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enable Domain and WorkGroup Option

Q: enable Domain and WorkGroup Option

I have encountered a problem with a Windows XP computer that the both option from joining to a Domain or WorkGroup button are disabled when I tried to joine a Workgroup on our peer-to-peer network. Is there anyone who can give idea about enabling them again. Can you also please let me know how these option can be disabled as well. Thanking you for your help and time solve it.

Preferred Solution: enable Domain and WorkGroup Option

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: enable Domain and WorkGroup Option

Are you logged in on an account with admin rights ?

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I was on a domain sys and i changed over to a workgroup now i cant log in when w2k boots up. Is there a way to fix this without a complete reinstall

Thank you


Change to a workgroup login. Right click on My Computer and select properties, go to the Network ID tab and click the properties button

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Any advice on the following would be appreciated.

I have a small LAN at home, set up as a workgroup. It consists of 4 PC's as follows -

2 - XP Pro PC's
1 - XP Home PC
1 - Windows 2000 Pro laptop

I may want to add another 2 PC's at some stage.

1 of the XP Pro PC's shares its dial up internet with the workgroup via ICS through an 8 port mini switch.

All seems to work OK but sometimes the PC's seem to take an age to show the rest of the PC's in the workgroup. Also at times the whole network seems to hang for up to 20 seconds.

I was thinking of changing the OS of the XP Home PC to Windows 2000 Server and creating a domain instead of a workgroup.

1. What are the merits of doing this, and is it really worth doing?

- I am assuming DNS and WINS set up may help cure my network hanging but believe this is only possible if i create a domain?

A:Domain or workgroup

I think you'll be sorry you got into fooling around with a server, unless you have a specific need for it. Have you considered installing NETBEUI protocol on all the machines? This frequently solves workgroup browsing issues. For XP, here's the Microsoft way: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;301041

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I have 3 pc's running through my linky and out to my cable service, my question is can I turn 1 of my machines into a domain or can I only use a workgroup, right now it is set up as a workgroup but I wanted to play around with the domain factor.

A:Domain of workgroup?

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I have a laptop computer that I use at work on a domain and I take home every day and use on a workgroup the problem is that the computer can't see the other computers on the workgroup I can type in there ip and view them but can't see them by name and they can't see this computer by name or ip. My laptop has xp pro and all the other computers on the workgroup have xp home.


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I've just change jobs and am using the same laptop. An administrator at the new co. used the administrator rights to change the network config. from domain to workgroup. My user profile no longer works, the only way to login to my laptop now is with the administrator id, and my outlook .pst file associated with my userid has disappeared. Is this recoverable, the domain that was deleted doesn't exist on the new network. HELP?

Searching for the .pst as administrator only returns a result that is over 2 years old. Is there anyway to restore all of the setting from my username with the new workgroup settings?

A:Domain to Workgroup

You might can get the .pst file back by trying to import it.

Do a search as administrator on the laptop for .pst

Make a note of where they are located. It will probably indicate a profile with your old login name from your old account.

Then go into Outlook and go to file import and import the old.pst.

This will only work if the new administrator did not delete the old profile from your computer.

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Heres the deal...we want to split up our two domains into smaller groups...I mean, have certain people in a groupA and certain people in groupB, while both groupA and groupB are in the same domain...I know this is possible in win98 and was wondering if anyone had any ideas here...

ps we have a mix of 98 and 2000 clients...the 2000 ones are the ones im inquiring about... let me know if i need to be more clear..


A:workgroup & domain?

What is your goal with this setup? Do you just want to restrict access to certain files/folders/servers/share/etc.?

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i m using sify network.my one computer is in domain and other two is in work group.that is why i m not able to connect all to internet on all PC.i connected it through LAN file sharing is possible but have no internet connection. when i m using this internet connection to my laptop alone it connected and i m able to use internet.
bt i want to use internet on my three PC .
tell me what i hv to do

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ive got two computers running windows xp pro (i:home computer ii notebook) ive got a workgroup network setup between them. ive been reading some microsoft web sites which make out that a domain is better but my question is do you need a server install on a seperate computer to make a domain or can i make a domain between two xp pro machines.

A:domain or workgroup???????

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A friend has a small printing business with 6 PCs and two Macs.
The server is a Dell Poweredge 2650 that's near death, and one tech refuses to work on it any more-it's at least 12 years old and apparently has at least one bad drive. The only thing on the server is files.
He wants to avoid the expense of replacing the server (Times are a little tight).
He's moving the business in a few weeks to a smaller place.
What's the disadvantage of switching to a Workgroup (All the PCs are XP Pr o with one Win7 Pro).
Can he use an NAS device to serve files and get satisfactory speed?
This is outside my expertise, so any thoughts are welcome.

A:Domain to Workgroup

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What is the difference between a domain and a workgroup? I have two, soon to be 3 computers on a workgroup and i was wondering, what are some advantages disadvantages of each? Thanks.

A:domain vs a workgroup

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I switched my network from a Domain that was UN & PW protected (I have both of these) to a workgroup because I no longer work for the company where I was using my laptop.
The system was not set with a UN & PW prior to joining their Domain, so I wouldnt think it would ask me for a logon to the system.
Any options that anyone would know of would be great.
**Note** This is not a UN & PW question.......I have that info.....for the old Domain at least


A:Domain to Workgroup

Is this what you are looking for? How to change computers over from a domain to a workgroup

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I am in the process of trying out some tests when using ATA and had a couple of questions.
I want to compare and contrast the difference between using ATA in a Domain environment, and using ATA in a workgroup environment.

What are the specific requirements or processes needed when deploying ATA in a Domain environment and in a workgroup environment? Is there any different settings that must be done depending on whether its Domain or Workgroup? Could someone please let me
know the differences between both, regarding the setting and deployment of ATA?
Also, what are the differences regarding what can be done and can't be done with ATA (and all of its functions, features) when being used in a Domain enviroment VS a Workgroup environment??

I really need a detailed information regarding these differences and hope someone can help me out!

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This is probably a simple question but here goes.

I have recently been put in charge of our company network of 20 windows xp computers all set up in a workgroup. I have suggested that we install a windows 2003 server and change to a domain stucture for easier administration (and easier on my legs).

What i want to know is is this a good or bad idea for the quantity of computers as i think that 10 computers is the most for a workgroup (especially in a company).

Also i have to convince my boss that its a good idea (if it is) any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

A:Domain Or Workgroup

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I am on a DOMAIN right now on my laptop, however I want to set up a home wireless network and told by a friend that I need to change that to workgroup.

I changed it before - and I seemed to have lost the WHOLE profile, and all my desktop icons, and structure of my windows.

Anyone know of a way to accomplish this, without losing anything?

A:Domain vs Workgroup

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Hi Friends,

We have a LAN with a domain. There is one pc that is not connected to domain, but IP address are configured correctly. I need to connect a printer that is connected to a client under domain. Can anyone help me to solve this issue?

A:Workgroup and Domain

http://www.computergeeksonline.net/basics/add-network-printer.aspPut yourself on the domain first. Have to do it if the printer is locally connected.

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I am in network (in a workgroup without a domain and without a server) of about 10 computers and of late security has become an issue. I was thinking of installing a network server to manage access to network resources, do i need a domain or the workgroup without a domain can be managed using the active directory in windows server?

A:Workgroup or Domain, which is best?

You need to set up a domain for central management.. Mind you, you can use Samba and a free operating system to set up a NT style domain for free.

How is security an issue? All your users have the same username? Or everyone knows the admin password?

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Need help please. We've got a single Domain Windows 2000 server in our office, which a number of employees access from Laptops with Windows 2000 Pro.

We recently opened a branch office which these employees are now working out of half the time. There is a PC in the branch office with a printer for them to use over the network there. There is no server at the branch office, just a router so they can share interenet access and hopefully share files and the printer.

My problem is, when they log on to their laptops at the remote office, they are attempting to log onto our Domain (which of course cannot be reached when they are not in the main office). This is not a problem, the computer still logs them on and the router works great for internet access.

The problem is they cannot even see the PC that is sharing the printer up there, which is of course on a Workgroup, not on the Domain. I can solve the problem by switching the laptop off the Domain and onto the Workgoup, but then I would have to get it back on the Domain next time they came down to the main office. And, when leaving the Domain, a new user profile is created with the same username, requiring tweaking to get their settings back.

So I quess i'm looking for somehow to allow them to log onto our Domain when they are in the main office, and still be able to use the Printer that is shared on the Workgroup in the remote office....without constantly changing settings.

Seems like this would be a fairly common... Read more

A:Domain/Workgroup Problem

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The school I work for was given some computers that have Windows XP on them.

1. I need to change them all from domain to individual users(I think that's what it's called).
2. I need a student and an administrator log on. I have been able to fix a few of the computers that were not on domain but these are SUPER tricky and don't know where to start.
3. I also need to fix the computers so students are not able to change the settings on the computer or so the pc would go back to the administrator settings each time it starts up.

I don't know how to do any of this... I'm not very techy but was given this job to do! Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

A:Domain and Workgroup Problems

If you have the XP CD and key codes for each machine, I would do a clean rebuild and get rid of anything that may have been added or done by the earlier owners.

Will these be connected to a network to access the internet, if not how will they access the internet?

As for item 3, you really need a third party program like "DeepFreeze".

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How do I fix this error?
(Source: NETLOGON) (User: )
Description: This computer is configured as a member of a workgroup, not as
a member of a domain. The Netlogon service does not need to run in this

A:How to fix PC configuration (workgroup vs domain)

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy,  taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
   Go to Piriform's website, and download the free version on the left.  Click Download from Piriform.com (the FileHippo link requires an extra click). Or if you want to use a portable version of Speccy (which doesn't require installation), click the builds page link and download the portable version. You will now be asked where you want to save the file. The best place to put it is the Desktop, as it will be easy to find later.
    After the file finishes downloading, you are ready to run Speccy. If you downloaded the installer, simply double-click on it and follow the prompts until installation is complete. If you downloaded the portable version, you will need to unzip it before use. Right-click the ZIP file and click Extract all. Click Next. Open up the extracted folder and double-click on Speccy.
     Once inside Speccy, it will look similar to this (with your computer's specifications, of course):
     Now, at the top, click File > Publish Snapshot.
     Click Yes &g... Read more

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Hi all,

I have 22 sites that will need to be moved out of their existing domain, and into a workgroup type network system.
I know how to manually move each user over, but my question- is there any easier way of moving them, some sort
of migration tool, or, even a way to have their local account stay on the computer when the domain goes down, and have
them log into it instead.


A:Best way to migrate from Domain to Workgroup

jambi1021 said:

Hi all,

I have 22 sites that will need to be moved out of their existing domain, and into a workgroup type network system.
I know how to manually move each user over, but my question- is there any easier way of moving them, some sort
of migration tool, or, even a way to have their local account stay on the computer when the domain goes down, and have
them log into it instead.

jambi1021Click to expand...

Is it not just a matter of Start>Run and typing dcpromo into the Open box, then following the Wizard inks to binning the Active Directory? Hang on for more confident advice - I only had to do this once but no files were lost through that procedure and it was then possible to join a Workgroup in the normal way.

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My laptop is setup for a Domain at work, my home-office machine is on a Workgroup. I want to be able to easily move files (sync) these machines when I am at my home-office. Both machines are XP Pro. As it is now, the workgroup computer can not access the Domain computer. It asks for a login and password.

A:Working with Domain AND Workgroup.

when you bring your work computer home you have to switch and logon on to the local machine. You will need to have the people at work create a local user name and password. So you switch from your domain to the the local logon. Then when get home, log on locally, join the workgroup by right clicking my computer, properties, change and add that particular workgroup name if it is different., If it is different it will welcome you and then ask you to reboot. You should see the other computer on your home workgroup network. The best thing to do is talk to your network guys and work they can show you what to do and it will not be too difficult at home.
Just remember to log in to your domain when you go back to work.


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after domain to workgroup changes unable to log on windows xp pls give me a solution

A:workgroup to domain change

What error do you receive?

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My friend has a small business and his server crashed. He wants to get along without it, and change to a workgroup set up.
I'm not all that familiar with domains, and I'd like to get this done without breaking anything.
I know how to change the name and set up a Workgroup, but I want to be sure I can log on afterward, as this guy has lost control of his passwords and user IDs over time. We do have a working logon at the moment.
What's the best way to proceed?
Interestingly, this business is trying to run without any backup at all, with some PCs that have no virus protection, and no on-site expertise in computers at all. No one knows how to burn a CD or troubleshoot even the most trivial problem. How common is this situation?

A:Change Domain to Workgroup.

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I have an old laptop running Windows XP that I have been using from my previous employer. The laptop was configured to use a domain access. Corporate policy did not allow users to have admin rights on laptops/PCs, so my domain account was powerless. I did get lucky one day I was at a client site and needed a new copy of Visio, which my the company did not have, so my manager told me to buy a copy. I had to go through the IT department and get admininstrator password for 48-hours to install the software. Since I had that power I created another account in the Local Admin group with full privs on the laptop. After a few months I forgot the password to that account. Used a utility to crack the password so I could change the laptop from domain to workgroup to copy all of my files from the laptop to my desktop as I am getting a new PC. This is where the problem starts. I changed to workgroup, did the reboot as mentioned by the computer. When I then tried to login into the laptop with my personal domain account, I was unable. I could login with my back door admin local account. So I did, but what I discovered was that my domain account is missing the My Documents folder. How can this be? Is there a way to get it back? I do not see any of my files!! I know they are on the disk, but I can not find them anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I couldn't answer!!!
Difference between domain and workgroup....
Domain is secure and workgroup is not
Please clear my concepts..

A:Stunned!! Workgroup and Domain

Domain would be with a server controlling login access, workgroup is peer-to-peer.

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Once you have installed W2K as a workgroup, is there a way to join a domain? If yes, how?

A:going from workgroup to domain after install

You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to complete this procedure. If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings might also prevent you from completing this procedure.

Open System in Control Panel.
On the Computer Name tab, click Change.
Under Member of, click Domain, type the name of the domain you want to join, and then click OK.
You will be prompted to provide a user name and user password to join the computer to the domain.

Click OK to close the System Properties dialog box.
You will be prompted to restart your computer to apply your changes.


To open System, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.

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When migrating a XP workgroup to W2K domain what are the specific steps required to insure that users Links, Internet favorite, email folders and accounts and desktop links and folders are available to the user once the system is joined to a domain and the user logs onto the domain?
TIA- Mark

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Let me preface this by saying that I think I did something very stupid.

My laptop is a work laptop. It is setup to log in through a specific domain at my office. While not thinking(and trying to get some files transfered to it through my local workgroup at my private home network) I switched the computer configuration from using the office domain to use my local home workgroup.

Upon rebooting to register the change, I am no longer able to log in. I keep receiving the "The system could not log you in. Make sure your User name and domain are correct ... "

I realize this is probably something I won't be able to fix myself, but in hopes of saving some time tomorrow, is there anything I can do to remedy this situation?


OS: Windows XP
-Administrator password unknown(network support at office keeps this).
-Log on screen does not allow me to change the domain name to log in to(no field for domain name, even in the options section).


A:Windows XP and Domain/Workgroup changes

My guess is that you are logging onto your user account on your computer which means that you also need the password that was set up for your account on the computer. This is different from the network one that you use when logging in your work domain. If you can't remember or don't know the password, try leaving the password field blank - just worth a try. Otherwise, you'll probably need administrator access to change the password.
Good luck.

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I have an XP laptop on a domain... I also want to take this laptop home and use it on my home network... Is there a way I can switch between the 2 easily with a display config or a docked user and non-docked user??

A:XP Laptop on Domain and workgroup

What kind of network do you have at home?

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I just got my Tablet and it rules but here is my dilemma. I use it at work as part of my domain but when I get home I want it to be part of my home workgroup with the same profile. Is there any way I can do this? Any help would be great. Thanks.

A:XP tablet Domain and Workgroup

Prpoerties of "My computer /computer name /change / add your workgroup name here

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I just brought my computer (running xp pro) home from college, where it has been connected to a domain for the past 4 years. Now I have it connected to my cable modem and I'd like to remove my user account from the domain so I no longer need to type in my password when the computer is booting up. The computer is functioning just fine, but I'd prefer not to be bothered with typing in my password every time I turn my computer on. I've tried a few different methods of changing the domain setting on my account, but I've had no luck.

Thanks for your help!


A:Change from Domain to Workgroup

You will need to create a new user under the group name and I recommend you enable the Welcome screen.

To turn the Welcome screen on or off
You must have a computer administrator account on a computer that is a member of a workgroup or is a stand-alone computer to turn on or turn off the Use the Welcome screen feature. Logging on at the Welcome screen is not available on computers that are members of a network domain.

Open User Accounts in Control Panel.
Click Change the way users log on or off.
Do one of the following:
To specify that users log on to the computer using the Welcome screen, select the Use the Welcome screen check box.
A user logs on to the computer by clicking his or her user account name on the Welcome screen. If a password is assigned to the account, the user is prompted to type it.

To specify that users log on to the computer without using the Welcome screen, clear the Use the Welcome screen check box.
The Welcome screen will no longer appear when you start the computer. To log on to the computer, type your user name (and password, if you have one) in the standard Log On to Windows dialog box.

To open User Accounts, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click User Accounts.
Fast User Switching is available only when the Welcome screen is turned on. For more information, click Related Topics.

Happy Holidays.

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Here is the story, I got a laptop from my college and to use it I have to use my student number and password. Well its the weekend now and I wanted to do some file sharing between my desktop computer and my laptop and so on my laptop I changed it from using a domain to a workgroup, it asked me to restart the computer and so I did. When it came back to me having to log in I entered my student id and pass but now its saying that I have chosen the wrong domain name. Now I can't log in or do anything, i've tried to start it in safe mode but it still makes me log in first. Is there any way I can change it back to a domain instead of a workgroup?

A:changing from domain to workgroup

Welcome necrophilms, Check out this link, it should have all the info you need. Stay away from your domain and just setup a new work group.



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Hey there all..

Is there any way to set up a laptop running WinXP to log into a NT4 domain(at work) and a peer to peer workgroup(at home)?

Thanks in advance!

A:Workgroup and domain logons - XP Pro

i belive it can be done using profiles how i have not a clue but that would be where i would start at

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I am trying to connect my work computer (which is on a domain) to my home network for printing purposes. I have the printer setup on another computer at home using a workgroup.

What I am looking to do is set my home computer, on workgroup "Home" to allow my work computer, on a domain, to print. Is this possible? I know I can go physically connect the work computer to the printer, but I would like to spend as little time as possible in the kids area.

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A friend of mine changed the domain name on his computer to a workgroup and entered a username and password when prompted. He then rebooted his computer but now he can't log in w/ the credentials he setup. He is typing everything correctly. Is there a way to change this or set a username/password without having access to login?


A:Workgroup/Domain problem

They now need to login in with a local user account and password rather than the domain user account (which is no longer valid).

Hopefully you know one or at least the administrator's password.

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I changed the domain on my work laptop to Workgroup so I could print on my local LAN at home and now I can not login using my user name and password.

My laptop has a PGP total disk encryption. I can log in on the first PGP login screen. After that, Win7 login appears and I can not login using my usual name and password. Anybody know how I can get this resolved?

A:How can I login after changes from Domain to workgroup

Hello Ghost9119

Did you tried the safe mode ?? Boot into safe mode by pressing F8 on startup and reset your current password.

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I have a machine runnint NT4 that is conencted to a small hub, which needs to see a DOS machine running some type of CAD program on it. This is a workgroup called CAD.

I installed another NIC card in it, and changed it from a Workgroup to part of the local domain within the building. I can get either or to work but not both. If I make it part of a workgroupd CAD, he can see the DOS machine attached to the small hub within that office.

If I change it to be part of the business Domain within the building, it can't see the CAD workgroup.

Is there a work around?


A:1 Machine needs to see workgroup and Domain

if you have correct tcp/ip settings, this could be the master browser issue. Actually, you don't need two NICs. or you may use browstat to troubleshoot it or check these pages for the details,

computer browserYou have a master browser issue if you have the following symptoms. 1) If you can ping a computer ... Resolutions: This is mostly like master browser issue. ...
troubleshooting computer browsing issuesResolutions: This is mostly like master browser issue. The simple solution is stopping Computer Browser service on the XP. To stop Computer Browser service, ...
troubleshooting browser issuesTo disable master browser on W2K/XP, go to Administrative Tools>Services, ... The master browser of a domain is always the primary domain controller. ...

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Hi folks,

Great site. I have a Dell laptop provided to me from work. I have full admin rights on this laptop. When I connect this in work I can login to one of three domains, or log in to the computer itself using a local account. When I bring this laptop home I want to be able to join a local workgroup that has been setup (some of the machines are running XP home) to share files. When I got home one evening I removed the computer from the work domain, and added it to the workgroup. I logged back on and using the local account was able to access the home network (workgroup). Upon bringing the lappie to work the next day, I found I then could not add it back to the domain, and needed a domain admin to get the computer set back up. What is the best way of managing this?

Can the laptop function in the domains in work, and in a workgroup when I bring it home? How can this be achieved. I have done some reading about user profiles but don't wish to experiment with a process that may end up removing the domains list when I login.

Any help much appreciated.



A:Moving between domain and workgroup (XP Pro)

By being the local admin, you can access shared files in other workgroups by browsing the entire network in explorer. You do not need to take the computer off the domain and join it to the workgroup. You can access the workgroup shares using the workgroup credentials.

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I am using win xp prof sp2 in workgroup and in my organisation i implemented domain gateway for workgroup is and for domain is also so both are in same network but i am unable to ping domain ip or from domain workgroup ip

please suggest me

thanks and regards

A:communication between workgroup and domain

If you're sure that all computers are in the same IP subnet (subnet masks are all the same, and all the bits up to the end of the subnet mask match) then the next place to look is Windows Firewall. For a quick fix you can just shut it off on both machines and give it a whirl, and then if it works, turn them back on and add ICMP exceptions.

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My workplace consists of a bunch of PC's used in the main business of Traffic Engineering, and then a few other PC's setup as a small internet CAFE (sort of a hobby of my boss). We recently did some renovating so the CAFE has been out of action, and before we open the doors again we would like to resolve some security issues regarding network access.

I guess I should start with a rundown of our current network setup:
Windows 2000 server

Proxy Server for internet connection. IIRC the proxy server is its own workgroup (or is that domain?)

Engineering PC's belong to own domain

CAFE PC's were previously in engineering domain (using a restricted access account). However, recently the setup has been changed such that the CAFE machine now all belong to the same workgroup. I think the idea was to have CAFE users only log onto the machines locally as an extra security measure to protect our server.
The problem is that, changes to the network setup have been put in place while we were under going renovations. As such, the CAFE machines were not operating, and only one machine has been configured by the (external) techy.

My boss has now asked that I setup the remaing machines, but I am having real problems arriving at the desired results.

Ideally, I would like the CAFE machine to be be able to logon to the domain as required (they are periodicall required by the Engineering section), and to a... Read more

A:Integrating Domain and Workgroup

Are all of these PC's on the same LAN or are these seperate lans?

If they are the same lan then this -

Ideally, I would like the CAFE machine to be be able to logon to the domain as required (they are periodicall required by the Engineering section), and to also have a local logon that still enables file sharing between the other CAFE machines (but no domain access).

I get partial results, but nothing completly perfect. Here is a description of what I tried:
I joined a workgroup on the CAFE machine, but I did get any logon options at startup (to log either locally or to the domain), just username and password.Click to expand...

Would not matter much at the last part - not getting a domain prompt matters not one bit. You log on as a local user and then if you want to connect to anything on the domain like a shar just go to run and type in \\IP\Share and you get the prompt for a username and password

So next, I added a Network ID, and joined the domain. This gave me the desired logon options (ie local or domain), but I seemed to be able to access some shared domain folders when I log on locally, which I don't want local accounts to do.Click to expand...

This part means you need to address domain security by checking the user groups the new user belongs to or tightening down the shares you don't want this new user to get to....

I would not give the casual user a domain login thats almost asking for trouble.

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I've got a machine with windows server 2003 running on it and I'm playing around with Acive Directory, basically I'm trying to get comfortable with the new OS. I have a little network of 3 PC's including the server. The other two machines were previously setup to be in the same workgroup. Now I want them to move towards a domain network with the server. How do I get rid of the work group set up and move towards domain. Also when I try to ping the server I don't get a response anyone have any ideas why? Thanks for all the help everyone!

A:Workgroup to Domain Problem

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Hey all,

I tried to find an answer to the problem myself, but I haven't found a good solution. I'm sure this is an easy fix.

I have a laptop that is setup on my office LAN domain, with sync folders, net drives, etc....
At home I have a small workgroup with a bunch of shared resources on other pcs in my workgroup, ie. printers, shared drives, etc.

Because I am setup on the domain, when i take my laptop home I am unable to browse my home workgroup to get to these resources.

I don't want to change my pc from DOMAIN to WORKGROUP through Windows, I'm afraid of screwing up my domain login settings, there are several logon scripts running when i sign in at my office, and my local admin will probably be pissed off if he has to set this thing up again if mess it up.

I would think there is some kind of "profile" or something to setup to make the switch between the 2 networks, but i have found no relevent info on the web.

Any ideas, I am currently running WinXP Pro Sp2.

Thanks guys

A:Domain-Workgroup Sharing

i give, I never get an answer to anything on this site.

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I have a laptop that was changed from a "Member of a domain" in the System Properties to a "Member of a workgroup". However, no account was set up for that member. Now when I reboot the laptop, I get that the account is locked out and that I need to contact my system administrator.

How can I change it back to just being a "member of a domain"?

A:HELP!!! Workgroup/Domain problems

Unfortunately, you'll have to do as the message says, contact your administrator. The domain administrator(s) are (usually) the only ones that can add a computer to a windows domain for obvious security reasons.


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I was going to take my Suface 2 with Windows 8 out of my office domain and just use it independently of the domain. I changed to a workgroup name and now I cannot log in. I am using the same password I was using before the change to the workgroup, but Windows 8 tells me that the password is incorrect. I had to supply administrator credentials to effect the change from domain to workgroup, which I did. I have also tried the administrator password, but to no avail. Any thoughts on why I cannot log in?

A:Changed from Domain to Workgroup and cannot log in

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