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Restoring Macrium BackUp from an External Hard Drive

Q: Restoring Macrium BackUp from an External Hard Drive

I have been backing up to an external hard drive using Macrium. I have backed up as images rather than a clone. I would like to reassure myself as to the proper procedure to restore to a new internal SS hard drive. My hard drive is failing and I do have all my stuff backed up, but would like to avoid actually reinstalling both the OS, as well as my stuff. Would like to use the Macrium Image.
LOL thought it best to ask now before that inevitable day actually arrives.

Preferred Solution: Restoring Macrium BackUp from an External Hard Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Restoring Macrium BackUp from an External Hard Drive

OK well I did precisely this and had no problems. Furthermore I had purchased the Paragon Migrate product and wasn't happy with it.
This is what I did and is just a bit different from the WHS tutorial.

Prepare the SSD. Here I am including a system reserved partition of size 205MB. From an elevated command prompt
1) Diskpart
2) List Dist
3) Select disk n
......n is the SSD disk number
4) create partition primary size=205 align=1024
......the system reserved partition
5) create partition primary align=1024
......the OS partition
6) List partition
......should show
partition 1 primary 1024 kB
partition 2 primary 206 MB
7) select partition 1
8) active
9) select partition 2
10) assign letter=c
The SSD is now prepared.
Connect SSD to sata port 0 and disconnect all other internal HDDs

Transfer the Macrium Images
Using Macrium Reflect free V5. Drag and drop the partition images onto the SSD prepared partitions. The images will then use the target partition alignment. See
Partition Alignment

That's about it. Check Trim and that disk drefrag is off. Windows seems to take care of this.

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I had a larger Hard Drive installed on my Sony Vaio. 500gb. I ran the backup program from my old 100gb hard drive and it was successful. Now when I try and get the data back from the external hard drive using the recovery tool in Vista, it tells me it cannot recover because it has not made a backup. ?? How do I get all those compressed files from my external hard drive back on my new C: drive like they were on the old hard drive?

A:Restoring Backup from External Hard Drive

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I have a friend's computer that will not let me log on. That's not the issue. I want to back up his hard drive before reinstalling the OS. I plan on removing the hard drive and transferring the data onto an external hard drive and then once the reinstallation is complete, restore the data. The operating system is Windows Home Premium 32-bit.
It seems to me that a while back I had a similar scenario with another machine, also a Windows 7, but was unable to restore the backup data from off the external hard drive back to the computer. I never did find out why. So, I need to get the data off my friend's hard drive before reinstalling the OS but am concerned about not being able to restore that information.
Do I have to install some sort of restore app from Microsoft Windows in order to complete this back up and restore procedure? I could copy and paste, but holy cow—that would take an extreme amount of time!
Again, the steps are: 1. hooking his hard drive up to an adapter 2. locate his drive on my computer. 3. in the properties box of his hard drive click back up. 4. after reinstallation of OS, restore the data off my external hard drive back onto his hard drive.
I'm all ears.
Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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This isn't exactly a Windows 7 question, so if it doesn't belong here I apologize in advance.

Story: I had to send my laptop in to squaretrade for a repair (spilled liquid on the keyboard). They couldn't find the part, so they told me they were going to refund me the price of the computer (and not the price of the warranty), I quickly called and told them to send it back to me, which they did. Before sending it back, I took a disk image with macrium and wiped the hard drive clean with dban (after they had told me they would put Windows 7 back on my pc if I did so). When they sent it back to me they hadn't put windows back on the laptop. I could send it back to them to do so, but I was planning on buying the replacement keyboard (would get here in 2 days) and putting it back in myself, rather than waiting 2+ weeks to send it to them and have send it back.

Now, when I use the macrium recovery disk and I get to the part where it asks me to select which partition i want to overwrite the disk image data with, there's nothing there. Is there a way to remedy this?

A:Restoring disk img (with macrium) after using dban to wipe hard drive

Doesn't DBAN remove partitions?
Try booting up a GParted or PartedMagic disk and formatting the drive through that.

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I am running out of room on my BOOT disk. I have done a full 60 GB backup to an internal drive. If I was to switch out my existing BOOT drive, with a new larger drive, and then boot up, would I be able to then get that Image off my backup drive onto the new drive and reboot and be back in business?

A:restoring to new hard drive from backup

What do you mean switch out your drives?

Are you going to take out the existing one?

If so, you would need to boot up the winpe\linux\whatever restore media that came with whatever imaging program you used.

It should be able to see attached drives and restore the image it made onto the new HD.

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I've a Dell with a seagate 2TB hard drive that crashed. The computer when purchased was loaded with Windows 7. It was updated to Windows 8 and finally to Windows 10. I do not have the original discs. I do have a Dell Utility disc. Using Windows 10, when the system was working, I had the computer set up to do backups to an external hard drive. I purchased a new internal replacement hard drive and the system powers up but will not boot because no OS is installed. I do not have a boot disk. I've played around with the boot configuration to try and get it to boot from the external HD but that does nothing. What is the procedure to 1. Get booted up and 2. Restore the image backup?
I was about to download a utility for booting from a USB with Win 10 but have not tried that yet.Any help is appreciated.

A:Restoring Hard Drive from Backup Image

You make your own boot disk to install windows 10 by using the Create Media tool. Download the tool, run it on your working computer and select Make an install disk for another computer. Download the exact same version of win 10, burn it to disk or thumb drive and boot to it to do a custom install--important to select custom install so you can select the new drive.
As long as your windows 10 upgrade was activated, there will not be a problem to install win 10. Activation for 10 is kept on the MS Servers.

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The issue I ran across is apparently the same as in:

Macrium Reflect (Free 5.0.4118): need help on "recover partition"

So I had to restore my system to my SSD drive which I just secure erased. I have many drives on my system. I booted to the Macrium rescue CD, selected the backup image from one of my bacjup drives, went to the next page and selected the target drive - my SSD, drive 4, then went to a confirmation screen. Scrolling down I see it has as the target drive drive 3, one of my data drives! (if I would have went blindly on, you will see, it would have wiped my data drive).

So not knowing which was correct, I shut my PC down and disconnected all drives but the one with the image and the SSD drive, made sure all USB drives were disconnected (my phone had been). I then booted from the rescue CD, choose the image, choose the target (it correctly only gave me a choice of the SSD), then went to the confirmation page and the target was the backup drive with the image! Well, I thought what the heck, they SURELY won't format the disk with the selected image. WRONG! it formatted the backup drive and asked me for an image to restore, since it no longer had one. Sigh.

Well I had the foresight to have made an image with Windows 7 backup and restore as well, so was able to get back in business (after several trails and tribulations with it).

Note that with just an image on a backup disk and a target disk, I would not have been able to restore the Macrium image (I... Read more

A:Careful restoring from free Macrium w/boot CD and counting on backup

OK, the "bad" version of the Macrium Reflect Linux based Rescue CD is 5.0.4076. I made a new rescue CD with the latest Macrium 5.0.4196 and the problem appears to be fixed.

If your Rescue CD has version 5.0.4076, throw it out and make a new rescue CD from Macrium 5.0.4196

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Just recently, my main 1TB internal hard drive crashed and is not bootable. I luckily backed up my hard drive about a month ago on an external 500Gig hard drive. Though, I am having trouble finding how to restore from my from my back up hard drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Restoring with an external hard drive.

What type of backup did you perform? Was it just a data backup, meaning you would have to reinstall the OS, then all apps and finally data from External, or was it an image style backup where you would restore the whole machine from the backup file?

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Hello, everyone.

After restoring a backup on a new hard drive I first got a message that Windows was not genuine, although Control Panel/System said it was. I have found threads that said it can take some time after restoring a backup on a new drive before Windows is recognized. I re-entered the key and re-activated it in cmd and they were both successful. I don't get the message any more.

But Windows will still not update, giving me the message that Windows Update service is not running, although it is. The Background Intelligent Transfer is also running. I restarted both, just in case, but I still get the same message.

I have tried a Fix It tool for updates, but it didn't fix the problem, although it said it fixed issues.

I tried to download and install SURT too, but I get a 0xc8000247 error message. I have also tried the troubleshooter in Control Panel, but it says "a problem prevents the troubleshooter from starting" error code 0x8E5E0247.

I have already run both chkdsk and sfc, but sfc said it could not fix some problems. (I ran it from Windows, not from the repair console used when repairing Windows.)

I am running Windows 7 Home Edition SP1 32bit on a Gigabyte notebook T1005.

Thank you for your help!

What should I do?

Edit: After reading that some people had luck updating Intel I reinstalled my version iata_enu.exe, but it didn't fix the problem....

A:Windows won't update after restoring image backup to new hard drive

Some people solved the problem by updating the Intel RAID drivers, but I tried an automatic utility on their website to find updated Intel drivers and it only updated the graphics driver, which obviously didn't fix the problem.

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Despite the great help I received yesterday, I am still in the same boat. I am trying to "clean up" my Dell Inspiron 1012 (Dell Mini). It does not have a CD drive...only USB ports. I have an external hard drive connected to one of the USB ports. The computer has the Windows 7 Professional OS (although the computer came from the factory with 7 Basic; I used Windows anytime upgrade). Anyway, I want to use the Windows "create system image" option to backup, wipe clean, and restore. Will the computer boot from the USB? Any pointers on this process? I really appreciate the forum help!!!!


A:Restoring via system image using external hard drive

The ISO can be downloaded from Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River . You can put on usb flash stick by doing Windows USB/DVD Download Tool - Microsoft Store

Does the machine boot from that stick? If so... with that stick you can "wipe clean" and do the win7 built-in restore. Use USB2 ports .... most likely usb3 doesn't work.

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I just recently backed up my desktop PC hard drive to a disk image on a second hdd using Macrium Reflect software. However, since I've never tried restoring this data, I really have no idea whether it will work should it be necessary. Would it be practical to do a 'test' restore to an external hdd (I know these are relatively slow, but it's just a test). I only have about 70gb total including WinXP Pro SP2. I simply want to confirm that the restore will actually work. The external hdd's ultimate use would be to simply host disk images.

Historically, I've only backed up what I considered critical data to a second hard drive. I was willing to reinstall OS and programs on a new drive if it ever became necessary. However, since getting a notebook, I was faced with the prospect of having to restore from a set of OEM recovery disks (WinVista disk not included separately) which would take forever as it installed tons of factory bloatware and other crappy stuff that I would end up having to remove.

I finally decided the time was right to back up both computers to disk images on an external hdd since this seemed a viable solution to avoiding the notebook recovery scenario. The entire purpose of this drive would be to archive disk images from both computers, with my desktop PC's second hdd used to backup the external drive.

This seems like a logical game plan, but am I missing any potential pitfalls? Opinions welcome!

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Deleted the wrong files from an external hard drive when plugged into a tablet. When I plugged the hard drive back into the tablet to restore the file, I am getting the following error message: :L/ is unavailable, the location is unavailable and it advises to make sure the drive is connected / plugged in....which it is. Is there anyway to restore the files???!!

A:Restoring deleted files to external hard drive!!!

use this recovery software called recuva. free and small. can also be used from a usb.

read the info on the side of the download page about recovery options.
also, its important not to use the external drive.. until running a scan with recuva, as the data may be lost.

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My hard drive recently became corrupted and had to be completely replaced.
Before this, I had backed up everything on the hard drive using `Backup and Restore Centre` for Windows Vista on an external hard drive. Now I want to restore all the files (which included everything on my computer at the time) again using `Backup and Restore Centre` for WV.

However, I know nothing about computers, and after just having got my laptop back, I don't want to have to send it back to the shop because I'm completely and utterly useless.

Restoring the files I recently backed up shouldn't cause a problem? Or is there something I need to do before/after using the Restore function?

(The files I wish to restore include everything, quite literally. I backed up everything a few weeks before my internal hard drive failed, which is the reason I'm a little concerned, as some of the data from the corrupt hard-drive was rescued [I've placed it on an external hard drive so it won't be lost by anything stupid I do from here on out ] and I wasn't sure if that would affect it for some reason, some how.)

Apologies about the stupid question, but any help/advice would be awesome.

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I used a Duplicate Finger program to move MP3 duplicates from my external hard drive to my C drive. I have them all in a folder but discovered I need them back in their original folders. At least quite a few of them. Is there a way to do this automatically or am I stuck having to locate and do one by one?

A:Restoring moved files back to external hard drive

Some Dup. programs delete files to the Recycle Bin... check there first with the external drive connected and possibly you might be able to restore to the original locations.

You can also try undeleting the files from the external drive. Here is a listing of some free and some paid programs.

Just avoid saving or modifying anything on the external drive as that will lower your chances of recovery. Ideally you should recover to another location but to expedite matters, you can try recovering to the original locations. Personally I'd recommend recovering to a new folder on your computer and then copying them back over to the external.

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I have an Acer Iconia W500 that came preinstalled with Windows 7 32bit Home Premium. I made recovery discs from the tablet before installing Windows 8 on it, which runs great. What I would like to do, if possible, is to use those Windows 7 restore discs and restore them to an external hard drive and be able to boot from it and run the original Windows 7 that came preinstalled. The reason I am wanting to do this, as there were some programs, drivers, and other things that I cannot download from Acer or retrieve from the restore discs, and can only access from the OS if it is actually running. Thanks, ahead of time, for any help.

A:Help Restoring Windows 7 Recovery Disk to External Hard Drive or USB

This is why many WIn8 previewers keep the old OS in a Dual Boot so it is readily accessible by booting or via Explorer. It would have also been better to back up a Win7 backup image which could be virtually mounted in Disk Mgmt. to access any files. Recovery Disks are not that flexible and will only recover the machine to exact factory condition on the internal HD.

What drivers or other needed software is missing from the Acer Support Downloads webpage for your model. These can often be found via Google. I have never seen a problem with Acer in countless Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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So I want to clone one external 2TB with another. So one drive is the main use one and another the backup one. So I copy everything over to backup and i store the backup at another house and then I start using the main: deleting and adding/editing files. What is the best software or whatever to allow me, after some time, synchronize/clone the externals again without deleting all on the backup drive and recopying? (main to backup) and make them clones again? ..Adding and deleting or replacing any nonidentical files.. Like where i can press a button on some software and it do the work for me.
Sorry if this is confusing

A:Best external to external hard drive synchronized backup plan?

There's a bunch of applications that can do that.

They all work pretty much the same way, but would differ in how easy they are to understand and configure---the interfaces would differ and the help files would differ.

I use FreeFileSync from sourceforge.net.

Others are Syncback, Folder Clone, Karen's Replicator, FBackup, Second Copy, and Synchromagic.

You should be able to configure them to do one or the other of the following:

1: If you delete or modify a file on the "original", it will also be deleted or modified on the backup.

2: If you delete a file on the "original", it will be retained on the backup. If you modify a file, both the modified and unmodified file will be retained on the backup.

It's up to you which choice you prefer. I use the first method, which is often called "mirroring"--one drive is an exact match of the other.

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I've got a new external hard drive.
I have many other external hard drives for which I want to backup the files of.

What's the best way of copying files from one drive to another?

1. Should I connect both on USB3 and copy one from another?


2. Copy to computer and then copy to new hard drive?

I've got a feeling that the second option might be the best one?


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I back up all my changed folders (usually 2 or 3) every evening to an external hard drive. Is it advisable to have the ext. HD plugged into the laptop all the time [usb], or should I plug it in just for the backup operation which never takes more than 2 or 3 minutes? Thanks in advance.

A:External backup hard drive

I would keep it removed.

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I've tried Ubuntu from a cd, and decided to do do a full install alongside XP.

I've backed up my HD to an external HD.

I wanted to see if I had a good backup, so tried to boot up from the external HD - but my screen just goes blanc.

Start/my compter/e-drive shows that I have a backup file - if I click on that, the backup/restore wizzard opens. Not sure I want to restore - i just want to check all my data is safe.

How can I check that all my data is safe on the external HD before proceeding with the Linux install?



A:Backup to external hard drive.

What software did you use to back up the XP install?

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Can anyone recommend a reliable external hard drive backup for a laptop. Preferably an automatic one about 500 GB.

A:External Hard Drive Backup

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last backup did not complete successfully. 

A:backup to external hard drive

Boris6, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.

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Hello sevenforums members,

I want to backup my system and then do a clean Windows 10 installation, so my whole system is fresh after installing Windows 10.
Is there a good way to do that?
My real question is: How does the backup on an external hard drive look.
Does it backup in a seperate backup folder, because I have more things stored on that EHD.
Thanks in advance

Greets Ruud

A:How does a backup on an external hard drive look like.

I would use Macrium Reflect from here:
Macrium Reflect Free
Look at the tutorial and the use "create an Image" rather than cloning your disc. Make sure you then create a rescue CD . The tutorial tells you how. If you have any doubts as to how this works come back here for guidance. It is important to get it right. It is always a good idea to create a backup image from time to time on a regular basis. Then if you are unlucky enough to have a major crash you can be back up and running within the hour.

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Hi. I have a Lenovo 3000 laptop which works well reading info from any external USB pluged in device, ie my Nokia N95 phone, floopy disc drive, hard disc drive,etc. But when I want to transfer files to the devices, I have no luck at all. I have read the 'Dummies book' and just don't seem to get the pages that are supposed to come up. For example: I wanted to backup to an external hard drive, I should have a choice of where I want to save it to, but I only get the internal CD burner. Same goes for my phone. I get all the info from it, but can't pit anything in it. I tried bluetooth etc., but still only one way traffic! I've checked that the devices are installed correctly etc., but must be doinng something wrong. Can anyone help please?

A:Can't backup to external hard drive, or anything else!

What messages (if any) are you receiving when the copy or move attempt is made?

What method do you use i.e. drag 'n drop from one device to the other?

Some applications automatically default to the CD Burner as the target device as that is where they think you will want to put it.

Is there a small black down arrow beside the burner name or a browse button that will let you dig into the PC to find other devices to back up to.

It can be pretty tricky copying/moving to some external devices such as mobiles, PDA's etc. as they ofteh have their own little ways of doing it.

Some of them use the import/export technique that usually comes under FILE on the application itself when opened.

Can you copy/move from one folder on the HDD to another without any problems and is it only the external ones you are having difficulty with.

On my owm mobile and PDA, there is no way the normal copy procedure works such as using My Computer to drag 'n drop files to the ext devices.

A bit more detail here would help in terms of the exact steps you are taking to try to complete the copy/move procedures.

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On a computer using Windows 7 64 bit. When using external hard drives for data backup. Is it better to format them for MBR or GPT?

I know MBR is old. And I believe the GPT has redundant partition tables. Though have read of some people having trouble getting data off of drives with GPT as the partitions are "protected".

I thought of going with GPT as it has redundant partition tables, whereas MBR only has a single partition table that if it gets corrupted. That can/will screw the whole drive up and the data on it.

I only use these hard drives for data backup.

A:External backup hard drive, should it be MBR or GPT?

This is something you really have to research and decide for yourself. So many variables.


GPT vs. MBR: How the humble drive partition led to the larger hard drives we all love | PCWorld

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I've been using a salvaged hard drive from an old PC (with an enclosure) for my external file back-up.

As it's getting long in the tooth, and capacity is getting pinched, I want to explore a new one (say... 1 to 2 TB range).

I know there's lots of them out there from different manufacturers, but hoped to get a few recommendations from this esteemed forum.

Or maybe it's just all about price given the technology itself is quite "commodity."

Thanks for any input on what to consider.

A:External Hard Drive for BackUp

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I'm trying to backup my Windows XP PC to an external 150G hard drive which has two 74G partitions - one formatted for my Mac (Mac OS Extended (Journaled)) and the other for PC (MS-DOS FAT(32), or Windows NT File System (NTFS)). I created the partitions using the Mac. I use Time Machine to backup the Mac. I tried using the Backup Tool in Windows but it stops when it reaches 4G of the partition and tells me to insert a floppy disk to continue. How else can I backup my computer to the external drive?

A:How to backup onto external hard drive

NT Backup has known limitations, but the 4GB file size limitation is a FAT32 known characteristic.



I suggest converting the FAT32 partition to NTFS.


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I'm an accidental techie for a charity; Forgive me if this is not in the right forum.....wasn't quite sure....I bought a Seagate external
hard drive that the young man at Best Buy said I could back up my four
person network to. He said I would have to do it manually which I tried to
do using the backup feature in Windows XP. It won't back up to the E
drive. My error message is “This set cannot be catalogued because the media containing the set data is missing” Can someone please in English tell me what I'm missing? Is there
software that is supposed to be involved? I've been looking all over the
net for an answer but everything seems to be going over my head and now I'm just tired and cranky! Thanks, Robin

A:Backup to External Hard Drive

Cobian Backup will do the trick. It's free and will run rings around Windows backup.

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Hi, I'm trying to use the Windows 7 Backup to generate a backup which I want to export to my external hard drive. But it keeps failing, is there a way I can use some other program of find a solution?

A:Backup to an external hard drive?

Quote: Originally Posted by rosefox911

Hi, I'm trying to use the Windows 7 Backup to generate a backup which I want to export to my external hard drive. But it keeps failing, is there a way I can use some other program of find a solution?

2 great programs: Macrium Reflex (free)
Acronis (30 day free trial)

Both are highly promoted by members of this forum.

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I purchased a Western Digital 250gb external hard drive (My Passport Essential I think) a few years back with the idea that I would use it as a backup to my main computer and/or an alternative hard drive storage for my music. But I have been sadly deceived and luckily I have only used it as a sync/temporary access drive when I needed to print stuff away from home.

Well the time has come to upgrade to a new computer (with more space and speed etc than current) and I have been trying to find ways to transfer my existing files across.

In my search, I have stumbled across many forums/websites that advise the WD external hdd and the preinstalled software (WD Sync/Dmailer Sync whichever it is now) is not suitable as a backup drive and that if the computer is erased and at any point resync'ed, the data on the external hdd will be deleted. Also many people advise they have lost files as a result of computer crashes etc and cannot retrieve the files from either their WD hdd or their computer. All of which has prompted me to start this thread.

Can anyone please tell me, is there a way to...
1. Transfer my files to my new computer using the WD external hdd? NB. Not as important as I have alternative methods/may start another thread.

2. Turn the WD hdd into a back up drive without purchasing the Dmailer Backup software? (NB. I am not opposed to buying new software but I feel I have been "done" by a highstreet (actually retail park) computer store and I don't par... Read more

A:Use Western Digital external hard drive as a backup drive

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The ?E? drive became missing. I added the drive letter in Disc Management but backup still can?t find it.
Please see attached screen shot. I?m guessing it has to do with Systems Reserve but can?t figure out how to fix that partition which I never saw before. I used Windows Image to backup and then recently tried to save a clone with Macrium Reflect but it failed with a message error 13 broken pipe.
Help please,

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Dear friends,
I encountered a problem that i can not backup my system by using backup and restore function in win7. I had it done before and i have a backup image in my external hard drive. Several days ago the system tried to backup again due to the set backup schedule, but it failed all the time.
Firstly popped up a window saying that: "A shadow copy could not be created. Please check "VSS" and "SPP", application event logs for more information. Details: A Volume Shadow Copy Service component encountered an unexpected error. Check the Application event log for more information. " and offering two options: 1. Try to run backup again, 2. Change backup settings. Because failed for the first one, so i clicked on the second one and another pop up:
"The backup application could not start due to an internal error: A Volume Shadow Copy Service component encountered an unexpected error. Check the Application event log for more information. (0x80042302)."
I searched the internet for solution telling that, like, start Volume Shadow Copy Service in Service, increase the space in disks for system protection, and reboot the computer, etc. I think i tried that all, but the problem is not solved at all.
Also, i tried restoring the system by using restore point, it failed again.
Is there anyone could help? Very appreciated!

A:VSS and SPP problem when ran backup to external hard drive

Hello chinhiunvun, welcome to Seven Forums!

In the Windows start menu type Services and click the entry to see what it's set at.
click to enlarge

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(1) External HDD

Looking for advice/recommendations for a powered external hard drive, to sit on the desk rather than portable.

My hard drive failed a couple of weeks back: luckily most files were backed up online. What I missed was a quicker way of retrieving them instead of downloading... fast broadband where I am isn't very fast! Still not quite through getting it back. Something here would be much easier in an emergency, with the online as a fallback. I did have this "double cover" with an external drive, but sod's law -- it bit the dust a few months ago and I hadn't got round to replacing it. After years without problems I'd got a bit complacent, thinking 'oh well, it's backed up online'. Well, most of it was (not quite all) and it saved my bacon, but I won't make the same mistake again!

The one I had, from quite a few years ago so it did extremely well, was a Maxtor/Seagate One-Touch with its own backup software and power supply, but if the new one doesn't have inbuilt software I can get that separately (see below).

As it's for the desk, I'd rather have something robust, not small, light and flimsy that could easily be knocked or pulled off. The Maxtor was good as it was chunky and weighty (about 1.5 kg). A good shape as it didn't have flat smooth surfaces like I see now: the metal casing was itself mostly encased in a protective nonslip rubbery-like compound (protection against knocks and dr... Read more

A:(1) Which external hard drive? (2) Backup software

I've got a couple 2 tb external passports; one WD, one Seagate, and use MS's Synchtoy to synch them each Friday (keep on at work, one at home).......that's always treated me fine.

I'm sure that there are better options for synch software, but got used to this with xp, never got rid of it.....

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I have used externals for a long time, and went to go get another Toshiba Canvio today. I particularly have appreciated the fact that I could choose to use their back-up software or treat the drive as any internal drive (ie put what files I want and when). I could swap between my win 7 desktop and win8.1 laptop without issues as well.

So, imagine my fun when I learn that their new variety Canvio Connect II has pre-loaded software for back up, cloud and security....ggggrrrrrr. Okay, so I need a drive desperately before my trip end of the month.

1. Does anyone know if I can reformat this drive in Windows and wipe all the pre-loaded stuff?

2. Does anyone know of any external hard drives that behave as an empty drive on the current market?

3. Added it would be sweet if there is a drive anyone knows of that answers #1 or 2 that also can swap with other os-x laptop.

Thanks for any info.

A:External Hard Drive without auto backup

Q1: I don't know "Toshiba Canvio" from a side of bacon, but I'd be astonished if any drive can't be formatted. What's "special" about it that might make it different?

Q2: Most any drive I know of can be treated as an "empty drive". What's special about Canvio that it can't?

There must be more to the story.

Unless there's something I don't understand, I'd wipe the drive and back up to it with the software of my choosing. What's standing in the way of doing that?

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I use a Seagate USB 3.0 external hard drive to do automated system backups on a weekly basis, using both Windows and Acronis. I have always left this drive on all the time, even though I only use it weekly.

I have read where some users power their external hard drives off between backups.

Any recommendations on the best thing to do.......leave it on or turn it off?

Thanks in advance.........

A:Is It Best to Keep External Backup Hard Drive Powered Off

If you can disconnect this drive when backups are not happening, you increase your odds of not having any viri or malware hitting the ext HD. Other than that, disconnecting and powering off ext HD saves some wearNtear on said device.

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I use my external hard drive for back up purposes. I manually did a back up on Jan 31 just by copying the files over to the external drive. I now want to back up all the changes to my master files on my PC hard drive as of Feb 1.

Is there a way for me to do this without having to manually go through each folder or overwrite every single file all over again?

Also, through a disk check, my system found some sector errors and truncated some of my files (I think mainly some jpg files) on my external drive. Is there a way to find out which files were impacted so I can overwrite just those with the still good master files?

Makes me feel like I need umpteen backups just to make sure at least some of them survive the various problems that crop up!

Thank you for any help you can provide.

A:How do I backup on external hard drive by date?

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Hi all, new to the forum so please forgive me if I don't get terminology right or ask really dumb questions. I have a new desktop pc -HP pavilion p6-2203a- pre installed with windows 7 home premium service pack 1. I have a new 2tb Seagate Expansion external drive. Apparently on the hd I have 1.76tb of space, yet the system will not do a backup as it says there is not enough space. When I check through ''disk management'' the whole bar is blue, I thought if it wasn't used it should be black? Today I have spoken to hp, seagate, and microsoft who all say it isn't their problem and tell me to call one of the others. This pc is only a fortnight old and I have already had no end of trouble with it!
I have also tried to save a copy of the ''system image'', but it won't let me do that either.
Sorry for such a long post but has been a reeeaaaalllly long day trying to fix this and just about ready to throw this thing....

A:New external hard drive 2TB-won't backup-says not enough space

Maybe the backup programs are not ready for very large partitions.
I try splitting it into two partitions. Use one for backups and the other for images.

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I want to start backing up my compute to an external hard drive. I have a Dell desktop computer. What is the process to do this?

A:How can I backup by computer using an external hard drive

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I have had a backup hard drive for several years. Recently I went from Windows XP to 7. The person who connected my external drive told me to leave my computer on , e.g., Monday mornings from 8-11 am and it would copy everything new during that time.

So I made up some files and folders about three weeks ago, as a test, and I do not see any of them listed on the ext. drive.

Have I missed something or was I misled? Yesterday was the most recent day that I typed up a document and is is nowhere to be seen. In fact, the most recent entry in the listing on the ext. hard drive is in November.

A:Solved: Is my backup, external hard drive really doing it?

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I am trying to backup everything on my computer. What would be a good program to compliment this? I have norton ghost, but all it seems to do is just take an image. I would prefer something where i can manually copy folders from the backed up folder (does norton have this feature, and I am just missing it?)

A:backup computer to external hard drive

Ghost does have the ability to perform File and folder backups. Personally I don't really see the need, as you can mount the image backups you saved, which will then show up as drive letters, allowing you to restore individual files and folders.Ghost: Image Backup vs File and Folder BackupRestoring a Backup in Norton Ghost<-- Not sure if this is up to date, you may want to consult Ghosts Help Files for confirmation.

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I am running Windows 7 Pro 32 bit and have my system and files backed up and mirrored to my external hard drive.

If I upgrade to the Windowss Pro 64 bit disc can I then use my external hard drive to put all my programes and files back onto the 64 bit system?

A:Backup 32bit external hard drive to 64

A hard drive is not 32bit or 64bit dependant. You OS (e.g Windows) is. So, if you format and reinstall Windows you will lose everything that is present in the drive or partition that you delete. You will have to reinstall programs, too.

So, moving or copying simple files (e.g docs, photos, music, movies, but not programs) to external drive is definitely a good idea, and you will have no problem to access them with a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows. Some few programs may still work even if you don't reinstall them, but most of them will need to be installed again.

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A mod moved a similar thread of mine to Hardware forum, but I receive no response.
So, I am posting here with more up-to-date infos.

I am running Win 8 in VMware in my Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1.

I have a 1 TB external hard drive connected to my Win 7 laptop.
I use it to do System Image backup and I also backup a lot of files to it.

But, Win 8 does not see the external hard drive at all.
I did go to Settings > More PC Settings > Devices > Add a device > it went to look for devises and said No devices found.

So, what is the next move ?

Thank you.

A:Can't do Image backup on external hard drive.

With VMware's Player 4.02 recommended at this time by the way you look at the icons found at the bottom right corner to find any external usb HDs or flash drives plugged in and click on that to disconnect from host first. That will mount the external drive on the VM.

You won't be able to create a full system image backup of the CP from any VM player regardless of which program is used. You are running 8 on a Virtual Machine which makes that option unavailable automatically. Here I will be waiting for the Release Preview due out next month to test the backup features from the second physical drive's replacement of the CP there.

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I'm curious to know which is a better, safer, reliable, secure way to backup data, external HD or Online. From what I've read, online may be a cheaper route, but you get what you pay for, and some data isn't worth taking the chance. If I purchase the HD, I have to buy software if I want automatic backups. So I need any input on what might be the better way, cause I just don't know.

Thank you,

A:External Hard Drive vs. Online Backup

Stu, I am going to say online, the thing about external hard drive an I am assuming u mean a USB hard drive is that get extremely hot and burn up the hard drive.

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New desktop with Windows 7 (64 bit) Home Premium.

I want to use a system backup to a 1 or 2 TB external hard drive. Should I use the software within Windows 7 or the software that comes with the external hard drive or other?

Is there a brand of hard drive whose software you can recommend?

Thanks, cb

A:Software for Backup to External Hard Drive

Welcome to SF. I would suggest Acronis software personally. What make is the hard drive and included software? I've also used the W7 back up and found if very capable.

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I have a dell computer running Windows XP .
When I try to run backup to an external hard disc I get the message below.
The Backup Utility cannot connect to the removable
Storage service. this service is required for use of
tape drives and other backup devices.

Please exit and start the Removable Storage service using
the System Services function of the Management Console.



If I click on OK it will do a backup I should have a cd in the drive and bombs out.

My question is where do I find the Management Console and what do I do then.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanking You in Advance.

A:Problems with backup to external hard drive in win xp

Hi jake09,
When the wizard asks for a location for the backup, just do it to a folder on the desktop and then move it to the external drive.

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I just installed Windows 8. I used to have Vista. With Vista I could connect my Seagate external hard drive and then find the Backup function and create a backup. How would I do this with Windows 8? Help.

A:Creating Backup on external hard drive

Hello Sky, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It basically works the same in Windows 8 as well. The tutorial below can help show you more on how to in Windows 8.

Backup Files in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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when you "backup entire computer" does it take up as much space as your harddrive? I've used about 50 gigs on my computer, but when i do a backup, it only backups up 1 gb? About 35 gigs on my external are used, but this doesn't equal the amount I backed up. Whats the deal?

A:backup wtih external hard drive

sometimes the backup can be compressed.
the best way to backup is just to copy the drive c partition over to another drive or your external hard drive.
how does the backup look. is it just 1 image file you see or is it a file /folder view that looks exactly like your drive c?

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