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external drive cant find drivers

Q: external drive cant find drivers

first of all my dell 1501 torched the hard drive(overheated) 99% of all the data lost. sent it to the shop and had a new one installed and reloaded with vista again(bundle) . now my external HD MAXTOR III mini wont work. i get the cant locate driver window. I have been to the seagate site for the drivers and software. it unzips and is in a folder but when i connect the drive and reboot i get the same thing. o go thru all the windows to search and locate the drivers. the drive is recognizes in the device manager. i have uninstalled it . the drive worked on this machine before and still does on my other identical dell

Preferred Solution: external drive cant find drivers

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: external drive cant find drivers

try putting it to another usb, do you have all drivers for usb and so installed?

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I've bought a 2TB Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II, and upon plugging it into my laptop, Windows was unable to find and install the drivers for it (which should be the generic drivers used for USB mass storage devices and not custom ones supplied by the manufacturer).

WD mention the problem on their website and offer little help other than to call their useless technical support (who were unable to help, by the way).

I've tried pointing to the drivers folder when installing the device but vista has been unable to find the drivers.

I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I have tried the drive out on other machines and it has been fine, I even attempted reformatting the drive to see if that was the issue but I had no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to help me out?

A:Vista unable to find drivers for external HDD

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I've bought a 2TB Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II, and upon plugging it into my laptop, Windows was unable to find and install the drivers for it (which should be the generic drivers used for USB mass storage devices).
WD mention the problem on their website and offer little help other than to call their useless technical support.
I've tried pointing to the drivers folder but vista has been unable to find the drivers.

I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I have tried the drive out on other machines and it has been fine, I even attempted reformatting the drive to see if that was the issue but I had no luck.

Anyone able to give me a hand?

A:Windows can't find and use generic drivers for External HDD

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Windows7 Pro SP1 64 bit build 7601
Power ATX 12v MODEL:750 UB
BIOS Award F3 V600PG
Gigabyte Motherboard H55M-D2H rev 1.4
Intel Core 3.2Gb i3 550 3.2Gb
Monitor resolution 1680 X 1050
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro rev 2 socket 775, 1156, 1366, A2 AM3 Heat-pipe
Ram Memory 8Gb slot A0 & A2
Nvidia GeForce GTS 450
Controller Intel 3400 2port ATA- 3B26
Wireless network TP-Link 150Mps PCI Adapter
Sound Realtek HD Audio
256 Gb SSD with Operating System
500Gb General storage drive
250Gb photo storage drive
Comodo firewall
Avast anti virus
Hi all, I have a few problems which might be related, first is my windows7 Pro PC cannot find the external hdd in windows explorer when its connected, although it shows as “working properly” in Device Manager.
Any other device or memory stick in the USB ports all work as they should.
Over the weeks I have tried checking the hdd’s and have also used ChkDsk which found the drives ok, the memory check was as ok as well.
Problem 2 is when I connect the USB card reader this does not show in Windows explorer
Problem 3 is, I burnt photos to a disc this morning and now when I put the DVD into the drive the drive is also missing from Windows explorer and this drive is also missing from device manager
Any ideas ideas most welcome. Regards Robert.

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I can't find external CD/DVD drive for HP 360 w/ Win 10. I have tried 2 other devices and they won't work- can't get software installed.

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I have a Compaq Presario, 299 MHz Processor, 6.03 HHD and 80.0 MB of RAM with Windows XP Pro. Unable to download anything so I thought if I installed another Hard Drive it might fix the problem. But I don't know how to go about finding an external hard drive that goes with this computer. I don't even what to look for, Please Help!!!

A:How can I find out what External Hard Drive to buy

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Hello all, I am pleased to know that HP has this kind of assistance for us troubled folk. And, I am more than pleased to be here. A year ago, I purchased this computer for my wife who is a realtor. At the time she had no desk top computer. To be honest, I've never paid much attention to this computer as long as it worked for my wife. This computer used Windows 8 and my computer uses Windows 7. To be honest, I am not at all familiar with working around Windows 8 so need help. I recently ordered and added an external 1 TB Seagate hard drive and Star Tech USB SATA Hard Drive Docking Station. I don't know how to locate this hard drive. I also don't know how to format it for use. Where do I go to find out where this new hard drive is? What do I do to format it for use. Finally, how should I identify this hard drive? Should I call it an "H" or "J" drive? Thank you all for any help you can provide. MusicManBob

A:Not sure of how to find external hard drive

Hi, Given you put new HDD to the right USB dock already, >>> I don't know how to locate this hard drivePlease plug it to any USB port on your computer, after few seconds you can see it under Windows/File Explorer >>> I also don't know how to format it for useYou don't need to format it again, Seagate formatted it already >>>  Where do I go to find out where this new hard drive is?Again, you can see new drive under Windows/File Explorer. No need to re-fomatte it. >>> Should I call it an "H" or "J" drive?You can call it anything from A: to Z: . System may use some letters already (A:, B:, C:, D:. E:, Z you can use the rest of 26 letters. Regards.

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I have an external drive for backups and one of my folders, a huge folder, i'd say, it's around 40 gigs is missing. Well, actually it's not missing, because when i use the "search" option to find files, it shows me the files in there, but i can?t see it in the normal way.

So, it seems to be hidden in some way i just can?t explain. I've already set folder options to show hidden files and folders but it didn't turn out good.


A:Canīt find a folder in my external drive

Hi and welcome to the Forum.
Search for one of the files known to be in the folder in question and right click on it. Choose "Properties" and there you will see the path to the file. Look at the name of the folder that contains the file. Perhaps you have been looking for the wrong name. One other point to check is when you first boot up your system before connecting to the internet does your clock show the correct time?

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my machine doesn't find this without a reboot: it's connected via a SATA cable.

WDC WD2500KS-00MJB0 [Hard drive] (250.06 GB)

Hopefully all the info you'll need to try and help me is here..

dpaste: #662807

And ideas would be much appreciated,


A:Have to reboot to find external drive

It may be a drive letter assignment problem, as often happens with external drives.
Windows sometimes fails to assign a drive letter to it, but it's easy to assign one manually.

Control Panel > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management

Find the ribbon at bottom right which represents the external drive. You'll see it has no drive letter. Right-click this ribbone and choose "Change Drive Letter & Paths"
Click "New".
Select a drive letter from the drop=down alphabet.
Click 'OK'

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When i first got my computer the drive worked fine, but since the first time i opened it, It stopped working. Anyway I found the problem (the cable had been damaged) and now the computer can see it but cant find any drivers for it.

Under drive properties it says the drivers are not installed code 28

I dont know the manufacturer of it either, the properties just say standard CD-ROM Drive

A:Cant Find Drivers for My CD-ROM Drive

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I have been using a Seagate Expansion 2TB external drive plugged into my ASUS RT-N56U router streaming movies to my WD TV Live. Recently movie streaming stopped working. I tried connecting the drive to my laptop and recorded what happened below.
Plugged power cable into Seagate 2TB drive. After about 10s plugged USB cable into Windows 7 laptop.
Could not see the drive in File Manager, Device Manager or Disk Management.
After a while the system hung however this was resolved by unplugging the power cable from the Seagate 2TB drive.
With the USB cable still connected to the laptop, I plugged in the power cable back into the Seagate 2TB drive.
This time I could see the drive in File Manager, Device Manager or Disk Management.
Windows popped up a window and asked me if I wanted to fix the drive which I selected "Scan & fix" and the scan completed in about 10mins but nothing was reported.
In File Manager I could see the first level directory structure but no other sub directories or files could be found.
I also ran testdisk which appeared to have found some read errors but no partitions were found.
I have attached a file which includes all the relevant screenshots.

I would really like to recover the files on the drive and any help is appreciated.


A:Seagate 2TB external drive - cannot find any partitions

Download and run MiniTools Partition Wizard Home Edition 8.1.1 Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online

Right Click on your external drive volume and click on Check File System

In the ensuing dialog box, select Check and Fix detected errors and Start.

Let it complete.

Close Partition Wizard, shut down your computer and remove your external HDD.

Boot your computer and connect your external HDD.

Hope that resolves your problem. ( This is what I did when only one DVD ISO folder showed up on my 1 TB drive. I had umpteen BD ISOs and the drive was almost full. After running Partition Wizard File System check, I got back all the ISOs. If I remember correctly Windows Disk Check did not do anything.)

EDIT: If PW File System check alone does not resolve the problem, follow it up with Windows disk check - fix errors. Again if I remember right it did a good job this time stitching together the fragments and restoring to relevant files.

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How Search for Files in Windows 7?

One of the most baffling things about Microsoft 'upgrades' is getting rid of useful features from previous versions.

In XP, you could specify general file type - photos, music, etc. - and search all, and specify folder, drive, etc. No such luck in Windows 7, which has made it decidely harder to search for anything.

It's very simple. I bought a new laptop, and want to import all music, photos and videos from my old computer. But the new search function off the start button doesn't let you specify file type or location...

I want to find ALL music - regardless of file type - on my external hard drive, etc., then copy and import to my new computer.

A:How Find All Music on External Drive - Win7?

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I cannot find the icon for my external hard drive(Maxtor) or my digital camera in my computer. I am not very pc technically minded but wondered if I needed to reinstall them so put the discs in but the pc is not recognising them either and they will not run. I would appreciate any help but would just add that I am a lady in her 40's and only understand plain speaking and a bit thick when it comes to technical stuff.

A:Cannot find Camera or external hard drive

Hello and welcome to TSF! What is the make and model of your computer?

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I'm having a hard time finding an external enclosure for my IDE hard drive (the larger desktop size of drive) that I can hook up through a USB port. If you can link me to a page of them, or one or two that aren't designed for the smaller sized drives, that would help me out a bunch.

A:Please help me find an external hard drive enclosure

Something like this that's assuming it's 3.5 inch drive OR if you don't mind to look at the internal drive a Docking station might well suit your needs ??

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Can anyone help?

My computer was accessed via remote access scammer 2 nights ago and although my computer has been checked any appears to be safe - (microsoft checked) - my partner has a computer on the same home network and her computer now has (2) 'install.exe' files that have appeared on her external hard drive within folders with names such as 080eb699a612b22018 and f9e359c6c3f913d19353. An additional folder appeared last night They seem to have appeared at about the same time that my computer was remote accessed via the escammer. The files won't allow to be deleted as message saying they can only be deleted with admin access although my partner is the only user and has admin access. Have run Malwarebytes, spybot but files remain. Computer now has Microsoft essential with firewall.

Two questions.

1. How do we know what the install.exe is and if it is malcious hacking or simply system file?
2. How do we remove it if it is malicious?

A:install.exe found on external drive - how do I find out what it is?


These files should be considered malicious - do not attempt to run them.

Please follow the instructions here:

Windows Defender Offline


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I purchased and external cd drive for my Lenovo Yoga 2 and when I attached it recognizes it and the dvd I have in it. However there is no option for me to play the DVD. I think I need to download some new drivers possibly. Can anyone tell me what free driver I should download or if this is even the problem. I bought the driver off ebay so I dont have like a product name and it didn't come with specific instructions with what to download. Thank you.

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My PC currently can't read disks for whatever reason, the only disk it read was the windows 7 installation disk. The disk drive is incredibly stubborn and won't update properly. Can't find the updates or something, then say it has the best drivers already installed despite it's telling me there's an error with my disk drive and it won't work.Can somebody provide me the link for the proper driver or some sort of fix?I think the dvd drive is called, HL-DT-ST- DVDRRW GSA-H30L ATA deviceScreenshot. The dvd drive doesn't even display on the computer tab, no matter what I put in it.Screenshot

A:Need drivers disk drive, can't find them anywhere

sounds like your dvd drive is failing go to your local computer store or walmart and purchase another one they are fairly cheap

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I use two hard drives, a smaller one that runs XP and a larger one for primarily storage. I replaced the storage drive...this had been the "first" drive and was labeled c: while the one running XP was labeled d:

I installed the new drive and rebooted. In the process, the volume labels flipped: the primary drive became c: and the storage drive becoming d:

This has thrown Windows into a world of confusion and all previously installed programs show up as uninstalled. They are still there in "program files" but many of them refuse to open, reporting not being able to find .dll files which I can search for and find on the computer.

Is this a registry issue? Is there a way to reconcile it without installing all this software again?

Thanks for any help.

A:Can't find drivers since putting in new drive...

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Hello, Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer. I will do my best to describe what I find to be a confusing scenario. Our Windows 7 laptop became infected with a virus last August. It prevented me from booting the computer. We back up to a 930 gb "My Book" external hard drive. It appears we use WD Smartdrive as a back up facilitator. (Not sure what the program does, but without any effort on our part we have a lot of data, including VHD images, backed up on the external hard drive.) I finally had to re format and reload Windows thinking it would be easy to restore from the back up hard drive. When I reloaded windows I must have named the computer "homeofficelaptop". The previous name must have been "officelaptop". After reloading windows I tried to restore using the backup hard drive, it was not as user friendly as I thought it would be. I ended up just copying and pasting files from the external to the c: drive. Now I want to do it right and restore from a VHD image on the backup drive. Windows is not seeing the backup image I need to use. It only sees an image that was created since I restored. The backup drive has a "WindowsImagebackup" folder containing subfolders "homeofficelaptop" and "officelaptop". The VHD file I want to restore is in "officelaptop". Windows only recognizes "homeofficelaptop". I've tried changing the name of the computer back to "officelaptop" but it is ... Read more

A:cannot find way to restore from VHD image on external hard drive

Hello Nelly, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you may be able to restore the System Image VHD using the method in the tutorial below.

System Image - Recover a Broken Windows 7 System Image

Hope this helps,

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Can't find external hard drive using windows 8.  But if I could, how would I get it to show up on the desktop?

A:When I attach an external hard drive to windows 8, I can't seem to find it

It will never show in the desktop, it will show up in My Computer.

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I run a system backup weekly using Widnows backup process. This has worked for a long time, but now it has failed. The external drive than I am using is no longer known to the system.

Using a LaCie 3TB conected via esata.

If I go into Computer Management and then disk management, I see the drive, but the system is saying that I have to initialize the disk.

This disk was working up untill recently. I lost the drive before and had to initialize it. Lost all my data.

I can intialize the drive, but work rather have it connect to my system as it once did.

I have had this problem a couple of times.

Any suggestions?



A:My system backup failed, could not find external drive

Offhand, it sounds more like a disk problem than a backup program problem.

Have you ever run any hard drive utilities (from LaCie or anyone else) on the drive?

Or checkdisk?

Post a picture of what you see in disk management.

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I just bought a new comstar external hard drive and connected it to a linksys router. I have a pc wired to the router and a wireless laptop. Can someone help me determine why I can not see the computers drives or the external hard drive from the other pc.

My laptop is running vista.
My other pc is running XP.


A:Can't find an external hard drive connected to my router

"can not see" means what?

Did you read the manual of the network storage box and actually set it up properly?

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Hey there!

So this is my issue -

I recently had a lap top get destroyed, and had the hard drive pulled out and placed into a dock for me to pull the files off of. I have been able to relocate most of my files-

Except EVERYTHING that had been on the Desktop. No files, folders, or anything. And I can not target anything through the hard drive itself, I have tried.

I have also tried granting permission for my new lap top to make sure I have access to everything on the drive - still nothing.

There is no 'Users' folder anywhere easily accessible, and when I DO find it, it's empty?

I have a lot of music and art files from my school work on this thing, and any help to find the files would be appreciated as I have been scouring forums for a month or so with no luck.

Thanks for the help ahead of time.

A:Solved: Can not find files on external Hard Drive

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Put new hard drive in. Windows 98 can't find device driver for Compaq installed devices. Any info would be helpful.


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I'm getting a new system, and I want to wipe out Windows 7 and install Windows XP on my old system. I have not actually done anything yet--Windows 7 is still installed--but I'm trying to understand what I need to do.

I don't have a floppy drive, so I want to try the nLite slipstream procedure.

Unfortunately I've looked everywhere I can think of, and I have not found the SATA drivers. My motherboard is an MSI X-58 Pro-E (MS-7522)3.0, and my hard drive is a Western Digital Raptor 300GB 10,000 RPM Model No.: WD3000GLFS. I've looked at the MSI site, the Western Digital site, and the CyberPower site. I've looked in my Windows 7 installation disk. I've made numerous searches on the Internet....I just can't find those drivers, or the .inf file(s).

My PC manufacturer did not send me any floppy disk or CD having drivers for either my motherboard or my hard drive. I have submitted an email to Western Digital customer support, but today is Saturday, and I do not expect a reply before Monday.

Where can I find those drivers? (and the .inf file(s)).

A:I canNOT find the drivers and the .inf file(s) for my hard drive.

Welcome to SevenForums

You should be able to find the driver you need at the manufacurers site under chipset drivers.

Their is no specific driver needed for your hard drive.

Once you have iinstalled you chipset drivers you can install the XP as usual, just insert the disc format and install.


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I have a 80GB hard drive in a USB enclosure, and i am trying to get it to work with Vista 64 bit.
But every time i try to connect it to my computer, i keep getting a screen asking for a driver for the USB to IDE adapter.
I have had a look around the forums here, and i have tried the Inf trick that i found, but still the drive and enclosure will not work.

So i am wondering now about the following?

Does Vista 64 bit work with USB 1.1?
Because when i connect the enclosure to my son's computer (XP Home), i can get the drive to work and i can see the files.

Will i have to update the enclosure to USB 2.0, for it to work with Vista 64 bit, or will a USB 2.0 cable work instead?

Is there a problem with the hard drive (set to Master) and i believe a Fat32 system?


A:External USB hard drive drivers


Just to update on this problem i had.
I found out from another forum, that the electronics inside the enclosure was not up to date enough.
So i have just bought an Akasa USB 2.0 enclosure, and everything is working great.
And all of my drives are now visible and can be accessed.


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Hi guys,

I have a Western Digital 500GB MyBook external hard drive.
Few days ago I created a folder in the root of the hard drive and I put all the MyBook original folders/files (For example: ArcDeviceInfo, autorun.inf, $RECYCLE.BIN, System Volume Information...etc) in the folder that I created. After that, everytime when I plugged the hard drive USB to my Mac and the hard drive start with normal sound and then it make 6 louder clicking sound and the hard drive stopped. The Hard drive volume didn't show up on my desktop so I open the Disk Utility app. In Disk Utility, I saw my hard drive icon but the name changed to "2 TB WD External Media" (my hard drive is 500GB, now became 2TB).

There is no way that I can enter my hard drive because it disappear, I cannot access the hard drive from my computer. I tried to partition the drive (just to see if the computer recognize it but it said Resource busy. I think the main problem is I put all the MyBook startup files into a new folder that I created and now the hard drive doesn't recognize it.
Can someone please tell me what should I do? Any suggestion? I know go to a professional to recover all the files is an option, but that will cost me $900 - $2900 (they gave me the quote online).
I hope someone can help me with this. Thank you very much for reading this.

A:WEIRD: External Hard Drive is gone, cannot find my files anymore.

Basically you have one option. Open the case and take out the HDD inside. It could be a s-ata drive but more likely it's a eide drive . Set it as a slave drive and put it in your machine and see if you can recover your files that way (it should be recognised as a plain drive with all your files intact), Or just undo what you did with the original autorun Mybook files and try it again back in the case on USB. That is all that the big File Retrieval Co would do anyway

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I just purchased a new Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop, it has a TS-L633C DVD-RW drive.

I updated the DVD drive firmware to a version available on Dell's website (original D300, current DW10).

Now every time Vista starts, the "found New Hardware" wizard opens and attempts to install drivers for the DVD drive (which it doesn't find).

The drive functions perfectly, it appears in "Computer", and I am certain there are no drivers that need to be updated.

How do I get Vista to stop nagging me to update the drivers ?


A:updated DVD drive firmware, now Vista cannot find drivers

Are you sure that's the correct firmware for that drive? Check the maker's tool here: SAMSUNG ODD SERVICE

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Hi, i have a WDC WD10EADS-22M2B0 Hard Drive and i need the driver for it because i am going to install windows 7 on it but it is not showing up in the windows 7 setup.
Can someone please give me the link to the driver downloads. i have searched for hours but i cant find them anywhere.

A:Cannot Find Drivers For WDC WD10EADS-22M2B0 Hard Drive

No HD Drive drivers are needed to install Windows 7.

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I am trying to load our company image on a new Dell 3410 win an ssd hard drive.  It currently has win 10 home. the installer gets to the point of which image to install, I click the correct 64 bit win enterprise version, and it cannot find the drive. 
I search for the drivers on the USB with the image as well as the drive I am targeting, but keep getting a select the driver to install option and No signed device drivers were found. 
I did not see  drivers on the MS download site for the 3410.   any idea where to find them?

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I need to know if anyone can help me find Canon "mf drivers" in my laptop. I am trying to re-install Canon MF3240 printer. It's telling me "an older version of mf drivers exists in this computer. uninstall the older version of mf drivers, and then try to install again." There is no canon folder on my machine anymore. I can not follow the --all programs-canon-mf drivers instruction anymore! Need to manually find it. Please help!

A:How to find and manually delete "mf drivers" from my hard drive?

When such happens with printers...it's often because a process left behind by the uninstall effort...still relates to removed hardware.
I'd take a look, using a Speccy snapshot.
Please follow the directions at Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 .

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I have a Toshiba external usb hard drive. Worked previously, but my (XP Home) pc can no longer recognise it. Have connected it to my son's (Vista Home Prem) laptop - this recognises the device as a Toshiba hard drive, but asks for required drivers.
Have been all round the houses, but unable to update/find drivers.
Contacted Toshiba but they didn't really help.

Any help appreciated.

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Hey guys,

Currently having two problems, one leading to the other. So, I screwed up my PC by messing with the system files in an attempt to clear out some trojans. The PC couldn't boot anymore due to one of the files missing. Decided to grab my data and reinstall the OS. Didn't have the CD with me so I went and bought a Windows XP Pro Student Edition SP3 (not original).

Computer is booting slower than usual and everything runs a bit sluggish for me. It doesn't detect anything at all. The most it detects is my external HDD, mouse and keyboard. Stuff like NIC and speakers can't be detected. Probably because the driver isn't installed but I can't even install the drivers through CD because my CD-ROM drive can't read a thing. External HDDs work fine.

Bought Windows XP Pro (Version2002 Original). I put it in my laptop's external CD-ROM to transfer to an external HDD so that I can install it on my PC. Problem is, my laptop doesn't detect the CD-ROM. Something wrong with the drivers I guess. The only external device it reads is a USB mouse.
A week ago the laptop was fine, just that I didn't have the XP CD yet.

Any solutions to fix both my PC and my laptop?

PC is running on Intel Pentium 4 with 2.5G of RAM
Laptop is running on Intel Centrino Core Duo with 1G of RAM

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Problems with External Hard Drive Drivers and XP

Are you trying to reinstall Windows on two different computers? Your post is a bit difficult to follow.

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I purchased an External Harddrive (160gb Seagate) to backup all of my files from my old computer running (Windows 98SE). I downloaded all 13 files successfully from Seagates web site and now when I use the new hardware wizard it recognizes the new drive but will not load the drivers. I get a Number 28 error? Please help so I can get my data to use on my Windows XP machine. Thanks!

A:Loading Drivers for External Drive (WIN98SE)

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i have a western digital one terabyte external hard drive (my book) that i need to reinstall drivers for can you help me get the appropriate drivers?

A:external hard drive software drivers

I don't think you should need any drivers.!!

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Hello people, I've checked around first and found some other threads reagarding this but since they have been with different specifications I thought I may try posting my issue see if anyone could help.
I have an HP Personal Media Drive 1600s that came with my computer. It was working fine at first but suddenly it stopped recognizing, it will detect a new USB device and try to install it but say it won't find the drivers. I go to device manager and it shows under Other Devices with the exclamation point, but it also shows on Disk units but under a different name that it should and it says is working fine. When i go to Disk Management i s there but only with it's capacity 149.0 Gb no more information and if I right click and select to activate unit it does it but then nothing happens, if I right click and format it or properties it gives an error that the list is not refreshed that i need to refresh the disk management utility and restart, had tried and didn't do it. I have a Mac and it recognizes fine and I even used the Disk Utility to format it under a Fat32 partition which allowed me to and still it didn't work, I tried 8 diff USB ports and still nothing. HP website only shows one download for that product and is not related to this, specially since it never neded any drivers before hand so I don't know what to do.

A:vista won't recognize drivers for external hard drive

Thank you for your help! I actually figured it out by myself and I'm posting solution for future reference. I realized the problem started after installing an update from windows so I had to uninstall one by one and then reboot and see which one was the issue and found out that update KB943899 was the problem, after uninstalling that I was able to see all my USB drives including my external HD so for anyone with this kind of problem, try to uninstall that one and then configure windows update to not update automatically.

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My 1TB Western Digital External hard disc is not working. My laptop switched off suddenly while copying files. After restarted my laptop, when I try to open my External hard disc drive(G: \) I'm getting the message as

"Location is not available

G:\ is not accessible
The drive cannot find the sector requested"

The Properties of the drive shows as
Type: Local Disk
File system:
Used space : 0 bytes
Free space : 0 bytes

when clicking My computer->Manage->Disk Management(under Storage in left side), I can able to see my External hard disc drive(G: \). The File System shows as "RAW" before it was NTFS, % Free as 100% but I got around 1TB data. Also I checked in different laptops but it shows the same error.

And finally I checked with "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows", it passed the test.

I'm so afraid about my datas stored in the hard disc. All my projects, photos and many important files stored in that hard disc. I dont know what the problem is. I cant find any solutions in Internet. Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

A:"The drive cannot find the sector requested" - External hard disc is not working

Hey Allen. I would call Western Digital support and see what they say.Since you have data on it you need, I wouldn't play around with it, get some answers from the drive makers, and as is always said, have important data backed up in at least 2 different places, with at least one being to CD/DVD.

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Hi there,

I have an HP Pavilion DV7 2185dx laptop running a freshly installed windows 7 upgrade from windows Vista. Ever since the upgrade my CPU is constantly running at 98-100% all the time meaning I cannot do anything on my PC. After researching a bit online it could possibly be the driver errors I see in device manager?

In device manager I see that I have some drivers missing and all attempts to update these have failed and i've seen other users here post the missing drivers and be directed to the fixes.

Device type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: PCI bus 6, device 0, function 1


Device type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: PCI bus 6, device 0, function 3


Device type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: PCI bus 6, device 0, function 4


Device type: Other Devices
Manufacturer: Unknown
Location: on Intel(R) ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919

So if the updated dr... Read more

A:Base System Device drivers error - unable to find drivers

Have you downloaded the Windows 7 drivers from the HP site.
Link: Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion dv7-2185dx Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

A:Satellite click mini not reconising external hard drive or external DVD drive

Originally Posted by rachel.nickells

Hi guys,
I recently bought a Toshiba satellite click mini, tried to use my external hard drive but its not showing up at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?
its a Seagate 250gb hard drive. Thanks in advance

Is it usb powered? If so does the hard drive spin up? Are there any clicking noises from the drive?

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I contacted SONY and they told me that they did not have the drivers for this Hardware. They told me I needed a WINDOWS driver. My operating system is Windows 98. Help

A:Not Going to Sleep Until Find Drivers..Need Windows Drivers SONY CD-R/RW CRX140E

You already posted this same question in hardware.
Keep it to one thread.

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Hi, I have installed Windows 7 Professional using DVD and it worked. However now the Issue I face is with the drivers. I was somehow able to install the realtek Ethernet LAN drivers and it worked. However am not able to find a compatible USB driver and Wireless LAN Driver for my HP Notebook 15-ay503tx. I tried Intel Wireless LAN driver and its not working. Can you please help me with that.  Thanks, Vidhu V S

A:Not able to find USB 3.0 drivers and Wireless Lan Drivers

Hello VidhuVS, FOR USB 3.0Download, unzip and run the setup application from the link below... https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/22824/USB-3-0-Driver-Intel-USB-3-0-eXtensible-Host-Control...  Provide the hardware ID for W/LAN :http://www.wikihow.com/Find-Hardware-ID   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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I am trying to transfer approximately 280 GB of data (music) in a My Book (320GB) external hard drive to a Simpletech (320GB) external hard drive using my HP dv9230 laptop with Vista installed. Using the USB ports

Each time I attempt to highlight the files on the source drive and drop into the "new" drive the computer appears to analyze/recognize the information from the source drive and calculate the "time remaining" but it just seems to freeze at that point. No error message, it just appears to stop.

I am not trying to transfer all the data at once I highlight a few folders at a time to transfer.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

A:Data transfer from one external drive to another external drive

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I have two external drives, one containing the data to be copied and the other to receive the data. The receiving drive already has a little data on it, which needs to remain there.

What is the fastest way to copy this data across?

I tried drag and drop. But the drive A contains 2.7TB of data. My calculations are that the transfer will take about 45 hours!!



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Looking to buy an external hard drive for backup. This will be used only to backup data periodically. This is certainly a good price ($140):


I've never heard of it. Anyone have any experience with that brand?

A:Opinions on BeyondMicro External Hard Drive?-or recommendations on External Case?

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So I want to clone one external 2TB with another. So one drive is the main use one and another the backup one. So I copy everything over to backup and i store the backup at another house and then I start using the main: deleting and adding/editing files. What is the best software or whatever to allow me, after some time, synchronize/clone the externals again without deleting all on the backup drive and recopying? (main to backup) and make them clones again? ..Adding and deleting or replacing any nonidentical files.. Like where i can press a button on some software and it do the work for me.
Sorry if this is confusing

A:Best external to external hard drive synchronized backup plan?

There's a bunch of applications that can do that.

They all work pretty much the same way, but would differ in how easy they are to understand and configure---the interfaces would differ and the help files would differ.

I use FreeFileSync from sourceforge.net.

Others are Syncback, Folder Clone, Karen's Replicator, FBackup, Second Copy, and Synchromagic.

You should be able to configure them to do one or the other of the following:

1: If you delete or modify a file on the "original", it will also be deleted or modified on the backup.

2: If you delete a file on the "original", it will be retained on the backup. If you modify a file, both the modified and unmodified file will be retained on the backup.

It's up to you which choice you prefer. I use the first method, which is often called "mirroring"--one drive is an exact match of the other.

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icon fr the external drive (G) is lost while for other more external drives is ok...it happened after i installed a software n created a virtual ddrive on my computer and then unstalled it...help

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