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Icon Files Displayed as Thumbnail View in Windows Explorer 256/512/768

Q: Icon Files Displayed as Thumbnail View in Windows Explorer 256/512/768


I like to navigate my media files in thumbnail view but didn't take to the changes made in vista & seven where the thumbnail is slightly skewed so as a work around to restore the view as shown in XP I convert folder images to .ico files 256x256 but have recently found new icon files I'm creating are 512x512 will 512 or 768 icons display better quality/definition in Windows Explorer or is Windows 10 the only operating system which makes use of them? Can I change a setting in Windows 7 to use higher resolution icon files what is the maximum they can use?

Thanks in advanced

Preferred Solution: Icon Files Displayed as Thumbnail View in Windows Explorer 256/512/768

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Icon Files Displayed as Thumbnail View in Windows Explorer 256/512/768

256x is extra large icons size as far as I know :/
If they're bigger I have no idea what will happen it might distort but all of this depends on what your dpi is set at,
We'll assume is set as 100%
Anything larger would increase the size of everything and every where
DPI Display Size Settings - Change

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I have a folder with about 20 images and 20 folders (with avi's, images, and txt files inside).

When I initially check the disk size (while the folder is being viewed in Icons View), the disk size reads 28,415,404,695 bytes.

When I change it to Thumbnail View, the disk size increases to 28,415,444,631 bytes.

I know it's only a 39,936 byte difference but I'm just wondering where this is coming from? When I change it back to Icons View, it still reads 28,415,444,631 bytes. How do you get it back to the original 28,415,404,695 bytes?


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anyone know why this happens? It's not all the time. Usually in folders with larger amounts of photos in them. Doesn't make any sense though. I have 1.5 gigs of RAM (PC3200 at that). I can't imagine my pc can't keep up with populating some thumbnails. Can anyone point me to some literature on this?

A:Windows Explorer crashes when in Thumbnail view

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Windows Explorer is not giving me a Thumbnail choice under View:

Also, in System Properties, Advanced tab, Performance button under Settings, when I check Show thumbnails instead of icons, then click Apply and OK, if I click the Performance button under Settings again, Show thumbnails instead of icons is unchecked. I can't get the change to take effect.

I suspect I changed something awhile ago but I can't remember what.

A:Windows Explorer has no Thumbnail selection under View

Hey Rich,

There wouldn't be a thumbnail preview setting in view. Instead, you would select either Medium Icons, Large Icons, or Extra Large Icons to be able to see thumbnail previews.

Go ahead and make sure that you have thumbnail previews turned on at both locations you mentioned to see if that may help.

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums

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My Windows 8.1 64 bit started forgetting the view settings from a folder.So if I go in a folder and I set it to List-View for example,whenever I close that folder and I reopen it the view is set automatically to Details view.And this applies to every folder in my computer except Desktop.It drives me crazy,especially in my pictures folders.

Also with this problem another one came.I can't set a program to open some files,so the file associations for some files is broken.For example i can't set qTorrent to open torrent files.It just won't open them and the files apear as white documents just like I hadn't had a Torrent program installed already.I find it weird that both problems appeared together.
I previously had to reinstall windows on my machine,because of this problems.It worked normal at the begging,but today these problems appeared again.
I tried scanning SFC Scan with no result.
I hope I will get a fix here.

Update:I also just discovered that Metro apps are not working anymore...what the heck its wrong with my windows.

A:Windows 8.1 forgets thumbnail view in the explorer.

My Windows 8.1 64 bit started forgetting the view settings from a folder too if I will find anything (how to solve it) I will let you know

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In certain folders in windows explorer if the option is checked View>Thumbails the folder's title appears blank - but its really not blank, if i press rename, it highlights the text. Does anyone know how I can get the titles to reappear ??

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Got this weird error & dunno how to fix it: I want & can see the thumbnails in Explorer but there is also an icon with the same name as the main file. The size is much smaller & when clicking on it, I get the error as you can see below. Also, if I click on a thumbnail & see the image in Windows Photo Viewer, if I click Next, it will show the error of the next icon file. Thanks for your help.

A:Windows Explorer: Thumbnail OK + Icon Error

Found a solution as this happened in only 1 folder: in Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View > Show Hidden Files, then select List or Details view but NOT icons > search for thumbs.db & delete all that are deletable. Eh voila.

Applied this tutorial & love the look w/o borders & the larger previews. Thanks for that Brink: How to Change the Thumbnail Previews Border in Windows 7.

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this past week for some reason when i'm trying to access a picture folder located on another computer's hard drive (it's networked), when in thumbnail view explorer.exe totally stops responding. it works perfectly in detailed view and other views, but with thumbnail view it doesn't function. i tried to delete a thumbs.db but there isn't one available. can someone help me out?

A:explorer.exe freezes when in thumbnail view

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Hi, there, this is my second request on this one. PLEEZE help. I lost my ability to view thumbnails in Explorer. I've tried View, I've tried Customize this Folder, Web settings, etc. Please someone tell me how I can get back my Thumbnail view. I work with a LOT of images, mostly .jpg, and it's frustrating to open a folder and not be able to view them all at once. I have to view them one by one on the frame on the left of the page. I had the capability, but somehow it got lost. I have not installed any image program that would have taken it out. What to do? Thanks a million! Oh, and I have Windows ME OS.

A:No Thumbnail View In Explorer (2nd Request)?? Please?

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In Windows explorer one can view images in thumbnails. For some reasons however, I need to conveniently view a number of .wmf (Windows Metafile) and .emf(Enhanced Metafile) files with thumbnails. I didn?t find it possible with Windows Explorer.
Is there a way to enable them?

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A while ago I had an error on my PC saying that the c: drive was very low in memory. As a result, I went through a few steps of removing unused programs, defraging etc to clear up the drive. I now cannot see the thumbnails of pictures in windows explorer (i'm not sure whether this was as a result of the clean up or not). The thumbnails come up for a second and then go to the default blue icon.

I have followed all suggestions I can find on this forum and others such as checking folder options in explorer and in the performance settings, checking that windows photo gallery is default optionin registry editor etc etc and nothing has worked! Could the low memory on c:/ drive (a problem which has resurfaced again) be affecting this...?

Please help!

A:Low memory affecting thumbnail view in explorer?

When you open a folder containing pictures, select the down arrow next to View. Select medium or large icons. Does this help?

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Howdy! new here.....

guys, im curious if it is possible to make a thumbnail view for PSD files? like in windows XP....

also one more thing.... is desktop.ini not applicable in win7? cause my USB has a background image and it wont' show up in win7.... ?


A:Photoshop PSD files [ thumbnail view ]

Quote: Originally Posted by Da Ripper

guys, im curious if it is possible to make a thumbnail view for PSD files? like in windows XP....

Me Too .. Anyone tried the psicon fix in W7 ???

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Can't see Icons in "Thumbnail" view in Windows Explorer.

I have messed around changing some of my standard icons and have changed some associations and know am unable to view the picture of the icon in Windows Explorer in "Thumbnail" view.

What is the default File association for icons .ico?

On my Me machine they are not associated with any program. However, in Win2k the "Always use this program...." is grayed out so I can't set it to no association.

I have also downloaded and been using Ifile, IconShop and IconEdit32.

Hope I've made this somewhat clear

A:Can't see Icons in "Thumbnail" view in Windows Explorer.

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Can't see Icons in "Thumbnail" view in Windows Explorer.

I have messed around changing some of my standard icons and have changed some associations and know am unable to view the picture of the icon in Windows Explorer in "Thumbnail" view.

What is the default File association for icons .ico?

On my Me machine they are not associated with any program. However, in Win2k the "Always use this program...." is grayed out so I can't set it to no association.

I have also downloaded and been using Ifile, IconShop and IconEdit32.

Hope I've made this somewhat clear

A:Can't see Icons in "Thumbnail" view in Windows Explorer.

See if IconShop or IconEdit32 either one will give you the option of associating .ico files, through their "settings" or "options". If you have an image viewer that supports .ico file extensions, you can associate them with it.

What is your default image viewer? If it has the ability to view .ico files, then you can associate them with it.

If you can't associate it through one of the programs interface, then you can do it through any Windows Explorer window.. Just click Tools in the menu at the top and choose Folder Options>File Types>then find the extension and change the program that opens it.

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First, It's my honor to be with you in this forum. This is my first thread !

I'm really tired and angry with a very annoying error of windows explorer.
windows explorer is getting crashed while opening any folders accidentally, especially folders with large number of files and images. first it appears as windows explorer is unable to load files thumbnails (any kind of files) and appears as white or blank icons regardless the type of file. then when opening my computer in another window , it couldn't load even contents of drivers and hangs as "searching for items".
all this happens suddenly after weeks of normal windows usage. I resolve it by backing up system using Acronis image. but the problem persists. I tried virus scan with no success using AVG. I made thorough scan for C with no result too.
Note that this problem I found with Windows 7 and it forced me to upgrade to Windows 8 then I'm experiencing the same problem now. I don't Understand why.

Note: I think there's no hardware (HDD) error cause I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 alongside Windows and it's browsing files perfectly.

Please help quickly

A:Windows Explorer stops showing files or no file thumbnail

Try doing a CHKDSK on the drive that has Windows on it, also when was the last time you optimised the drive? Scan it and see if it finds any problems. It's best to do it from an install disk and go into Command Prompt and run CHKDSK from there, that way you can see the results as it works on the drive.

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Recently and suddenly, all my image files are, when viewed as thumbnails, being displayed grayed out. They open normally, it's just the previews that are messed up. What might be wrong?

A:Image files being grayed out in thumbnail view?

Right click on the thumbnail icon and refresh it.

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There is probably a really simple answer to this problem, but I've looked in my Windows xp bible and searched MS site (yeah like that's gonna help.

I'm running Windows XP (this monster is new to me). I have my clip art files organized into different folders. While I was organizing them one day the names under the files disappeared. Just poof and they were gone. I've checked on viewing the folders and customizing them to get the names back but nothing I do works. What am I missing here?

A:No files names in thumbnail folder view

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Is there any way so that previews for Text (.txt) files
are shown too in Thumbnail view in Windows Explorer ?


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Just two days ago I purchased a new Pavilion HP with an 8 G memory and 750 HardDrive.
My old HP with XP just bit the dust and rather than spend $200 fixing it,(only a 512 M with a 160 HD) I decided to buy something new.

I was seriously considering wiping any new PC clean of Vista and installing XP which I am comfortable with.
However, the timely demise of my old HP happened just as W7 was coming out, so I have kept 7 as my OS.
So far I am pleased with most of the changes but I am having a couple of small but important problems.

Everything I do is in PhotoShop.
I design and print Custom Decals for Custom DieCast Cars,i.e., HotWheels, MatchBox, etc..

Here's my situation,
When I open up a folder from Documents, mostly of which all are image files, there is no Thumbnail option in the Windows 7 View drop down menu.
Available options include Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Small Icons, Details, and List, but no Thumbnail option.
Any image that is a jpeg displays as a Thumbnail but psd files just show up as the Icon.
If I want to "see" all the different files in a folder I can't.
Setting the View menu to Large Icons did allow the jpegs to display as thumbnails.

I have to open up the folder in PhotoShop to get the Icons to display as Thumbnails.

If I right click onto a file that is opened up in Documents, and go to "Open With" there is no option to open it with PS.

Could Windows 7 not be allowing the usual interfacing of files I am used to.

To actua... Read more

A:Thumbnail View of PhotoShop 6 files in Windows7

To "Open With" ..
You have to browse to find it the first time ... for it to be in the Open With list.
There's a program to show psd Thumbnails in 7 .. but I found it was Very slow and I didn't like it.

The freeware Irfanview has a nice thumbnail browser that shows psd files ..
and Irfanview can be set up to send a file directly to Photoshop .. as its external editor.
I Have Irfanview installed to be my Default Viewer and basic Image editor.

There's also a way to edit the registry for Irfanview that will open a file in Photoshop ..
Without having to take the "Open With" > "Multiple Choice" test.
Or you can try the registry edits Here

If I get a new computer .. I'll put XP in it ...
Since Vista or W7 doesn't know there's difference between an Icon and a Thumbnail.

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My problem is that in my computer with windows xp I used to always use the thumbnail view in the windows explorer to know which videos where which and also for images. But then my computer got all screwed up and I had to reformat it and install the windows xp again and downloaded all the new service packs and stuff.

But now, I go to either the windows explorer or my computer and for images I can see the thumbnails but for videos it only shows either the windows media or realplayer logo but no thumbnail image of the video. It is driving me crazy because I really need to be able to see the thumbnails in order to identity them fast instead of having to open all of them!

I have tried changing options in the folder options and everything and nothing works! Can somerone please help me out????????????????????? Thanks

A:Image doesn't show on thumbnail view for videos on my computer/win explorer!!!! Help?

Hiya and welcome

I've moved you to WinXP forum for more response

Do you have the media files in a certain folder, say My Music, or jotted all over the place? The reason I ask, is that I have some in My Pictures, but they won't show as a preview, just the pictures will. But, if I move them to My Music, it works.

Do the media clips work okay, apart from the preview part?



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Ever since I did a factory reinstall 3 months ago, every time I close my machine down and restart, my Windows Explorer settings keep getting reverted back to ICON view instead of my saved DETAIL view.

I'm using the button under tools and folder options, View Tab, and Apply to all Folders.

Is there something else I'm missing?

This is starting to get pretty annoying.

A:Window Explorer Keeps reverting back to ICON view instead of DETAIL view

XP forgets your folder view settings?

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I work with a lot of animation sequences, and when using Win explorer it has always irked me that if I want to view anything but list or details view then the filenames are truncated.

This is a problem because the sequences I work with often have long(ish) names and numerically iterated, generally being suffixed by a padded number.

Is there a way that I can view tiles, or content, or icons without having the filenames truncated?

(Bonus question: how come sometimes I get the option to view 'content' and other times the option is not there?)

Thanks peeps.

Example image of what I'm talking about:

A:Windows explorer - How do I view full file names AND see an icon

You could try these options:
Increasing the Icon Spacing (horizontal and vertical) can allow for longer filenames.
Setting the icons to the largest size can also allow you to view longer names.
Also you could use Details view and have the Preview Pane active.
That program seems to be using the old style Windows dialogue boxes, so I'm not sure if any of the options (I listed above) will have much effect.

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For a long time the my documents icon has been missing in the folders view of windows explorer. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it bugs me sometimes that I can't figure how to fix it.

I've attached a picture of it.


A:Nuisance... can't solve: my documents icon missing in windows explorer, folder view

Start your computer in SAFE mode then restart it in Normal mode. This will rebuild the iconcache.db file.

You could also download Tweak UI at the link below. After you install it you'll find it in Satrt>Programs>Powertoys for Windows XP>Tweak UI. Open it and under Repair then choose Rebuild Icons.



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Since yesterday my .exe files ( the ones in folders , on desktop & quick lunch,but not all of them) have no icons, just the default icon for no program files . Tried to change the icons through properties, doesn't work (I do see the default icon for the program in properties ). Increased the icon cache size , nothing. Scaned for viruses, spayware ect. nothing. Any new program I install - has no icon. Also my quick lunch bar acting weird - icons changing place , and becaming bigger after restart .
I have Intel 2.8 , 512 DDR and 80 GB disk.

A:no icon displayed for .exe files

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Ok i'm new to all this, my belkin used to work fine then one day it just wouldn't connect to the internet so i tried fixing it myself the thing i regret and since that the computer has never worked i was doing wireless with it and they could share files but now the host computer works the other doesn't and on the belkin the lan 1-4 doesnt flash although the wire is connected need some real help it has annoyed me 4 the last 2 months plus the computer has important photos on just for people to be extra eager to help plz help !

A:My belkin icon says i'm connected, but the net explorer says page can't be displayed


Please post your OS and ipconfig /all results here for the computer that works and the one that doesn't. You can easily do this by:

If winxp, 2k or NT:
1. Go to a command prompt and type: ipconfig /all > ipconfig.txt
2. open ipconfig.txt (with notepad) and copy all then paste to a reply to this message.
3. repeat for each system.

If you are using win98 or, gasp, win95 then the command is winipcfg and you will have to copy down that info and type into a reply.

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I was installing a communications application on my laptop and during the install I left a USB external flash drive jacked into my machine. After the install, about 60% of the files on my USB stick were gone. When I started investigating I determined there was a new folder that had a bunch of CHK files in them (I mean a lot of them). The problem I have is actually seeing the folder and its CHK files in Windows Explorer. I cannot see the files regardless of making sure hidden files are viewable etc. Is there some setting or something that will let me see these files? Once I see them maybe I can move on to the next step of seeing if I can recover them.

BTW - The reason I know they are there on the USB drive is because the the properties show the disk about 80% full at the root level but when I select all the displayed files and check for the memory use I see a small fraction of that. Also, there is one computer in my group that actually shows the folder and the CHK files. Every other computer I have used will not show the files.


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Dear All,
One of the usefull feature of Windows XP is the folder thumbnail view ,this feature is great for folders with a lot of video files . I am wondering if it is possible to get a thumbnail view for a RealPlayer video in window explorer or other types of video ? or for geting a thumbnail view for a norma MPEG-1 file but with a diffierent file extension (without changing its extenssion to mpg or mpeg ) ?

A:Windows XP Thumbnail View Need Some Explanations

When viewing the file directory just click View at the top and then Thumbnail and you will have your view. If you want this as a default then click Tools then folder options and then view and then apply to all folder click OK or Apply and exit out and you are done.

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I'm using Windows 7 64bit and I'm running Acrobat Pro X (10). I wonder why I can't view acrobat file image in my windows explorer. I have many acrobat files so I need to see the cover page in large icons. without that I need to look through one by one. It's hard for me to find one acrobat file.
Please help me view image of acrobat file in Windows Explorer of Windows 7 64bit.

Best regards

A:Can't view Thumbnail Acrobat in Windows 7 64bit

Hello rumdoh

Have a look here this might help you - Fixes for 64-bit Adobe Reader preview handler and thumbnails I used the installer and that solved my issue of pdf files not showing as thumbnails.


EDIT - This fix is for a 64 bit system. You mention 64 bit in your post but says 32 bit in your specs

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Running XP Home SP3
WMP 11

When using My Computer to view files, as it attempts to load thumbnails of .avi, or wmv. files either in the main window, or in the preview pane, many files cause the OS to freeze solid. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, and sometimes the same file will work, then freeze the next time.

The freeze requires a "press and hold" of the power button to turn off the system. I don't get a blue screen, the existing one just locks up solid, and my cursor becomes immobile. No keys will function, nothing.

Any Ideas?

A:Solved: Thumbnail view of .avi, .wmv. freezes Windows XP

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Hello everyone,

My computer all of sudden stopped showing filenames in thumbnail view. All other views show both icons and filenames but thumnail view is just showing the icons.

Any help with how this is happening????

Thanks very much in advance.

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I'm running Windows XP SP2. If I set a file view to "thumbnail" then explorer crashes if there are any avi files in that directory or any subdirectories below it. Removing the avi files clears the problem

A:Explorer thumbnail mode crashed by avi files

Possibly a codec issue. Or file type associations. Look for any crash related reports in Event Viwer > Custom Views > Administrative Events.

What's wrong with SP3? Better get it before it's gone....

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Hi everyone, I recently setup an FTP server using this genius little piece of hardware called CloudFTP (now called iUSBport as of today, LOL).

Anyways, I can access my CloudFTP just fine through my smartphone, using a file explorer app w/FTP ability.

My question is, is there a downloadable Windows 7 file explorer freeware/software app that can do exact the same thing as my Android? Currently, I am only able to access the CloudFTP via Windows through the Google Chrome browser, but the interface is.... dismal, to say the least.

I like the built-in Windows 7 explorer just fine, but I'm not sure I can access my FTP server using it. I may not even want to, even if it could.

A:I need a Windows file explorer that can view/modify FTP files?

type in an FTP address in Explorer's address bar. ftp://ip-address-here/

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I recently bought a second internal dvd drive, physically installed it, plugged it into the last remaining SATA port on the mother board.

When I inserted a data dvd, autoplay popped up giving me one option - to open folder to view files with Windows Explorer. When I clicked that option nothing happened.
When I insert a blank dvd, Nero opens its burning app as it is set to and I'm able to burn a dvd on that drive. Nero is also set to verify the compilation which it does with no problem.
When i reinsert the same dvd, the same option pops up with the same result - nothing.
When insert an audio cd, Winamp will play the cd but I'm not able to "open" the cd with Windows Explorer.

By trying all combinations of cables and dvd drives to make sure that both the cables and drives were working properly, I determined that whatever drive was plugged into that last SATA port would not function properly.

The only options in my BIOS that I could find referring to SATA drives was to enable or disable the SATA controller.

I'd really like to have both dvd drives fully functional and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:DVD drive will not open folder to view files with Windows Explorer

First of all explain in detail...

1.DVD Drive is visible in My computer?
If not so remove the dvd drive and reconnect to system.

2.Can you eject automatically the DVD from my computer Through eject option?

3.Can you eject manually??

4.Can you View files and folders in drive?

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I am looking for a way, either in Windows directly, or with an add-on application like Window Blinds, to change the appearance of my Taskbar. Currently, the Taskbar has icons on it for each open application, and when I hover over the application icon, the windows that are open in that application appear below my task bar as thumbnails (since I keep my taskbar on the top of the screen). However, sometimes, when Internet Explorer has too many windows open, and thus too many thumbnails to fit on the screen (horizontally), it will display a vertical list of open windows in that app. Alongside of each open window listing is the standard RED X for closing that window as well.

I would like it to display all of my program's open windows like this all of the time, regardless of how many are open. (No more thumbnails.)

This is the only thing I want to change. If someone knows how to do this in Windows or otherwise, can you please let me know?

Thanks for your help!


A:Display open program windows in list view NOT thumbnail

Hello Antonio,

This can help show you how to disable the taskbar thumbnail previews.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,

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Anyone still wrestling with the 'Thumbnails deleted' issue, or similar, please, go ahead and post your progress and/or findings.

I've tried a host of different settings and tweaks. On normal shutdown/startup most settings seemed to preserve the icon/thumbnail cache, but a 'restart' always seems to spoil it!...
Until I changed: Registry - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM - 'AlwaysHibernateThumbnails' value to 1(hex)

A:Icon/Thumbnail Preservation - Windows 8.1

Hey Edwin,

If you haven't already, you might see if clearing the thumbnail cache may help if it's corrupted.

Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset - Windows 7 Help Forums

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When I explore a folder with (mainly) image files in it, they are displayed as tiles (thumbnails?) but widely spaced out vertically.

If I scroll the window up/down to refresh the view then the rows of images are closer together. Please see the attached "before" and "after" screenshots.

Is there any way I can get Explorer to do this automatically?

A:Q: Explorer - row height for icon view

Hello DarkStart,

You can increase the Size for the Icon Spacing (Vertical) Item in Advanced Appearance Settings to have more space between icons in all Windows Explorer windows.

Hope this helps,

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Hello there. I really enjoy Windows 7, but recently I ran into a problem that keeps making me swear like a sailor and elicit tremendous amounts of HATE when I try to solve it (and can't).

The thing is, all of a sudden more than half of the folder thumbnails in my Music library disappeared. But that's not the case... explorer.exe started to hang up (as in, raises the CPU usage to 100% and stops operating until killed and relaunched) whenever I tried to open any folder without a thumbnail. So I deleted the thumbnail cache and the missing thumbnails still wouldn't generate. F5 had no use. I thought my HDD failed and the folders were damaged, but then I went into the Music folder instead of library (while in "Table" view) and everything worked normally. However, if I ought to choose any view that has thumbnails, Explorer hung up when I would try to do anything with a folder that has no thumbnail. Heck, it even hung up when I changed the view or just selected a folder.

So it all came down to:
If thumbnails are off ("always show icons" thing), everything seems to work fine.

This is clearly not a hard drive issue, as I managed to copy the folders to another disk (via command prompt, because Explorer hung up everytime I tried) and it was still the same.
Neither this is a library issue - with thumbnails turned off, the library works.
The music files themselves are OK too.

I already tried:Resetting the thumbnail cache countless times (both with Windo... Read more

A:Thumbnail FAIL + Explorer can't access files with thumbnails enabled

Antivirus found a couple of trojans but they don't seem to be the reason.

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This behavior just started within the past week or so. When I delete or move files in Windows Explorer, the files just stay in the right-hand pane. They DO get deleted or moved, but I have to hit F5 to refresh the view.

This never happened before, until about a week ago.

Any help?

Thanks in advance,

A:Windows Explorer doesn't update view when moving or deleting files

Hi Ken, Have you added any programs, or did updates just prior to the start of your problem?

BTW, "Welcome to the Seven Forums."

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Whenever I view a folder which contains .MP4 (H264) video files in large icon view (shows thumbnails), Windows 7's Explorer crashes. Explorer loads for a few seconds, the green progress bar shows up, and then boom!, Explorer crashes. The thumbnails are not shown before crashing. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I tried setting Folder options to 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' (disables thumbnails) on the same folder with MP4 (H264) video files and Explorer doesn't crash if the MP4 thumbnails aren't shown. I tried testing in other folders containing other video formats (with 'Always show icons, never thumbnails' set to off) like .AVI/Xvid, without an MP4/H264 file, and Windows Explorer shows the thumbnails fine without crashing.

I have not currently experienced problems with other formats, only MP4/H264. The only media players that I have installed are KMPlayer and VLC Media Player which both do not install external codecs, AFAIK. The only external codec I have installed is CoreAVC, but I have been using CoreAVC for months (KMPlayer+CoreAVC is one of the first things I installed in Windows 7) without any problems (this issue just arose a few days ago).

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit.

Note: I prefer a solution that will not end up disabling video thumbnails for MP4 files. I still would like to see MP4 video thumbnails, if possible. If the video files themselves are problematic, I reckon Explorer should not crash and just not show the thumbnails.

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A:Windows Explorer crashes with MP4 files in Large Icons(thumbnails)view

Try reinstalling your KMPlayer and VLC player.

After that do system file checker:
Right click Command Prompt → run as admin → sfc /scannow

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I have a large library of icon files that I designed and used in Win2k. I've recently upgraded to XP and now the .ico files display in Windows Explorer all the same with a generic icon. I used to be able to see the different icons displayed so I could easily choose which one I want. As far as I can discover, XP can use the same icon files as Win2k. Any way to fix this?


A:.ICO icon files won't display in Windows Explorer


You could try this first:

Doug Knox's Association Fixes

Scroll down to ICO files


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I've recently noticed that my "My Music" folder inside my "My Documents" folder is not showing files and folde4rs that have letters that start with c-z but it does show files and folders with the letters a-b and symbols including numbers.

I have took a song that started with a number and changed the first number to the letter "T", refreshed and it dissapeard.

Although when browsing songs in windows media player 11 library I am able to play anysong i want and am able to click open file location and it brings up the songs as long it is in a subdirectory of my music. files with a letter such as m or c or k that are in the my music folder (not in a sub directory) will not show up when clicking on open file location in windows media player.

I need help please. I've tried fixing the problem using my basic knowlege but still is there. any help is appreciated

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Hi. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the size of the icons when using tile view in explorer? I know I can make the icons bigger by switching to large or extra large icons view but I like the extra information I get from the tiles view, such as drive space. Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

A:Explorer Tiles View Icon Size

Hi n1cecupoftea,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You can use the Advanced Appearance settings to adjust how the space for the icons. In step 6 of this tutorial, you can adjust the Size to a larger number for these Item options for what you are wanting:

1. Icon
2. Icon Spacing (Horizontal)
3. Icon Spacing (Vertical)

Advanced Appearance

Hope this helps you,

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problem started about 2 weeks ago, seems to only crash when loading video files specifically

Running windows XP Pro SP 2

A:Solved: Explorer crash when trying to load video files in thumbnail mode

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Hi I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 and some folders I have when I click for the Large thumbnail preview (Ctrl+Shift+2) The folder icon look like if was upside down, maybe this is the way it's intended, I don't know :b.
I'll leave some screenshot so you guys can see what I mean.

This one is the weird upside down looking icons
This one is normal list view

What could it be and how can I fix it?

A:Windows 8.1 Large thumbnail preview Icon upside down?!


Good One..

A Really Good One!!

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I recently rebuilt my PC and re-loaded all under X/P Pro but files in Windows Explorer are showing up as Zipped when they aren't Zip files - anyone run into this? Any idea how to fix?

PS I tried to search for this topic but couldn't find it - sorry if this is a repeat.

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I have several folders containing a mix of 18Mb images and small xmp data files - about 400-500 total in each folder. When I open such a folder in large icon view, Windows spends minutes apparently recreating the thumbnails for the explorer window. And even then, it only creates those that are in view. If I scroll down, the process starts all over again.

This seems ridiculous as my system is top spec and in all other respects, lightning fast with a windows score of 7.4!!

I assumed that windows would only need to do this once and then draw the image thumbs from its cache? It is hugely frustrating. Any solutions please?

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