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How do I open a Firefox bookmarks file (.json) without using Firefox?

Q: How do I open a Firefox bookmarks file (.json) without using Firefox?

Had a number of abrupt computer shutdowns due to power outage and now Firefox won't open no matter what I do. I'm trying to recover all my bookmarks before I reinstall Firefox. So, after identifying which file it is (I think) I'm trying to get a look inside so I can record everything.

Thanks! I'm all ears!

Preferred Solution: How do I open a Firefox bookmarks file (.json) without using Firefox?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I open a Firefox bookmarks file (.json) without using Firefox?

Your bookmarks and other preferences are stored in a separate and independent location/file on your disk, so you should be able to delete and reinstall Ff without needing to do a special save for them. See if the information linked to below does not, however, answer your question:http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Backing%20up%20and%20restoring%20bookmarks

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hi & merry christmas to all !!
i have been a regular firefox user for a few months now.
I want to know if i can make my bookmarks open in a new tab when i click them?
i know of the extension "tab mix plus " but it has bugs wuth other extensions.

A:How to open firefox bookmarks in new tabs

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whenever i open firefox one of my bookmarks opens up by its self. and i also have an add-on that makes firefox looks like chrome. How can i make it so that it only opens my homepage?

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Using a bookmark icon placed between the "address" and the "search engine" bars.
When I move the cursor down the bookmarks, one category will open to the left, one to the right, left, right, left right.............I would like them ALL to open to one side or the other.
Any suggestions ??

A:How To Make Firefox Open Bookmarks Category Menus to One Side Only

there are two bookmark icons one has a dropdown arrow, i guess this is the one you have , right click the top of firefox and select customise, in the window that opens then find the other bookmark icon and drag it to where you like on the ff toolbar ,you can also move any other icon to where you want in the toolbar.

alternately, go to view / sidebar/ bookmarks

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open, when I click on run and type any address, even google - no response. When I open Firefox I get a blank page. I was on Show Me Do's website watching a video when the back button quit functioning the delicious bookmarks stopped working and I couldn't watch/change or navigate from or to any other site. When I closed Firefox and re-opened I get a blank page and no response except if I type about:config, that I can get to. Anyone else ever have this happen? Anyone know what might be causing it?

edit: The firewall has locked me out for some reason.

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Could anyone suggest why after installing json v0.7 as an add-on for Firefox 9.01, I still get the pop up for the search application window.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the add-on, as well as setting No Pop Ups in Firefox options.

The PC has AVG Internet Security 2012 running at all times, and the system has been scanned using Malwarebytes. Everything OK.

This is becoming very annoying now as I have to keep clicking the Cancel button many times before the pop up disappears.

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Could you tell me how to do this please?

i haven`t uninstalled and reinstalled yet so maybe i should ask are the bookmarks retained in the reinstallation?

A:[SOLVED] Put bookmarks back in Firefox after reinstallation of firefox 3.6

Hi Julie,

Yes, they should still be there.
However, I use MozBackup before doing anything 'drastic' with Firefox or Thunderbird to keep a separate backup of my profiles.

Oops - just realised there is a sticky in this forum about backing up!

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I set up Firefox Sync Bookmarks on my PC where and how do I get my Bookmarks which are being synced and saved ?

A:Firefox Sync Bookmarks [moved to Firefox forum]

Your Bookmarks, and anything else you chose to setup in sync, to save are sitting in your Sync Account. You login to your account, from any added devices you also setup.


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I'm using mac OS 10.5. I am trying to reinstall a clean version of firefox which is not a problem but I can't figure out how to get my old bookmarks back in. The browser has a function to import bookmarks from Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera but not previous bookmarks from firefox. I've tried to replace the bookmarks.html file in the application support folder, but it doesn't work. Does anyone know how to doe this?

A:reinstalling firefox and importing previous firefox bookmarks

I don't know the differences between firefox for windows and mac, but in windows you would click on bookmarks - then click on organize bookmarks, you can import your html file there.

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Could you tell me why they are greyed out? If i click on restore down they become black. Attachment.

A:File- edit -view-bookmarks etc., in firefox broser greyed out

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When I try to type a new search term into the box on Google's results page, I get a popup saying:

Opening search
You have chosen to open
[Win logo] search
which is a application/json
from https://www.google.co.uk

What should Firefox do with this file:
[radio button] Open with Browse...
[radio button] Save file

I have to click at least twice and sometimes five times on Cancel to get past it, but it keeps returning.

Any ideas to get rid of this annoying pop-up?

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So I just thought of doing a SFC scan now to check if my system is good with no corrupt files or not.

Now it seems there are no issues, even Microsoft has said the win update that caused the files to go corrupt is a false alarm in SFC check.

The issue I have: (I've tried removing the update and then re-doing the SFC can now but no result.)
The Tech Cookbook – Windows 7 update (KB3022345) causing corrupt files

The zip file is corrupt in the article so can't run the fix tool.

However I also did CheckSUR and that said NO Errors.

Which I guess is good news.

However how can I fix this issue that sfc scannow says no more corrupt files.

My result log shows the corrupt files.

A:Cannot repair member file “utc.app.json” and other json files

These errors are now caused (as in your case) also by KB3068708.

In the case of KB3022345, I recommend removal of the update, and hiding it if it reappears in Windows Update.
The jury is still out on KB3068708 - you can either uninstall and hide it, or just ignore the errors.

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I'm running Win 8 and FF latest version. I cannot find a way to delete that darn drop-down menu from my bookmarks toolbar and it's wasting a lot of precious space. It doesn't show up in the "Customize" view and it won't delete, cut, or move in the Organize Bookmarks window. I've googled and goolged but can't find a solution.

A:Solved: How to Delete Bookmarks Drop-down Menu in Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar?

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Hey everyone. Why is Firefox 3.6.10 removing the bookmarks from my bookmarks toolbar whenever I add the bookmark to a folder under the bookmarks menu? Note: I am not moving them, I am going to the website and bookmarking them all over again so as to put them in a folder. However, when I do this, the bookmark gets removed from the toolbar and put in the folder. I really don't like this. I want to be able to have my bookmarks in two different places: both on the toolbar and in the folder.

A:Why does Firefox remove the bookmarks from my bookmarks toolbar?

Probably a Firefox feature to help you avoid duplicates.

After you have it once just copy it to where you want it. I just tested this with 3.5.13 copying from Bookmarks toolbar to another folder.

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Hi, hope you can help since I am desperate. My windows nightly seamonkey seems to have eaten all my recent html bookmarks/personal toolbar files. The latest bookmarks are still in the new json files in the bookmarkbackups folder but I can't get seamonkey 2.0.13pre to replace the html file with one o the stored json backups. The advised deleting of place... files only resulted in basic 3k bookmarks.html file. Does anyone know how to force seamonkey to use - convert the json or is there some application to convert the backup bookmark json file into an html-bookmark file seamonkey accepts? help very much appreciated.

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I have recently received by e-mail, an attachment as a .pps file, but, when I try to open it, a pop-up window with the instruction 'Open With'..Browse appears. Browsing produces various things such as Wordpad, Notepad, Sumatra PDf, etc., etc., none of which will open the file, and I can find no way to open .pps files. OS is Windows 7 Proffessional. How may I open such files,please?

A:How to open a .pps file in Firefox


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I have recently received by e-mail, an attachment as a .pps file, but, when I try to open it, a pop-up window with the instruction 'Open With'..Browse appears. Browsing produces various things such as Wordpad, Notepad, Sumatra PDf, etc., etc., none of which will open the file, and I can find no way to open .pps files. OS is Windows 7 Proffessional. How may I open such files,please?

A:How to open a .pps file in Firefox


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Have Windows XP, Firefox / Mozilla 5.0
WMV files received as (say) eMail attachments will not open automatically in WMP; have to download and then open. Works fine using IE.
Any ideas ?

A:Can't open WMV file in Firefox

Save the attached video file to your desktop or any other folder, then run it from there.

Are WMVs associated with Windows Media Player? Are there any other media players trying to steal the association on startup?

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when I try to click a link to download a PDF file, it automatically opens file in browser and opens atleast 30 new tabs. In my tool options, I have the download set to "Always ask where to download file to" ... what could be causing this??

A:When I open a PDF file in FireFox...

I don't know anything about this, especially all those tabs being opened, but suggest that you first check this:

Tools - Options... - Content - Manage...(under File Types) - See what's set for PDF files. Mine, for example, is Open with Adobe Acrobat plug-in. If you want a simple left click on the link to download instead of opening, I'm not sure if you can or what you'd change the Action to.

You might also make sure you have a recent version of whatever you use to open it. Adobe Acrobat reader is now at version 8.1.1, and you should probably have at least version 8 if you use it.

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Firefox works just fine. When I try IE, it just hangs. If I try to open an htm or html file, windows explorer hangs.

Any ideas why I'm getting this problem?


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Whenever i try to open a pdf file using mozilla firefox my browser crashes and all other firefox windows closes automatically

I also use IE at times and i am having windows xp pro.

Why this is happening?

What should i do to avoid this?

any suggestion plz


A:firefox doesn't open pdf file

Hi, I found this>


Here is some help with the issue:

Though that may solve the problem, here is some info about trouble viewing Adobe files in your browser, this covers older versions of both IE and Acrobat Reader.


You may simply need a plugin or to change a setting in Firefox.

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I was just curious if anybody has been receiving the same error message:

"Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system."

I have been getting this on my laptop for a few weeks now, off and on, when I close Mozilla Firefox for whatever reason and try to reopen it immediately after. Usually, after receiving the error message I just wait a few seconds and try again and the browser opens just fine.

However, I now just found out that my cousin has been dealing with the same problem, only worse, when he uses his laptop at home. (different locations, different networks, different brands of laptop.) I witnessed first-hand that he had the same error message, only his did not go away, nor could we get his browser to open. He says this happens to him every time he closes Firefox and tries to reload.

We resolved this issue by opening the task manager and manually ending Mozilla under processes, not applications, since it was not on the applications list, but was on the processes list.

Tell me if you have been experiencing the same or similar issues with Mozilla Firefox. I am curious, because this is the only problem I have ever had with Firefox, other than the occasional browser crash.



A:[SOLVED] Error: Firefox will not open because firefox is already running?

Had the same problem as your cousin with versions 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 but it has fixed itself with 3.5.2

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First time post.
Firefox.exe process invokes in Process Explorer, very briefly, if loaded directly from it’s shortcut, and is gone, without opening a window at all. I see now that upon shutting down the Vidalia bundle (Tor/Privoxy), firefox.exe process does stay started in Process Explorer, but still no window. If instead firefox is called upon by another program, such as filehippo or avast, say, it invokes the firefox.exe process but the browser window is nowhere to be seen, as with directly invokeing without the Vidalia bundle.
ALT-Tab doesn’t show a firefox window open, and right-clicking on the process to bring that window to the front yields a greyed out option in the pop-up menu for ‘window’. So there’s no window. Troubleshooting on my own, I’ve now struggled by with IE, like now, and updated a bunch of programs from filehippo, including firefox itself, to version 3.0.4 build 2008102919, but still no firefox window.

Windows itself has updated this morning. My fellow user, a housemate, has not any such problem with firefox when we switch users. His works fine.
There’s a bunch of crud in my hijack log, and I’ll post that below.
I ran ccleaner this morning and cleaned my registry up, it needed it, but no solvie.
I did a full avast scan including archives, and found no viruses.
I’m running now with msconfig altered to bare startup stuff, to eliminate potential conflicts there.
What could be the trouble
I am standing by, scratching my head, waiting to pull... Read more

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I have come to this website because I am at my wit's end with what to do about this piece of malware I have.
I downloaded rkill and Combofix. I have Malware Bytes installed, but I am unable to run or open any of them. My task manager is clouded with consent.exe. Every time I try to open a file, another consent.exe appears in the task manager. I was able to run my anti-virus (Vipre) through hidden icons, but it only found:


with 2 traces. About a week and a half ago I got rid of (but not completely) a variant of the fake Win 7 Anti-Virus virus', and I'm sure it just crept back up on me. Also I can't run DDS, GMER or Hijack This for a log.

I can access the task manager and Firefox, but that's about it. I'm sure that's just so that it can steal any valuable information I ever put in (bank accounts, etc). When I open my start menu I can't select anything, I used to be able to expand the lower task bar to access mycomputer, but that just got locked up.

I'm running Windows 7 Starter Edition (never again will I ever get a Windows computer after this one...) on a Toshiba netbook.

What can I do from here?

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If I download a Zip file from a website using Firefox 4, or3, the resulting opened file is gibberish. If I do it with explorer 8 or 9 it is fine.
Visible differences are that in opening the file downloaded with explorer it becomes a PDF file and opens sensibly. In explorer the file to be downloaded is SG33V10.zip and this becomes becomes SG33V10.pdf.In Firefox the downloaded file has added a 1.htm to the zip ending and than makes a mess of opening it -the file to be downloaded is SG33V10.zip and on downloading this becomes SG33V10.zip-1.htm which on opening is rubbish

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3325 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 59999 MB, Free - 14500 MB; D: Total - 408575 MB, Free - 394532 MB;
Motherboard: Shuttle Inc, FG33, V10, 0
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Firefox 4(or 3) does not open zip file downloaded from web site

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Firefox on XP Home goes crazy when you try to open a downloaded file

When I say go crazy, I mean when you click on the download- it opens up about 9 or 10 times.

(using latest version, download manager in firefox has been cleaned up- still the problem exists though)

A:Firefox on XP Home goes crazy when you try to open a downloaed file

To download HJTsetup.exe from TrendSecure To Download HijackThis go to the following at the File Repository
Click on the link below to Download HijackThis Self Installer:


Save the file to your desktop.
Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\HijackThis.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialog boxes until you get to the Select Additional Tasks dialog.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialog box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
At the top of the Notepad HJT log screen, hit Edit then Select All then click Edit and then click Copy doing that copies the text to the clipboard, you won't see it yet....
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.
A security expert with a gold shield to the right of their name should take a look at your log - please be patient.

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I'm trying to log into ebay and having terrible problems, (other log-in sites let me sign in fine) even though my username is at the top when I first go on, it remembers me from last time and I see I'm logged in. But whenever I goto do something like revise an auction, and it wants me to sign in, it has my username pre-filled out, I just have to pop in my password..fair enough, this is where it starts to go pear shaped.

It then wants me to sign in for a second time, even though I just did, but this time it has even removed my username so I have to fill in both fields. Sometimes this works, but when I goto revise an auction or something like 'change the category', basically do something that requires ebay to do carry out an action, firefox actually tries to download a .dll file! and I can't go no further. I don't download the .dll file as I realise this is not right.

"You have chosen to open ebayISAPI.dll from http:/cgi5.ebay.co.uk
What should firefox do with this file?
Open with... dllfile (default)
Or save to disk?"

Whats going on? Its annoying the [bleep] out of me as I sell on ebay daily, and cant alter my ads or sign in properly unless I click the IE engine tab in the bottom right to use ebay now.

Whats worse is that in the Internet Explorer engine option, I don't get the cut/copy/paste menu when I right click the highlighted text in the edit auction page, in 'edit HTML' where I want to change a few lines of code ... Read more

A:Problem in firefox, using ebay, sign-in asking me to open ebayISAPI.dll file

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Admin account boot / open firefox / 5 seconds later bluescreen / Message - IRQL Not Less Than or Equal, DESKTOP-G45LN58-Sun_06_05_2016__84628_95.zipNetio.sys

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I did reinstalled Firefox to look like a new install do I saved the first bookmarks ?
I import and backup,my bookmarks and choose export HTML. I saved my bookmarks in an HTML file on my Desktop I do not know where to restore the bookmarks back in Firefox?

A:Firefox bookmarks ?

In Firefox 3.6.4: Bookmarks >> Organize Bookmarks >> Import and Backup >> Import HTML

Hope that helps!

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OK, I got vista up and running. I copied my firefox bookmarks from XP but im not sure where i need to put them in vista.
more in less where do i put the bookmark file for my firefox

A:Firefox Bookmarks.


How do i enable it to see the Appdata ?

I do not have it listed.

I think i found it................................

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What is the file that contains all the bookmarks and cookies for my firefox browser. I'm building a new comp and naturally I want to save all my usefull stuff like my bookmarks and cookies(the useful ones at least).

A:firefox bookmarks


Open FF go to the ("Bookmarks"-----"Manage Bookmarks")----- it will open manager bookmarks now (go to the File----Export)

i will export all your bookmark and creat HTML file.

and save that page in the floppy or cd which contains all the informations of your bookmarks

now whenever you want them

Open FF go to the ("Bookmarks"-----"Manage Bookmarks")----- it will open manager bookmarks now (go to the File----import--- from file)

browse the location of the HTML page.

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I bookmarked thousands of webpages in mozilla firefox!!! I made a backup C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox using the backup in windows as i needed to format my pc!! After formatting I restored the same folder using the file Backup.bkf!! Bt my bookmarks didnt show up!! Plz help as I need those links!!! The file backup.bkf is 20mb and the folder after restoring is also 20mb so i know my bookmarks are there somewhere!! I need help plz guys!!! Any sort of help will b highly appreciated!!!!

A:Need help with firefox bookmarks!!!

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Is there an easy/ quick way to synchronise Firefox bookmarks between 2 different computers.


A:Firefox bookmarks

Well, you can save them to a file, then email them or pop 'em on a thumb drive onto another PC.
to save them all, go to bookmarks, manage bookmarks, file, save.. then... well.. thats up to you

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Not sure what happened. a couple hours ago I wanted to jump to a bookmarked page and hit the key in a sumwhat akward manner a default user box came up and I didn't know how to get it to go away so i tinkered with it and got a start page that looked wierd for firefox. so i ran adaware and spybot and cws. now i come back to my cornpruter and they are gone. Something wierd is happening. Hope I posted this in the right forum if not please someone tell me how to get this in the right place and how to accomplish that feat. Thanks , D

A:Firefox Bookmarks Gone

AHA!!! And I thought I didn't know nutin. Well I just started looking in this forum for a similar problem and found one and the solution to mine. It is titled "Mozilla Firefox Problem, Default setting June 17. 2005". I read thru it and found that I had created a new profile in firefox I removed the new profile and "viola" all my troubles were over.

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I tried to find my bookmarks file for Firefox on my hard drive. Mozilla help directed me to %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ which had a bookmarks file but it showed it was last updated in June. I have added bookmarks since then why aren't they shown here?

A:Bookmarks in firefox

C:\Documents and Settings\User name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\???????.default is the folder that has your bookmarks.
You should have a bookmarks.html file and a bookmarks.BAK File (a backup file)
Then a bookmarkbackups folder with 5 bookmarks.html files in it. These are backup of the last 5 days or last 5 days that you started firefox in that profile.

I would do a search on bookmarks and see what other bookmarks files show up.

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Does anyone know where Firefox keeps its bookmarks?

A:Firefox bookmarks

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In Firefox 3.6.4: Bookmarks can you tell me the differance between doing restoring Import HTML and where to restore json ?

A:Firefox bookmarks ?

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I had over 100 bookmarks and when I turned on my computer they were all gone. I have tried some solutions but none of them worked, this is really frustrating cause ill never remember all of em. If you think you know whats wong please tell me.

A:Firefox bookmarks GONE!!!

Hi and welcome to TSF.

You have not said what solutions you've tried. Have you perhaps moved your profile? Have a look here and see if any of the info helps.



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I have just installed a second drive which i am using as my boot drive.

I want to transfer my Bookmarks to my new Firefox installation. This is easy with export inport in IE. Any idea how I do it in Firefox? :rolleyes: :approve:

A:Firefox Bookmarks

Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks then File -> Export.

On the new install do the same, except do Import instead of Export.

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Just downloaded opera and can't locate Firefox bookmarks to import to Opera. Where the heck are they??Bill...

A:where R firefox bookmarks?

For WinXP there in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxx.default and the filename is bookmarks.html.

For other than XP find the profile location here http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder

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I do not know what exactly the problem is, but every once in a while (on computers with vista and xp) I lose my bookmarks in Firefox. Can anyone tell me why?

A:No Bookmarks In Firefox

Hello Navaroas,To try and prevent your bookmarks from disappearing in the future, read this about Lost Bookmark Prevention.A good reference is Lost Bookmarks, finding your bookmarks, and step-by-step bookmark recovery.

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I can not seem to add New Bookmarks to firefox. All my existing bookmarks are still there and work fine, however when I go to bookmark this page, I just get a blank edit this bookmark dialog box.

I've tried manually enter bookmarks by just pasting the url and giving it a name. This does add it, however when you click on it, nothing happens, and when I go to the properties, it opens a glitched properties window, where only the top of the window appears.

I see people on the firefox forums were directly to this link:


I'm not sure what steps I should try first so that I don't lose all my bookmarks. I can make a backup, but I guess it will just be glitched like how it is now, so I'm not sure what to do, to save my book marks.

A:Cant add new bookmarks to firefox

You can go ahead a make the backup of your bookmarks just incase you lose them. And you can try the steps here http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2339588,00.asp

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[/URL]How do i get them to be in my bookmarks again? There all my Bookmarks i had and i cant get them into Firefox, How do i do it?

A:Old Bookmarks - Firefox

What FF version bookmarks are those from and what version do you have now?

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Upon the requirement to restore my hard drive, I backed up all files/folders to reinstall upon completion of the restoration. I have a folder for my "favorites" or "bookmarks" for web browsing and want to import them to Firefox. The import option imports them from another browser but I cannot find a bookmark folder in Firefox or find a method to easily move them from my folder. Can anyone provide assistance with moving them to Firefox?

Thank you

A:Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox does not use a folder for bookmarks, it uses a SQLite database file places.sqlite.You should backup/restore from Firefox menu : Bookmarks -> Organize Boormarks ->Import/Export bookmarks.You can also use Mozilla Backup tool for creating backup of all Firefox settings.

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Hi guys,

How do I copy my Firefox bookmarks from one computer to another? I can't find a folder containing them like there is with IE. Any ideas?


A:Firefox bookmarks

Hi papeman,
In Firefox, the bookmarks are stored in a file called "bookmarks.html". Look in C:\Documents and Settings\Yourname\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxx.default. Hope that helps.

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Firefox did an update yesterday for me and now I notice when I hit 'Bookmarks' the first option is 'Show All Bookmarks' while the second is 'Bookmark this page'. Has anyone noticed this?? They've gone and swapped them around.. Why would anyone want 'Show All Bookmarks' as their first option?? Are some people out there having trouble locating a page they bookmarked only a week ago?? Also when I hit 'Tools' what shows up right down the bottom is a tab dedictaed to Adblock plus (an addon) instead of 'Options' which has now been pushed up one. Again... Why?? Too hard for some to find their addons and configure Adblock from there?? Stick it right where Options used to be so THEY-CANT-MISS-IT?! I dont mind Firefox updates addressing security issues (they have to for their own sake) but leave my tabs alone!!

A:Firefox 6.0 Bookmarks

To bookmark current page it's much easier to just click on bookmark favicon at the end of your address bar.One click and you're done...

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