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No option for scaling with ATI catalyst control center

Q: No option for scaling with ATI catalyst control center

I just got rid of Win8 and installed Win7 Ult on my HP H1818 pc. I can open up the vision Engine Control Center, but have no options to scale my display.
The video card is an AMD 6450. I have tried the 13.8 and the non beta driver.
It was there in Win 8. I use this PC as a media center and it is hooked up to my Samsung led TV. The overscan is killing me, I cant see the egdes of the screen to max/min windows. ETC.

I have completely uninstalled all AMD graphic driver and Catalyst Control Center and reinstalled with the same results.
The computer is hooked up with HDMI to receiver to TV input. THis worked fine with Win8.


Preferred Solution: No option for scaling with ATI catalyst control center

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: No option for scaling with ATI catalyst control center

85 views and no one has any suggestions.??

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I had installed AMD ATI driver version 14.4., which worked just fine, but when I saw a new version of 14.9. I decided to install it, and the problems started.
When I wanted to install 14.9. there was no other option to install but just AMD Catalyst Install Manager.
I decided to install 14.4. version back, but this time in 14.4. version were no other options than AMD Catalyst Install Manager aswell.
I tried everything! I unistalled completly AMD drivers, completly unistalled Intel drivers, did several times everything, and because nothing worked, I reinstalled windows thinking this has to solve all problems.
But nothing was solved. I still have problems AMD ATI driver (no matter which version) shows me just AMD Catalyst Install Manager option to install.
Any advice?


A:No option to install Catalyst Control Center

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... What is the Model Number of your Laptop ? ....

Does your Laptop have Duel Graphics ? .... A lot of Hp Laptops come with Graphics and Chipset Driver rolled into one ...

It might be best to get your Driver from the Manufactures Website ....

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I have read quite a few threads talking about this both here and elsewhere and none of them seem to give me any advice that both applies to my specific situation and resolves the issue.

I am using an XFX 5770 card with a dual monitor setup and would like to be able to run theater mode l did in the past on my old system with a 4650 card (XP installed on the old system).

The two monitors are the same that I used on the old system when the theater mode worked as are the cables (HDMI to a 52" Samsung and DVI adaptor to VGA cable for a small regular monitor). Since the cabling and the monitors are the same as they had been when it was working on the other system I ruled them out the cause of the trouble.

I have tried the 10.6 and 10.5 CCC versions and nothing seems to work.

Here is a screen grab of what the CCC looks like for me without the theater mode option:

Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/j8snip6j

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

A:ATI Catalyst Control Center (CCC) not displaying "Theater Mode" option

Welcome to Seven Forums fru. I don't have CCC so can't really help. All I found mentions having 2 monitors and theater mode only working with Overlay, and also certain media players. Bumping this hoping someone can help.

A Guy

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When I got this laptop I had Catalyst Control Center when I right clicked the desktop, but when I installed a new driver it changed to AMD VISION Control Center. I didn't really notice anything different other than that.

Is it suppose to change like that, did I download the wrong one or have the wrong one in the start? I did the automatic scan and manually put the information in but they gave the same results.

A:AMD VISION Control Center / Catalyst Control Center = Same Thing?

That's their new name for CCC. They probably had to change it because CCC was associated with ATI.

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Decided to update my GPU driver ATI mobility radeon 550v ( version 8.692 ) and the ATI CCC 10.1 to the latest 11.2 and the GPU driver. GPU driver can be installed and uninstalled with no prob... the prob was with the ATI CCC 10.1 . Did not uninstall this and went str8 to the new installation update. GPU driver updated succcessfully but the ATI CCC was without 3D options and others etc. Left with Display Center and Power Supply option. Nth else was there... did the uninstalling from the ATI CCC installer but was not successful. "No Files were detected for the removal"

Did the Control Panel thing and was not successful. Click on Uninstall/Change mouse showed loading icon after that nth happens, Run CCleaner in safe mode and still the same issue. Unable to remove it with CCleaner nor CTRL Panel nor CCC installer. Did try to manually delete files and folders for ATI Technologies on C:Programs Filex86/ATI Technologies. Prompted " ...program being used by another person or program..."

begin another test, install the same 10.1 CCC downloaded from ATI official site so that i can uninstall it again, nothing appears to be installed in that folder. it was like blank installation. No error message... installation log all were successful. Tried to uninstall after that .. no can do... had been trying for 2 days.. really appreciate some help here.

A:GPU Control Center issue (ATI Catalyst Control Center ) NEED HELP!!!!

see here on how to completely scrub out old drivers..
TweakGuides.com - ATI Catalyst Tweak Guide

don't forget to run a registry cleaner to remove all old "stubs" etc..

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I have a new Toshiba that came preloaded with a lot of stuff that I will never use.

The Catalyst Control Center is one of them. I tried uninstalling it using the built in uninstall program and during the uninstall it apperared that my pc went into safe mode without a restart. Is that possible?

After the uninstall and the required reboot it still looked like I was in safe mode-enlarged icons and kind of fuzzy. I probably should have just shutdown and restarted but did a system restore and everything came back to normal.

Just wondering if I should try again with a shutdown and restart after uninstall as I can't see me ever using this program.

From what I can understand it gives me a greater control of the graphics end of my pc.

A:Catalyst Control Center

Uninstalling the Catalyst Control Center probably uninstalled the video drivers. If the uninstall doesn't have an options section to allow you to specify which components to uninstall (Usually given a choice of Express or Custom (Un)Install), you'll need to re-install just the video drivers after uninstalling the Catalyst Control Center. If the Toshiba web site doesn't have a download for just the drivers without the Catalyst Control Center, you should be able to get the driver from the ATI web site.



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Since I reformatted my hard drive this has given me an issue. When I reboot I get a message that states there is a problem with it and it looks for a solution. So I uninstalled it. Is it something that I should have??


A:? About Catalyst Control Center

I don't use the control centre. Load everything except that & don't miss it at all. As long as the driver is installed you should be alright. If your system is booting OK now & you don't use the CC then leave it uninstalled. Easiest way.

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I am looking for the catalyst control center software for my IBM Thinkpad T43. I had it for XP but cant find it now for windows 7. Anyone know where I can find the software? I want to connect my laptop to my TV.


A:catalyst control center help

Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Infomation.Under Components look for your Display, should be an ATI product as they have a Catalyst Control Center. Levono has the Vista driver.But you may have to go to ATI to get Windows 7 driver which should include the Control Center.Make sure you get the right driver

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My computer is working but I lost a lot of pictures and documents. I keep getting a message ?Catalyst control center host application has stopped working?. Does anyone know what this is and what it does? I had a Trojan virus and took my computer back just 3 days to when I got the virus. I lost all my pictures and most of my documents. Now I keep getting this message box. I don't even know what it does. I goggled it but it was over my head. If you can help I would appreciate it. Thanks

A:Catalyst control center

CCC got installed along with your nVidia video driver, but it doesn't have to be running as a startup.
If you wish, you can reinstall it. If not, you can simply disable it as a startup and the error shouldn't be bothering you anymore.

However, since your computer got infected, I suggest, you create new topic in "Am I Infected?" forum, since using system restore will NOT remove any infection.

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Hello, I am having issues with my computer. My computer is a windows xp 32-bit.

When ever I try to open Catalyst Control Center, it says "Catalyst Control Centre: Command Line Interface has encountered a problem and needs to close." This happens every time and I cannot fix it. Please message me back as soon as possible. Thanks.

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ok so catalyst control center is acting up big time. i cant open the program at all. i dont even get a tray icon. at first every time i tried to open it id get the error message "Host application stopped working" and now ive reinstalled it after completely uninstalling and i get this error message "Could not load file or assembly 'CLI.Implementation' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified." i dont know what to do. someone help please?

A:Catalyst control center help please!

What did you use to re install CCC?
This link will detect your Hardware and install the latest version of CCC and drivers based on your computer specs.
AMD Driver Autodetect

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I managed to install CCC, but I can't open it. I'm trying to enable crossfire on my cards, but when I click the tile (or click teh option in the right-click shell), it acts like it's going to do something, then nothing happens.

Any way I can get it to run? Trying to run it as admin or in compatibility doesn't do anything, by the way.

A:Catalyst Control Center

Try waiting a bit after loading it.

I had the same issue the first time I installed latest CCC on DP, tried to access it and it appeared to not be loading. I just waited awhile and it loaded, and now each time I access CCC it loads pretty much instantly.

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Everytime I try to install programs,the installshield wizard pops up and goes right the ATI Catalyst Control Center install screen. The programs I am trying to install are not related to ATI Catalyst Control Center. I even uninstalled ATI Catalyst Control Center and tried installing the other programs again but the ATI Catalyst Control Center install menu came up.

Got any ideas why??

A:ATI Catalyst Control Center

What program or driver are you trying to install?

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When my computer boots up i get a error message from ATI Catalyst control center i belive it was something with the host... the next time it pops up ill either get a screen shot or try to write it down ... the message pops up for a bit and it thinks and goes away.

i just got rid of the google redirect virus and i noticed this error soon after i got the virus

A:ATI Catalyst Control center

Try using the Windows 7 Snipping Tool. Much quicker and easier than using the PrtSc key and then opening it in Paint etc.

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ATI Catalyst Control CenterI'll be using a Radeon HD 2600XT video card.Is the Catalyst Control Center worth installing, or not?Advantages?Disadvantages?Just can't decide whether I should install it, or not.It's a pretty big download (21.0MB) for something I won't need, or make use of.

A:Ati Catalyst Control Center

I had it and never had a need for it so I uninstalled it. Note: I'm not a gamer. I have noticed posts from time to time about problems with it, but none first-hand

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Hello everyone. I upgrayded my old video card (ATI) to an Nvidia 9800GTX/9800GTX+. I installed new drivers. Now, when I start my pc, I get a message pop-up saying "your video card is not supported by the Catalyst Control Center." Can I safely remove CCC from the "add or remove programs" in the control panel? I read in a past thread that doing this crashed someone's hard drive. I just upgrayded my hard drive as well, so crashing it would make me cry at this point. Any help would be great, thank you.

A:Catalyst Control Center

Hello ezrasmith2,
Boot in to safe mode and use this tool to remove all your ATI drivers and CCC.

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from Guru3D.com

Reboot and you should be good to go.
Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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hello. I'm using windows Xp sp3, I have an older agp graphics card ati radeon 9550. I installed it mainly for the s-video. However when I try to install the control center driver i get a "not winlogin verified" error. I'm not sure whats stopping it from installing cause at ati it said it was windows xp compatible any reason for this.
I need the control center to clone video to tv.

A:catalyst control center

ATI Catalyst 10.2 is the most current version listed for the ATI Radeon 9550.

If I remember correctly though, version 6.5 is the highest version that will install for Windows XP and for that video card.

You also need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or newer installed in order to install ATI drivers.


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I installed Gygabtyes HD Radeon 4650 1 gig AGP 8x card. I installed the drivers from the disc and the CCC also. However, I can't seem to get the CCC application to open. Any suggestions?

A:Catalyst Control Center

What have you tried? Can you be a little bit more specific? There are a lot of ways to open a program.

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Hello, I am having issues with my computer. My computer is a windows xp 32-bit.

When ever I try to open Catalyst Control Center, it says "Catalyst Control Centre: Command Line Interface has encountered a problem and needs to close." This happens every time and I cannot fix it. Please message me back as soon as possible. Thanks.

A:Catalyst Control Center

What is the model # of your video card?
Go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs, find CCC and Uninstall it, restart the computer. If you have a driver CD, put that in and reinstall it
or Go to the AMD drivers site Download Drivers have it detect your card or manually search for your card and download the latest driver. If your card is several years old, download the Legacy driver. BTW, you do not need to download the whole CCC suite, you just need the video driver.

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I installed the newest version because my card (5770) is doing that auto-scaling thing they like to do, leaving black bars along all borders. It's easy to fix by just adjusting it in CCC, but when I open CCC there are no available settings for displays.

Any idea what's up?

A:Catalyst Control Center

I have the same problem. Installing version 11.12 worked for me...
Previous Catalyst 64 bit
Previous Catalyst 32 bit

Click the link for your arch.

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A:Catalyst control center

please stop shouting!

the first and easiest route to take is to uninstall then reinstall your graphics card/chip drivers , but before we can tell you how to do that we need to know your system specs , or at the very least the make and model of your pc

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In my CCC for my GPU, for some reason the extended display window control is greyed out. It is set, checked to allow spanning across display and maximize to full desktop but they are all greyed out and I cant change it. How to fix this?

A:Catalyst Control Center

Do you have a second monitor plugged in?


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Ok, I bought my computer (HP DV7 2043cl) with a Raedon HD 4650, and CCC was running when I got it. I was deployed to afghanistan and when I got back had a failing HDD, so I replaced it with 1 TB western digital.

I thought I installed all the correct drivers, but upon getting a bsod, realized this wasnt the case...

then I noticed the ATI CCC wont open up properly. looked online for hours, with different directions all leading to no anvil. using driver sweeper, and rebooting into safemode, uninstalling and reinstalling the manager. everytime I try and open it up, it says "Catalyst Pro COntrol Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using CPCC"


I dont think I will ever buy another product with ATI/AMD ever again as I have spent way too much time messing with this.

thank you for any help
I greatly appreciate it.

A:ATI Catalyst Pro Control Center

Calm down. Thanks for your service in Afghanistan, I've had the same issue or at least a similar issue. Give this a try.

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Why is there no update option in the CCC for either the gpu driver or the CCC itself or have I just over looked it?

A:ATI Catalyst control center

i usually download updates directly from the website.. http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx

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hello i can use some help ... i'm trying to get Catalyst Control Center program to run but it will not open.
i tryed compatibility windows 7 and vista and still no go. i'm using windows 8
(6.2.7989.0.amd64fre.winmain.110421-1825). i need to get the program open cause the temps on my card is getting up to 60c. so i want to rise the fan speed. the card is the radeon xfx hd 6870.


A:please help with Catalyst Control Center

If you can't get CCC to work, and only need it for the fan control. You could try MSI Afterburner, and just use the fan control function.

MSI Afterburner

A Guy

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Whenever I click on the button for catalyst control center, instead of opening up, this message pops up..... "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."

That might be the oddest error message I've ever seen. Any ideas? Could it be why EQ2 crashes on my computer occasionally?

Windows xp
Athlon 3.2

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I downloaded a driver for my Radeon HD 4800 on my 64 bit Win7 Optiplex 745 computer to run a program. after downloading it, the program ran slowly, so I decided to get the CCC and overdrive my graphics card. I don't know what the CCC did, (I was unsuccesful at overdriving) but now my computer does a heat-shutdown, where the screen turns black or a pattern of colors, and becomes unresponsive. it has nothing to do with overheating, and even though I did a system restore for getting rid of the CCC because it would die berfore I couldn uninstall didn't help.

So now, I have an over-sensitive Graphics card, and a broken computer. Any help would be nice.


A:Catalyst Control Center Sabotage

Did you use the auto-tune function? At best it's useless, at worst it's dangerous. I had a play with it and it and pushed my core GPU clock from to 625mhz to 755mhz which it considered 'safe'

Your best bet would be to boot into safe mode, uninstall the drivers from within device manager and then run driversweeper to clean all ATI entries/drivers. Driversweeper must be 'run as admin'

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

Reboot normally and then re-install the Catalyst 9.6 drivers.

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Well, I'm a very basic computer user who accidentally removed ATI Catalyst Control Center from my Windows Vista. I think I manage to reinstall it but when I turned the computer on again the screen looked different. The letters are smaller, everything on the screen is more "grainy" and the whole screen seems more strechted than before. It's not so "eye-friendly" to look at anyomre. I've tried changing some things on the control panel but I'm not quite sure if this is something I should change on the computer itself or in the ATI program. I have a basic computer, on the ATI it says I have a "basic VGA-screencard" and then on "set desktop area to" it says 1024 x 768. I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem. Can anyone help me - does anybody understand my problem? Do I need to reinstall something online or is it just some simple maneuver I don't know about? I hope someone can help a computer-rookie like me!

A:Problem with ATI Catalyst Control Center

I would have to guess that it says standard vga adapter.
That means the video card driver is not installed.
You may have only reinstalled catalyst and not the driver,
or you have the wrong driver for your card.
You can get the proper driver and control center here...
Uninstall the old one before installing.

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hi i have a problem.when i installed ati driver on vista 64bit and restarted it gives this messege "CLI.Implementation problem" i have the newest driver of ati (catalyst 7.7) but i cant solve this problem please help me.

A:ati catalyst control center problem

Hi sercan17m,

I installed mine without the Control Center in the custom install option without any problems.

You may also try uninstalling it completely in Program and Features, then try installing it.


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Hi people.

I've just installed windows 7 RTM, 32-bit on my Asus, with an ATI Radeon HD 3470 graphics card.
The driver for it is installed and working I think, but I can't seem to get the Catalyst Control Center to work..

I've installed the ATI Catalyst? 9.7 Suite for Windows 7 (32-bit) from here Drivers & Tools | GAME.AMD.COM Everything seems to go well with the installation, it even says, installation completed, but the catalyst center isn't anywhere to be found.
When I go to the folder ..programfiles/ati technologies the folder is just empty. In programs & features ATI install manager is installed.

Can anybody tell me what's wrong? I cant get the CCC to appear at all.. Thanks, Arthur

A:ATI Catalyst Control Center Wont Appear...

It is possible that you downloaded the Drivers Only package and not the Catalyst Suite.

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I am having issues with ATI CCC. I am using Vista Enterprise X64. I have an ATIFireGL V7700 video card with two monitors attached. Primary (Dell 2408 WFP, 1920x1200) Secondary (Dell 2007 FP, 1600x1200).

Whenever the system sleeps, rests and I have unlock to get back into the system only the primary display activates and resolution changes to 1600x1200.

I have the latest drivers and ATI CCC.

any ideas??


A:ATI Catalyst Control Center Problems

Hello dadscads,
First things first, are you using the latest drivers for your card ?, go here to check, Graphics Drivers & Software , and update as necessary, give it a go and post your reults. Good luck.

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HI i recently posted about my Control center and windows 7. The problems still there but i found something out. as i did a fresh install of windows 7 my video driver was wiped. I installed CCC thinking that the driver came with it like ATI said but that did not work. I am back to the standard vga adapter. then my Control Center started working... but i cant use it cuz i did not have the driver installed. WTF man??? So i got another ATI driver from the website and then installed it. but it went back to the error code B3X64. WOT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

A:ATI Catalyst Control Center prob again

Hello nostaw5,
I think you need to start again.
Use this free app to remove all remnants of the previous driver.

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup) download from Guru3D.com

Boot into safe mode and remove old driver, reboot and install the new driver.

You need to download the complete driver package from ATI. (Option one).

Graphics Drivers & Software

If you cant get the driver you want, go to the Manufacturers site and download direct from there.

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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I am using a Sony Vaio Laptop with AMD Radeon 7570 series and Intel HD4000 Graphic cards. However, it seems like the intel has become my primary graphic cards. May I know how to switch it to the AMD? I searched for some tutorials on youtube, but then I found out that my AMD control center settings cannot be opened (see spoiler for the warning pop up). Any kind soul out there. Thanks.
Spoiler: Dev. Manager

Spoiler: Right Click Options

Spoiler: Control Center Warning


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Have a new HP PC with a Radeon HD 4650 Graphics card.
64 Bit OS, MS Home Premium.
6 GB memory.
Not sure what kind of on board memory my Radeon Card came with

Had all sorts of error msg's concerning Windows Explorer needing to shut down, with Windows7 re-fixing itself, and then working for another hour or so, when the error msg's would start again.

The only thing I could correlate it with was my attempts to download the ATI/AMD
Catalyst Control Center. I could not do the install, as it would not install.
Some of it may have, though ?

And, like most stories like this, I probably changed other things also in trying to find the cause of the Windows Explorer needing to shut down messages, so am not 100% sure it was due to the ATI Catalyst Control Center or not.

But, I did remove every trace of it I could find, and things seem to be happy now.

Still, I would like to use it.

Was wondering about any experiences you folks have had with the ATI Catalyst Control Center ? Works for you, problems installing or using, caveats, experiences, etc. ?

Thanks, and Happy Holidays,

A:ATI Catalyst Control Center: Experience With ?

Seems to be working for me. I used driver sweeper to remove my Nvidia drivers, then installed the ATI
drivers. I did have to install from the folder that the drivers extracted to, but otherwise my 5750 and
control centre run great.

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I am using a Dell Studio 1555 which came with Vista x86, but I have upgraded it to have a Windows 7 Ultimate x86.

Now, I have been using it for last 8 months, which've been great. My studio has an inbuilt mobility ATI Radeon 4570 graphics processor card with 512MB memory. Now all video operations function fine. However I WANT TO INCREASE THE DIGITAL VIBRANCE OF MY LAPTOP SCREEN. Cannot do that without opening some utility like - Catalyst Control center available by AMD.

I noticed it got installed with the latest drivers I got from amd.com, but the catalyst control center doesn't open. I tried following icons from Programs menu
- CCC Advanced
- CCC Wizard
- Restart Runtime

NOTHING HAPPENS.. shows the progress drum for one complete second and Nothing...!!

I visited Programs & Features section in control panel many times but it never lists ATI drivers or Catalyst control center listed,
Only has a ATI Install Manager as a program in the list of all softwares in the system. I don't understand why it never lists Ati drivers in that list?

Then I noticed this blog http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/248020-33-catalyst-control-center-problem

IF you notice the bottom most post by some 'tommmm111', I did that too... manually removed registry keys related to ATI and ATI technologies, under User profiles and softwares both trees... and also deleted those directories from ProgramData/Files. Then re-installed

It does everything cleanly, updates ... Read more

A:Catalyst Control Center 10.8 not opening

Hi -

Re-run DirectX Kernel Diagnostics - bottom-center of screen, "save all.." - save as text file. Attach to next post and I'll take a look.
START | type dxdiag

Regards. . .



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I just installed a Radeon X1300, and reformatted my hard drive to remove a crippling virus. I got everything reinstalled and running, installed the .Net Framework 2.0, and the Catalyst drivers. But when I try to enter the Control Center, I get this:

"Could not load file or assembly 'CLI.Implementation, Version=2.0.2589.34531, Culture=Neutral, PublicKeyToken=90ba9c70f846762e' or one of it's dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

I swear this machine is against me at times...

A:ATI Catalyst Control Center Error

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Hi folks...

Since moving to Win-7 I've only been using the ATI graphics driver.

My video card is a lowly ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT, nothing fancy but suits my needs perfectly well. I don't play games on this PC, it functions as a multi-track audio recorder + Audio mastering and CD/DVD burner.

Do I have anything to gain using the CCC?
I've been sticking with a single monitor while testing Win-7 but would like to add my second monitor, I'm presuming CCC would be required to configure the second monitor.



A:Benefits of Catalyst Control Center?

Since you dont play games, I dont see much point in it unless you need to control groups of monitors.

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ok, so i decided to install Catalyst Control Centre so that i could manage my graphics card better.

i went to ATI's site, went to Catalyst Control Centre, select my OS (windows vista) then the system bit (32 bit) then my card type (integrated/motherboard) and finally the name of my graphics card (Radeon Xpress 200m).

i select to install drivers and the control centre. It installed, i rebooted my computer and right clicked my desktop and ..... wth.......... no icon. i gave my computer 10 mins and still no icon on right click, start menu and task bar. so i went to C:\program files and to the folder where it installed, and the folder was empty! i have tried 3 times to install it, but it's not doing anything but it say's it is!

I can't view the install log for some reason it just dont come up!

Please help!

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I removed my old ATI Catalyst control center to install the new version (7.9).
I am using Windows Vista Ultimate, and have a Radeon HD 2600 on a Toshiba duel core computer.

I downloaded the newest ATI CCC, the file is 7-9_vista32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_52447.exe.
I have extracted it, and the installer will pop up. However it won't install the control center.
It will only install the Catalyst Install Manager. I tried installing with the indivdual device drivers and control center separately, with the same result.

When I try to install and choose the "custom" option, it presents a list of "component selection". The only things in the list are:
ATI Catalyst Install Manager
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
Free Games Offer, Desktop Shortcut
Catalyst Registration
Free Games Offer, STEAM
There is no "Catalyst Control Center" option listed. I can't get the control center or the device drivers to install.
This is driving me insane, any help?


A:Can't install ATI Catalyst control center

You MUST install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable before it'll allow you to install the Catalyst Control Center.

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I am having lots of problems with this ati driver. It keeps hanging and the computer never shuts off. I was wondering if I really need it. I am not a game player, so could I just delete it? To tell you the truth I don't remember installing it at all... so I don't have a clue how it got here.... I would appreciate any suggestions. Also, if it is ok to uninstall, what is the best way to do it? from the uninstall programs? will all the components be deleted, or do I have to do something else? thank you very much.

A:ATI Catalyst Control Center hanging

Catalyst Control Center affects more than just games, but you do not need CCC installed. You can just use the display driver.

Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM

* Select Display Driver Only

To uninstall CCC (and the video driver) go to add/remove programs and uninstall "ATI Catalyst Install manger".

Once removed (it may require a reboot) simply install the display drivers only.

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Sorry, if this is in the wrong section. I'm very new to these forums.
Okay, my problem is this...
I cannot open the Catalyst Control Center!
I was able to open it a little while ago! I system restored and I uninstalled and reinstalled CCC! Still nothing happens. When i right click on my desktop, i hit the tab that says Catalyst Control Center. When i click it, my cursor flickers like it goes to the loading cursor then goes back about 3-4 times. I did not install any viruses. I have McAfee security center.

Specs :
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz
Ati Radeon HD 5450
Dell Studio XPS 8100

Please help!

A:Cant Open CCC (Catalyst Control Center)

Make sure that McAfee isn't blocking it.

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So I wanted to install newest version of catalyst control center and it would install it but nothing would change. I formatted my laptop and still it wont install the newest version of ccc. I downloaded a driver from toshibas site it would install that but it seems like an old version (2010.0315.1050.17562).

This are my computers specs: windows 7, 6 gig dd3 ram, Intel core-i5-430m 2.260 MHz, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650


A:Catalyst Control Center won't install


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HI i recently downloaded Catalyst control center (CCC) for windows 7 x64.

But everytime i launch it it says control center host problem

problem error: BeX64
i have tryed previous CCC's but they all do the same thing. they are all x64.

any help would be great... i dont want to go back to vista... and i need it for my games.


A:ATI Catalyst Control Center and WINDOWS &

Take look here:

Latest ATI Catalyst Driver for Windows 7 - Windows 7 Forums

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How can I get rid of this message:The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your AMD graphics driver, or enable your AMD adapter using the displays manager.

A:Catalyst Control Center is not supported

You can either uninstall CCC or update your video card drivers (if available) to a version that works with CCC.

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I have tried several times to install AMD Catalyst Control Center on my HP Probook 4540s. I could not do it.Installer starts to install the CCC, but it suddenly stops and says the installing has finished successfully. When I check the log file, there is not any warning or error messages in it. I googled this problem. There are some solutions on this site and others. They say these are useful to solve the problem. But these solutions could not solve my problem.For example, I uninstalled all graphic drivers and tried to reinstall these in the given order.  Again, CCC could not be installed. It seems to be but it did not.It is getting really annoying, because the games and other programs which use GPU (OpenCL etc.) can not detect AMD video card.Please help me to solve it, I will be very grateful. Thanks!

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I'm wondering would I get better performance (with the games I play) if I installed catalyst control center and used Overdrive ? (I have read about it but never used it) I have some games now from Big Fish and I do get stalls and jumps some times, any help / advice on catalyst control center and its use appreciated

A:Catalyst Control Center Question

I still have a MSI version of the 4830, it overclocked fairly well....did it make any difference....not really...

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