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asks for password then says wrong password for this account

Q: asks for password then says wrong password for this account

hen says wrong password for this account

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Preferred Solution: asks for password then says wrong password for this account

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello again everyone. I am having more trouble with win7. I am hoping someone can help me solve this one! I have a computer in the other room that is running vista. He can connect to me and my computer sees him. THere is a laptop in the house that is also on my network. here is the problem. I CANT PRINT. This is why, when connecting to his computer its asks for my user name and password. I put in my password and it will not connect. The labtop is able to print though and with out a password at that. Can anyone explain this one for me?

A:Cant print. Asks for my password but states its wrong

Okay, this is going to sound silly, but i was able to fix the problem. When connecting the PC in the other room, for some reason my login name was wrong. Changed it back to my name and it connected

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Windows cannot remove the password. Password and/or account policies require the account to have a password

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I don't remember the administrator password. after several attempts a blue box appears stating the system is disabled with an error code of 70834044 . How can I get past this.  Thanks

A:Asks for Administrator Password or Power On Password.

@401385 Enter   65792080

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I have Windows 7 Home premium OS on my gateway laptop which has only one user account of adminstrator type and on turning on laptop that user password gets entered Automatically which is unexpected and its very long dots. Then i have to hit enter which shows Wrong password message and then it allows me to enter my password, then entering this time my password windows get started.
one week before my PC got infected with few viruses and one of that was not letting me to type certain keys so I reinstalled windows 7 from scratch on my Gateway laptop with factory default settings to wipe out everything, Now I can use my Keyboard at full extent But on starting the PC still it.shows me that problem of unexpected password gets entered for user account and its very long to the limit of password length. I tried Norton antivirus & MalwareBytes premium trial versions, did full scan but it shows my system has no virus/malware.
Also I checked all keys of my keyboard in Notepad and they are functioning properly.... my concern is that i have done re-installation of OS with no data backup, like new pc... but still on Admin user login screen it automatically enters the long password to full extent (.............................).Please advise.

A:Virus that enters user account wrong password automatically

Please try to make another user user account and see if it happens againPlease try it once in safe mode see if that happens in safe mode also. Mod Edit:  Merged posts - Hamluis.

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Locked out of User/Admin Account - wrong password guesses?

Help guys,

I've had my account LOCKED (acc name: "SENIOR") on my home PC running WIN XP Professional (version 2002 i.e. no SP's).

The kids typed in the wrong password too many times and now WIN has decided to lock the account for me. This account was set up with full Admin rights so I do all my system admin through it.

There is another Administrator account on the machine - I guess we'd call this the MAIN Admin account??? - but I've never had reason to use it so I've forgotten the password for this one and I've tried a couple to no avail. Don't want to keep guessing for fear of locking this one out too.

Through another user account (with min priviledges) I have access to the machine and I can get to my usual account in Command Prompt <runas /user:SENIOR(i.e. username) cmd> but I'm not familiar enough with command prompts to figure out how I can restore my main/usual account (i.e. SENIOR).

Anybody able to point me in the right direction?

"Oh kids - I just love em - but I couldn't eat a full one" ;-)


A:[B]Locked out of User/Admin Account - wrong password guesses?[/B]

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Bing, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1800 @ 2.41GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3987 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, -2038 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 467518 MB, Free - 431506 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0KXN37
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
Don't know if I have a virus or not but when I tried to put in my password to open windows today it was already filled in with a long password, my password is only 10 letters long, and when I hit enter it would say wrong password. After trying about 5 or 6 times it finally let me type in my password. Now I'm afraid to shut off this pc thinking I may not be able to get it back on, machine is only a month old ! This is the first time this problem has happened. Just ran AVG scan and it came back as no threats. Is this just an 8.1 glitch or do I have a virus problem ? Another strange thing that happened recently just before my windows 7 died was I couldn't type my windows password into the password space, couldn't see any cursor, but if I took the pc downstairs to the main floor I finally found it worked just fine downstairs but if I took the pc back upstairs I couldn't type in a pass word again, to fix the problem I just removed the password window but the windows died right after that. but thats one for the books !!

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Hello, so I've just found an old laptop I've had hoarded with windows 8 on it. Everything on it is super outdated, and I noticed it had my account on it which was basically my Microsoft account. I tried to sign in, but it says it's incorrect. I know my
password, and I've changed it over the years, but since the laptop is so old, it wants me to put in the last password I used to sign in on it. Problem is that I had so any password changed and I cannot remember what password I used. It will not let me use
my new password, because it says it's incorrect. Any way to fix this?

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My name is rizwan, i am using windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit activated, I forget administrator password but i know the previous password.
Please guide me how can i restore password using previous known password.
I am unable to install any third party tool to recover password because i dn't have the current administrator password.
Guide the steps which are not required any third party tool or microsoft tool because current password forget.


A:Forget Password of Administrator Account but i know previous password

There is no legal way to "craack" a business computer, your IT has to help you recover your Windows. If this is a personal computer, with proof of ownership of both computer and of your windows, a local computer shop may be able to help you at least get your data files onto an external media if not able to legally run password-hunters. Otherwise, it is time to totally reinstall -- and this time keep a written record of usernames and passwords locked in a drawer somewhere.

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I found that once I upgraded to Windows 8.1 I had to use my Email account to Log In to my PC.
The User has to have a Windows Account (Mine is originally Hotmail - Live - Outlook).

I can not stand having the same Password and account info from my Email account the same as my PC.

I had to reinstall Windows 8 and then I was able to use a Personalized & Custom User Name & PC Password.

*This coincides with certain software I use when I install the same titles on multiple PCs. *(Serif - WebPlusX6 - I use a common User Name and file location).

***I will not tolerate having to be constricted to a Windows Account that makes me use the same password and user name for my Email Account and my PC.

*****Therefor, WINDOWS 8.1 is useless to me at this time.

P.S. I still get rapid boot times and custom features from Windows 8. *I assigned the Power Button where the old *Start button would be & pinned shortcuts to my task bar to navigate to apps I use frequently.

A:Seperate Windows Account, Email Password From PC Password

Hello Majestone, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You can sign in to Windows 8 with any "local account" or "Microsoft account" you want.

You do not have to setup a "Microsoft account" when installing or setting up Windows 8.1. A trick to this would be to temporarily disconnect the internet when you get to this point to then be able to setup a "Local account" instead.

If you want a Microsoft account, then you could have two Microsoft accounts, and use one to sign in to Windows 8 with and the other for your emails.

Either way, you could easily switch to a local account afterwards.
Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8
...or switch back to any Microsoft account you wanted instead.
Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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My name is rizwan, i am using windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit activated, I forget administrator password but i know the previous password.
Please guide me how can i restore password using previous known password.
I am unable to install any third party tool to recover password because i dn't have the current administrator password.
Guide the steps which are not required any third party tool or microsoft tool because current password forget.


A:Forget Password of Administrator Account but i know previous password

There is no legal way to "craack" a business computer, your IT has to help you recover your Windows. If this is a personal computer, with proof of ownership of both computer and of your windows, a local computer shop may be able to help you at least get your data files onto an external media if not able to legally run password-hunters. Otherwise, it is time to totally reinstall -- and this time keep a written record of usernames and passwords locked in a drawer somewhere.

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My daughter set Administrator Password or Power On Password and doesn't remember ;( After the third unsuccessful try it reads, System Disabled {94057603}. I need to login asap to return this laptop to my company.  Could anyone help?

A:wrong Administrator Password or Power On Password

Please try this Password :  21935225   Steps to be followed:Use the unlock code posted above to enter the BIOSDisable all passwords that are enabledIf asked for current password - type the unlock codeFor new password, just press ENTER keyRepeat the same for verify password column.Then leave the BIOS by saving & exit option to save the changes.  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again !!  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employ

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Even if I haven't set any password for my user account, all of a sudden the system started to ask for a user password to access windows XP.. I only have 2 users, me (the administrator) and guest.
Recently I have unpurposely added a passport .NET account, which I don't want and I want to erase, can it depend on it?
How can I solve this account password problem?
thank you

A:it asks for a password but i don't want it!

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I have been using Outlook Express for some years and it has always downloaded any e-mails on being opened or, if already open, by clicking "Send/receive",
For no reason I can see it suddenly started asking for a password before it would download any e-mails.
When I signed up with my ISP, some 10 years ago, I was given a numeric "customer account password" and an alpha e-mail password I have never needed to use either of these passwords andOutlook does not recognise either of the passwords.
How can I revert to the earlier state of not needing a password, or if this is not possible how do I discover the password?
PS. It is unlikely that I will get the usual reply e-mail so forgive me for any delay in replying.
The ISP that gave me this e-mail account has been taken over by Talktalk who say they are unable to assist with any e-mail program other than their own and would only go as far as giving me a "Webmail" account which is both unwieldy needing log-ins and more passwords and not compatible with my antispam program.

A:outlook now asks for password

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My daughter messed her HP laptop with xp home up probably through a virus. I restored it last week and reset her account as an Admin and no password required. She called me tonight and said that the computer was working fine for the last week. Tonight when she booted up, her account asked for a password. She said that she did not set a password for the account. I had her boot it into safe mode and open the Admin account. I tried to have her change the password under her account. It would not let her change the password or delete the account. I had her set up another account to use until I can resolve the password problem. Is there a way to change the password, or delete the account? Further, any suggestions as to what could have happened. I told her to ask her classmates if any of them were playing a joke on her, but another virus problem may not be out of the question as the college network is full of them. I will get my hands on the machine early next week. One more time and she is back to pen and paper.

A:xp asks for a password when none was setup

Go to Control Panel > User Account and right click on any icon to change password etc.

She / You must have administration rights though

If she does not have anti virus or spyware protection she can go here


Download SpyBot Search and Destroy and AD-Aware SE Setup Update and do a scan with both getting rid of all they find

Do a scan with Housecall and Panda

Then if she does not have an antivirus program installed
Get AVG 7 here ( free ) and set it up . It will scan daily

Spy Bot and AD-Aware Se should be updated and ran at least weekly

Another program to increase the level of security is Spyware Blaster Install that as well and update weekly . This does not pick up anyhing already on the computer but prevents Spyware/malware from being installed
All programs mentioned are free .

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When I signin to Chromebook, it then asks for an old password. Can't remember. Nothing seems to work. The other option it gives me is to reset the machine, but I've got lots of local data that would be wiped. I was trying to sync files with Google Drive when it suddenly loged me out and created this problem. Does anybody know how to recover an old password?

A:Signing in, asks for old password

You should be able to password maintenance on Google.

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Hi All,
First off, I'll say I am by no means a computer guy.
I lent a computer to a friend about a year ago. He finally returned it and now when I try to start it up it asks for a password right from the black screen where it is checking the system? I've tried to enter bios but once again it wants a password. I thought maybe it was the harddrive. Swapped it out but same thing so it must be something deeper.
Hopefully someone has an idea as to how I can fix this.
System says
ASUS P5A ACPI BIOS Revision 1007
AMD K6-2/450
Which was running XP.
If that helps any
Thanks in Advance

A:Computer asks for password

This is probably deliberate; I'd yell at him if this were my computer...It's at the BIOS level. A BIOS reset would clear it out.

try this:

Take out the CMOS clock battery for 12 hours. Hopefully, this will clear out the BIOS settings along with this password.

If this doesn't clear the password (sometimes the stored electricity in the capacitors is enough to keep it), there's usually a jumper somewhere on the motherboard to clear BIOS. Look for it in the manual for your motherboard.

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QOSMIO F30-114.Today when I started laptop get on the screen Password?

I had never put the password in Bios.what is solution to unlock?Do not work F1 F12 key.

Please help!


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I seem to have constant network problems. Today my Vista desktop computer is requesting a User Name and Password when I try to connect to my XP laptop. I do not know what to put. It has not needed a user name and password to connect in the past. I tried putting the account name and logon password (the only name/password I use anywhere), but this was rejected. I also tried leaving it blank. I just need to move some files between the computers.

What does Vista want?

A:Vista sometimes asks for password

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I've been stupid and messed up whilst trying to get my bluetooth to work. I have windows XP Pro and did something in the bluetooth settings that needed me to restart my computer. When I did it had a screen with guest 1 showing and asking for a password. I haven't ever put one on so now I am gutted as I don't know what to do. I tried to start in safe mode and do a roll back but it wanted me to log on first.
Luckily I have this computer on which to ask as it is a wireless broadband connection.
Anyone help please?

A:Solved: Can't log on to XP, asks for password

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I have this problem trying to connect to my laptop or desktop (both ways).
I am able to see the shared folders, but if I want to access them I get a password prompt.

It asks me for a password and nothing works, I've tried enable/disable guest account.
Does anyone know what Im supposed to do?


A:XP Asks for a Network Password

It is no use altering User Acounts as this has nothing to do with network sharing
See below.

To change this setting:
Run gpedit.msc
Go to Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local Policies / Security Options
Double click on Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console login only
Disable this option


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May be you can help me. Recently I purchased a desktop with Vista and I would like to network with my laptop with XP. I joined the two computers via a router (Trendnet TEW-432BRP) using ethernet cable. Now the Vista (desktop) sees the laptop but every time I try to get into the laptop from the desktop it asks me for ID and a password. I tried every ID and password I can think of, but to no avail. I do not need a password for networking.
How do I go past this obstacle.
On the other hand the laptop does not see the desktop but the conductivity doctor indicates that all is well and that there is no problem with networking.

A:Vista <-> XP asks for password

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I have downloaded mozillla Thunderbird email. when i go to send a email they asks for a password. which i don't have. So i am unable to send emails. Would be grateful if someone could help me. Thanks aroha.

A:thunderbird asks for password i don't have

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I have a small mixed network with wired and wireless computers. There are two wired 2000 PC's. 2 XP's (1 wired, 1 Wireless) and 1 wireless IMAC. The problem I'm having is when I try to connect to the shared folder on any of the windows machines from the IMAC, I get a request for a user name and password. I looked at the shared forlder and set it to Administrator without a password needed. Is there something on the PC or MAC that needs to be set?

A:windows asks for password

Your answer may be in this "Networking Tips" article from PC World, December 2005:

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I've been using a 4digit pin to lock my account (and is the only administrator). Today, however, I was asked to enter a password instead of a pin! Im pretty sure I didnt touch any of the settings to cause this change. I don't know how to do it in the first place.
Here now comes another problem. I forgot my password. I do remember making a new ms account for this user but I don't remember the password. I tried to reset my pass but no luck since I didnt add a recovery email and the phone number listed in that account can no longer be reached.
Our pc got two user accounts: mine (admin) and for everyone else (nonadmin). I can still access the nonadmin acct since I didnt add a password to it.

TLDR: How do I switch to pin login instead of password while in logon screen?

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Hello, I have the same problem as above, except with my wireless Belkin router.

I was browsing my internet when suddenly it stopped working (I have three computers in my network - one is connected to the main broadband cable and the other two are wireless).

I followed the first solution and I am now able to re-connect, however it is asking for my password.

My wireless router never had a password before now - is there any way I can find out what it is and connect?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Router asks for password

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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My homegroup keeps asking for a password even though password protected sharing is turned off.
I click Homegroup >> OTHER-PC >>> SHARED FOLDER
Then a message pops up saying:
I have tried typing the username/password for my computer and username/password for the other computer, but it keeps telling me the password is wrong.

Please help,

A:Homegroup Asks for password

Did you 'want' it to ask for password? Or are you aksking how to get rid of the password prompt?

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I did not have to before. Now every time i log in it states it does not know password and I have to add each time.I went to Recover to go back in time but that did not fix problem. I am only that uses pc dont want any passowrd.  

A:Sign in asks for password every time

Hi @lilaclily, Welcome to HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that the laptop asked you to enter password every time when you signed in. Do you want to remove the password since you are the only one user? If you're using a local account with a password, you can delete the password to sign in without one, but we don't recommend it. Enter sign in the search bar in the start menu, and then tap or click Sign-in options.Under Password, tap or click Change.Verify the current password for your local account.Leave the New password, Reenter password, and Password hint fields blank, tap or click Next, and then tap or clickFinish.Now, you (or anyone) can sign in to your local account and use your PC without a password.Let me know if it helps. If this helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos.  Regards, 

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this is truly the repair job from you-know-where.
I've been fighting a badly corrupted Win XP Pro for days now and FINALLY after about 8 hours of tedious parallel-installing, I have a fresh supposedly new Directory / New install of XP Pro on the disk, and it actually booted!! to my amazement. Comes to the login displaying "Administrator". no password has ever been set since this is the first time it has ever booted, right? wrong. I hit the return key and it says "sorry idiot.... wrong.... contact your System Admin"

I've never seen this behaviour and I use XP Pro 12 hours a day every day.

what gives?

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I recently had a problem where my outlook express was asking for my hotmail password a million times and not authorizing. I used a backup program to return my drive to a few days prior, and it seemed to fix this.

My question is.... what the heck do you think makes it do that? When I went into the accounts, the server was listed like it should be, and all of the settings seemed correct.

Anyone familiar with this nusaince? I'd like to know how to avoid it in the future!

A:O.Xpress asks for password 100x

Likely your database got corrupt somehow and you were able to restore it to an earlier point. As to what caused the corruption in the first place, it could be any number of things. The good news is these events are usually rare so unless it happens again, I'd not worry.

When you have a problem, open your Event Viewer and double click on 'Application' and that might give you a clue as to the source of the problem.

Event Viewer can be found in Control Panel > Administrative Tools.

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How do I find out my password for System Restore?

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Hi there,

Just recently ive been having a problem when my computer goes onto standby. I try to log into my user, yet it asks me for a password. There are many people that use my computer at home, yet i am unaware of any changes being made to security etc. Also, when i try to log in as guest, or on another user it also asks for a password. I have never put a password on my computer, and i find it very strange that im being asked for one now. Has anyone got any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciate.

PS when i reboot i am able to log onto my user (which i find strange).

A:Computer Asks For Password After Going On Standby

Does selecting a blank password work?

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Hello to all and all

I have a laptop toshiba l50-b-1re at startup I am asked for a supervisor code so I will want to know how to make this safety sapped so have a detailed explanation if possible

thanks in advance for your help

so valuable

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Hi there,

At my wits end with my home network here. I have two Win 7 64bit computers, one Home Premium the other Professional, and seemingly at random when trying to access one or the other over the network it will ask for a username/password. Sometimes it won't ask for one at all, and I'll be able to see shares without problem, but I can't replicate when this does/doesn't happen. I've read as many threads as I can find on this and other forums, but still no luck.

I have no 3rd party firewall and I've disabled Windows Firewall on both computers.
I've disabled anti virus software (MSE only) on both computers.
In advanced sharing, I've turned password protected sharing off (as well as tried almost every other combination of settings on this page)
I've verified that both computers are in the same workgroup, and I am NOT using homegroup sharing.
I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers for each network adapter.
I've tried disabling IPv6
I've tried looking through the event viewer for any errors.
I've tried 3 different routers

Help! Thank you!

A:File sharing SOMETIMES asks for password

You might want to try disabling the guest account to fix this problem.

Go to Start –> Run –> compmgmt.msc
From the left hand pane, select Local Users And Groups –> Users
In the right hand pane, right click Guest and go to properties.
Check “Account is disabled” option.

Also check the time/date settings to ensure they are in sync on both machines.

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I loaded Office 2002 on my new laptop with Windows 7.

Every time I click send and receive, I am prompted to enter the 'network key' - i.e. password - for each of my 4 email accounts. This is despite the fact that the password is clearly stored in Outlook, which I did when I set up each email account.

Why does it prompt me for a password it already has? How do I stop the madness?


A:Outlook 2002 Asks for Password - Over and Over and Over

Either you have a error in any of the settings or your email server is down!

Have you checked ALL of your settings?

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after water spill the laptop asked for bios password which can be bypassed by pressing enter many times.
the problem is how to remove this restriction becuase there is no password actually, I do updated the bios but the problem still there.
is there is a way to reset the bios password from within windows???
any help is appreciated and thanks in advance

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How do I find out my password for System Restore?

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My sister has been experiencing an odd problem with her business computer. She has XP Pro SP3. Though she's had this computer for about 3 years now, recently, even though she has not knowingly changed anything, her computer has started asking for a password periodically. Sometimes upon boot up, sometimes upon resuming after standby, sometimes upon moving the mouse to clear the screensaver. While I have not checked, yet, I do not think it is the power settings for standby/screensaver where there is a checkbox to "prompt for password when resuming from standby."

As a matter of fact she doesn't HAVE a password for this computer. And it does not ask for one every time.......just about half the time, she says. When it does happen, she just keeps clicking OK OK OK OK OK over and over and eventually it lets her go on to Windows.

Does anyone have any idea why this would suddenly start, and be so inconsistent?

A:Computer intermittently asks for a password

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I have 3 computers (1 XP, and 2 Windows 7). Win 7 computers can always access network shares on Win XP without a password. However, I can't seem to get this working Win 7 to Win 7. I have searched the internet for an answer, but so far haven't been able to solve it.

Here's the setup:
1. "Documents" folder shared on Win 7 computer, configured so that "Everyone" has Read/Write access. Windows Explorer confirms this by stating "Shared with: Everyone, User"
2. Password Protected Sharing has been disabled in the Network Control Panel.

Now, I go to the other two computers and attempt to navigate to the share and am prompted for network authentication. How do I disable this completely?


Update: I have followed the guide provided by this forum exactly and still no luck.
Password Protected Sharing - Turn On or Off in Windows 7

A:Network Sharing asks for Password

The link below shows a couple of different ways to fix this problem. Seems to have something to do with the Guest account being active. Also make sure that the time/date settings are in sync.

Windows 7 prompts for password even though password protected sharing is off | Kent Oyer

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I installed a trial game Roads of Rome II and decided I didn't want it. Program uninstalled ok thru Add/Remove programs, but I can't delete the original .exe file I downloaded to the desktop. When I try to right click on the icon a Small dialog box comes up headed "Password for res/fx/Blow_Small/pyro" I can only close the box by forcing it with Windows Task Manager. If I press "X" or cancel another box opens immediately, saying "Password for res/fx/BrockenFlash.pyro", then "BrockenSmoke", "BuildingEnd", "BuildProgress", "CometBlast" and on and on.
The exe. file appears nowhere else on the PC that I can find ie Explorer and I have done a full search on the C drive for a file titled RoadsofRome. The file is definately still there as I can reinstall the game from it if I wish. I have XP SP3 all up to date and run Zone Alarm Extreme Security if that helps. Would appreciate any help to get rid of this file, the publisher has shown no signs of helping, thankyou.

A:Can't remove icon, asks for password

You could try right clicking on the icon and changing its extension from .exe to anything else. If it allows you to do that, then try and delete it.

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i have two xp pro machines that im trying to share an accounting system on
on one machine is the sage accounting
and i want to join another machine to it
the sage is working on both machines except the one is not allowing reports, comes up with an error
when i map drives i have to put in a user name and password (only once) then it works
but im suspecting this is causing a problem for the reports

on the previous two machines that worked fine...(we have just upgraded both)
it asked for a windows password but you just pressed enter and it logged in

how do you get two xp machines to talk without password prompt
i have run the networking wizard on both, and they are both on the same workgroup
any ideas please


A:xp machine asks for password on shares

how do you get two xp machines to talk without password promptClick to expand...

If you mean file sharing I think that the answers are to use Simple File Sharing or to use the same account/password on both machines.

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I'm trying to connect my Desktop and my laptop but my homegroup keeps asking for a user/password even though password protected sharing is turned off.

Funny thing is that I can connect from my desktop TO my laptop but not the other way around.
I've read and tried everything I can. PLease help?

A:Homegroup Asks for user name/password

Just a quick note. I did a fresh reinstall of windows 7 and everything on my network was working great until I did a mass windows update and now I am back to my original problem.

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Hi there,

I just bought a new Intel NUC which i installed a clean and fully updated Windows 8.1 Pro on.
I want to create a networkshare on this machine, which everyone can just access (read permissions) to view the content of a folder or drive.

I am trying to access the drive on another (my own) installed Windows 8.1 Pro (also fully updated).
Everytime i try to access the machine through the Network explorer in Windows i will be prompted to enter credentials.

I have checked the network settings following this article (amongst others): Network Location - Set to Private or Public in Windows 8 on both machines.
I also checked all the sharing settings on both machines (private/home network, allow external connections, allow all types of connections, allow sharing without password etc. etc.).

I am a bit dazzled as to why the machine keeps asking me to enter credentials.

Am i doing something wrong, or can someone show me this is standard protocol nowadays?
(i wonder how that would work on a machine that has a local user without a password).

A:[W8.1] Share for Everyone still asks for network password?

It depends if the credentials are being saved for the user. Also if you have any third party Internet security software on the computers. It can also cause this behavior.

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Hi. I'm locked out of my HP Notebook 15 with Windows 10. It keeps asking me for an "administrator password" when I boot it up, but I don't know what that is. It also gives me the number 93752391 after I enter the wrong password three times. Thanks.

A:Can't use my computer (asks for administrator password)

Hi: Enter this unlock code... 22630917

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Hope someone has heard of this before.
just installed SP2 and went to auto update. After 16 updates and a restart the 2 users that were set up are now asking for a password which I did not have set up before and will not let me log on. The PC is set up to dual boot with 2K so I am not helpless, just thought I'd test run SP2 before committing.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:After updates, logging on asks for a password

If you start up in safe mod you can log in as the admin and go to the control panel and disable the password for your accounts.

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Always had admin rights, but somehow it's gone.

When the UAC window pops up, it ask's for admin password, but there is no place to enter it. Tried clicking on pop up and typing password and "yes" still grayed out. My laptop has finger print password and it does not work either.

Went to safe mode and enabled administrator. When I went back to regular start up my original user was no longer there and when UAC window popped up I still had the same problem. Went to safe mode, there was only one restore point, restored to it and back to where I was.

Tried gpedit.msi got message "You do not have permission to perform this operation"

When I go to lusrmgr.msc Users, Administrator, Properties, Uncheck Account is disabled, the message "Access is denied" pops up.

I have two computers and they are both doing the same thing.
Hopefully someone has an answer to this problem.

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