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will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

Q: will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

I have a very straightforward question: I am running WinXP Pro on my computer and I just got an external USB hard-drive to back up my data before I upgrade to VISTA.

My internal hard drive is NTFS file system, and the external drive is FAT32. My data backed-up perfectly.

However, I understand that VISTA is NTFS only (for the drive that it's installed on, which in my case will be the internal drive). I will be installing the VISTA OS on the internal drive, and using the external drive solely for backing up data.

I don't want to back up my data externally, upgrade my PC to VISTA, and then discover that I can't access the data on the external drive.

Here's my only question: will VISTA work with a FAT32 external drive, or do I have to convert that external drive to NTFS *before* I attempt to connect it to VISTA?

awaiting your replies - I'll appreciate all the help I can get!

Preferred Solution: will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

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Well tomorrow I am receiving my SSD. And my external hdd is fat 32 and I can't backup some of my stuff because of the file size limit.
I believe I need it to be NTFS but how do I change it from fat32 to NTFS? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

A:External Hard drive fat32 to NTFS?

You can format most drives to NTFS using Windows.

Convert FAT or FAT32 Volume to NTFS

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Which is the better format for my external 2TB Hard Drive?

At the moment it is FAT32 and for some reason it won't allow me to place a Windows 7 System Image on it?

I have another drive - which is NTFS - which accepts everything.

OK - my question is, which is the better option? Should I reformat the 2TB FAT32 to NTFS?

I am backing up the usual office notes, pdfs, music, mp3, many .avi films, photos etc.

Any advice appreciated!!

A:NTFS or FAT32 with External Hard Drive?

Decide yourself . Read the pros and cons of each of them .

NTFS vs. FAT: Which Is Right for You?
FAT32 or NTFS: Making the Choice

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I just bought a Maxtor 5000LE that has 80GB storage capacity and uses USB 1.1/.20 to connect to the PC. It comes formatted with FAT32. I will be storing large .avi files on this (around 700MB each) and wanted to know what would be the best file systems as far as disk storage and performance. I imagine with USB 1.1 or even 2.0 the performance will be poor anyhow. But in terms of making the most out of the 80GB I have to work with is NTFS or FAT32 better? I don't care about file system security and I am not sure if compression would be helpful in this case. Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.

A:Best File System (NTFS or FAT32) for USB External Hard Drive

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I'm trying to install a game onto an external hard drive but it tells me that the game requires an NTFS file system while the hard drive is FAT32.

Is there a way to change the hard drive to NTFS? Will it result in data loss?


A:Solved: Can I convert an external hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS?

have a read here

But I would not trust it, if the data was important - i would make sure I backed it all up first

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Hi I am looking to update my PS3's hard drive. I already bought an new hard drive for my PS3, now i need to back up my data. The only problem is that the portable hard drive I have is in NTFS form and not FAT32. I have read tat I need to partition my hard drive but I have no idea how?? If anyone could give me steps on how to do this I would greatly appreciate it. I have Windows Vista and I have a Seagate FreeAgent Go Portable Drive.

A:Solved: Reformatting an External Hard Drive from NTFS to FAT32

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I have an HP notebook which runs on Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

I have two external hard drives, both Western Digital Elements. The older one, 1 TB, uses the FAT 32 file system. This is inconvenient since some files I wish to add are larger than 4 GB.

The newer WD, 2 TB, is NTFS, so sometimes I have to use this drive for the larger files that would ordinarily go onto the older drive, based on how I organize my data.

Is there any way to change the older drive from FAT32 to NTFS???? (That is, a solution that "even I" can understand????)

Thanks if you have anything to suggest.


A:[SOLVED] How to change external hard drive file system from FAT32 to NTFS????

You can use the command line tool "convert" to convert a FAT32 volume to NTFS. Example:

convert X: /FS:NTFS

NOTE: This operation is not without risk. Be sure you have a backup of all important files before proceeding. Of course you should have this anyway. Usually the command works without incident but it can fail, leaving the volume in an undefined state. It is a good idea to check the drive with the chkdsk command before proceeding. Do not do this on a drive whose reliability is in question.

Also be aware that the command is non-reversible. Microsoft provides no tools to convert NTFS to FAT32.

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Hi guys,,

Anyone have a quick tutorial of how to format an external harddrive which is 1TB to FAT32 format on windows Vista-
Tried the command one
format f: /fs:fat32
but no luck.. swissknife- I dont have the license version so won't work.. Actually the external harddrive is not with me so if I get a good advise here Iwill forward that to the user and get him to do it himself.
help please


A:Format a 1 T-BYTES External hard drive to FAT32

Sorry, I am a bit late.

This program should sort you out: Ridgecrop Consultants Ltd

However, can I warn you that FAT32 is not supposed to be pushed to drives this big. Although you can look up theoretical maximums, there are too many features to change to just choose one. It will also not be very backwards compatible, and so it still may not work for what you want it for, and I would recommend formatting back to NTFS when done.


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I have a 500GB external Hard Drive that I need to use at home with my Windows 7 PC and at school where I use a Mac.

I know NTFS is for Windows only and I know FAT32 works on both Windows and Mac.

However I have been unable to format my external hard drvie to FAT32. Only to exFAT which doesnt work on Windows.

I have tried in CMD using the format fs=FAT32 quick but it told be my hard drive is too big.

Any ideas?


A:How to format large external Hard Drive to FAT32

Nevermind lol I used a program called guiformat.exe - worked like a charm. I decided to leave this post up in case it helps someone else.

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I'm running Windows 7 Pro and the only option I see when I right click on the drives are NTFS or exFAT.

Hopefully it will be something easy because I'm not at all handy with the command prompt, unless someone walks me thru it.

A:Need to format a 160gb & 250gb external USB hard drive to FAT32?

have a read ta this,maybe helpful... http://uk.wrs.yahoo.com/_ylt=A03uv8...54/**http://www.neurostechnology.com/node/407

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It is a 64 GB Toshiba USB drive (TNU). Problem is that every time I try to format to NTFS the normal way with Windows 7 or Windows 8 I get the message: Windows was unable to complete the format.

I tried to format it using the specific software from the drive manufacturer, TNA.

A friend managed to format it to FAT32, but the next time I tried to access the drive Windows showed a message saying that I needed to format the drive to use it. Then there appeared only the exFAT option.

I also tried some partition software, like AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, and it could format to both FAT32 and NTFS, but when I removed and put the USB drive back Windows again warned me about the need to format and again I had only the exFAT option left.

Please, help me with that, it's driving me crazy!


A:I need to to format exFAT USB flash drive to NTFS/FAT32

It's possible that the thumb drive itself is defective.

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I want to convert external hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS. I know it cannot be changed back. I have some files that I want to use in a video editing program (Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12) which need to come from NTFS. I noticed I cannot move AVI files from the NTFS to theFAT32 system as all necessary data is not able to be transferred-found that out this morning.
I have Win Vista as my main computer and a Tablet PC running XP tablet edition. I would assume XP will be able to read the NTFS format without difficulty.
The external drive is not partitioned-I haven't done that before-not sure if one needs to. For an external drive the only right click option is 'format' there is no 'convert' option. I have 43.9 Gigs free of 76.6-not sure why it shows up as 76.6 as the external drive is 100Gigs. I have enough room on my Vista computer to back up the files. Not sure what will happen with the avi files though.
Any suggestions on how you would do this?

Here's what Windows Help and Support says about doing this although I am not sure they are talking about an external drive.

Convert a hard disk or partition to NTFS format

The NTFS file system provides better performance and security for data on hard disks and partitions or volumes than the FAT file system used in some earlier version of Windows. If you have a partition that uses the earlier FAT16 or FAT32 file system, you can convert it to NTFS by using the convert command. Converting to NTFS does n... Read more

A:Solved: Convert External Drive From Fat32 to NTFS

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Like the title said, i accidently converted my external HDD which was in fat32 to NTFS with PartitionMagic.

It took less than 1minute, and it was a 1TB harddrive, so I'm pretty sure no data was changed, only the one of the header sectors. So yea no I have an EMPTY ntfs drive here and i need to recover it.

I know theres a bazilion programs that can RECOVER files, but i don't want to scan the whooolee 1tb drive and recover and rewrite it all to another drive and all that trouble. I was hoping to find a way to just convert it back to fat32 and set the right header and just get my old drive back.

Thanks in advance

A:Accidently converted Fat32 External media drive to NTFS

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I have an external drive, which was the old internal drive (40 Gb) from my laptop removed when I had a problem, which was probably software related. Have now formatted it and wanted to use it for backup data. However, format from my XP made it ntfs, whereas my internal drive is fat 32. Tried to copy files over. It will regognise a single file copy and I can access it but when I try to copy whole directories I can see the file but cannot access. Do I need to find a way to format as fat 32 or is there an easy way to copy files (as opposed to using a backup utility) to it that can be accessed easily at a later date.

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I've gotten a new hard drive for use as a storage device - mainly for documents, some graphs and statistical programmes, music, videos, photos and my iTunes library. Which is a better option for me, FAT32 or NTFS?

I've checked some of the other posts and realize that NTFS is the way to go for most users - larger file sizes, security, reliability, space efficiency etc.

My situation may be a bit different though.

- I'll be using it mainly to store the stuff I transfer off my Windows 98SE OS computer, through a Windows XP computer. For some reason, the former can't detect the new hard drive so I'll be using a pen drive to transfer stuff from it to the latter and onto the hard drive. Since I'm not connecting it directly to Windows 98SE, compatibility isn't an issue, is it?

- The drive came formatted in FAT32. I haven't formatted one before and worry that I may mess it up by converting it to NTFS.

- I'm not sure if my statistical programmes are compatible with NTFS, as some older programmes aren't.

- What's that about NTFS incompatibility with floppy disks? I'd like to transfer my stuff from old floppys via the Windows XP computer to the new hard drive for storage. Will that be a problem?

I'm tempted to reformat it from FAT32 to NTFS though. I'd appreciate some advice on this. Are there any situations when I'll need FAT32 instead?

I intend to use my new hard drive for some time. If I stick to... Read more

A:New hard drive. FAT32 or NTFS formatting?

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I have a new Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive and wanted to know how can I format it to FAT32?

I want to hook it up to a computer whose hard drive crashed and I want to boot to Knoppix so I can attempt to retrieve any information possible to the external drive.

Thanks for looking.

A:How to format an external drive to FAT32

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I understand that Windows XP has a function called CONVERT to change the file system of a FAT32 drive to NTFS.

I installed a new hard drive in my PC recently, but I used Acronis True Image 10.0 to make a duplicate of my old drive's content into the new drive. Since the old drive was FAT32, the new drive became FAT32 as well.

I learned that Windows XP has the CONVERT function, and I have tried it many times, every time I've done it, everything goes as it should, but when the process is finished and I check the drive's properties, I realize that the drive is still FAT32. This is my master drive installed in the main IDE channel, containing all the Windows XP files.

Can you help me with this?. I need to convert this drive from FAT32 to NTFS.

A:Unable to convert hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS.

Did you use full version or the free trial?

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right guys and girls here it goes! a little while ago i chucked my old laptop out and brought a new one, i kept my hard drive from the laptop because i have now turned it into a external one.
its been running perfict but i decided to format it because i just wanted to wipe everything, i done this through using vista.
when i have gone to use this external hard drive again its now showing the icon on my computer but when i click on it to open its coming up as i need to format it... i click ok this opens up another little window but this other little window is to tell me windows cant format it..... ive checked the properties and its saying that i have 0 bites in my hard drive, ya know the little pie sorta diagram down the bottom.... i have a program to try and format it but the program can not find the hard drive it only detects the one ive got in my laptop.
please pleas HELP! i have not got a clue what to do.

A:vista format external hard drive

It may be that the HD is faulty....to test try it on another PC and see if it sees it and you can format it

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i've purchased a seagate 1TB external hard drive and need to format it in FAT32 format.

how can i go about doing this using windows 7?

A:how can i format my external HD drive into FAT32 format

Quote: Originally Posted by Waqas83


i've purchased a seagate 1TB external hard drive and need to format it in FAT32 format.

how can i go about doing this using windows 7?

Hi and welcome

um, why do you need to? there are several 3rd party apps that can but since win 7 knows NTFS, it will not format fat32. Just checked to be sure.

KEn J+

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I recently put together a much better computer for myself, but salvaged the hard drive from my older computer. My first idea was to use the Win98 Hard Drive as a primary driver, then upload my important stuff to CD or the internet.

Problem is, my processor is too fast for Windows 98 and will not load as a primary OS.

So now I am using my updated NTFS hard drive, but I have this old Fat32 sitting around and I want to get some files from it.

So how would I do this?

A:Need help bring files from FAT32 to NTFS Hard Drive with ONE computer

You attach the old drive as a non primary one so you will boot from the NTFS thing.

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I have a 320GB external hard drive from WD which I was using to back up my personal laptop running XP Pro. My laptop has since crashed and I need to access the files on my external while the laptop is being repaired. I have a laptop from work running Vista and the external does not show up in My Computer when I plug it in. I suspect this is because the work laptop's cd drive and my external both have the E drive letter.

My question is this: is there a way to access my files on the work computer without formatting the external and losing all my backed up documents? I am under the impression that giving my hard drive a new letter will require it to be partitioned/formatted?

A:Vista WD External hard drive not showing up, don't want to format

The hd letter shouldn't have anything to do with it normally. But your work computer may be locked down in such a way that it is. But no, you do not have to reformat to get a new drive letter. See if you can get into disk management from the administrative tools control panel, in there you can change drive letters (ie - make the cd drive drive X or something temporarly).

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I had a DVD recorder with internal HDD (Nortek, ndvx hd 160 p).
It was repaired once, but the second time it stopped working, the repairer said the vendor didn't longer provide spare parts.
I asked him to give me the HDD back as I had downloaded tons of home made movie of
my kids from a videocamera.
I bought a logilink bridge (USB2.0 to IDE & SATA) and I expected to see it as an external drive once collected to the PC.
Actually the tool seems to work fine but I do not see any drive.
I found on the web few information about how files are stored on that recorder, they used FAT32 file system.

On a previous thread "Windows 7 unable to read external drive formatted FAT32"
there is a nice procedure from user "balak46", last point is:
"4. Start ->Mycomputer->Rightclick-> Manage ->System->diskmanage.
See if your drive shows up without a letter. Assign a letter and it will work."
Actually my external drive shows up without a letter, but how can I assign one to it?


A:How to read FAT32 formatted external drive on Windows 7?

Right click the drive in Disk Management to assign it a letter.

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I was wanting to format my hard drive(internal, main OS) to a FAT32 so that I can use it with other OS's, but I can't remember how. Their used to be an external program that could do it, I think it was called XLive. I burnt it to a dvd(didn't have any cd's) and it didn't boot. So now I'm at a loss as to what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Format my hard drive to FAT32?

Any Windows CD or Linux CD can do that for you as part of the installation. No need for a third party program. Unless you are looking for a utility to resize the existing partition and add more partitions while keeping all your data intact.

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I have a WD Passport Essential 320gb external hard drive that I want to use to back-up my dual boot system (W7 and XP). Unfortunately, the software included won't install to W7 and I am too lazy to switch over atm. I've decided to use W7's built-in back-up application to create a system image, but first I have to format the external drive. How can I do that?

A:How can I format my external drive to NTFS?

Hmm nevermind. I seem to have found out how to do this immediately after posting. GO WINDOWS 7 SEARCH!!

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I HAVE a new Maxtor external drive USB2.

I want to format it NTFS. What do I do? It is connected to my Dell Laptop which has WinXPpro on it.

A:How Do I Do An Ntfs Format On An External Drive

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I have an external drive that was formatted FAT32 which I have been using with my XP laptop for the past year. I have data on it that I want to transfer to my Windows 7 laptop. However, as soon as I connect it to my Windows 7 laptop, it comes up with a message saying "You need to format the disk before you can use it. Do you want to format it?" I assumed that Windows 7 was unable to read the drive because it was FAT32, so I connected it back to my XP laptop and ran the conversion: CONVERT E: /FS:NTFS - The conversion completed successfully and I connected the drive back to my Windows 7 laptop. But it still came up with the same message that the drive needs to be formatted. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

A:Windows 7 unable to read external drive formatted FAT32

What I would do, is format the drive using Windows 7 then copy the files with your XP then copy them over to your 7. Windows 7 uses NTFS system while XP can use both so if the drive is formatted with 7 then XP can backwards convert it. Windows 7 kinda sucks when it comes to accessing drives. I don't know why they did that but oh well.....

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I have a Seagate external hard drive hooked to my XP computer and it is working and backing up fine. When I initially set up my Vista computer - I simply hooked up the drive with USB port - and opened like an extra drive and copied what I wanted on the new computer. When I went to add some files today - it will not reveal those files and keeps telling me access is denied. I have searched and cannot find solution to this. When I look at properties on the Vista - it shows the space is taken up but will not open to the files that are clearly visible on the XP - most of the research I found talked about security settings and nothing I did made a difference - and the mystery is that it worked just fine the last few times I have done this - over period of 2 months.
Hope I am in the right spot - posted first message today and got a great solution so hoping that someone will know how to fix this easily.
Thanks so much!

A:My vista computer will no longer read the data on my external hard drive

I found the fix - it took me LOTS of searching - and two tries as I chose the wrong identity the first time - not sure if it is consistent but needed to pick the administrator as the owner and now it works as it did.
Hope this helps someone else.

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I am running XP Media Edition on a BRAND NEW Computer I hooked up today. I took an existing NTFS External Hard drive and plugged it into a vacant USB port. The new PC does not like this external drive. When I boot the light on the front of the drive turns amber and when I go to My Computer it does not appear. If I power down the drive it will finally appear in My Computer but when I try to access it there is only one EMPTY folder. When I look at Properties it says there is 160G being used and the rest is free so the data is there. I can plug this same External drive into another PC and it reads just fine. I plugged another external drive into the new PC that had a different file system (FAT 32) and it read just fine. It appears my new PC will read FAT 32 but not NTFS. What gives??

A:Windows won't read NTFS External Drive

What’s your file system? I bet your Fat32! Go and check, and if it is, you need to convert to NTFS. Go to the run command and type convert C: /fs:ntfs Were “C” is the primary Windows partition.

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Hey guys,

I have this external hard disk of 500Gb of Verbatim. Previously it was of NTFS format. Then I had converted it into Fat32 because I wanted to write stuff on it from MAC. I transferred movies, pictures, videos, songs, etc in it.

Now, I use Windows 8.1. I connect this hard disk. I hear the sound of it getting connected. But then I can't access the hard disk. As in my laptop doesn't read the hard disk.
I read a few posts regarding converting a hard disk from FAT32 to NTFS wiithout losing the files. But I was not sure whether I have the same problem.

I want to transfer all the files in my hard disk to my laptop.

Can anybody please guide me? (I'm a complete layman. Avoid jargons please :P)

Thank You,

A:Can't read External HDD of FAT32 format in my Windows 8.1

I went to the disk management and I can see this.

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I have a windows xp machine, i have a second hard drive which is 10gb, how do i format the 2nd drive to ntfs.

A:format second hard drive to ntfs

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I am running Windows 2000 Pro - NTFS
and want/need to format my hard drive.
Well, holy XP batman, there doesn't seem
to be all lot of support for this {sweet} OS.
(but it usually doesn't need it!!)
Can anyone help me out, perhaps with
some ideas or a "bootdisk" or "partition magic" or ???
I sure would appreciate!


A:How to Format hard drive Win 2K ~ NTFS

Welcome to TSG

Boot off of the 2000 CD and blow the C:\ partition away. Recreate it and format it and reinstall.

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Hi there,

I have windows 7 and have just had my new WD 2TB external hard drive delivered.

It is currently formatted to NTFS and I would like to have it formatted to FAT32.

I have searched the internet and have been unable to find any software that works for windows 7 that will let me format my hard drive to FAT32 for the full 2tb.

Could someone suggest any software that would work on windows 7 and that will allow me to format my external hard drive to FAT32?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly.

A:WD 2TB external hard drive formatting fat32 help

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I'm having troubles on opening my hard drive. 1st, there was this Shortcut virus that affected my external, i thought it was just a simple virus cause it just creates shortcuts of your files instead of getting to it directly. So after a day, i decided to fix it my self. But as always without asking, my Norton anti virus deleted the infected files right away when i plugged in the drive.

Now I can't open my Hard Drive, it states that "There was a problem starting ~$WV.FAT32, The specified module could not be found."

I've tried chkdsk/r x: but it always hangs or stops at 21 percent stage 4 of 5.
If possible, i really need to fix my external without losing the files. PLEASE help.

A:External Hard Drive error ~$WV.FAT32

Hello Flippy lumpy I found this - have you run any malware scans at all?

"My removable device" shortcut virus.. - Microsoft Community

if not try Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyaware and ADWCleaner




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Hi, I am in need of some help. I want to use my external hard drive to hook up to my PS3 for "media playing" purposes. I have checked out various forums and was told my hard drive would have to be changed over from NFTS or whatever it is to FAT32 as the PS3 wont recognise it. I downloaded swissknife and after I'd transferred the contents of the hard drive I reformatted it or tried to. The problem I now have is that where as it used to be drive G it is now gone. I have gone through the driver list and the computer knows it is there and says it is working fine but I can't transfer anything on to it until the registry can find it. Can anyone tell me how to reassign a drive letter to it? I am at my wits end.
Many thanks.

A:re-formatting of external hard drive to fat32

Hello Shaftuk,

Please open the Disk Management... right click Computer > Manage > under the Storage, Disk Management. You should see your removable disk there, as Disk 1, right click it and choose assign or change drive letter. You can format it again as FAT 32 there.

I hope it will help.


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Hi. My external hard-drive stopped working yesterday. This is what's happening:

I plug it in as usual, then it says "You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?".
I'm thinking it's more than likely an issue of having pulled out the usb cable without clicking 'safely remove'.

Yesterday I actually got it working again briefly by typing "chkdsk F: /R" into command prompt. Now when I do that it doesn't work, it says "The type of the file system is NTFS. Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted." And when I double click on F: drive in my computer it says "F:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or unreadable".

Are there any other options besides using some sort of data recovery tool (I'd rather not do this just because it takes a long time)?

A:Solved: External hard-drive:...format the disk in drive F: before you can use it.

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I recently I bought a 1TB HP SimpleSave External Hard drive and its default file format is NTFS, like most new external hardrives on the market are. However I need this hard drive to work on my PS3 which only supports FAT32 file format so I need to be able to reformat the hard drive.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium operating system which does not allow re-formatting of hard drives in FAT32. I also read you can use Command Prompt to reformat the drive but because it is 1 TB it will be too big to do this. This led me to use a program called SwissKnife.

I got this information from this link: http://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/formatting-external-hard-drive-to-fat-32/
And the SwissKnife site is found here: http://www.compuapps.com/download/Swissknife/swissknife.htm

Now doing this screwed up my external hard drive. When using the program to format the hard drive I got a pop-up what looked like a caution symbol (a yellow triangle) with no error message. Then at the bottom of the screen main program screen it said my hard drive would show changes once it was unplugged then plugged back in (it did this in a matter of seconds I doubt the actual reformatting process would be this short).

So upon re-plugging in the hard drive it doesn't work anymore. Every time I click it in the "Computer Window" it freezes up. Also it does not show up in the "Disk Management" window and when selecting it in the SwissKnife program it crashes.

So now I ... Read more

A:Problem Formating an External Hard Drive to FAT32

I didn't see that SwissKnife supported Vista

You can try DIsk Director by Acronis

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Okay so here's the story. I have just recently decided to try and use my old PC for some very basic Windows gaming. The problem is, it has Linux Ubuntu 10.0.4 on it at the moment and the hard drive is formatted in to something like an ext4 format. When I put in my Windows 7 install disc and boot from CD it all goes fine up until choosing where to install the OS. It won't let me format the hard drive inside of the setup process, yet to install Windows I believe it needs to be in FAT32 or NTFS format.
Also it won't let me format the hard drive inside Ubuntu itself because it comes up with the error that it is already in use.
So basically what I need is some advice on how to format it using either what I have already got or a little bit of freeware that I can burn to a disc and then power up the machine in to it to format the hard drive. Thanks in advance
Oh and here are the specs as they stand at the moment if you want them:

Old Packard Bell IMedia PC: (originally had Win XP 2005 Media Edition on but I have since installed Win7 RC then linux on it)
OS:Linux Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop
RAM: 512MB
HARD DRIVE: 80GB Hard Drive
PROCESSOR:Intel Pentium 4 (Don't know what speed it is running at)
GRAPHICS CARD:ATi Radeon Xpress 200

A:Solved: How do I format my Linux Hard Drive in to NTFS?

I have run into this with linux drives before. It is pretty easy to fix; simply wipe the drive with the drive maker's diagnostic app, DBAN, or any other wipe app. This removes everything from the drive ie it is how it came out of the box. If there is anything you need on the drive, make sure you have a backup before doing this task.

You download the diagnostic app from whomever made the drive ie WD, Seagate, etc. You will need the dos or boot version. One of the options is to zero fill the drive [sometimes called a LLF]

DBAN is available for download from many sites. Here is one

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I'm operating on windows 7.

All I need is a way to format a single partition to FAT32, except I can't seem to find a way without losing all the data on my external hard drive.
So far I've shrunk my external hard drive by 200 gigs, but windows 7 can't format it into FAT32

So I downloaded Seagate DiscWizard, except it wants to delete everything on my entire external hard drive.
So I'm not really sure what to do. Is it even possible to have partitions with separate formats?

If you're wondering why I need to format into FAT32, it's because I need to back up my PS3.


A:Solved: Formating a Single Partition to FAT32 on a external hard drive

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I have an Acer TravelMate 250 running windows xp pro. I have 2 hard disk drives which are formatted as FAT32. I also have 4 networked drives which are formatted NTFS. I have two questions: 1) Should I convert my 2 HDD to the NTFS format and, if so, 2) How do I do this.



A:Converting a FAT32 drive into a NTFS drive

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Hi, for nearly a year now I've been using a Buffalo 500GB external hard drive.
Just yesterday though, after unplugging it from my PC, using it on another Windows 7 machine and then attempting to reconnect it the my PC, it began to show up on My Computer as a Local Disk rather than an external. In addition, when I try to access it, it gives me this message: E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. My question is, is there any way to return the drive to it's original state or recover the data inside? The data is of extreme importance.
Thanks for any help.

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Good afternoon,
I am sure this has been mentioned on here many times, but every time I search for my problem, I always get the same results: Third party this, format this, backup your data that.

Here is what is going on. I have a 2TB external hard drive that is more than 90% full. backing up my data via third party software is not an option because I don't have room to store the data anywhere. The copious amount of data on the drive is also why I can not just simply format the drive to change the file system. I have also tried a couple of methods involving check disk commands and using disk management. neither of these methods have worked out in my favor. This problem has really shaken my confidence with computers and troubleshooting. up until this point I thought I was pretty well educated on fixing stuff like this, but I really can not figure this one out.

So here's the summary: large hard drive, no formatting, no backing up the data, RAW to NTFS.

Thank you.

A:2TB Western Digital external hard drive Raw to NTFS

I'm still confused. What is it you want to do?

Try Recuva, if you think your files have been deleted!

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Title says it all really - I want to use the drive with an Xbox360 so need it as FAT32 but Vista won't let me

Anyone done this succesfully?

A:Format External HDD as FAT32 in vista

Fat32 not a option in disk management? Havent dealt with that in
vista. Suprising its not a option.,,,Maybe someone else will have
a workaround...

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< < PLEASE HELP !!! > >

Hi! I am using Bart PE to recover data from my laptop's hard drive, which has stopped booting up and instead comes up with a blue error message stating that there is an 'unmountable boot volume'. Therefore, using the 'get data back for NTFS' plugin, I have managed to see and get to the stage where I can copy the files to somewhere else to recover them. However, the laptop/software just will not detect my external hard drive, a 320GB USB Toshiba!

Has anyone please got any suggestions as to what I can do to 'see' the hard drive and transfer the data to it? Or how I can get the files off another way? I really need the recent data on it, and my last back-up was two months ago mad!

Thanks for reading this,


A:<<Get Data Back NTFS - Can't Detect My External Hard Drive>> Please Help :(

(FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE SEE: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-xp/643999-unmountable-boot-volume-please-help.html)


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Hello, I'm kinda new to external hard drives and I can't seem to find the exact answer on this forum or other forums. I run windows xp and have an external western digital 150gb hard drive with FAT32 but would like to change it to NTFS because I can't seem to transfer file sizes up to 4gigs into it; plus I heard a lot of advantages with NTFS. My initial question is, will I lose all my data in my external hard drive if I decide to "format" it to NTFS. I will be able to transfer files larger that 4gigs when it is formated right? I know you will lose your data (if you decide not to make a backup) if you "convert." I have a lot of data already stored in my ex. hdd. I'm just curious, if I right click on the ex. hdd drive in "my computer" and selecting "format" to NTFS, will I lose my data in the ex. hdd? Will I need to make a backup or can I just format with my data in the ex. hdd? And what does the "enable compression" and "quick format" do under "Format Option?" I apologize if I didn't find this answer somewhere else.

A:formating External Hard Drive to NTFS (lost of data?)

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I recently bought an Ext HD to store my back-up files. I just plugged it in and set up the Back-up program and it works a treat. However I have noticed that whilst the file system on my normal C drive is NTFS it is Fat 32 on the Ext HD. I wonder will this cause any issues should I wish to recover any files in the future or should I use the convert command and change its file system to NTFS?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Should I Convert The File System On My External Hard-Drive To NTFS?

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OK so here's the scenario:

When I got my machine it was WinME - installed XP Pro but was afraid to lose files by converting to NTFS so I stayed in the FAT32 format on my internal drive.

Then I added an external drive (maxtor 160gb) to handle MP3's, JPEG's, etc + backup my internal drive and that drive too was in FAT32 format.

One day the external drive couldn't be accessed so I tried to get it re-mount with no success.


I need to recover the data on the external drive!

Was told I should try hooking up the external drive to a WIN98 machine (still FAT32) to try and move the data off the drive - then I could format that drive (and the internal) all to NTFS and life would go on. Only one problem - have a WIN98 machine with no USB ports or a WIN NT (sp6) machine with USB ports to use to do it but can't seem to get things right?


What about a parallel to USB cord (do they make one) to give my WIN98 machine a USB port to try and re-mount the external drive?

Any way that a WIN NT (sp6) machine can read FAT32 files?

Any other brilliant ideas?

Appreciate the help - have always found the replies here to be very thorough and helpful!

A:HELP - External drive in Fat32 won't mount on XP Pro machine still in FAT32

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You could always take the harddisk out of the external case and put it inside another PC.
Make a note of the jumper-settings as the HD comes out of the case, then set that HD to Slave if needed (depending where you connect it to).
All Windows versions can read FAT32.

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