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Issues with HDMI and VGA Adapter

Q: Issues with HDMI and VGA Adapter

How do I confirm that my surface Pro 4 mini display port works fine.
The device does not recognize VGA / HDMI adapter when plugged in.

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Preferred Solution: Issues with HDMI and VGA Adapter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey everyone,

PC Info:
Windows 10 Genuine
Intel i7 4790k
NVidia GTX 980ti
8GB RAM 1600
128GB SSD Boot
480GB SSD for games
1TB HDD @7200rpm for movies

I recently purchased a Display port to HDMI adapter for my PC. I did this because my TV (SONY XBR55X930D) displays 4k HDR and I want to take advantage of its ENHANCED HDMI setting. Now, when I hook the Display port end of this adapter into the 980ti and then plug the HDMI into the adapter for my TV I get video and support for ENHANCED HDMI, however, I receive no audio output whatsoever. I'll run DOOM 2016 I get video @4k but nothing for audio. Can't hear a thing whether its a movie, streaming audio through SoundCloud...nothing. I'm told that there should be support for audio with these adapters.

Is this not the case? Am I missing a setting?

I've done some research but am having difficulty finding a solution.

I am using HDMI 2.0a cables that support HDCP 2.2.

This is the adapter I purchased:


Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your replies/tips and answering any questions.

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Hello, I would love to ask for some help!
I've recently purchased the newer Dell XPS 13 9360 Non-touch (not the 2 in 1) and am having some trouble with using an external monitor. The screen (on the external monitor) keeps on flickering and has a very unstable connection. 
I've searched and found that apparently lowering the power output of the WIFI network adapter can fix this problem. 
The problem is that the current XPS's wifi adapter doesn't allow the power output to be changed. The previous fixes were geared towards intel wifi adapters.
The general power settings for the computers doesn't show wifi card power controls.

I have updated all the drivers for the computer including the wireless adapter. Still the options doesn't change.

Has anyone found a way to get a stable external monitor to work with the Killer Wireless Adapter cards?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:XPS 13 9360 External Monitor Flicker with USB C - HDMI Adapter [Killer Wireless Adapter]

For what it's worth: For me (XPS 13 9360, QHD, i7, 16 GB, Killer WiFi), external screens are perfectly stable, even with wireless being on relatively high throughput load, albeit not high power (energy) load.
I am connecting both HDMI and DisplayPort displays, each with cheap native USB-C adapters (i.e. through Thunderbolt). I also have full success with a Dell DA200, through its built-in HDMI graphics adapter.

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I have two problems so i will explain the scenario then number out the issue. I had a new hard drive installed, when i booted the laptop, it worked well. The wifi in my area is very low so I was told I can use a wireless adpter to "boost" the signal strength received. I was given a Encore ENUWI-N3 Wireless Adapter to use. I installed the utility program from the official website and the computer still did not recognise the device, so I deleted the program. I then lost connection to the internet, and at the time i thought the wifi can dropped (i later realised that was not the case since my phone's wifi was still connected). I then reinstalled the software ( the executible file was saved on the harddrive), and it give me the same message that there are no drivers for the adapter.

I shifted my attention to my failed internet connection, after troubleshooting it give me a error 28 message stating that there were no drivers installed for the Broadcom wireless adapter that is internally installed. I tried a system restore to before i tried installing the Encore adapter, and still nothing, the system continued to give me the same message and it registered in the "device manager" as unknown device named "ethernet controller" with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. I have been able to borrow a laptop and download the LAN adapter fron the ACER support website, and although it had no "set up.exe" file visible i was able to get... Read more

A:Encore ENUWI-N3 Wireless Adapter plus internal broadcom adapter issues

What is the purpose of all those links at the end of your post?

What is listed in Device Manager under Network Adapters?

What, if any, warnings or errors (yellow or red) flags are anywhere in Device Manager?

While trying to connect by both ethernet and Wi-Fi ...

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with that see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows 7 or Vista I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.

Also show ...

Open a (black) Command Prompt window:
Hold the Windows logo key and press r; in the Run box type cmd and click on OK.

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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Is there an image quality difference between if I use HDMI to DP or DP to HDMI adapter?
a,5870nd both will work with Eyeinfinity, yes?

A:HDMI to DP or DP to HDMI adapter?

No, there is no loss of quality using DisplayPort to HDMI or to another interface. I don't think there is a HDMI to DP adapter.

Eyefinity requires that all monitors beyond the second one are connected through a DP port, but an adapter can be used.

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HI,  I have an hp envy laptop (m6-aq005dx) and it has a usb-c port. I wanted to display a second output monitor. I have already used my hdmi port so i thought the hp usb-c to hdmi adapter would work for my laptop since there was no software or drivers needed. Anyays, it is not working. everytime i plug in the display adapter, it says the connection may not work, try another cable. I have tried several hdmi cables, and even the adapter by itself. Is my laptop not compatible? i have also tried a few different display drivers for my laptop. When looking into the device manager, is shows up as a usb adapter but with error. I'm thinking that  my port is only meant to give output and not input. If so, what are other alternatives to output to two monitors..

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I have a GTX 260 nvidia graphics card which has two DVI outputs but no HDMI output and a monitor which has HDMI + DVI+ VGA. I am currently using the DVI connection but i was wondering if i used the HDMI monitor cable and bought a HDMI DVI adapter (converter) will that make much difference in terms of the picture/video quality?

A:HDMI DVI adapter?

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I need an adapter from my usb port on my computer to a hdmi socket on my tv I have been looking at one on this page of ebay usb2.0 to hdmi adapter | eBay the one for ?23.69 would this do the trick. I want to stream films from my computer to my tv.

A:usb 2.0 to hdmi adapter

You would need something like this where it's a full adapter:

1080P HDTV USB 2.0 PC to HDMI HD Graphics Converter Video Adapter W/3.5mm Audio | eBay

But USB doesn't have any video output so I'm not sure how that is going to work.

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This is a HP 6720s notebook.

It only has a VGA connector. I need a HDMI connector.

I wonder if there are any external HDMI adapters or converters. I guess VGA isn't the best thing to convert from since it's analog.
I could use USB ports and an expresscard slot.

Are there any USB-to-HDMI or ExpressCard-to-HDMI adapters? Do such things exist?

A:HDMI Adapter

Hi there .. Not sure how this would work with your Laptop . I think it might be better to get a new one rather than do any upgrades .. Any how have a look in the Link below . No idea how much it costs . But i am sure you can find the cost in the Link if needed .

Wireless USB to HDMI Converter with Audio Kit

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Hello Friends!!

I need your help in buying HDMI Adapter which converts to display port in range of $10- 20. I am getting confuse from where to buy and which is better. So, please suggest me from where i can purchase within my range and with good quality. Its an urgent requirement.

Thanks in advance.

A:Need HDMI Adapter At $10-20


Having said that, there are two types, active and passive. The type you get will depend on your configuration. For a three monitor configuration, for example, you will want an active converter.

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I currently found out that my TV supports 1080p.
However, it only works when HDMI is plugged in. And my card only has DVI output. And i was wondering, will the 1080p work with a DVI to HDMI adapter then?


A:Display HDMI Adapter

Yes this would..

This might help to give you an indication of what cable you could get.
Cable converts HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI - Cable 1080p Certified

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Not too long ago, I bought a VGA to HDMI converter to connect my laptop to my TV, but I wasn't able to get it to work, and the tech support guy I talked to from Monoprice's chat suggested it was probably incompatible with my TV, so I had it returned, and then I bought this on the recommend of the same guy: http://www.monoprice.com/products/p..._id=1011403&p_id=8079&seq=1&format=2&rep=mike

But the problem is, I hooked it up, installed the drivers, and still I'm not getting any picture on my TV screen. I have the input set to the correct station. Everything's installed correctly. And I even reinstalled the drivers from the website of the company that produces the adapter. Still nothing.

Do you guys have any ideas? Because I've spent a lot of time trying to get this to work, and I'm not having any luck. I've asked on a couple different places, and I haven't had much luck there, either. If anyone here can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

A:My USB to HDMI adapter isn't working

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I have a Series 9 laptop, an external Samsung Monitor 2494 LW & Samsung HDMI to VGA adapter. It was working , laptop now doesn't recognize the monitor - do the $40 adapters fail?

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Hi all, I ordered a 6th gen X1C and need to order a USB C to hdmi adapter since i primary use an external 4k monitor and want to have 60hz. I found 2 on Amazon that outputs 4k at 60hz; one is passive and the other is active. How do I know which one i need for the X1C? 1. Passive - USB C to HDMI Adapter ([email protected]), uni USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] for MacBook Pro 2018/2017, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8, Surface Book 2, Dell XPS 13/15, Pixelbook and More - Gray https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075V68NVR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_OeAQBbEP7KW2Z 2. Active - Club 3D,CAC-1504,USB-C to HDMI 2.0 Adapter for MacBook Retina 12" 2015/2016, XPS 2016, Chromebook Pixel 2015, Thunderbolt 3 & More (Supports 4K / UHD Displays up to [email protected]) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016QO8186/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_jgAQBbPEQ8P9N

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Hi, We have bought 4 different brands of USB-C adapters - All with 2 X USBs + HDMI. The USBs on the adapter works fine but not the HDMI when plugged into USB-C port of HP EliteBook 850 G3.  None of the adapters are faulty as we have tested it on Dell USB-C port and HDMI works fine. Any suggestions what could be wrong? 

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I'm really hoping someone here has experience with this issue and can help me. I have a 37" Philips CRT TV which I have connected to my computer so that I can watch videos on it. I have been using it with an older laptop that has S-video output and it has been working perfectly. Recently I upgraded my computer and my two modern graphics cards do not support S-video, only DVI or HDMI. I have been using an HDMI to composite adapter with no issues except that I had to adjust the screen size to make it fit. However, the image quality is pretty bad, so I just purchased an HDMI to component adapter. I am able to make it work by setting the resolution to 480i, but when I attempt to resize the screen, the image becomes distorted beyond recognition. I really need to adjust the screen size because the edges of the screen are cut off. I have tried changing the resolution, but it doesn't work unless it's set to the default 480i resolution. I have also tried a VGA to component adapter (with a DVI to VGA adapter) and that didn't work at all. I really hope I can make this work so that I can use component instead of composite. The only other option I can think of is to install a third graphics card that supports S-video, but I'm not sure I could find one that is compatible with Windows 7.

If you're wondering why I don't just get an HDTV, it's because I play a lot of classic video game consoles that look best on my old CRT TV. I'm ver... Read more

A:Using CRT TV with HDMI to Component Adapter

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im looking to buy an adapter for hdmi cable to dvi. i found some that are dvi 24+1m and dvi 24+5m. can anyone tell me what the +1m or +5m means?



A:hdmi dvi adapter question

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I have 2 TVs currently serving as my screens. I've lately been helping family and friends fix small issues on their computers. I've come across a few PCs that have only a VGA Display Port, while both of my screens only have HDMI ports.
I asked someone at a local parts store, if a wire that is VGA male one side and HDMI male the other, would do the job. He told me in long detail why that would never work, that I needed a signal converter to change the display signal.
Basically he said when adapting a VGA screen to a HDMI port was possible, and the reverse (HDMI screen to VGA port in pc) is not.

My question is, if I bought the cord linked below, would I have to do anything else other than just plugging it in? Or do I indeed need this converter I was told about?

Thanks in advance


A:VGA to HDMI Display Adapter

You will need a signal converter of some type. A simple wire cable with different connectors on each end will not work. A VGA output has three analog video signals. An HDMI input expects all digital signals.

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I can't extend the desktop using a hdmi to vga adapter! It only wants to duplicate my karaoke software screen AND singer screen. I only want to extend the singer screen. There does not seem to be an option available. I can not use it for karaoke work this way. What to do. Gig tomoprrow night! My older HP 17.3 with vga  has no problem.

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Here is what I purchased: www.amazon.com/.../ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00

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Hello,  I am looking for a cheap/resonably priced USB-C to HDMI adapter for the Yoga 920 series that works well. Does anyone have any reommendations? I've looked for some on Amazon but can't seem to find any good ones.  Thanks!

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So a few days ago I got my PC, after plugging everything in I realised my monitor uses a VGA cable which isn't supported by my graphics card,so I used a VGA to HDMI adapter and plugged it in. I realised my resolutions are messed up, it shows more resolutions than it should ex. 1440x900(native) but I can go all the way up to 1920x1080 which my monitor can't support, even though I'm on my native resolution, everything looks bad quality, it's especially visible in games, I literally have to turn anti aliasing to the max for it to look playable, but here is the worst part, I have performance issues, fps drops and overall bad performance for this gpu and cpu combo, looking at some benchmarks on YouTube I see a pretty big difference in performance. I don't know what to do and is it because of the monitor or am I just missing something?

PC Specs:

Ryzen 5 1400

Msi GTX 1060 6GB OC

16GB 2400MHz DDR4 in Dual-channel



Windows 10 Pro

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Before I go out and buy this adapter. I need to kow if I will be able to get both Audio and Vidio all in this one adapter by plugging it into my surround sound receivers HDMI input/output?
Mod Comment: Corrected subject line, for more accurate search capability.


Go to Solution.

A:yoga 900... USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter

Hello and welcome,
If you mean HDMI, I realized I hadn't ever checked if the sound works.  Just plugged it into my Samsung TV.  Got a movie playing now and sound works fine.
This is the adapter I'm using.  There are others but this one is working for me.

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Hey guys! I want to connect my samsung 30 inch HDTV to my Toshiba Satellite L505. And i found two kinds of usb video display adapter: one is no brand usb to dvi hdmi vga adapter and another is SewellDirect Minideck USB to DVI Multi Display adapter. I don't know if my 30 inch tv can be compatible with FULL 1080P movies. Here is those two adapters:
USB to HDMI Adapter-USB 2.0 to DVI/VGA/HDMI Multi-Display Adapter
Sewell Minideck USB to DVI, VGA and HDMI Display Adapter - SW-22857, $99.95

Any suggestions will be appreciated! thanks

A:Compare USB to DVI HDMI VGA Video Adapter

The Sewell one supports more resolutions, so get that one.
The no-name one doesn't have 1280x720 listed in its specs, which is what non-1080P TV's use.

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I have a Lenovo X1 Yoga 3rd Gen. Since the HDMI port only support 30Hz on 4K, I am looking for a way to use USB Type-C instead. However, my monitor only has HDMI and DP.So the question is if a simple Type-C to HDMI adapter would be sufficient? (e.g. something like this)

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My AUVIO USB to HDMI Adapter does not work in Windows 8.1. I downloaded the driver from Radio Shack, and received a message that "Your PC can't project to another screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using a different video card." Also, I am unable to see my e-mails in my Hotmail inbox after installing Windows 8.1. Your suggestions would be most appreciated. Many thanks, Mark Peterson

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I bought the dell adapter to go with my XPS13. However when connected to HDMI nothing happens.

Can you advise me is there a driver required to make this work? XPS 13, win 10 pro and 

A:Dell XPS13 with USB C to HDMI Adapter

problem solved

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I have tried two different USB 3.0 to HDMI adapters on my XPS 12 (touchscreen) laptop; one never worked and the other worked one time. I recently upgraded to Win 10 (and the XPS works fine!). There was a recommendation on Amazon for a Startech adapter, but when I looked at the reviews, one posted about problems with touchscreen computers.
Does anyone have a recommendation for an adapter that will work with my XPS?

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Bought a HP USB-C to HDMI Display Adapter (P7Z55AA#ABL) to go with my Envy.  Windows 10 does not recognize the device.  Device manager shows it as Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed).  Help!

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I like to mirror my Yoga 900 131sk 80MK to older Samsung smart TV (no mirroring menu its older TV).  I have chromecast and can stream Chrome browser.  For direct connection which USB-c to HDMI from Lenovo works perfectly?  Or Verfied third party adapter that doesn't require any drivers?  

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I'm trying to find the datasheet or technical specs for USB-C to HDMI (P7Z55AA). My product didn't come with any.  When I try to access it through the support website, it says that there are no available documents:  However, I was able to find the specs for another USB-C to HDMI Adapter (N9K77AA):  So here are my questions:  1) What is the difference between N9K77AA and P7Z55AA?2) If there's no difference, then can I assume that the specs mentioned in N9K77AA datasheet apply to P7Z55AA as well?   

A:Datasheet for USB-C to HDMI Adapter (P7Z55AA)

Hi: Here is the sales sheet for that product number, which also has the specs and data sheet. http://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-usb-c-to-hdmi-display-adapter-p7z55aa-abl

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Hi all, I'm having problems trying to connect my computer to my tv via my display port to hdmi adapter and hdmi cord.  I am no expert with this type of things however I have tried many different things I have seen on the internet with trying to get your dp to hdmi to work. But still nothing comes up on the TV. I brought the computer second hand from a company which was used for work purposes. I have a feeling that perhaps there is no drivers installed or the display port is not active... is there any specific driver I need to make sure the display port works? I am extremely out of my depth with this sort of thing.any help is greatly appreciated right now

A:My displayport to hdmi adapter won't work

Hi crabo, Im having the same issue with Spectre x360. I dont think its a problem  with your drivers, but HP looking features in order to purchase HP products. I bought a 3rd party Hub that should work (as USB C is universal), but HDMI will try to duplicate the screen for 3-4 seconds without any image on it.Can you confirm what happens when you plug your HDMI?Does your notebook have HDMI port or you use an adapter?  

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Hi,I bought an Acer Aspire Switch 11 V which is a All-In-One detachable laptop/tablet.It has one USB 3.0 port in the keyboard.I'd like to connect a USB to HDMI adapter to the USB port.Someting similar to this one:Is it possible?And in general, there are lots of USB adapters (USB to ethernet, USB to HDMI), does this computer support these options? I know most laptops do but I've heard some detachable laptops might have a problem with it.Thanks!

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Hi, I want to projector my screen to projector but encounter problem and not work. I already purchased three Type-C to VGA/HDMI adapter with different brand. But no one work for my Yoga 730-13IKB. And I already updated to latest drivers from Lenovo and Microsoft. Even fresh re-install Windows 10. Anyone have idea about this? Or any suggestion which adapter support this notebook? Two of the adapter no response when plug-in, one is display message as below and created USB 2.0 BILLBOARD device under Device Manager that I found it.   

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Hi gang,

I have a asus z87pro mobo. i currently have a dsub monitor and dvi monitor plugged into the appropriate ports and both monitors display independent desktops under win7 64bit quite nicely.

My specific question is:

which adapters would allow me to connect 2 additional dsub 1900*1200 monitors to both the hdmi socket and the displayport socket, so that i run a total of four monitors.

I have seen this :
PC HDMI to VGA SVGA RGB HDTV Video Cable Converter Adapter PS3 XBOX 360 Apple TV | eBay

and this
Display Port Male to SVGA/ VGA Female Adapter Convertor Changer Cable Lead Wire | eBay

But i am unsure whether they would both allow me to run a further 3rd and 4th connected pair of dsub monitors.

Can you advise?

A:Hdmi/displayport to svga adapter/convertor

Is this your board ?

Motherboards - Z87-PRO

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I can't find in description of HP DisplayPort to HDMI 1.4 Adapter(F3W43AA) if it is compatible with my HP EliteBook 8760w?  My laptop: http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c02847569-1.pdf 

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I recently bought the plugable thunderbolt 3 to dual hdmi adapter.My configuration

Dell Precision 5510 laptop with HDMI and thunderbolt output
Running fedora 25 - fully updated
Updated the bios to the latest version
Using the default nouveau drivers.


When only using the plugable adapter, I get output on my 2 external monitors + laptop screen. Great!
When using the plugable adapter and the additional hdmi laptop output, I only get output on 2 monitors + laptop screen. When unplugging the hdmi laptop output, it switches back to the plugable adapter.

Question: Is there a way to use 3 external monitors + laptop screen?

FYI: Question was also asked at the plugable forum: support.plugable.com/.../thunderbolt-3-dual-hdmi-adapter-on-fedora-25

A:Thunderbolt 3 dual hdmi adapter on Fedora 25

Hi jdewinne,Thanks for posting.Here is some information you may find helpful:  http://dell.to/2k0aca3

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Hey, I use a HP Envy x-360 m6 Convertible laptop running windows 10. I tried connecting it to my old ASUS VH192D monitor using a HDMI to VGA converter (the laptop doesn't have VGA port and the monitor doesn't have a HDMI port).  When I first connected the monitor to my laptop both the laptop and the monitor adapted to their native resolutions and were working fine. I tried to change the ASUS monitor's resolution to 1080 (native resolution 1366x768) which threw me an error saying OUT OF RANGE.  I then changed the resolution back to its dafault value but the error message was still being displayed. I hard reset the monitor and also tried a software reset. Both were unsuccessful.  On doing some research, I found that there could be numerous causes to my problem. I checked all the possibilities but I still can't find a solution. The first thing I checked was the cable and the adapter. I plugged the cable, adapter and monitor to all my other computers and it seemed to work fine. I then checked if all my drivers were up to date. I updated my display drivers individually (though they were already up to date) and also restarted my computer numerous times. As I was trying to solve my issue I noticed that my laptop no longer recognised the second monitor. When I checked the advanced display settings the second monitor was not detected but when I selected duplicate screens from the options, my laptop resolution automatically adapted to the second monitor's ... Read more

A:Unable to connect second monitor using HDMI to VGA adapter

@blueinstein93 Firstly number of dots is a number of dots, you CAN'T push to higher resolution (or more dots). Now, please restore your machine back to the point BEFORE the change and try again (no more dots).     https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/12415/windows-10-recovery-options Regards.

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I've tried cheaper models.
They really really suck.
They work!!
But then the screen goes blank every minute or some.
Completely unworkable.

Just wondering if I buy a more expensive one if this will then be flawless?
Has anyone used and can recommend?


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Hi, I just got a new XPS 8920 from Costco that was connected to my older Dell monitor via HDMI to DVI adapter.
The monitor comes on when I start the computer, but will not wake up automatically from sleep mode unless I push the power button on the CPU slightly. 
Is there something I can do, or is it just a problem because of incompatibility with the older monitor.
Thank you! Kim

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HI -

I have a satellite click mini and a PC screen with VGA only.
Can you give me a link to an adapter on Amazon.co.uk which will definitely work? and the required specs?

Will I be able to use audio out from the HMDI (so that I can use headphones and microphone from different headsets?)

A:Satellite Click Mini - Need a VGA to HDMI adapter


You need a Hdmi --> Vga and not the other way around. I don't know where you live but Try electronic components stores, but you'll find them also on some computer stores like compusa worten mediamarkt (Eu)

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Hi, I try to connect my two HDMI displays to one USB C port (of my brand new Lenovo P52s), with the WavLink Thunderbolt 3 to Dual 4k HDMI Adapter.Currently only one display gets the signal. When I disconnect the working display, the other display gets the signal.So for the moment, I can only use one at the time.I found an explanation on internet about ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock Setup, explaining that I should make changes in the BIOS setup:change Thunderbolt in BIOS Assist Mode to enabledchange Security Level to No SecurityIs this indeed the correct way to get it working?Thanks a lot for your advise!

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I recently bought a USB3.0 to HDMI display adapter, I'm on windows 10 and when I try to plug in my second monitor at native resolution, 1920x1080, the 2nd monitor is flickering and I can only see about an inch of the screen at the top. I've tried installing new drivers but that isn't fixing the problem. I am able to use my 2nd display at much lower resolutions but it doesn't look good.

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I upgraded from windows 8,1 to windows 10, and after this, i can't use my adapter hdmi to vga. I updated the chipset drivers, but it did not work. However hdmi cable works fine. Could you help me with this issue?  Thanks in advance

A:s540 - hdmi to vga adapter does not work after windows 10 upgrade

with it plugged in and monitor turned on press and hold the windows key the select duplicate and see if you get a display, other than that not sure what to try as the cable works (good job testing people sometime forget) did you upgrade the graphics card drivers?

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Hi there, Recently, my USB type-c to HDMI adapter on Yoga 900S (900ML) with windows 10 beame not working. This had perfectly worked for these two years. Two weeks ago, the adapter had restricted resolution to FHD from QWHD, but it finally shows nothing on the external monitor. I have tried two other type-c to HDMI adapters and monitors, but they did not come work. More recently, USB type-A port and Blue tooth adapter were also not working. But they were fixed by delete and re-installation on device manager. A month ago, I updated windows 10 from 1709 to 1803. These errors come after this. Does anyone have the same issue or fix it? I would appreciate your advice. Best

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I have an L560 with Intel HD Graphics 520 and mini DP port.  I'm trying to connect to a Philips 40" 4K LED BDM4065, using a HDMI-cable and Lenovo Mini dp to HDMI adapter OB47089.  When I connect, I'm only offered a max resolution of 2048x1152. I get 3840x2160 resolution on this screen, with the same hdmi-cable on my E540 (which I think have the same graphics card). I've also tried two adapters in case the first adapter was faulty. The screen have HDMI, DP and mini DP, and i guess I could buy a DP to Mini DP cable, but wil lthat work or will it be wasted money? And is there a resonable explanation to why the adpater cant deliver 3840x2160 as specified? 

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