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Cannot Activate no option to activate

Q: Cannot Activate no option to activate

I am trying to activate my windows as I am getting the genuine error.
I did was right click on computer --> properties

There is typically a place to enter a new product key but i dont see it. please see attachment

Preferred Solution: Cannot Activate no option to activate

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cannot Activate no option to activate

Hi, welcome to the forums

If you type activate in to the start search box then click 'Activate Windows' this should take you the Windows activation screen.

My concern is that the 'Not Genuine' notification normlly occurs on pirated copies of Windows 7 with altered activation technology files. Is your copy legal?

The use of, and request for help using pirated software is strictly prohibited on this forum as is giving/requesting certain activation information e.g. cracks or keys. As such, we shall not give assistance if the problem is due to bypassed activation.


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Any body workout activation option missing?

A:Option to activate

Your going to have to be much more specific, as in no option to activate windows is missing or what?

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Any body workout activation option missing?

A:Option to activate

Your going to have to be much more specific, as in no option to activate windows is missing or what?

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I recently reinstalled Windows 7 on another laptop of mine (MSI CR600), but the product key for it was faded and unreadable. I know that there's an option to activate by phone, but I can't find it anywhere on here. How might I accomplish this? I know I have a product key, and I still have the label; I just can't read it and need to activeate via phone.

A:No Option to Activate by Phone

See if this helps: Activate Windows 7 by Phone

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A couple of weeks ago I started to get messages about the windows not being genuine, but when I tried to activate the Windows 7 key, it gave me the error code 0xC004E003.
Then when I go back to activate the Windows 7 key, there is no option to activate by phone, the only options i have are: "Buy a new product key online", "Type a different key" and "Contact Dell to help resolve this problem".
By the way this is a custom built PC, I have no idea why it says to contact Dell, no part of my machine is manufactured by Dell.
If anyone knows how to fix this, please reply, I appreciate it so much.

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Macbook pro running Snow Leopard, with Excel 2008.
I opened the following file:

The Excel sort option is dimmed out so I cant choose sorting.


send email to S O F T C I Y @ Y A H O O . C O M

A:Excel Sort option wont activate!??

Welcome to TSG

There are 2 sheets selected in your workbook. Try it with one


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I am trying to enable my self encrypting hard drive (SED) (Samsung MZNLN256HMHQ-000H7) on my new computer, after reading this white paper I understand that HP Client Security Manager should be able to do that (the paper says HP ProtectTools, but I understand that has been rebranded as HP Client Security Manager on my machine). However, when I open the security manage there is no option for hard drive encryption.  Do I not have one of the "select models" that this applies to? I have an EliteBook 850 G4 - windows 10 64-bitIf not, how do I enable my SED? I have looked into bitlocker but it seems that is software not hardware encryption. Please help,

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I have a Windows 2012 R2 server running as my KMS host. This server has been in production for over 18 months. It services both Windows 7 Pro, Ent, Win8.1, Office 2010 Pro Plus and Office 2013 Pro. I set this KMS up via the VLS on 2012 and manage it via
VMAT 3.0 version 6.2.9200.0. After I replaced my 2012 server kms host key with the newer one that would activate Windows 10, did an offline via telephone activation. My issue is that now I can activate all my servers (2012 r2) but cannot activate any Windows
7 Pro/Ent workstations. My main error is "The software licensing service reported that the product could not be activated. No key management service (KMS) could be contacted. With that being said, I've checked to ensure that the KMS service is running
and that port 1688 is open. This was accomplished using PortQryUI. I also have verified that the KMS host is properly registered in DNS. Within the KMS event logs, I have Evt ID#12290 and in the Volume Activation Management Tool logs I have VMAT Runtime Evt
ID#1000 with error 0xC004F074. On any given WS (Win7) the Application event log shows Evt ID#12288 with 0XC0000022, 0x00000000 as it starter, with no #12289 entries. I've read where I should remove the newly installed host key, reboot, reinstall, activate
and then reboot. The strange thing is that when I run "slmgr.vbs /dlv all" I can see the newly installed host key as verified by the last 5 digits and it shows active and licensed. If I run "... Read more

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I have this watermark in the bottom right of my screen. looks like this:

In case it's important I'm using dual monitors and my OS windows 8.1 build 9600. It. I don't know the first thing about computers so I don't really know what to else information is essential. I'm really sick of this thing here so if anyone could help me get rid of it that'd be great, thanks

My specs:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16327 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (300 GB Free); D: 931 GB (472 GB Free);
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., Z97-A
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

A:"Activate Windows go to PC settings to activate windows"

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Hi everyone this is my first post, nice to meet you all
well the thing is that im having problems with my serial number....
I have windows xp profesional 64x, it was an original, it came with a serial number to activate but guess what the serial didnt worked,

thank you very much

A:cannot activate

please read the forum rules
i have edited out the part that breaches them
phone microsoft and explain the situation to them and if your serial is genuine they will get you activated
this is all the help we can give on the subject of serials so closing post

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I had a copy of windows 8 on one of my pc's. I bought it some time ago digitally when there was an offer to get it as an upgrade for a lower price (i think it was 40$).
Anyway, the pc is died on me and i bought a new hard drive, now, i tried to download the Win 8 assistant in hopes it will ask me for the key (i already did it once) but now it does not offer an activation, only bring me to the checkout.
Right now im using Win 7.
Is there anyway i can re-activate Win 8? i have the key.

Thank you

A:Re-activate Win 8

If you have successfully installed Win 7 on that new hard drive, you can download the Windows 8 upgrade ISO and use your key to reactivate it. Please follow Brink's excellent tutorial here:


Good luck.

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I use an old PC with Celeron 400 Mhz-440LX motherboard which runs under Win XP Pro. I recently purchase a new motherboard M811 with Duron 1.8 Ghz (and new graphic card). How can I transfer the whole content of my old HD to this one? Of course, connecting the old HD on this new MB does not work.
I tried to install Win XP from the CD but it will not activate because the product key has already been used for the old PC.
I am sure that many people had the same problem, but I only realise now that I may be obliged to purchase a new Win XP CD-rom.

I tried a procedure mentioned in a German website which seems having "cracked" the activation process (Windows Product Activation compromised, www.techchannel.de).
I set the profile to a "portable computer" and "the computer is docked". I used the same Ram size (although the memory values were not exactly the same, may be due to the different Ram type?). I had no LAN card so I assume this does not affect the activation. I could not find where to hide the CPU serial nb in the BIOS. The case, HD and IDE cables the same (only substituted the old motherboard-CPU-Ram with the new ones).

Does anyone know how to activate this "already once activated" Win XP, or use the old HD with the new MB?

A:Cannot Activate Win Xp Pro On My New Pc

You need to call the Microsoft number provided in the screen that told you the activation failed, provide them with your valid license number and tell them what you did.

If you had a retail version originally, that will work. An OEM version installed by a computer manufacturer, for example Dell, is not transferable to a new computer which is virtually what you have.

You need to be connected to the internet to accomplish this unless you want to enter a long series of numbers they give you manually.

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Hi I recently purchased Windows 8 (12/12/2012), I d/l'ed it and made an ISO and DVD, I installed it onto an SSD and kept my HDD as a back up and storage device.
Today my second SSD arrived and I installed it as a RAID 0 with my other SSD, all went well until I started having windows update failures, one after the other they all seemed to be corrupted or something, I was installing the large files individually and the smaller ones in batches of 3-5, then my drives were not recognised, I had "missing OS" errors and "locked drives" and "partition missing" errors.
Windows Update completely ruined my drives, I spent 12+ hours trying to get them sorted which I eventually did.
After I installed my OS I saw a logo in the bottom right hand corner of my desktop "Windows 8 Pro Build 9200" this wasn't there the first time I installed windows 8, then I got a message from the action centre asking me to validate my OS, although I had entered the product key during the installation. It failed, it said my copy of windows was only for "upgrade" and not for a "clean" install.
What can I do?

A:8 Won't Activate

Hello EightX,

It sounds like you did a clean install with your upgrade copy of Windows 8, and just missed doing step 4 in the tutorial below for to be activated.

Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

Hope this helps,

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I just upgraded to another computer and I used Reflect image to transfer all programs. My question is in the lower right corner of screen I get a message that says "Activate Windows" Go to settings to activate Windows. I am not good with this can someone help me How do I do this?

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I ran a few searches but couldn't fine any information that was valid to my situation.

I'm trying to keep my old desktop running until I can afford something newer and in an effort to extend its life I reformatted the hard drive recently and reinstalled Vista. However, it's telling me that the product key is invalid and doesn't give me a telephone number to call for activation like it used to.

What, if anything, can I do?

A:No way to activate?

Where did you get the CD? If it did not come with the computer and you cannot find the key on the computer body, you may have another possible means to reactivate. You may have problems, however because you formatted. Most computer manufacturers provide a method to restore to the way it was one you took it home. Go to Google, put is how to restore (computer make and model) to factory specs.
This is what I have on my desktop Dell xps 420
You should be able to find something similar. Keep us informed.

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Our company has volume licensing.
I've downloaded and installed Win 7 Ent.

Is there any other way I can activate?
Since I think we don't have KMS yet.

When I try to activate it informs a KMS could not be contacted.

A:No KMS (yet), How else to Activate?

Your business would have to have a multiple activation key (MAK). You can use that to activate business copies of Windows.

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running 7600 on my main machine, but it's in the shop right now, and as of today my 30 days is up. i intended to re-arm on sunday but have not been able to get it to boot for almost a week now.

anyway once it's working again, i'll boot up to an 'expired' windows. will i still be able to re-arm, or will i have to reinstall?

A:what happens if i don't activate?

You should set the bios date to previous date and boot your windows, rearm.

Then change the original date

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well recently reinstalled windows and when i go cmd and try to execute sfc/scannow it tells me that i need to be an administrator with full console access to execute sfc the account is administrator but idk why this doesnt work can someone help please

A:how to activate sfc?

Go to start>all programs>accessories>Command Promt>:Right click>Run as admin

And you type sfc /scannow

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I have XP PRO that I bought "legally" in 19999, and every time I get new PC I would put my XP pro in it or if it would crash than I would reinstall XP PRO. But last night it gave a message that said I have reached my limit of the times I can activate it. Why after all this time did I get this message?

A:Cant activate XP key!

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I have an acer laptop that runs win7 ult 64bit i had to restore it with a fresh copy of windows so i used the copy i had with it but the activation key wont work what can i do it is an upgraded laptop

A:op sys non activate

Quote: Originally Posted by richardhanners

I have an acer laptop that runs win7 ult 64bit i had to restore it with a fresh copy of windows so i used the copy i had with it but the activation key wont work what can i do it is an upgraded laptop

You may need to follow the Option Three of Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version.

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I have an acer laptop that runs win7 ult 64bit i had to restore it with a fresh copy of windows so i used the copy i had with it but the activation key wont work what can i do it is an upgraded laptop

A:op sys non activate

Quote: Originally Posted by richardhanners

I have an acer laptop that runs win7 ult 64bit i had to restore it with a fresh copy of windows so i used the copy i had with it but the activation key wont work what can i do it is an upgraded laptop

You may need to follow the Option Three of Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version.

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Hello, I have yoga 710 15IKBWhen i opened my laptop, after 1 min it suddenly shut down and after that moment it does not answer anything. Its like motherboard is just burn. Just there is light near start button but there is no voice from laptop and there is no response totally. When it shut down charger was not plugged in just usb connected to phone.

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Upon bootup this morning I received a message saying that my copy of XP needed to be re-activated because significant hardware changes had been made to my computer since initial registration. This is puzzling since no hardware changes of any kind have been made to this computer.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is happening?


A:Xp Wants To Re-activate

Have you been altering stuff in the registry and more importantly have you a legal copy of XP ( no offence intended)

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Sorry guys this is not the thread I was reading to begin with but my question is Im running the trial version of Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build 9431 and I could not get it to activate! From what I read you cant get all the functions of Windows without it being activated! I was in a thread on here that says because its a trial version it doesnt activate! If thats the case then getting the benefit of testing out personalazation and other functions isnt possible! Is there a workaround on this activation problem or is it what you see is what you get! Just wanted to test out any functions I could to get the feel of of the whole OP System before I make a decision on buying a retail version of Pro! I happen to have won a key for a free full retail version of Windows 8 Pro and have dowloaded the ISO is it possible to load it on one of my other computers without activating it so otside of getting online just take it for a test drive ! Im assuming as long as I dont activate it then it wont attach itself to this particular computer! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Seems to be a lot of isssues with Windows 8 and 8.1 but thats from one user to another and what Rig they are running on! I have a couple of Rigs that have a little power to them and they are DIY where I hand picked the parts so they have some quality parts and so far tested 3 and Windows Compatability Test runs are excellant! Like I said any info would be greatly appreciated!! I new to the forums here so while I posting s... Read more

A:I could not get it to activate

Hi Bill, Welcome to the forum.

Your cognitive functioning is fine.

Windows 8 Pro Preview evaluation trial period has expired and thus is not recommneded for evaluation - you could still evaluate Windows 8.1 Preview though - as an enterprise version, but it contains all Pro components apart from Media Centre.

Please see here: Try Windows 8.1 Enterprise | TechNet Evaluation Center

As far as using your key to try Windows 8 , yes if activated it will use up an activation tied to that machine - it may activate on another, either on-line or by phone, but that's not guaranteed.

Good luck.

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okay i just got my new system built and everything works great.
but when i click on the key icon in the notification area that tell me i have 30 days left to activate my XP, it says

"Unable to establish connection with the activation server. Please check your network settings and confirm that you are able to connect to the internet, then try again"

I think my connection is working good or i wouldn't be able to post this.
I also can't connect to AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messanger.

But i can connect to all my games and internet explorer.

A:Can't Activate XP Pro

Use the telephone option to activate your O.S.

What happens when you try to connect to AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messanger, do you recieve an error message?

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EDIT: Fixed my previous problem, but I will state what happened & how I fixed it in case anyone searches for something similar.

Problem: I couldn't log into windows, the bluescreen was too fast to read the error. I could only boot safe mode or safe + network or safe + command, but I needed to activate windows in order to do anything... but activation requires going into Normal mode, which I couldn't do due to the blue screen error. Never ending cycle!

Solution: While in safe mode, I found a restore point that worked. I went back to it and was able to boot in normal mode. Because it wasn't detecting my internet connection while it was waiting for activation, I called up the Microsoft activation line and did it that way. It was pretty simple and kinda cool for voice recognition software actually.

Anyway, now that that problem is solved... on to the next one...

A:Wants Me To Activate... But I Already Did

the call usually only takes 5-10 minutes. they're pretty easy to deal with

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I receive 0xC004F063 when entering my licence key
Battling it for 13 hours

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This might seem a little odd this problem. Never came across it before. OK I sent a copy of XP Pro with SP3 (Valid key as I got it from my echnet account) to install on my other half's machine. Install went fine and dandy and online at least the key was validated.

http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/ (showed as windows was validated fine)

However the thing won't/can't activate as we can't get the activation screen to appear (sounds odd)


These screens I mean. We try to follow the commands on there via the run prompt and tried to go into programs/accessories and click on activate windows from there but whatever we do? the screen is simply not appearing. She doesn't want to have to reinstall as she's not very computer literate and I can't be there to help her due to a long distance thingy. She's got a backup/restore cd to restore her system but the system's at least 5 years old and that would mean having to download everything again (and she's only got dialup internet so installing/downloading everything is going to take an absolute age which we would like to avoid if possible)

A:XP Pro with SP3 won't activate

Follow this.

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Hi all, heres the problem, i recently installed XP home and everything was going fine. then i was told by the little annoying pop-ups that i had to activate. So i did. Next couple of weeks were ok, no pop-up, and xp saying its activated. But..... when i shut down my PC for the night and log on the next day, i click my username and log in, then a message appears saying "you have XX days left to activate XP, would you like to do this now?", so i click yes, activation box appears saying XP is already activated. Now i cant log on without activating, but as its already activated, it just logs me off. So if anyone of you smart people can help me, i would greatly appreciate it.
BTW, i wasn't being sarcastic with my smart people comment, i know a lot of people on this site are smart.
Thanks in advance,

A:XP Saying Re-Activate

Is your copy of XP a legal copy?

Im just asking this because Microsoft has started their whole "Anti-Piracy" run where if your copy of XP isn't a valid copy, they'll shut you down.

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i have a problem
about 8 months ago i bought a laptop that had windows 7 original
but about 4 days before , my windows had been not activate and don't let me install any program
wen i check status in system properties , in windows activation is written "not available"
i dont want to crack it because is original
what can i do
plz help me
thanks a lot

A:help:my win 7 had been not activate

we do not support cracking windows anyway. did you install any windows updates? have you tried calling the place you purchased it from?

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how to activate my computer

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I tried to activate XP, but it says I'm not connected to the internet when I try to do it.

What's the problem?

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Hi to all & Good Morning,

How to activate 04 GB RAM in Windows XP SP 2, I already installed 01 x 04 GB RAM in my system / machine. But its detect only 3.25 GB RAM - I don't know how to activate or fix this issue to get my full 04 GB RAM in use.

About my Computer Spec - its in my Profile.

Thanks in Advance.


(Corrected its 04 GB - Thanks Oracle)

A:How to activate 04 MB RAM in Win XP SP2

Welcome to TSG

Dude, Where's My 4 Gigabytes of RAM?

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I have an HP 15 laptop running 8.1 64 bit. I am not sure when it happened, but suddenly I am being asked to activate windows. There is a watermark in the lower right of the screen showing "Windows 8.1 Build 9600".

Again, not sure when this happened. Originally, I was trying to diagnose a black screen. I had it hooked up to an external monitor and tried running updates on all sorts of drivers, including BIOS (all directly from HP). I also tried running all Win updates, but they continued to fail. Ultimately, I realized that the screen was going to need replacement. That's when I started getting the "activate windows" message. I replaced the screen, but have been battling this activation issue ever since.
I contacted HP chat support. They had me run a full system restore.  No luck. I tried to reenter the CD Key using slui.exe 4 no luck. I tried to get the phone activation option by using slui.exe 3. I was able to choose my country, but then it just spins. Never gets to an installation id nor does it give me a phone number to call.
I have checked the hdd for errors.
I don't know what else to try. Can anyone offer advice?

A:Win 8 will not activate

Right click on Computer and select Properties.  See if you computer is listed as activated.  

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Can you provide any more information?

What kind of program?

What have you doen to try and fix this?

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I am using Acer Aspire 4736Z model notebook. Recently i was instatlled win7 Ultimate 32 bit os. now when i was trying to use web cam it is not working why?


A:How to activate my web cam

If the webcam is built in, go to Acer Support, fill in model number, select Windows 7 x86 and see if they have drivers for the webcam -


If after-market webcam, go to the webcam manufacturer's site and locate Windows 7 drivers for it.

Regards. . .



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I have had my HP ENVY new in box since 2013 and decided to start it up to replace another PC that was dying.  It started up in WIN 8 (not 8.1) and was soon doing all the updates needed to bring it up to speed. I did not upgrade to WIN 8.1.Before the cutoff for free WIN 10 upgrade I installed the upgrade and all was well until I saw the message that WIN 10 needed to be activated. I had no product key from WIN 8, but used Majical Jellybean Keyfinder to get the key, but WIN 10 would still not activate.  According to Win Support I need to get a key for WIN 8 to activate WIN 10 but the key in the bios was overwritten by a default WIN 10 key overwritten during the upgrade.So is there any way around this so I can activate WIN 10 or is there a way I can get a WIN 8 key to fix this problem?My other alternative is to buy WIN 10 and do a reinstall but I would like to avoid that.Thanks.

View Solution.

A:Can't Activate WIN 10

Peter6083 First off, by itselfr,Windows is UNABLE to write to the UEFI firmware where the product key is installed; so, there is no way that a Windows installation would overwrite that key.  You would have to use special firmware-programming code (like that included with BIOS updates) to change the firmware. Second, MagicalJellyBean is unreliable for finding OEM product keys as it tends to report only what it sees in the Registry, and that is not always correct. To find the OEM product key embedded into the UEFI firmware, us this utility: Showkey - Windows 10 ForumsGood Luck

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"Windows can't activate right now Try activating later." Been getting this for hours. Is there any way other than contacting Microsoft Customer service & Support?

A:Can't Activate 64 bit

You might have a network driver issue since you couldn't upload to here and this problem too. Try to get that zip uploaded in the other thread and hold off on this for now. You have something like 30 days to activate.

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Due to some problems with one virus (win/Mytob.), i decided to reinstall os because it was impossible to run any application on computer. Avira found the virus but without deleting or or moving in qarantine.
I format "c:/" and i installed a fesh copy of windows. Windows xp pro sp1 - legal copy. ( i used before, and i updated version to sp2 from microsoft, but now only sp1).
I installed avira pe clasic - free edition, spybot s&d and malwarebytes' before accesing internet. ( the instalation kitt for the programs on "d:/")
After that i set the connection to internet and i updated instaled programes ( avira, spyware and malwarebytes' - last one only up to 11.02.2009).
After updating, i tryied to activate windows online but the operation failed due to unavailable internet connection. ?!?! But i was connected.
I tryed to update again above mentioned programs but i received the message: "Update failed. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and your firewall is set to allow Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware ( or Avira ) to acces the internet. Spybot s&d can make the updating.
Also, i cannot acces any site from microsoft, antivirus, anti-spyware or other "anti" site.
I'm glad that i was abble to connect to www.techsupportforum.com

Also i received 3 times next message/pop-up:
Messenger service:
Message from FROM to TO 2/22/2009
Your operating system registry might be corrup... Read more

A:cannot activate win xp

To optionally fix your system registry
1. Download Registry Update from: regrenew.com

haha never download a so called registry update

How to Reinstall Windows XP Without Having to Reactivate With Microsoft

you can also activate from the phone

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I have P5Q-E and TWIN 2X 4096 - 8500 C5DF G,
Help me How to active EPP Option for the Ram , i cant find it in my Bios

A:How To Activate EPP

The board is not EPP compliant... Just let the bios detect the memory and be happy

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was working online, when error message popped up that error occurred in Norton Antivirus, that Norton would shut down. I restarted computer so that antivirus would start up again, but when I tried to log on it said that I need to activate windows. (I've had XP for about a year now, and activated, registered it when I got it.) So I try to activate again, but have no internet connection because I can't log on, and the telephone number to activate over the phone is not a working number. Any help?
thank you

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I reinstalled win xp but I cannot activate it. When It ask's how you want activate It, It logs me off no matter what option I choose. I can only open XP when I log in in safe mode. Please Help!

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I have a Laptop and a Desktop.
The Laptop is a Toshiba and came with XP Home installed. (with Recovery Disk)
The Desktop has XP Home which I bought and installed.

I just bought XP Pro to install on my Desktop.

My question is:-

Will I have a problem with Microsoft when I try to activate after
uninstalling XP Home from the Desktop and installing it on the Laptop??

I hope this is clear!!

A:Activate XP

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I just upgraded to another computer and I used Reflect image to transfer all programs. My question is in the lower right corner of screen I get a message that says "Activate Windows" Go to settings to activate Windows. I am not good with this can someone help me How do I do this?

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Good my question is if it is necessary to activate KSN

When I have activated the application control that acts as an antiexe and block unrecognized programs ??

Thank you.

A:It is necessary to activate KSN

absolutely, KSN is Kaspersky's "Cloud".

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Here's the deal.
I've installed windows 7 many times on this very same computer, only graphics card and HDDs have changed, multiple times that is.
Everytime it has been activated succesfully with same activation key but this time it just won't, I called the automated phone thing and gave it long series of numbers, then it said that it can't give the code, ok now I got new graphics card since last install (from gtx 260 to 480) but that shouldn't be a reason to decline my activation, even if i changed mobo it should still work with the call.

I don't know what to do expect reinstall later which sound's stupid because it should'nt be problem of my installation.

I've used same custom media that is automated install with same key everytime so it's not possible i've put wrong key and even if i did i tried to retype it.

And i'm not going to buy another windows 7.

What else can I do but to call real person who usually won't do shit.

A:Seven won't activate :<

What version are you attempting to install and where did you get it?

I've used same custom media that is automated install with same key everytime so it's not possible i've put wrong key and even if i did i tried to retype it

This sounds like a torrented copy of Windows...

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