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Xps15 and U2412M Ultrasharp 24" wide TFT LED?

Q: Xps15 and U2412M Ultrasharp 24" wide TFT LED?

Is there a way to use my old U2412M Ultrasharp 24" wide TFT LED from 2012 together with an xps15? I guess I need a dock? Which one?

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Preferred Solution: Xps15 and U2412M Ultrasharp 24" wide TFT LED?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi Peoples,
I just received my new Dell UltraSharp u2412m monitor!
Now I try to connect my Dell XPS15 laptop (via its mini displayport connection) to my new monitor via a mini displayport to displayport cable.Sadly it doesnt seem to connect and the monitor instantly goes into Power Save Mode...
What am I doing wrong here? Is this possible/compatible in the first place?
Thanks very much in advance!
Ps. the monitor instantly works with an old laptop via vga connection...Plug and play...

A:Problem connecting my XPS15 laptop to my u2412m monitor via displayport

Try using a different connection--hdmi would be best if the laptop has that. You can use a hdmi to dvi cable--same technology and those work. Those can be bought for less than $10.

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Im having problem to connect Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24” to Dell Precision m4700 with Intell HG graphics 4000 via Display port. Only works with VGA cable but does not offer resolution 1920 x 1200. Had this troubles with win7 and now tried on win10 and same resilt. I have tried several different cables but no result. Thanks for any suggestion.

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Good morning,I have a DELL XPS 15 laptop for photography, with a great Ultrasharp U2713H (not HM).I have to use a mini-DP to DP converter cable in order to connect them together, and it worked very good until I upgraded my OS from Windows 8.1 to 10 last year.Since this upgrade, the communication between my computer and the monitor is just completely not working. The monitor says "entrer en economiser puissance" (I'm french). The HDMI connection works just fine, but is unable to give me the full WQHD resolution.I tried 2 differents mini-DP to DP cables with the same results. My laptop doesn't even show the external monitor on the display settings window, and the "fn" quick launch for screen sharing options doesn't solved the problem at all.I have updated the Intel HD4000 driver, and the Nvidia GT630M driver, but the problem is still here.At the begining I thought this problem will probably be solved quickly by a DELL driver release, but nothing happened, and I'm stuck for almost one year now, trying to solve this apparently "tiny problem".... And apparently I am not the only DELL user experiencing this issue, almost all the people with the same problem have downgraded to 8.1 or 7 and the problem was solved, but I don't want to go back to 8.1  because I really don't like this windows version...

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I bought a Dell UP2716D 2 weeks ago and Im loving it. But I have noticed that sometimes the screen hops. I have a PC with a Sapphire Radeon 5870 Vapor X GPU and I connected the card from the mini-display port of the display to the Display Port of my graphics card (with the cable that came with my UP2716D).
Any of you experiencing the same problem. It just hops one time every (say) 10 minutes.. or longer..

For just a millisecond.. 


Thank you in advance!

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I have been using this monitor on an older computer with XP Pro and an ATI graphics card. I now have a new computer with Vista and an NVIDia G force 6 series grapics card. The monitor is recognized as a 'generic' monitor and works, but the power saving features don't seem to be supported. Is this a problem with the video card or Vista, or the monitor itself, and how can I fix it. THANKS

A:DELL UltraSharp FP 19" and Vista

right click on the desktop
personlise/screensaver/change power settings
look in the left pane for setting

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I have a new Ultrasharp 29, and I cannot connect it to the Thunderbolt minidisplay port on the laptop. I also use a WD15 docking station, and the DP, used the DP cable which camw with the monitor, but no signal. HDMI works, DVI to a Apple DVI<-> HDMI works to Dell 5510, HDMI into WD15 docking station works. HDMI to Mac mini works (not DP to Thunderbolt). 
Any idea how to get DP working from Monitor to Dell 5510? Maybe a bad cable? 5510 should be able to drive full resolution on monitor through the DP.

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After getting my Samsung 2232GW I passed my Dell Ultrasharp 19" to my mom. It worked like charm on my PC on a DVI connection. But when I fixed it on her PC (no DVI only VGA) it flickers when showing text. (Some horizontal and vertical distortions). This does not happen when she runs full screen games.

I've set the resolution and refresh rate to the optimum settings (1280x1024 60hz) but it doesn't seem to solve it.

I'll like to hear your solutions please...

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I have an XPS15 that has been "upgraded" to Windows 10 but I am constantly getting this error. I have attempted to find updated drivers, and I found one from Sept. 2015, but I'm still getting the same problem. It is incredibly frustrating. Help. 

A:XPS15 error: "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"

What is the exact system model? When did the issue start? Was the issue seen when the system was on Win 8 or only after you upgraded to Win 10?
If the system was working fine earlier while on Win 10, then perform a system restore to restore the system to a point where it was working fine - http://bit.ly/1JEw2ov
For XPS 9530:
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/1Qpam2M and reinstall the Intel video driver from the same site. If the issue persists, then uninstall the existing video driver and install the driver from Intel site - http://intel.ly/1h4oaGT
For XPS 9550:
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/1XOjEeg and reinstall the Intel video driver from the same site. If the issue persists, then uninstall the existing video driver and install the driver from Intel site - http://intel.ly/1qEcrCW
If the issue is not resolved, then create a new local admin account and check - http://bit.ly/1JoFhcw
If the issue is seen only on Win 10 and was working fine on Win 8.1, then downgrade to Win8.1 and check - http://bit.ly/1RMaCdK
You could later perform a clean install of Win10 and check - http://bit.ly/1VxGDgb
Keep us updated.

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Does anyone know if there is a difference in the bottom three displays in this image? I want to know if the one labeled "300 nits" is an anti-glare panel the same as the other two only with a camera included.

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I have installed Wamp server and I have created 2 tables in phpmyadmin that are connected via ODBC to an Access database. I have tested it with and another Access
database, which sends test orders to it via a php file.
Now I wish to connect an AI2 android app to localhost to send test orders from this source.

I found a web page which sets out a method to connect an app via the IP address, but when I enter my IP address into Windows Explorer I get the following message.
?The device or resource is not set up to accept connections on port "The World Wide Web service (HTTP)".
I have seen a previous answer that suggests resetting Internet Explorer\Tools\Internet Options\Connections\LAN Settings and checking the ?Automatically
detect settings? box, but on my system this is already checked.
Is there anything else I can do please?
My system is Windows 7 32 bit and I have Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Firewall running for home & private networks.

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I like to bay mobile work station with 391-BDDE 15.6" UltraSharp UHD IGZO(3840x2160) panel
This panel is anti glare screen ?
Many thanks !

A:391-BDDE 15.6" UltraSharp UHD IGZO(3840x2160) panel - is anti glare screen ?

This is a glossy screen - not matte.

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My Dell 27" monitor have horizontal and vertical lines above image. The image ok is but lines is contrast and sharp. Please help me to solve this problem?

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My new XPS 15 (FHD) has dark shadows at the bottom right and left side of the screen. It is visible only on white/ light background (unnoticable on dark background). It is really bothering me, especially since I do a lot of reading and work with Word.
Do you suggest to exchange it? Or is there some sort of software configuration reset that I can try to fix this?  
Thank you!

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.....with this computer

Internet works fine for a while. then it stops working.

Get this error message when i got to diagnose.

I even bought a new router to fix this problem, but it still occured.

I had static IP with the old router, bought a new router, used DHCP, still the same problem.

when the problem happened , i turned off zone alarm and avg to see if it was causing the problem, but it doesnt seem to be, as the internet on this desktop dell pc still doesnt work

On the reboot, it always works- and when it stops working here on the desktop, on the wireless connection it transmits to my windows xp laptop- it does work, where on the desktop it doesnt

I never had this problem with my old router and windows xp, this is happening since i got vista.

I cant see any pre-installed software from DELL that could be causing the problem.

Can someone please help! When i google this error i get a lot of results but nothing so far to fix this problem. it is quite annoying and i dont see what could be triggering the internet to stop working for some random reason

Thanks in advance!


A:xxx is not set up to establish a connection on port "World Wide Web Service (HTTP)"


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My dell 1905fp finally crashed after a lot of years. I'm not a gamer, but I was very happy with that monitor.

Of course they no longer make it, and I understand refurbished monitors of this type are not necessarily a good option.

I can't seem to find reviews or comparisons which point the way to other similar monitors. I'm retired and just can't afford the $600 and way up price of what I've seen so far.

I just need a basic monitor with VGA and DVI, but would like the screen performance to be decent, incl for watching movies etc.

Any recommendations, and where to get a reasonable price? Again, don't want a wide screen.

Thanks much!

A:Reasonably priced 19" or 20" monitor, not wide-screen?

Nothing wrong with buying refurbs. They may have a few blemishes in the frame but nothing serious to keep them from functioning. I've bought a few myself and have had no issues with them. Although the monitors I bought were 20" widescreens that averaged $120 or less. For what you need/want, I wouldn't spend more than $150.

I know you said no widescreen, but movies do view better on widescreen.

http://www.amazon.com/Dell-UltraSharp-1905FP-Rotating-Landscape/dp/B00091R6KC - less than $100

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Microsoft did such a good job on there betas, they tricked many of there consumers with the CP, and less on the RP, but it would only be fair if they offered the upgrade to RP.

A:Windows 8 Betas were "too wide spread"

They do. You can do the upgrade to RTM from RP.

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Hello. I'm in the process of searching for a new PC notebook (I'm in the market for a 17 to 18 inch display), and I've come across a couple laptops that mention having an "extra-wide" display or a "130-degree ultra-wide viewing angle" and things to that effect. I wanted to ask some questions about this:

1.) Does this extra-wide display entail a better picture or resolution or something like that, or is it just wider?

2.) Will an extra-wide display like this make widescreen bars (the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen when watching a movie) more likely? Will the wider display cause these bars to be bigger or appear more often on movies (or games or anything else) where they wouldn't have on a regular width display?

My computer will have a 17-18 inch display, it will be 1080p, and will be Blu-ray enabled. I'm very concerned with getting the best picture possible, so I'd like to know if the extra-wide display will contribute to that, but I'm also heavily annoyed by widescreen bars at the top and bottom of my movies and whatnot, so if the primary effect of the extra-wide display is simply a wider screen that will have more bars more often, then I'd like to know that.

Any help here is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

A:Need help with "extra-wide" PC notebook displays

It really depends as much on the graphics card as the screen itself, and there is no reliable way to know. You have to see it setup and play with the display settings.
However, If you select a true high end laptop should be fine. Others will make the images look stretched, but user quickly get used to it. One would think that 1080p would be a guarantee of good screen performance, but it is not.
If you are getting a computer that is in the upper third of its price and model range, you usually get the good screen combination in my experience... HP, Dell, Sony, and Lenovo anyway. You will have to avoid budget laptops.

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Just got a new monitor as above and although great resolution etc., everything takes on an oblong or extended horizontal view.

I guess this only what can be expected with these new monitors?

For example, in all my pictures etc. the object is obviously distorted (though only slightly).

I have a 150 cm Plasma Telly that has the same appearance so other than shrinking up the horizontal size of the monitor screen, this is just normal?

A:New 22" monitor seems "too wide screen?"

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I've been trying to connect my monitor as a second screen to mt laptop via a hdmi cable connected from screen to thunderbolt.
As soon as i plug in the HDMI cable to the thunderbolt, the screen on the laptop goes and nothing happens on the Dell U2711.
I've tried playing with F8 and also the Intel Graphics software to no avail.

Any suggestions?

A:XPS15 (9560) + TB16 .... dell u2711 27" monitor

Connect directly from the HDMI out port on the computer to the input on the monitor. Skip the Thunderbolt connection.

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Hi, when I open some small utility programs in XP, the "window/box" is not wide enough. It doesn't happen to every program, only the ones where the "maximize/minimize" and "resize" buttons are disabled.

It's a nightmare..... can someone point me in the right direction please.

I've been trying to fix for a while with no luck, I've attached a screenshot, as it says a thousand words (although you can't read all of them :>)


A:program "windows" are not wide enough. HELP PLS

thanks for the reply, as well as text, my problem is that there are buttons that I can't reach... I'll skim around the registry and hope to find the 'window width' setting' it must be fixe instead of variable or something.
Posted via Mobile Device

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After my last Windows update, this toolbar always comes up at the top of my screen when I boot. It occasionally seems to come up randomly during use as well. I can close it manually, but I cannot get it out of the startup. I've also looked in Add/Remove windows components, but could not find it specificly. I've ran msconfig and I could not find it in in there anywhere. I'd really like it of my machine completely.

Here's a screenshot.

A:MS "World Wide Web" Toolbar


download and copy hijackthis to its own folder, it makes backups so keeping seperate can be useful - run hijackthis

scan only DO NOT FIX ANYTHING post a log and await advise from one of the many experts in this forum.

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After my last Windows update, this toolbar always comes up at the top of my screen when I boot. It occasionally seems to come up randomly during use as well. I can close it manually, but I cannot get it out of the startup. I've also looked in Add/Remove windows components, but could not find it specificly. I've ran msconfig and I could not find it in in there anywhere. I'd really like it of my machine completely.

Here's a screenshot.

A:MS "World Wide Web" Toolbar


download and copy hijackthis to its own folder, it makes backups so keeping seperate can be useful - run hijackthis

scan only DO NOT FIX ANYTHING post a log and await advise from one of the many experts in this forum.

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HI all
I intend to buy one of these monitors.

Foxcomp Perth :: Buy 24" inch BenQ G2400WD LCD, 4000:1, 2ms, D-Sub, Dvi, HDMI, HDCP, 1900x1200, Black : Foxcomp Technology Perth Western Australia

BenQ Global - Computing

Foxcomp Perth :: Buy 21.5" inch BenQ E2200HD Full HD Wide LCD - 2ms, Glossy Black, 1920x1080, 10, 000:1, HDMI : Foxcomp Technology Perth Western Australia

Both have resolution 1920x1080 and are full HD 16:9. I want to be able play games and watch movies and videos on a full screen. Are those ones good for gaming and what would games look like on it. Are all new games capable of supporting 16:9 resolution or am I better of with monitor that has resolution 1920x1200. (16:10)

Any comments and suggestion are welcome
I am not hard core gamer but I do like FPS....
Would I notice much difference in playing game on a monitor with 16:9 1920X1080 or 16:10 1920x1200

A:21.5" or 24" Full HD Wide LCD BenQ

I use an Acer 24", at 1440 x 900 (16:10) looks great, in any case most top quality games give you various resolution options to select what is best for you or the game.

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I just got a Dell U3415W curve monitor and it's native resolution is is 3440 x 1440 at 60 Hz. My Spectre looks like the highest it goes is 2560 x 1440. Everything on screen is slightly skewed/flattened. Do I have any options to make it render correctly? Thanks in advance!  Brandon

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Well the title says it all. I am looking to buy best possible monitor I can buy in under $175. Requirements are as follows:
-Wide format
-17" or more
-under $175
-OEM or Retail (no refurbished or open box)
-black (if possible)
-No speakers (but if you must...)
-and rest is covered under "best possible"

Let me know what you guys think...
Thanks for your help

A:Best 17" Wide LCD Monitor under $175

Yeah, I go at newegg and tiger too, but I was thinking more outside the box. Maybe some "hidden treasure" somewhere...
Why would you go with HannsG HB-191DPB 19" Widescreen? Just curious.

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Hey guys, I was wondering what kind of motherboard is 9 1/2" wide and long. Is it an ATX or a MicroATX? Is one of the two better than the other? Do they make 500 watt power supplies for MicroATX's? Please someone answer these questions, thanks...

A:ATX or MicroATX, 9 1/2" wide and long?

Oh yea and what is a uATX motherboard cause thats what is in my computer right now and it is 9 1/2" wide and long.

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A friend has bought a 19" acer widescreen monitor.He doesn't have the option in properties to set the correct native resolution.I told him to download the latest Nvidia drivers for his graphics card a FX5200 which he has done.I told him to install any drivers that came with the monitor which he has done but he still does not have the 1440x900 option.Can anyone please advise.

A:Solved: 19"wide screen

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I have a typical 19" LCD monitor and a nvidia GeForce4 MX4000 video card. I would like to upgrade to a 22" Wide Screen LCD. I noticed that the max pixels on my present card is 1280x1024. I think the new LCD is 1680x1950. I am using Windows 2000 pro and the motherboard is a 2.4 Ghz. Do I need to get a new video card to support the new monitor? I use the computer for general stuff, day to day, like word processing, excel, and net surfing, nothing exotic or fast.

A:Solved: Wide Screen LCD vs. standard (19") help

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We have a Dell 4400 computer and had a 17 1/2" Samsung monitor that was working great until the past couple of months. (Flashing green light, and it would take a really long time for the screen to go from black to color.) We bought a new monitor, a 22 1/2" Samsung. My problem is that I am a photographer and when going to edit photos, everything is too wide and people are too fat (they don't really look anything like what the monitor is showing). I read somewhere that there is a way to change the video card so I can set the monitor to a wider setting than what the computer is currently allowing me to do (1280 x 1024 is as wide as I can go, and this monitor recommends 1920 x 1080) Can I change the video card information, and if yes, how would I do that please? I have a 20GB hard drive on the computer (the original 40GB hd died two years ago) and just installed a 160GB hd (7200) after the computer stopped recognizing the 60GB hd that was where I kept everything...thank God I had backed it all up within the past two weeks on a portable hd!)
thanks so much!

A:Need help to adjust wide monitor so everything doesn't look too wide

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I have an 'Icon' laptop which I baught in Tesco. Windows XP. I then purchaced a 19" LCD
Screen from LIDL. I wanted to watch my laptop on the large screen, but it does'nt show me what is on my laptop I have to drag the page to the screen. I tried it with an old computer and it worked perfectly that was because It replaced the monitor which is not possible with a laptop. can anybody help or can anybody tell me if it just doesnt work with a laptop.

Many thanks.

A:New 19"wide screen wont work with laptop

See if this helps:
Good luck!

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guys i have here a fujitsu 15" monitor with part no. cp134800-01 i bought but i didn't noticed that the video cable was cut does anyone know or have a diagram for it's connections? thanks

A:fujitsu 15" wide screen LCD cable connections help`

You should be able to use a meter and figure it out, the cable inside should be color coded.

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until i can afford new computer? and look ok? i was going to go with the 34" 2580 x 1080 model but if it work well for now ill go with the higher res but it might be a while before i can get new cpu and dont want it to look bad in the mean time.. thanx for any help Brian

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I am in the process of upgrading my household desktop from a Dell Dimension 4450 (Pentium 4) running Windows XP Home (SP3) to a Dell XPS 8700 (Intel 4Core i7-4770) under Windows 8 (x64).
During the course of using Revo Uninstaller to install / reinstall additional software I had an "oops" moment, and accidently removed an application one line below the intended target.
The software removed was "softOSD.exe". Research  on the web indicates that it is supplied to Dell by a Taiwanese company EnTech, and that its function is to help manage the monitor -- in my case a Dell U2412M. This research also revealed that in the past softOSD has been suspected of causing problems with displays, and there are several articles out there offering ways of removing it (or viruses that have "borrowed" the name).
My problem is slightly different -- I have not been able to find any site from where I could download a replacement version, assuming I that should want to. Can anyone offer any insight as to whether I should be worried about the lack of this item (no obvious effects so far) and try to replace it? If replacement is the way to go, where can I find a download site?

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I bought three of these netbooks for my kids for christmas. They are using windows CE. I'm not a "techy" so I hope I post all important info....I've read through the manuals and followed all the steps. The computers all show that they are connected to my router, however, when I click on the IE is says "page cannot be displayed, no DNS server found" I've put in the wep key info, as well as the primary and secondary DNS numbers, the IP address and everything. As I said it shows connected, but it won't connect. I called our internet provider and they were at a loss. I've also tried connecting w/ an ethernet cable. It's like there is a switch or button or something that is preventing full internet exchange. Has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions? Thanx, Jessica

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I got this message when i tried to view any website. I looked for a solution all over the internet. I tried everything suggested and nothing worked so I just started messing around. Here is what finaly fixed it. I hope this helps someone.
Click Tools, internet options, connections, LAN settings, uncheck use a proxy server for you LAN

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HELP! I am trying to connect my Dell U2412M 24" monitor to my Lenovo 720 Yoga Laptop.  I need to see a large screen for a spreadsheet for a project that is due immediatelly. I last used this monitor with my prior coputer, with a simple HDMI cable.  No such port on my 720, as far as I can see... 1.  Is there a hidden HDMI port on the 720- Yoga? 2.  If not, Can I use the regular, "box" USB port?  I do NOT need audio, just video. 3.  What specific cable will work?  Cheap is best, this monitor is not touch screen and was in a vehicle file and may not even work well.  It does turn on though... 4.  MUST I use the USB-C port on the Lenovo 720?  I strongly prefer not to, as it is occupied already, and I don't want to buy an expensive double port gizmo.  I just need to hook up this monitor, and quickly, for video. 5.  If I MUST use the USB-C port on the 720, same question as above, what is the CHEAPEST cable or gizmo that I need?  Where to get (Amazon, Best Buy, Micro Center, etc.).  A link to a specific product would be greatly appreciated. I am VERY frustrated!  I tried to contact Micro Center, Dell, Lenovo and Best Buy by chat, phone, etc.  No luck with any of those!  So, please help! Thank you!

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Just got a wide screen and it worked well on a newer pc but hooked it up to my older one and everything is wider and not proportioned. Tried to adjust monitor but there doesn't seem to be any mention in monitor book. This is OK for most things but pics are stretched wider than they should be and sqaure icons are rectangular.
Is there a way of adjusting this?

A:Solved: I'm wide on the wide screen

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Alright, the computer that I thought I cleaned up earlier this week is really McScrewed today. (After, mind you, I increased the security levels, added Spyblocker and Spyguard per the instructions in the pinned thread above.)

In today's episode, you try to start the PC normally (you press the power button) and it cycles through the Dell screen, the Microsoft XP screen, and then briefly on the Welcome screen -- only to shut down, and restart in an endless loop of these events.

I've taken the liberty of getting a HJT log and startup log while in Safe Mode. Here's the startup log:

StartupList report, 5/25/2004, 10:20:19 AM
StartupList version: 1.52
Started from : C:\Documents and Settings\Mike Benke.BYRIDER-3\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 6 for hijackthis.zip\HijackThis.EXE
Detected: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
Detected: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)
* Using default options

Running processes:

C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\WINWORD.EXE
C:\Documents and Settings\Mike Benke.BYRIDER-3\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Direct... Read more

A:What in the Wide, Wide World of Sports is going on?!?

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I have connected an HDMI cable to the new Dell laptop which runs windows 10
I have inserted an DVI to HDMI adapter into the monitor and plugged in the HDMI cable.
(I want to extend my workspace on my laptop onto the monitor).
I've tested the set up of the cable and adapter using another laptop running Windows 7 and it all works fine.
However, my new Dell laptop does not seem to recognize the Dell monitor.
Please can you advise solution/s? 

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I currently have a standard 4:3 17" LCD monitor. I want to upgrade to 19" but I am unsure whether or not to get a widescreen monitor or a standard square one. I know it probably depends on what it is going to be used for, but I do a lot of different things, from games, to browsing the web, to website making, to video editing.

Should I take the safe bet of the 4:3 monitor ? Or is there a big advantage to 16:9 ? Please note I wont be doing much DVD viewing on it, only to check back videos I have edited (not to sit and watch for hours).

Any advice appreciated, thanks !

A:19" wide or 19" 4:3 ?

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Several video game programs are receiving critical system errors and "encountered a serious problem"
and are failing to run.

Here is the file that is included as going "with the report" to Microsoft:

I downloaded a crack for an old video game and I think that malware went with it, so here is my HiJack Log. Thank you in advance!

My system: WindowsXP Professional SP2
AMD 5200+ Dual Core w/CPu Optimizer from AMD
Mboard: K9MM AGP

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 6:45:24 PM, on 8/31/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16512)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_02\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPoint\SetPoint.exe
C:\Program Files\Xfire\Xfire.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Logitech\KhalShared\KHALMNPR.EXE
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Google\Commo... Read more

A:System Wide "system errors"


My Problem seems to have been solved.


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After connected my dell XPS 13 with Dell 34" ultra monitor via Kensington SD4000 universal docking station. Have video but no sound coming out from my ultra wide monitor. The only sound that I heard was from the XPS laptop. My Laptop's OS is window 10 and I tried to use Chrome and explorer Edge, none of the search engine is able to solve the problem. Moreover, I checked my all connective cables to/from the docking station and it seems fine to me. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So the story goes that I have a dell ultrasharp U2414h monitor which been working great since I bought it, and recently I moved to a brighter apartment and I realized there is a stuck pixel on the monitor, and I realized the monitor comes with "Premium Panel Guarantee" as stated on the website throughout all the ultrasharp series, So i called up technical support, spoke with TWO basic support agents and ONE senior service technician, all three of them just keep asking for the service tag or service code which I don't have at all on the monitor, I provided them with the S/N on the back of monitor and their answers were "according to industry standard you need to have minimum 5 or more dead pixels in order to qualify for an exchange" . So since when did ultrasharp premium panel guarantee downgrades and inline with the industry standard? then I went ahead and ask for a supervisor and I got a senior service tech which says my monitor only has one year  warranty, the premium panel guarantee and advanced exchange service (stated on dell website) are EXTRA features that you need to purchase. So according to the website I read to the tech as follow:

Premium Panel Guarantee. The Dell Premium Panel Guarantee allows a free panel replacement during the Limited Hardware Warranty period even if only one bright pixel is found.
Advanced Exchange Service. Your Dell monitor comes with a 3-year Advanced Exchange  Service2 so that,... Read more

A:complaint about dell ultrasharp monitors

If you have a Service Request (SR) number for your latest contact with Tech Support about this specific problem, you can try Dell's Unresolved Issues.
If you don't have an SR number for this issue, call Tech Support and ask them for it. And if they don't have one for your monitor issue, start a new service request and be sure to ask for an SR number, if they don't satisfy you. Then use Unresolved Issues.

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This monitor is run by my Dell XPS 600 PC, 955ee processor and dual Geforce 7800 GTX cards. While the colors are crisp and sharp the picture is somewhat distortated. Circles are egged shaped and the vertical pictures are fairly compressed. This is at any resoultion. Is there some way to adjust that or is it a monitor problem?
Thanks for your input.


A:Dell 2405FP ultrasharp monitor

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hey wassup guys just wondering, who has a dell 19" lcd ultrasharp 1905fp and running at 1280 x 1204 @ 75 refresh rate? Anyone?
Dell says the optimum is 60 for refresh rate, but says highest it can go is 75, so why not just use 75? why keep it at 60? can someone enlighten me on the subject? i'm kinda new to lcd's and all their goodness.

I'm not sure where to leave it at 75 or 60, i always though higher was better lol, what am i missing? anyways. let me know thanx.

A:dell 19 inch ultrasharp 1905fp help!

It is because there is no need for bigger refresh rates with LCD technology.

You seem to suffer from the Big Numbers syndrome.. In most things bigger (number) doesn't mean better.

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