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Transfer existing Hard Drive info to new Hard Drive

Q: Transfer existing Hard Drive info to new Hard Drive

I have an HP Pavillion dv6500 laptop that originally was loaded with VISTA, but now is operating with WINDOWS 7. I do not have any INSTALL DISKS FOR vista or WINDOWS 7. The laptop was originally owned by my daughter and she gave it to me after upgrading to a new laptop. Last year I received notification via the laptop that I could upgrade to WINDOWS 10 for free. After trying unsuccessfully numerous times to upgrade. I read the System Requirements for WINDOWS 10 and found that my laptop lacked the required free RAM, 16 GB. I decided to replace the original stock Hard Drive, 150 GB, with a new HD, 500 GB. I am looking for the best way to transfer the data from the old HD to the new HD. Please know that this is the first time that I have performed any type of work of this type on a PC device, so please be aware that I probably will ask questions or ask for clarification of your recommendations, so bare with me. Thank you in advance!

Preferred Solution: Transfer existing Hard Drive info to new Hard Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Transfer existing Hard Drive info to new Hard Drive

Blazer5 Let's correct a few things, first. Win10 does not require 16GB of RAM; instead, it requires that much Disk Space. Win10 requires only 1GB RAM (32-bit PC) or 2GB of RAM (64-bit PC). As to transferring the data, there are two part to this -- the easy part and the hard part. BOTH start the same way, by you purchasing a USB-to-Hard-Drive adapter and using that to connect the old drive to the PC. But, you first need to determine if the old drive is IDE or SATA. IDE drives have two rows of small pins on the back; SATA drive have two plastic connectors with contact strips on them. IF it's an IDE drive, make sure that the Adapter you obtain handles IDE drives -- most new ones do NOT. Then, after connecting the drive to the PC, you should get popups about opening a File Manager window for each of the partitions on the drive. If the drive is still formatted the original way, the really large partition will have the OS and data files in it. You should then be able to copy the data from this old drive to your PC simply by dragging and dropping in Windows Explorer. That's the easy part ... The hard part is that the files she saved under her user account will be protected, and while you MIGHT be able to copy them, you will NOT be able to open them -- this is by design. This allows multiple folks, each with their own user ID, to use the same PC and not see each other's files. To solve that, you will have to Take Ownership of her file folders on the old drive. This is a tutorial from the Win7 forums about that: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/1911-take-ownership-shortcut.html Once you do that, you will then "own" the files and folders and can copy them to your drive and then use them.Good Luck

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I have two old hard drives.  One from a Dell and one from a Gateway.  I believe I acquired all the hardware but can't figure out how to upload to my HP 7 computer.  Computer doesn't seem to recognize old hard drive.

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I lost my hard drive! I am looking for information on how to transfer data from a damaged hard drive to the new hard drive? Can I take the disk out of the damaged hard drive & place it into another hard drive or device to retrieve the infomation? If so do you know the steps or who to refer me to? I would appreciate any information you can give me. I know there is a way I just don't know how!!!! Help me please

Thank you

A:Need info on how to transfer data from damged hard drive to new one!

It really depends on how damaged the drive is. If the platters do not spin because of a motor failure there isn't much you can do yourself. You cannot take the platters out and put them in another drive since it is a pretty delicate operation and has to be done in a clean room to keep from contaminating the platters with dust, etc.

If the drive is marginal you might be able to place it in your PC as a slave and just transfer the data to the new drive.

If it is beyond your capability you can send it out to a data recovery company where they will recover the data from the defective drive for a fee. That fee however is usually more than the average PC user can afford.

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Hi. I have a virus infected sata hard drive with windows 7 on it. It has the win 7 anti virus 2012 on it, and it's a cybercriminal virus. I have lots of files I want to transfer to the new sata drive. I already have windows 7 installed on the new drive. How do I get the files from the bad drive to the new one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:How do I transfer files from bad sata hard drive to new hard drive

You could make your own external HD, & than copy/paste over.

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Is there a program taht will allow for this, that is relatively cheap, or is there a way to do it without using a program?

A:Data transfer from hard drive to hard drive via USB cables

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Hello all,

Asus P5N-E SLI
Intel Q6600 2.4ghz
Micron 4GB RAM
2x 320GB SATA Hitachi
1x 200GB IDE Seagate Baracuda 7200
nVidia 9600gt
Ultra 600Wat PSU
Ever since i bought my new motherboard (Asus P5N-E SLI) and SATA hard drives, my IDE hard drive was messing up. I can not load up Windows on it. When i install Winxp x64 on one of my 320gb hard drives, it loads but not fast. Before WinXP loads (progress bar and logo) the screen stays balck for about 20secs or so before it reaches the load screen. And right before it reaches the load screen, there is a gray load bar on the bottom of the screen. Then comes the GUI progress bar. It takes about another 40secs for it to fully load into windows. When I unplug the IDE hard drive, the gray load bar does not appear and the load time is very quick, 15 seconds or so. Also, when I try to transfer data from SATA hard drive to IDe, 3gigs would take around 25mins or so. Is there a way I can fix this issue?

A:[SOLVED] Slow Boot Time, Slow Transfer Rates(Hard drive to hard drive)

Transferring files from SATA to IDE is a process- and IDE is no where near as fast as SATA, so you can expect some transfer times there. For the boot issue, it sounds like the computer is confused on what to load at first. Check your startup and recovery options by right-clicking my computer, advanced, startup and recovery, and see if multiple opearting systems are there. If so, remove the one that you know you don't want to load by editing the file.

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I had this idea, see if anybody has an opinion about this. My wife has an old XP computer I want to buy her a new one but she doesn't like the vista and she wants to keep the old xp operating system. What I want to do is take the old hard drive and put it in the new computer as the master and take the new hard drive and put it in as the slave erasing the vista off it. Then using the master slave way can I transfer the xp operating system and all her files and data from the old hard drive to the new one.

A:Transfer data from Hard Drive to Hard Drive

You cannot simply put the hard drive with XP on it in the new system to have the new system running XP either from the old drive or by transferring to the new drive. It just does not work like that
You need to install XP a fresh on the new system AND you will need a new XP license to do so.

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Tried yesterday with an SATA adapter (unpowered) and my Yoga 920 would ding that something was plugged in, but wouldn't show it in File Explorer.Traded the unpowered drive for a powered one and the same result, a ding but nothing shows up. Is there something else that I can do? Thanks in advance

A:Can I remove the hard drive from my Yoga 2 Pro and plug it into an SATA drive and transfer the data?

I am confused.  You are talking about an mSATA -> USB adapter?  mSATA-> 2280 SSD?  What is a powered mSATA adapter?

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I'm using Windows xp sp2 and a couple of days ago I tried to copy a wav music track from a cd in my cd drive onto one of my hard drives(not the hard drive with windows on it) it gave a message saying unable to complete due to hardware connection being interrupted
since then the Cd drive and Harddrive I was copying too work only intermittently and for a short time. If you try and copy anything too or from the drive it will start working and then stop.
I think this is a virus problem but aren't completely sure as I've run spyware doctor which found a couple of viruses, but the problem continues despite removing them
thanks. hope someone can help

A:Hard drive and cd drive stopped working after file transfer

I'm not a 100% sure but I'm suspecting you power supply. Anybody else go a thought?

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Good evening all,

I have a question concerning partioning. I have a Dell E520 with a 300GB drive, running Vista. I have 248GB free at the moment. Here's my question. I would like to partition the drive, leaving Vista on it's own on the C drive, and make 2 new partitions. One would be for Apps, programs, etc, and the other would be for data, i.e. personal and business documents, some pictures, etc. Is this possible to do without erasing everything and starting from scratch? I don't really have a problem with doing that if I have to, but the only thing I'm afraid of losing is my perfectly functioning (finally!) wireless network. Any advice would greatly appreciated. Please let me know if there is more info I can provide.

Thanks and have a wonderful evening.

Go Yankees!

A:Partioning an existing hard drive

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I currently have a Ultra A-G294 D915G ATX PC. This was purchased in 2005. It has an Intel Pentium (4) processor 3.0GHz 800Mhz; the system board is Intel 915G socket 478 MATX Chipset; it has 512 MB DDRRAM PC3200; and a 80 GB SATA 7200rpm hard drive. I have a question about the hard drive. I am wanting to remove this hard drive and replace it with something quite similar or the same one. How hard is it going to be to find this hard drive an how hard is it to replace by myself?

A:Replacing my existing hard drive

Here's a WD 80GB SATA HDD: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136195

But you can get bigger and faster drive such as 250GB and 320GB drives for less money: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...deValue=359:15133&PropertyCodeValue=359:50147

Why do you want the same or similar drive? The exact model will definitely not be available new except maybe on eBay.

To install teh drive its not hard, however you will have to clone the old drive to the new drive if you want everything on the old one on the new one, or you will have to install Windows, the drivers, and any updates and software onto the new drive.

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I have a dead PC and will replace the MOB and Processor. (A replacement PS did not restore power). Will XP boot up and install the devices or what else can I expect to happen?

A:Installing a New MOB with existing XP hard drive

Is the new motherboard identical?

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I used to run windows 98 and recently installed windows xp (oem version). This has meant that I now dont have access to anything that was previously on my hard drive, though it is all still on it and taking up space. I cant uninstall xp so I was wondering whether I can just reformat my hard drive and reload everything again? At the moment loads of space is being taken up on my drive with programs that I cant run now.
Can I do this? And tips on what to do etc?

A:Reformat existing hard drive??

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Hi everyone i just built myself another new computer and i had one of my other hard drives hooked up as slave so i could retain all the data on it, while making a fresh install of Windows on a different hard drive... so here's the question, i went to get files off my user account "Kevin" from my old hard drive, and it says i do not have access. i know the password for the account but it doesn't ask me for a password.. and i can't put it in anywhere, and then i went to sharing and security and it says to drag it to shared folder but when i try and do that it says i don't have permission..
how do i access these files?


A:Existing data on old hard drive... please help

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So my original PC was an HP Compaq dx2250 with an AMD Athlon chipset running Win7 Ultimate x64. Unfortunately, a few days ago, the motherboard fried. Because I have a large amount of important programs on the PC's hard drive, I was wondering about the possibility of moving the existing hard drive into a new PC. I was able to locate a seemingly identical build, a Dell Dimension E521 with an Athlon X2 chipset running Win7 Ultimate x64. When I hooked up the hard drive from my old PC, the boot process gets to the point of "Starting Windows" with the Windows logo starting to appear. Then, blank. The computer reboots and it sends me to startup repair, which cannot repair any "errors" automatically. Is there something I'm missing?

A:Move Existing Hard Drive to New PC

Yes you need to perform clean install of Windows.

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Hi. I am planning to replace my motherboard and memory on my Win 7 Home premium 64b.

I've been updating MBs for 25 years and now I am getting conflicting answers regarding booting existing hard drive on new MB. My present Win 7 installation was installed on my present MB. Before I have always been able to use an existing hard drive and OS on a new MB.

Now when I asked Gigabyte if a reinstall would be required they said no, but the registry may be full of unneeded drivers etc which would affect performance. This seems a solvable issue using registry cleaners and editors.

But I am also getting opinions that Win 7 will not boot up on a new MB and reinstall OS would be required. Considering the number of programs, some on disks others from downloads. activation keys etc, this is a major problem. Has MS gone bananas? Who would benefit with this approach?

Does anyone have a definitive answer? Thanks.


A:Existing hard drive on new motherboard.

First, Windows 7 is a lot more flexible with hardware changes, but at the very least, you should run Sysprep before moving to the new board. I would greatly recommend a clean install, especially if you plan ahead to cut down on how long that would take. However, Sysprep can remove some of the drivers to allow the system to be a little cleaner.

As for the copy of Windows 7, that all depends on your license. If you have a retail license, then you are fine. It should activate on the new system without issue, and it will be legit. If you have an OEM license, then that opens the door to a whole lot of gray areas, in terms of what is considered to be a new computer, and how legit your license will be, assuming you can activate it.

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Sorry, this question may seem a little simple. I'm having trouble reinstalling Windows 7, so I booted into Ubuntu via USB to format the drive, it told me my hard drive is likely to fail soon, and I have a feeling it has as I am unable to install any Linux or other OS onto it.
I have taken an photo of the hard drive, but it keeps failing to upload so I'll type it all:

320GB WD3200BPVT

S/N: WXH1A15A8946


Date: 30 Jun 2011
DCX: AZ04E5488

It is a Western Digital.

I am looking to either purchase the same model or a cheaper/better model. I am not looking to go over $30-$40 AUD. Is an SSD is available for a reasonable price to this then I might buy it. If anyone can please tell me the information which is needed to find a drive that would be compatible and fit into my Acer Aspire 753 that's be great. Also if you can find links to sites for the Hard drives you recommend, that would be great too.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort-Delucs

A:How do I select a new hard drive based on my drive info

That is a 2.5" drive so you can use just about any 2.5" laptop drive. I would really go with a better quality than a blue drive [which is what you have] The black series has a 5yr warranty vs the 2yr warranty for a blue drive; that alone should tell you about quality. Here is an example of what you need;

Remember you need either the recovery disk OR a regular ms install dvd to install the os on your new drive.

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Can you transfer contents of C: drive to another hard drive easily? My C: drive is out of room, and I have another new hard drive waiting on my shelf...is it a simple thing to have my local shop just transfer the contents to the new drive, so that when I reconnect I have my OS, everything intact?

Not interested in doing it myself; I don't have the software or the time and don't want the hassle.

A:Can you transfer contents of C: drive to another hard drive easily?

Just ask them to clone your old drive to the new drive. Think out in advance what you want to do with the old drive, maybe have them do that too. Cloning makes the new drive look just like the old one in exact detail. They just use some software to do the copying. Pretty simple, shouldn't cost much.

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Wouldn't mind getting some advice before starting this.

I bought my daughters laptop 3 years ago when she went to college. It came preloaded with Vista home ultimate but only had 1G of RAM and therefore was relying on some use of hard disc to function properly. Hard drive is only 70GB. You can guess the rest - she has filled upthe hard disc and so it is now taking too long to access things, boot up etc.

I have now put in another 2GB of RAM and this has improved things but the machine is down to 1.2GB dispite all my disc cleaning (I use Auslogics Boostspeed which always seems to work well). However I think I need to replace the hard drive with something bigger and have found a 500GB diac on offer for GBP50.00 which seems good. (I have tried to get her to use an external drive - which we have - however she mostly uses the machine for music and downloaded movies etc. In practice this is Itunes and while I think I have spotted how to redirect Itunes to find / locate the music library away from the hard drive (so I could just move all the music to the external drive I suppose) she doesn't want to have a clunky external drive permanently attached to her machine).

I have the drivers and utilities disc that came with the machine and the Vista product key but I need vista itself. If I have the product key can I;
1 download the software from MS - using the product key as proof that I have purchased it before. Otherwise
2 can I somehow create a disc I can use to reinstall ... Read more

A:putting existing set up on replacment hard drive

Another option would be to create a clone of your drive and copy it onto your new larger HDD using something like Apricorns SATA Wire and cloning software:


That way you have a complete copy of your old drive including OS and drivers.

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I am using Win98 se on a 6year old 40 gig hard drive. I would like to clone this hard drive onto a new larger hard drive before it crashes. I have found on the internet that after I format the new hard drive in the slave position on my computer, I can select Start>Run and type: XCOPY C:*.* D:\ /c/h/e/k/r and this will clone my old hard drive to my new one. Then on another web site it said to type XCOPY C:\ /c/e/f/h/r/s. Which one of these is correct?

Or should I purchase Norton Ghost?

A:Using XCOPY to clone existing hard drive

Because of xcopy's limitations on file attributes, and filename sizes. Your better off useing xxcopy than xcopy. It's a freeware utility for non-commercial use available here, along with syntax instructions.

I don't believe you'll be succesful useing xcopy.

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External backup for 2 Win7 home computers.

Prices are currently at a premium for a 2T 2 1/2" USB 3x external backup drive.

I will retire the XP machine soon that is being replaced by the new Win7 machine. The XP machine has 2 drives--one of which is slower than molasses and you can hear the thing churning away when nothing should be going on (indexing off).

I've never had much luck with diagnostic software--in particular PC Doctor when it was shipped with Lenovo systems.

Given the costs involved buying the software makes little sense.

Is there, in particular, hard drive diagnostic software that really can diagnose a problematic drive?

If I knew which drive was bad then I'd put the good one in a container and use it until the USB 3 externals come down in price.


A:Existing hard drive diagnostic vs. new external

I believe all hard drive manufacturers offer their own diagnostic tools. Seagate, just for example, offers SeaTools which can be used on any hard drive.

SeaTools for Windows | Seagate

These tools try to stress the drive to expose any problems. The stressing could possibly push a failing drive over the edge. If you need to find the hard drive manufacturer, a free tool called Speccy would hold.

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

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I am about to upgrade another PC (about 4 months old) currently running Windows 7 64bit. The PC is set up so that although the PC has the OS and programs on the SSD (C drive), all other data and info is on the 2Tb hard drive. Their is only a single user with no password and the PC was setup (configured) so that the user profile knows to put that user info and data on the 2Tb hard drive.

I want to do a clean install and am happy to clear everything on the C drive (SSD) and the hard drive.
When installing Windows 8 from the ISO image on a DVD, how do I create the similar situation that I had for user profile when running Windows 7?

Also is it possible to be able to boot up straight in to the user without having to enter a password, as I can currently do on the Windows 7 boot?

I have just upgraded an older Windows Vista PC to Windows 8 Pro through a clean install and that went perfectly, but only had a single 1Tb hard drive (C drive).

Thanks for any a help and advice.


A:Clean install on existing Win 7 PC with SSD & hard drive

Hello Steve, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You will be able to do a clean install of Windows 8 on the SSD without losing anything on the other HDD. In Windows 8, you will have the option to create a "Microsoft account" (with email address) or a "local account" (same as in previous Windows) now. The tutorial below will give you more details about all of this though.
Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade
When installation is complete, you could set Windows 8 up the same way you did in Windows 7.

The tutorial below can show you how to set Windows 8 to sign in to a user account of your choice automatically at startup.
Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup
Hope this helps,

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My issue is how to clean my Hard Drive from up non-existing programs.

I originally had 2 hard drives C: and D:

I got rid of the D drive but I had previously installed programs (games) in the D, but I boot up from the C drive.

I used the Remove Programs on most, but some old programs are still there and will not completely remove.

How should I go about cleaning up, other than searching the registry and manually deleting entries with similar program names that I don't use anymore?

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I have 3 hard drives on my computer
C: System
D; Storage
E: Mainly storage of Backups from Genie Timeline
My D Drive whcich I have been using for a long time has totally disappeared. It also isn't showing in Disc Management.
Can you advise please

A:An existing hard drive has disappeared from My Computer and I can't access it

Try a System Restore to a point in the past. Go back as far as needed to a time when you remember the D: drive was present. See if the drive has returned.

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Hi all

A friend of mine recently had his computer stop working and he has a lot of photos on his hard drive (SATA) that he wants saved. I took the drive in hopes of plugging it into my computer and then copying his pictures over and burning them to a disc.

My computer has Windows XP SP3, a Gigabyte nForce4 Sli mobo, two IDE hard drives and two external USB hard drives. Before starting I installed the updated mobo drives from the Gigabyte website and then I used a cable from my original mobo box with a four pin connector on one end and the plug for the SATA drive on the other. Then I used to cable labeled as SATA and then plugged it into the color coded connector on the mobo.

I rebooted and Windows recognized new hardware and said it needed to install new software (drivers I assume). It installed software and exited without errors but XP doesnt list the drive. I also dont see it under disk management.

I did go into the BIOS and everything labeled SATA is set as enabled. I am not sure what else I need to be looking at in the BIOS however. My mobo also has a manual that has setup information regarding SATA RAID (RAID 5) Function. I'll be honest and say I dont know what the heck that is and the manual looks difficult for a user like me. A couple of people told me that it should be plug and play with XP so I really wasnt expecting many problems with this.

I would really appreciated any help on this as to what I should be checking.


A:Adding a SATA hard drive to a PC with two existing IDE drives?

If the drive is physically fine the drive should work fine plugged into the motherboard. Does the motherboard have RAID and standard SATA connectors? It may be that with the drive connected to the RAID connector that you need to do some type of configuration prior to having the drive seen in Windows.

Another option if you still can't get it to work would be to use one of the SATA > USB docking units like:

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I just received a new PC with Windows vista home premium. My old machine had XP pro.
My XP machine does not stay for more than 5 minutes, it shuts itself down and then gives me long beeps from the MB (which I THINK is from overheating)
So, I want to transfer all my settings (email, accounts, internet shortcuts, etc.) to my new machine. I want to take out my old HD, use and external USB/HD cable (new machine does not have an IDE port only SATA) and connect it to the new PC to do the easy transfer. Will the Easy trasnfer program work like this, with out it being installed on the old machine? Can Vist pick the files without the easy transfer software on the old drive?
The reason I want to know ahead of time is I don't have a USB/IDE device yet and don't want to buy one if it's not going to work.

My other option is to leave my old PC case open with a large external fan blowing in, use a cross over cable for a network connection and keep my fingers crossed that the old PC doesn't shut down 1/2 way through the operation.

A:Easy Trasnfer Xp To Vista With Existing Hard Drive

My other option is to leave my old PC case open with a large external fan blowing in, use a cross over cable for a network connection and keep my fingers crossed that the old PC doesn't shut down 1/2 way through the operation.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/cleaning-the-inside-of-your-pc/

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I have on old hard drive that was in a COMPAQ Armada. I need to connect it to my current system to access the data. I do not what it to be the main HD. Just connect to work on the data. Connecting to the laptop is not an option, and I do not have access to another Armada.


A:Connect 'old' laptop Hard Drive to existing computer

Thanks for the input.. Did you have a real question too?

Yes you can do it but you need to get an adaptor to be able to connect your ATA cable and the power.

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Hi everyone!
There's really no short way to explain my issue and though I tried, please bear with me!

My old laptop that I've had for about 6 years now finally bit the dust (nothing lasts forever, right?) It was an eMachines E527 series with a 64-bit OS Windows 7 (I believe with Vista) and x64-based processor. I depended very much so on this laptop while in college and it indeed was good to me, a reliable piece of equipment up until about a year ago when the battery needed replacing (saw that one coming) though being a broke college student I just never quite got around to buying one. Needless to say the battery was rendered shot and could not hold a charge by itself so as a result the only way I could use my laptop was if it was on its charger, remaining plugged in 24/7 otherwise the battery would drain within minutes and the laptop would die (I know this ultimately bad for it, though I didn't have a choice so I used my laptop like this for about a year and a half.) When the power cord needed replacing about 4 months ago, I gave in and managed a Rocketfish Universal AC Laptop Adapter with 8 different tips included. I found the tip for my laptop and was able to use the adapter for my laptop happily for about 2 months when suddenly it too stopped charging my laptop (I started having to literally hold the cord a certain way in order for it to work) and then it got to the point where the tip had to be pushed in VERY hard and firmly and literally HELD in that position in order f... Read more

A:Data transfer from Windows 7 hard drive to Windows 8.1 Hard drive

You will need to remove the hard drive from the old laptop.

Purchase a hard drive enclosure or adapter, I recommend this one Sabrent USB-DSC7 Hard Drive Adapter - 2.5/ 3.5/ 5.25 SATA to USB 3.0 at TigerDirect.com.

There are a lot of less expensive (cheaper) products, but many don't work when you take it out of the box.

Be sure to get one that works with 2.5 inch drives.

Connect the old drive to the adopter/enclosure, connect the power supply and plug the USB connector into the new computer. Then you can copy your files from the old drive.

You cannot copy your installed programs, they must be installed again from discs or downloads.

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I use an WD external hard drive (1TB) for additional storage and it was working fine with no issues. The small USB connector broke off the board yesterday and I purchased a new enclosure and installed it. Now my computer does not recognize it as a storage device. I have all the data still on the HD and really do not want to loose it. Any advice on how to get the computer to recognize the external hard drive?

I tried adding a letter for the drive, but it does not show up to change the letter of the drive.

The PC is an HP that is about 4 months old. Windows 7, 64 bit.

Thanks for the assistance.

A:Existing external hard drive installed in new case, does not recognize

if the Hard drive is a SATA varient and not a IDE (which unless its ollld it wont be)

then you can simply open up your new pc case, and connect the drive directly to your motherboard using a SATA lead, and a serial power connection from your power supply.

If you dont have a spare SATA cable, then for now you can just use the power cable and lead from your DVD drive. This will allow you to back up your data for now, and will determine if the drive still works or not.

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Dear All,  I have a Proliant ML350G6 server contains 4 HDD with 500GB each. I configured it with Raid 0. it was quit large space for a medium company. But after 6 years, the space is almost full. I am using the server for Data server only. I can see that there are 2 more bays left on the server. I want to expand the hard disk space by adding 2 more HDD with 1 TB each. The questions are :  1. Can we add the hard drive the way I want?2. Do we have to make some settings with the new HDD?3. Can we add the HDD without re-install the software?4. Is there any other methode for expanding the space? Thank you so much for your help..

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I have an Optiplex 780 Desktop and would like to install a second hard drive between my existing HD (connected to SATA0 on the motherboard) and my CD-DVD (connected to SATA1).
I would like to use the space between the normal HD (at bottom of the drive area when the 780 Desktop is lying on its side horizontally and not standing up vertically) and the CD-DVD (at top of the drive area).  The space in between is designed for a floppy disk drive, which has never been in the PC.  It has always been empty space.
Last week, I tried, but found that the empty floppy-drive space was a cm too short for a new, second drive.  I could not slide the new drive all the way in unless I left off the small black plastic cover that normally covers the unused floppy-drive "front" on the case.  (I had added side-screws to the new drive and was not using one of those blue plastic caddies.  This floppy-drive space seems only to work with the side screws; a blue plastic caddy seems to be good only for the original HD space at bottom.)
But the Dell manual for the Opti 780 Desktop definitely shows the possibility of a second hard drive in that space. 
What's the trick?  Are some 3.5" drives longer than others?

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It appears that my motherboard and CPU are broken, and I may buy a bare-bones system (case, motherboard, CPU). Assuming that all of existing parts are compatible, is it possible to just switch in the HD, RAM, and video card? Like a plug-and-play with hardware.

Could you please provide detailed information information on how to reconfigure an existing Windows installation to work with a new and different motherboard and CPU?.

So I'm using the same system drive on a new motherboard. I am not using the pre-installed OEM version of Windows, but rather an after-market purchased version of Windows XP Professional SP2.

A:Swap existing Hard Drive to new Motherboard, CPU, barebones system (WinXP)

There is a pretty good outline of the process HERE.

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Edit: Dammit, typos in subject line and unable to edit
Create a mirror of an existing hard drive without losing data

SATA II-150 PCI Raid

How do you do this without losing data?

A:Creating a MIrrir of an existing hard drive without losing data with PCI Raid

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I have what was an external USB hard drive. It's in a Moving Star EML355L case, and the hard drive is WD Caviar / WD1200 / EIDE / 120gb.

My hard drive failed. I'm wondering what all I can put in for the hard drive.

1. is it just the exact same thing?

2. can it be any of the WD Caviar drives, of whatever capacity?

3. can it be a number of 3.5" hard drives that are available (if it's EIDE I'll be OK) ?

Do the bezel control panel handle different sizes of hard drive OK?

A:hard drive info

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I had a Emachines that the motherboard went out on but it has files on the HD I need. I bought a new Dell and was curious if there was a way to get info off the old hd. I need the easiest way possible PLEASE
Thanks for your time

A:How to get info off hard drive

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How can I tell what DVDs my son has been watching on my laptop. Is there information saved on the hard drive? I am running WinDVD version 5.0 DXVA and Windows Professional XP.

A:DVD info on hard drive?

There is little likelihood of identifying a DVD title through XP . All DVDs are recognised through their file structure (VIDEO_TS folder . VOB files) and to the best of my knowledge even if they showed up in Start/My Recent Documents they would appear as VOB1_1 etc . You may have more luck with WinDVD though I dont use it myself so cant advise either way . I do know that Windows Media Player and other media players store recently played titles . You'd be reliant in that case on the DVD having an identifiable label which isnt always the case , even with retail DVDs .

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Trying to see if there is a way to get some of my information off my old hard drive that is not currently in my computer and put it on my new hard drive that I put in.

A:Info from old hard drive?

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I thought this would be an easy question to find an answer to but haven't found one yet. All I want to do is search the C & D drives for all my information on my home pc. I share with someone else.

It's windows xp. Is there a simple answer to this?

Thank you. :ē)

A:Hard Drive Info

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Ey guys,

Need some info on solving a bit of a problem ive got. I got a 120Gb HDD running XP that will no longer boot XP, the problem is insolveable, unless by reformat. In just saying that, i cannot reformat as there is much valuable information on the drive. However, i do have a 5Gb HDD that has windows 98 running on it. Is it possible to hook that one up in my computer, boot Win 98 off it, so I could access my other drive and burn the information i required to DVD's? And then reformat?
Any help is aprreciated, thx

A:Hard Drive Transfer

Have you considered doing a repair of your Xp installation?
What sort of error messages are you getting that prevents you from booting into Xp?
Here's one way of booting up with your 5Gb HDD.......But before you do this, give us some more info about why it won't boot......
You could try connecting the 120Gb HDD as a 'slave', and the 5Gb as the 'master'.
To do this physically look at the pins [next to the power plug] on each of the drives and set the jumper pins to the appropriate slots [the master might not need any pins at all]..it will show [hopefully] 'Single or Master' without any pins, and the other will need to connected as a 'Slave'.
Your biggest problem will be that you might not have enough space with your 5Gb HDD...if you can get it to boot, try copying what you need to CD's, but don't try copying any of the system files, as they will not work afterwards.
Let us all know the answers to these questions please.

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I need to transfer my hard drive from my old lap top to it's replacement which is the same model but when I swapped the drives the new computer would not recognize my old hard drive.  Is there some way to format my old drive to work on the new computer?  If not can I use an exterior drive enclosure?  The computer is a 7600 series Acer with a 500 gb WD drive.

A:Transfer hard drive.

Unless the systems have exactly alike hardware components...your chances of successfully switching a hard drive to a new system...are slim.
What is the reason for the replacement system?
Does the BIOS of the replacement system...reflect the hard drive properly when attached?
Since this is an Acer/OEM system...the Acer software may also be a complicating factor.

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This is my first post - please be patient. I have homemade video shot on VHS that I transfered to DVD. How can I upload this to the hard drive or, at least post this on youtube or something?

A:DVD to hard drive transfer

Hi. . .

To transfer from DVD to your hard drive, bring up two Windows Explorer screens and copy from the DVD to your hard drive - like your pictures folder.

Then log into youtube, and upload the mpg or mpeg file from your pictures folder.

Regards. . .



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My brother is building me a computer. He'd like to put the operating system on one hard drive and my files and programs on another.

My question is: When he transfers my program files and other files over, will I just be able to click on a program as usual and it will run? or do these all have to be installed again through the executable file. I don't want to lose anything as I've got a lot of money tied up especially in music Karaoke files.

What is the best way to do this?



A:Hard Drive Transfer

You need to install all the programs fresh, you can't simply copy them over.

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I have recently purchased another computer that I will use at my condo in the winter in Florida. How can I transfer all the files on my hard drive from my computer in Ohio to my new computer in Florida?

A:Hard drive transfer

Data files are easy, Programs are a mess.
Get an inexpensive USB external drive and format it FAT32.
Then you copy the files to it.
Later you can attach it to ANY system that supports FAT32 files.

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Here is my problem, my Step moms gateway mobo died putting new mem in it so I picked up a refurbashed computer that is way more faster and higher mem for 149.00.

old system has a 160G HD i installed 2 years ago and the new has a 80G, I want to use the 160G in the new one insead of what came in it but I understand with xp ther is a prob because the 160 has info of the old hardware and drive.

how can I use this HD in the new system with all fer files.

Thank for all the help ahead.

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Iím thinking about buying a 300 GB Maxtor SATA hard drive to install in my computer to replace the existing 120 GB ATA model.

I would like to partition the 300 GB into two drives and install my existing OS from the old one onto the new. I donít want to have to re-install the OS because everything is running great.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

A:How to transfer OS from one hard drive to the other?

You can use an imaging program like Ghost or Acronis. I personally like Acronis, all you have to do is use the Clone disk option and it will take like 5 min. However I think it might make your main Partition the full size of the 300G disk, so you might have to go back and repartition it using something like Partition Magic

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