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Gateway laptop stuck in boot loop following update

Q: Gateway laptop stuck in boot loop following update

Yesterday I shut my laptop down because it needed to install updates, and since it was late I figured I'd just turn it back on in the morning. Now it gets to the "Configuring Updates: Stage 3 of 3 - 0%" screen and just sits there spinning the HDD for a while and shuts down. I tried the safe modes and last known good config options. From what I understand, I need to boot the thing from a Vista install disc and repair the installation - but that's the catch, since I got this laptop by repairing it for a friend, I don't have any of the media that came with it, nor would it have come with a Vista install disc. I do still have the key for Vista attached to the bottom of the laptop case. How can I repair the Vista installation, preferably without losing my data or at least giving me time to offload some of my work?

Gateway MT6821
Vista SP2

Preferred Solution: Gateway laptop stuck in boot loop following update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Gateway laptop stuck in boot loop following update

I would suggest contacting Gateway, requesting Recovery Media CD from them - might cost a few $, but you'd be able to repair the laptop to factory specs.
While waiting for the CD from Gateway, you might be able to recover any data from the disc by connecting it to a HDD dock, and copying files onto another computer.

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I work from home. Recently IT asked me to bring in my laptop so they could update the Encryption Anywhere software. A week after leaving it with them I found out they were still working on it. They told me as soon as they put the update CD in the computer got stuck in a boot loop and that is how it is now. Today I went to pick it up since they have been unable to do anything to fix it. At that time they told me that they had the exact same thing happen to another laptop like mine (Dell Latitude D800). I can't find anything on the Dell website that deals with this problem.

The first thing that comes up after booting is the Encryption Anywhere logon screen (like always). I can sign in there and it shows Windows starting up but after about 10 seconds it completely re-boots and the Encryption Anywhere screen pops up again. It will do this endlessly. I've tried telling it to use Safe Mode and all other options at that page. I've booted from the original Windows XT CD but still get stuck in the same boot loop. I've run system diagnostics from a CD and everything checks out although a couple times it has told me that pci.sys and isapnp.sys are corrupt.

Is there anything else I can try? I really need to get some of the data off this laptop and would hate to have to do a complete wipe and start over.

A:Stuck In Boot Loop After Update To Encryption

So you've tried to do a full Windows repair ? Your data is kept intact and only the Windows portion is reinstalled.

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I was trying to remove a virus by using system restore but system restore seemed to freeze up, so I thought cutting the power and then rebooting would solve it. I was wrong and now everytime I try and boot up my laptop I'm met with a blue screen of death followed by my computer restarting.

Does anybody know what the hell I've done and if it's fixable?

A:Laptop gets stuck in a loop during boot-up

I will ask someone that handles these non booters to look.

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HiI really need help I recently got this laptop for Christmas and it was working fine for a few weeks but a little bit earlier I noticed the pc was acting slow so I decided to reset it, after resetting and it being on 1% for hours I just decided to shut it off and decide to try again but when I opened it, it was just the hp logo then after a couple seconds, it would shut off then turn back on as the HP logo again, it's doing this over and over and over again, someone please help this is driving me insane, thank you

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I have Lenovo U41-70. It was working perfectly fine until recently windoew did an update. Now I get a Boot Menu screen which leads back to itself even after clicking Enter. I saw few solution online where they are asking to Click Fn + F2 -> goto configuration tab and  change Boot priority to Legacy first and change Boot type to Legacy.My doubts are:-1). I do not have option to change Boot Priority2). Will changing boot Mode to Legacy cause any problems like data lost etc.Boot Menu screen Configuration screen 

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I have an ASUS Eee 1005 HA laptop running XP that is stuck in a boot loop. I was watching a music video when the sound starting looping/repeating fast, and then the machine briefly crashed to a blue screen and then to start up. I have tried to start windows normally, in safe mode, and last known good, but no luck. It briefly starts to load, stalls for about 5 secs and then crashes back to the "start windows normally" prompt.

The machine does not appear to be overheating, and I tried re-seating the RAM. No help.

I do not have a recovery partition on my HD, or the XP CD. I also do not have an inboard or external cd/dvd drive so I can't reinstall windows that way.

Is this laptop toast? Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks in advance.

A:ASUS Laptop Stuck in Boot Loop

Get a look at the error message presented by the BSOD (blue screen of death) ....Start tapping the F8 key after you press the ON button, and continue tapping until you are presented with the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" screen.
Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys to select "Disable automatic restart on system failure" and press the <ENTER> key.Your system will attempt to restart normally, but when it crashes, it will not re-start: Instead, you will see a BSOD with error message.
Record the error message details (contained in the areas outlined in red, in the above example image), and post in your reply.

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I have a dell Inspiron 15-3537 which came preinstalled with windows 8 but I upgraded to windows 10 and I just tried to reset my laptop which included wiping all the files. At some point during the reset the laptop displayed a message saying, "windows could not complete rest due to an error". So I selected an option that said something like "restart device" and then it got trapped in the loop. please someone help me :(

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Hello, my Acer laptop is stuck on the loading screen and when it tries to automatic repair it just stays on a black screen. My computer did a automatic update the second to last time I shut it off.

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Hey guys

i've got a HP laptop running on XP (just got it) and im having issues with starting it up. ive done some research on google and apparently the problem is related to the bios boot sequence (f2 from the first screen) . i cant get to the welcome screen and it just loops over and over.....

So what is that standard BIOS boot sequence? does anyone know?


sorry if this has been discussed before

A:HP Laptop stuck in infinite loop during boot-up

Generally the boot sequence would be CD/DVD drive first and then the hard drive. But this infinite loop problem is most likely caused by a virus. Try this:Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD drive, and then restart the computer. Click to select any options that are required to start the computer from the CD drive if you are prompted. When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console. If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, select the installation that you must access from the Recovery Console. When you are prompted, type the Administrator password. If the administrator password is blank, just press ENTER.Type: chkdsk /rIt's important to have a space before the "/".To exit the Recovery Console and restart the computer, type exit at the command prompt, and then press ENTER.

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It's an ancient Sony Vaio with Windows XP. I use it for simple things.

Last night I shut it down like I usually do, and it refused. It was in a shut down loop? It kept repeating the same shut down messages on the blue screen. I didn't pay it much mind, I was tired, so I manually shut down.

Today, now it is doing a boot loop. It'll get to the Windows XP loading screen, go black, and then reboot.

I tried safe mode, last working configuration....the same thing happens. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Not sure if hardware; Laptop stuck in a boot loop.

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Hi, i hope someone can help me.
I haven't been having any problems with my laptop, but yesterday it wouldn't start up and is stuck in this loop.
It will ask if i want to start windows normally or do a windows repair. both options land me back to where i started. i've tried f8 for safe mode but it will just go to a black screen and do nothing and i have tried restoring to last known good config but that gets me back to the rebooting loop.
So now i am trying to install a windows cd. It asks me what language i want to select etc, then i click install windows, which leads to a blue screen saying starting set up, but it just stays on this screen.
any help would be appreiciated...

A:laptop stuck in boot loop & won't install windows cd

Hello and welcome hiding mate try this first it does take quite q while to run though.


http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/105647-ram-test-memtest86.htmlthis one you will need to make a bootable disk set the BIOSto optical (or USB if preferred) boot the machine and let it run for at LEAST 8passes unless the errors come up straight away. Takes fair time to complete andsome leave it running overnight.

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hi, i have a laptop which i stuck in a boot loop, every time i turn it on it gives me this screen for about 10 to 20 seconds then it powers off, and then turns back on again to the same screen. i an only press F2 which changes the text at the bottom to please wait... but never does anything, i can also press esc which gives me this screen . i have opened the laptop and resit the bios battery, hd, and ram chips but that made no difference. im thinking it may be the hard drive but cant tell because im still waiting for a cable to connect it to my other computer but has anyone heard of any other problems it could be?

A:advent 6552 laptop stuck in boot loop

hmm bro dnt worry.
Ok just take out your Laptop HDD and put it back after some minutes.
if that work then well and good if does`t try a hard reset.

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Screen went blank today and restarted saying there's and error and windows is going to fix it automatically. The furthest it gets is a screen where it says "diagnosing your PC".

A:Windows 8 HP laptop stuck on repair boot loop.

Perhaps you can find the answer at the HP Support Forums.
It deals with Windows 8.1 in particular.

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My 230u has been stuck in a loop since a recent Windows Update. The machine crashes while booting Win 8.1, reboots and crashes again during the recovery phase, then this cycle repeats. Reinstalling Windows doesn't work, as the same thing occurs during the install process, even with a 'clean' install. I've run the pre-boot Lenovo Diagnostics, and every result reads 'PASSED'. I've attempted to update the BIOS from both a bootable CD and bootable USB, and the result reads 'failed to read bios". The machine is currently a brick that passes all diagnostics. Is there any solution to this? EDIT: Current bios version is 1.70

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Hey everybody!
I just bought an Asus U31S laptop a couple of weeks ago for school and all was great until today. It suddenly crashed and gave BSOD. I was just on youtube or something, nothing special, but it had been running for a few hours.
So now it won't boot up, it simply reboots constantly. I can't even get into safe mode. BIOS I can get into, but I'm unable to do anything, since it appears to freeze, when I get in there.
I searched for a solution, but so far I've been unable to find one. Any suggestions?

PS English isn't my native tongue...

A:Laptop stuck in boot loop - can't enter safe mode

first suggestion is this.
Startup Repair

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Hi All, I updated my z570 succesfully from windows 8.1 to windows10 back in 2015 and using succesfullly without any problems. when tried to update from 1703 got error which used to rolled back with automatic repair and recovery to previous version automatically after 2, 3 hard shutdowns. Recently when windows 10 is updating to latest security and  other updates (I defferred the feature updates like 1803 using some MS windows utility, So proceeded confidently with update).However during update the laptop entered into this endless restart loop. After hard shutdown with power key 2, 3 times its showing message that 'Attemptiing Automatic repair' then 'recovery to previous installed version' but quickly again restarting back in loop.  I tried following other methods:1. Tried entering to setup by pressing F2 - no luck2. Created bootable USB and started laptop and pressed F12 continuosly - no luck3. Removed battery and pressed power button for a while and restarted hoping to enter setup - didnt helped4. used One touch recovery key next to power button while system is off hoping after system on takes me to sestup page - didnt helped If I could atleast enter setup or boot will try to solve, I Sincerely request memebers here to help me solving this issue. Thanks

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I was handed a Windows 7 laptop from a friend last Friday and I've been going over it since that time. It's a Lenovo SL410 with 4 GB RAM running Windows 7 Pro 64 bits. This is the original factory installation and the laptop is 2 years old. Motherboard was replaced about 18 months ago. It has a Hitachi 320 GB hard drive. I ran a Seatools long test over the hard drive and it passed all tests. I ran 12 passes of memtest86 on the RAM with 0 errors. Near as I can tell, that hardware is good.

Yet somehow, this laptop corrupted itself, and now it's stuck in a BSOD/Reboot loop. Booting into safe mode also generates a BSOD. Last known good also crashes. As far as I know, there were no significant events leading up to this failure - it just happened last Thursday night.

Booting into the Windows recovery environment, I've tried at least 20 Startup Repair operations. They generally report "Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically." One of the earlier Startup Repair runs reported an error 490, which is apparently a generic unknown error. Less than helpful. I've tried this both from the system hard drive and booting from a Windows 7 Pro OEM DVD.

In a DOS window, I've tried running sfc /scannow /offbootdir=x:\ /offwindir=d:\windows at least twice. That "d" for offwindir is not a typo. The laptop has a Lenovo recovery partition and I think I can click some buttons and put it back to its factory settings - but I really don't want to take that step.... Read more

A:Laptop stuck in BSOD boot loop; StartupRepair, other tools not helpful

Hello Greg, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have a look at this tutorial: Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

As startup repair isn't working, you'll most likely want to skip ahead to Step 8 in the tut.

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I have installed the Lightweight Gateway on a 2008R2 server, but the Gateway service seem to have some problems starting, and the service is stuck in a startup loop (e.g., attempting to start the service, startup fails, atteming to start the service again).
The following can be seen in the Microsoft.Tri.Gateway.log file:
2017-04-24 08:33:31.6833 2424 9 1418b39a-5db6-4798-82ed-af246e3f1e56 Debug [GatewayPerformanceCounterManager] Starting
2017-04-24 08:33:35.2245 2424 5 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Error [IDataCollectorSet] System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80070422): The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070422)
at PlaLibrary.IDataCollectorSet.start(Boolean Synchronous)
at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Utils.DataCollectorSet.Start(String name)
at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.PerformanceCounterManager.<OnStartAsync>d__7.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task)
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
at Microsoft.Tri.Infrastructure.Framework.Module.<StartAsync>d__19.MoveNext()
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNon... Read more

A:Lightweight Gateway stuck in startup loop

After some troubleshooting, and some assistance from the ATA team, I found that the "Performance Logs & Alerts" service is required for the ATA Gateway service. On the DC in question, this service was disabled, which was root cause for
the issue I was experiencing. 
Best regards,

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I did updates as recommended by hp desktop. This then started to update the bios. It got to 32% and froze. Now the laptop will not boot up at all. Have tried Windows button and B with power button but nothing. Please help hp as these are your updates that have caused this! You also tell me I'm out of warranty by 2 days! Handy that eh?!

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My laptop won't seem to bootup. Started yesterday afternoon with windows locking up then bluescreening. Rebooted and it would begin to load bios but then the screen would flash and it would begin to load bios again.

Shut it down for a few minutes, tried again and it let me in to startup options. I chose normal, booted and locked up. So I rebooted again, again allowed me to the startup options and I chose safe mode. Got in and messed around a bit. Rebooted to normal, locked up almost instantly in windows. Did this several times. I recall at least once while in windows it told me that my graphics had recovered from a serious error. Then it began not even getting to windows, just the bios loop.

Tried an old hard drive that I had, nothing. Just got caught in the bios loop.

Essentially it begins to boot shows the Gateway bios screen with the logo and down at the bottom it says f2 to enter bios setup or f12 to enter boot options, and next to that is a status bar. The status bar increases as normal (very quickly I only get like 2 seconds to choose). Then it just reboots and does this again.

Tried removing each ram chip and rebooting, same issue.

Tried two hard drives and no hard drive. Even with no hard drive, same issue.

Took laptop completely apart and made sure all connections were plugged in. Thinking it was possibly a heat issue, I took off the heatsink and applied new thermal compound. Also took apart fan and cleaned completely.

Tried removing the battery for bios... Read more

A:Gateway NV53 bios boot loop.

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My Dell Inspiron with Vista OEM is stuck in an update loop. It will POST, start booting into Windows, and say it's updating stage 3 of 3 0% compleate. after about 30-60 seconds, it will restart. It won't boot in safe mode either. I did a system restore in the recovery menu too a day or two back. But then it said stage 1 of 3 0% complete, rebooted, and this time it said 3 of 3 again. I have left it going through the loop for almost an hour, but no change.

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This morning when I turned on my lappy it came up with "configuring updates 3 of 3 0% as described below. I've tried to enter safe mode using the method below but it just takes me back to the same screen. I have also tried to restore using the "Startup Repair" function several times but no luck so far. I've just managed to get into system restore (though not sure how) I selected restore point as 28/09/09 but now get an error message "windows has detected file system corruption on S3A6261D001 ( c: ). You must check the disc for errors before it can be restored" I did a disc scan earlier today & it said everything was fine. I have selected the "check disc for errors" and am currently waiting for it to finish. Any suggestions for what next if the disk check comes back ok?

After installing updates from Windows Update, you may get into a Reboot loop
where you machines gets to &#8220;configuring updates 3 of 3. 0% complete&#8221; then
reboots. The machine then continues to reboot.


1a. Boot to the Windows DVD and choose the repair option in the lower left
hand corner, choose System Restore, and select a Restore Point predating the
attempted installation of the updates.

1b. If you don't have the DVD and the Vista came preinstalled on the
machine, boot to the Safe Mode options using F8 during startup (tutorial:

Once in Safe Mode, invoke Syste... Read more

A:Stuck in update loop

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I had updated to win 10,  we had problems and am trying to restore the computer to factory original. 

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I had updated to win 10,  we had problems and am trying to restore the computer to factory original. 

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as stated in the title, the laptop will not boot windows. every now and then it will try to. it will work its way passed the gateway splash screen and the screen will go black with the white dot progress indicator in the middle of the screen and there it will stay till you turn off the computer. however there are times that it doesnt even make it off the splash page.

the lap top is not mine so i do not know any of the specs of it off hand the casing does not have a model name/number. i do know it is running windows 8.1 and that this issue occurred after waking the laptop up from hibernate. i know this is not much to go off of but any help regarding this issue would greatly help me out. thank you.


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So, recently, I've encountered a problem with my laptop. I was just playing minecraft, with a couple other windows open, to listen to music. Then, everything froze. I waited about 2 hours until my frustration got the best of me, so I force turned off my laptop. I then get off for 4 hours, and come back to log on. I get the usual Gateway logo, and whatnot, until it pops up with " windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause". Very worried about the computer, I choose Launch Startup Repair. (only two choices, that, and startup normally, which just loops me back to the same place.) I wait for the "loading files" to finish, then it goes to a black screen. I wait about 15 minutes, then it goes to the log in background, and I have my mouse cursor on it also. But that's all that's on there. Just the cursor, and login background. I wait for 3 hours, and nothing.
I'm very worried, and scared for my computer.
Please help if you can.

A:Windows 7 Gateway Laptop Failed To Start (loop)

Hello clemethy,

You could use this tutorial: Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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My Dell xps is stuck on 3 of 3 update configuration. What do I do?

A:stuck in update configuration loop

(how long has it been stuck?)

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 32601 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 462 GB (397 GB Free); D: 1863 GB (1862 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 09J8KV
Antivirus: Norton 360, Enabled and Updated

My Pavillion is stuck in an update loop. How can I get passed this?

A:Pavillion 23 stuck in update loop

According to your TSGSIU log, you're using a third-party antivirus app, Norton 360, with Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
You should use Windows 10's built-in antivirus app, Windows Defender Antivirus, because it can have issues with using a third-party antivirus app.
One of the most common issues is Windows 10 updates failing to install.

You appear to have a Dell Inspiron 17 7773 2-In-1 Desktop which came with Windows 10 64-bit.
What's the exact 7-character "service tag" number on it?


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Hello. I'm having an issue with Windows update where it seems to install correctly and says successful. I reboot my system, and the windows update icon is still on the task bar at the bottom and it prompts me to install the same updates. I'm not quite sure what's going on. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


A:Windows Update Stuck In a Loop

Are the updates actually installed or not? Have you checked in "Add or Remove programs"?

You can also use a program called WinUpdatesList.



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My computer shut off during an update and when I tried to restart it I kept getting the "failure to update windows reverting changes" screen and subsequently a shutting down screen that did not turn off my computer even after 5 days.
All my restore points are gone and I even tried making a repair disk to use for help.
Any suggestions?

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installed some microsoft updates and now my comp is stuck in a loop and wont start. it keeps saying "configureing update 3 of 3" i tried system restore but it didnt work, safe mode, safe mode with network and command promt and every other option it gives me. i got no disks with my PC but i can access the recovery centre but nothing there is doing anything either. the only option ive got left is to format.

if anyone can help me out as ive got loads on the PC that i cant afford to lose so i really, really dont want to format unless its absolutley neccesary. thanks in advance.

A:Computer stuck in a loop after update


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I have a 4ish year old HP Pavilion g7.  It is not my every day computer, so I haven't signed on in a while. Now when I turn it on, it automatically goes straight to the Windows 10 download. The download is unsuccessful, so it restores to the old OS and restars. Immediately on restart, it tries downloading Windows 10 again. It's been stuck in this loop for hours. How can I bypass the whole thing to just be able to use the computer? 

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For about the last 2 weeks my computer has been stuck in a loop. When I restart my computer Windows will try to install updates. It will get to 97% install then fail. After the fail it will revert back to the last restore point. This takes over 30 minutes. I have ran eset scanner and Malwarebytes with only minor things wrong. I have disabled my companies virus scan (Symantec). I have even ran the window fix it tool. Nothing. I have attached a screen shot of the fails. Any help would be appreciated. I have had lots of problems with updates on this computer. The others in the office that are the exact same updated just fine. 
Windows 7 processional
Service pack 1
32 bit

A:Windows Update stuck in loop

Apparently you didn't attach the screen shot.
You can post the screenshot in your next post as an attachment.  
Just below the area where you write text in a post there is the Post button, to the right of this is More Reply Options. 

When you click on More Relpy Options  you will see Attach Files and Browse, click on Browse, this will open Pictures on your computer, click on the image you want to post, then click on Attach This File, then Add Reply.
What happens if you try to boot into Safe Mode?
You posted that after the failure the computer will revert to the last restore point.  Is Windows functional at that point?

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Today when I turned on my laptop it said it was updating, at the end it restarted and just went back to updating.
I run Windows Vista SP1.
I have tried running it in safe mode but it just updates when it boots.
I have tried the automatic Startup Repair which either says it cannot fix the issue, or that I should do a system restore. When I hit system restore it just sits for a minute then turns off. Upon booting it is once again updating.
I have also tried booting in safe mode with command prompt to do a manual system restore but it just boots up into the updates once again.
Any help would be appreciated, I really don't want to lose all of my files. Never had a backup because I don't have the money for external HDD's.

Also now when I try to boot it up in BIOS Mode (when trying to follow some instructions from online) it just seems to turn itself off for no reason.

A:Vista Stuck in Update Loop

If possible, purchase a USB hard drive enclosure, and use it to backup your drive so you don't lose any of your data if the computer booting issue isn't repaired.

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I'm trying to install all the windows updates and keep getting failed attemps. This is na kegal copy of windows but I have removed some of the extra software I do not want nor have room for on this tiny laptop. Can someone assist me in getting through this loop and install as manyb updates as possible? I would greatly appreciate your assistance as I have been working on this for awhile but under my current situation am unable to contine on my own..

Thanks a Ton

A:Stuck in a loop on windows update

Windows Update Repair Tool 0.41 Beta beta

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Help! I used Microsoft's Windows Update tool under the start button to download critical updates for the OS(W2K Server) and browser. The download went fine but the installation keeps failing and I can't install any other way without getting an error message that another installation has been started and needs to be completed. I'm stuck in a continuous loop that I don't know how to resolve. It was installing IE6 and/or service packs for IE6 when it began to have a problem. Rebooting the machine just brings me back to a window asking me to continue with the install but it always ends in a failure.

Any solutions out there? Thanks in advance.

A:win critical update stuck in loop

I use 98 and had a similar problem. Perhaps this thread may help you as well.....

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When I went into windows update. It was already checking for updates. It found a definition update for windows defender kb2267602 but is stuck downloading 0%. And just not moving, it's not had a chance to find todays cumulative updates yet! But the concerning thing is the screen (and only the update windows keeps flickering), ie. the downloading 0% keeps moving up and down and nothing is happening. What should I do?

I tried restarting the whole machine but it didn't work. When I return to the update screen it starts doing it again. It's like it's stuck in some horrible loop

The screen keeps flicking between these two shots every couple secs

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Last night a windows automatic update failed and the result is my laptop is stuck in an update loop. It just keeps going to "now installing 3 of 3" and then restarting.

I tried safe mode. No go, because the update is prior to the OS running.

I tried (from the same menu as safe mode) to revert to an earlier working point and it just went into the update loop.

I tried using an OEM Vista disc and using repair and it only repaired the startup, which did not fix the problem.

I am at a total loss for how to proceed. Normally I would just wipe it and start over, but my wife downloaded 1yrs worth of our babies videos and didn't back them up. I cannot afford to lose those. Everything else can go. They are right there on the desktop, but I can't access it.

So, where to next? Is there a way to get windows to use a previous restore point somehow? Could I buy an upgrade disc, say for Ultimate, and install it without losing personal data? I know I have done that in the past with XP installs. I actually have 2 partitions and could theoretically install Vista onto the other partition and leave the original Vista OS partition, then just delete all the files.

I'm so lost as to how to proceed. Obviously I'd rather just use an old restore point from a month ago and call it a day. But how?

A:Vista Stuck in Update Loop

I have the same problem as you! The updates are the problem I have a toshiba laptop with vista ( hate it ) but I tried safe mode too no go then tried my dics lost for words . It appears the only way is to start clean. I have it now being looked into by a pro, he said he can save all my files I am yet to wait on he call .My prob was when installing 3 of 3 it got to a point it stopped at 37% wouldnt go any further, before that system repair got me in , but now no go.

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Hi, trying to run windows update
I get a message saying: Windows cannot install important files while the system is using them, please restart your computer.
However restarting the computer does not help. Tried to run sfc scan, here is the message received:
There is a system repair pending which requires a reboot to complete. Restart windows and try sfc again.
However no mater how many times i restart it stays the same
Any idea what can be done to resolve thsi issue?

A:Windows update is stuck in a loop

You have an active topic in the Am I Infected forum which Broni posted a reply this morning.  
You need to stick with this topic until this issue is resolved to the extent of what can be done in that forum.
I would suggest that you not respond to any suggestions in this topic.  This can only add confusion and make Broni's job more difficult.

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I have 4 updates minus the IE 11 upgrade which I have no intention of installing, which keep failing. Not only do they keep failing but the system reboots several times before I can get back to my desktop screen.
The updates are KB2868725, KB2868626, KB2862152, and KB2900986. The first 3 are security updates for Windows 7, the last is a cumulative update for ActiveX Killbits of 7.
Let me start with I'm no computer wiz, that is why I had my updates set to auto. It sorts what I really need versus a bunch of stuff I don't. I downloaded the Update readiness tool and ran it. I also ran the troubleshooter for installation problems it says there are no problems. It still does the same thing. Does it restart to revert each update? I've clicked on the online help links but have no idea what they are talking about and when I see the word "registry" I back away. I messed with the registry on an old PC (with the assistance of a Microsoft Tech) and my PC never ran right after that.
I don't get the box like is pictured in the posting instructions that shows the error codes. If I right click on the "failed" line for each I get the following error codes. They correspond with the above sequence of KB's #1 is 8007054F #2 is 80073AA2 #3 is 800F0826 #4 is the same as #3. I have enclosed the logs files, hopes this helps, cause I sure need it!!
I really don't have time for this. I've already lost an entire morning today and an entire morning yesterday trying to get these instal... Read more

A:Stuck in a failed update loop.

Well that didn't work either.
Here are the new CBS logs.

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I had a bigger update automatically download and install today. It said Windows may need to restart several times during the update. It has been stuck in a restart loop for several hours now. Laptop switches on, after about 15 seconds says restarting and the cycle repeats itself. Not able to get to login screen. When I try to boot from installation media I get the message: "Looks like you started an upgrade and booted from installation media. If you want to continue with the upgrade click Yes. If you want to do a clean install click No. I clicked Yes as I would like to avoid doing a clean install. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey everyone,

So I've got a gateway laptop here that one day was booted up and went to a boot menu screen stating there were errors with the option to launch startup repair. After doing so there has been no sucess, after a looooong process of checking for errors, it says it's unrepairable, says to exit/reboot and goes back to the same screens.

I've tried with a Win7 disc in there (vs using the recovery option built into the laptop) and still no success. I've tried restore to an earlier restore point with no success. I've tried to get into safe mode with no success and I've tried the 'last known good configuration' option with no success either!

I booted using 'spinrite' to do a deep check of the HD itself. It gets about 6-7% in and than suddenly completely shuts off! Powers off as if someone yanked the plug. The Cpu area and heatpipes underneath are VERY hot after this point so I suspect it's an overheat protection kicking in, but why it's overheating while running spinrite I can't figure out.

So I removed the HD and have connected it to my PC. It was accessible, could see the win and system folders etc. I right clicked the drive from my PC now and ran 'tools' error-checking. It makes some progress while counting sectors but eventually gets to a certain sector number and hangs there with no further progress of the error check.

At this point I'm planning to just yank any important files off of it (since it's still accessible when plugged into my PC) and reformat... Read more

A:Gateway Laptop Win7 unbootable, startup repair loop

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

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So, I was an idiot for allowing an unknown .exe to access the internet. All of a sudden, command prompts invade my screen. They seemed to be launched from my local files. Each one, the cursor leaped at random places, not sure if there was a particular pattern for each .exe that launched. Around 10 launched and I was able to close all of them.

I performed a System Restore, and this is where I'm stuck in the boot loop. I tried launched Safe Mode and normal. No luck, the trojan(s) re-boot my computer.

Obviously, I can't provide a HijackThis or ANYTHING because I can't excess any programs at all. Although, can anyone provide any help?

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Sorry for the long post but I'll try to give as much info as I can...

I've just installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit and Linux Mint 12 on a Compaq Presario CQ60.

I created a 25Gb partition for Windows, a separate partition for data (around 180Gb) and then installed Linux Mint 12 on another 25Gb partition.

Edit: just to clarify I installed Windows first.

Windows was working fine - I installed all the necessary drivers, security software and Windows updates etc before installing Mint 12.

After installing Mint 12 I booted back into Windows to check everything was fine and to format the data partition to NTFS from within Windows. After this I restarted the machine and booted into Mint to check all was fine on that side of things - it was.

I then left the PC for a while but when I came back to it I tried to boot into Windows and it just keeps restarting the PC when it gets to the Windows logo. It happens over and over again.

I tried booting from the Windows disk to do a start up repair but that doesn't work either.

The one thing I did notice though was that the start up repair tool reports that Windows is now residing on drive E instead of C!! This is weird as it had definitely assigned drive letter C to the main Windows partition last time it booted. Perhaps this is the root of the problem?

What I don't get though is that after installing Mint I booted back into Windows and everything was great. So now I don't know if Windows, Linux or perhaps GRUB is to blame fo... Read more

A:Win 7 stuck in a boot loop on dual boot machine

I've never used Linux so in that respect I'm no expert, but you might want to check these tutorials,

Dual Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu

UNetbootin - Create Bootable Live Linux USB

Startup Repair Infinite Loop Recovery

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I've received a hard drive from a client and I am trying to get it to work on a pc of mine but it gets to the Windows XP start up graphic and then goes straight back to the initial motherboard boot up screen. Initally I thought it was something to do with the Ram, so I put more Ram in it... New ram in it but it still didn't work...

I then tried the same hard drive in a lower spec pc with 512mb of Ram and it worked fine?!?

Anyone know what's up with it? I presume it's something to do with the bios settings?


A:Stuck in a loop at boot up...

Can you start in Safe Mode?

Edit: read this -> wrong link -brb

IF you can get to Safe Mode:

Change the settings to disable automatic rebooting:

1.Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

2.Click the Advanced tab.

3.Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.

4.Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK the necessary number of times to back out.

5.Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

Then when it crashes again write down the error code (from the Blue screen) to post here then hopefully someone can tell you what it means.

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I tried to boot into safe mode but it wouldn't work. So I tried selecting safeboot in msconfig but now when it boots windows stops saying it didn't start sucessfully.

None of the options available work, safe mode, last good config, start normally etc.It just crashes again and repealts this routine.

How can I disable the safeboot in msconfig if i cant access my desktop?


A:stuck in loop cant boot

You could attempt a repair of Windows with the Windows CD. Do you really have Safeboot, the encryption software, on your hard drive?

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