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Converting sound files

Q: Converting sound files

OK...I thought I would try this again since I am STILL stumped!

Is there a way I can burn files that are of real audio format?! I also have some that are in .au :( I need to get these on a CD in a format that is playable by a normal cd player!

Please help! I am desperate! :(

Preferred Solution: Converting sound files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Converting sound files

I found a program that might be what you want...

I know for a fact that it converts .ra files to .wav, but I'm not sure about the .au files.

It is at http://www.remixer.com/downloads.htm

edit: it is under the 'featured files' section

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H there,

I'm having problems with no audio, or an annoying buzzing sound when I'm converting AVI files to dvd format. before converting everything is fine. But strangely some files will convert ok. Never had this problem before and I'm very confused. I believe its a codec problem maybe but I'm not very good with computers so any help will be great.

A:No Sound When Converting Avi Files

Is this a general problem or a single file problem? First start off with downloading : 1) KC Softwares Video Inspector2) GSpot Codec Information Applianceand render that file. It will tell you whether it is corrupt yes or no. Secondly :1) Which program do you use to convert and burn2) Which codec(pack?) you have on board

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I would like to send home videos on DVD to my father-in-law in China.

Copies of DVDs I burn do not play in China. I believe DVDs are region specific.

My father-in-law has a PC so I was wondering if there is anyway I could convert a DVD that would run on my player into Windows Media Video format (.wmv)?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


Black Monk

A:Converting DVD player files into Windows Media Video files

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How can I convert AOL .pfc files to text files, so I can copy to a disc for backup. AOL won't let me do that. thank you


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I recently purchased an Ipod for Windows. Up until now, I had all my cds loaded into Media Player as .wmp files. With the Ipod, you have to use Music Match and .mp3s.

My problem: How do I convert over 1,000 songs from .wmp files to .mp3 files so I can load them into Music Match and onto my Ipod.


A:Converting Windos Media Files to Music Match Files

<FONT face="Comic Sans MS" color=navy size=3>Hi MattyMoh25...<BR><BR>Plenty of download free programs that will convert .wmp files to .mp3 files. I have one called "NCT Media Converter" that has worked great for me.<BR><BR>I would go to <A href="http://download.com.com/2001-20-0.html">
Download.com</A>... or to some other sight where you can download programs to see if you can find what you are looking for.<BR><BR>Good luck </BR></FONT></STONG></BODY>

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I have some files that are saved from outlook express in dbx format. I want to try and convert these files into pdf. Is there any programs that will convert that are free. The programs I am finding all give you a demo version, but they are so limited. Outlook won't allow me to import the files back in so I can forward the emails onto another program. What are my options here. Thanks.

A:Converting Outlook express dbx files to pdf files.

Try this. The .dbx files may have been damaged, and may still not work.


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My laptop has been crashing on an off for ages and I made the stupid mistake of restoring it to its factory settings!!!  My outlook folders have all been erased but I have back up versions on my back up drive.  These files have a DBX extension.  Does anyone know how I can open these and convert them back into Outlook files EML or PST - not really sure???   I would like to be able to restore all the information and put these folders back into Outlook - is this possible?

A:Converting DBX files to readable Outlook Files

DBX files are created and used by Outlook Express - not Outlook.
You can set up Outlook Express and copy these files back to the location where it keeps its data files (that location depends on the version of Windows and Outlook Express you're using).

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I am trying to digitalise some VHS tapes and although the picture transfers well, there is no sound. The problem is not in the VCR as this works perfectly when connected to a TV set. I feed the signal from the VCR to the PC using a Scart to 3x RCA cable at the VCR end and a purple breakout cable, supplied with an ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 9200 , connected to the graphics card VidIn socket. The VidOut socket of this card is linked to a Creative SB Audigy card LineIn socket using another supplied ATI cable. The output is viewed onscreen using Ulead VideoStudio v.11. The pictures appear perfectly and can be recorded for further editing but there is no accompanying sound despite the fact that the Ulead thumbnail in the edit line shows a small white loudspeaker, If the audio is split out, the line is smooth without oscillations. I have tried a direct connection between the audio out sockets of the VCR and the breakout cable in case there was a fault in the Scart cable but without success.I have also tried taking a line direct from the VCR audio output to the sound card LineIn socket and still didn't get any sound from my speakers or see any audio via Ulead
The PC sound system works satisfactorily in all other respects. Am I missing something somewhere, for example a software setting ?

A:No sound when converting VHS

The best way to capture analogue video under any operating system is with a firewire analogue video adapter such as Canopus ADVC 110. This supposedly gives much better picture quality than most of the PCI capture cards but these adapters are still quite expensive at the time of writing. If you plan to do a lot of analogue video capture then it may well be worth the extra cost. Under linux you could then just use dvgrab to capture from one of these but I'm not covering that method here.

The first step, of course, is to connect your VCR to your PC. Most TV capture cards have three types of video input: s-video, composite (the yellow one) and TV aerial. s-video gives the best quality of the three so use that if you can. I have an Avermedia TV Capture 98 PCI capture card which is based on the bt878 chipset. The picture I get with this card is quite grainy and I hear that the saa713x chipset capture cards are supposed to be much better- see the v4l2 wiki link above for card recommendations and compatibility. Another thing about this card is that I couldn't get it to find my VCR signal through the aerial connector and so I had to use a SCART to composite cable.

After plugging your VCR into your PC (including running an auxiliary cable from your VCRs sound outputs to your PCs mic in) insert a VHS tape, push play and start tvtime to check you are getting a picture and sound. If you are trying to get a picture through an aerial cable then you will probably have to scan t... Read more

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I am using WinAVI video converter and it seems to convert ok, but when I open the wmv it has no sound.. and yes, the rmvb DID have sound before XD

Do i need a new codec or is this an error... or?

Any help appreciated.

A:Converting .rmvb to .wmv and getting no sound.

All bets are off when there's a real media file involved. You can get more info here that might assist, http://www.jakeludington.com/dv_hacks/20051210_how_to_convert_rmvb.html

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Hiya!! Bet you've been glad to not hear from me for awhile. Guess this means you taught me well!! I used to have a .wav file on my site, but lost it during some down time. The only way that I can retrieve it now is through Real Player, but I can only use .wav or .mid for sound at my host. Is there a way to convert this file? Thanks in advance!!

A:Converting a sound file

There is a program out there that will convert Real Audio to wave files. It think it is called Ra2Wav, but I might be mistaken. Check the real audio site for it, or search for it at http://www.hotfiles.com

You can also use Sound Recorder to record the R.A. file while it is playing. If you have an SB Live card you can use Wave Studio.

My Programming Page
Get Paid to Surf the Net

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i am looking to display my xbox-360 through the computer monitor.

q. how do i do that?

i am looking at a rca to vga converter adaptor, but not sure where to get one cheap. also, why would i need the red and white because my understanding those are sound adaptors.

so my next question is,

q. what kind of converter would i need to bring red and white together, and where can i get a double ended female headjack adaport to connect my currect headphone cord to the new red+white wire. I would like to use it as an extension cord because right now it(the splitter into red and white is only a coupoe of inchesand will be to short.


q. is there a switch that i could use to send my monitor to either my pc, or to the 360 at the touch of a button or something of that nature??
any help would really be appreciated.

A:converting 360 to computer monitor w/ sound.

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I downloaded an mpeg-4 to AVI converter but the converted file only plays sound and no video. Can anyone help?


A:Mpeg-4 converter only converting sound

Hi dotcomplicated, and welcome to TSG.

The problem may be related to a setting in the conversion software or a bug in the conversion software or CODEC used by the software.

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Can anyone recommend an easy to use and possibly free program for converting avi video files to dvd video files for burning to dvd. I have tried dvd santa, but i was unable to create a dvd with windows movie maker or even using nero, as it said it did not support the file type. Thanks!!

A:Converting avi files to dvd video files

I don't use this but see others recommend it a lot:


Also, nero should burn DVD compliant files. You simply have to save the movie in a file Nero recognizes. I don't use Movie Maker, but I know others have no problems burning to DVD with it and NERO.

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How do you convert PDF files to a Word document? I do not have the full version of Adobe, only the reader free software. Thanks.


A:Converting PDF files to Word files

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I have a series of 21,000 files that have been sent to me that were supposed to be WAVs but aren't, they're just unspecific files. These will work when converted to WAVs but I don't want to be going into every individual one and typing .wav into them. How can I convert multiple files in one action? Thanks.

A:Converting Multiple Files to WAV files

There is no way to do this (that I'm aware of) without downloading a program to do it... I did find these http://www.download.com/3120-20_4-0....namer&tag=srch

Hope this helps ya!

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Is there a way to convert .dmg files to .iso files. Dmg are Mac file extensions, and I want to convert them to iso format for windows. Are there any programs that any one can refer me to in order to do this? I've been searching on google, and all I've been finding is changing the file extension path, for macs only. However, I am running Windows XP Home Edition on my PC, and I wish to use Mac OS X Software on my computer by converting the dmg extensions to .iso. If anyone knows how to do this, please notify me.


A:Converting .dmg (Mac) files to .iso (Windows) files.

Even if you were able to conver the files you wouldn't be able to install the Mac software on your PC because the machines are so different. Only way that a program can be installed on both is if it is specifically written for both. If that were the case you usually have two CD's in the box on for Windows one for Mac.

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How can I convert ART files to other types such as jpeg, etc?

A:Converting ART files


Welcome to TSG


You have Irfanview and XnView.

File Extension Details for .ART


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Just wondering if anyone out there knows how to convert an ascii file to an excel file and keep the defined columns?

A:converting files

I know that Excel 2000 and 2003 will let you open text files (.txt filename extension). Each line of text becomes one row. Excel will then let you decide how to break up the lines into columns. If the data is separated by tabs or commas, you can use them as the column delimiters. If all of the columns are created using blank spaces, you can have Excel break the columns at certain character positions.

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I have a DXF file that I would like to convert to PDF, please help

A:converting DXF files to PDF

There are a lot of free online conversion website.

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I have loads of M3U video files obtained from You Tube.I have burned them then tried to play same on my DVD player with no luck.Can you help me with converting the M3U files to a more friendly format?
Thank you

A:converting M3U files

the making of unauthorized copies of the videos on its servers infringes the copyright of YouTube users&#8217; videos. Click to expand...

You might want to check its legal to download the videos

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I've been trying all afternoon to convert my stupid quicktime mov files to mpg beacuse my video editor program at school doesn't support mov files.

vcdhelp.com or whatever that site is suggests using $500 software. I downloaded the trial versions of what they suggested, but it can only encode 30 sec of video.

Someone help please...


A:converting .mov files...

Hiya and welcome

Have you seen this one:


Its to avi, but that can be played on WMP.

Now, there is this one:


And that uses tmpgenc, which is free, and says this:

To convert from QuickTime MOV videos you must download the QTReader.vfp, copy it to the TMPGEnc folderClick to expand...

This is to VCD MPEG, though. Up to you.



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Is there a program that will help me to convert an AVI File to a viewable format, be it DVD, VCD or SVCD. I know there are plenty of programs that will convert but given the resolutions and fps of the avi file I don't know which format to convert TO. I have read tutorials but they are very broad. Thank you.

A:Converting Avi Files


A friend of mine uses Cucusoft, and he is pretty happy with it. I would ay 90% of what he converts, he converts to DVD. Not sure if that helps, but it does work for his situation.

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I am trying to create a cd composed of pics of my daughter that can be played on my dvd player which accepts CD-R/CD-RW/Video CD.

I used some software that came with my burner called Memories Disc by HP but the cd did not play on my DVD player. I also downloaded a program (www.tvcd.biz) but that did not work either. I tried both CDs on two different DVD players and neither one of them worked for me.

What should I do? I'm trying to send them as Xmas gifts since my husband and I are military and our families have not seen our newbord daughter. PLEASE HELP!! I'm a computer tech so that should help!!!


A:converting jpg files to vcd or mpg

If you have Win XP, you could use MovieMaker2 to create a wmv movie of the pics (nice fades/special effects and music with it - Bette Midler doing Baby Mine from Bambi is a good one )

The using Nero Burning Rom, just use the Wizard and when prompted, choose Other Media Format (or something like that) and drag and drop the movie over.

I use Ulead Media Studio to create mpgs then let Nero do the recoding for VCD.

Hope this helps.

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is it possible to convert dvd files to avi or any other video format, is there any software that can do that?

A:Converting Dvd Files

Sec. 1201. Circumvention of copyright protection systems `(a) VIOLATIONS REGARDING CIRCUMVENTION OF TECHNOLOGICAL MEASURES- (1)(A) No person shall circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title.yes its possible,but we cant discuss it here due to legalities.

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Hey guys in TECH land.
My first so bear with me.
Have a file (DOC) and i need to convert it to an OVL so that i will not have to re-print every time.
If u have an answer, please post it...

A:Converting DOC files to OVL??

Welcome to the forum. Can you elaborate as to why you are having to print again every time and why you want to create the overlay file?

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Can anyone help me

I have brought a mp3 player and i would like to put some music on it using windows media player 9 can you tell me if its possible to convert files from WMA to MP3 using media player 9

if so how


A:WMA files converting to MP3

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Hey, can anyone please help me out
I have avi. files that I want to put into a dvd. but the thing is that It doesnt accept avi files so can some one please tell what program I can use to convert avi. to wmv. or anything that can be put into dvd.


A:converting avi. files

I use mainconcept then author with dvdlab pro
learning curve is not that bad
get the trails if you like it buy it
if you want free go to doom webpage and sourceforge there are good apps that do the same thing

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I know this question has been asked a lot, but as I have been looking through them on here, it still doesn't really answer my question. Is there a way to convert both the video and audio part of a MOV file smoothly? Or at, least is there a program or process to do this? I cannot figure it out because I have tried multiple video converters and none can convert anything more than just the video part. Please help! Thanks

A:Converting MOV files

Which format that you want to convert your files. Maybe you can have a look at winavi which can convert mov files to almost any format.

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I was wondering if it is at all possible to either burn a powerpoint presentation so is viewable on a DVD or transfer a powerpoint presentation to a movie maker file? Any ideas or help of any kind is greatly appreciated.

A:Converting Files

Hi shanek, and welcome to TSG.

This might be helpful...

Storyboarding PowerPoint 2003 presentations to video and DVD

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Hi, Is it possible to convert .bin files to .avi or similar?

A:Converting .bin files

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Is there a way to convert a xls document into word . I did a document for a friend and used excel and I would like to know if there is a way to convert it to word. She is more cofortable using word. This is office 2000

A:converting xls files to doc

well, if you copy and paste it to Word, that will work. It will paste it into cells, of course, but you could also select (in Word) Edit, Paste Special, Unformatted Text and that will just insert the text, and you will have to reformat, etc.

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i have a new digital video camcorder that came with Roxio MyDVD software... i can only seem to save the video files in .dvd.... but if i email these files no one else can open them... what do i need to make these files email and openable to my freinds?

A:converting DVD files?

Which camcorder---make and model number----Does it capture in .avi or mpeg?

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how do i convert a wps file to doc

A:converting files

Hi, and welcome to the forums MS have a utility for this get it here:-


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every time i try to convert avi file to dvd an error message comes up dvd santa has had to close down

A:converting files

ok waht software are you using to convert the files. are you converting the files to mpeg1, mpg2, pal, ntsc. what type of driver have you got installed in your system isit combo drive cd drive dvd drve or dvd ram.

i would recommend using nero or if you want a free version try anyvideo converter
download from here

i myself use nero it does take slightly longer but it is good an i got it free with my computer so .

if the problem keeps happening again unistal dvd santa, reboot pc and install it again i would also recommend going to windows update and update you operating system files.

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I am looking for a program to convert MOV files to WMV.

Any good programs free or pay?


A:Converting Mov Files

This may be what you are looking for.. http://www.tomdownload.com/multimedia_desi...g_converter.htm

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Can anyone recommend a software that can help me get my sony handycam files converted to .mpg

Thanks in advance.

A:converting .vob files to .mpg

Many times you can simply re-name .VOB to .MPG.

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When I am at a music site my Windows Media Player plays the song but when it is downloaded it comes as a WMA and won't play back in my player. Is there an easy way to convert this?

A:converting WMA files to wav

Rioport Audio Manager can, you can get it for free at http://www.rioport.com/Software/1,4056,,00.html?page=, once the files in the playlist right click on it and select Save as WAV, or something to that effect.

Although I reccomend that you don't download MP3's with Windows Media Player you should download them with Download Accelerator it triples the download speed, its resumable, and you don't have to worry about the extension changing to WMA you can get it for free at http://www.speedbit.com/default.asp

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Hey, does anybody know how to convert *.RAM files (like Real Player files and streaming media) to *.wav format so that they can be burned on cd? I have heard of programs that do this, but I've never seen any of them work. I'm completely open to any ideas. Thanks.

A:Converting *.RAM files to *.wav

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Hello, first time here, hope I'm in the right forum.......question? I have several files that have .swf as the suffix, I need to know how to convert these to either jepg or bitmap. I'm using these files as part of a web page. Any help would be appreciated!! Oh by the way, these are flash images (.swf )

A:converting files

Try a photo program to see if they will open them. If you find one that will open them, then save them with the jpeg extension or however you want to save them.

The key is what program will open them so you can save them in another format.

By the way welcome and I hope we can make your experiecne a good one.

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I occasionally download files that need to be converted from rar to mp3. I use a program called "extract frog" which works perfectly except if the file is broken into separate parts. When it is in separate parts it seems to only be willing to extract the fist part. Any suggestions?

A:Converting rar files

You can use 7-Zip to decompress RAR files. First, download and install the program. Then, in 7-Zip, go to "Tools --> Options" and tick "7z", "RAR" and "ZIP" in the "associate 7-Zip with:" window. Click OK to apply the file associations. Now right click the RAR file you want to decompress. Select "7-Zip --> Extract to <file name>" to decompress the RAR file into a separate folder. If this method does not work, then double-click the RAR file and extract the files manually.

If you want to use another file compression tool instead of 7-Zip, then read this article for more information. If you want to learn more about RAR files, then read this article instead.

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I've been asked to put a video together and I use Windows Movie Maker. But all the video I've been given is in MP4 format and Movie Maker will not take MP4.

Can anyone advise of a free converter or a way around this?

Thanks in advance


A:Converting MP4 files

Welcome to the TSG Forum.
You might try Super

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I have an old program that creates a PRN file which I send to others. I would like to change that file to a PDF file. Any Ideas.

A:converting prn files

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I had a friend convert my LP's and 45's to a CD so I could play them on my computer. I'm having trouble downloading them to the computer. I also want to put the songs on my iPhone (iPOD). I was told I had to cnvert them to MP3 files in order to do this. I've seen free software on the web but I'm unsure of their reliabiliy. Can someone please help me.

A:Converting CDA Files

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Hey all, I hae been looking for six months now for a program that will convert my powerpoint presentations into video or DVD files, for free. Is there anything that I can get, or do I have to go with a paid alternative. I have a screen recorder, but it is kindof slow and doesn't capture audio very well. Thanks

A:converting PPT to DVD files

Well I convert my PPT files with "presentation to video converter" at geovid. There are a lot of useful abilities in it. But I'm to lazy repeat it.

Just look here if you interesting

All I can to say that it's really easy and helpful thing. And if you have any questions ask tech support in forum.

Also this prog costs (if I'm not wrong 199 USD) but if you wanna quality it's have to pay isn't it?

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Does anybody know of any application that will either convert vob files to mp4 format or applications that will convert a dvd disc (the kind with the folders that contain several files) to mp4 format?

I've tried OJOsoft vob converter but that program is apparently garbage. Refuses to write files altogether and cannot find any support pertaining to this issue or forums to post new issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The freer the better!! thanks.

A:converting vob files

The following free online converter can convert .VOB files to .MP4, and more:



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hi guys ive treid a few downloads for converting videos to 3gp or mobile fone clips can u give me a free and easy website to do this ???/ thanks

A:converting files to 3gp

Have you tried Super video converter? It is simple, yet pretty good. Its also freeware, so will never cost you anything to use.
It can convert to and from many formats, including 3GP.
You can get it from here -> http://gpl.download.free.fr/A9A20000...SUPERsetup.exe

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