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haven't used laptop in 7 months.Always plugged in.try to pow...

Q: haven't used laptop in 7 months.Always plugged in.try to pow...

I have a white light by the power cord.I haven't used laptop in months.When I power it up only a yellow light comes on for about a minute and goes off and the screen is black.Laptop only about 2 years old.Never use it use my smart phone.Getting catv installed

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Preferred Solution: haven't used laptop in 7 months.Always plugged in.try to pow...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My laptop has been infected for months with cryptowall. Instead of dealing with the issue I just unplugged it and put it aside. Probably not the wisest of ideas, but I was dealing with a family member with cancer. I just want to wipe it clean.  Any help with that process would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you. 

A:Infected with Cryptowall on Windows 8. Haven't turned it on in months

A repository of all current knowledge regarding CryptoWall, CryptoWall 2.0 & CryptoWall 3.0 is provided by Grinler (aka Lawrence Abrams), in this topic: CryptoWall and DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION Ransomware Information Guide and FAQCryptowall typically deletes (though not always) all Shadow Volume Copies with vssadmin.exe so that you cannot restore your files via System Restore or using a program like Shadow Explorer...but it never hurts to try in case the infection did not do what it was supposed to do. Another possible options is to try file recovery software such as R-Studio or Photorec to recover some of your original files but there is no guarantee that will work.At this time there is no fix tool and Decryption of any CryptoWall Files...is impossible since there is no way to retrieve the private key that can be used to decrypt your files without paying the ransom. The only other alternative is to save your data as is and wait for possible updates...meaning, what seems like an impossibility at the moment (decryption of your data) there is always hope someday there may be a breakthrough or possible solution so save the encrypted data and wait until that time.There are also ongoing discussions in these topics:CryptoWall - new variant of CryptoDefense Support & DiscussionCryptoWall 3.0 Support & DiscussionRather than have everyone start individual topics, it would be best (and more manageable for staff) if you posted any questions, comments or requests for assistance in ... Read more

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My laptop HP Pavillion x360 with windows 10 is not even two months old and has already been displaying the error 'plugged in, not charging.'I have read a few forums but completely confused what to do. This is ridiculously short time for a battery to die out. expected more from HP. Please help out with this situation as it is very annoying cause I am stuck with 5% battery power! RegardsSara

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Hello there,

I have had a couple viruses on my laptops before and I have been able to use TDSKiller and Combofix to repair them, but earlier today I encountered one that is troublesome because it will not let me run either of these. When I try to open many programs (including those two repair kits and Task Manager), the program starts to open and then closes, and a window opens that says "Virus Alert! Application can't be started! The file taskmgr.exe is damaged. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now?" I have not chosen to activate this fake antivirus, but I do not know how to fix the problem. Any help I could get would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much!


A:New virus on my laptop, haven't seen this one before

Hello,Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include a description of your computer issues and what you have done to resolve them.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Orange Blossom

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This is a new laptop and it keeps telling me to delete so I can have more storage. I haven't put anything on it yet

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I sent my laptop into HP after chatting with a support tech, it was received on 8/23/2016. After looking at the repair status page I was supposed to receive my product back 8/30. It has since been two weeks and I haven't receive a call, email, hell even a text. I'd just like to know what is happening to my laptop! I haven't been able to find an email or phone number so that I can speak to a real person. The customer service number redirected me to the care status page and I check that twice a day everyday but there ha been no change!
My cso# is [Personal Information Removed]

A:Sent laptop in for repairs; marked a received and haven't an...



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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hi guys, i'm new to these forums and saw that some people were having problems with smitfraud-c.coreservice. i'm in the same boat. tried following others situations but it seemed like it was specified for their particular computer. so i was wondering, can one of you guys help me?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:17:46 PM, on 6/21/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16473)

Running processes:
c:\program files\ge security supra\syncservice.exe
c:\program files\mcafee.com\agent\mcdetect.exe
C:\Program Files\GE Security Supra\ProxyDaemon.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
c:\program files\mcafee.com\vso\mcvsshld.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\quickset.... Read more

A:Solved: smitfraud-c.coreservice = pop up laptop haven

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Hi my laptop today morning had an issue. When I plugged my charger I was not charging and there was no indication of being charged. Even the charging indicator light didn't show up when connected. I tried all the procedures of connecting charger with battery plugged out it didn't boot. And my laptop s updated until today. Any help????

A:Laptop no charging no signs of plugged in when plugged

Hello Remove the charger and the battery press and hold the power button for 30 secs. if in case the unit is not powering on with only the charger then the charging port is faulty, contact hp #hpexpertday

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.

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I am new to this site. I hope I may eventually be able to contribute something as well.
A friend gave me a dead laptop that she thought might be repairable.

When I plug in my Dell Inspiron to the AC outlet, the battery charging light comes on. That's it. Nothing else comes on. The power light does not come on. When I turn it on, some lights dimly flicker, but that's it. No whirring of the hard drive. Nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong.

*I did research this a little before posting this, I don't believe it's the power receptacle, since the led for the battery comes on, seems like power is flowing through the jack, it's just that nothing else works.*

*I tried removing the battery, and holding the pwer on for 30 secs, etc, then reinstalling the battery, but that didn't do anything.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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While my laptop is plugged in, I am getting the message under energy settings that my laptop is "plugged in, not charging." I don't know whats happening or how to fix this and I would greatly appreciate some help, as i really need to use my lptop while mobile.Thanks.

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I update and save quite a few files each day, and I can see in File History that there are many saved versions for these files.
This would fill up my backup drive fairly quickly, and therefore, I need to reduce 'Keep saved versions' from the default of 'forever' to about 3 months.  But does this mean that all files older than 3 months will be deleted my File History backup?
 What happens to all my files that have only ever been saved once, but are older than 3 months?  Are these retained in File History or deleted?
The forums on File History do no make this very clear.

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Okay first of all I would like to say I have been having on going issues for months to almost a year... I have tried everything I can think of... Including wiping harddrives to DoD standards with dban, gparted etc.... I have tried monitering my connections with wireshark...  I have tried several differet anti- (virus and malware) programs including paid version of kaspersky, malwarebytes, bitdefender, eset.....
This problem also has involved some black hat hackers compromising my system and bank account, credit card etc all being hit and continueing to do so... I have switched ISPs , changed hardware, thrown away devices including cell phones and laptops... It seems that they were also backdoored into several of my devices and were using several different methods to continue to spread and infect other devices.. These devices include android, iphone, ipod, ipad, netbook, laptop, smart tv and even my dvd player (java).. I have tried to ask for help and seek help for this and no one can figure it out or think this cant be real.
I have now thrown out all laptops, and all phones at the same time and started from scratch but having issues on a brand new laptop... I am not sure this is the same issue as before... However, I would like and really appreciate if someone could help me out and view my logs and make sure.. because I have been through hell and back with all these issues.. Loss of finances, time, and sleep... SO, I truly appreciate any and a... Read more

A:Malware, Spyware, And hackers...equals months and months of going insane!! help!

GMER 2.1.19357 - http://www.gmer.net
3rd party scan 2015-06-29 18:38:16
Windows 6.3.9600  x64 \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 -> \Device\00000036 HGST_HTS721075A9E630 rev.JB2OA3J0 698.64GB
Running: 11ybrc3o.exe; Driver: C:\Users\M4M8A\AppData\Local\Temp\kxldypow.sys
---- Modules - GMER 2.1 ----
Module   \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\iaStorA.sys (Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver - x64/Intel Corporation SIGNED)(2014-09-02 06:28:41)                                                fffff800f9c65000-fffff800f9f1b000 (2842624 bytes)
Module   \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\edevmon.sys (Devmon monitor/ESET SIGNED)(2015-01-30 23:13:30)                                                                                          fffff800fa393000-fffff800fa3d2000 (258048 bytes)
Module   \SystemRoo... Read more

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I am running Windows XP 2002 SP3 on my laptop along with McAfee Security Center which is provided by AT&T. The laptop has historically ran very smoothly, but I noticed the performance starting to degrade about 2-3 months ago. It is now to the point where I am suspecting some sort of infection or malware because the performance is so bad. Sometimes, the CPU performance locks at 100% for long periods which explains the slow performance. But other times, there is no explanation ... the CPU performance appears normal (fluctuates between 0-25%) yet the laptop remains sluggish.

I have not made any system changes or recently added any new applications other than coupon printing apps that I have been told are safe.

Can you please help me determine what may be causing this problem? I'll be happy to provide any additional information or run any tests deemed necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help,

A:Laptop has become VERY sluggish over last 2-3 months

Welcome back to BCWould you run a quick scan with MBAM?Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Guide.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the definition updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. Th... Read more

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My Dell Inpiron 6000 has been inactive for about 6 months. A friend's pup chewed through the power supply cord, and since I was living with someone who had a PC, I put off getting a new power cord. Everything was fine the last time I used the laptop.

Finally got the new PSC. Plugged it in this afternoon and immediately got a BSOD when XP was trying to load.

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Disable or uninstall any anti-virus, disk defragmentation or backup utilities. Check your hard drive configuration, and check for any updated drivers. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer.

Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x823D9590, 0xC000102, 0x00000000)

HELP! :( Please.... Any ideas???

I need to try everything I can before taking it to the IT guy.... There are some... ummm... pics that I wouldn't want him to see if/when he gets it up & running.

I appreciate all the help in advance!! :)

A:BSOD After Laptop Being Down for 6 Months

Needed to add:

It will not boot up at all....

Not in Mode of any kind.

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Hi all, I will be traveling soon and will leave my Acer R13 R7-371t for about 3 months. What should I do to ensure I don't come back to find the battery completely dead or any other problem? Thank you!

A:Laptop will be unused for a few months... what to ...

Charge it,Turn it off, unplug it, lock it up. When you come back, plug it in, turn it on.If it doesn't have anything causing it to discharge and a good laptop doesn't, it should be fine. 

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Hi all, I will be traveling soon and will leave my Acer R13 R7-371t for about 3 months. What should I do to ensure I don't come back to find the battery completely dead or any other problem? Thank you!

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Hi, I have just bought the top end Spectre laptop, but when i used the HP assistant it states I only have 9 months remaining on my warranty?!? Is this correct? if so it's going to be returned!! Dave

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My laptop suddenly stopped charging when plugged in, and only charges when it is switched off. Also the space bar stopped functioning. I bought it 9 months back and it's still under the warranty period., but they said they will be able to fix the space bar problem only and not the charging problem and for that I would have to pay up. And the charging port that they would change would be under warranty only for 2 months, which means as per HP service center it could stop working again!!!!. I'm a doctor and I live alone. I've hardly used my laptop and no one else uses my laptop. I read somewhere that this was a problem faced by many people using HP laptops. This could be a manufacturing defect. I don't think I should be charged for hardly using my HP laptop that has an inherent defect. You are looting your customers. Kindly revert back.

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Hi all, hoping somebody can offer some advice.

About 9 months ago I purchased a new laptop, an Acer V5-571 (i3 1.4Ghz, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD and Windows 8) It's nothing special and was never intended to be. I only use it for web browsing, e-mail, IM, Word and maybe watching some videos on YouTube.

In fact in the 9 months I've had it, I've not attempted to play one even slightly intensive game on it, as I think I killed my previous laptop in its early days by attempting to do this.

Anyway the problem is it has become very noisy, fan wise. When I first had the laptop (and for the first 6-7 months) it was silent for the majority of the time, even when browsing the web.

Now the fan can always be heard when I have a browser open or whatever. The only way it silences is if I close every application and just leave it at the Windows desktop for a while (or if I turn it off!)

I know dust build up can occur but I've had a look through the vent and can't notice anything untoward. Although I appreciate it may be hard to see from the outside, I don't really want to be opening the case yet.

I was wondering if this was normal for a laptop in this age range? My previous laptop, another Acer, didn't start getting noisy constantly until the end of its days (and that was in it's 4th-5th year)

It's just frustrating that the fan can always be heard even when doing very little in Windows. I also can't see any rogue processes taking up resources.

I've changed my laptop habits a lot since thi... Read more

A:Acer V5-571 laptop - 9 months old yet becoming very noisy

Only thing I can think of at the moment is to use a program similar to CPUZ and check the temperatures at various time.check temp when first started as that should be lowest and listen to noise then use something a bit cpu intensive like a photo edit and again check temp and noise. if temp going up with little cpu action and noisy chances are it it dust. when I first cleaned mine I used a can of air duster thru the vent holes to stir dust up a bit and a vac to suck it out. Hold with vent holes downwards.

Only other way is to get a set of headphones and play your favourite track at max volume


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I can't start my computer as the power button doesn't work when I plug it on charge it shows the red button what can I do to start my computer 

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My left button of the touchpad is displaced, didn't press it hard for it to happen, the hinges that connect the screen to the body makes noises when I tilt screen, my touchpad is not so responsive and I take care of my laptop very good, never dropped it or hit it. Can I return it?

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Well the problem is that it is slow and i think they have some unwanted virus on there which wont leave even tho i do system recovery and many other virus protection program has told me there was no errors.I cant reboot bc my dvd drive wont work it stills open but the light.The only time my computer work finely is after a update or recovery.Please help me with this problem?My computer is a acer extensa 5620 and has windows vista.

A:Hello everybody for the past two months i been having problem with my laptop


my dvd drive wont work it stills open but the light

I'm not sure what you mean by this?
What is the make and model of your computer? You may have a Recovery Partition on your computer. If you start up your computer, you may have a quick message over the logo that says Press (key) to Enter Recovery, sometimes this is F11. If so, this will set your computer back to Factory Defaults. This will remove all personal data, so backup first.
If you do not have a recovery partition, then read up on the link in my signature PC Running Slow? And try those things.

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Hello, I'm new to the forum, but I have been following it for some time. I seriously hope someone will be able to help me.
Here is my problem: I bought a new ASUS laptop 3 months ago, and it was all okay until it started to shut down on its own ( about a month ago). I tried resetting Windows, updating etc then I replaced my hdd because a software diagnostics tool reported that there were bad sectors. I could also hear strange noises. I read that manhandling the laptop while it is running could damage the delicate workings of the hdd, and I had done that sometimes. Everything was fine for almost a week, then the computer started shutting down on its own again. It happened while I was working , keeping multiple programs open (twice, hours after turning it on) and while I was watching a video (10-15 min later). However, today was not the first time I watched a video, so the issue is new. It seems like it is gradually worsening. After it shut down, I tried to power it back on, but it wouldn't boot. The LEDs didn't even turn on, unless it was plugged in. When i unplugged the charger it shut down again immediately. After 3 minutes I removed the external power supply, and it kept running.

I have already updated the BIOS firmware to the last version, but it obviously didn't work.
ASUS PC Diagnostics tells me that the CMOS pattern test failed, I looked up possible solutions, but I wanted to ask before doing anything stupid.
I am pretty sure it isn't a heat ... Read more

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Dear all ..

yesterday night i faced with a very unsual problem. i installed Nokia PC suite Version 5.1 and was browsing through polyphonic ringtones on my laptop.. suddenly my laptop got stuck including the music. Though i could move the cursor using my touchpad i was not able to function the left and right buttons.

i reset the machine using the power button but the windows XP OS stopped functioning fully. As soon as i pass the Bios screen nothing happens, i can see that RAM is busy but the windows XP is not loading..

i really dont know what went wrong so i badly need your help on this.

i feel the problem moght be the following
1.Windows OS got Corrupted
2.Harddisk is not responding.

looking forward all kind of solutions


A:3 months old laptop stopped functioning

Can you boot into safe mode? Press F8 several times before it gets to the point it hangs.
If you can make it into safe mode you can try a system restore.

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I really need help with my 4 moths old laptop which has a very loud sound that it really bothers me. The fan is too loud as if I am running a very heavy software awhile I am just using MS office! It is like this since day one I bought it. I have updated the BIOS and even disabled the option that make the fan run all the time but in vain. Any suggestion?

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Hi everyone, In January I bought a Lenovo laptop. The 500S-14ISK Laptop (ideapad) - Machine Type 80Q3. After a few weeks, the battery was not being charged anymore, and while I only used the laptop while on AC, the battery slowly depleted. Thus, it became unusable. The issue was fixed through the shop where I bought the laptop (which is a hassle because I live in another country than where the shop is). But now after I have gotten it back for two weeks, the problem has returned. The battery started to be stuck at 95%. Hovering over the battery icon gives a statement that the battery is not charging. Any ideas on what I could do? As stated, going back to the shop and let them fix it is not an option at this point. Notes:- The battery still depletes slowly between shutting of and starting again. When I shut it down one day and boot it up the next, the battery is still stuck but at one percentage point lower. - The Lenovo Settings program that pops up when I click on the big battery icon in the bottom right corner gives an interesting statement (It's in Dutch so I will translate as well as possible). "The AC (adapter) can't fully support your computer and should be repaced immediately."- I tried updating and reinstalling battery drivers etc but this didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. 

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I bought the exact same laptop as this one at Walmart about 5 days ago. Within 48 hours I discovered (mostly through event viewer) that there were some critical disk errors on that machine. So I straight-exchanged it for this one. I use this computer for work so I'm really really careful about setup. In the process of making sure no similar errors existed in event viewer, I discovered the log doesn't start the day I booted up Windows. Instead, there are logs from February. I wouldn't necessarily be concerned about this -- I don't know what they do at the factory when they're testing new machines -- but the February logs refer to a different machine name than the default that I've got now. I have *not* changed the machine name. I'm not thrilled about the possibility of being sold a used laptop for the price of a new one, and I wanted to check here to see if I'm being paranoid.  If anyone needs more info, let me know.  Thanks in advance. --SB

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The computer stopped working after 11 months. I took it in for repairs which cost ?65 but the problem persisted. I brought it back again to the repair shop. They said there's a fault with the graphics card and the same problem will recur. Should this have happened a newish computer? Any thoughts

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Initially got a CMOS error and clock and date was off. Then no boot. No fan. Some lights worked, but no hard drive activity.

Got it to boot a couple weeks later. Ran check disk, fixed a couple errors. Ran Norton, found only 1 peice of spyware related to my atomic clock (sees connection between CMOS error and atomic clock). No viruses.

Give up. Wait another month. Boots up. Runs for 2 hours while I back up my files. Shut it off. Won't boot.

Wait 3 months. Boots up. Removes atomic clock. Restart. Freeze. Shut off. No boot.

Time to replace it, or can it be fixed? If it can't be fixed, please recommend a laptop with a 15" screen for under $2,000.

The demon in question is an Emachine M5305 running Windows XP Home/Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M 2200+ processor w/QuantiSpeed/512 MB DDR (PC 2100), 40 GB HDD, DVD/CD-RW combo, ATI Radeon IGP 320M. I don't know what kind of motherboard I have and it won't boot up so I can find out.

Muchos gracias. :wave:

A:Laptop will boot only after sitting for months, then freezes

I took it apart. The inside was covered with dust. Probably got too hot and fried whatever.

Ordered a Twinhead N15RB.

I'm not sure why no one replied. What did I do wrong?

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In December, my laptop starting resetting itself (still in warranty). Its now May, and Lenovo are still refusing to give me a refund or a replacement. I feel I've been very understanding and patient at all the slow failed attempts to deal with the problem, but I'm completely fed up now. I'm a student, so having a reliable laptop is obviously really helpful, but I've spent many weeks of this year without a laptop whilst Lenovo have tried to repair it, and the rest of the time I've had a laptop that resets without warning which means I sometimes lose work even though I save my work regularly and back it up.  In January, it was sent to be repaired, they replaced the hard drive, but the problem still kept happening when it came back in February. In February, it was sent to be repaired again. They couldn't replicate the problem so claimed it was working fine (even though I had sent evidence that it wasn't fine, each reset left reports in the reliability monitor about bug report 124 and that it was a hardware error). So they sent it back unchanged after several weeks. Lenovo told me if the problem was still happening that they would refund or replace it.However, when I reported it still did happen, they said actually it was Lenovo's policy that there must be three failed repairs before they would do that.So in March I sent it off again to be repaired, this time they acknowledged again there was a fault, but they just replaced the hard drive. If it happened befor... Read more

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Hi guys. I bought an Acer laptop from Argos only 2 months ago and all has been well with it up till the last week or so.

The laptop began to get slower and then eventually begam to freeze at windows loading screen.

I get a blue screen with the STOP code: 0x0000007B

I have re-installed the ACER backup version of windows several times and all is well for the first few restarts then gradually begins to get slower again until eventually it wont boot. When it does manage to load windows the HDD light is constantly on and the Laptop is so laggy. I cant seem to do anything for about 15 minutes. I have CTRL-ALT-Deleted and there are only a few processes running and the CPU is only 15% in use.

I have tried my dads version of Windows 7 incase the Acer version was corrupt and again the same thing happens. I have also tried XP and again same thing happens.

I have searched and searched but there doesnt seem to be an answer to the problem. I have tried changing the BIOS settings (ie. changing sata to IDE) but still to no avail. A friend gave me another hard drive so I could test that and it gave the blue screen straight away. However this time when I changed to IDE in BIOS it loaded windows from his Hard disk.

I decided to re-install yet again but this time its taking for ever so it seems that it is gradually getting worse.

Here is the Laptop AS5820T-354G32Mns | Product Model

Any ideas? I was thinking can I try and re-install Bios via the ACER support downloads?

A:Laptop slows then freezes. 2 Months old. BSOD

Hello b_kennedy and Welcome to TSF,

I'm moving this thread to the BSOD/Crash analysis part of the forum instead. Please read through the posting instructions found here if you want us to analyze the BSOD's and let you know the cause of it.

After that we can determine if it's a software fault, which we can help you with. Or if it's a hardware fault, in that cause you should have a valid warranty on it as it's only two months old.

It's up to you whether you want to go through the troubleshooting or hand it in.

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type="text" value="" />

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I have purchased Dell 7378 13' Laptop (Refurbished) in December' 2016. Upon receiving the machine, I have initiated return and received authorization label and returned to Dell warehouse. Dell warehouse confirmed that Laptop was received by them on 7th Jan'2017 and informed me that refund will be credited in 30 to 45 days. This happened in January 2017 and this is June'2017. It's been already 6 months and I have not received my money back. 

I have contacted customer support team multiple times (nearly 15 to 20 times) and every time they have told me that something is pending(they are never clear on what is pending)  from verification team, after each time, I have called order verification team to see if anything is pending on my order/account, but they have told that account is clear and there is no activity pending. And when I contact customer support team again upon order verification team confirmation, same story repeated. I have asked both the teams for escalation contacts and asked them for way to work together to resolve this, But I did not get any response or solution for this.

I really want to escalate this to higher level, My funds are being held by Dell even after returning laptop 6 months ago and without anything pending from me/customer. and I have spent lots of time on reaching customer support and order verification team without any result. This is really frustrating experience with Dell teams 

I hope I will get some so... Read more

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Bought this laptop a few months ago from a coworker who i cant get in touch with to help with the problem im having. I do not have the OEM Vista key because the COA sticker is damaged and I didnt receive any of the packaging or paperwork from either the laptop or the 7 upgrade when i purchased the computer. After an update windows said it wasnt genuine. I have run sfc \ scannow and windows found a few corrupt files but succesfully repaired them. still having validation issues. Is there anything i can do besides contact HP for an OEM vista restore disk or purchasing a new Product Key for windows?
Here is the most recent MGA Diagnostic

Diagnostic Report (1.9.0027.0):
Windows Validation Data-->
Validation Code: 50
Cached Online Validation Code: 0x0
Windows Product Key: *****-*****-GJY49-VJBQ7-HYRR2
Windows Product Key Hash: W5/6nm6F2UPXrCkY5xUhXb/+21g=
Windows Product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00006
Windows Product ID Type: 2
Windows License Type: OEM SLP
Windows OS version: 6.1.7601.2.00010100.1.0.001
ID: {8C4F6D8B-5C65-44F3-A9A3-C412142BB676}(3)
Is Admin: Yes
TestCab: 0x0
LegitcheckControl ActiveX: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Signed By: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Product Name: Windows 7 Ultimate
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7601.win7sp1_gdr.130104-1431
TTS Error:
Validation Diagnostic:
Resolution Status: N/A
Vista WgaER Data-->
ThreatID(s): N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Version: N/A, hr = 0x80070002
Windows XP Notifications D... Read more

A:Purchased Used laptop, after 3 months windows isnt genuine.

The product key is all over the net . Please purchase a new product key for Windows 7 Ultimate .

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Do I have to send it to a Dell repair place somewhere in the U.S. or can I bring it to a local place in the Chicago area? I can't be without my laptop for more than a few days so sending it through the mail is not an option. 
I am a little shocked that this very expensive laptop would have problems within the first 2 months. When I pay $2,500 I am expecting a little quality and quality control. 
In the mean time, I will use my Bluetooth speaker or my home speakers but it really *** knowing my sound will be bad if I go on the road and can't bring my other equipment with me. 

A:Dell XPS 15 4k laptop-speakers were blown after 2 months of normal use-now what?

The warranty terms depend on what you purchased with the system.  The default is a 1-year return to depot warranty.
If you upgraded (or now upgrade) the warranty to an onsite plan (extra cost), the repair will be done at your home or office.   That's the only way you can get local repair -- Dell does not use authorized repair shops in the USA.

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hi.   i can't figure my old laptop out..  too poor to buy a new one right now..    running in safe mode just to be able to use it last few months.    loads in normal mode but too laggy to actually make use of.   safe mode is acceptable.    former owner said she always had lagging problems with this machine too.  can anybody help me figure out how to figure out this thing?    i surely would appreciate it.   

A:Okay, i give up.. old slow laptop.. running in safe mode for months

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy,  taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
   Go to Piriform's website, and download the free version on the left.  Click Download from Piriform.com (the FileHippo link requires an extra click). Or if you want to use a portable version of Speccy (which doesn't require installation), click the builds page link and download the portable version. You will now be asked where you want to save the file. The best place to put it is the Desktop, as it will be easy to find later.
    After the file finishes downloading, you are ready to run Speccy. If you downloaded the installer, simply double-click on it and follow the prompts until installation is complete. If you downloaded the portable version, you will need to unzip it before use. Right-click the ZIP file and click Extract all. Click Next. Open up the extracted folder and double-click on Speccy.
     Once inside Speccy, it will look similar to this (with your computer's specifications, of course):
     Now, at the top, click File > Publish Snapshot. You will see the following prompt:
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My laptop has been running fine, and I have not needed to use it for a while. Today, I needed it to multitask something along with my desktop, and when I opened it, I noticed a couple of things

1. I got a couple of notices from my hidden icons area, saying that my computer couldn't update or something like that.
2. My computer theme was auto switched to classic for some reason

So I wanted the original windows 7 theme back, so I tried to change to aero, and it doesn't work.

Then the computer system restore popped up in my hidden icons on the bottom right, so I immediately clicked system restore, but things only got worst

Here are a couple of pictures to the problem

The system was searching for updates, and this was the result

I removed some unneeded programs and the interface was similar to the system restore interface, the back, next, and cancel buttons have no text on them, and it is just a blank layout

These are the ONLY 3 themes I can choose from after the problem occured, no other themes exist for some reason

I also cannot seem to make another account, troubleshoot, etc. or the computer goes BSOD with win32.sys and page_fault_in_nonpaged_area

I have absolutely no idea what is happening.

A:Opened laptop after couple months, system couldn't update, and more

ok nevermind...The error of the update was just because alot of people were trying to update their windows, and once I updated it...everything was solved...

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I’ve been plagued by chronic and unpredictable BSODs since day one of using my Toshiba Satellite P70-A. I’ve found and tried countless solutions; none have worked. Apologies for the length of the case history below, but I’d rather explain as much as I can to avoid confusion later.

The lappy came with Windows 8 when I first bought it online (mint condition). I immediately swapped for Windows 7, then ran SlimDrivers and Windows Update until no new updates were found. Laptop is kept on automatic updates.

For privacy/security reasons, the Windows 7 partition is encrypted with TrueCrypt. Plenty of others have done the same without issue, so I doubt that’s the problem.

Almost at once, the computer began to BSOD on occasion and has continued ever since, despite numerous updates since. The crashes occur at random, at least once every 24 hours of continued operation or so, though often sooner. The error codes listed vary and have included (from memory) “DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” and “MEMORY_MANAGEMENT”.

Use of Driver Verifier (enabling all checks on all drivers) results in near-instant BSODs during start-up (“A device attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. The faulty driver currently on the kernel stack must be replaced”, error code 0x000000c4). I had to disable Driver Verifier in Safe Mode to get it to stop crashing the system before it could finish loading.

Online research led me to ... Read more

A:Frequent & random BSODs for months on new laptop, various error codes

Welcome to SF .

No dump files are present in the folder, you can manually check the minidump folder.

If dump files are present in that folder copy them to the Desktop, zip and upload in your next post.

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Here is the problem I was having before for reference:


I don't know if this problem and the previous are related, so started a new thread. After re-installing the OS everything worked fine until a few weeks ago. So flawless for about 2 months. Very intermittent BSOD has become more frequent, just as before. Attached is my zip file for examination. Let me know if any further information is required. Thanks for your help!

A:BSOD starts 2 months after clean re-install of Windows 7 on HP Laptop

Hello there!

Since the reinstall of Windows if it still BSOD'ed then it could be Hardware. Run Hardware Diagnostic (RAM and hard Drive) Hardware Diagnostic | Captain Debugger

Check for BIOS update. It's pretty out-dated.



Loading Dump File [C:\Documents and Settings\Shyam\_jcgriff2_\dbug\__Kernel__\082312-15927-01.dmp]
Built by: 7601.17835.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030
Debug session time: Fri Aug 24 02:06:49.692 2012 (GMT+6)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:53:47.174
BugCheck A, {2, 2, 1, fffff80002cd6b36}
Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!KiDeliverApc+126 )
PROCESS_NAME: chrome.exe
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0xA_nt!KiDeliverApc+126
Bugcheck code 0000000A
Arguments 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000001 fffff800`02cd6b36
BiosVersion = F.16
BiosReleaseDate = 12/03/2009
SystemManufacturer = Hewlett-Packard
SystemProductName = HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC
Loading Dump File [C:\Documents and Settings\Shyam\_jcgriff2_\dbug\__Kernel__\081912-25022-01.dmp]
Built by: 7601.17835.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030
Debug session time: Mon Aug 20 06:21:01.110 2012 (GMT+6)
System Uptime: 0 days 9:58:55.593
BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff80002f292fa, fffff8800938bbf0, 0}
Probably caused by : memory_corruption
FAILURE_BU... Read more

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green line horizontal on my laptop screen, approx 18 months old, depending on th back ground colour,  need help please or is it a new screen i need ??

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The problem still exists even after Dell repaired the laptop. It took two weeks to get the repaired laptop back from Dell.

The problem is:
When I plug or unplug the charger while playing music/video on laptop, the laptop is freezing with buzzing sound for 1-2 seconds when the laptop begins charging. Even after Dell repaired the laptop, the problem still exists.
Tried installing the updated drivers, the laptop works fine only for a short period and then after some time the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.
Also, if the laptop is restarted it works fine for a while and then the same freezing with buzzing sound problem comes back.

Not satisfied with the Dell and Dell repair services.
Need help with this problem.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7567 laptop freezing and buzzing sound issue when laptop charger is plugged in and unplugged while playing music/video

Please verify BIOS version on the system by typing msinfo32 onto the [Cortana] search box and stroll down to BIOS Version / Date. The latest BIOS version is 1.1.0 ,1.1.0, if there's an old version, I suggest updating to the latest version. Please click on link below to safety install latest BIOS version.
Update System Setup (BIOS) for a Dell Computer ... - …

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Is it OK to leave a laptop plugged in while you are using it?

A:Laptop plugged in


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