I double click on my floppy disk drive icon, an error message appears saying that:

<center>"a:/ is not accessable
The system cannot read from the specified device"</center>

How can fix this problem?

A:floppy disk drive

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I try to access the floppy disk drive and it keeps telling me I have to format my disk. They are already and I can't figure out why I can't use it. I recently upgraded from Windows 95 to 98. Have used the A:drive since, but all of a sudden it doesn't work. I installed Norton Utilities and it cleaned up a lot of files and errors. Also had this error message:" Scan Disk cannot check this drive because there is no disk, it is not formatted or a disk utility has locked it." Any ideas....
PC 48

A:Floppy Disk Drive

PC, you might get better support if you post your question in the win98/ME forum or hardware forum. sharon

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I have XP and the tower has a floppy drive. Up 'til now the floppy drive has shown on My Computer, along with the DVD and RW drives. But after I had to hard-boot the floppy drive no longer shows on My Computer, nor does the drive work. It did work previously. ????

A:floppy disk drive

Check the power and data connections.
These drives do have a life span, and yours may have reached it.
I suspect it's not much of a loss.

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I have recently not been able to use my floppy drive. For some reason win2k is not detecting it. I have the floppy seek enabled in the bios as well as listed in the bios. I have the boot sequence set up to check the floppy, cd-rom, and then IDE 0. With that boot sequence, it looks for a boot record on the floppy and if i put a disk in the drive it will recognize it from the boot. However, once win2k has started, it will not list the drive under the "My Computer". In other words no "A" drive is shown.

Anyone have any suggestions?????

Thanks to all who read!

A:Floppy Disk Drive

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I cannot format a disk in my floppy drive. I know the disk is Ok because I can format it on another computer. Can you please help??

A:Floppy disk drive


Will the A: drive READ any Diskettes??? What msgs are given to indicate that the format has failed.

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When I load software on my Win2k Proffesional. It asks for a disk in Drive A: Even when I load Updates from Windwows Website. If I click continue or Cancel it will load the software and go away. Anyone now of maybe a Registry entry that I might change to fixe this?
Thanks in advance.

A:No disk in Floppy Drive A:\

Try putting a floppy with data in the drive. Open it with Windows Explorer. Access some of the data on the floppy. Close Windows Explorer. Remove the floppy and see if the problem goes away. Sometimes if a floppy is removed while still being accessed by Windows Explorer, it will continue "looking" for the floppy.

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My system is Windows XP. I recently bought a older version of LOTUS 123 for home use with the program on 4 -3-1/2 floppy disks. When I attempt to install, the following happens:

Disk 1 (install disk) loads perfectly. then it asks for disk 2.

Disk 2 when placed in the slot, causes the disk drive to click/rattle and nothing happens. In fact, the computer seems to freeze and none of the normal commands work. I have to shut the computer off by pulling the power cord.

All the disks appear to be like new

Do you have any suggestion?


Carl Meyers

A:floppy disk drive

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What causes a floppy drive to read periodically even when there is no disk inserted?

A:Floppy disk drive

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I just bought a PC controller today, and the driver setup is on a floppy disk. When I insert the floppy disk, the computer doesn't detect it. I tried other disks and it STILL doesn't detect it. Any suggestions?

A:Floppy Disk Drive

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Floppy worked with ME. Installed XP, now disk not recognized when in floppy drive. I checked bios and have the floppy "A" enabled and 1.44 selected. Upgraded OS on both my PCs from ME to XP and have same problem on both PCs.

I have now disabled the "A" drive and defaulted to the "normal floppy" setting. Now the PC sees the disk, opens and shows what is on the disk, but will not open the folders....just get a clicking sound. I'm quite certain the drive is good. What do you think is wrong?

I try to copy to disk... get message to insert disk in drive!

I try to format a disk, drive sees disk but I get error message windows can't complete the task.

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I cannot format a disk in my A drive. I know the disk is OK because I can format it in another computer but I can use the disk for everything else. Can you help??

A:floppy disk drive


You said, "I cannot format a disk in my A drive." Must be some associated message, yes? That would help figure this out. Does the A: drive READ diskettes?

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I have a Sony VAIO desktop, 3 ghz, 1gb memory, windows XP home ed.
When I put a disc in the standard floppy drive iT and click on A in my computer tells me to please insert a disc in drive A. I have gone to device manager and uninstalled the floppy drive controller and rebooted and it reinstalled. I have tried another floppy drive cable and floppy drive. I have even had the motherboard replaced since it was still uner warranty as far as hardware goes. I can only surmise that since it isn't hardware, it must be something in the software or operating system. The funny part everything else works fine including my dvd/cd drive, and my dvd burner. I could run the VAio recovery and put it back to factory defaults, but I have it set up the way I want now and don't want to go through the hassle of reinstalling everything. I'd rather buy an external usb floppy if it comes to that. I have even booted into safe mode and get the same results. I have restored old saved registry backups to no avail.
Strange and perplexing problem. Anyone have an ideas?

A:floppy drive does not see disk

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The a: drive does not read a floppy disk in the same way each time. Sometimes it will read okay and it will be possible to open up files. On other occasions it will read that there are folders there with filenames made up of various symbols (these folders are not really there!) and on other occasions the files that are there will appear as empty with the dos file type as *A* file (or something like that) and I know that they are gif files - these files appear with and without filenames.

Could the drive be dirty or dying? or could this be a software problem?

Please help if you can.

A:Floppy disk drive problem

Hi jogger
Try cleaning the drive and reseating the drive cables. Can you boot from the drive? If you can boot ok from the drive try accessing some other floppies in DOS. (DIR *.* should give you a listing.) Also try it with newer floppys. You can run windows scandisk on your floppy drive to check the condition of the floppys (surface scan). Booting from a boot disk and testing the drive in DOS should eliminate any problems caused by windows.

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My unkle has got a problem with his floppy disk drive. I took it out and put a different one into it and it still didnt work. I looked at the motherboard and 3 of the capacitors are bulging up and 2 of them are almost covered in a brown powder sort of stuff. Shall I just recoment he gets a new computer as I am amazed that it even boots as it is to be honest.

A:Floppy Disk Issue More Than Just The Drive

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Floppy Disk Drive Not Working Running Xp.
Green Light On All The Time.

When You Put In Disk A Notice Asks You To Please Put In Disk When You Try To Access It In My Computer.

Thanks For Any Info


A:Floppy Disk Drive Not Working

If this is after taking the cable off, it could be on backwards, something that's possible to do with floppies. If it just started happening with no tinkering, I'd think the floppy may be bad.

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I've physically removed my floppy disk drive.
I've gone into Device Manager and uninstalled the floppy disk & floppy disk controllers.

Everytime I restart my computer I get a message telling me that my "new hardware is installed and ready to use." When I check the Device Manager, or My Computer the floppy disk drive is still there!

How do I get rid of this? I don't want the computer to look for it. I don't want to see it in My Computer.


A:Uninstalling a floppy disk drive.

Disable it in the BIOS setup under standard CMOS settings.

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I just reformated my computer, and I just went to open a floppy disk and it seems that my 3 1/2" floppy drive has disapeared. I open my computer and it is not listed anymore, I only see a D drive and a C drive. PLEASE HELP ME AS SOON AS YOU CAN. I REALLY NEED TO ACCESS MY FLOPPY DISK ASAP

A:My Floppy disk drive has disapeared !??!

Yorien says:

Duh... does your PC recognize the floppy? (try with a system disk) or both your OS and your PC fail in recognizing the floppy.

Yorien Dragonard

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I just bought my wife a new Ace Aspire 3000 Laptop. She has a bunch of stuff from her old computer on Floppy Disk. Will any external floppy drive with a USB hook-up work on this Laptop?


A:External Floppy Disk Drive?

It sure will Kisota have a look here or just type "floppy drive on usb" into google like I did.

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Recently, my floppy drive reads or should say tries to read but there is no disk in the drive. I checked the button and it is not stuck. Any reason why it would do this or how to stop it from doing this? It doesn't do it all the time and is very random. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Floppy drive keeps reading without disk

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Over time, I have accumulated several computers. I don't have the heart to trash the older ones. I try to find homes for them. One is a Dell Dimension 9100 with XP Pro as the OS. It is in mint condition.

My name is integrated into the folders and XP tells me this cannot be changed. I would like to reinstall XP so that where my name now appears, the name 'User' will appear, instead. I have the original installation disk.

The person who sold me the computer told me if I ever wanted to reinstall the OS (with the original installation disk), I would need a floppy disk drive to do so (something to do with the installation of drivers). Is this true? If it is true, is there a work around. I'm asking because this computer does not have a floppy disk drive.

(I find it strange that Dell would make a computer that requires a floppy disk drive to reinstall the OS, and not include a floppy disk drive with the machine).

A:[SOLVED] Floppy Disk Drive?

Does this Dell have the original Hidden partition containing the OS to restore to factory condition? If so, just use the Dell software that came with the computer to reset to factory.

how do i reset my dell desktop running xp to factory settings???? - Desktop General Hardware Forum - Desktop - Dell Community

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in the day of the cd/dvd drive, can anyone tell me what a floppy disk drive can be used for as i have one + dont know if i need it. should i remove it as its attached to an ide ribbon + isnt letting air flow through my pc...thank you

A:is the floppy disk drive needed in this day + age?

A floppy drive can be necessary for BIOS flashing and booting in DOS If you get a nasty virus or a corrupted boot line in your HDD.If you use older programs that were made in the DOS,Win 3.1,Win95 era they may only save to a floppy. Floppy is also good for saveing files like Word doccuments,Excel spreadsheats,and other files that need to be transported from one computer to another but are too small to waste a CD on.You should defently keep your floppy.If air flow is a problem replace the ribbon with a round cable.

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Hi All -

OK. I already know that floppy disks are ancient and anyone who still saves data to them must be crazy. Well, I'm 48 and when I first started using computers they didn't have CD-ROM drives - or any other kinds of drives for that matter - other than floppies. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I obviously know very little about computers so I need your help in buying a new FDD. I have a 5 year old Sony Vaio, I run XP Pro, It has 80 Gbs and over 1 GB or Ram. Lots of free space left. I looked at the Sony site and they wanted to sell me a FDD that didn't look like the one in my computer and they wanted $80+ How will I know if what I buy is compatable with my machine? What do I need to know before I buy one? I don't mind buying an external one unless it hooks up to a USB port as all my ports are taken by the mouse, printer and scanner. Any and all information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

A:Need Help in Buying Floppy Disk Drive

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I moved my data files from my hard drive to a floppy disk. Everything appeared to work perfectly (graphics of papers flying from one folder to another and as each folder was finished, it disappeared from the source and reappeared on the target). But when I tried to look at the files I had moved, I received a message that the diskette was not formatted. How on earth is this possible? I used a new, "formatted", diskette from a major supplier (the files I moved to a second, identical diskette work fine). After spending 90 frustrating minutes trying to find out whether these files can be restored to the hard drive, I have resigned myself to their loss. Can anyone provide an explanation of what happened? Thank you.

A:Drive won't read floppy disk

If you can, try the floppy in a different computer. Sometimes a floppy is formatted in one drive and not seen as such in another-hopefully your data is on the disk and can be read in another floppy drive.

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I just bought a new Sony floppy disk drive, and all the connections are correct, but when I put a disk in and try and access it it comes up with a 'please insert disk' box. The lights are on.

It didn't come with any drivers, and there are none available from Sony either. What could be the problem?


A:Floppy Disk Drive Not Working

There are generally no drivers for internal floppies...

You say the lights are on? Is it on all the time? If so, the cable is on backward.
Is the floppy enabled and set to 1.44 in your bios?

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Why does the floppy disk drive start running once in awhile even when I don't use it ? It does that since yesterday.

Thank you

A:Floppy disk drive works for nothing

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I am havaing trouble with my floppy disk drive. When I try to save a file or read a file everything freezes up. When I start my computer the floppy drive seems to work. It makes its noises and the lights flash.
At first I was getting a message about making sure the door was closed or something.
Now when I remove the disk from the drive I get a message saying
" A:\ is not accessible. The device is not ready"

I did read other posts about this similar problem and I tried the safe mode fix as recommended but it did not help. That is when I started getting the message about the divice not being ready.
When I went to a file that showed my driver type and asked if I wanted to find a newer version I clicked yes and it said it already had the best driver for this system. Then I got a message saying "the device has a problem but Wndows can't determine what it is.

Any great fixes or advice?

A:floppy disk drive freezes

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Im trying to install a floppy disk drive on Windows 7, although I use a flashdrive too a floppy drive is still useful to me. I have enabled it on the BIOS but nothing shows up in 'My Computer' or 'Device Manager', it is connected to an IDE slot on the motherboard and I have checked to see if its plugged in properly, can anyone advise me on what I need to do next?

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Hi , I tried installing my picture floppy and it won't work. I tried opening under different programs. It makes a noise sometimes, or it says not formated. This happens on all my floppy's. An error message comes up at times and says, either no disk inserted, or not formatted or disk utility locked it up. Every time I put a floppy in, my computer freezes up again. I think this also crashed my computer. I was told I may have a virus and I have to reinstall original cd and restore my computer. Another error message I kept getting, when I tried to restore my computer for another date, was .. nav auto protect unable to start.. SYMEVNT.386 is not loaded, you many need to reinstall norton anti-virus to correct. Then everything freezes up. I was also told since my norton is old, that I may have gotten a virus thru norton. Can you help.

A:floppy disk drive not working

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I have been working on a project for school and have been using the same disk for months the all of a sudden at school it started saying disk were not formatted and that they couldn't be opened,now my home computer is doing it too. The floppy disks have all ready been formatted for windows and i do not know what i can do to correct this problem. because i have info on the disks i want to get off. Can i download a file or somethign that will allow me to open the disk or what can i do.................PLease Help
You can e-mail me at [email protected] or aim meka22788 if u have any suggestions Thanks

A:Help with floppy disk drive & disks.

Please don't post duplicates.

Original thread here:


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I understand this is rather old hat now but I am currently looking at a dos 6.2 machine with a floppy disk drive that refuses to work. when i select the A: drive the system trys to read the disk (light comes on etc) but comes up with a seek error.

when I try to abort this it won't allow me to exit and i have to rebbot the system.
On the reboot with the disk in the drive again it tries to read the A: drive but doesn't register anything.

I have also tried a format a: command from the c: drive and on attempting this a "formatting 360K parameters not supported message appears". i have checked the set-up in the BIOS (set for 3.5 inch 1.44mb) and everything else i can think of has anyone any ideas?

I have also tried replacing the drive itself.

A:Floppy disk drive advice

It's the disk not the drive

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I'm using an m3n78 pro motherboard. I was just checking out "my computer" when I noticed there was a drive A: - a floppy disk drive.

I double checked my connections and i'm sure I don't have a floppy disk drive.

Devmgmt.msc reports a floppy disc too.

I double checked everything and I don't have a flash drive, or my old USB floppy drive attached so I'm really confused - why is my system reporting a floppy drive when I don't have one..?

A:Phantom Floppy Disk Drive?

If you do not have a floppy drive, enter the bios and disable the floppy controller. That should remove the drive from my computer.

For detailed instructions on bios menus, read your manual.

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I have a floppy disk drive mounted in a Win98SE (OS and that era hardware computer) which does not boot the system, but I can boot on another floppy disk drive held loose in the case.

My difficulty is that I cannot figure out how to get the old drive out. It has some kind of rails on each side, no screws visible from either side of the case, but by pressing on some barely visible holes near the front of the case I can free up the drive to move it about 3/4" forward, but that is all. Very annoying.

I really would like to mount the replacement floppy disk in the case, which has no holes for screws or any other visible means to mount a floppy disk without removing the current one. There is an open slot below the mounted drive, and the loose drive is there, but getting the floppies in and out is tricky.

If digital photos would help, let me know what to take. (Last minute idea before posting.)

A:Floppy Disk Drive Mount

You may need to remove the front face of the computer, look for a latch on the bottom of the front of the computer. In most cases where the drives are on rails the front comes off and they slide forward.

If it doesn't come off, then take a few pictures and post them.

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Hi, I'm running windows 8.1, and I got a external floppy drive and I got new floppy disks 1.44mbs, but when I put in the floppy in to my external drive it will not let me format it or even open it in windows 8.1 it takes a long time and still does nothing , windows sees the drive as a: but when I put a disk in it just keeps showing a red light on the drive and then it comes up saying that there is no floppy disk in, when there is. Dose this have to do with windows 8.1 or am I not doing something right , and I went to device manager and it is installed, I don't know what to do. Please help.

A:Need help and have a question about floppy disk drive.

Just tried a USB floppy drive -NOT USED for at least 6 years with the only floppy I could find. Format available with R click in explorer tried and failed with an error message.

This was the most noise I could get out of the drive
C:\Windows\system32>format a: /FS:FAT /F:1.44
Insert new disk for drive A:
and press ENTER when ready...
The type of the file system is RAW.
The new file system is FAT.
Verifying 1.44M
Invalid media or Track 0 bad - disk unusable.
Format failed.

So I don't know if there is an error with the floppy, W8.1 , the drive or any combination.

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I just changed computers, annd upgraded the operating system from Millenium to XP. Everything works fine except for the floppy disk drive...i've tried different disks but each drive causes the computer to say "A:/is not accessible - No ID address mark was found on the floppy disk. I have looked at Device Manager and everything looks OK there, and no newer drives are available, so says XP.

A:Floppy Disk Drive Not Working

maybe you connected the floppy power cable upside down..it happens all the time.

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Hi everyone,

I just built my first machine and I'm having a problem with the floppy. It wouldn't let me use Fdisk to partition anything in the beginning, but I was able to load Windows via a disk. After install, I tried the floppy again, no luck. I used the disk with drivers that came with the mobo, still nothing. I swapped it out into another computer and the floppy works, so I'm at a loss. I've also tried 2 different ribbons. I'm wondering if a Bios update will fix it?

Thanks for any help!!

Gigabyte KA8N Ultra-9
1gig Corsair DDR400
AMD 3200+ Venice
Sony Floppy Drive
Zalmann 7700 CPU Fan

A:Floppy drive not able to read disk

Did you enable the floppy drive in BIOS? And in Windows?
Cable mounted correct? Using the proper 'twisted' cable?
When you talk about disk, do you mean floppy disk or CD?
Please be as clear as possible.

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