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Error Installing MS Office Standard 2007

Q: Error Installing MS Office Standard 2007

Been trying to find a fix thru the forums for this similar error but havent been lucky yet finding a working fix...

Am running Windows Vista and trying to install MS Office Standard 2007.

At first it installed fine but a few weeks later it started acting up and trying to re-install when trying to run word. So I un-installed Office and try to re-install.. but to my dismay after entering the product key, I started getting an error message when the setup started. "Microsoft Office has encounter an error during setup."

I inspected the disk surface and it still in pristine condition. I also did a chkdsk, defrag, and retried to rerun the install to no success. Tried to copy the install files to the HDD and run it from there but no luck either.

Would highly appreciate any feedback or work around to this problem. Thanks in advanced!

Preferred Solution: Error Installing MS Office Standard 2007

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Error Installing MS Office Standard 2007

Uninstall. Then run the setup in administrative mode. After installing, start at least one of the programs, such as Word.

Reboot, then run Windows Update. (It may require a reboot.)

You should be good to go.


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I've recently purchased a copy of Office 2007 Standard edition. Everytime I try to install it, windows gives me this error message: Setup did not complete successfully. We are sorry for the inconvenience. An error occured during the installation, and setup was unable to complete.

Now what? I tried a different CD-ROM, but it does the same thing. I only have one user license so I can't put it on another machine. I ran a checkdisk and that didn't help. Should I uninstall the trial of Office 2007 before installing Office 2007? I'm currently using Office 2003

Please help!

PS- This is NOT a trial version.

A:Installation of Office Standard 2007 setup Error

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I upgraded my Office Pro 2007 to Office Standard 2010 yesterday and everything went fine with the exception. On this one machine the user is having word crash while he is working on it, sometimes right away, sometimes it is good for five minutes, it crashes no matter what the file is, even on new documents with very little text. Nothing has worked, we have even attempted reinstall of the office suite. Can I fix my office word ? The system is running Windows 7. Fully up to date on patches and there is no 3rd party software installed that isn't installed on other machines in the building. The error message is listed below, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Problem signature.

A:I upgraded my Office Pro 2007 to Office Standard 2010

Please describe what you mean by "Crash"?

Is this a company machine, if so then you need to have your IT people have a look at it.

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I keep getting the following error when trying to reinstall MS Office 2007:

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 encountered an error during setup.
Error 25004.Config.Xml not specified. A valid Config.Xml file must be authored when deploying '(null)'.

Strange this is that when I go to Control Panel to remove the previous 2007 installation, it is not in the list.

A:Error installing MS Office 2007

Here is instruction how to manually delete office 2007.
You can also try automatic script on the same page.

Are you installing from a CD/DVD? Are there any scratches on it by any chance?

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I am trying to install office 2007 on my new computer running windows 7 x64. Everytime I run the installation, the screenshot as the attachment shows up. I have the actual CD for office pro plus 2007, and I have the file setup only for office enterprise 2007 as well, neither of which work and give the same error.

any thoughts on how to fix this is greatly appreciated.

I provided a SS of the error in the attachments

A:Installing Office Pro Plus 2007 error

Have a look at these - You receive an error message when you install an Office program or open an Office program or document - mentions error code 1402

Error message when you try to install a 2007 Office program: "Microsoft Office <Product_Name> 2007 encountered an error during setup. Error 1714"

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while trying to install ms Office 2007 pro in win 10 v1607(anniversary edition) I get a message that simply says the installation encountered an error. Any one out y ideas?

Thanks, jim

A:installing ms Office 2007 pro error

Hello and welcome @jimdot:

A bit more information would help us to better help you.

Questions, for starters:
Are you logged into Windows from an Admin account, or standard/limited account?Are you installing Office 2007 from a download or from physical media?At what point does the process fail?What is the exact error message or code, e.g. from the Windows event viewer (and/or: a screen shot would be very helpful)?



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A:Error in installing ms office 2007 in win 7

Hello hemurose,

*Have you checked in Event Viewer?
Type eventvwr in search.
Go to the windows log > application > in the left hand column note anything red that relates to the problem.
Please note the event ID, and the source codes and tell us what they are.

*Did you try to boot into safe mode and run the installer as administrator?

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable

Safe Mode

* FYI.
Random links for future reference...

Microsoft Fix it Solution Center: troubleshooting software issues


How do I uninstall Office 2003, Office 2007 or Office 2010 suites if I cannot uninstall it from Control Panel?

The 2007 Office suite or the 2010 Office suite Setup program will not restart after an initial installation is interrupted

How to install the individual 2007 Office features or to repair the installed 2007 Office programs

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows what this error message means and how I can fix it so I can install my version of Microsoft Office Professional 2007:

Microsoft Office Professional 2007 encountered an error during setup.
Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {74FD3CE6-2A8D-0E9C-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E}. HRESULT: 0x8007054F.

Thanks, and I would appreciate any assistance on this matter.

A:Error while installing Microsoft Office 2007

I don't mean to imply anything here, but can you confirm that this has either been downloaded from microsoft or that it has been installed from a licensed disc?

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Hey everybody i have a full version disk of microsoft office 2007 home and student edition and i have been getting an error half way through intallation. The error is:
Error 1311. Source file not found: E:\SKU112.CAB. Verify that the file exists and that you can accesss it.
No, i checked the file is not there, but i used the disk a week before on the sam pc and it worked just fine. The reason, if you are wondering why i am using it on the same pc, is that i uninstalled it and several other programs.

A:Solved: Error Installing Microsoft Office 2007

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Please help!
I am trying to install a purchased (not pirated) copy of 2007 Office Home & Student onto a HP Pavillion PC and keep recieving the error message

"The specified program requires a newer version of windows"

What does this mean can anyone help me!

A:Error when installing 2007 Office Home & Student

so do you have service pack 1 on your comp, you need service pack 2 to install office 2007
if this is the case you can download service pack 2 here

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When installing Office Home and Student 2007 I receive the following error message:

Error 2203: An internal error has occurred. Contact Microsoft Product Support

For details on how to contact MPS I am referred to a file PSS10R.CHM, howver I have no way of reading that file.

My operating system is Vista Business. I still have Office 97 installed.

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Good day and thank you for reviewing this post. I am experiencing a strange issue with MS Office 2007 Student/Teacher. I have also tried installing Office Pro 2003. (Different symptoms for either)
Here is what I have experienced:
During the installation of O12 I get this error: Error 25004.Config.XML not specified; A valid config.xml file must be authored when deploying (null)
I googled this error and was presented with a whole bunch of programming stuff that was WAY over my little technician head.

I uninstalled Office through Add/Remove and tried reinstallation -- same error. I followed some MS instructions (Article ID 928218) for deeper removal (wish there was an Office Removal Tool!) and was able to get more uninstalled.. even some registry entries. Tried reinstall and no change.

I even installed Office 2003 .. it installed fine, but then would not open any Office program .... kept "preparing to install" ... but never opened even Word or Excel.

For what it is worth, OpenOffice opens all files just fine .... user prefers actual Office, though. Not to mention we are concerned as to why this is happening.

Machine is HP AMD Win 7HP Sempron LE-1200 3G ram, 64 bit.

All other operations seem to work fine .. IE is a bit slow opening, but computer is recently out of the box. These errors are happening on, basically, a clean system.

Is there any report or log I can submit to help anyone determine this cause?

Does anyone have any idea how I can mitigate this to ma... Read more

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I face an error 1935 problem while installing microsoft office 2007. Please help to solve it.


A:Error 1935 while installing microsoft office 2007


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I will give you the short version first. I have now worked with Microsoft Help & Support for seven evenings for two to three hours each. Most of those evenings they have used romote access (Using either Teamviewer or MS Easy Access) to my computer and on the phone simultaneouslly. They have been courteous and knowledgeable. They have, temporarily using MSCONFIG and permanently, removed many files trying to reinstall Office 2007 to no avail so far. They will call tomorrow night, an eighth nite, again. But I am looking for anyone's ideas at this point as they seem to have about ran out of ideas.
We are trying to reinstall Office 2007 Professional Academic Full Version on a less than one year old computer with Vista Ultimate SP1 installed. It seems to install about half way then stops with error code "25004 Per User Code" and rolls back the installation. We have tried the CDs that came with the full package and also a download version of the installation package. Any ideas on the error code " 25004 Per User Code" ? and Other ideas?

History of the computer.
1. It came with RAID 0 using 2 500GB Seagate Hard drives.
2. I upgraded to RAID 1 using two 1T Seagate Hard Drives.
3. I used Acronis 11 to copy back onto the larger hard drives.
4. Office 2003 and Office 2007 apparently needed to be reinstalled.
4. Office 2003 Professional was successfully reinstalled.

5. Microsoft Silverlite and SP1 would not install. MS e-mail advice did not work.
6. MS r... Read more

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I use Windows XP on this computer. I installed a Miltary Appreciation Edition of Office Standard 2007 on this computer and it works fine. The problem is that every time I open it gives me this sequence of errors:
1. Office word splash page opens, then...
2. The configuration progress page opens showing the progress bar. after I click cancel,
3. Then a small window opens asking "Are you sure you want to cancel setup". I select "Yes"., then...
4. Microsoft Office Word 12.0 window with "An error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Please run setup and select "repair,-- etc" to restore this application. ( I have done this several times with no postive results). When I close this window, the program opens up and runs normally.

Can you please give me a solution to this aggravating problem? I am not a computer expert, but have a general working knowledge and understand most things concerning installing and uninstalling programs and I think I am smart enough not to do anything that may damage the system. Thank you in advance. CWO

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 72063 MB, Free - 38474 MB; D: Total - 4236 MB, Free - 629 MB;
Motherboard... Read more

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Can you use MicroSoft Office Standard 2007 32 bit on Vista 64 bit computer? From what I've read it says yes, but I'd like to verify that.

A:MicroSoft Office Standard 2007

Yes you can use it. No problems.

In fact, there is no "64-bit" Office suite out yet. Office 2010 will be the first to offer a 64-bit version.

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i just wanted to know how many installation can you make with this software? i mean, what is the installation limit for this software.

Thank you

A:Office Standard 2007 question

No limits as long it's only installed on one computer at a time.

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When I try to uninstall Office Standard 2007, I get the message

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I get an error.
It says installation encountered an error.
Then I have to hit Close.

Ideas of what I can do?


A:Office 2007 standard will not install

Hi there

At what point did you get the error? Its possible you have corrupted data on the cd, or that theres something physically wrong with it. If you bought the program from a store, have them replace it for you, saying what i said. If you didnt buy it, we cannot help you, as per the forum rules.

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I installed office about 2 days ago and I've received no updates for it and I know there are updates. There was a place at the end that asked if you wanted to go to office update and another box that said don't use windows update and I checked it by mistake. Is that why I'm not getting any updates for it? If it is how do I correct it.

A:Microsoft Office Standard 2007

In your Windows Update, select Change Settings, make sure Give me updates for Microsoft products etc. etc. is ticked.

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Windows 7 on new HP DV7-4190US came preinstalled with Office 2010 Starter Edition. I have tried to uninstall this Office 2010 Starter Edition and install Office 2007 Home and Student Edition. It says it installed successffully, but when I try to launch one of the programs such as Excel it immediately tried to launch a windows installer and about 1 minute later it says Error 25004 Config.xml not specified. A valid Config.xml file must be authored when deploying '(null)' then it says Fatal error during installation. This product installation has been corrupt. Run setup again from the CD, DVD, or other original installation source.

I uninstalled and tried to do a system restore and received an error that some file could not be uninstalled. I downloaded a program utility to remove Office 2007. I tried reinstalling several times and the same error message appear. I even disabled NortonSecurity Seuite from Comacast firewall and anti virus with the same result.

I have googled this error message and others have had the same problem and others have not had any issue installing it,

What is causing this and what can I do to resolve this installation problem.

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So for some reason my Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 quit working on my Windows Vista laptop. So i go into the Control Panel to uninstall it, but it just kept saying that "Uninstallation could not be successfully completed." So I just stuck the disc in the cd tray, to try to just reinstall it, but once I allow it to run, it goes for about 5 seconds, then a message pops up saying "Setup has stopped working." and then it closes.

please help me fix this problem. i need this software for college. and I can't seem to get anything to work.

A:error message when installing Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

ok is the disk dirty / or is there any thing wrong with the disk

is the laptop urs as that if its a collage i might have to gto them to fix the issue

can u post a screenshot
start\programs\Accessories\snipping tool

if thats not there then were going to have to a hard way
hold ALT+PRTSCR and then gto start\programs\Accessories\paint then edit
save it and post it

trying to think about this issue hmm

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Hi everyone I have just purchased a new HP computer as my old HP gave up the ghost. I have downloaded the Windows 10 update and that works fine. I have the original disk for Office Standatd 2007 that I used on my old computer. When inserting it in the DVD drive, it does not find the disk at all. I have tried other programs and audio disks, and they work fine.All that happens is the green light flashes for a few seconds, then nothing.How can I re-install this on my new computer as it does everythig I want (or need!)Many thanks.

A:How do I install Office Standard 2007 on my new computer

Hi, The DVD may be defected BUT please try to open File Explorer (old Windows Explorer) to locate Optical drive and run Setup from there. If still no luck the chance is the DVD is not in good health. Regards.

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Everytime I try to download Office '07 Standard from office.microsoft.com, the file comes up as an 'unknown program'. Yet on the site, its a .exe file. What should I do?

A:Can't Install Office Standard 2007 Trial


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A simple question to help me decide if I need to upgrade:
I'm registering for an online course that states I need MS Office 2007 Professional, but I have MS Office 2007 Standard. Will I be at a serious disadvantage if I do not upgrade? (It's for an entry level course: CIS105.)
I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

A:Difference betw MS Office 2007 Standard and ...Pro

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When I try to uninstall Office Standard 2007, I get the message

A:Solved: Uninstall office standard 2007

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I'm attempting to install Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise, and during installation an error message appears that says something like: error - cannot update file/folder at c:\windows\pchealth, installation cannot proceed.

Then the installer rolls back everything and I get mad. Does anyone have any suggestions? How do I authorize the folder? This has been happening for a while and a solution will make me very happy inside.

Just thought I'd also mention this as it may have some bearing on why this is happening: When I purchased my computer it came with Windows XP Media Center, but a virus plagued my system and my hard drive became corrupted and I had to reinstall windows. Unfortunately, I didn't have the installation disk and ended up installing a non-Media Center edition on a disk from my roommate. I don't know if this would affect anything...but just thought I'd put it out there.

A:Trouble installing Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (PCHEALTH Error message)

Sorry, it's actually Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007.
Here's the actual message I get when attempting to install.

"Error 1317. Setup cannot create the folder C:\WINDOWS\PCHEALTH\ERRORREP. Verify that the path exists in your system and that you have sufficient permissions to update it."
Anyone?? Please help!

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i have been using microsoft office 2000 - but was unable to fix the error that prevented "detect and repair" to work. i had downloaded the windows redistribution installer 4.5 but i still could not find the data1.msi. so i decided to uninstall and reinstall by office 2000.

well, of course, now that i uninstalled it, i am unable to find my product key. even though i had the validiation before, i assume that i'm just out of luck.

so i download the trial of microsoft office which is way too user friendly for my tastes. i feel like i am in an alien program. i never thought i'd be the type of person who doesn't like change. (i hope it isn't because i turned 60)

two questions (oops 3 questions- if i do a restore will i get my old office back? will i be able to find my product key in the registry? are there any other office programs that are not so user friendly that you can recommend? Sidepart: i do not like the fact that no where could i find the cost for the trial verison of microsoft. is that legal?

I enjoy your site - i also am having some help in the game section - unrelated to my problem shown above.

thank you for your help - joni

A:Solved: microsoft office standard 2007 (trial)

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When I got my HP laptop it had a trial Office 2007 which expired yesterday. I want to purchase Office Standard 2007, which would give me Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, but do I also have to upgrade my Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?


A:Do I have to upgrade Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?

compused said:


When I got my HP laptop it had a trial Office 2007 which expired yesterday. I want to purchase Office Standard 2007, which would give me Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, but do I also have to upgrade my Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?

CompusedClick to expand...

No! Just get the Office 2007 and you'll be set..

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Hey guys, my wife is taking a course that requires her to install Office 2010. The issue is that she wants to preserve her current setup which includes Office 2003 and 2007 existing side-by-side on her Windows 7 (64-bit Home Edition) notebook.
The 2003/2007 setup is not one that she really wants to mess with (i.e., she has no interest whatsoever in uninstalling the two Office suites that she currently has), so ideally she would like to have Office 2010 installed temporarily (for the duration of her course) on the machine without interfering with the current setup.
What is the most painless way of doing this that does not involve shelling out for a second computer?

A:Installing Office 2010 on a machine with Office 2003/2007

Hi, welcome to the forum,
I had a similar situation here but in the end I opted out.

I removed both Office 2003 and 2007 and installed 2010, I then used virtual XP and installed 2003 there, 2007 and 2010 are too similar and the dll's will 'bite' along the way.

Even my 2003 and 2007 gave me issues after some time.

Have you checekd what the Microsoft Support site says?

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My boss wants me to install Office 2003 standard edition on a client's pc that has Office 2007 standard edition already installed on it. I don't know, why but this is what he wants. Are there going to be major issues with installing and using an older version of Office on the same system as Office 2007?

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I currently have Office 2003 Student full version installed on my computer. I have received Office Professional Plus 2007 Student media version. Do I need to uninstall Version 2003 prior to installing 2007 or will installation of version 2007 automatically uninstall version 2003. Does all the information in my .pst file convert as necessary for use in Outlook 2007. There are two discs, one called "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" and the other one called "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (Microsoft Office Communicator 2007". I'm guessing that the disk with the shorter title "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" would be the correct one to install. What is the second disk with Communicator? My system is Windows XP SP2, AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor, 3800+ 1.99 Ghz 2GB Ram.
Steve Rehmann

A:Solved: Installing Office 2007 over Office 2003??

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Originally, I had Office 2003 installed in my computer, & a trial version of 2007 that had already expired.
Today I installed a full version of Microsoft Office 2007, without removing any of the other two versions from my computer. I realized that it seemed to automatically remove the older version. I`m not bother about it not being there, as I got the new version, but I wonder if this is an automatic uninstalling that Office does, or if the version is still there but I can`t see it, as I would like to remove it properly if it`s still somewhere in my computer.
I checked in Control Panel & the only thing I can see is "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007", the full version I just installed, & everything that come with it. No 2003 anywhere.
Does this mean 2003 is fully uninstalled?
Thanks a lot!!

A:My office 2003 disappeared after installing office 2007

You can check to see if it is fully uninstalled (I am sure that it is) by going to search and typing the name there. If it is still present, the program will appear.

Worst case scenario, just remanants will remain. Download and use ccleaner. If you run this software, you can be certain that 2003 has gone to software heaven.

If given the option not to use the reg cleaner inculuded in ccleaner take it. I and many others at the forum feel that reg cleaners do more harm than good.


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I purcased MS OFiice 2010 Professional through the MS Home Use Program to replace MS Office 2007.

I received the link and product key via e-mail; I've ordered the CD's but they won't arrive for another 2 weeks.

Several posts indicated that I should uninstall the 2007 version, then install the 2010 version. If I do that, I won't have access to the e-mail for the download.

Should i just install 2010 over 2007, or wait for the CD's?

A:Installing MS Office 2010 to replace Office 2007

Wait for the DVD, or download the ISO then write it to DVD for installation. After installation, activate it with the licence key you purchased.
Dell Community

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I have Office 2007 installed on my PC and will be installing Office 365. Would it be best to uninstall the previous version before installing Office 365? What will happen to all of my Word and Excel Files? I will back up the important files to a thumb drive but how will the files integrate into the newer version of Office? I am running Windows 10 and have no problems at all with the system.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated...Thank you in advance. Cheers and beers

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I have a problem installing MS Office Professional 2007.

Here are the details:
1. HP dv4-4141us laptop computer
2. Running Windows 7
3. I bought and downloaded Microsoft Office Professional 2007. Includes Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word --- all 2007 versions
4. The software downloaded alright.
5. When I then clicked on MS Office Excel 2007 in "All Programs", it started configuring it.
6. After configuration was done, Setup window popped up, "In order to complete setup, a system reboot is necessary. Would you like to reboot now?"
7. I clicked on Yes, and a window opened up saying: "1 program still needs to close: Waiting for Microsoft Office Professional 2007. This program is preventing Windows from restarting." The options were "Force Restart" or "Cancel".
8. I then clicked on "Cancel" and the following error message popped up:
"Error 1719: The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance."
9. I then clicked on "OK" and got another message:
"MS Office Excel 2007 has not been installed for the current user. Please run setup to install the application."
10. I then clicked on "OK" and the message went away.
11. When I then clicked on "MS Office Excel 2007" in 'All Programs', it started to configure the software again a... Read more

A:Problem installing downloaded MS Office Professional 2007ce couldn't be accessed while configuring MS Office Professional 2007

Installation of MS Office 2007 or MS Office 2010 does not require a system reboot. Where did you "download" this from?

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I figured if I put enough detail in here if would help get a better answer, system in sig.

Similar story as I have read. Home and student 2007 trial installed by Toshiba on my satellite. Office Depot says here, you need this, MSO standard 2007 upgrade. I install it works fine for several weeks then only in excel, I get the 1st error (see attached), stating VBA project is missing some component, I click ok then get a 2nd error (see attached) dialog box stating the workbook has lost VBA project and activeX controls ect. That shows the error log along with three other error log boxes each with different extensions (in 2nd attachment).

I have been through each of the menus under options making adjustments in order to eliminate the errors. I am not familiar with using the error logs to identify how to arrive resolution using that info.
I thought I would then do a uninstall of office standard 07 I had installed from programs and features. I could not I got the following 3rd error message stating a file is corrupted or not available and to run set up again from original source disc or download location, (see attached).

I have the original disc so I put it in, it loads the window comes up asking to open file folders or run set up. I click set up and get the same error message. I have been on MS knowledge base and have seen possible tedious solutions to conduct a manual uninstall.

On a side note home and student is still on my system and was not removed when I did the standa... Read more

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I am wondering how to install Office 2007 over Office XP.
Do I just install Office 2007? Should I uninstall Office XP first? after?
Will there be an impact on Outlook?
Running XP on a Toshiba Portege 4010 laptop

Just trying to avoid problems before I cause them.
Thank you.

A:Installing Office 2007 over Office XP

When you install Office 2007, it will find Office XP and ask if you want to replace it. If you say "no," it will install 2007 in a different directory, keeping both versions of Office with one exception. You cannot have more than one version of Outlook, so regardless of what you choose, Outlook will be replaced.


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I am trying to install Microsoft Office 2007...

I got this error;

This has never happened before (I have done it on many other computers)

Please help me out here,

Thanks in advance,


A:Installing Office 2007... BUG! Please help!

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Read a few threads about this but can't find a fix. Trying to install Office Home and Student 2007. I enter the Product Key and begin. The Installation Progress box appears but makes no progress. After about 30 seconds, a new box appears with the following:

Microsoft Office Home and Student Setup has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
[Close Program]

I've tried browsing the CD and right-clicking the setup icon and using the 'Troubleshoot Compatibility' feature to run the program through all Service Pack modes for XP and Vista, but the same problem occurs every time.

How can I get Microsoft to stop fighting with its own program and install?

A:Office 2007 not installing on W7

try to right click on the setup.exe file and select "Run as administrator".

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hi can any one help me I am trying to install office 2007 pro on Vista Ultimate x64 but it dose not even load up any install options all that happens is the disk spins in the drive and then nothing I know the disk works cose I installed in on an exp system but nothing happens at all

A:installing office pro 2007

Double click on the cd drive in "Computer". Then find the installation .exe and double click on that. Maybe that will get it going.

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I have this really serious problem with my computer which apparently can't be fixed so I need to re-install vista. I already have Microsoft Office 2007 installed and I was wondering whether I would be able to re-install Office again back onto the same computer without losing 1 of my 3 available computers which the program can be installed on?

A:Re-installing Office 2007

That is no problem. I have done that several times - on 3 systems with 1 license (which is good for 3 systems).

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Dear all,
I am getting a very strange error when I try to install office 2007, running vista home premium service pack 1. - see attached screen shot.
I can't find any information about others having similar troubles - does anyone have any idea? The installation gets anywhere from 1/3 of the way through, to almost complete before this error (or other similar ones) come up and the install crashes.

A:installing office 2007

Someone had this same error message during install and in this link here is how they resolved it:

office setup error 2203 when installing Ofice 2007


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I am trying to install 2007, i want a clean install or upgrade from 2003 (removed). The problem is office configures after every 3 days of use don't no y? thus i m re-installing. The set up box goes straight to the key i want the option where i can choose to clean install or upgrade i had that when i first installed it and now its not there. Please help me out. Cause i hate it when it keeps on configuring every 3 days and i have deleted the installation files(500 MB's). So where do i go from here?

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A friend of mine has just lend me Microsoft Word. His CD is licenced for 3 computers, but he`s not sure whether he`s used the 3 already or not.
I have the Office 07 trial installed in my computer. My question is: Do I need to uninstall Office`s trial version from my computer before I attempt to install my friend`s Office CD? I would prefer not to uninstall it, because if my friend`s 3 computer licence has expired, & I have already uninstalled my trial version, then I`m stuck, & I won`t have even a trial period left on my computer, which is useful to open certain Powerpoint, Word files, even if I can`t create new ones.
Can I go ahead & install my friends Office Cd without unistalling my trial version?


A:Installing office 2007

I don't know for sure but it might be possible, you will need the product key during the install and I would imagine if it had already been used the 3 times you would not be able to continue with the install.

Don't forget to make a restore point before doing anything, you could also make an image of your system then if it didn't work you could restore the image and be back where you were before starting the install.

Those are my thoughts I don't know if they are any use to you, please let us know what happens if you do decide to go ahead.

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We have an upgrade on our computer units here in the company, my problem is when users save their 2007 excel files an error pops up, Errors were detected while saving "File Name". Microsoft maybe able to save the file by removing or repairing some features. To make the repairs in new file, click Continue. To cancel saving the file, click Cancel.

By the way, the files were save on the file server and users access them through single roaming profile that we created with full access on their folders.
i am hoping i could find an answer.

thank you

A:Error on saving MS Office Excel 2007 files to MS Office 2013

i have many views, but no reply... i am starting to think this forum is not helping me !...

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