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Coffee Spill on Thinkpad T430

Q: Coffee Spill on Thinkpad T430

Hi community! Yesterday, I accidentally spilled coffee (no sugar and only a little bit of milk) in my ThinkPad T430.it was plugged in the charger, and as soon as I spilled coffee the computer shut down (the coffee reached the bottom of the screen)I took off the battery and the keyboard, cleaned a bit and now the computer is drying.when I opened there was coffee around but apparently it didn't reach the mother board. I am almost sure it won't turn on again due to the fact it instantly shut down when the coffee touched the keyboard.However, I Hope you can give me more positive views on my computer's situation? Is there any chance to save it? ThanksNymsai

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Preferred Solution: Coffee Spill on Thinkpad T430

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


To make a long story short...I spilled a cup of coffee on my dresser were my laptop sits. It went underneath and a tiny bit on the keyboard. I cleaned it off the best I could and continued using my pc. After about half an hour it just shut off, when i finally got it to reboot and try to put my password in, sometimes it logs 2-4 of the same letters even though I only press the button once. Other times it tried logging in while I'm still typing. Any suggestions on what I could do to try and fix this? ...Hairdry it, take it apart? My friend said I should clean the keyboard by disassembling the laptop but I'm not quite sure how to do that...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A:Coffee spill

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A friend gave me her HP Pavilion dv6-6c35dx Entertainment PC after she happened to spill a small amount of coffee on the keyboard. I'm not sure what steps she took but it will not display anything on the screen now.

Since it was only 6 months old she sent it to HP and they notified her that liquid spills were not covered so she asked them to return it.

When you power up, the lights come on the keypad, the power light is showing, the hard drive light is lit and you can hear it loading windows (at least I think). I've taken everything out, and put back together but there is still nothing displaying on the screen.

My question is how do I know if it's a keyboard issue, video card issue, motherboard issue, combination or more?

A:Another coffee spill.......what next?

When you spill something in a computer a lot of damage can be caused.Even a small amount of liquid can damage the motherboard.I think it should be taken somewhere to see what was damaged and how bad and if its even worth fixing.

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To make a long story short...I spilled a cup of coffee on my dresser were my laptop sits. It went underneath and a tiny bit on the keyboard. I cleaned it off the best I could and continued using my pc. After about half an hour it just shut off, when i finally got it to reboot and try to put my password in, sometimes it logs 2-4 of the same letters even though I only press the button once. Other times it tried logging in while I'm still typing. Any suggestions on what I could do to try and fix this? ...Hairdry it, take it apart? My friend said I should clean the keyboard by disassembling the laptop but I'm not quite sure how to do that...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Yesterday I spilled about a cup of coffee with milk (no sugar) on my Pavilion DV6. The spill was directly on the keyboard. My laptop I'm guessing short circuited by itself too quickly for me to turn it off first. I'm not very good with hardware and whatnot so I'm not sure if my laptop short circuited but about two seconds after the spill the screen and all lights died so for now I'm assuming that was a short circuit.

I immediately removed the battery and tried my best to tilt my laptop in a way that would get as much of the excess liquid out as I could. After, I used a hair dryer's cold setting on the laptop for a few minutes.

I then (now I realize, stupidly) tried putting the battery back in and immediately pulled it out again upon hearing ominous soft popping noises from below the keyboard.

I left the laptop to dry with a fan overnight and took it apart this morning. I took off the back "ProtectSmart" cover, the keyboard, and the CD drive to clean under them with rubbing alcohol as best as I could.

After leaving it to dry for a few minute I tried putting the battery back in. This time I heard no noises and am unsure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing...when I plug in the charger the battery light flickers for a half second then dies out and after I pull the charger out the light comes back on for about two seconds then dies out. My laptop did not boot up so I tried the holding the power button down with the battery out tri... Read more

A:Coffee spill on laptop...

Likely not. If it's a newer model, you can try taking/sending it in for service.

Otherwise, I'd pull the HDD (to save your data), and buy a replacement.

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Good Day, I need assisstanc with fixing my keyboard. I accidently spilled sugary coffee on the keyboard, thereafter a drained all the liquid out of the keyboard and computer. the computer is now working but the keyboard is not working as the keys are sticky.  How do i remove the sugary substatance from the keys without damaging the keyboard. Thank you.

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About 48 hours ago, I spilled coffee (w/ cream and sugar) on my keyboard while the power was on. I immediately turned off the laptop, wiped it dow with napkins, and turned to laptop upside down to enable draining. This model laptop has an internal battery for those unfamiliar, so I unfortunately could not remove that.  I left the laptop in a position for where air could flow through it (aided be a fan), and left it in such a way for ~40 hours.  This morning, I finally gained access to laptop tools, so that I could disassemble the the laptop and clean what I could with 91% isopropyl alcohol (not the ideal 99% I see recommended, but I don't think this is a major issue). There was residue visible on the metal beneath the keyboard, as well as a small amount on the battery. All of which was cleaned off with cotton ear swabs dipped in a bit of that rubbing alcohol. I reassembled the laptop, gave it a couple hours to let the small amount of rubbing alcohol to dry off, and tried booting up. Fans spin loudly for ~30 seconds, screen remains blank, no beeps or whatever emit from the laptop, and the power light remains on w/out blinking. The fans and laptop itself turned off after that 30 second period. I then tried hitting the "Novo Button" or "One Key Rescue", and this resulted in a blue menu popping up allowing me to start laptop in one of 4 modes. I tried clicking up or down to scroll through options, however those keys didn't work. Clicked "Enter" ... Read more

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Hi, Recently bought a T430 (Without Optimus). All's good except the Laptop Temp. The left Palm rest seems to get un usually warm, no matter what OS I am on. Its a dual boot by the way, Win 7 + Ubuntu 12.04.2. With Ubuntu or CentOS or Scientific Linux, the laptop gets unusually warm...The temp monitoring utility (lm_sensors) says that its at about 45 C. I get the same temp reading on Win 7 too, but somehow, the laptop just feels more warm with Linux than Win 7.As of right now, I am on Win 7 (for past 4-5) hours.....did some browsing, MS Sec Essentials did a full disk scan, I saw some youtube vids and was toying with some Perl Scripts, and the temp is at 45C, and the left palm rest is quite warm. Its warm enough that I have to stop typing every few minutes  Has anyone else noticed this issue? Is there a work around to this issue? Is there something I should worry about ? Please let me know. I installed the new updates a month ago. This problem though, has been there since a while. I searched the forum and found that another user who had a similar issue was told to upgrade the BIOS from 1.6 something to 2.50. I am running at 2.52 as shown below. BIOS VendorLENOVOReleaseDate02-14-2013BIOSG1ET92WW (2.52 )SMBIOS VersionLENOVO - 2520Video cardIntel(R) HD Graphics 4000 Card memory2,112.00 MBProviderIntel CorporationCard version9.17.10.2843 08-21-2012Sound cardRealtek High Definition Audio Driver providerRealtekDriver version6.0.1.6710... Read more

A:Thinkpad T430 gets significantly warm on Win 7 as well as Linux. How about a fellow T430 user ?

In my experience, Linux isn't as good with power management as Windows. 45 degrees sounds about right for a current-gen Intel processor due to Turbo Boost causing temperature spikes as you use your system normally.As for the warm left palmrest, the hard drive sits under there, so maybe the drive just tends to produce more heat. Assuming you have a conventional hard drive, give it a defrag to reduce operating stress (and hence power consumption and heat output).

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When I dock the computer and press the power button on the dock it doesn't recognize my monitor as the main screen. I have to hit a key (Windows 10) and put in my password hoping that it's doing that and then the screen comes up. If I reboot after that ... THEN.... it recognizes my screen as the main monitor. How do I fix this? The only time this happens is when I use it off the dock and then put it back on. If it stays on the dock all the time it does just fine. Any fixes for this? Thanks...

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My 1.5 years old sun spill half of a glass, with Coca Cola inside on ThinkPad Yoga keyboard.I did turn it upside down, went to BIOS and disconnect battery power. Yoga was functional whole time and did not have any problems with liquid in keyboard. I did pull bottom bezel and disconnect battery and left yoga upside down in rice until morning.I was terrified and angry on myself why I did not stick to T series with water drain keyboard.In morning I powered it up, and everything was OK, except sticky keyboard keys (Why I?m drinking Cola, water is so much better and healthierJ)I was thinking to disassembly whole thing and clean keyboard, but this is not a simple job according to hardware maintenance manual. Then I tried to clean keyboard with compressed air, and it helped, but not at once. I spent 3 packs of air to get back key press feel like it was before spill (Few nights spray it and left it upside down).Finally advice:If you have ThinkPad Yoga and work at home with little kids around, have prepared compressed air bottle. If I was clever enough to clean keyboard before Cola dried I think I would be fairly better and easier to clean keyboard.God job Lenovo for water resistant ThinkPad Yoga keyboard!Now fix OneLink dock port flapping issue JRegards!

A:Thinkpad Yoga spill advice

That was indeed some useful information. Hopefully, our forum users will find it helpful.
And I would like to appreciate the feedback on Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, specifically the keyboard. Hope you are having a great time with the product.
Please feel free to post back in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any query.
Best regards,

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I have a 17-day old new Thinkpad E560.  Spilled about a teaspoon of white wine on the keyboard when I jostled the glass (it didn't tip over).  Keyboard started acting flaky, spontaneously producing long series of a's and 1's.   While I couldn't see any evidence of remaining liquid after dabbing up what small amount was evident, I figured a trickle may have seeped inside, and let it dry overnight. 24 hours I tried again, and while there was no erratic behavior, about a third of the keys -- while they felt normal -- were non-functional. I recalled that the Lenovo specs for this model say it has a Spill Resistant keyboard.  But I see no open holes on the back of the case.  And I pulled out the keyboard and see it has plastic across its entire back.  Clearly this isn't a Spill Resistant keyboard.  How can the Lenovo specs, and many resellers' advertising, tout that it *is* Spill Resistant? 

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Hello,I use Thinpad T430 with dock station 90W.I have a problem with connecting two external monitors.Subsequently join them to dock station - VGA - DVI (DVI to VGA reduction I)The problem is this. When I use Linux - Ubuntu, I can work with all three monitors. However, when I run Windows so I can only use two.The resolution Windows detects all three monitors, but does not allow column not extend to third monitor.The setting is Intel I do not load third monitor.What I try:driver updatesBIOS settingsdeletion of TMM RegistDrivers downgrade to an earlier version by a single forum

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I have updated my drivers and can see the Bluetooth services running, but the toggle is grayed out and I am unable to find a solution. 

Bluetooth.PNG ?15 KB

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Has anyone found a way to successfully install intel wi-di on a t420 or t430 running windows 10? I have tried many driver combinations without success. From what I have read it seems that these machines used intel?s proprietary tech for wireless displays where the current gen is just miracast rebranded. Its seems intel is no longer developing for new operating systems for 4-year-old hardware.

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Hey, I bought a used (from pro seller, "perfect" condition)  "Lenovo Thinkpad T430 i7-3520M 2,90GHz 8GB 320GB 1600x900 HD"I am *almost* happy with it, but now comes my admittedly peculiar problem.The air coming out from the fan is not exactly pleasant, i.e. I can't let the device run for 1 hour without getting a scratchy throat / hoarse voice from it.I.e. it releases irritants of some sort into the air.Now while I had this with some, but not nearly all, e.g. PC power supplies (new) and their blown-out air, I am also very sensitive to anything tobacco smoke related, so it *could* be possible that it's not the device per se but the previous owner was a smoker and they somehow managed to clean the outside of the device to not have smell (it doesn't), but the problem from the inside is still residues. (smokers' gear tends to have such problems)*if* that were the case - is there a way to clean whatever the air comes in contact with that comes out from that fan, or replace "some parts" or a whole unit / module of something?(I have no idea about the internal  layout, maybe the question is silly to anyone who knows it)It's only speculation, but depending on the cost of things I might experiment.Or I have to sell the thing again and need to get a new one from a shop where they demo running devices, where I can test whether the devices have that problem... *sigh*

A:Thinkpad T430 internal fan - "nasty air"

Welcome to the forum.
This smell may not be tobacco related.
It's possible that some plastic or rubber part or wire insulation, etc. has been burned inside, perhaps as the result of a failing component that overheated. The failed component was replaced but the smelly part was left unchanged. Here is a previous thread that describes such a situation: Burning Smell and Short Circuit on T430s. 
Another possibility are the rubber rails that hold the HDD/SSD in place in the main drive bay. I recall when the T430 series was introduced that there were reports about strange smells from these rails. You might want to check this possibility.
Since this is a new (to you) system you may not want to open it and look/smell inside. But it's something to consider. Otherwise return it to the seller.

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I bought a refurbished t430 a while ago and it hasn't given me any major issues. But recently I put it to sleep and tried to power it back on and the only thing it does is light the power button for less than a second. I've tried removing all power supply, I took out the ram and cmos battery, and tried pressing the power button 10 times and holding it for 30 seconds. Nothing seems to be working. 

A:My thinkpad t430 wont power on

Welcome to the forum!
Sir_awesomeness wrote:
I've tried removing all power supply, I took out the ram and cmos battery, 

Have you tried removing the harddrive?

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Need help with the BSOD on my thinkpad.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 9f
BCP1: 0000000000000003
BCP3: FFFFF80000B9C3D8
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

The .dmg file has been attached.

A:BSOD at random on Thinkpad T430

Please follow - Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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Hello, My Thinkpad T430 has an issue where the main computer lights turn on (keyboard light, green power light, mute button), then instantly off.I've tried the following:1. Removing battery and power sources2. Hold down the power button for 20 seconds (and variations)3. Reconnecting power sources and turning the computer on Still the problem persists. Any help? Thanks

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Hello, laptop runs on Windows 10 Pro,audio driver: "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver",headphones with Mic: Lenovo Earphone P165 I've checked Windows settings and changed Skype sound settings to max but the microphone is close to silent.Moreover, button for internal microphone does not lit after pressing. Thank you!

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Hi, I recently found out that I couldn't completely shut down my ThinkPad T430 as whenever I clicked 'Shut down' from 'Power', the OS would go through normal shut down procedure, and the laptop seemed to be shut down, but the fingerprint reader still flashes with an interval of about 1 sec. If I finger scan it, the laptop will start booting as usual. I am wondering is it normal, and how to completely shut down the laptop. Since I need to install new memory sticks for expansion. ps. My laptop is installed with the battery at all time, and for the majority of the time I use the laptop with a power supply on. cheers 

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I got a used ThinkPad T430 a few days ago and it has been totally flawless except for this one issue. The night I got it, everything went fine. Then the next morning I went to a coffee shop near my house and it started freezing up. The freezes happen every 20 minutes or so and they last about 1 - 3 minutes. While it's happening, absolutely nothing responds. No mouse, no CTRL+ALT+DEL, no WinKey+L, nothing. Then once the freezing ends, the laptop registers all the key presses at once. At first I noticed that a couple rogue Windows processes involved with Windows Update were using 100% of my disk. I figured that was the cause of the freezing. I manually downloaded the 900MB update that was apparently stuck for some reason and installed it, and the disk usage went back to normal. Then I went back to the coffee shop the next morning and the freezing continued. I figured it had to be a disk issue regardless because it was the original hard drive with 300+ power-on days (despite the disk SMART health being seemingly fine) so I bought an SSD and replaced it. I reinstalled Windows and everything seemed a-okay. Well today I went back to the coffee shop again and used the laptop for a few hours without any problems. Then I noticed I was still on my home network, because it stretches to the coffee shop. Well, I switched to the coffee shop network and after about 10 minutes, the laptop froze once again. I think this is proof enough that the cause of the freezes are coming f... Read more

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Recently I was in the middle of using my laptop when it bluescreened and crashed. Now I'm not proud of this, but for some reason this is not an uncommon sight; I bought this off of eBay a couple months ago and it worked fine for a few days before randomly bluescreening often. Now I tried to change and install all the eight drivers, and while that solved most issues for awhile. But then I received a detection error 2100 main hdd0 on startup. Now I actually fixed it that time, and none of my files seemed to be damaged, which is strange given the nature of the error but I didn't question it. Now however the error is back seemingly inspired and I can't seen to get my laptop to simply boot. I ran the memory test and it passed and I don't even have an ssd so I don't know what the issue is or why it was fixed last time (I changed the SATA to compatability and then back to ahci and reset it). I think it might have to do with a faulty or corroded contact but I have not opened it to check. If it's anything like last time, I'm willing to bet that there is actually nothing wrong with my drive but something is again causing it not to be detected. I do have photos if that will help, but they need to be compressed so for now I hope this will be enough.

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I'm trying to change the ssd and I don't know much about computers. Not an issue if things go bad but I want it to work so how can I find out out what is compatible. Or will any hard drive or ssdfrom any laptop work? Thanks

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Hello. I have lenovo ThinkPad T430 with Windows 10/64bit In Device manager I get some missing drivers: H5321 gw Mobile Broadband Network AdapterHardware ID:USB\Vid_0bdb&Pid_1926&Cdc_0d&Mi_06USB\Vid_0bdb&Pid_1926&Cdc_0d&Ndis_630USB\Vid_0bdb&Pid_1926&Cdc_0d Unknown DeviceHardware ID:ACPI\VEN_LEN&DEV_0078ACPI\LEN0078*LEN0078 Maybe someone can help. Thanks.

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Hi, My T430 suddenly powers off. It does not show any sort of warning, blue screen of death or anything else. It just powers off completly. And it does not turns on until the battery is removed and installed again. If it is running on AC power i.e without battery, the power cord has to be plugged out and again plugged in to make it work again. The time interval to turn off is completly random, sometimes 1 min, 1 hour, 10 sec etc. And it can happen after boot, in bios or anywhere else. I have confirmed that it is not a heating issue by running a stress test for more than an hour and it worked fine. I have also tried changing RAM, removing HDD, removing ultrabay disk drive, but doing these does not produce any difference.  I have also tried pressing the power button for 60 sec, but does not make any differnce.

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Hello, I've recently purchased a ThinkPad T430, and while trying to play a few of my games, I've noticed that under display drivers instead of listing "Intel HD Graphics 4000" it just lists "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". Now, I know all about the simpler fixes with the Standard VGA problem. I've tried all of the "solutions" I could find. I've downloaded the Intel HD driver from the lenovo website under my specific laptop model(T430). I installed it, and everything seemed to work fine. I restarted my laptop, and went back to see that nothing had changed. It still listed only the Standard VGA adapter. I manually installed the Intel HD 4000 driver from the list in the Device Manager update window, and it showed that everything installed correctly. I restart the laptop, and boom. Nothing. Still lists the Standard VGA Adapter. I'm completely clueless as to what the problem may be. I've even restored my system, and uninstalled the VGA Adapter driver in hopes that it would install the correct driver after a nice restart. I've updated windows and everything. Nothing seems to work. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.  **A few notes: I'm running Windows 7 Professional - 64bit with a 256GB SanDisk SSD and 6GB of Ram. i5-3320M

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Hello I have T430 (model 23444ZG) with Intel HD Graphics 4000. Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro 64-bitCPUIntel Core i5 3210M @ 2.50GHzIvy Bridge 22nm TechnologyRAM8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 (11-11-11-28)MotherboardLENOVO 23444ZG (CPU Socket - U3E1)GraphicsLCD 1600x900 ([email protected])Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Lenovo) My question is - is it possible to plug in 4k UHD display to this laptop and use max. resolution (4 096 2 160) ? I am using my laptop mainly for office work and poker. I am deciding which display would be best for me and at the moment my favourite looks like DELL U3415W (ultrawide with max. resolution 3440x1440. I am sure if my laptop is capable of running 4096x2160 it should not be a problem to run this one. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/monitors-and-projectors/monitors/dell-ultrasharp-u3415w-revi...   

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Hi all, I have just acquired a Thinkpad T430 running windows 7 professional 64bit, and recently restored to factory settings. The windows shows the drive as Windows7_OS (C 440GB and Lenovo Recovery (Q 13.6GB. I would like to resize the C: 440GB partition into C: 190GB and D: 250GB (approx), with D: for my data only. I have tried the Windows Disk Management, and shrinked the C: to 190GB. But when I tried to create simple volume on the Unallocated Space, the windows gives error and says "There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation." I have searched online and discover that this maybe due to the 3 or 4 primary partitions limit I am having. The image shows the partition I am having now. My question is:1. What can I do in order to create the D: partition?2. My drive is shown to be Basic disk, will converting to Dynamic disk allow the above?3. Having converted to Dynamic disk, will the Recovery/Restore factory still work? Appreciate for any help.

partitions.jpg ?104 KB

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Ordered new battery - they sent me a T410 battery (which it is compatiable with T410/420/430.  But it will not work in my computer or another computer in my officej.  It will work on a T420 though.  What should I do...
Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed from subject to protect member from mischief. Detail also added to subject for clarity.

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A:ThinkPad (T430) battery compatibility issue

HelloThe batteries for T410/420 are not compatible with T430, even Lenovo genuine ones. Because of T430 features hardware authentification of the battery installed. The batteries for old laptops like T410/420 don't have such features (authentification chips inside). This chip missing causes the battery being installed in the T430 can't be charged.So, you have to purchase Lenovo original battery for T430.
Lenovo original batteries for T430 are backward compatible with T420

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Hi, I just bought a new AC adaptor. Non Lenovo branded. So I am sure that my battery is fine, because I am using it with my original adaptor. New adaptor is working without battery. But with battery, windows do not recognize new adaptor, its not charging. Also its not saying me that "its plugged in but not charging"  Its just like not plugged in.  I tired uninstall Microsoft ACPI- Compliant Control.... I tried plug in with without battery etc... Any ideas?

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Just a week ago my thinkpad T430 had refused to start after I had swapped out a battery.Just on battery power the laptop is completely powerless, holding the power does nothing, there is no indication of power as far as i can tell, nothing. When plugging in, the only sign of light is the battery indicator, there isn't anything else. Holding to the power does nothing.The battery LED pulses 2 short 1 long 1 short, stops and repeats. What can I do to fix this? Do I need a new FRU (motherboard), can I replace the motherboard for one with dedicated graphics without compatability issues?Can soldering fix the issue?  

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I have an old T430 inherited from from an old work place. The current state of the machine is that have re-formatted the hard drive to a blank state This laptop had some kind of encryption on it and i thought that reformatting it would remove it. I have  put the blank hdd back into the laptop, and tried to boot it up and i get the following message Endpoint Encryption ErrorError 0xe002001bNo boot disk was Foundwith an ok button which when tou press it it reboots and repeats over an over again I can get into the Bios with F12 but cant see any thing that i can do to get the laptop running. As i cant get into the laptop. is there anyway i can flash the bios to remove the encryption? Many Thannks 

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Hello! Im having a little problem with my docking station. ThinkPad Mini Dock Series 3. Seems like the DisplayPort does not work. I use dual 1440p monitors from Phillips and want to connect both with DP as the DVI is single-link only. I have one of the monitors plugged in the MiniDP on the side of T430 so i got that working wich is nice.  Is there some kind of firmware or something i need to install to get the DP working on the docking station? Cant remember i have ever done this and as far as i know it ha never worked... Always used it with a single 24" monitor with VGA. Thanks.

A:T430 with ThinkPad Mini dock series 3 DisplayPort ...

This issue is driving me crazy!  I bought new DisplayPort Monitors for T430s ThinkPads using the Mini Dock Series 3 dock.  I have 4 identical laptops.  Same software and drivers with two Monitors.  One on the Dock DisplayPort and the other Monitor on the PC Mini DisplayPort.   Three laptops work perfectly.  The forth one blinks! I do have a newer T430s with the Invidia Graphics card that has the same symptoms, but I have come to the conclusion that Lenovo does not support multiple monitors with that version.  Lenovo, Please tell me there is a firmware update for the Type 4337 Mini Dock Series 3 dock.  I saw the link for the T540 dock firmware update.  Will it work on the Series 3 dock? 

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I got a ThinkPad T430 yesterday and have been enjoying setting everything up, installing all of my software, and tweaking every last setting to my personal preference. I've got almost everything set up the way I like it, but there's one big problem left. I cannot for the life of me find the option to enable right-click or middle-click using the touchpad. In my experience, when using standard laptop touchpads, you're generally able to right-click and middle-click using a two finger tap or three finger tap. Neither of these options work on my laptop. I have downloaded the Lenovo System Update software, which in turn updated all of my drivers. This includes my touchpad driver, so everything seems to be in order in that regard. However, I've gone through every option in the touchpad settings and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I've included a screenshot of the touchpad settings, so if any of you can point me towards which option I'll need to explore in order to enable right-click and middle-click taps, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Touchpad Settings.PNG ?92 KB

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Hi all, First of all I would like to take a moment and write my history with this experience. Last year I had a Dell Precision M4500 (i7-720QM and nVidia Quadro FX880M) which it had to be my eGPU machine. But using FL Studio alot, the cpu didn't kept the pace so I had to make a change. My research got to my Thinkpad T430 because Ivy Bridge platform can get you up to 90% of peak performance of your eGPU solution. When I had my Dell M4500, I have ordered the EXP GDC V8 Expresscard solution at a pretty fair and decent price (Christmas sales) from Banggood. Shipping to Romania was quite long, almost 2 months. In the meantime bought from a local guy, a Dell DA-2 220W power adapter which I heard it is plug'n'play. After arrival, I found out that I don't have the PCI-E power adapter for the graphic card, in my case a Gigabyte Radeon 6850 OC 1GB. That's the only card I have so, I was aware that I might need a display monitor.After another months of searching, found out on Banggood the holy PCI-E adapter specialy for EXP GDC solution. To be assured , bought 2 cables (just in case ) because the shipping was 1 month and 2 weeks (long, I know!). Well, last night I was dying to fire it up, so I put my Panasonic TV ( don't have a display monitor, lame, I know...) and put all cables and adapters together, the expresscard in T430 and fire it. My specs :i7-3610QM, 16GB HyperX Impact CL9, 1600x900, Intel HD4000 iGPU, Windows 7 64bit.After Windows loaded, my Radeon 6850 was found in D... Read more

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I have an issue about ThinkPad T430 with Windows 10 and i need solutions about this issue:I was unable to drag or move the shortcut on Start Menu in order to more orderlyHow to fix this issue and why it was happen like this?Thanks

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I just got a T430 and a Mini Dock from a refurbisher, and the dock won't physically attach to the laptop. From inspection, the latches don't fully insert into the holes on the laptop. I've tried messing aronud with it a bit but I can't get it to lock. With the dock plugged in, the computer light will come on if I press down on the dock. Anybody have any ideas what to do? Thanks, 

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Dear all,
I'm looking for some help to understand the possible causes of the BSOD that I've met randomly while using my new Lenovo Thinkpad T430 - 2349-PHG.
The BSOD is not the only problem I'm having. While using the Laptop, sometimes the screen starts to shake, then the laptop shuts down without showing the BSOD. Sometimes, the BSOD appears. Each time I've to restore the Loptop to a previous point in order to make it work.
I've tried to run memory test using memtest86+-5.01, after 10 hours work and 9 runs, there was no errors.
I've tried to use driver?s verifier, however, when I set it up to work, the BSOD appears.
Attached is the recommended ZIP file to analyze the problem, only two dmp files are available.
I hope that I get some help regarding this matter soon.
Thank you in advance for your time and help.
Best regards

A:BSOD - Lenovo Thinkpad T430 - 2349-PHG - random shutdown.

Hi Again,
So, another BOSD, and this Time I've used the 'SF_Diagnostic_Tool' tool to collect all the needed files.
Hope someone could help me.
thank you in advance.

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I bought this used notebook, and soon I verified that the audio was not going out, therefore I assumed that a driver was missing, so I went to the lenovo website, (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/products/laptops-and- netbook / thinkpad-t-series-laptops / thinkpad-t430 / downloads), I downloaded the driver and installed it, the audio came back, so I went to the "automatic driver update" item he checked the notebook and found other drivers missing , I asked to upgrade, after updating the Bios driver the notebook rebooted, and now the same 5beeps - 5beeps link and does nothing else, I would like to know how to proceed now.

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Hello there,  I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T430. I bought it used but in very good condition. Since it didn't come with a HHD installed so i had to buy a seperate HHD and install windows 7 by my own.* It did have the problem before, when i bought it first about a year ago, and i somehow managed to resolve the problem by help of some guys here in this same forum. But all my bad that i don't remember where was the solution.* Now i have decided to shift to SSD, and for that i bought a Samsung 128GB SSD and installed the same Windows 7, and this time i used the Lenovo's own software to detect and install all my drivers and here i come with the same problem again, this time my webcam also not coming up.Eventhough i have tried all my best from installing all the drivers avaialble in the lenovo site and also on the support pages but no help.* Some guys says its a hardware problem or a cable is not intact but i have checked both of them,1. The cable is intact i am sure,2. May be a hardware problem but why it happened before the same way and i resloved it without any hardware change.3. And What is the problem with my webcam?4. What am i missing, all the drivers and softwares are properly installed as per the device manager shows. * And i am sorry but this forum has no good helping enveroment, I am sure this isn't only my problem but since people don't get help from here therefore, they don't contact the forum. But i can't leave it as it is! So all you guys please prove... Read more

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Hi! I have a T430 2347CTO. The notebook has an Intel Wireless LAN (11abgn, 11bgn, 11ac) adapter installed. 1. The WLAN adapter is causing problems and I'd like to replace it, but I'm not sure what I should install instead. Any tips? 2. I'd like to install a WWAN adapter, but I'm not sure if my model has the required antenna installed. Does anybody know if it has?

A:Thinkpad T430 - replace WLAN card and add WWAN card

I confirmed that this WLAN card will work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hot-Intel-Dual-Band-Wireless-AC-wifi-Card-for-Lenovo-Thinkpad-X230-T430-60Y...
And I also confirmed this WWAN card will work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gobi3000-3G-WWAN-Card-60Y3257-for-Thinkpad-X220-X230-T420-T430-W520-W530/22...
The WLAN card is N wireless; and the WWAN card is 3G.  The ones I linked to are shipping from the US and the best price I could find.  
Hope that helps!

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okay, so i am pretty darn annnoyed with myself for this but like the saying goes shit happens! (excuse my language) so i spilt a little bit of coffee on my keyboard 2 nights ago and yesterday the laptop was fine, howevere as the day progressed on i turned back on my laptop to find that all the keys had messed up now my keyboard works but on a couple of the letters it comes up with more than one letter...especially shift it comes up with a different number :S i was thinking maybe take out the keyboard and cleaning it, but how that is done i havent a clue haha. i have a sony vaio its model name i think is vpcee3eoe i got it not more than a month ago and ive already mucked it up, i am usint a different keyboard right now and i dont want to do that anymore. does the coffee go aay after a while or will iit be sticky forever? the computer is running fine just need a keyboard clean. anyone know how to take out the keyboard to clean it?

A:coffee on a keyboard

Try this and cross fingers
I spilled water into my laptop, how do I get it working again?

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Hello, 4 days ago I spilled coffee on my notebook and yesterday my notebook stopped working! When I turn it on the included image appears! I sent about 10 text messages to that number but, but no redeem code was sent to me!
Please Help!

A:Coffee malware

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Apparently, the nice white keyboards for the G5's don't like coffee! Yes, I managed to spill coffee, with cream and sugar, on the lower left corner of the keyboard! The keys work but after I typing any 2 letters the "q" sticks and is unstoppable until I hit the Delete key. I can back up to her I started: as soon as I start typing the process picks up where I stopped it: what can do to in sure the the keys are clean and not sticking, any suggestions?


A:Keyboards and coffee

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My wife spilled coffee on the computer. In the few days since, she said it's been shutting down by itself. Last night was the first chance I had to take a look at it.

OS: Windows 7
Power Supply: Ultra X-Finity PSU
Motherboard: Mach Speed Matrix P4M800

- Turned computer on, and it prompted to go into Repair mode. Appeared to finish, then suddenly the machine shut off.
- I unplugged everything and opened case. None of the liquid appeared to have reached any of the electronics, just the case and cords (all dry by this time). I cleaned the case and cords, checking the plugs for any contamination. Any contact only appeared to be to cords, not plugs, and not to any electronics.
- Plugged keyboard, monitor, and power cord in and started computer. Received message that CMOS didn't have time or date. Entered CMOS, fixed both, saved and exited. Windows 7 then loaded normally. I was able to log into the main admin profile. Ran all diagnostics I could find. Everything appeared to be working normally, including getting online. The machine was on for 20 minutes without problem.
- Turned off and unplugged all cords, then reassembled case and plugged all cords back in.
- Turned machine on. Immediately there were two quick beeps, followed by five short beeps and the smell of burning rubber. Quickly turned machine off.
- Opened case, but could see nothing that showed where smell came from. Unplugged all but power cord, then pressed On button. Again, the same series of beeps. T... Read more

A:Coffee & Computer = Bad Mix

grendel25 said:

Somehow, I've got a bad feeling about this.Click to expand...

I'd agree with that. If there is only one bad component it may be possible to just replace that part, but the trouble with liquids is they have a knack for getting all over the place, and you'll probably wind up having to replace the machine. What you can probably do is to remove the hard drive from the damaged computer and put it in the new one. That way you'd at least keep your data.

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