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Acer 5535 won't accept my new 12-cell battery

Q: Acer 5535 won't accept my new 12-cell battery

I have a new 12 cell battery for my acer 5535. Computer beeps a warning and shuts back down on start-up. Incorrect battery message. battery is a 12 cell, 10400mAh, AS09A41. The battery is made for an Acer 5517-5535. Does something need to be re-configured in the computer to accept the battery? The battery will run the computer if the computer is plugged in to the AC first and then the battery is installed, then unplugged from the wall. Both batteries are 11.1v

Preferred Solution: Acer 5535 won't accept my new 12-cell battery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Acer 5535 won't accept my new 12-cell battery

The Acer Specs say "48.8 W 4400 mAh 6-cell Li-ion battery pack" The 12-cell may not work here

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I have recently purchased an Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-591G-792U Laptop. It has a 3 cell Li Battery.One of the greatest issues with this model (other than heat) is short battery life.Is there a larger battery that can be purchased for this model? [Yes, I know performance takes current, current causes heat and drains batteries. I am asking if I can get a bigger fuel tank.]

A:Is there a larger battery (6 cell) for the Acer As...

Due to the nature of a intergrated battery, on top of the fact that this battery is probably-definitely custom made only for this type of model, I doubt Acer has a larger battery size for it, attributed to the fact that it would need to be bigger, and also not very much needed. If you need proof, look here: http://i1.wp.com/laptopmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/main-text.jpg What I can suggest is that you go to Windows "Power Options" and mess with the controls to reduce battery use, it doesn't seem to do much, but it really, REALLY does. At the cost of performace, which is really only seen if you are doing heavy, intensive work.

First, CALM DOWN and look at my profile picture. Calm? Now post your message. If I helped, a Kudos would be great! Marking as solution will help others as well, thank you!

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Hi i also i also have an acser aspier 5535 that crashes. Screen freezes then goes black. No pattern to it could freeze in 5 mins or 3 hours. Have to then re boot. Have contacted Acer, they asked me to restore the system and if that did not work they said i could send it back but if they did not finda a fault it would cost around 70.00. I have put up with this for nearly a year, can anyone help ??

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I seem to be having trouble with my Acer 5535. It was recently having fan troubles so i ordered a new fan and replaced it. Re-did the thermal grease as well. However, when i tried to start the computer back up, it seems to completely shut off several seconds after turning it off. I can hear the fan run faster and faster til it crashes. I tried looking into the BIOS but the computer crashed at around the same time there too. I tried switching the old fan back in, but the problem persists. Any ideas?

A:Acer 5535 Crashing

Does no one have any ideas? D:

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Hi guys

I've got an Acer Aspire 5535 running Vista, which I'm selling shortly. The problem I have is that I want to restore it to factory settings so the buyer has it as they requested. All my files are backed up ready for me to restore. When the laptop is turned on, I press Alt & F10 and this message pops up:

Edit Windows boot options for: Microsoft Windows Vista

Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Partition: 2

Hard Disk: e5a13b2e


I made a copy of the retore DVD when the laptop was originally turned on and have tried booting from the disc but it doesn't work saying: FAIL cannot find restore.dat

I'd really appreciate any help with this.


A:Solved: Restore Acer 5535

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could anybody enlighten me as to why my new laptop keeps crashing for no reason? I have taken 1 back and exchanged it for another of the same make and model and am stil having the same problem...

A:acer aspire 5535 keeps crashing

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I can't seem to hook up any kind of mice and get it to work on my acer 5535, other than the built in mousepad. I keep getting a code 19 error in the driver information, and have unistalled and installed many times, please advise.

A:acer 5535 mice issue


Try the previously raised issue from: -

Re: Code 19 error

I hope it helps?

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Hello everyone, i am new to this forum and i believe my salvation will come from here, i used my laptop two days ago at about 9pm and when i was about going to bed, i unplugged its cable and shut it down normally. Rising up from bed at about 6am, i decided to check my mails, immediately i pressed the power button, i could only see the power on light and hear the fan but my screen remained dormant. I did all i could but my screen remained black. I wonder what could have happened overnight. Please i need urgent help, i use my laptop very often and i just cant do without it. please help me, here is my email *******@yahoo.com please send me any suggestions. I RELY ON YOU

*Removed email per TSF policy "No help by PM or email" ~GZ

A:Acer Aspire 5535 with Black Screen

Hello, Welcome to TSF.

Turn on laptop, have a flash light ready give it time to get to desktop.

Shine the flashlight into the screen holding it pretty close, moving it around to see if you can see anything in background of screen.

Are you able to see anything?

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Here's the problem:

My four year old Acer Aspire 5535-5050 notebook has been doing pretty good the last few weeks. Then, I decided to hook it up to my flat screen TV via VGA connection. It worked great for a few days, but after turning it off one night and removing the VGA cable, I found that I boot into a black screen (no BIOS, splash screen, activity lights, anything but the power button) the next day.

First thing I thought was the computer was trying to display to an external monitor. I hooked it back to the TV and still nothing. I looked around the forums and tried the following methods:

1) Remove all power sources, hold power button for 20-30 seconds, try to boot (Failed)
2) Re-seat the RAM (failed)
3) Re-seat the CMOS battery (failed)
4) Press Fn + f5 during boot cycle (failed)
5) Yell and rage at the machine (failed, but mildly therapeutic)

I am literally out of ideas on how to get this thing working again. When I turn it on, I can hear the optical drive, fan, and hard disk spinning like usual, but there are no lights showing activity besides the green power button. Help is very much needed at this point. Thank you to those who respond.

A:Acer Aspire 5535-5050 won't boot.

The first thing to try is remove one stick of RAM and try to boot, if not swap sticks and try again.

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Hi I'm trying to sort out my friends laptop she had alot of programs including bear share which by using IObit uninstaller I've tried to remove. The laptop is running on windows vista as far as I can tell. There's no working antiviral program and I'm trying to connect to my network so I can download something to cover it as I'm fairly certain it's full of viruses. Her laptop connects to network but when I open internet explorer or chrome (she has both on here) neither works, it tells me DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET. I've restarted router, run diagnostics and nothing is working, please can anyone help?

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Hey all,

I've been given a laptop by my father-in-law for the kids to play with but it's as slow as hell and is in some real need of TLC. It's running Vista 32-bit at the moment but I have a spare 7 upgrade 32-bit disc which I had installed on my old PC (which has since been decommissioned) and thought i'd install that on the Aspire to give it a new lease of life.
I searched the Acer website but they don't carry Windows 7 drivers for that model, only Vista drivers. I was just wondering if the Vista drivers would be compatible and OK to install onto a Windows 7 install? Pretty random question I know but if anybody has any insight into this I'd be extremely grateful.

Have a great Christmas everyone!


A:Upgrading an Acer Aspire 5535 to W7 - Drivers comaptible?

Hi there .. I would go ahead with the Install and any Drivers Windows does not find ... You should be able to use the Vista ones they work in most cases ..

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Hi, I need help soon or im afraid my computer will completely shut down for good soon....

I have a Acer Aspire 5532-5535:

Release date:02/1/10
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 TF-20 / 1.6 GHz
Memory: 3.0 GB / 4.0 GB (max)
Hard Drive: 160.0 GB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Display Type: 15.6 in TFT active matrix
Max Resolution: 1366 x 768 ( HD )
Graphics Processor: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200
Optical Drive: DVD?RW (?R DL) / DVD-RAM - Integrated

About a month ago, i started experiancing random freezing for anywhere from 5secs to 10mins at a time when i play videos on youtube, netflix, games, etc. I ran multiple full scans with Microsoft Security Essentials, Defraged the hard drive, performed a complete factory reset and installed all microsoft updates including service pack 1, microsoft visual C+++ 2010 pack(x64), .Net Framework 4, ran Windows memory diagnostics(found no issues), bought a notebook cooler with a large fan, went to event viewer where i found a few "apphang" reports and "sidebyside" but when i look the codes up online, microsoft says they have no solutions for it. Event ID 1002 Task Category 101, Event ID 33, and Event ID 63. It never goes to a blue screen, but freezes up on things like facebook, youtube, etc.

Im at my wit's end here and dont want to buy another computer yet. Please help!!


A:Acer Aspire 5532-5535 freezing problems....

I always advise people to test the hard drive when they experience puzzling problems like that. If the drive passes the test, well at least you know to look elsewhere.

Test it with SeaTools for DOS which runs from a bootable CD, but first back up all your data to another drive or to CD/DVD, depending on how much there is to back up.

Get SeaTools for DOS here (click Downloads): SeaTools | Seagate. Save the download to your usual downloads folder.

Now download & install IMGBurn from here: FileHippo.com - Download Free Software

Use IMGBurn to create a CD from the SeaTools ISO file you downloaded earlier, then boot your laptop from that CD & SeaTools will eventually open (you may have to set the CD/DVD drive as the first boot device in BIOS Setup on your laptop).

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Hey everyone,

I've been having this quite annoying problem for a few weeks now...more like a set of problems actually...

Basically over the last few months the laptop's become steadily rubbisher...it's been getting slower and the CPU doesn't seem to be able to take as much as it once could. E.g. just being on webcam on gchat will just slow the entire laptop down to the extent that the video becomes super-lagged! It won't run many processes simultaneously any more, and it's pretty annoying.

I'm running a dual core AMD Turion RM-72 processor, 2.1GHz, with 4 gig DDR2 RAM, and an ATI Radeon HD3200 Gfx card.

So the major problem here is that when I turn off the laptop, even if it's just to restart after installation of something, it just won't turn back on. It turns off fine, seems to be no problem with that, but when it boots up again, it will just turn off when it gets to the Starting Windows screen (I'm running Windows 7, btw). When I leave it off for a good fifteen odd minutes, then and then only can I restart the laptop, and it seems to just about get to windows by the skin of it's teeth...

I don't feel any cool or hot air coming out of the vents at the bottom, which I think means that my fan's probably clogged up, and although I sit the laptop on a usb cooling fan, it doesn't seem to be enough- would it be worth cleaning the fan out with compressed air or something...could that be the solution to my boot problem? Running SpeedFan without knowing anything about... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Acer Aspire 5535 Shuts Down on Boot

Hello Nitish and welcome to TSF,

Are you still in warranty? If so, call Acer to set up RMA.

First order of business... Clean out that fan. You should feel some air movement from the rear exhaust vent. That would explain the app crash for games, and possibly the restart issue as well.

If your computer is out of warranty I would suggest opening it up and manually cleaning it out. If it is completely clogged, canned air won't do anything.

I am having trouble finding documentation for your computer.

Second order of business...
Download and run the hard drive manufacturers diagnostic from the link in my signature. If there is an option, make sure you download the DOS utility and burn it to disc.

When you pull apart your laptop, check the label on the HDD for the manufacturer.

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Hello everyone. I have bought this flex 5 with 7th i5 CPU, 256G SSD, and 2 cell battery. The laptop is great for me except the battery doesn't last enough. I wonder if I can replace the 2 cell battery with a 3 cell battery? From the HMM, I find some 3 cell batteries. But I don't know if they are compatible with my computer as the voltage is different. And If the battery is upgradable, do I need to upgrade the AC adapter as well? mine is 2.25A, while 3 cell battery versions have a 3.25A adapter. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Can somebody be able to share whether 6 cell or 9 cell battery is available for Lenovo Yoga 500 14.0 inch laptop in the market?  Thanks.

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Re:  Battery # 746641-001(3 cell)  I need to replace the battery for my laptop.  Most of the batteries I'm finding are 4 cell and I need a 3 cell.  What is the diffrence between the 3 and 4 ?  Any help would be appreciated.  Terri

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Hi Lenovo experts - I am having a strange issue with my new X270 laptop. I have been using it for over 3 weeks now. The X270 came with an integrated Li-Ion 3-cell battery (23 Wh) and also an external Li-Ion 3-cell battery  (23 Wh). With very light usage (just outlook and office apps) and brightness set to 25%, I can barely get 2h-2.5h of battery life. Is this normal? Per the PSREF, 3+3 cell should give me ~13h of battery life.  Anything else I can check? I did a 'battery report' and I see on average 45 Wh of charging capacity when active. However 'Battery life estimates' show between 2h-3h at full charge. 'Current estimate of battery life based on all observed drains since OS install' is showing 3:50.  Do I have a defective battery? Any advice appreciated!

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Hi, all!

I wish to purchase an HP dv5000t series laptop with a 12 Cell Li-Ion battery, but I saw a diagram on the HP site which showed a bulky mass at the back of the laptop, compared to a 6 cell which did not have this. It seems that such a laptop will not be able to sit flat on a desk.

Does anybody know from experience if this will be the case? If so, how bad of an angle is it? Will it interfere with normal use, etc?

Thanks! Your help is appreciated.

A:6 Cell Li-Ion Battery vs. 12 Cell (Physical Properties)

If HP sells the battery with the laptop then it'll work. While it may not sit flat that isn't a problem.

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I use the Dell Inspiron 15r 5520 model laptop and i want to replace the battery. It cuurently works with a 4 Cell battery but I want to replace it with a 6 cell  battery. Is it possible to do so ? Else does it affect the system negatively? 

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I need a cell to accept only data that meet the following criteria:
1. the first 9 characters should be composed of numbers only
2. the 10th character should either be a letter or the number zero (0).

If they don't meet both of the requirements, I need for an alert box to pop up informing them of the requirement they failed to meet.

How do I do this?

Is it possible to do this purely with an in-cell formula and formatting/data validation?

A:Solved: How do I format a cell to accept only data that meet specific requirements?

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Someone needs to get a new battery for a very old laptop they have. The battery doesn't work so they have to have it plugged all the time otherwise it wouldn't work. Laptop is 15.6 and sort of heavy but the thing is they never take the laptop outside the house. It will mainly be used on one floor in the house.

100% of the time the laptop is used in the kitchen area where there is a table where its connected using a charger to the wall. Thus if the person had a working battery, they could carry it around the house even though the laptop will stay in one place usually. However because right now the battery doesn't work, it does but it goes out very fast less than 1 minute, they need a new battery.

Is it better to get a 6 cell or 9 cell battery? The laptop will be used at home 100 percent. The thing is this person said if 9 cell last longer, get it. However, im sure 9 cell batteries make the laptop much heavier and has that back part sticking out right? I know this isn't a big deal if you going to stay inside but wouldn't it be a problem/annoyance if you have the laptop on yourself when on the sofa? Does the 9 cell would be really heavy on an already heavy 15.6' laptop?

Also 6 cell batteries last for around 2 hours i believe. How many hours does a 9 cell last for usually?

The thing is majority of the time the laptop will be plugged in but its very annoying at the moment as the laptop has to be connected 100 percent of the time since the battery is no good at... Read more

A:6 Cell Vs 9 Cell Battery for Laptop?

It's a piece of hardware so you're in the right area.

I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 that has a 48WattHour battery. A 9-cell battery would give longer working time when on battery-only so if it is offered and the price is affordable I'd get it.

As for physically working, it may lift the back edge of the Notebook higher but that's not a problem, usually have rubber feet on them. I find that type of rise is actually easier for typing as most Desktop keyboards have feet to raise the back edge, fingers seem to 'flow' better.

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I recently tried to replace my 6 cell laptop battery with a 9 cell. With the 9 cell install it will not charge and laptop will not operate on AC power either. Please help

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I use the Dell Inspiron 15r 3537 model laptop and i want to replace the battery. It cuurently works with a 4 Cell battery but I want to replace it with a 6 cell  battery. Is it possible to do so ?

A:Can i replace a 4cell battery with 6 cell battery?

It looks like it is possible - however, realize that the 6-cell battery is larger than the 4-cell and will not fit entirely inside the system  -it will extend beyond the rear of the system (along with adding weight, of course).

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I have bought my laptop, with 6-cell battery, and recently I have realized that it is just not enough/ 2.5-3.5 hours are good, but just not good iif you actually want to do something on your computer....
Anyway I heard about external 9-cell battery that can be plugged in to the computer, where can I buy? can you explain how it works please?

A:6-cell battery and the ext 9-call battery

A 6 cell battery for a laptop is pretty standard and is usually self contained right within the laptop. You can replace that 6 cell battery, with a 9 cell battery. Since the 9 cell battery has more cells and lasts longer, the battery itself is natually larger. So, they often either stick out of the back or out of the bottom of the laptop. Oh yeah, they also weigh more because of the extra cells.

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i have a dell inspirion 1100 and the battery broke and wouldnt retain charge for longer than 20 mins and then the charger broke so, i dieced to buy a new charger and battery from ebay. The charger works because the old battery worked on a/c power. however when i put in the new battery the computer says that it doesnt recongise the battery and will not charge at all.
please can someone help me i am stuck
thanks very much

P.S the battery is an espow battery if that helps

A:My inspiron 1100 doesnt accept its new battery

Did you make sure that the new battery was designed to be used with your model laptop?

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Hi, I have been looking for a 3-pin 3V cell battery for a 486SX motherboard. I need to have the two pins that sit together be 10mm wide just to fit in the holes on the board. I've tried Amazon and eBay. I can not find anything. If anyone knows, where can I buy one that I need?

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my laptop is HP ENVY dv6-7300ex Notebook PC can i find 9 cell battery original compatible with my laptop

A:Battery 9 cell

HP Part number: (17) Battery: 9-cell, 100-Wh, 3.0-Ah, Li-ion battery 672412-001 Manual p. 30 HP does not sell the battery directly from the Parts Store.  Here is a genuine on amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/HP-Original-672412-001-DV6-7000-DV7-7000/dp/B00DETM3B8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid... If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Hello, I'm needing to buy an internal battery for my T470 but seeing different suppliers for the cells- LGC, SMP, and PAN which I'm guessing is LG, Samsung, and Panasonic (although the sticker on the Panasonic battery says "Panasonic manufactured by SANYO").  If I have a choice of cell supplier/mfr which should I select for a battery built in 2017? I've read that in the past Panasonic is one of the best and Sanyo one of the worst (which leads to question of how are their new ones?). Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks

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Can someone point me in the direction of a 3-cell battery that will work with the T460p? I know it'll only give me a few hours of juice, but I'd like a battery that is flush with the base for when I travel outlet to outlet. Thanks.

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My netbook won't start up after a turning itself off a few times. I did drop the netbook and it's possible that fins, that connect the netbook to the no battery, are bent. I can't be sure that the problem is the cell battery, but if I buy one, could I try it and return it if it's not that?

What is the difference between a 6-Cell Li-Ion 4400mAh Battery and a 6-Cell Li-Ion 5200mAh Battery?

A:I think I need a new cell battery for my netbook.

if it turns on while plugged in it will point towards the battery, but it could also be damage to the motherboard where the battery connects.
does the battery light show its charging when connected?
easiest way to see if its the battery is to use a volt meter, if the battery shows a greater voltage than that stated on the battery its self (e.g 18v will be about 21v when charged) then its not likely damaged

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I believe that some desktop PC's have a rechargeable button cell battery on board? I've just had to dismantle an old machine and I found this particular battery on the circuit board. amazon.com/Newsun-CR2025-Coin-?irect/184-1019633-5016856

The text says "These button cells are not technically rechargeable" so are they saying that it is or isn't? If it really were, would it not be stamped onto the battery??
Just got me thinking about these types of batteries in general, anyone got more knowledge on the subject?

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Hi, can anyone who has a 12 cell battery for their laptop please tell me how long the battery lasts, and what laptop you use. I just want to compare different 12 cell batteries and how long they last according to the laptops they use. Thanks

A:How long does your 12 cell battery last?

I don't have a 12-cell laptop battery, but I just wanted to point out that there's cells and there's cells. The energy storage capacity of different "cells" used by different manufacturers varies widely, as does the current draw by different laptops. A 17-inch "aircraft carrier" laptop is going to consume a lot more juice than an Atom-based 9" unit with an SSD. Hence, their runtimes on a "12-cell battery" will be hugely different.

For what it's worth, I used to have an Asus 1000HE which ran for almost 10 hours on a 9-cell battery (win7), before it was snatched away from me by a family member who was quite happy to resort to underhanded hardware acquisition tactics.

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In cell j, I have formula =IF(SUMPRODUCT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("VLXP",K2:AB2))+0)>=1,"Yes","No") that returns yes or no if VLXP is contained in any cell K2 through AB2 and it works correctly. What I would really like to do is then put into cell j the entire matching cell content or if not found return n/a. Is there a way to accomplish this maybe with VBA?

A:Solved: Excel if cell contains vlxp then put matching cell data in current cell

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i just baught a new 12 cell battery for this laptop. i needed longer battery life. i put the battery in the laptop and it fully charged over night. the battery is an hp battery. when i went to test the battery for an estimate of how long  it would last by removing the ac cord the computer imeditatly shut off. I've run all the tests i can think of and all test say the battery is good and fully charged. i put the old battery back in and it kept the laptop powered on with out the ac cord. i uninstalled the windows complience driver and let that reinstall.  any other ideas ideas?

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I want to buy a laptop (17 ") with 9 cell Battery,because in HP & Dell sites they are saying it can stay up to 9 hours !
Some friends tell me its fake because a laptop have a high specs and 17" ant stay more han 5 hours !

A:Can 9 cell Battery stay up 9 hours ?

Hello Baxxter I have never used one of these batteries but a look here makes me think it is not worth the money; DELL 85 WHr 9-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery for Dell Latitude D620 Laptop : Laptop Accessories | Dell

Look at the ratings tab

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Can someone tell me if it's possible to get a 9 cell battery for the Satellite Pro U400-13G.
And if it is then what is the part number?

Best regards Anders

A:Can I get 9 cell battery for Satellite Pro U400-13G?

Do you know Toshiba Options & Accessories website?

Check this page:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com -> Peripherals & Services -> PS Options & Accessories

There you would find all compatible options.

As far as I know this battery could be compatible with the Sat Pro U400 series:
*Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 9 Cell, 6000mAh) PA3537U-1BRS*


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Hello,I'm looking to get a external 6cell battery for the Thinkpad T460. I cant seem to find one on the Lenovo website. I looked at other computer store websites but I cant find a 6cell battery for T460.I see ones for T440 or T450 but nothing for T460.Will the batteries for T440 or T450 work for T460?Also, am I correct in thinking that the battey with code'0C52862' will work for the T460? Thanks in advance,Jason

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My computer started acting strange when booting up and I was told it was the coin cell battery (the CR 2032) needed changing.   We took the computer apart and got the old battery out and a new one in but the Coin Cell Battery Slot had come unsoldered from the board so there was no connection.   Can the current slot equipment be re-soldered to the main board or do I have to purchase a whole new board?

A:Coin Cell Battery Slot

It can probably be re-soldered or replaced -- with a shop having the tools and expertise to do that - but it may cost as much as replacing the board (figure on $150 or more), depending on the system model.

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I need to replace the Coin Cell battery in my 17R-7720. I would like to have the replacement on hand before I open up the computer so I can get the job done in one sitting. The operator's manual (service manual) goes into great detail on how to replace the battery but no where could I find listed WHAT battery it takes. Can anyone identify what is the correct battery for this computer?

A:What Coin Cell battery is used in a 17R-7720?

This isn't a definite answer, but statistically it's going to be a CR2032 because they almost always are.  If you don't get a firm answer from another owner who's done this before and happens to remember, I'd either buy a few different sizes (they're only $1-2 each) or just give up on doing it in one sitting.  After all, it's not more work to do it in two separate phases unless you have to go out of your way to protect the disassembled components from kids, pets, etc.

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Lenovo Community I'm in need of a new 9 cell battery for an older Lenovo model (T400) the Lenovo price is $179.00 (which is fine) but a see many other advertised prices as low as $33.00.  Anyone know why such a discrepancy. I would expect Lenovo?s prices to be "slightly? high but not as much as $146.00.  $33.00 is too good there is something I'm not aware of when it come to new batteries. Comments

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I have Dv7t-7300 (C2Y65AV) and the battery finally died. I originally ordered it from HP brand new with 9 cell MU09 battery.Ebay is a disaster area - some listings have 6 cell battery under the MU09 name. The first battery did not charge pass 58%, second simply did not fit (it did not even have the OEM 4-LED test bar on the back).HP official one is out of stock http://store.hp.com/us/en/PDPStdView?storeId=10151&urlLangId=-1&productId=138247&urlRequestType=Base...I made a mistake and trashed the original battery so I don't even have the OEM part number!Where should I go to get the correct 9 or 12 cell battery?

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I have a two-year old Aspire One D270-1401.  I am pretty happy with it.  It runs Win 10 flawlessly, has allowed me to double the RAM to 4G (only 3+G of which is accessible since the system is 32 Bit). But the battery is useless and I need to run the computer constantly with external power.  The battery wasn't much use even after a year had passed; by now it's a paperweight. But I can't find a replacement.  Everywhere I find a so-called "replacement battery for AL10A31", it turns out to be a 6- or 9-cell battery that does not fit the computer correctly and prevents the display from opening beyond 30 degrees or so. This seems like terrible support for a computer that has so much possibility for longer term usefulness.  I know there are many good computers out there.  In fact, I have some nice 64 Bit systems I use on a regular basis, but this little gem is perfect for those apps that require a 32 Bit system; and it's wonderfully portable, also. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I was wondering if anyone knew about a battery replacement for the Flex 5 15 that has more cells?  I need more runtime than the stock battery is giving me.    

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Is a cell coin battery the same as CMOS battery in older TP's? IS the connector the same size and form?

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My computer is an HP Pavilion dv6t-7000. I purchased a 9-cell battery as second battery and I switch it out from time to time with my other battery. I have never had a problem with it charging or keeping a charge. Suddenly, I find that it won't charge above 47% of capacity. Only two of the four LED lights on the battery will light up. It charges up to 47% and stops. It will show that the unit it plugged in but not charging.  If I was seeing a degradation of the battery over time, I could accept that, but this happened suddenly. Any thoughts or suggestions?

A:MO09 9 cell battery suddenly won't charge over 47%

Hello Geoaddict, Thank you for posting on the HP Forums! I understand the battery will not charge to 100%. To start, please try Testing and Calibrating the Battery. You should be able to find out if the battery has any issues.. If the battery appears to be fine, you can try to improve your battery performance.  For more information on improving battery performance, please review the following document: Improving Battery Performance (Windows 8, 7, Vista). If none of this helps, you can try purchasing a replacement battery if the computer isn't in warranty. If it is, you should be able to get a replacement over HP phone support. You can utilize this website to learn how to contact HP appropriately, based on your region: Contact HP Worldwide Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, and if this helped you. Thanks for choosing the HP Forums. Have a great day! Mario

I worked on behalf of HP.

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ejn63     Yes    you answered my question about the coin cell battery slot.   As my husband and I have taken apart many of our laptops and repaired some parts, we have no idea where to look for the coin cell battery slot replacement part.   Can you help us out with that?

A:coin cell battery slot replacement part

I'll assume it's the one that came off the board when you attempted to replace the battery.  If so, and it's not salvageable, you'll likely need to find someone selling a board with the same socket on it as otherwise dead -- and remove and salvage the socket from the dead board.
This is not a part you're going to be able to buy separately from a mainboard.

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