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SOLVED! laptop dell (Inspiron 11-3000 series) keyboard stopped working

Q: SOLVED! laptop dell (Inspiron 11-3000 series) keyboard stopped working

Hey all,
Before begining to explain how it got fixed it, please get to know what was wrong first. Here's the text of the original blog I posted months ago:

Dear all,
These (MJU7NHY6) keys in my laptop dell (Inspiron 11-3000 series) keyboard stopped working this May 13. They wouldn’t function unless pressed so hard.
The onscreen keyboard is working fine. I updated the keyboards driver but it didn’t help. I’m sure that no liquid was spilled over the keyboard. Maintenance shops where seem they can’t help. Some said would give it a try but that there’s a chance it may screw up the whole. Please advise what to do. Enclosed is a snapshot of the keys in questions.
I appreciate your advice.

Here's the fix: Please note that I'm not an expert in whatever has to do with laptop and my suggestion here, however crazy it sounds, shouldn't be taken for granted. So, here's how it was fixed. I was carrying my laptop while switched off with the lid closed the other day in hand while heading to my bedroom when the laptop accidentally fell to the ground (some 8-10 feet long). I didn't care much for any physical damage to the laptop; I was already fed up with the idea of having to use a USB keyboard in order to use it. It didn't suffer any damage. Anyway, I switched it on the next day and attached the USB keyboard as usual to work on a Word document.I was removing some some food off some of the keys that had stopped working and I noticed they were working again! I'm not %100 sure that that fall did cause the malfunctioned keys to work again but I have tried different kind of fixes and none worked. So, be careful when applying my suggestion. I'm so happy it's working again and I hope anyone with the same problem to get theirs fixed.

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Preferred Solution: SOLVED! laptop dell (Inspiron 11-3000 series) keyboard stopped working

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


laptop keyboard not working on inspiron 15  3000 series. I tried reinstalling device software but after installation keyboard still not working. Connected external key board and am able to use it. Device manager shows: Ran diagnostic from dell website, and it says hardware failure.   Any suggestions/ideas.

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I was playing a video game on my laptop around 4:30, when the keyboard suddenly stopped working. The mouse still functioned, so I tried clicking around to see if it was just a problem with the game. Then at 4:32, the mouse stopped working, too. I decided to try turning it off, but neither holding nor pressing the power button worked, so I unplugged the laptop from the charger and left it to run out of power on it's own. At 4:35, the display froze. I know this, because up until then the clock was still working. Currently, the vent fan is still running, and the screen is frozen. No keyboard buttons work, and neither the built-in trackpad nor an HDMI mouse is working.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, or do I need to send it in?The laptop was a brand new Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series, with Nvidia GeForce GTX and an Intel Core i7.

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I have read that some touch-screen laptops support backlit keyboards. However, I am not completely positive this model can do so. I have not found any info on the Internet.

Thank you.

A:Does Dell Inspiron 3000 series 3567 support backlit keyboard?

On the Dell parts page for the Inspiron 3567, there is no reference to "backlit" in the keyboard descriptions =
KPP2C Keyboard, English-US, 101 Keys
JYP58 Keyboard, English-International, 101 Keys
JD8C7 Keyboard, French-English Bilingual, 101 Keys

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I have attached several different USB keyboards (including Dell SK-8135) to my laptop to use the number pad in my accounting soft ware. None of the number pads work. I have checked that these keyboards work  when attached to my desktop, they do. I have checked to insure the num lock is on. It is. I tried searching for a driver specific to the Sk-8135 keyboard. No Luck. Any help is Greatly Appreciated.

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My name is Kerellos, and I've been having a lot of issues with my built in keyboard.  A lot of the keys stop working at random times (a, q, z, 1, left Ctrl key, ` and Esc key) .  I have tried to reset my computer but it doesn't help.  I end up having to use the touch keyboard, and I don't like to. This is getting very frustrating. Please help.
Kerellos Salib

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My keyboard is plugged into an external monitor in the day, so I'd like to fold the screen away. But when I fold the screen back it says "Touchpad has been disabled"... this is not helpful as it disables the keyboard, I want the keyboard to work!! How do I stop this happening? Thanks

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it has been just 2 months i bhought it and the speaker of left side is only working. i am nervous with this problem, the speaker on right side did not work at first time and again worked after few minutes. but whe n i open my laptop next day i started playing song i recognized that only one speaker is working please 
help me somedbody!!!!

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I purchase this Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series 15.6 Inch Laptop last December and it was great to allow me to interchange the use of touch screen and keyboard with mouse. Suddenly a couple weeks ago, the keyboard and mouse were not recognized by the system when I turned on the laptop. I got the touch screen working but I need to use keyboard and mouse most. Any advice on how to fix it?
Many thanks! Jade.

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I purchased this laptop in feb 2015 in india and moved to singapore immediately and for first few days my integrated camera was working fine but suddenly it used to not work telling that camera not connected error. but this being the integrated how can it be not connected...
and also some times suddenly it used to work.not next day again same problem...and i once spoke to the support person and he told that he need to check the laptop but again bad thing is that he cant come on weekends and also not in evening times on weekdays...
kindly help me to resolve the issue..i tried a lot to figure out the solution.

Kindly help me to solve

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series integrated webcam not working

When the webcam doesn't work, Can you check if it is detected in "Device Manager"?
It should be listed under "Imaging Device".
Thank you

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Just sharing...My keyboard stopped working one day. It sometimes worked when I started the computer but stopped working after that. I followed instructions, and updated the drivers to no avail.On youtube I saw a few video regarding problems with windows 10 and the keyboard not working. I had installed windows 10 about a month before my keyboard stopped working. The video states you must go to the settings, ease of access, and keyboard.  Within keyboard you just change the various switches as instructed. I restarted my computer and to my amazement it worked. I'm just putting it out there should anyone be facing the same problem.

A:Inspiron 11 3000 series keyboard not working/sometime working

This is just one of many videos I saw. It worked for me.

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I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series notebook. The model is a 3552. Crucial says the max ram supported is 4GB. Mine comes with 4GB of RAM already out of the box. It has a 64-bit OS of Windows 10 and has the Pentium processor. If I upgrade the RAM to 8GB, will it mess it up? My Toshiba supports 8GB of RAM and it has a weaker processor than the Dell. I don't understand why I can't upgrade the RAM on this computer to 8GB. It makes no sense.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series (3552) Laptop Question

It may or may not work  --- but no one supports more than 4G on this model, so in case it doesn't work, be sure you understand your memory reseller's restocking charges before buying.

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Does anyone know why my Dell Inspiron 15 Series 3000 laptop keeps turning off (fully charged)?  I ran all the Dell diagnostics and the hardware all seems to be working correctly.

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My Dell laptop has been acting weird since yesterday. I was working on it fine when It randomly went black, it's like when the screen "sleeps" to save battery after I hadn't moved it in a long time, except I didn't have a low battery and I was still actively working on it. I turned on the screen again and after about 10 seconds it went black again, I repeated this several times with the same result. I also tried holding the power button to turn the computer off and restarting it, but the laptop screen still went black after a short time. This is really frustrating, I have a lot of work I need to finish on it. I need to fix it quick.
I'm not sure if this is related, but before this happened I was working fine on the laptop on a word document, but the word documents kept not responding, or if I tried to close one word document then it would not respond and the other word documents could not respond either forcing me to close them. This happened a lot. It also has happened when I was reading pdf files on adobe reader before. 
I've also been ignoring dell updates ever since I got this laptop last summer so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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    i bought a brand new original dell xcmrd 14.8 v 4 cell battery for my dell inspiron 3000 series 3542 laptop from amazone . the battery is not charging. my old battery is working properly.where i can ger the support. im at cochin kerala. please reply
 thanking you
 shirin nazeer
 cochin kerala

A:new battery bought online xcmrd 14.8v of my inspiron 3000 series 3542 laptop not working

Contact the seller from whom you purchased the battery.  It is likely not an original Dell battery - Even if it is, since it came other than from Dell, your service/support/warranty is through the seller.

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Laptop dowsnt turn on, shows black screen can hear the hard drive sounds led is there. I've tried following steps:
1. Hard reset
2. Swapped out memory module
3. Tested different power adapter nothing wrong with the battery or charger
Couldnt even figure out whats going on. Any help is appreciated need to fix it asap. First time I bought the dell product however this happened.

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I was playing a game and the keyboard stopped working I thought it froze but the screen still worked and so did the mouse but the keyboard wouldn't work. I managed to exit the game and click sleep by mistake (wanted to click shut down) and all I have is a black screen with h keyboard lit up. Holding the power button does nothing. Pls help

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My wife has an Inspiron 15 3000 Series laptop that has started to type 4 when the b key is struck, ' when the r key is struck and nothing when the s key is struck.  Is there a solution other than wiping the computer and reinstalling everything?

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my problem is that my laptop hasnt' turned on in a long time, but when i got it back like 3 days ago it turned on once and then it died   later on in the day it hasnt turned on since. i tried removing the battery and pressing the power button... i dont know what else to do i might just throw the laptop in the trash.

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how to turn on my keyboard backlit?

A:dell inspiron 15 3000 series

Most of these do not ship with backlit keyboards -- are you certain yours did?  If it did, you will see the backlight turn on when you first start up the system.

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My laptop wont come on. It's plugged in. No sounds what so ever. Blue light is on so I know it's getting power. But I cannot get it to come on. Just a black screen.

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I bought my computer at nyc and the wifi worked perfectly fine.
As i landed in israel, the place that i'm livin in the computer cannot connect right to wifi networks. The computer do connect but says their is no internet. It's happend with all networks while with other devices the networks are working just fine.
How can i solve it?
Thank u

A:Wifi at dell inspiron 11 series 3000

I seem to remember differences between US Wi-Fi operations and International.  Possibly more channels are used but you might check into that.  Maybe an international Wi-Fi driver for the device or maybe a different Wi-Fi adapter, some local probably knows.
But I can only guess..

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Hi am vijay using Dell inspiron 15 3000 series AMD A6 : it's Not turn on when I press power button and I tried removing battery and AC adapter n hold on for 60seconds and again replace the battery tried also it's not turning on.. So plz suggest regarding this to solve the problem.

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Morning all,
I'm trying to fix a friend's Dell Inspiron 11 3167 (I think that is the #) as it was filled to the brink with files and programs only leaving 500mb of the 30GB free. I cleared enough to try backing up the files which worked. I then tried to restore the laptop to factory specs which got to 81%, sat there for 10 minutes and then a message saying the operation could not be completed with the only option being to cancel.
I hit cancel and the machine restarts to the diagnosis program. Everything checks out only now it will not boot and keeps cycling through the Dell screen at the beginning.
My guess - OS is now corrupt since the program stopped at 81% telling me it couldn't complete. So now I'm stuck with a laptop that won't boot.
Is it possible to get Windows 10 back on this?
Thanks in advance!

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Whenever I wear earbuds and play audio from whatever, there is a very LOUD popping sound that occurs. Is there anything I can do to fix it. 

A:My Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series is acting up!

Hi Seancccc
Thanks for writing to us.
When did the issue start? Please update the audio drivers from support.euro.dell.com--enter the tag#--submit--drivers and downloads--select he operating system--install the audio drivers.
Does it happen from the internal speakers as well?
Do provide us the system tag# and also confirm the name the system is registered under by
clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message. Also let us know the contact
number and email address.

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Hello, my laptop does not go past boot, stays in black screen with Dell logo, tried hard-boot several times also with continuously tapping F12 no result.

Any further suggestions please.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Will Not Boot

Does the system just halt at the Dell logo? And will it let you enter the BIOS by pressing F2? Lastly does the system still have warranty?Best regards,Brad

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my Inspiron won't turn on when I press the power button the Dell logo comes up then the screen goes black. Then it starts to blink black and then a blue screen. The blue screen says "Windows Update Important updates are available. Go to PC settings to install them." In yellow letters at the bottom right of the screen. It never starts up.

A:Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series won't turn on

Hi Jazzyhali
Thanks for writing to us. 
When did the issue start? Have you made any hardware or software changes. ??
Please run diagnostics by tapping on f12 and let us know the outcome. 
What windows is the machine running on? 

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I just purchased a dell inspiron 15 3000 Series with AMD A8  processor(6GB RAM,ITB,Windows 10) from a dell exclusive store in Trivandrum(India,Kerala) for an amount of Rs 35,000.I am not able to find the exact Indian price for this laptop anywhere.Could you guys help me out if this was a good buy??
Also whats is expected battery(duration in hr) for this laptop??

A:Purchased a dell inspiron 15 3000 Series with AMD

What is the exact system model? 
Check this link for Inspiron machine prices available in India - http://dell.to/1CSUx4I
Based on the description of your hardware, I would say, you have a good configuration.
The battery backup and life expectancy depends on the type of battery based on the system model. You could find the info on the link provided above as well and also find other users reviews.
http://dell.to/1n3X2po - enter the service tag and download the service manual and product specification file for a better understanding of your system model.
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I just recently bought this laptop and the audio worked just fine then. I don't know why the audio isn't working anymore. I updated my audio drivers and checked if my audio was muted. Still ends up not working. Any answers?

A:Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1 Audio

How long ago did this start happening, was any changes made to the system just prior to when the system lost sound?
If you haven't tried already connect external speakers or a earphones and see if you get sound then, try to find out if this is a absolutely no sound issue, or simply that the integrated speakers aren't working.
Check the playback devices and make sure that the correct one is set to default, right click on the speaker icon on the taskbar and choose playback devices; Windows may show a number of different playback devices, look for Realtek High Definition Audio, is it set to default and if not what is? Right click Realtek and choose default click on the test, do you hear sound now? If not, test the other playback devices in the same way and see if you get sound back.
Do a search for Dell Audio and if listed select the Dell Audio Utility and run it. Check here to see if the speakers are muted, click the advanced tab and if nothing else seems to help choose to restore defaults.
I will be sending a friendship request but please report back here with the results.

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About 4 days ago, my laptop keyboard randomly stopped working. I have never had issues with it in all 4ish years of owning this laptop, I did not drop it recently, spill a drink on it, etc. I was able to log into my computer perfectly fine but then after that it just completely stopped working. I was able to pull up the touch keyboard and I noticed that every time I'd turn caps lock on on the touch keyboard the light would light up on my actual laptop keyboard. That was the only sign of life coming from the keyboard and even that I could only control from the touchscreen keyboard. After that I searched around on the internet for a bit and tried these things:1) made sure I had the latest BIOS update (went through dell and downloaded the most recent driver for it)2) I tried cleaning the keyboard and removing/reconnecting it to the laptop. 3) I tried restoring my laptop to a previous version from about a week ago, before the most recent update since this problem started happening.4) I messed around with the sticky keys, languages settings, etc. None of it worked5) I uninstalled the keyboard drivers, turned off my laptop, and let windows reinstall it. Something I saw as a common fix online 6) I went through the dell online support program they have. I ran a couple tests for the whole computer and the only one that came out as not being fine was the keyboard one. This was the result: https://gyazo.com/68a32c0a1d7b0e53768e085e233f02c4really didnt help at all exce... Read more

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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron 1750 Laptop and the keyboard has stopped working.  It's not the whole keyboard, just certain keys, and it means that I cannot log into my laptop.  I want to buy a replacement keyboard, but am concerned about getting one off ebay or similar and finding that it's a rip off!  Can I purchase one through Dell and could I get a price please?  I have tried to find one on your site, but can't.  Many thanks Kaye

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I can't find the camera button.  Where is it located on this keyboard?  And once I take the picture, how do I upload it?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Model 3552

What is the exact OS installed on the system? If you are using Win 8 or higher OS, then go to the start screen and use the camera application.
Read more here to know about the Camera app and the storage info - http://bit.ly/2d6RmMc
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hi everyone,
I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop, and while I was using it tonight it suddenly turned off.
I know it wasn't because of overheating, because the computer was cool to the touch right after it shut off.
All I had open was Skype, and I was watching a video in Windows Media Player.
The specs: 4th-gen i7 CPU, 8gb ram, 1TB HDD
Devices plugged in: Samsung 21.5" monitor via HDMI, Logitech G430 via USB, Logitech G302 via USB, Acer keyboard via USB, Blue Snowball via USB.
The laptop was on AC power and was fully charged when this occurred.

What could've happened?

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series sudden shut down?

Could have still been an overheating problem. The CPU has autosense heat protection and will shut it down and may do that even if the case is not hot to the touch.

I see a lot of USB ports being used, is this your usual setup? If you are watching a video, the USB mic did not need plugged in.

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My laptop cant boot at the following:
Windows 10
SupportAssist Os Recovery
Boot Manager
Automatic Repair
And also stuck at the dell log
Does anyone know how to solve this issue? :/ thanks in advance

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Second time I install all from scratch and after installing all I get this bsod. Im in safe mode. Uninstalled drivers but the same happens. Really puzzled since I dont know whats wrong. Dell diagnostics are ok too.
Thanks in advance guys

A:Dell inspiron 11 3000 series from hell. IRQL not less or..

Update drivers in red. Your Atheros drivers have been causing this mess.

SiSRaid2.sys Wed Sep 24 20:28:20 2008 (48DA86C4)
SiS RAID Stor Miniport Driver

sisraid4.sys Wed Oct 1 23:56:04 2008 (48E3F1F4)

sisraid4.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.

wsimdx.sys Tue Mar 17 07:19:55 2009 (49BF410B)
WSIMD.SYS is related to Wireless Intermediate Miniport Driver. Manufacturer: Atheros

iaStorV.sys Mon Apr 11 20:48:16 2011 (4DA34CF0)
Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver (base) (now is the Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver)

nvstor.sys Tue Sep 13 01:53:04 2011 (4E6E9B60)
nVidia Storage Drivers

nvraid.sys Tue Sep 13 02:01:54 2011 (4E6E9D72)
nVidia nForce RAID Driver

DellRbtn.sys Fri Aug 3 23:32:54 2012 (501C4386)
OSR Open Systems Resources Airplane Mode Switch Driver (as the driver name states

stexstor.sys Tue Nov 27 01:02:51 2012 (50B4032B)
Promise SuperTrak EX Series Driver

amdsbs.sys Tue Dec 11 22:21:44 2012 (50C7A3E8)
AMD AHCI Compat... Read more

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Hello guys!i-ve bought this model of pc yesterday here in China (isn-t a fake pc because i've bought directly to the dell shop). The problem is that all USB port doesn't work and also the integrated webcam.I've tried a lot of solutions, also enter in the administration panel where you can check all elements in the pc.

Please help me, i'm so tired 

A:DELL INSPIRON 24 series 3000 / all in one USB PORT PROBLEMS

Return it!

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Hi all,
My Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 series, tells me the battery has failed completely and needs to be replaced. The laptop is only 2 years old and my battery use has been low. A new battery appears to be about half the price of the machine and I'm loathe to pay that for only another 2 years of use.

 Is this normal? Can I check that it is actually the battery that is failing and not something else?

A:Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 series battery fail

A normal lifespan for a lithium ion battery is 300-500 charge cycles or 18-24 months, so it's not out of the ordinary.
OEM batteries are expensive - though there are third party ones at lower cost, it may not be worth the risk to save the money -- safety can be an issue with them.

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I just bought my inspiron 14 3000 series laptop two weeks ago.  When I bought it, the camera was fine.  Now, this happened.  (I can't describe it but just look at the picture below.)  It still does the camera functions and stuff, but the quality is as below, poor.  I don't know why or how.  Any suggestions?

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After trying to change the picture that comes up on my screen after turning the computer on, all of my background information and pictures now come up in fuscia!  Any pics I receive in an email, the face is fuscia - at first things were orange!!

Can anyone tell me how to get my original colors back?  The unit was purchased last September from Amazon.


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I am trying to fix my friends' slow computer. I was wondering if there is a set of keys or a way to restore the data from the beginning of the computer. Basically, is there a way to do a factory or hard reset a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series?
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Here is a link to the computer from the dell website: www.dell.com/.../pd

A:Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series Hard Reset

Hi,Welcome to our community.You’ve reached the right department. We are here to assist you. With regards to the troubleshooting, please let us know if you are trying to back up the data before resetting the computer to its factory defaults or do you want the steps to reset the computer to its factory defaults? Also, share the service tag/ express service code via private message, so that we can check for updated Video drivers available on our resources. To send a private message, click on my name and select ‘Send private message’.The Service Tag is a 7-character code, and the Express Service Tag is a 10-digit code that is a numeric version of the Service Tag. Both codes are on the bottom of your laptop. You can also refer to this link which is a video that shows steps to find the service tag.

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Inspiron  15 3000 Series  Stuck at Dell logoOnce either F2 or F12 works just key Works but noting happesn No boot menu or setup comes.
Removed Battery and Held power buttong for 15 seconds. Then installed battery againProblem is not resolved ?How to fix

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I upgraded to windows 10 several months ago, and recently installed an update to the system. That update caused the start menu and task bar not to load, so I attempted a system restore, prior to that date. This failed, and now the computer will not boot at all. The dell logo appears, but nothing else happens before the system repeatedly restarts itself. Any suggestions? I can still access the boot settings and startup menu via F2 or F12.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Will Not Boot Windows 10

Thanks. I have tried the hard starting and it doesn't seem to fail on it's own- it's continuously in the reboot loop. Any other tips to break this cycle and force the computer to boot?

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Good day i have a DELL INSPIRON 15 3000 SERIES.. I started using it from FEBRUARY 2016... I have no problem using it until this June 12 2016.. It just wont turn on... When the adapter is plugged the charging LED opens but later the light will disappear.. I already tried the 30 seconds power press without the battery and the adapter to release the stock power.. But it still doesn't work,,, I'm confused because why do the CHARGING LIGHT TURNED ON WHEN I PUT THE BATTERY ON AND PUT THE CHARGER IN..?? any help please or suggestions... please and thanks


Thank for writing to us!
If the system come up to the Dell logo kindly run diagnostics.
This could be a hardware issue which might need a service call.Kindly provide us with the service tag and email address via private message .

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When I move my laptop with out connecting the adapter it get shutdown. If adapter is connected it works fine. Is there any problem with the mother board? How can it be solved?

A:Unusual shutdown of my Dell inspiron 15 3000 series

So when the computer is on battery mode, it shuts down? Have you tried checking your BIOS if the battery is performing well? Please also try running the on board diagnostics of the computer. ( Turn of the computer > Fn + Power Button or Turn on the computer and repeatedly tap on the F12 key > select Diagnostics

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Hello. I'm looking at this laptop: http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-15-3542-laptop/pd?oc=fncwg2327b&model_id=inspiron-15-3542-laptop

I would like to know if it has wake on LAN and wake on RTC or not.

A:Solved: Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series - Wake on LAN & Wake on RTC?

Since I did not get an answer here, I went ahead and ordered the machine anyway, and took a chance. It does NOT have either feature in it.

It passed my other tests, so I'm keeping it and the next computer I get will probably have both of those features, but for this one, I guess I'll live without, since the network isn't finished to the point where I could actually use it anyway yet.

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Hello everyone ! 
My keyboard backlight was working fine since I bought the laptop , but then one day it just stopped working.
I've pushing F10 as always to turn on the light , but nothing happensI've gone to windows mobility to see if there is something to do , but the keyboard back light options are not there, and the CAPS LOCK light is always working , I don't understand ? 
Please if you can help me out with this , because I need this feature considering that I'll my work is at night.


A:KeyBoard Backlight stopped working - DELL INSPIRON 15 3542

Check your BIOS settings to see if you can configure backlight illumination there.  And if you haven't already, try Fn+F10 rather than just F10 in case you changed your Function lock so that the F keys act as F keys by default rather than performing the function shown on their icons.

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