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Outlook 2007 - Shared Mailbox new email alert

Q: Outlook 2007 - Shared Mailbox new email alert

Is it possible to get a desktop notification in the system tray when a new email arrives in a shared mailbox, in the same way it happens for a personal one?

Preferred Solution: Outlook 2007 - Shared Mailbox new email alert

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Outlook 2007 - Shared Mailbox new email alert

Any emails that come into any mailbox set up on a client should show an alert if it is set up in the options. Not sure what you mean by a shared mailbox though.

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I have multiple mailboxes in my Office 2007 (Office Enterprise 2007). Can someone help me to setup an out of office message in only one of the mailboxes?

Thank you in advance,


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I have a customer who has received a new pc. The old pc has left the company so I cannot look at that configuration.

This user has her own mailbox configured in Outlook 2007 and she also has a shared mailbox open: sales. All mailboxes are hosted on an Exchange Server 2003 cluster.

She claims that whenever she turned on her Out Of Office Assistant that all mails sent to [email protected] were forwarded to [email protected]

I have look trough all possible rules and settings but I have to admit I can't find any setting that would acomplish this.

Does anyone have an idea?



A:Outlook 2007: forward mails from shared mailbox when I'm OOF


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Received an email alert on desktop for new email arriving in my inbox. The alert is frozen there. Can't move, delete, or get any response. Rebooted computer but the alert is still frozen on desktop. Outlook 2007 in Windows XP Pro environment. Other than this problem, workstation & all software seems to be operating well.

Can anyone help?

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I found a tread in this site and need some help and advice on how to make it work for a shared mailbox that about 10 peolpe will be working out of. It's been a while since the thread had any posts so I thought to create a new post and reference the code. I'm new to vba and I'm at a lost as to how I can get this code to work for my shared mailbox situation at work .

Here is the link to the tread I found with the code:

I was able to use the code and apply it to my 'ThisOutlookSession' and it works great for my personal mails . However, I want to be able to use this code on multiple folders within the shared mailbox. Also, depending on the folder that any of the 10 people working out of the shared mailbox move the email item to he/she will trigger either a "processing" email reply or "completed" email reply to the sender. And lastly, do I have to set this code up for each computer or can I just setup this code on my outlook?
Option Explicit
'### all code for the ThisOutlookSession module
'### Module level Declarations
'expose the items in the target folder to events
Dim WithEvents TargetFolderItems As Items

Private Sub Application_Startup()
'some startup... Read more

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My requirement is, when i receive a new mail in outlook, it should trigger a macro which saves the new mail info (Sender address, date received, subject etc..) in an excel sheet. I have a macro code which does just that, but it only works for personal mailbox. I want to mimic the same steps for shared mailbox. Here is the code which works perfectly fine for personal mailbox,

PrivateSub Application_NewMailEx(ByVal EntryIDCollection AsString)

Dim varArray AsVariant
Dim strSub AsString
Dim strBody AsString
Dim strArray()AsString
Dim lngLoop AsLong
Dim objItem AsObject
Dim lngMailCounter AsLong
Dim objMItem As MailItem
Dim xlApp As Excel.Application
Dim wb As Excel.Workbook
strArray = Split(EntryIDCollection,",")
For lngMailCounter = LBound(strArray)To UBound(strArray)
Set objItem = Session.GetItemFromID(strArray(lngMailCounter))
If TypeName(objItem)="MailItem"And InStr(1, objItem.Subject, strSubjectLineStartWith)And InStr(1, objItem.Body,"")Then
Set objMItem = objItem
Set xlApp = GetObject(,"Excel.Application")
Set wb = xlApp.Workbooks("test2.xlsx")
With wb.Sheets(1)
.Value = Array(objMItem.SenderEmailAddress, objMItem.To, objMItem.CC, objMItem.BCC, objMItem.Subject, objMItem.ReceivedTime, objMItem.Body)
Set objItem =Nothing
Next lngMailCounter
IfNot IsEmpty(strArray)Then
Erase strArray


I am not well-versed with ... Read more

A:Outlook Shared mailbox - new mail triggers macro

Instead of using the New_Mail event to trigger the macro try setting up a custom rule to trigger the code.

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Hey all.

So a group on our team uses a shared mailbox. Often times this mailbox needs to have the auto reply function changed. We are aware that the auto reply can be changed by logging onto that shared mailbox, however it is very inconvinient as we don't want the users to have access to anything other than the ability to edit the Auto Reply, so therefore want to keep the password restricted.

Any suggestions for this?

A:Outlook 2003 - Auto Reply Shared Mailbox

There really is no way to do it other than via the Outlook client. If you are on an Exchange server it can be done with third party tools.

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Hi all

I have two users (on separate, networked PCS running Windows 7) that need to both access one email account, including seeing replies/forwards/sent mail.

An IMAP mailbox would be perfect for this but our company email provider can only provide us with POP3.

Is it possible to set up the mailbox file that outlook uses as a shared file and for both clients to access this?

If not what are my alternatives?

Many thanks

A:Outlook 2007 Mailbox Sharing

Hi badasafish, and welcome to TSG.

I am not sure about Outlook 2007, but I do know that previous versions would not support simultaneous sharing of Outlook files between multiple users.

One possible solution is to have all but one installations of Outlook set to not delete messages on the POP3 server when downloading them to the computer. The one special Outlook account would be set to leave the messages on for a number of days long enough for everyone else to receive their copy. You need to be careful about any storage quota limits on the mail server. If the quota limit is reached, no new incoming messages will be accepted until some older ones are cleared out.

This setup will only show sent messages in the Outlook sent folder on the one computer that sent it. As far as I know, there is no way to easily make it appear in everyone's sent folder. The sender could cc themselves and it would show up as an incoming message for everyone.

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I have an Dell Inspiron-Model 1545 with Windows 7 OS-64 bit. I bought it with Office 2007 in December 2009. I used to use the laptop for work but now I am unemployed. I am trying to rename my mailbox. It currently is titled Mailbox-Seattle NE Chief Engineer. When I right click the mailbox title, the is an option that says Rename Mailbox-Seattle NE Chief Engineer. However it is not highlighted and when I click on it, nothing happens. I appreciate any help you can provide.

I also get a prompt to sign into my ex-employers mail server each time I open Outlook. I would like that to stop as well.

Finally, I cannot seem to get my printer driver to download. I have tried many different solutions but get nowhere. The printer is a Dell V305 and used to work on this computer just fine. Again, any help with any of these problems is greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:Outlook 2007 Mailbox Renaming

Open Outlook, then Tools, Account Settings, then select and delete account that this "Seattle NE Chief Engineer" is being used by.

I hope you have some other account that you are using for your current email.

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I am using Outlook 2007 SP1. I am trying to setup an exhange mailbox using the mail icon in control panel. Everything goes fine until I try and change the authentication type to "basic authentication". As soon as I change it I get this popup (An exception occurred while trying to run "C:\Windows\system32\shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL"C: \PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\System\MSMAPI\1033\MLCFG32.CPL" ,@0")

I have to click ok and everything closes out. I have a pop mailbox already setup in outlook. Has anyone seen this or have an idea? Any help would be appreciated.


A:Outlook 2007 Error when Trying to setup Exhange Mailbox

Has anyone seen this before...

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How do I get it to save in the shared mailbox folder not my personal folder in outlook 2010?

A:Send an e-mail from a shared mailbox the sent item not saved in shared

The thread in the following link is looking for the same outcome. The first reply suggests using a third-party tool Download UniSent for Microsoft Outlook 2010 / 2007 Free Trial - A useful utility for managing Outlook messages - Softpedia (this is a trial version only).

Outlook 2010 Shared Mailbox Sent Items Saving in Wrong Place : Microsoft Office

I have no personal experience of this, but may be worth trying.

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I have Microsoft Outlook 2003 on a few computers. It appears that they get their emails from a local server which is defined as the MS Exchange Server. (Box ticked for Use Cached Exchange Mode). Outlook is then configure with my username to pull my emails of the server (i guess...). I get an email to my company email from an external source (not company email) that is CC to another company email address, and I will get a duplicate email in my inbox. If it is CC to 2 people I will get 2 duplicates (3 messages in total) This leads me to believe that outlook is not configured to pull the right emails from the server right? However, when receiving an email from an internal source (company email) and it is CC to another compnay member, I only get 1 copy. When dealing with 1 to 1 emails, everything works fine. Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2003 duplicate email from mailbox

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Hi. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit, Office 2010.

We're switching to Outlook as our email client, and I currently use "The Bat!"

Within The Bat!, I can export my email as either .msg, eml or Unix Mailbox files. I can only import email from Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Eudora from within Outlook 2010. I have a Windows 7 64 bit system, so I can't even load Windows Mail/Outlook Express on my machine. I couldn't import any of the .eml, .msg or Unix Mailbox files into Windows Live Mail.

I have two questions.

1) How can I accomplish my goal of migrating my email messages from The Bat! into Outlook 2010. I can open each of the exported mail messages and from within there "copy to a folder." But I don't want to do that 2,000 times.

2) Also, what has Microsoft made this so difficult? This is such a hassle that I would not use Outlook if I didn't have too. I'm not going to buy a third party application that will migrate mail for me. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance,

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By default, when you print an email in memo style the mailbox name is printed in the upper left-hand corner. Any way to turn this off? So far I haven't been able to find this option.


A:Outlook 2003 - Print an email sans the mailbox name

Maybe this will help. Does anyone know what the section directly above the header information is called on an email printed from Outlook 2003?

On my email print outs it has my mailbox info listed and then a solid dark line/border and then the normal header info.

This is driving me mad!!!!

Thanks for any and all help....

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I have Outlook 2007 that is used with Exchange. My company has a contact list that is shared between 4 users. I am the owner of the list.

The problem I am having is making this list show up in the 'folder list' for the other users. I can see the contact list in my folder view (I'm guessing b/c I am the creator), but they are unable to see it in their 'folder list' view. Is it possible to make this happen?

Also, we are having trouble syncing this specific contact list with the iphone. Do you have to be the creator of the list to sync with the iphone?

Every user has owner rights and can edit, delete and create any contact card.

Please help! Thank you...

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Hello, i wanted to see if there is a way for two Outlook 2007 clients (non-exchange environment) to have a shared address book or any way to sync their address books together?

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Hi All

Please assist with the below as i am experiencing the same problem as the below last posted thread but this is happening with Outlook 2007, please can anybody with ideas assist:
Hi All -

I have a problem with OL2K3 and a users shared calendars disappearing.


I have a user (userA) that has their personal calendar and then 2 conference room calendars shared. I have shared these with several users with no issues at all except for one person (userB) out of the group will occasionally lose access to these calendars. Everyone else's calendars works correctly but when this user (userB) restarts OL occasionally the conference room calendars are no longer listed in their avail. calendars list. Once the calendars are gone I have to go back through the process of "opening a shared calendar".

A couple of other odd things I have noticed also is that if you look at the shared calendar in the top there is a name describing who's calendar you are looking at. Occasionally this will not be there and it is only with these shared calendars. Also to add to the mix, UserB has other users calendars avail. and has never had a problem with those individuals.

I have ensured that the settings are correct and identical as the other non-problematic users and that everyone is setup the same with all permissions in place. I have shared each individual calendar and i have removed and reinstalled.

I have, I have, I have...I have run out of ideas is what I have... Read more

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Good morning,

I am trying to share an address book on outlook 2007. I have been able to successfully share contacts but I can't find a way to share the address book. When you go on the properties for the shared contact list there is no tab for outlook address book so I can't choose the option 'Show as address book'.

Anyone encountered this before?

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At the college I work for we mostly use Microsoft Outlook 2007 at the moment. We do not use an exchange server, but we do use Oracle Content Services and Oracle Outlook connector. People can share their calendars with others. We recommend going to File > Open > Other User's Folder and searching for their name, and if they have correct permissions, they can view that person's calendar. The problem is that once these calendars are in your Outlook, we don't know how to remove them. If you try to right-click > delete, it wants to delete it from the server and they obviously don't have permissions for that so it denies them.

Is there any way at all to remove these shared calendars from their navigation pane? I mean they can be unchecked but they stay in the list, obviously. We have many users that need to view tons of shared calendars, but when an employee leaves, their calendar is in the list unless we recreate the other user's Outlook profile, forcing them to re-add all the calendars they need.

We have users running on Windows 7 and XP, if it matters.

A:Remove shared calendars in Outlook 2007

OK well I actually figured it out on my own...if anyone cares, I had to select my Shared Folders in the Mail view, which actually showed the calendars that have been added underneath it. Then go to Tools > Shared Folders > Manage and remove them from there.

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Just wondering if any experienced the following and if they found a fix.

I have a client who's had inadvertently added a user to share her Outlook 2007 Calendar (In an Exchange Environment). My client has since removed that user from the Permissions Properties. But, for some reason the Shared symbol still appears on her Calendar Icon.

I confirmed that there were no other user that have permissions to her Calendar. As a test I added and removed a user in having permissions to the Calendar. The Shared Symbol disappeared for a while but returned once we restarted Outlook.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

A:Outlook 2007 Calendar should not show as shared

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I have an issue with the shared contacts in Outlook 2007 through Exchange.
We are 5 people at the office who need to access this list via our Iphones as well as through Outlook. Outlook is not the problem, everyone has this list there. It seemes though like Im the only one to access this list at Groups on my Iphone.

Everyone is has been set as Owner in Permission.

Doesnt Iphone support this?
Is there any other way to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!

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I am trying to share an Outlook 2007 Contacts folder in order to print envelopes from a list of about 500 addresses through Word. When the "sharee" right clicks the folder and selects Properties, there is no tab called "Outlook Address Book," thus making the option to "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" is unavailable. Apparently, there was a work-around for Outlook 2003, but it clearly states that it will not work in Outlook 2007.

I need to have more than one person with the ability to maintain this address book, but certainly not everyone that would see it through the Exchange server as a global folder. Can this shared folder be made available as an e-mail address book, or is my only option a public or global folder? Can the editing capability for the public or global folder be designated, and to more than one user? And restricted to other users?

A:Shared Outlook 2007 Contacts Properties


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I am trying to share my address books over my companies network to allow all staff to access/add/edit as nesscessary. I have shared my local contacts to all collegues, however although they can open the contacts lists in outlook they are unable to select the address book when composing an e-mail.
Could somebody please help with this, or suggest an alternative?

P.S I have tried implementing another GAL however I cannot import my locally saved contacts and would have to input them all manually (2000+ contacts) which would not be very time/cost effective.
Thanks Dan

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Outlook 2007 in the computer of one of the users in my company cannot view or edit a shared calendar. When I try to open the calendar it pops-up an alert that says "You do not have permission to view this calendar"

It doesn't seem to be a rights or permission issue, because when she access using her account information in another computer, she is able to view and edit the calendars. Some of the other computers have Outlook 2007 as well, so I'm wondering if there is a setting or an extra step that I need to configure in Outlook 2007 in order to access those calendars?

A:Outlook 2007 cannot view nor edit a shared calendar.

let me explain:

there r 2 users in ur company : A and B

If A wants share his calender with B then :

1: A needs to grant access to B from his outlook calender. right click on calender- share- calender permissions. Assign the desired permissions

2. Then B needs to ' open' A's calendar in his computer by : right click on 'my calendar' - add calendar - from address book.

Good Luck.

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I have a user who is having an issue with Outlook 2007. The device is on the work domain, which is managed using Group Policy. The drive was imaged from a master image, like every other drive in our nearly 5,000 device network. My point is, this is something localized to the user or her machine.

Anyway, the user has many shared calendars that she views all at once. When viewing them, her preferred and current view is Day/Week/Month. The problem is that she switches constantly between her calendar(s) and email. Sometimes, when she switches to email and then back to calendar (by selecting between the two on the lower left menu), the calendars suddenly change from Day/Week/Month view to All Appointments view. When she changes it back manually, she has to reselect all of the shared calendars that she was viewing. This happens multiple times a day.

I already ran a macro to lock the current view, but the issue persists. Online research got me nowhere, and upgrading to Outlook 2010 is not an option right now.

What am I missing here? She wants the Day/Week/Month view to always stay. Why would it randomly change back to All Appointments view when switching between email and calendars?

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Hi All,

My users are on Outlook 2007 and we connect to an exchange server (2003). The problem we are having is that previously shared calendars are suddenly becoming unavailable. The message that pops up is:

'The set of folders cannot be opened.'

A more detailed message suggests the following:

'This error usually occurs if the OST or PST file you are using is:
> Unavailable
> Protected with file permissions.
> On a share on a server and the network is down.
> Corrupt

To correct this problem, store the OST or PST file on the local computer.

You may also want to run the scanost.exe and scanpst.exe tools to verify file integrity.'

I have tried scanning them and they are fine. When I look at the permissions they are gone. When the user re-shares the calendar it is ok again but often looses the permission after a re-boot (but not always).

Any ideas welcome...

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I am using Outlook Express 6. I have 2 laptops and am connected to my HP Home Server. I would like to store mail on the server so that when I access mail from either computer I see the same mailbox storage.

Is there some way I can accomplish this?


A:Solved: Shared OE mailbox

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I am not very experienced with this, so apologies for any naivety.
The company where I am working using a postfix mail server to deliver mail.  Internally, a small group of staff (about 4 people) wish to use a shared mailbox focused on an area of interest.   A mail account has been set up for this purpose and on request, a simpler and more memorable name for this account has been added, as an alias for the account.
So on the mail server the alias table looks something like:
Alias       Actual mail account name
comm:  [email protected]
So I think there are 2 different approaches for this shared mailbox:
1) I could add this [email protected] account to their Outlook or apple mail client programs, or: 
2) I could change the alias table so that it points to their true email addresses e.g.
Alias       Actual mail account name
comm:  [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
The latter approach sounds better to me, but any advice and insights would be appreciated as this is rather new.
Many thanks!

A:set up of company shared mailbox: best approach

I would ask the end users what they expect out of the shared mailbox in terms of functionality.For example, if the mailbox is meant for outside people to contact the group, then they may want to be able to reply to messages, but have those replies be part of the shared mailbox for tracking purposes (i.e. have the replies show up as part of the original email thread that all can see). Or they may just want it as an easy way to send messages to each other in the group with out having to type in four email addresses.If it is the former, then they may just want it as an actual separate email account/mailbox that they all have access to from their email client...this seems to be your first option. If it is the latter, then something that is just acting as forwarding alias, which sounds like your second option.

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I have a user who through Outlook 2000 is opening 3 mailboxes (Exchange Mode)

She wants to be able to set an out of office message on two of the mailboxes (not her personal one)

Can this be done within the outlook client or only through OWA?
Mike Bedford

A:Out of Office - Shared Mailbox (Exchange)

I personally would choose OWA - why create more confusion with the client? And if the client doesn't work - you'll still have to do it on OWA anyways...

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-7310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7113 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 814 GB (753 GB Free); D: 17 GB (2 GB Free); E: 97 GB (73 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 81F5
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

I have a form that gathers the required information from within the database

I then use this code to send the email

Private Sub Command20_Click()
'sending email
Dim mess_body As String
Dim appOutLook As Outlook.Application
Dim MailOutLook As Outlook.MailItem
Set appOutLook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set MailOutLook = appOutLook.CreateItem(olMailItem)

Set appOutLook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set MailOutLook = appOutLook.CreateItem(olMailItem)
With MailOutLook
.BodyFormat = olFormatHTML
.To = Me.Email_Address
.Subject = Me.Mess_Subject
.HTMLBody = Me.messtxt
If Left(Me.Mail_Attachment_Path, 1) <> "<" Then
.Attachments.Add (Me.Mail_Attachment_Path)
End If
'.DeleteAfterSubmit = True 'This would let Outlook send th note without storing it in your sent bin
End With
'MsgBox MailOutLook.Body
Exit Sub
MsgBox "An error was encountered." & vbCrLf & "The error message is: " & Err.Description
Resume Error_out
End Sub

Everything wor... Read more

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I am running windows xp. I have office 2007 installed locally on my machine. Whenever I open a LOCAL document/word it logs the activity and time in my outlook journal.

However, if I am on a network and I open up a network shared document - it will not log any activity to my outlook journal.

I have a co-worker that is able to have her documents logged to her journal whenever she does any activity on the network

What do I need to do?

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Good Morning Folks,

I am experiencing a bizarre issue with one of our users, items are getting stuck in the outbox of a secondary mailbox which is shared, this issue only happens for this particular mailbox I believe & only for this user.

I have re-installed office 2010, deleted any left over configuration files, deleted any left over ost files & nothing, the only thing I am yet to do is re-image the machine, but I am hoping It does not come to that.

It is a windows 7 professional 64-bit machine.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

A:Shared Mailbox - Items stuck in outbox

Hi AaronAtkinson, welcome to the Forum.

This MS website might help you.


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I have two users sharing one email account from two computers and different versions of MS Office Oultook.

One uses MS Office XP Outlook and the other uses MS Office 2003 Pro Outlook.

Just a day ago some emails arrived in the inbox of the PC with MS Office XP Outlook and did not show in the PC with MS Office 2003 Pro Outlook, wonder why, it has been okay since the day it was setup.

Can anyone help me here?

many thanks in advance.


A:MS Outlook shared email account problem

closing duplicate, respond at http://forums.techguy.org/web-email/766736-shared-ms-outlook-email-account.html

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I have two users sharing one email account from two computers and different versions of MS Office Oultook.

One uses MS Office XP Outlook and the other uses MS Office 2003 Pro Outlook.

Just a day ago some emails arrived in the inbox of the PC with MS Office XP Outlook and did not show in the PC with MS Office 2003 Pro Outlook, wonder why, it has been okay since the day it was setup.

Can anyone help me here?

many thanks in advance.


A:Shared MS Outlook Email Account Problem

closing duplicate, respond at http://forums.techguy.org/web-email/766736-shared-ms-outlook-email-account.html

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I have two users sharing one email account from two computers and different versions of MS Office Oultook.

One uses MS Office XP Outlook and the other uses MS Office 2003 Pro Outlook.

Just a day ago some emails arrived in the inbox of the PC with MS Office XP Outlook and did not show in the PC with MS Office 2003 Pro Outlook, wonder why, it has been okay since the day it was setup.

Can anyone help me here?

many thanks in advance.


A:Shared MS Outlook email account problem

closed your other three threads, please do not post duplicitous threads as that can lead to several people trying the same thing, and nobody getting anything accomplished.



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I'll bet you have not heard this one before. I was attempting to send an email to a potential client. Everything seemed to work well except that it was returned. The problem was that the address was changed somewhere. His name is spelled with a j but somewhere along the line, it was changed to a k and so there was no such person and therefore was returned to me.

#550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound; not found ##rfc822;

What could have happened? This is a new one on me.

A:outlook 2007 changed email address so email was returned


Did you get a message similar with these?

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

Windows Live mail:

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

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Don't see any way to do it. I'm used to Thunderbird which makes configuring easy. What gives, Mr. Gates? (Oh yeah, you're a retired philanthropist now).

A:How to get Outlook to alert me to new email?

Have you looked at the sound properties for 'New Mail Notifiction'

How to change sounds in Windows 7 - Sounds - Change

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message accidentally posted twice

A:Solved: Shared MS Outlook Email account problem

closing duplicate, respond at http://forums.techguy.org/web-email/766736-shared-ms-outlook-email-account.html

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Intermittently, Outlook 2007 will crash while sending an email and, needless to say, the email is not sent. However I wanted to know if there is a temp or backup copy of that mail anywhere. I've looked in drafts and it's not there.

I've sometimes typed a very long email and then lost the whole email when Outlook crashes so I just wanted to know if, like Word, there is a temp file that may be created.


A:Outlook 2007- crash while sending email - where does the email go?

Hi cp, welcome to TSG. Do you have Autosave enabled for Outlook? If not, perhaps this link will help.

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Batten the hatches and be very careful about attachments that fit the description:

http:[email protected]

Clearer instructions and a new fix tool available here:


Also, if your ZoneAlarm is logging a lot more hits, this may be the reason.

A:Outlook>.eml alert! >> [email protected]

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I recently started using Microsoft Outlook email. I have windows xp professional. I have only received the sound and desktop alert for new email a very few times. I have the boxes checked to play a sound and have the desktop alert for new email. I don't think anything has been changed from when it did work (however briefly) to when it now does not. Other sounds on the computer work ok. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


A:Outlook Email Alert For New Mail

What email client do you use? Do you use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail ?? If you use something like Yahoo you need to pay to access your email through Outlook Express. Gmail of course is free.

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I'm using Windows 7/Office 2007. I just installed Office 2007 on a brand new HP Laptop running W7 64bit. When click on a URL in an email, I get the following error message, "MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK. This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This also happened when clicking on an "Unsubscribe" link in a different email. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

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Hey all! I need alittle help. I am trying to move all of my emaill addresses and saved emails from Outlook Express on one computer. To Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on a second computer. I've never had to do this before, but I have to now. Because it's not for me. If you guys and girls can help me out with this it would be awesome. I need to get this don tomorrow. Thank you in advance.


A:Move email addresses from Outlook Express to Outlook 2007

I have Window live mail, but all these MS products work about the same.
Under file go to import export from there it should be self explanatory.
Let me know if you cant find it, Ill help.

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Windows 7/Office 2007. I just installed Office 2007 on a brand new HP Laptop running W7 64bit. When click on a URL in an email, I get the following error message, "MICROSOFT OFFICE OUTLOOK. This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This also happened when clicking on an "Unsubscribe" link in a different email. Can someone please tell me how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Outlook/Office 2007 - cannot launch url in an email in Outlook

Here's the solution: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310049#fixit4me

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This issue just has started. It worked for the 3 years I have owned 20007. I have all the correct boxes checked, I think. The only thing I changed, which coincided with the alerts not working, was added an IMAP account.

Could the adding an IMAP account disable the desktop alert feature?


A:Outlook 2007: No Desktop Alert on new emails after adding IMAP account

First let me clarify. I don't have Outlook 2007. But I do have 2003 on one of my machines.That said, I don't believe that just adding an IMAP account would have an adverse effect on your alert settings unless you somehow inadvertantly disabled the feature during the setup of the account. Again, I'm working with 2003, but in my main navigation menu, under Tools, I have a category for Rules and Alerts. This includes an interface for setting up the various rules for your email alerts. I'd start there and make sure all of your preferences are still set up correctly.Hope this helps,Bill

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I am using Windows 98 and Qutlook Express. Is there an upgrade for Outlook Express that will allow me to get an on screen signal alerting me that I have an email waiting?

A:Email alert upgrade for Outlook Express

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