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When video driver isn't installed question!

Q: When video driver isn't installed question!

When the video driver isn't installed, does the cpu takes this task(video) ? I mean, the video ship wont heat up because it isn't being use.

Preferred Solution: When video driver isn't installed question!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: When video driver isn't installed question!

Hi ... You must be using the Standard VGA as no Driver is Installed ... It would be best to Install the Driver have you tried the HP Website ? ...

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The system is using the generic video driver. Please install video driver provided by the hardware manufacturer.
To test DirectDraw functionality, click the "Test DirectDraw" button above.
Direct3D functionality not available. You should verify that the driver is a final version from the hardware manufacturer.

A:how do I get a video driver installed ?

What is the make and model of your computer?

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Can not install the video driver Windows 10*64 from the site. Id: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9834&SUBSYS_2194103C  and  PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_666F&SUBSYS_2194103C.

A:HP-15 d000sr not installed the video driver

Hi: if the one on your notebook's support page isn't working for you, try the one directly from AMD. You want the first driver listed on the webpage. http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/apu?os=Windows%2010%20-%2064

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hello, ho can u switch form an installed videocard to an on-motherboard video card? help plz

A:question on switching installed video card and thse form an on-motherboard video card

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I have the most recent build of Vista and I want to try it out. I installed it on my PC and everything works fine, until I try to install the drivers for my video card. I have a X1900XT PCI-E card. I am using the offical catylst drivers from ATi for Vista. WHen I install the drivers the computer boots and runs in what seems like a normal fashion except EXTREMELY slow. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi all,

I recently installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on my HP dv9000 laptop and everything is good except my display. I have searched and searched and cant seem to find something that matches up with my symptoms. Ive tried installing the nvidia drivers multiple times from multiple "suppliers" and nothing works.

Basically, i can get the driver to install correctly but I am still limited to the 1024 x 768 resolution. Nvidia control panel works and everything but still cant change the resolution. I installed the driver using "compatibility mode" in vista x64 and ran as administrator and it still doesnt work. I cannot find a windows 7 driver for my nvidia geforce go 6150 so i used the vista version.

Any help is greatly appreciated and if you need any other info please let me know!


A:Video Driver installed but limited resolutions??

The latest drivers that I see for the Go 6150 are at the Microsoft Update Catalog:

Microsoft Update Catalog

(version 179.67, dated March 6, 2009). You may have trouble with getting them to install if HP gave your adapter a custom device ID. (That's all too common.)

I don't know whether they'll help, even if they install correctly. If it was a desktop system, I'd suggest getting the proper monitor .inf file, but I've not seen any for notebooks.

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I did something stupid. I installed a video driver and after I rebooted, I have no video. How do I uninstall the "bad" driver now? How can I get back my video? CAn I put another card in and get it to run. The on-board video slot is broken. It is a PCI slot and I have the NVidia MX 4000 graphic card. HELP!!!!!

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OK i installed windows 7 last night then installed all my drivers for the computer and bad thing is my video driver was only for XP not windows 7

Problem. Vista 7 boots with no screen just the mouse and sound. im in darkness for that


There is a vista one online which i can download.
I do has asscess to my windows xp pro (duel booting)
I have 3 pations (1 backup 1 xp pro and 1 win 7)
I have the bootable dvd for win 7 that has CMD on it which is good.

Can anyone help me on how to uninstall the video driver
I know that there is the slow way to reinstall win 7 but thats my last option.

Thanks is advance.

P.S. I dont know much on vista so make sure you name all them files in window 7 if you concider me using CMD to solve this problem

also safemode doesnt help lol. basicly the same thing

A:[SOLVED] Need help!!!-installed the wrong video driver

bump please

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Hello all,
As subject I upgraded my system with Windows 10 for this DELL laptop (i7 - F8C4K42).
After the installation I have found a problem related to the video driver, basically the ATI is not working as expectation  also if I use "configure switchable graphic" to force the ATI to work, this option seems not switching the video card.

I thought it was a problem related to the drivers so I downloaded a latest version of them (below the version used at that time)AMD Radeon R7 M270 Graphics Driverv15.200.1040.0 (A01) June 25, 2015Unfortunately I couldn't installed due an unexpected issue. (below the log of it)

[08/07/15 22:38:14]    Update Package Execution Started[08/07/15 22:38:14]    Original command line: "D:\Driver Dell\Video Driver Dell I7_F8C4K42\Video_DriverATIjuly_2D1DC_WN32_15.200.1040.0_A01.EXE" [08/07/15 22:38:14]    DUP Framework EXE Version:[08/07/15 22:38:14]    DUP Release: 2D1DCA01[08/07/15 22:38:14]    Intializing framework...[08/07/15 22:38:16]    logo.png[08/07/15 22:38:21]    User Command: attended[08/07/15 22:38:21]    DUP Capabilities Value: 39845887 (0x25FFFFF)[08/07/15 22:38:21]    DUP Vendor Software Version: 15.200.1040.0[08/07/15 22:38:21]    Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes[08/07/15 22:38:21]    Local System OS Version: 10.0.0.... Read more

A:Video Driver cannot be installed after windows 10 upgrade

Hi Daniele0786,
I encountered the problem myself today, as choosing the INSTALL option will lead to a failure like you, and choosing EXTRACT option will result in nothing extracted. So I think the procedure of the .EXE file is not working propably. I tried this SOLUTION and it worked well for me. You have to extract the .EXE manually, using 7-Zip. 
1. Download and install 7-Zip from http://www.7-zip.org/2. Open 7-Zip and browse to the folder containing the exe.3. Right click on the exe file and click "Open Inside".4. Double click a folder inside if needed to get to the files.5. Select the files you need by clicking on them while holding down the ctrl key.6. Right click on the selected files and click "Copy To".7. Type a path or click on the "..." button to browse for a folder.8. Click Ok.
Remember to extract each driver to one folder and name it so you won't mistake one for another. The content of the .EXE (the driver) should be extracted completely, then you can choose the Setup file(it is the file with "Application" type) to manual install it. Done!
Hope this works for you.

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Hi Y`aLL ! Ya like i said dll. newest video driver from ATi home site .Installed correctly +working proper. Except after playing my first person shooter game.I`ll shutdown game in normal exit sequence ,game shutdown+then i get a black screen! Everything is frozen except for white mouse arrow+ it dissappears when moved? System INFO- Amd2400XP ,Ati 9200 Radeon Vid card,98se,IE6 ,Via chipset . With previous Video driver there was no problem any kind. Please help or hints would be great ! Thanks in advance Dean

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gigabyte ep35-ds3 Motherboard
Intel Dual Core 2Duo 2.87GHz Processor
AMD Radeon HD 6670 Video Card
2 Gb RAM

Couple of days ago my screen suddenly went black when I was working on some AutoCAD software. When I tried to reboot/shutdown/removing power cable, every time after I saw the windows 8 loading logo, screen went black before reaching login screen.

Eventually, after I formatted my PC, deleted all the partitions, erased all the data that was left, I installed Windows 7 with SP1. Then updated it with windows update, installed chipset updated drivers, audio drivers and then drivers for the video card from their website.

I also installed .net Framework 4.0 as a prerequisite for a latest Catalyst 13.4 suite.
After reboot I can log into windows, see desktop, open folders, change screen resolution, even ran DXDiag and it was fine. But when I tried to open any program (IE, Media Player and so on) the screen went black again and didnít respond even to Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
It also went black when I tried to open "System" from control panel. One of the programs that didn't make my screen go black was a notepad (comforting).
If I don't install a video driver from AMD website and leave the original Standard VGA Graphics Adapter from Windows, everything works fine (except from the ability to use a graphics card properly of course).

Any suggestions what could be wrong and what should I do?

A:Screen goes black after a video card driver installed

I would tend to think you have some failing hardware. First of all when you install the video driver, it draws more pw than when using a standard ms driver. Check your voltages ie 12V, 5V and 3.3V values and post those here for review. You can access this info in the bios under hardware OR since it is a gigabyte board, you can install easytune [I am not sure if easytune will work with just the standard ms video driver]

Next the p35 intel chipset was released in 07 so that makes this mb approx 6yrs old. I would get a bright light and give the board a VERY close inspection. Look for any leaking capacitors. If you find any that look like the pics below, you have found your problem.

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Hi  I have a problem to install the video controller driver on nx6110 and I have an error to open Kodi  unable to creat GUI. existing when I check the device Manager I find a triangle on the video controller not installed and I have tried many links without success.Can anybody know what is the issue ?Thanks

A:Video controller driver not installed for Compaq nx6110 run...

It is Intel 915/GMA 900 video which has a problem with Windows 7. You can try this Vista driver and it should work, but you may have to install in compatibility mode or force install it: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?swItemId=ob_47264_1

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I built a new Solidworks workstation with the following components:

CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H ATX LGA1155 Motherboard
Memory: Crucial Ballistix 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory
Storage: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5" Solid State Disk
Video Card: ATI FirePro V4900 1GB Video Card
Power Supply: Sparkle 600W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1 (OEM) (64-bit)
I assembled everything and installed Windows 7 Professional 64. I installed the LAN/USB/etc. drivers from Gigabyte's website and rebooted. I downloaded an ISV certified video driver from AMD's website that was optimized for Solidworks 2014 (driver version 9.003.3). I installed the driver and rebooted, and after the POST and "Loading Windows" screen only got a black screen. I am able to boot into safe mode, but when trying to boot into normal Windows I only get a black screen.

I figured the video driver was to blame, so I downloaded the standard FirePro driver version 13.152.4. I deleted the display from device manager and successfully rebooted into normal Windows. I installed the new driver, rebooted and still get a black screen.

I then turned off the computer, pulled the video card, and successfully booted into normal Windows with onboard video.
What could be causing this issue? What can I do to try to further diagnose the problem? Thank you so much in advance.

A:Black screen once video card driver is installed

I would return the video card and get a replacement. You tried the default drivers and it comes up with a black screen. Something is wrong with the card.

Or you could stick with the driver that Windows found for you when you removed the driver and rebooted. ( without any downloaded drivers )

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The disk on my wife?s Dell Inspiron 2200 crashed, so I bought a new one, installed it, reloaded Windows and backed up data. Everything went well with one exception, described as follows:

There were apparently a number of devices whose drivers were not contained on the Windows recovery CD?s provided by Dell. These devices showed up with a yellow question mark in the Device Manager. I went to the Dell website for this computer and found device drivers for all the devices except for the following:

The last two devices with yellow question marks were described in Device Manager as:
Video Controller
Video Controller (VGA compatible)

The Dell website for this computer is: http://support.dell.com/support/dow...mID=INSPIRON 2200&os=WW1&osl=en&catid=&impid=

On this webpage, there was only ONE device driver listed under the Video category. This was R128346.exe. After I installed this driver, the only device remaining with a yellow question mark was ?Video Controller?.

What driver do I use for this remaining device, described in Device Manager as ?Video Controller?? As I just mentioned, I already loaded R128346.exe, the only video device driver listed. Should I run R128346 again? Would running R128346 a second time damage the installation in some way if it was NOT needed? Is there some other video driver that this website has omitted?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

A:Need video controller device driver but I already installed R128346.exe ??

Remove the existing R128346.exe driver in the device manager and restart the laptop. Then try reinstalling the video driver (R128346.exe) Do you have normal sound?

Please post your location in your user profile. We already have your computer specs

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I have a problem with my video controller driver after i reinstalled my windows xp, can you please help me find for it?
Below is my system information, thanks in advance.

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer INTELR
System Model AWRDACPI
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~2400 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 6/30/2010

A:[SOLVED] video controller vga compatible driver not installed code 28

Is it a prebuilt or a custom computer?
First attempt, go to Device Manager
Check in Device Manager :
- Open Start Menu, and type Device Manager.
- When found, open it.
- Check to see if there is any yellow exclamation marks there, specifically for Video devices. If not, right-click on the device, and choose Update Driver, and see if Windows Update finds a driver.

If it doesn't work, next step :
Download 3DP Chip
Then, run it, and see if it detects the graphics driver. If it does, click on it. It'll link to a download. Try to install the linked drivers.

If it doesn't work, then post back.

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I have a Latitude E7470 and have connected a U2715H display to it. I am using HDMI cable as connection.
Recently I upgraded the video driver to latest from Dell site. And I noticed that the Dell U2715H display started blanking out and going in and out of power save.
I reverted to the older driver which never gave any of this trouble. I then disconnected the U2715 and tried the upgrade again, then a reboot. And then it works. But only for a while.
Typically twice a day the blanking and flashing power save starts. I have to disconnect the display. Power it off for a few minutes and power on and reconnect.
This is getting annoying.
I looked this up on Dell site and only symptom was with DP which I am not using. I am using HDMI.
I'm not sure if this is a laptop driver issue or a display firmware issue.
Anyone else had this strange behaviour on HDMI.

A:external U2715H blanking after new video driver installed HDMI

Lap tops rarely if ever need driver updates. Revert to the original driver. The update might be for later versions of your model. Check the details for the newer driver. If it ain?t broke.......

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This is my first post. I wiped my drive and reinstalled Vista from the Installation CD. My computer is now not recognizing my video card and will not allow me to install the driver for it, it says there is no compatable hardware.

Video Card - ZOTAC GeForce 9800 GT

System is- 32 Bit Vista fresh from install cd

The Video card is not recognized by the Device Manager, or Game Booster. If I try to install the driver from the NVIDEA website - during setup it gets an error and says there is no hardware. I believe it is running on the software that is in the motherboard as I am able to get basic video - but if i run a game like hearts it tells me there is no hardware acceleration.

The tv is plugged into the video card that the CPU is not registering. That is a little bit why I am confused lol. Please let me know what i can to do to fix this issue. Thank you,


A:Wiped HDD/ Clean installed Vista from CD - Video Card and Driver will not work

Hello.. you are not trying a Beta driver are you. ? If so.. just get latest one that is not Beta and retry . Post back results please .

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The newest Intel Video Driver that Lenovo Companion has made available ( has an issue ive found that wasnt present in the previous one, and is not present in a newer version ( installed automatically through Windows 10 after uninstalling the driver through "Add or remove programs". The bug is that certian (maybe all?) OpenGL applications seem slightly zoomed in. I tested this with Genymotion VM's, after the install of the new driver they all seemed to run as if the window border diddnt exist, clipping the edges of what is shown in the window (much more noticable at the top due to the title bar). Ive restored from backups and manually installed that driver from Lenovos driver download page for this system and the same issue occures. While its possible its an incompatibility with that software, it is not present in the newer drivers (this "new" driver is actually alwready old) so it might be worth pushing a newer driver.

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I have a Dell M7710 running Windows 10.  The machine has an Nvidia Quadro M5000M GPU.  I use it primarily for Photoshop.  I'm trying to update my driver.  The Nvidia site shows 377.11-quadro-grid-desktop-notebook-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe as the driver recommended for Photoshop on Windows 10 64-bit.  The Dell site provides two driver downloads: Video_ISV_Driver_33M6J_WN32_21.21.13.7586_A01.EXE and nVIDIA-Quadro-K-and-M-series_Graphics-Driver_G1Mt4_WIN_22.21.13.8266_A00.EXE.  Assuming that A01 and A00 are BIOS versions, my BIOS is 1.14.4, 7/28/2017.
Any thoughts on which driver to install?

A:Video driver question

A00 and A01 are not BIOS versions.  Dell just uses that nomenclature for tracking releases of a given entity, such as a driver for a particular device.  They do ALSO use that nomenclature for BIOS releases, although that seems to be going away on newer systems in favor of typical decimal releases, e.g. 1.2.5.In terms of which type of driver to use, ISV drivers are typically tested to a higher standard and/or tuned to work with certain applications, so for the applications they are built for, they can be faster and/or more stable.  That's obviously useful if you use those applications, and in fact some ISVs require you to use ISV drivers to get support from them, but all that extra testing and tuning means that they aren't always the most current release, and therefore for OTHER applications, you might be better served by being on the LATEST drivers rather than the latest ISV drivers.  I don't know if Photoshop is an ISV-optimized application.  I think it might only be for things like CAD, animation, modeling, etc.  But the NVIDIA site might tell you.
In terms of Dell vs NVIDIA as sources you can get regular and ISV drivers from both sources.  I tend to prefer NVIDIA because Dell can take a while to make updated drivers available on their site.  Theoretically Dell tests new drivers on their hardware before releasing them, but I don't know how extensive that is -- and of course at some point they stop bothering to post new... Read more

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I have a friends computer (Toshiba M35X- Satelite)
Anyhow it was very reluctant to run XP. When I finally got it to run in safe mode I did a system restore and it ran again (temporarily).

I defragmented the disc. I also looked to see the drivers installed. They all seemed to be working fine with no question marks.

I am afraid to turn the computer off so I just put it on sleep mode.

Everything is working fine. But I did notice on the Display in Device Settings has 2 of the exact same drivers listed.

I double checked the Device Settings on my Dell and there is only one Display driver?

So I am wondering if the conflicting drivers for the same Video Card are creating Windows XP to BlueScreen and make it so difficult to load Windows.

Any insight?

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If I am not mistaken, as I remembered that X240 packs with Intel HD Graphics 4400. I wonder why it is now shown "Intel HD Graphics Family". Even though I have updated the latest driver from Lenovo websites, but it stay still. I wonder if vo has changed its name to this or it is because my laptop has occured any errors?Also, I want to ask is Windows 10 normal with memory took up like this and disk percentage either? I think it is kind of too high... I only have 4GB of RAM installed, and 73% is kind of too high with just three tabs of Chrome are opening...

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I have a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series video card, first off is this an ok one? And second off do you need to continually download a new updated driver for the video card? And if you do, do you have to remove your current one before you download the new one? Any help would be great!

A:Question About A New Video Card Driver

How to update a Windows hardware driverI wouldn't bother updating to the latest driver unless you are having problems. If it aint broke don't fix it.

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Hey Hey,

I am still having that;

Runtime Error: R6025- Pure Virtual Function Error with the game James Bond: Nightfire

So i decided i'd try upgrading my video card driver hoping it'd fix the problem...

I realized i have no idea what the latest driver version is...lol

i am wondering if anyone knows; i have a

64mb DDR Nvidia GeForce 4 MX 420 w/TV Output

Driver Date: 4/8/2002
Driver Version:

Thanks Lot!

A:Video Card Driver Question...

you can get the latest drivers at www.nvidia.com
click on dowload drivers,
next screen highlight graphics drivers, Geforce and TNT and pick your operating system. The latest versions for Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, 2000 are 41.09 and are self extracting. Just keep clicking I agree and Next to install them. Restart.

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I know this is probably a stupid question but...How do i uninstall a video card driver?

P4 2.0 g
windows 98se
nvidia g4 ti4200
512m ddr

A:video card driver question

if it is a detonator you should be able to go to start, settings, control panel, addremove software, detonator drivers

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would I be able to download the drivers for this card

BFG GeForce 7300GS 256MB PCI-E Video Card DVI/TV-Out

from the manufacturer's web site?


A:Solved: video card driver question

yes .....xp? http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_169.21_whql.html

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Windows does not see a problem and thinks my Audio drivers are working. During a update AMD audio drivers were installed instead of Intel for REALTEK audio driver. How can I fix the registry or make windows use the right one without total reinstall......Side
note. MY wireless headphones work fine ?????

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I don't think this is a driver problem per se; I think it's Windows. Every now and then my WiFi stops working, and if I go to dev mgr, the General tab tells me that "No drivers are installed for this device" for device status. On the other tabs, however, I have all the details on the installed driver, and if I ask Windows to update the driver, it tells me that the best driver is already installed. The problem is solved by rebooting, but I find that annoying. I'd like to figure out WHY it does that. I've saved earlier versions of that particular driver from over the last three years, and the problem occurs with all of the drivers. This is a Win7 Ultimate 64-bit system. The driver is an Intel driver; the one installed at this moment (it just happened again, and I have not rebooted, since I had a powerline enet outlet handy), and the version of the Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN is 14.3.1. I have other versions of that driver saved, from to 15.1.1_Ds64. I had reverted to the 14.3.1 because the more recent versions seemed to be worse about the driver disabling itself or whatever it is doing. Coincidentally with this, the event viewer shows that mmc.exe was terminated because it was hanging. I had just run sfc yesterday, and there are no corrupt files that Windows cannot fix, and there weren't even any corrupt files that it DID fix.

A:Device status - no driver installed, but driver IS installed

second from top is 64 bit version.
It's nearly a full version number higher than the newest you have.

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hi peoples

i have installed my media centre for the 3rd time in a month. Due to various issues. (1 being sleep) Now i have installed the same drivers as the first build for HDMI audio and video, which i had perfect dvd playback and tv on, however i am faced with errors about video drivers not properly installed.

Last time it was the HDMI driver which i have installed and reinstalled 3 times. It seems every time i follow the exact same process at rebuilding vista 64 i get a different result.

Is there a way you can reset media centre so it checks the drivers all over again. I am interested in resetting audio and video if possible

A:Vista x64 media centre video drivers not installed or installed incorrectly

Hi, audiophile, and welcome to the forums.

It would help to know your Graphics card and setup - I have installed Vista Ultimate x64 twice - once for testing, and then a format and reinstall as I changed the partition setup - since then (2 months now) I have not had a single issue with WiMP / WMC.

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XPS13 with Windows 10.  See screen shot below.  Dell Support Assist program says the two driver updates are recommended.  clicking "install" it shows progress to install, then says installed, but on refresh or re-entry to the program it still shows them as needing to be installed.  No errors generated.  Other driver updates done the same way without issue.  Suggestions?

A:Dell SupportAssist - says driver updates are installed but still showing need to be installed after refresh?

Don't use Dell Support assist with windows 10. Windows 10 will install generic drivers if Dell doesn't have win 10 drivers. You should mention the full model name of the computer. Does Dell support your model for upgrading to win 10? If so, get the win 10 drivers from Dell Drivers and Downloads.

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I was wondering if this would help?
Fix - Catalyst Control Center - CCC - will not open/install

I see no evidence that the AMD driver installed at all.
Right click desktop does not show ccc, and ccc is not in the lower right panel.

Windows shows an amd driver 8.5 and driver date from 2009??
And the program says it is an install manager??

A:installed HD 2600 pro card, installed AMS driver, but no ccc software?

I just installed 'hydravision' and got not software complaints.
I still see nothing about ccc or AMD driver etc...

Site where I got the driver

card is visiontek hd 2600 pro AGP

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It was working fine, a circuit tripped and the computer of course lost all power, I booted back up and got this error message when trying to watch live TV:

video error files needed to display video are not installed or not working correctlyClick to expand...

Recorded TV plays fine, but live TV gives that error. It says to restart Media Center or restart the computer; I've tried both and neither resolved the error. ANY help ASAP would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton!

UPDATE: I tried moving the tuner to another slot and still no success. Uninstall drivers and reinstalled, still nothing. This stinks. :'(

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It was working fine, a circuit tripped and the computer of course lost all power, I booted back up and got this error message when trying to watch live TV:video error files needed to display video are not installed or not working correctlyRecorded TV plays fine, but live TV gives that error. It says to restart Media Center or restart the computer; I've tried both and neither resolved the error. ANY help ASAP would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton!UPDATE: I tried moving the tuner to another slot and still no success. Uninstall drivers and reinstalled, still nothing. This stinks.

A:Video Error Files Needed To Display Video Are Not Installed Or Not Working Correctly

Hi, have you tried a system restore point before the loss of power?

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Hi Everyone, 

I have a customer who has a Xerox WorkCentre 5890 which is currently installed on a server and shared out .. Normally you just browse out the server double click and it installs , but this I got the following error .. "Printer Driver was Not
Installed Unable to Find a Core Driver Package Site" .. 

I have checked add / remote programs and found no other printer let along Xerox installed .. I have even tried logging into the computer in question as the admin and same error .. I even ran chkdsk, tried to install it by ip address, downloaded
the latest drivers from Xerox and every single time I get that error .. 

The funny part is its only this one computer that is giving me the trouble , all the other computers it install fine with now trouble .. I have ran windows update and all the updates are installed, its running SP1 .. vaild copy of windows .. 

So i am at a lose other ran doing a wipe and reinstall .. Any thoughts ??

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Laptop: Z51-70 80k6System: Windows 8.1 64 bitGraphic cards: Radeon R9 M375 (driver version ???), Intel HD Graphics 5500 (driver wersion BIOS: Switchable Graphic option, Version C2CN21WW(V2.02) Problem:I tried play in Path of Exile and have very bad performence. In options i found, that active card is Intel HD Graphics 5500.When i found that i looked into Device Menager and it didn't show Radeon R9 M375 card.-> install https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/pl/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-z-series-laptops/z51-70/down... -> "No appropriate driver to be installed"-> show hidden devices -> ok, is AMD card here but with 2017 drivers -> tried install again old from user chose path -> "No appropriate driver to be installed"-> delete AMD drivers and all AMD programs/files -> reinstal -> "No appropriate driver to be installed" -> no AMD in hidden devices & solution center graphic card test And some addional questions:1. Is there chance to get drivers update for Win 8.1 as for 10?2. Where i should look to check my current chipset drivers to compare with yours version?:https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/pl/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-z-series-laptops/z51-70/down...In path like that: Device Menager -> Graphic Card -> Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500    

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After auto driver update finished scanning my X131e 3368 and installed drivers the desktop (explorer.exe) kept restarting. I restarted Windows in safe mode and uninstalled the Sierra wireless APP then restarted windows. Windows 10 works fine without the Sierra App. I am not using wireless currently but if I wanted to should I us the Erricson driver?

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So I have a dell desktop and it says drivers not installed. So I have a Radeon x1300 graphics card but no video controller driver and no pci serial port driver. Along with being unable to update display adapter

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Hello ,

I need help about my Webcam here , I already Installed The Driver of My Webcam CYCLOPES WEB CAM 8.0 MEGA PIXELS(WC-035-M) . When i Plug in it , Its says " Device Driver Software was not successfully installed"
But i already Installed the Driver Software of My Cam ,, , i really want to fixed this problem , i hope someone will help me about this...

i need reply asap... thnx

A:WebCam Cant Installed , Driver`s not installed

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Where did you get the Driver from Disc or Manufactures Website ? ..

I take it you Installed the Driver before attaching the Webcam ? ...
Is there no Driver Utility on your Desktop ? ....

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I just installed my audio driver and I am using asus m2npv-vm, so when it rebooting it is asking me to make a disk. and it comes up with 4 options. the 32 win2k, 32 winxp or 64 winxp SATA and Dos. Mind you I just installed XP.

So then when I choose 43 WinXP SATA it asks me to "please insert your formated floppy to A:/ Press a Key to continue"

I don't have a floppy drive and I do not know what to do. Can someone please help me out here.


A:Solved: Installed Driver - Now asking to make a driver disk

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Hi everyone.

I am nii from Ghana.

I am trying to update my graphics to run a 3D program which requires it but i keep getting the error "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manufacturer"

The accelerator in use the Mobile Intel (R)4 Series Express Chipset Family
Current version is
The version is the 1508

I downloaded the 32 bit version for windows vista but can't seem to update to the new version.
I keep getting the above mentioned error report.
I tried the update utility online which keeps telling me the same.I hope there;s a way to get around this .

Hope to hear and thanks is advance.

A:Driver update error: driver being installed is not validated


The error means that you try to install an driver which is not compatible with the graphic card.

What notebook do you have and what graphic chip does this notebook support?

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I am getting this error everytime I try to use talk now Mutlilanguage CD, I could have sworn when I bought this computer brand new that it came with a drive.† I can play music CD's†and DVD's but not this one. This is the error it gives me

†I have Windows Vista

system error: MCI Error: There is no driver installed on your system

Thanks for anyone's help I really want to practice learning a different language but I can't hear the CD.

A:No driver installed---system error: MCI Error: There is no driver installed on your system windows vista

Hi Scott,Is there a icon named "Talk Now Plus" on the desktop† that was created when installing?If it is, please right click it, choose properties, select the Compatibility tab, then selecting 'Run this program in compatibility'' mode for:' Windows XP (Service Pack 2).--------------------Regards,Eric ZhangMicrosoft Online Community Support

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So the other day i was trying to update my pc as i was a bit behind on updates ,so i updated everything on my pc. it was after this i encountered a problem with the driver signing saying this:

Program Compatibility Assistant
Windows requires a digitally signed driver.
A recently installed program tried to install an unsigned driver. This version of Windows requires all drivers to have a valid digital signature. The driver is unavailable and the program that requires this driver might not work correctly.
Uninstall the program or device and check the publisher's support website to get a digitally signed driver.
Driver: ATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver
Service: amdkmdag
Publisher: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Location: C:\Windows\System...\atikmdag.sys

now my pc screen has gone to a very low resolution and nothing is working nicely, and it been a real pain for me for 2 days now i hope you guys can help thanks .

my pc specs:
amd fx 4100
xfx radeon hd 6870
windows 7 ultimate x64

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My Bluetooth Driver and Copy Driver is not installed. Any suggestion??

A:Bluetooth driver and Copy driver not installed

Hi Faiz
did you visit this site?:

Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Aspire / Aspire 4736Z

Good luck

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Hi BC community!
-  CPU:   AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 955, 3200 MHz
- Motherboard: Asus M4A88TD-M Evo
- GPU: Sapphire HD7850 2GB GDDR5  -not OC version-   - Have no idea about the product number unfortunetely.
- OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit
Right now i have 14.12 and the only reason why my system is stable, because i have pre Windows update restore point. Whenever reboot happens after driver installation this welcomes me: http://imgur.com/9qJKUoR
I tried reinstalling 14.12, even that doesnt work. I tried 15.7.1, 15.11.1  and 15.12. All of them give the same error. This screen also happens pre Crimson drivers: http://imgur.com/WrDPM53 . Reportlog for that is here: http://pastebin.com/NXwkT1GJ   where the lastline translates to: "Driver Installation: The given parameter is invalid"
What i tried:
- Tried uninstalling via safe mode + DDU
- Tried uninstalling with AMD Clean Uninstall Utility
- Tried installing before drivers Windows updates, except KB 3004394
- I made sure i downloaded the proper crimson drivers
What i didnt try:
- Fresh Windows install. This is not an option, since i cant clone my system, for the moment if even that doesnt work.

A:"no amd graphics driver installed" - Error for every driver

The only thing I can think of is if you have the latest .NET Framework and all updates installed. I would install 4.5 if you do not have it. 

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I went to the UFC's website and clicked on one of the video's they had embedded in their scrolling news on the home page. The screen went black and then came back, saying that the video driver had shutdown and recovered. I refreshed the page, assuming it was just a glitch. I clicked the same video to watch it and my computer seized up and I got a blue screen. I didn't have enough time to read everything on the blue screen, but I caught a little bit saying that Windows had encountered an error with the video driver and needed to shut down. The computer rebooted a bit sluggishly, but now appears to be fine. Any ideas as to whether this is a problem with my video card's driver or the video on the site? Videos elsewhere work fine.

A:Video caused video driver to crash, reboot, and then blue screen.


First you can download Speccy to check the temprature of the display card,mainboard to see whether it's normal:
Then you can try to reinstall the driver of the display card or upgrade the driver.

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I upgraded my reconditioned (2008/06/10) Acer Aspire M1641 from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 home premium, because under Vista I could not use a second video adapter from a different card manufacturer while using the on-board video (Vista apparently does not allow heterogeneous graphics). At the same time I bought a different video card, being a GeForce 8400 GS from Galaxy. The Win7 upgrade worked OK, but when I put in the PCI Express-16 8400 video card, the M1641 worked using the video from that card, but could not see (in Device Manager) the motherboard video adapter (NVIDIA GeForce 7050), nor could Belarc Advisor detect the GeForce 7050. I had downloaded and installed the latest NVIDIA driver for Win7 (191.07_desktop_win7_winvista_32bit_english_whql.exe) which is said to handle both GeForce 7000 and 8000 series. My questions -
1. Do I need a BIOS update and if so what BIOS file do I need,
2. Do I need driver updates for the M1641 for Win 7,
3. Do I need to go back to Vista to be able to use 2 (homogeneous) video adapters and 2 monitors so I can have the larger desktop area I need to do my work?

And incidentally, how do I set folders to remember their settings in W7? I carefully get a folder looking the way I want that particular folder to look and set its position, then next time I open it it has forgotten....

All help and suggestions gratefully received and acknowledged.


A:W7 does not see motherboard video when 2nd video adapter present + W7 folder question

By default when you install a Video card, it disables the onboard video. You can enable it again in the bios, if that is what you want, but this always causes problems. Your Video card should have 2 outputs (DVI and VGA) to run 2 monitors already, you don't need to enable the onboard video.

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I have recently purchased Dell Monitor S2240T. It is full HD Monitor with touch interface.
I have windows 10 OS installed on my Dell Laptop, Inspiron 640M(2006 Model). Not having the HDMI or DVI ports on my laptop.  
Other Laptop Specification:
Genuine Intel CPU, T2050, Dual Core processor 1.60Ghz*2, 3GB RAM, 32 bit Operative system, x86-based Processor, 14.1" WXGA+ Ultra Sharp TFT Laptop Display, Intel(R) Media Accelerator 950 Graphics upto 224MB shared system Memory, Intel 945GM Chipset.

In order to get full Resolution of 1920*[email protected], I need to Install the windows 10 Chipset driver and video card driver. Right now the resolution is 1024*[email protected]
Kindly help me to resolve the issue so that I can get, full use of Newly bought monitor. Otherwise screen is blurry, whitish and pages open like spreaaad-sheet.
Please provide me link to download the aforesaid drivers or kindly suggest any other option to get 1920*1080 resolution.

A:Windows 10 chipset driver and video card driver for Dell Inspiron 640M - 2006 model

You will not get win 10 video or chipset drivers for the old laptop since they don't exist, so you have to make do with lower resolutions on the new monitor. Touch will not work on the old laptop. Time to upgrade to a new computer!

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