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Broken laptop screen, monitor, uninstalled drivers

Q: Broken laptop screen, monitor, uninstalled drivers

My laptop screen was smashed but the laptop still works.

So I started using a monitor attached to it with an HDMI cable.

I was facing problems with my display driver because it would cause some games to just crash.

Looked up fixes and found one that said to uninstall the drivers. I uninstalled my AMD and Intel display drivers.

Now the monitor won't display anything

Is there a way to fix this? I'm now basically working blind.

Preferred Solution: Broken laptop screen, monitor, uninstalled drivers

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Broken laptop screen, monitor, uninstalled drivers

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A disclaimer before I proceed. Im not the best with computers or computer terms.
I have a Samsung laptop (not sure of the model), and the screen broke months ago. Since then I've been using an external monitor without any issues until today. When I start up my laptop I can never see anything displayed on the external monitor until the log in screen. The monitor will always go into hibernation mode until the log in screen.

However, today it's taking longer to start up and I cant see what's going on. At first I thought windows was performing a disk scan but i waited over an hour! So that must not be the issue. I want to find a way to display what is happening on the external monitor if possible. I have been endlessly searching all day online for help. I would really appreciate any help/advice.

Thank you!

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I hooked up my broken screen toshiba XP laptop to a external monitor with a VGA. I removed the laptop screen driver, and installed the new monitors drivers and was able to change the resloution to reasonable size. It worked great, for a day. Now the screen only shows the windows start up logo and then turns black. I know the computer is still running because i can still log into my accont when I guess the right buttons. HOW CAN I MAKE THIS WORK? thanks much.

A:Broken screen laptop hooked up to external monitor help

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hi, i have jut installed windows 7 ultimate n 32bit, the problem i have is that i cant get my laptop to display on an external monitor - i need to do this as the screen on my laptop is damaged beyond repair - the startup process does, but after i get 'no signal'

now, when i re-installed xp a week ago, i had the same problem but managed to solve it by pressing F8 and choosing enable vga mode before xp loaded.
i tried to do the same with wndows 7 by choosing the low resolution option, however this doesnt work, i get the initial 'windows is starting' screen then 'no signal'

ive also tried pressing Fn + F5 once windows has loaded.

the laptop is an acer travelmate 4233, any help will be appreciated

A:laptop screen broken, external monitor 'no signal'

Kinda begs the question on why you would want to upgrade a broken laptop...does the screen stay black? Does the welcome music play? Asking because Windows might be hanging up during boot....

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I cannot figure out how to do this. I have a Lenovo Y510P upgraded to windows 10 pro. The HDMI is connected to an external TV HDMI. I have tried to hit the function key with the external monitor key, but nothing happens. I do not know what else to do. Any suggestions???

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I am puzzling! I am really not a computery person - but dropped my Acer laptp on the floor, and broke the screen - so bought a dell monitor, plugged it in, and it works - but only in SAFE mode. I have tried the Fn F5 or F6 keys, and that doesnt work. When I do that it just freezes to the screensave on my laptop (a lovely picture of my cat!!) however wont let me use any keys or anything.

I dont know much about drivers or anything... I am just completely baffled, and really have no idea what to do now! When I went to windows help, it talked about setting the external monitor, but it couldnt detect a second monitor (even though I am clearly using it RIGHT now in safe mode!!)

Please can someone help me - in simple terms?



A:Broken laptop screen - only detects external monitor safe mode!?

Hi Mazz,

The 'external display' does not seem to be supporting the 'graphic drivers'. Please follow these steps:
- Boot to 'Windows' in 'Safe Mode'
- Access 'Device Manager' and expand the category 'Display Adapters' > Right click and uninstall the 'Video Drivers' > Follow through with the uninstall process > Restart the unit
- Click Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook, Ultrabook / Aspire / Aspire 5332 to 'Download and Install' the appropriate 'Display driver' for your unit
Note: Please filter search results by selecting the 'Operating System' installed in the unit. You may also want to check the system configuration in detail; it comes with an optional 'AMD' graphics adapter. Uninstall and Re-install the driver that is applicable to your system.

Hope this helps.

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I was trying to update my display drivers, but then I must have clicked something wrong, because Windows made a noise(disconnection), and now my display won't do anything. Keep in mind that this is a laptop, and everything else is working (sound, keyboard, trackpad,etc).I'm not able to open it, and although I have an extra monitor, I can't seem to find a VGA cable to connect it to my laptop.

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I'm an old-time user of NetMon and a few commercial Wi-Fi network analyzers. Because commercial analyzers are expensive and because NetMon comes with far better parsers than any of them, my colleagues and I would really love to use NetMon, but there is a
huge heap of technical problems with Wi-Fi network monitoring using NetMon. I hope someone from Microsoft could shed some light on this situation.
Problem #1.  MSDN describes monitor mode (DOT11_OPERATION_MODE_NETWORK_MONITOR) in great detail, but there are simply no correct implementations of it in Windows drivers. About 95% of all modern Wi-Fi adapters are based on the chipsets by four vendors:
Intel, Broadcom, Atheros, and Ralink. Wi-Fi adapters come with drivers supplied by these chipset vendors or, sometimes, with rebranded drivers by adapter vendors (e.g. D-Link drivers fully based on Ralink ones). Despite the fact that they are almost always
WHQL-certified, monitor mode is broken to some extent in all of them. For example, Ralink drivers always report the same signal level (-50 dBm) and don't report correct CRC values. Broadcom drivers don't work with 5 GHz channels in monitor mode. In Intel drivers,
monitor mode is completely broken since version 14 of their drivers. If you need a proof of that, just look at some technical notes on Wi-Fi monitoring by commercial Wi-Fi sniffer vendors, for example this one:
http://www.tamos.com/products/commwifi/technotes.php . And these are just a few problems; the... Read more

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How do I get a monitor plugged in to the laptop to work when the laptop monitor is broken? Have tried changing from BIOS but video options and not available. Help!

A:Laptop Monitor Broken

There is a key combination like Fn + F3, Fn + F5, Fn + F8, or Fn + F9 used to switch between the laptop and the external monitor, you will need to consult your owner's manual or go to their wed site to get this information. If you can't find it post back here with the make and model of your laptop and we will see if we can help find it.

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I have a toshiba satellite a215-s4757 with vista and recently the monitor stopped working. At first it would blink and glitch, but now it is only capable of staying on for ~5 seconds.

I got an external monitor after I had tried it out and it works (I am using the computer right now). However, when I start up my computer, it will attempt to use to laptop monitor 2-3 times though the start up process. During those times, I have to hit FN+F5 quickly to switch to the external or else it will remain on the laptop monitor for ~5 seconds and then die. I don't know what happens when it dies. It does not seem to shut off completely because the power is on, but I cannot switch the monitors and when this happened the first time, my music stopped playing (suggesting not just the monitor went off?).

So my question is should I disable my laptop monitor through the control panel display stuff?

I'm assuming a couple of scenarios from this:
1. It works fine and the external monitor is the only thing being 'used' by my computer.
2. It disables the laptop monitor but still tries to use it during start up, at which point I can't see when to press FN+F5 and I can't get it to work.

But if I don't disable it:
3. It works okay for now but eventually the screen fully breaks and it still tries to use the laptop monitor during start up, basically the same situation as #2.
4. It continues to work okay but not great and I have to FN+F5 any time I start it up.
... Read more

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I recently bought a Sager NP6852, but after a few weeks of use, the monitor stopped working. I tried messing with it a bit but the only thing that works is pushing the center of the monitor right in between the hinges. However, after I release it, it turns back off. Anyone have an idea what might be wrong with this?

A:Broken Laptop Monitor

Among other things, it could be a problem with the cables from the motherboard to the LCD panel, a bad backlight assembly in the LCD panel, or a bad connection in the LCD panel's internal drive electronics.

If you recently purchased it (within 1 year) new, it should be covered by Sager's warranty.

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My mother-in-law cracked her laptop monitor. The have another laptop and a desktop. How can they access the files, she desperately needs them for work?

A:laptop monitor broken

What kind of laptop is it? It's can be difficult at times but the hard drive does come out. You can install it into a 2.5" enclosure, plug it in via usb and use as an external hard drive.

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hello, i am currently using my new laptop because my old one's screen is broken and i am unable to get it working on a monitor. my new and old laptops are both running windows XP.

can someone please give me some advise on how to get my old one working on a monitor?

A:Screen broken and won't run on a monitor

What is the make and model of the laptop? Depending on your model, you can use the function keys to toggle between the 2 displays.

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I've been having some troubles with my monitor lately. First, a black line started appearing in the middle of the screen. Then the bottom half started flickering white. Then one of the buttons kept toggling on it's own. AND NOW the bottom half of my screen is messed up... I don't know how to describe it... It's black but not 100%. It's a shade of black but it changes depending on the colors displayed.

Example: This page is white and blue, my bottom half is black,dark-greyish blue. And the colors are in a shape of vertical lines. Kinda like these 3 images combined:



I have a friend who is a computer technician. I sent him the monitor a while back to fix the black line and button. He said he only managed to figure out the black line... something about a loose LED wire.
I also looked up on google about the button, someone said it might be dust or metallic particles on the circuit board. But i doubt my friend missed that while he was fixing it. (i managed to temp. fix it by jamming a poker card in the button to keep it "on" :/ )
My only big issue at the moment is the black screen.

A:My monitor screen is broken

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HI Friends,
I have a HP 17" laptop, the monitor is broken. Is there any way to connect a 20 " staples monitor to it a temperary solution untill i can get it fixed.


A:I have a HP 17" laptop, the monitor is broken.

Yes, you should have a VGA out put on the laptop - looks like this http://www.ucd.ie/t4cms/vga_laptop.jpg connect a VGA cable to the same type of plug which will be on the monitor

Now you need to switch the output to the VGA output - this is done by using the FN key and one of the F keys - varies by machine, look for a picture of a screen on the key - But HP often F4 or F5
FN key + F4 Key
FN key + F4 Key

Now it each time you use this combination you will get one of the following toggled, not necessarily in this order
<Laptop screen only><Laptop screen and VGA output><VGA output only>

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I have a HP Pavilion laptop with a 180 degree turning monitor and touch screen. The laptop shuts off 1 second after turning it on. I would like to use the monitor as an extended display for my current PC also and HP Pavilion Desktop. I connected my video card (Nvidia 440 GT, It has 1 DVI [used for my current screen] 1 VGA [which i want to use for the laptop] and 1 HDMI) I connected my video card to the laptop using a VGA cable and the buttons around the monitor light up. The screen is NOT detected by Windows(7) but i can choose to connect to the screen anyway by clicking on the multiple displays and choosing to connect using VGA anyway. Basically i can connect to the laptop monitor but am not able to see anything on it, my coputer acts as if it had an extended display. My Question is if i can use this laptop display as an extended display fo my desktop.

A:Use broken laptop as external monitor?

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My brother smashed my laptop and broke the monitor/display form the laptop base (the keyboard and all the hardware). I can turn on the broken laptop just fine but I have no monitor to use it with. I got a new working laptop. Can I transfer the files from my old broken laptop to my new laptop? I can not afford to fix my old laptop back.

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Hey, I accidentally stepped on my laptop earlier (long story) and when I turned it back on, I see that I clearly broke some of the LCD units (or whatever they're called) in the monitor. Everything else seems to be working fine, but I have an opaque black "smudge" on the bottom/center of my screen. I know that these can usually be fixed relatively easily with a screen replacement etc. BUT I need to keep this machine in my possession, in working order for the next week. I have to take the New York bar exam on it and it has been registered with the exam people who don't have much of a sense of humor about random things like this happening. So anyway, here are my questions:

1. If I can get my hands on a laptop screen tomorrow morning, and assuming that I can find someone capable of fixing it (and willing to do a rush job), how long does it take to replace a laptop screen? A couple of hours? A couple of days?

2. Assuming that I *can't* make this happen between now and Friday, do I run any risk of this getting worse in the next week? The absolute worst case scenario for me is that I rely on this computer and then it craps out at the last second. When an LCD breaks, is there a risk of it "spreading" or the monitor completely failing or something? I need this machine to take the most important test of my life next week, and if I have to do it while working around a smudge, I can do it, but I don't want to be surprised by a completely blank or... Read more

A:Broken Liquid Crystal on Laptop Monitor

Yes, it can get worse - that's why its called Liquid Crystal - it will get air bubbles, turn rainbow shades, get all wonky - yes yes yes.

As for the fix, normally it would take an hour of your time if you know what you're doing, and depending on the model. In most, it takes these 4 steps...

1 - Pry off the plate at the top of the keyboard (usually where the power button is). This should also remove the hinge covers, exposing the bolts that hold the screen to the bottom.

2 - Unplug the monitor from the base - this may also involve removing the keyboard, if the cable runs under it.

3 - Unbolt the hinge bolts.

4 - Reverse this order to put the new screen on.


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Im doing this for my Dad, so i have absolutely no idea how to describe the problem but i figured this place was my best shot as google is giving me no results on my query.
There appears to be no monitor drivers installed on the pc... and its running from the bare minimum settings. I think the refresh rate is set at a low low low setting, because lets say, if i move a window by dragging it across the screen, its all choppy, doesnt move smoothly at all... sort of like it jumps every half a second until i stop moving my mouse, then stops. The same with when i'm scrolling in internet explorer... smooth scrolling doesnt exsist! lol

I figured it was a driver problem seeing as there wasnt one installed. So i found the disk with the drivers on, and followed the instructions, which were as follows:
"Right Click" the mouse anywhere on the "BLANK" area on the desktop and click on PROPERTIES.
Click the SETTINGS tab and then click ADVANCED.
Click the MONITOR tab and then click PROPERTIES.
On the HARDWARE UPDATE WIZARD, select Install from a list of specific location (ADVANCED) then click Next.
On the following window, click on HAVE DISK.
Type “D:\ENGLISH\DRIVERS” (Where “D” is the drive letter of your CD ROM Drive) on INSTALL FROM DISK window then click on OK.
Highli... Read more

A:Solved: Can't install monitor drivers for AOC flat screen monitor

Additional monitor drivers are usual not needed. What do you have for a video adapter and are those drivers installed? Right click on My Computer choose Properties/Hardware/Device Manager. What information is listed under Video Adapters?
Also what are your screen resolution and refresh settings?

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I have a laptop that's a little over three years old and just a few days ago it decided to bleed purple "ink" down from the top of the screen toward the middle of the laptop monitor. It doesn't effect the monitor's performance (I'm actually still using this laptop right now). First, what the heck is this "ink" and, second, is there anything I can do to fix it?

A:Broken Laptop Monitor...Bleeding purple??? (two questions)

UPDATE: So about a week after this happened my laptop stopped working all together... working from a new one now.

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Hi guys,

I just ran into an issue with my computer. It might just be my fairly old monitor finally giving up, but I wanted to make sure.

Basically, my problem is the following:
I turned my computer on today, everything on that side was normal (light and sounds an so on) but I had a black screen. I know that a signal is getting through to the monitor because the power light changes color when a signal comes in. I get an occasional flicker of what's supposed to be on screen, but only for maybe half a second after I plug in the monitors cable.
I tried all types of "re-cabling", nothing's worked so far.

Is this just my monitor being done or is this possibly something to do with my graphics card?
The monitor is an Iiyama ProLite E2001WSV and I'm running Windows 7.

Hoping you guys can help me, thanks in advance!

A:Black screen - broken monitor or bigger issue?

Test the monitor on another computer. That will determine if you have a monitor or PC issue.

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Hello, I have a laptop which has a broken screen. I have it working on an external monitor, but since I switched to using Lubuntu it has been booting into dual monitor mode, making it so I cannot access the toolbar. So it is pretty useless to me. Is there any way that I can work around this? Even shutting the lid when starting it causes it to boot into dual monitor mode, unless I am just a lot slower than I think I am(which is a possibility). Any help would be much appreciated.

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i have a compaq presario 2500 and the monitor is almost completely blank, there is a little display. what are my options as to what is happening, can i fix it myself, or should i take it to someone. can i access an instructon booklet on the web somehow for insructions for fixing or just troubleshooting?

A:my monitor screen is not broken, but a slight display is coming out, help...

what kind of monitor is it?

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Hello, I have a sort of strange problem with starting my Win7 PC. Strange in so far that when googling it, nobody else seems to have experienced this. While the PC seems to boot normally, it takes some ten minutes until the screen turns on. By then the Windows login screen is there, or I can also type the password and hit enter while the screen is still black, and find myself on the desktop as soon as there is a picture. From then on the PC works flawlessly. I can also turn the monitor off and on again and it works immediately. From other threads of people having similar but not identic problems, here are some solutions I've tried without success already

-Updating graphics card driver
-Unplugging internet cable and USB drives during boot during boot

Does somebody have a clue what else it could be?

Greetings, Mike

A:Black Screen on startup: Monitor or windows broken?

Try this, while the machine is booted up and the monitor is working, turn off the monitor and leave it off for about 15 or 20 minutes. Then turn it back on and see what happens.

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I sometimes used an old Dell Laptop just for my own enjoyment and it would run Windows 7. Then all of a sudden the Laptop stopped working. Whenever I tried to boot it up the screen/monitor wouldn't turn on and it would make a beeping sound. I decided to throw the laptop out because it wasn't useful anymore, but I would really want to know what the problem actually was. Also, since I've had the computer for quite sometime I suppose it was about time I had thrown it out.. 

A:Laptop not working. Monitor broken? Makes weird noises..

The beeps might have meaning.  What is the model of the Dell laptop?  And what is the pattern of the beeping sound?

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Hello there if your reading this thread,
Recently I got my old laptop out of my loft and it had a broken screen but working perfectly before. Today I tried to connecting it to a external monitor via hdmi and it didn't work and I tried vga as well and it didn't work. I wanted it by HDMi because it's high definition, I need some help trying to connect it to the monitor. I tried connecting it to other monitors however it still didn't work. This is the first time I attempt to connect this laptop to a monitor. The model name is Satellite C50D-B-120. If you have any solution to this please comment what i should do next or contact me via Skype matinadams123

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I broke the glass on my laptop. Where can I get a new glass? Monitor works and I'm not able to bring it to service for a few weeks. I want to install the glass myself.

Thank you for some info

A:Portege Z30T-A-10X Broken glass on the screen, LCD monitor works

I can understand your wish to fix this alone but problem is that you cannot obtain such parts as easily as you think. All we can say here is: use Google and god luck.

By the way: without maintenance manuals and exact step-by-step instructions it could be pretty risky ?operation?.

I don't know where do you live and where you are at the moment but repair in any European country should not be problematic for you.

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Hello there if your reading this thread,
Recently I got my old laptop out of my loft and it had a broken screen but working perfectly before. Today I tried to connecting it to a external monitor via hdmi and it didn't work and I tried vga as well and it didn't work. I wanted it by HDMi because it's high definition, I need some help trying to connect it to the monitor. I tried connecting it to other monitors however it still didn't work. This is the first time I attempt to connect this laptop to a monitor. The model name is Satellite C50D-B-120.
If you have a solution please comment it here or (I'm sorry to waste your time) contact me on Skype : matinadams123

thanks for reading,

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My Laptop,s (HP dv4-t 1600) running on Windows 7 64bit screen is broken. Doesn't display anything. I connected secondary display/screen, but it doesnt display anything. Doesn't auto detect. What do I do? Please suggest.


A:Laptop screen broken - how to boot from secondary screen?

Try pressing fn + f4

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I used a Samsung NP300E5A-A02UB laptop for over a year through an external monitor, ever since the screen broke on it. Never had any problems with it besides that. Until one day I, not thinking about it, shut down my PC through holding down the power button, because it was being too slow, couldn't even shut it down normally. But little did I know, doing that would make sure I can't use it again, as far as I can tell. Because I shut it down using the power button, I'm assuming the screen came up, the one either to repair or tell me the pc shut down incorrectly, or bios, or whatever it is. But since my external monitor doesn't turn on until after my pc is signing in, it won't turn on. Normally it would just kick on automatically when signing in. So I'm completely blind to what I'm doing and can't get my monitor on. Literally all I need is a sneak peak at it to get it to turn on all the way, but I don't know how. I've tried a few things already, that I've found online, but never though to ask about it til now.

I've tried doing the little closing and then quickly opening up the laptop screen to fool the pc into turning it on.

I've tried manually unplugging my screen, in hopes it would use my external as a primary instead.

I've pressed the appropriate F key, or combination keys to turn it on.

Possibly other things, but I forget, it's been a little while.

All of these with no luck.

Literally all I may... Read more

A:Connecting Broken Laptop Screen to Alternate Screen

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Hi Guys, hoping one of you can help with this.
My girlfriends had a laptop for a couple of years and the screen backed up a while back which then lead to a seperate monitor but now it's given up completely.

I'm trying to figure out a way i can access her laptop through my PC but taking into account i can't view/action anything from the laptop.
Any ideas?!

A:Need to Link Laptop to PC but Laptop screen is broken!!

My girlfriends had a laptop for a couple of years ...Click to expand...

You have two or more girlfriends and they shared a laptop and the only thing broken is the screen? Amazing!

If it was setup to allow Window's Remote Desktop or some similar third party remote access, you can use that. Otherwise, I think repairs or another laptop are called for.

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Ok Im not sure where to start really but if anyone could help me i would be very greatful

i dropped my laptop ( ACER Aspire 5633WLMi, Aspire 5630 ) and now the screen is broken, half of it has gone black and cracked and im not sure how to fix this.
any advice / tips etc anyone?

Many Thanks,
Blue x


A:Broken Laptop Screen - Please Help!

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i have been given an old AST win 98 laptop, the thing is the screen is very dodgy, sometimes you can see what is happening, sometimes you can only see the top part, it is just very fuzzy and malfunctioning.

is there any way to replace the screen, and how much would it cost???

thanks in advance...

A:broken laptop screen


This site claims to specialize in AST monitors, and they do sell them. SO if you van find your laptop madel you can replace the screen.

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Hello, I've had my laptop for about 3 months now and a crack has appeared on the top left corner of my screen. I didn't drop it and kept it in good condition to find one day with a big crack. The screen has even gone completely whiteand i have to restart just to use. This is my go to for homework so I'm very concerned. Reading this thread seems to indicate a harware error. Can someone help me please I love the computer but this is a problem. I really care about this computer and i csnt use it with the screen like this. Is there any way i can replace the screen. Help me.


View Solution.

A:Broken HP Laptop Screen help

Well it is probably the single most common laptop screen being made. It is a 1366 x 768 15.6 inch LED Brightview panel HP Part number 689690-001 Video instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKeisMQHmZo You just need a small Phillips screwdriver, and a flat spatula type device to pry off plastic covers without marring. Here is the screen on U.S. eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/689690-001-NEW-HP-2000-2d19WM-LED-WXGA-HD-Glossy-Laptop-15-6-LCD-Screen-/360853608454?pt=US_Laptop_Screens_LCD_Panels&hash=item54048d1806 http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-COMPAQ-689690-001-REPLACEMENT-LAPTOP-15-6-LCD-LED-Display-Screen-/131156654108?pt=US_Laptop_Screens_LCD_Panels&hash=item1e898bb81c $55.49 shipped on the low end. if this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.      

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An animal in my household must have stepped on the screem to my laptop, cause now it is visibly damaged. Im looking into getting a new screen for my Dell. Any advice where?

A:Broken laptop Screen

Seems your having a run of bad luck arent you, first your cable box is dead and now an animal has smashed your laptop screen, seems that 2009 isnt going to be a good year for you...

Ebay is a good place to get screens however and they arent usually to hard to fit.

Take my advice and get rid of the animal, they are cheaper to replace than a laptop screen

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I have a Acer Aspire. The screen has been cracked and I'm running it in safe mode through an old computer monitor. I have been told by someone that I can disable the laptops screen and boot up normal after that. Any help on this?

A:Broken laptop screen

hi they may mean the fn key=F6and F5

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I own an ideapad 100s. My laptop has broken before, but this time, I couldn?t fix it. I use the F9 key which makes the screen dark but not shut the computer down. You can slightly see the screen still, but it saves a lot of battery. This feature is really useful when I need to do something else while still keeping the laptop on. However, now this function is on forever! When I tried to boot up my laptop, I noticed there was just a black screen at first. I kept restarting the laptop, but I realized that the laptop was functioning, but the screen was just really dark like in F9 mode. I can sign in and do everything I wanted to do, so the laptop was still funcional. I can even go on settings to change the brightness, but it didn?t do anything. All the keys seemed to be working, so I doubt that the F9 key just broke and I can?t get the screen back to normal. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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We had finally gotten a computer (laptop) last week (which husband had to fix first ) to be able to do some work for someone. Just got it up & running 2days ago and while at a friend's, someone stood it up next to a chair, and it fell over & actually broke the screen (looks kinda like you swiped the screen with a few different colored paintbrushes)! Due to a wildfire in August, we are very short on money so we will probably have to try to find a screen on craigslist or something. My question is Is there ANY other models that are apt to have the same screen or that can be easily used? If so, which ones are apt to be compatible or, if you don't know, how can I find out???
HP 2000-239dx
Thank you very much for any/all help!

P. S. Hopefully this was the best subforum to put this in. If not, either let me know or feel free to move it for me. Thanks

A:Broken Laptop Screen

A Google search for 2000-239dx LCD will turn up a number of pages of companies selling the screens and also people selling them on e-Bay. You could choose to buy from one of those sources. Some of the found pages may list other HP models that use the same screen.

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I have a nice laptop with a broken LCD screen. I would like to continue using it as a desktop connected to a regular monitor, but I cannot figure out how to configure it to use the monitor as the primary display because it boots to the now missing LCD. I could configure it were the LCD working, but it isn't. Can anyone suggest a workaround? It is running Windows XP SP3 and I can see the "Windows XP" boot screen for a few moments at startup

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


A:Laptop w/broken LCD Screen

Most laptops have a set of keys to press to enable the external monitor output. Usually it's FN at the bottom of the keyboard and one of the top F# keys - look at the pics on the keys for the right key or check the manual.

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I have an old Dell Inspirion laptop with a broken screen. I have irreplaceable files on it that I want to save. When I hook it to a monitor the monitor doesn't detect it and goes into sleep mode. It's too old to connect it to my tv via hdmi cord, and I don't have an s-video cord. Is there an app that I can use with my android tablet as a proxy via usb cord? If not, is there anything else I can do?

A:App for broken laptop screen.

sounds like the video card is broken, as the monitor does not work
You wil l need someone to take the harddrive out and use it in a USB Caddy or connect to another PC to get the data off

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Hi, I just made one of the clumiest mistake in my life. I recently dropped my 4 year old Dell Inspiron 15r onto the floor and now the screen is cracked, inside I think. I can turn it on but, I can't make out anything. What do I do? Is it cheaper to get a new laptop or get it fixed? If so any cheap, reliable places i could get it fixed? I'm not a really diy or tech savvy kind of person...please help.

A:Broken Laptop Screen

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Okay so i went to pick up my laptop and i grabbed it by the screen and my screen messed up. It looks like i have a air bubble under the screen. while my laptop is on about 90% of my sreen has a white spot with color lines running threw it.When it is shut off the mark looks like a deep black spot. The laptop is a compaq presario v5000. please if you know any way i might be able to fix it let me. thank you.

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So I was using my laptop which I have had for a few years, and I closed it. When I came back there was a giant white mark with a jagged black line next to it and a bunch of multicolored lines. My laptop still works fine but this takes up a big chunk of the screen and I need to get rid of it. Please tell me how to fix and whether I can at home and what my options are for repair. Thank you.

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My laptop screen has just broken.
I have attached a picture of it.
Will this be a inverter or a screen problem/replacement needed?

A:Laptop Screen Broken. Inverter or Screen?

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Hi there. My baby threw a mug on my HP Laptop screen and it has gone blank since then. Probably broken. I want to ask how or where I can go fix it or replace it in Leeds, United Kingdom or let me know if I can order a replacement online . Thanks. 

A:How do I replace broken HP Laptop screen

Help us help you. What model laptop is it? We can certainly find the screen online likely for much less than you fear it will be and youtube has very good instructional videos for replacing just about any laptop screen. On most models it is not too hard to do, with some exceptions.  http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00033108

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I aquired an Aspire 4720Z laptop that the screen had been stepped on. I removed the screen (smashed on mid right side), but before removing (and after), I connected it to 2 different monitors--nothing appeared on either-black, power LED just blinks on/off although the computer sounds like it's working, lights come on, hear the drive , etc. I tried Fn +F8 and all other suggestions I could find, nothing. The laptop screen shows zero, not faded, nothing.Vusually, the inverter looks OK, no signs of anything else. Any suggestions as what to check/how to check while i have the screen off, what's next? --failure with the other 2 monitors bothers me.

A:broken laptop screen advice

When you hit the Fn+F8, did you wait a few seconds, then hit the combination again?

Make sure there isn't a small pin poking through near the hinge area above the keyboard that may be stuck (from being stepped on). This pin activates a switch when the lid is closed. (Some systems use a different method.) If there is a pin, be sure it works freely, is not stuck.

If the system was closed when the LCD was stepped on, it could have suffered damage under the keyboard, the video section of the motherboard, perhaps.

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