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Zemana Refund - Will they refund me? Where can I ask for my money back?

Q: Zemana Refund - Will they refund me? Where can I ask for my money back?

Hi, Does Zemana offer refunds and do they actually do it. I am very dissapointed with them and have approached them for a refund. I have to yet receive a reply.

Preferred Solution: Zemana Refund - Will they refund me? Where can I ask for my money back?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Zemana Refund - Will they refund me? Where can I ask for my money back?

You can request a refund here: Order Detail Request Form

Where it says "Order Request Type", you can select "Refund Request"

Personally, my experience has always been good but security software behaves different with each computer. Whether or not you can receive a refund is probably a case by case basis in which only they can have a sure answer.

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I ordered a X390 yoga computer last week. But its shipping time seems too long that I cannot wait to receive it(I will be out for a meeting next week). So I cancelled the order immediately and decide to place another order and change the address. However, I never get my refund for more than a week! I cannot believe it takes such a long time to refund now in 2019! As I cancelled the order very quickly and they have not ship it, the only thing lenovo needs to do is just refund my money the way it came, which never takes more than a minutes nowadays. The only explanation is that lenovo never care about their customers. What I mean is donnot buy lenovo products if you hope to get it as quickly. Actually before you pay the money, it sasys "shipping in 1-3 days", after your payment, you will have to wait for 3-5 bussiness days before they send the product, and wait another 3-5 bussiness days to get it. Then if you hope to cancel it, you need to wait an indefinate duration which seems to be a week to 3 months to get your money back. Totally disappointed!!!!!

A:How long will it take to refund my money

Sorry for the complaint. I hope to ask you guys usually how long it takes to get the refund? I call lenovos but never get any useful information.

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Hey everyone, 
I'm a new Dell Customer. I purchased the Dell Alienware Aurora R5 2 weeks ago. For the first week and a half everything was great. 
I primarily use my computer for playing and streaming video games. The games I have on my computer are League of Legends, RUST, and Overwatch. About three days ago I spent a good 10 hours streaming RUST. About 8 hours into it, I started experiencing a strange lag, so I assumed it was the game and restarted it. Now three days later, all my games are having weird lags. Overwatch will lag whenever the game starts, and randomly throughout, resulting in my character death. League will experience random rubber banding. I'm extremely frustrated. I'm not a computer guru so I turned to the internet. I tried defragging my hard-drive, I tried returning to an earlier restore point on my computer and today I EVEN did a full factory restore. I am still experiencing these problems.I was told to turn GSYNC off through my NVIDIA settings, however there is no GSYNC option.
I am so unbelievably frustrated with this, I'm not sure what else to do.
I shut my computer down every night. I have run the Dell Video Driver diagnostic tests.I even tried resetting my internet router thinking maybe that was it.Does anyone have a solution? Because if not, I'm refunding this purchase and never buying an alienware again...my WALMART HP LAPTOP ran these games more smoothly. 

A:BRAND NEW COMPUTER - Already experiencing Lag/Latency issues. About ready to refund and spend my money elsewhere.

Is this  Aurora R5 running windows 10?
The update strangers on the internet feature should be turned off.
ALL of the live tiles on the playschool screen should be made dead.
All of the live tiles you don't actually use should be DE installed.
Finally IP6 and Teredo tunneling should be turned off.
as well as killing Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)
From an Admin Command Prompt.
netsh int ipv6 isatap set state disabled
netsh int ipv6 6to4 set state disabled
netsh interface teredo set state disable
To re-enable isatap teredo and 6to4, just replace the disabled with type=default.

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Cash App Wallet Refund(1)_845-217-3540 (^Cash app wallet refund phone number usa/canada

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Bought my laptop one month ago and yesterday it black screened and is just a paperweight now. Lonovos only solution to selling defective computers is to repair them. What I couldn't get them to understand is that I don't want a broken and repaired laptop, that's not what I paid for. I paid for a no defective computer. You cant give me a broken machine that you band-aided for the same price as a new machine. I just want a replacement or my money back. I feel as if I'm getting screwed over big time here, and that's not how a company should do business. Don't sell me a lemon and then offer to fix it. I didn't want a lemon in the first place. I want what I paid for, a fully functional non defective machine. Lenovo refuses and is keeping the money. Lesson learned.

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I do not know what this laptop is supposed to be able to do but I do know that it is not able to do the things that others claim that it can. Tomorrow is the cut off date for my ability to return it for a full refund or replacement so could anyone please tell me: What is this device supposed to be able to do battery wise? According to a review it can do 9 hours of constant web surfing. Mine can do 7 hours of no screen turn off and no sleep (so constantly on), with battery saver and power saver mode both on, and about an hour and a half of web surfing spread out sporadically throughout the 7 hours. If I constantly web surf it gets maybe 4 to 5 hours of battery. With sporadic use and letting it sleep and turn it's screen off it gets well over 24 hours of battery life. Is this how it is supposed to be? 7 hours of constantly being on with only low, sporadic actual use and over 24 hours if use is low and sporadic and it is allowed to sleep when not being used? Or is it really supposed to be able to get 9 hours of constant web surfing? If it is supposed to get 9 hours of constant use then I clearly have a bad battery and need to take it back! But the Lenovo page for this device says 7 hours and that this depends on many factors, so it sounds like my battery may be just fine and whomever got 9 hours has a lot of luck and that is not the norm for this device. However I have no idea! Please can anyone who knows tell me before tomorrow night so I don'... Read more

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Q: Refund

This is probably posted in the wrong forum but here goes..
I ordered an alienware 17 laptop and waited a few days for the order confirmation. My bank account was charged immediately however, no surprise there. Then I decided to call customer support, they told me that my order was declined because dell didn't have the parts for the laptop and they also said that my bank account was NOT charged. I told them that I can see the money has gone out. Then they offered me some other configuration and I declined and asked to cancel everything and that I want my money back. They said that if an order is declined you will be refunded within 48 hours.
It's been a lot longer than 48 hours and still no refund.
I have seen other forums (not on dell Community) saying that the refund process takes as long as 3 weeks?
If thats the case that is going to cause some me some difficulties as my main laptop is broken and I was hoping to get a new one within two weeks since I will be going abroad.
I have found another laptop on ebay but of course I cant pay for it since dell is holding my money. 
P.S I don't understand why you can configure a laptop that dell doesn't even have.

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Hi All, I had used my Lenevo Yoga 710-15ISK for 6 months. Have had horrible experiences with the product throughout.It all started with the abrupt blue screens and crashes. Then I had difficulty powering up the laptop. Called up the technical support, had to wait long to get to talk to the representative. Then temporary solution- hold on power button for 10sec and release was provided. This worked a couple of times. Later this solution stopped working, I called up the technical support again, after a long wait again the following solution was provided- Insert a pin and factory reset the device, all the data was lost. The laptop worked fine for 1 week from then. And then stopped working again. Again called up technical supprt, was told they will be sending me a shipping box and label and I have to ship my laptop and had been promised the issue will be fixed. After 2 weeks of wait, I tried chatting with customer suppor representative and I was told the part "MB C 80U0 WIN I76500U DIS" had been replaced, she also assured me that a detailed technical report will be sent along with the repaired laptop. When I received my laptop, the laptop wasn't booting up at all and same issue still persisted, and the technical report had no details of the repair. The only thing it mentioned was "Repair operation:need new mobo". I call back the technical support and ask them to get the matter escalated. I receive a call from the Manager and all he has to say is "ship the laptop to... Read more

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Just got my refund for Windows 8. I called Microsoft and I had my refund in literally 2 minutes. I bought Windows 8 through the Microsoft upgrade assistant, and the return was easy and fast. Now I can spend my 39.99 on something else!

I find Windows 8 just a mess.

Biggest problem for me is incompatibility. I have tons of programs that do not simply work on Windows 8. They either won't start, or do start but with terribly bad problems. I do not know why this is, as I have a lot of older programs, even ones going way back to Windows 95, and I could get nearly every single one I had to work on Windows 7. Now with Windows 8, I have trouble with programs that were even made during Windows XP's heyday. Why could those that made Windows 8 not make it so Windows 7 programs would work on it, it would seem easily enough with how similar Windows 8 is to Windows 7, so why would they mess that up.

Another problem I have is customization. You cannot change the background to the Metro interface, I have only choices made by others. You have limited color choices. You cannot choose the Aero glass Windows theme. You cannot choose if you want to use the old start menu, you are forced to use the Metro start screen. When one pays over a thousand and more dollars for a computer, why wouldn't we want to be able to use it how we want? Computers and their upkeep is not always cheap for people, if we put that much money into it, why do I want to let others dictate how I use it.

And then... Read more

A:Got my refund!

Don't want to sound bragidosio but I'm an old timer. Used every OS in existence since 1983.

Windows 8 is far and away light years beyond Win 7 or any other Microsoft OS that ever existed.

It is easier, faster and more accomplished. For me a piece of cake.
It contains many more safeguard, protections, facilities, Wizards, auto systems than ever before.

Better start system, infinitely better search facility.

A giant step forward in technology and science.

But it isn't for everybody.

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I don't really like Windows 8 that much and i know microsoft is giving refunds no questions asked.
Anyway i was wondering is there a way to get a refund without calling Microsoft, as I don't like talking to sales people.
Can i like email them or something?

A:Refund Windows 8

How do you "know Microsoft is giving refunds no questions asked"?

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I bought a XPS 13 three months ago, started using it about two and half months ago. Last week the USB-C port stopped working. The tech support guy I chatted with said that it needs a new motherboard. He set up an onsite visit for a tech to install the new motherboard.
The tech came by yesterday. By the end of the day, my problems went from bad to worse. I'm in this loop of entering my Windows 10 Bitlocker code and being sent to a bunch of troubleshooting options that do nothing. I can't even reset from the recovery partition.
The best diagnosis was that the new motherboard was a dud, so I'm left with the original. Not having a working USB-C port seems like a much smaller problem now that I can't even boot up.
They're going to send another motherboard for another onsite tech visit. My other option was sending my computer out for repair in "three to five business days" starting Tuesday. I need a working computer in order to pursue my livelihood. It's hard to contemplate wiping out a week of work, so I went with the faster onsite visit, even though I'm not confident that I will have a working laptop afterward.

The best suggestion I was left with was to buy another hard drive in hopes of saving the contents of the built-in one that I have no access to right now. I don't see the point of sinking more money into a laptop that stopped working in under three months.
At this point, I feel like I've wasted $2,000 of my family's money a... Read more

A:Refund for XPS 13 Lemon?

With only one repair - it's not an option.  At best, if the next repair fails, you may be able to ask for a replacement system.  If there's no backup of the system, that's the first thing you should make (which may not be as easy as you'd think if the SSD is encrypted).

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I did my best to find the way to get a refund for a payment I didn't ask for, but online billing managers and my account didn't help. Is there any e-mail I can write for about returns and refunds?  
Florian Kovacs

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Customer had a credit balance of $100 so I made a Credit Memo for $100 & Check Refund against that Credit Memo but the credit of $100 is still reflected. Somewhat confusing...

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I bought a new computer last month. It is a custom build. I requested Win 7 home premium. When I got the computer, it worked fine for a couple of weeks, then it locked up, asking for a win 7 activation key. In a rush to get my computer going, I went online and bought a key from Microsoft. A couple of days later I contacted the computer builder/seller to see what went wrong. He promptly sent me an activation key. So, now I have a extra key.

Is it possible to get a refund from Microsoft and reactivate the software using the key from the builder/seller?

A:Is it possible to get a refund for Windows 7 ?

If Win7 is sold preinstalled then by law it's required to have a Certificate of Authenticity affixed to it which looks like this:

If it doesn't then ask the builder or seller to supply it now as they are selling illegal Windows. They may have given you a bogus key.

Once you have the sticker you can reinstall the OS as often as you want for the life of the machine, if it has OEM version which will have the letters OEM in the Product ID string at Computer>Properties. If it's retail it can migrate to any machine you want as often as you want for life.

You can call MS Customer Service to describe the problem to them to see if they will consider a special exception to give a refund. Otherwise you can sell the key online with a link to this thread so the buyer understands the good faith you have and is reassured the key won't be otherwise distributed.

Or save it to use on another retail machine or give as a gift.

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So my client got the CryptoLocker Virus and decided to cough up the $300.
Went to walgreens, loaded up the $300 MoneyPak
Created a Visa Card on the GreenDot.com card
Logged into the affected terminal server account.
Entered in the MoneyPak code - it went into the "Waiting for payment activation" screen
I entered the MoneyPak Code into the GreenDot visa account.
I waited about 3 hours for this thing to decrypt... nothing. went ot bed.
Woke up about 6 hours later, logged into the affected account.
BAM!!!!!! - It started decrypting!!!!
I logged into the GreenDot account, there was still $300 on there, CLOSED ACCOUNT!!!
I contacted GreenDot support, and i asked whats going to happen to my account, and if there was any transactions made to withdrawal the money.
They stated no transactions, that ill receive a check by 11/07/2013

Im just HOPING i fell through their cracks.
I will 100% post my check from GreenDot by 11/07 or by 11/08!


A:$300 CryptoLocker Refund!!!

Nice! Good for you! Gotta love someone beating them at their own game!!!

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It has been almost two months now since we requested for a refund. Can anyone help me with getting our money back please? Our case number is 04082663.

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I have finally reached the end of my patience and want a refund and to be blunt... NOW! I am aware of the following:- the purchase was four months ago, passed the standard HP 30 days refund criteria- the warranty covers repairs and support for one year- can only send to repair after tech support has been able assess the issue via remote connection Situation:- Have called HP numerous times to resolve the issue and the issue is still persistent.- Have called my broadband provider and everything is fine with the internet/wifi connection and service.- All other devices is able to connect to the wifi and internet with no issues.  None.- I work (and so does everyone else) so can't take time off to be at home fix laptop during office hours.   - I use the laptop for business and to study.  I lose money for not being able to do business and I spend money to travel in when I should be able to work from home.- It has been 4 months since trying to resolve this issue and that is a long time trying to get hold of customer service by emails, forums and phone when only during office hours you are open and I don't have my laptop with me.- I do not want to bring my laptop with me to a Starbucks or library where I will end up raising my voice in public from sheer frustration.- I am currently using my 10 year old laptop (Dell) but can only use it if there is a power connection because it's old but still works better this HP laptop.- Cannot use th... Read more

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as you probably know my netbook has the GMS 500 AKA satan's mobile gpu. A few weeks ago i got pissed off enough to file a complaint with the BBB which set it to Intel. The complaint had the requirement of new drivers, replacement, or a refund.

They have accepted the refund for $347.

Problem is, I kinda like having a laptop, and this was and is the cheapest computer that has a bigger than 13" screen. However, I already have an office set up with a bigger screen eta so the size wouldn't bee that much of a problem, and I believe that for the amount of time I use it without my external screen/keyboard/etc, it may be fine as long as I can find a better netbook for the same price.

So, do you think I should accept the refund?

A:Should I refund my laptop?

Ideally I'd replace it with something with the ION, but the only one I can find is a HP mini in Costco for $500
Turns out the 950 and the 3150 both kick the 500's butt, so I may look at them.

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Lenovo 500 ideapad i7 8GB RAM (and apparently an SHDD...but can't verify that as the WD websote says that it isn't): Runs slower than a five year old i5 with 4GB RAM, a full HDD and probably viruses. Already been into Lenovo support wth an A5 list of complaints...their response - "Problem: Faulty software", "Solution: Fixed OS". Trackpad is useless, barely responds despite updated drivers. When mouse moves it jumps 2-3cm at a time. Boot up time ~120s on a bare OS (which has updated). Wireless doesn't connect well and drops out every five minutes requiring a full reboot to reconnect, driver updated for that as well. Keyboard poor (nice feel but have to hammer the keys to get them to respond). I am in charge of a 40K budget for new computers this year - Lenovo just lost out. Have to say that I bought my wife an AMD 9 version for half the price with basic HDD and 4GB RAM - MUCH faster than the i7 in all speed tests. My techs have just laughed at this machine when shown against 5-7 year old machines running Windows 10. Unbelievable.

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Hi all,

What a nightmare!!!

I have just had an email from Digital River, that I will be getting a full refund for the Windows 7 upgrade within the next 30 days, for the problems caused. I haven't even emailed them to complain (yet!)

The email also states that if I ordered the backup cd's these would still be dispatched.

Happy days - sort of!



A:Digital River refund

Ok, I know some have cracked it, and others haven't, but I thought I would share this one with you.

I am running a MacBook Pro, and had Windows XP running under bootcamp. Downloaded from Digital River and had all the problems. Finally got it to boot, but wouldn't install due to unable to create folder.

Scrubbed bootcamp partition and tried using Parallels. So far so good, but not for long. Won't take my product key as I have the upgrade product 32bit, but at least it got that far.)

Now, reloading windows XP on bootcamp, and my XP disc has a scratch on it and can't be read

Ah well

Any help would be great.

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SUPER FRUSTRATED!!!!! Bought an HP Laptop the end of November. Less than 2 months later I go to turn it on and nothing, dead. Get it sent in for repair, they recieve it 01/30/2017, Estimate to have it back was 02/09/2017. That date has come and gone and I get an E-Mail saying there is a delay. I go in to check the status and my new estimated delivery date is 04/11/2017, OVER 2 MONTHS LATER. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME????  I bought this for my business, to use, not to have it in for repair less than 2 months later and then have it gone for over 2 months. I CANNOT believe you actually run a company like this. I WANT A REFUND NOW so that I can go buy a computer I will actually be able to use. Absolutely ABSURD!!!

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A:How do I get a refund from Answers BY PC Support

I have had my acer aspire for a month. Already I have had to reboot & restart and it still won't update. It stops and everything still goes to my drive c. I connected a hard drive, backed up and it will not update. I continually get error messages. I want a refund. How do go about this?

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I wish to make a refund of my license for Windows 7 that was preinstalled on my L755-1DR since I don't even use Windows and don't WANT to be forced to use it.

How do I complete such task?

Just remove the label with the license carefully and mail it together with my bank-accountnumber in an envelope to Toshiba?

Anything else?

A:How do I refund a Windows-license?


Please don?t understand me wrong but is it a joke or you mean it seriously?

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Hello, I purchased the Acer R3 131T C28S US laptop. I did not click 'Agree' button after reading the End User License Agreement. In the microsoft windows license agreement, it says I should ask for refund if I do not agree. How do I go about that? I have emailed customer service. Thanks for any help.

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I had a Y700 14" computer that was sent into repairs, and Lenovo could not repair my computer and so offered me a full refund instead. But they told me they could not refund my card, but rather would mail the refund to me in the form a card/voucher. Does this mean I will only be able to use the refunded money on Lenovo products? Can I put that money into the bank??  The case number is 03099386

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Hello everyone,  I bought a Yoga 920 last week and was really pleased with its performance until yesterday evening. I was clicking through a folder when the screen froze and I had to do a manual reset, which led to a series of blue error screens, more freezing, a Windows reset, and then a completely unresponsive machine (black screen, keyboard lights flashing). I called customer services this morning, who said that they would organise a refund or replacement for me. I really liked the machine when it was performing well, but I'm nervous about sticking with it after such a new machine turned out to be faulty (I'd used Apple products for the past 10 years and haven't had anything like this happen before). I'm currently writing up a PhD and lost that day's work as a result of this (not to mention all the time spent trying to resolve the issue), so I want a machine that's as reliable as possible. I'd like to know what other people recommend, based on their experience with this model - should I stick with the 920 and treat this as a freak occurence, or is this sort of thing common? Thanks! 

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Hi, I have 3 days left to return my laptop. So before I do it I decided to ask first. First of all. I am disssapointed with my laptop. Over 1200$ and I have serious issues with this device: 1. backlight on my touch screen (bleeding) like in some cheap laptop. WTF!?2. backlight on my keyboard is uneven. Most keys are OK but I have letters T, H and N lit very poorly Kind of like faded spots. C is little off as well. Overall I can see LED below are off WTF2?!. I know it's a small gripe but after forking out so much money (which in Poland is a lot, lot more) I'd exect some conssistency. It annoys me everytime I type at night. DOes anybody else has this problems? Please let me know? 3. Touchpad is crap. It's really bad and unpredictable. When I scroll and lift my fingers up, screen scrolling jumps in opposite direction. It's like down, down, then I lif my fingers to scroll down again it suddenly jumps waaaay up. It's like it is reading my fingers hovering over touchpad. It's unreliable and unpredictable. I have to be very carefull with using touchpad, which is nuts! All happened after Bios update. Can I hope for software fix or this is weird behaviour well known to other people? Somtimes touchpad is not even registering my fingers. WTF3?! Plus touch screen scrolling freezes sometimes and accts weird as well (lags then jumps all over the place). So to sum it up. Screen sucks seriously but I can live with that. Keybords ar enot evenly lit and it's ... Read more

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I've been trying for about 4 weeks to get a refund from Enigma software for their SpyHunter product - to no avail. I've tried sending emails to their tech support, sales and general questions and still no replies. Their user agreement does say that refunds are possible within 90 days - I think it says - in special circumstances.

So my reason for writing is two-fold. To see if anyone has any suggestions for getting a refund. Secondly to warn others about this unfortunate experience.

I bought the software naively, as I was getting a slew of ads. Their pop-up said they could fix this but after I bought it I still had a bunch of ads. Subsequently I found this board and learned about Adware, which found an additional 143 files and processes that were suspect.

My system is clean now but it makes me mad that companies can get away with such poor products and service.

Thanks for listening.

A:Enigma SpyHunter software refund

Hi, Well, one thing to try is get in touch with the bank that you have your credit card through, they usually will help you with refunds of any purchases. Just a phone call is all it may take to get the refund started- has worked for me a couple of times sellers were balking....doing this should credit your account on your next statement.

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Hi All,I have two orders 4294210728 and 4294192313 recently.The order  4294192313 was cancled before shipped but no refund to me in one week.The order  4294210728 was shipped and I got the machine, but I have to return it as its screen is so fuzzy. And I committed a return request online but two days past, NO RMA sent to me. I tried to call the customer service many times, no people answer and no people call back. I hate waiting without any response. Could you guys can tell me what I should to do now?Any advices are appreciated. Thanks, Yahu

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Hi to all,is there anyone who bought a Dell XPS 15 and ask a refund of the license of Windows 10?If so, you can explain what resulted ?(Sorry for my bad english )Thanks

A:Windows 10 refund license Dell XPS 15

Dell will credit only if the sw package has been unopened and if it was sent to the customers Dell locker and not downloaded; Dell may be able to refund you  If it was part of the system package, we will not credit the SW.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L  and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.

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