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Project 2003 and MS Office 2007 compatibility

Q: Project 2003 and MS Office 2007 compatibility


I would like to know what are some potential compatibility problems between MS Project 2003 and MS Office 2007? Will I run into any known problems after installing them on the same machine? I appreciate your help!

-Chris McCarthy

Preferred Solution: Project 2003 and MS Office 2007 compatibility

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Project 2003 and MS Office 2007 compatibility

well the only thing you can do is try.. i have never used MS project before so; i would just try it and if it does not work uninstall on of them

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When I try to open a 2007 Word or Excel document I recieve as an attachment in Outlook 2003, I get the following message:
"This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". Office 2007 compatibility pack was installed and it still did not work.

I then uninstalled Office 2003, uninstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack and then I ran CCleaner to clean up the registry. I updated my OS (currently has Windows XP SP3) with all updates, reinstalled Office 2003, installed Office 2003 SP 3 and then reinstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack.

I still get the same message when I try to open an Office 2007 attachment in Outlook 2003.

OS is Windows XP SP3 fully updated
Office 2003 SP 3 fully updated

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any hel on this issue.

Feral Geek

A:Solved: Cannot open Office 2007 documents even with Office 2007 compatibility pack in

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Is there anyone here who knows the in's and out's of Project Server 2007. I am stuck trying to gain access to sites created either thru a browser or Project Pro 2007.
I did the Basic install, which installed and created a new site after installation. It installed SQL express, SharePoint Services, and made the changes to IIS. I am now at the point where I can log on to the default site created PWA (Project Web Access). What I would like to finally get to is create a site called "company name" and be able to connect to it with either Project Pro 2007 or thru Web Access.
I have gone thru MS sites for the past week, and I even bought a book. All say to do what I have already done, but I still can not get Project Pro to even connect to the default site.

Any help or ideas, would greatly be appreciated.

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Hi all. My daughter's school offered students a free copy of MS Office Project Pro 2007. She has no use for it but I do, so I snagged it along with the installation product key.

I installed it on my current desktop to check it out - make sure I can open my old Project 98 files, etc. Works great! But I have not activated it yet (22 more starts to go!).

This version has a One Installation on One Machine license.

Now I plan on building a new machine in the next couple of months and I will want Project 2007 on that machine. So my question is: should I wait and install & activate once I'm on the new machine?

Some high end programs have an option to deactivate the installation on the old machine and reactivate on the new machine, allowing only one installation on one computer. Is this the case with Office progs? Or are they serious: installed on one computer - give it away with the computer when you upgrade?

Educate me please!

A:MS Office Project 2007 Pro Activation query

Dear TVeblen

Let me quote you Microsoft Software License Terms (MSLT) for 2007

15. REASSIGN TO ANOTHER DEVICE. You may reassign the license to a
different device any number of times, but not more than one time every 90
days. If you reassign, that other device becomes the “licensed device.”
If you retire the licensed device due to hardware failure, you may
reassign the license sooner.

Thus, IMHO you shouldn't have any troubles reassigning this copy to another device.
There is no procedure for MS OFFICE deactivation. One should simply uninstall software from first computer and then reinstall and activate it on the second.
Should you ever experience any troubles, you can always reactivate vie phone.

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Microsoft Office Project is the name of a program that helps with a variety of Projects

A friend bought a laptop in Spain - most programs are in english

Project seems to be in Spanish

I have never heard of this program - is it part of the Office suite, as I can't find it on my computer.

How would he obtain an english version as he wants to use the Home Construction Template he downloaded from the Office Site


A:Microsoft Office Project 2003 Query


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After i installed MS Project 2007, everytime i open Outlook 2003, a window will pop saying that Outlook needs configuring. It will take a few minutes and finish and then disappear. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue? Any help is appreciated.


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My laptop came preinstalled with the 2007 compatibility pack. I installed Office 2010 the day I bought the laptop. Have been running for many months and never noticed this: the default application to open docx files in the Microsoft Open XML Converter. The default for doc files is Microsoft Word. The only version of Word I have on my computer is 2010. If I remember correctly, the laptop came with a 2007 trial version but I deleted that - I still have a link to "reinstall MS Office trial." Whenever I click on a docx file, it opens in Word. I'm running Win 7 64-bit Home Premium but the 32-bit version of Office 2010.

Here's the strange part: if I set Word as the default application for opening docx files, I lose the Word icon and get what I believe is the Wordpad icon (the standard sheet of paper with corner turned over and lines on it) as my icon for docx files. The registry tells me that the defaulticon for docx files is Wordpad.exe. The icon for doc files is still the Word icon. Same thing happens if I uninstall the compatibility pack, which of course I don't even need, and then I also lose my Excel icon and am "iconless" for Excel files. If I try to set the default icon in the registry to the Word icon, I get a tiny Word icon in lieu of the normal Word icon.

I discovered all this by following this advice for being able to open Word docs stored on Microsoft's Skydrive:
You should not need the "Compatibility Pack for the Office 20... Read more

A:Office 2007 compatibility pack and Office 2010

Uninstall everything relating to Microsoft Office (both Office 2010 & the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack, & anythng else to do with Office.

Restart Windows.

Now re-install Office 2010

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I have installed office for windows 2007. This version does not include project manager. So in trying to install office for windows 2003 i am getting errors. is my only recourse to purchase and install Project Manager 2007? thank you in advance for yoour help.

A:installing office project manager 2003 under Vista

Although Microsoft Project is an Office product, none of the Office versions ever came with Project. It, as well as Visio, have always been separate products. So, yes, you will have to purchase the product separately.

Incidentally, there is no Windows 2007. I assume you mean Office 2003 and Office 2007.


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Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 uses the Project Server Tracing Service to log application errors to the Event Viewer. The Project Server SetTracing Utility also allows you to redirect the tracing output to a log file, or to the Event Viewer and a log file. Directing application errors to a log file will output the errors to a format that you can send to Microsoft Product Support Services, making it easier for them to help determine the cause or causes of any errors your organization may be running into.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Service Pack 3, Windows Server 2003

This download works with the following Office applications:

Microsoft Office Project Server 2003



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Good Day,

I've often used the Files and Transfer Wizard to move files in the Windows XP environment, including those for people moving from Office 2003 to 2007, however, I've just been asked to move a person from a computer that would result in them moving backwards from Office 2007 to Office 2003; is this possible? What concerns should be considered? Obviously if they have a number of documents saved in the 2007 it could be problematic, though could the compatibility pack offered by Microsoft offset that concern? Thoughts? Thanks.


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Hi Guys
I am currently still running Office 97 on my machine but i am buying a new PC with Office 2007 installed, i read somewhere that they may not be compatible is this true, and will i still be able to open my documents, cheers.

A:Office 2007 Compatibility

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Can I (in addition) to an already installed Office 2003 install the Office 2007 version as well?

Or do they interfere each other?


A:Can Office 2003 and Office 2007 co-exist on a Win7 system?

Hi pstein,

I have had both versions installed on my Windows 7 machine without any conflicts.

This is not to say that it could happen, however mine was fine.


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Can anyone tell me how to re-install Microsoft Office? I've just had to do a complete re-install of Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition (as a parallel, repair function was not working on the original version) after a blue screen error nightmare followed by issues with the keyboard and mouse not being recognized. Those issues are now resolved and I was able to keep my data. I see everything in the system has been restored except Microsoft Office 2007. I can see the files but cannot access the actual program. My word and excel files are there but I cannot open them without the program. I do have the Application and Drivers & Utilities CD's (DELL Dimension E520). Any advice would be appreciated.


A:[SOLVED] Need to re-install MS Office 2007 in Windows XP - (actually Office 2003)

You need the Office 2007 installation cd . . If it came with the PC, Dell should have included it in the package of cd's with the system

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I installed office 2007 ultimate alongside office 2003 professional. Microsoft outlook and publisher was removed from my office 2003 prior to office 2007 installation. I also opted not to install microsoft outlook 2007.

It seems that each time I load word 2007 or 2003 after previously opening the other version (ie. load 2003 followed by 2007 OR load 2007 followed by 2003), a window would opened up indicating that either the configuration or installation process is taking place, hence delaying the startup. However, once the program has started, it would run without problem. I do not intend to unistall my 2003. There was no problem loading excel 2003/2007, powerpoint 2003/2007 and access 2003/2007.

I am running on Windows XP SP2 that is regularly updated. Thank you

A:instaling issue Office 2007 alongside office 2003

Try deselecting Word as your Outlook Email editor. I suspect that will be the issue, as it reconfigures Outlook 2003 each time to the changed Word version?

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Hey guys, my wife is taking a course that requires her to install Office 2010. The issue is that she wants to preserve her current setup which includes Office 2003 and 2007 existing side-by-side on her Windows 7 (64-bit Home Edition) notebook.
The 2003/2007 setup is not one that she really wants to mess with (i.e., she has no interest whatsoever in uninstalling the two Office suites that she currently has), so ideally she would like to have Office 2010 installed temporarily (for the duration of her course) on the machine without interfering with the current setup.
What is the most painless way of doing this that does not involve shelling out for a second computer?

A:Installing Office 2010 on a machine with Office 2003/2007

Hi, welcome to the forum,
I had a similar situation here but in the end I opted out.

I removed both Office 2003 and 2007 and installed 2010, I then used virtual XP and installed 2003 there, 2007 and 2010 are too similar and the dll's will 'bite' along the way.

Even my 2003 and 2007 gave me issues after some time.

Have you checekd what the Microsoft Support site says?

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Many friends complaint the ribbon of office 2007 too hard to use, I almost recommend them Classic Menu for Office 2007, for this deserves your try. Not only brings back the classic view, but also remain the new office menus and the ribbon.
If you are experience the same problem, except this office add-in, do you have any way?

A:Office 2007 switch office 2003 classic view

Hi Julie,
Welcome to the forum,
What I can't make out from post. Is this a question or are you informing?
It's the way you phrase your request that does not really reflect what you want or need.

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So this is odd. I have a user who is using office 2003, when she forwards an email to anyone using office 2007 the body of her forward is lost. However, if the email is opened via office 2003, webmail, or via a Smartphone the forwards are there. Iíve reinstalled office on computer A (the one with office 2003) but this didnít remedy the situation. Any ideas?

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Hey All,

Here is my issue. The Company we consult for has not transitioned all of the way to Office 2007. We have a number of machines that still have Office 2003. Compatibility Pack works on almost all issues.

Current issue is one of our users received a PowerPoint 2003 that has embedded PowerPoint 2007 files. When the user opens the PowerPoint 2007 file Office 2003 shuts down. He has to download the 2007 file to his desktop.

From what I can see this is because the file conversion process shuts down Office 2003 before attempting to open the PowerPoint 2007 file.

Another issue that may be complicating the error is we had to run a Fixit patch from Microsoft that was causing Excel, Word and PowerPoint to be scanned which caused long opening times. I don't remember the KB article for that one at the moment but will find it if I need to.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Why am I having such difficulty opening excel 97 - 2003 files in excel 2007? It opens in compatibility mode and then freezes and crashes everytime. Why is this a problem? I know the file converter works for opening 2007 in previous versions, is there something I need to know about going the other way? Thanks for any help.

A:Office 2007 Compatibility mode

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I am using Office 2003 but need to access Office 2007 documents. Can I download the "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats"? Have done this on computers using Windows XP but Windows 7 is not on the list of "Supported Operating Systems".

A:Office 2007 Compatibility Pack


Welcome to 7 forums,

Yes, I tried and it worked for me. You can download it from here


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It is possible to open a Word 2003/Excel 2003 document in Word 2007/Excel 2007. But some time we have to work with Word 2007/Excel 2007 files at a PC where Office 2003 is installed. Can it be possible?

A:Office 2007 files opening in Office 2003.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

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I have Office 2007 and it seems to me that most tasks require an extra click. Let me explain. In Office 2007 if I want to print I have to click on the office button on the top left and then click print. In Office 2003 there was a print icon on the taskbar that required one click. Is there anyway to setup Office 2007 so that some basic functions (print, save, open, etc.) can be accomplished with one click?

A:Office 2007 - Making It Work Like Office 2003

Hi Hal06.That is the single biggest beef I've heard with 07. I'm still using 03 with the 07 conversion pack, but I think you can add commands to the quick access toolbar manualy.See if this page may be what you're looking for.

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Originally, I had Office 2003 installed in my computer, & a trial version of 2007 that had already expired.
Today I installed a full version of Microsoft Office 2007, without removing any of the other two versions from my computer. I realized that it seemed to automatically remove the older version. I`m not bother about it not being there, as I got the new version, but I wonder if this is an automatic uninstalling that Office does, or if the version is still there but I can`t see it, as I would like to remove it properly if it`s still somewhere in my computer.
I checked in Control Panel & the only thing I can see is "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007", the full version I just installed, & everything that come with it. No 2003 anywhere.
Does this mean 2003 is fully uninstalled?
Thanks a lot!!

A:My office 2003 disappeared after installing office 2007

You can check to see if it is fully uninstalled (I am sure that it is) by going to search and typing the name there. If it is still present, the program will appear.

Worst case scenario, just remanants will remain. Download and use ccleaner. If you run this software, you can be certain that 2003 has gone to software heaven.

If given the option not to use the reg cleaner inculuded in ccleaner take it. I and many others at the forum feel that reg cleaners do more harm than good.


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Several months ago, I downloaded the beta version of Office 2007. I decided to remove it and go back to Office 2003. Ever since, I can no longer access Outlook 2003 and I am using the 2002 version. The other Office 2003 functions I am able to use. Also, I am unable to install Office Updates because when I do, Outlook 2002 and Word 2003 lose some functionality and I have to restore.

All suggestions are welcome.


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My boss wants me to install Office 2003 standard edition on a client's pc that has Office 2007 standard edition already installed on it. I don't know, why but this is what he wants. Are there going to be major issues with installing and using an older version of Office on the same system as Office 2007?

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I currently have Office 2003 Student full version installed on my computer. I have received Office Professional Plus 2007 Student media version. Do I need to uninstall Version 2003 prior to installing 2007 or will installation of version 2007 automatically uninstall version 2003. Does all the information in my .pst file convert as necessary for use in Outlook 2007. There are two discs, one called "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" and the other one called "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 (Microsoft Office Communicator 2007". I'm guessing that the disk with the shorter title "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" would be the correct one to install. What is the second disk with Communicator? My system is Windows XP SP2, AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor, 3800+ 1.99 Ghz 2GB Ram.
Steve Rehmann

A:Solved: Installing Office 2007 over Office 2003??

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I recently purchased Microsoft Office 2007 and upgraded from my 2003 installation (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) today. I can't believe how frustrated I am, I am regretting the entire purchase and upgrade. The composition of the toolbars is lacking options/icons present in 2003, the word configuration options are all over the place, and I cannot for the life of me find out where some of the most basic options are, such as fields. I didn't know the Visual Basic toolbox is gone until I read a help file on some website online, stating that Microsoft now wants you to purchase VB.NET separately.

I have used Microsoft Office since version 6.22 with Windows 3.1, I can deal with tabs instead of menus, and the new theme...but it is a serious serious pain when I can't find the location of options which I have been using for the past ten years. There is an old addage... If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!
I think Microsoft will be losing many many customers with this one.

Is anyone aware of any guides, books, online documentation, etc which can help users to migrate?? If not, I'm going to be sending off these cds to the Salvation Army.

A:Migrating from MS Office 2003 to Office 2007 = PAIN

Hi animorph,
Yes, the changes are extensive. But Microsoft does have helpful interactive guides that let you choose a function in 2003 and find it in 2007. I hope these help.


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I'm on Windows XP w/SP2. It had Office 2003. I've had my computer since 2004.
Before I installed Office 2007, Office '03 worked fine. Then I needed '07 for a college class and installed a trial. Office '07 worked fine, but the MS Word shortcut in my quicklaunch bar pointed to Word '03 still. Whenever I'd hit it by accident, it would try to install Office '03("Please wait while Windows Configures Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003). I canceled it on the second screen and it worked anyway.

The second screen had this:
Installation Error: File not Found

A required installation file SKU1E3.CAB could not be found.

Before, I'd hit cancel and MS Word '03 would get to working anyway. Then I'd close it and go into Word 07. I think there was some error message, but I don't remember it. Now, I just uninstalled an Office '07 trial. The same thing is happening again, but now when I hit cancel, it says "fatal error during installation." It's a different error message from the one I got last time.

I really need help here. I've got homework due tomorrow for some online classes, and need Word to do it.

I tried going into control panel > Add/Remove Programs > Office '03 and clicking change to do the repair thing, but it led to the same problem.

Thanks in advance. If you need any more information to help, please let me know. I can't open any Office items. This Windows Installe... Read more

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Hi all.
Is it possible to run MS Office 2003 and MS office 2007 on the same machine.
I teach I.T. and many of my students, as well as the school computer labs have office 2003. For this reason I need 2003 on my machine.
That said I also am seen as the computer guru by fellow collegues, so often find myself sorting out their computer problems or giving advice on how to merge tables in word or create mark shedules in excel. Many of them have 2007, which is very different. Thus running 2007 seems like a good idea.
So is it possible to have both versions running on the same machine?
At this point I am using windows XP - tablet edition.

A:Solved: Run Office 2003 and office 2007 on the same machine?

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Hello Guys,

It might be a not the best question but i was wondering is the Office fonts of 2003 the same/compatible as the 2007???

Many Thanks,

A:Office 2003 fonts compatible with Office 2007 ???

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I've an almost new machine that I've installed Office 2007 Home & Student. On my previous machine I had Office 2000 premium installed. Since Home & Student is just Excel and Word I was wondering if I can install Access and Outlook from my old Office 2000 CDs to compliment my Home&Student? I rarely use access and would use outlook only for the calendar so this is low priority for me and I don't want to chance screwing up my Office 2007 for something I'd only use a few times a year unless I've some assurances that it would work. Does anyone have experience doing this or something similar?

A:Office 2007 & Office 2003 curiosity question

Haven't tried it with 2000, but I know it works with 2003.

Courtney sends....

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On my laptop I was running MS Office 2003 Professional. I decided to upgrade to MS Office 2007 Professional. I thought my CD and key were legitimate. After installing, I found I couldn't activate the software. The new installation apparently wiped out the MS Office 2003.

Is there anyway for me to return to my MS Office 2003? I'm using a Dell and tried to return to a previous setpoint, but that didn't work, something about a patch missing.

Any ideas?

A:Installation of MS Office 2007 Wiped Out MS Office 2003

joanstev said:

On my laptop I was running MS Office 2003 Professional. I decided to upgrade to MS Office 2007 Professional. I thought my CD and key were legitimate. After installing, I found I couldn't activate the software. The new installation apparently wiped out the MS Office 2003.

Is there anyway for me to return to my MS Office 2003? I'm using a Dell and tried to return to a previous setpoint, but that didn't work, something about a patch missing.

Any ideas?Click to expand...

Where did you get the 2007 Office from?

Do you not have the 2003 Office CD to reinstall it?

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I got a new HP laptop with Vista. I don't want to buy Office 2007. I have Office 2003 and would rather use it. Are Vista & Office 2003 compatible? Thanks.


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As a part of MS Office Professional 2003, I presently have MS Publisher 2003 on my PC. I've been searching for some clip art graphics on the MS Office online site and found something I would like to download that uses Publisher. The only problem is that it requires MS Publisher 2007 and won't download with 2003 (I've tried.) The site referred me to download a trial version of MS Publisher 2007 and I'm considering it. However, I am hesitant. Won't downloading the 2007 version when I already have 2003 installed create problems? Is it possible to download just Publisher with the free trial or will I be required to download all the MS Office programs as a bundle?

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone might have!

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I am seeing an issue with the compatibility pack for 2007. If an Excel 2003 spreadsheet is opened then try to open a second file that needs to be converted, the second file never gets converted. All files in Excel 2003 must be closed in order for a 2007 file to be converted. Is there a way around this?


A:Excel 2003 and compatibility pack for 2007

First time I heard of it and I cannot reproduce it here with our Excel 2003 and openeing 2007 files. It just works.

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I'm supposed to be calculating the sum of cells based on their font colour.

i'm working in excel 2003, and i've got the Vba module code for the process -

Function ColorFunction(rColor As Range, rRange As Range, Optional SUM As Boolean)
Dim rCell As Range
Dim lCol As Long
Dim vResult

lCol = rColor.Font.ColorIndex

If SUM = True Then
For Each rCell In rRange
If rCell.Font.ColorIndex = lCol Then
vResult = WorksheetFunction.SUM(rCell, vResult)
End If
Next rCell
For Each rCell In rRange
If rCell.Font.ColorIndex = lCol Then
vResult = 1 + vResult
End If
Next rCell
End If

ColorFunction = vResult
End Function

i've got it to work, and add up all of the sums of the colours - no problem.

I then saved it, and went to my colleagues computer, running office (excel) 2007, tried to open the file - it opens, but where i've wrote the cell formula (sample: =ColorFunction($G5060,CU$761:CU$5053,TRUE) )all i get is #NAME? in every cell, i've tried rewriting the formula, rewriting the vb code (copy paste), but i still cant get it to show the formula results.

just to confirm - it works in 2003, but not 2007.

what am i doing wrong?


A:Excel 2003 / 2007 compatibility - colour sum

Welcome to board.

I'm guessing "check macro security settings" at the other board didn't help.

There are various flavours of UDF for this; tried this one?

Function SumByColor(InputRange As Range, ColorRange As Range) As Double
' returns the sum of each cell in the range InputRange that has the same
' background color as the cell in ColorRange
' example: =SumByColor($A$1:$A$20,B1)
' range A1:A20 is the range you want to sum
' range B1 is a cell with the background color you want to sum
Dim cl As Range, TempSum As Double, ColorIndex As Integer
' Application.Volatile ' this is optional
ColorIndex = ColorRange.Cells(1, 1).Interior.ColorIndex
TempSum = 0
On Error Resume Next ' ignore cells without values
For Each cl In InputRange.Cells
If cl.Interior.ColorIndex = ColorIndex Then
TempSum = TempSum + cl.Value
End If
Next cl
On Error GoTo 0
Set cl = Nothing
SumByColor = TempSum
End Function

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Happy Holidays!

Running Office 2007. Have made a template for a client that features VB (not legacy) CheckBoxes, ComboBoxes, and TextBoxes. The template is a one page document with tables; the client (a dental surgeon) enters patient name and date, checks various boxes about patient condition/recommendations for treatment, selects text from combo boxes. Auto text will also be included.

The problem: The template takes up to 60 seconds to load on his machine (New Dell, 1Gb RAM, NTFS, Office 2003). I save the template in "compatibility mode" on my machine (P4 2.8 Ghz 1Gb FAT32). Also, the template takes about 10-15 seconds to load on my machine.

How can I speed it up? Is it a compatibility issue?


A:Word 2003/2007 Template Compatibility

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Hi guys,

I'm writing this from work, so I'll make it quick and keep my boss happy.

In the office we run both Outlook 2003 and 2007, as most of the computers aren't built to deal with 2007 in terms of performance. I often move around the office and find that I'm jumping between 2003 and 2007 fairly regularly. This throws up enough issues on its own with flags, categories and syncronisation, but the most recent (and annoying one) involves calendars

I've made two new calendars (for a couple of meeting rooms so people can book them easily), but I originally made them in Outlook 2007, so all the guys using 2003 couldn't access it. Now I'm trying to make them in 2003, but I get half a million errors whenever I try to add something or share the calendar.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this.

A:Outlook 2003/2007 compatibility issues

hi, yes.

incompatibilities between outlook 2003 and '07.

don't think there is a solution other than updating the other computers.

tried it a few times myself, went clunk. lol


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I'm considering upgrading my processor to 64 bit when Windows 7 comes out and would like to know if my current 32 bit version of Office 2007 can be upgraded without cost to 64bit. Cost is a big factor in my considering an upgrade.

Thanks for any advice.

A:Office 2007 64bit Compatibility Question

Office 2007 is a 32-bit Suite. Having said that, it runs fine on 64-bit OS - so you will not incur any additional cost for software.

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I am trying to install the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack. I have downloaded FileFormatConverters.exe, but when I run it it gets as far as the license screen, then aborts after I accept the license and click Continue. The error message gives no info, just "The installation of this package failed."

The computer is a Compaq Presario V3000 laptop running Windows XP Home SP3, Office 2003 SP3. It is up to date on Windows Updates.

Any ideas?


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I am not using 2007 office system. I use Microsoft works and WordPad. Can I safely remove the Compatibility Pack(and free all 173 MB HD space it occupies)? Also, what is Microsoft Office Power Point Viewer? Am I using it?

A:Compatibility pack for 2007 office system

The Power Point Viewer allows you to view PowerPoint shows. I would keep that because you might get PP files from your friends thru the mail - like this one. But for this one you need no PP Viewer because it is an uploaded file.

I am not sure what the compatibility pack is. I would investigate some more before deleting it. 173 MBs is peanuts.

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I need to deploy the "ofice 2007 compatibility pack" over SMS because I have many clients out of domain.
I'm new to do this and I need your help with some step-by-step instructions.

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For those of you who use a legacy version of Microsoft Office (97-2003) either because you are happy with the version you have, can't afford an upgrade to a modern version of MS Office (2007+) or find the new modern MS Office too confusing to use, you should install the free MS Compatibility Converter from MS Office. This allows you to open up files created with newer versions of MS Office.

What is excellent is that MS is still releasing updates to Office as long as you have the converter installed along with a legacy version of Office installed. I have Office 2003 with the compatibility converter, and last month got an update for Office 2010. (Running Windows 7.)

Before you install the MS Compatibility Converter:

Go to Microsoft Update to get all patches for your computer marked "Critical" or "Important"
You will than need to manually install the latest service packs for your version of legacy office through Office updates. Only Office 2007-2010 updates will come through automatically through Windows Update.

Here is a link to the Download of Office 2003 SP-3 from MS: (Review MS Download and Install Instructions.)


If you are running Office 2003 and don't already have it, get Office 2003 SP-3 here. (You can check first by opening up any MS Office Program. Click on "Help" and "About." if it says SP-3, you don't need to download the service pack. If ... Read more

A:If You Have Legacy MS Office (97-2003) Compatibility Pack Will Help You!

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Windows XP SP1

My hard drive failed, so I'm starting with a clean

I own Office XP SBE [ word, outlook, excel, publisher ] & PPT 2000.
I also own Word 2002 upgrade.

I need Publisher. Would I be better off purchasing &
installing Office 2003 Pro, or purchasing & installing
PowerPoint 2003?

I do not have access to PPT [ Office XP version ]
locally. I need to complete the installation this

Thanks for your advice.

A:power point 2003 compatibility with office xp

My experience suggests its best to have all applications of the same version, so Office 2003 pro would be the way to go.

If its not too late, you could try to get OEM version with the hard drive as the qualifying "hardware".

OEM is significantly cheaper.

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After adding the 2007 Compatibility pak to my new Office 2003 install...I'm getting a number of Windows updates for 2007...?...is this normal and will I be getting both 2003 Office and 2007 Office after installing the compatibility pak for my new 2003 system ?


A:Adding Compatibility paks to Office 2003

Yes, it is.

You have effectively installed 2007 software so you will offered the appropriate updates.

They will not affect your Office 2003 software and you'll also receive 2003 updates.

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I have a new thinkpad laptop that came installed with Office Professional 2007 trial. I have an existing license for Office 2003 Small Business which I was running on my prior laptop.

While I like the enhancements made to 2007 (vs 2003), I definitely don't need all the modules that come with Professional (publisher, business contact manager). From what I've read, if I don't convert the trial to the same version, I will have to uninstall and re-install the version that I choose.

So, it seems that I have the following options:

1) Upgrade my existing 2003 license to 2007 Small Business (I'm not sure whether or not I will need to install 2003 before I install 2007 for the "upgrade" licensing to work)

2) Install 2003 Small Business and wait until Office 2010 comes out and upgrade at that point.

3) Buy Office Home and Student 2007 and Outlook 2007 as separate modules and install (from what I can tell this is is about $60 less than the Small Business upgrade and has the modules that I use regularly).

I would love to hear input/comments/suggestions on what my best course of action is. I don't want to be penny-wise and pound foolish and I want to keep my new laptop efficient and running smoothly.

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Office 2007 vs Office 2003 for new Win 7 64-bit laptop

I would wait until Office 2010 comes out because it will have added features and most likely will work better than 2007. You don't want to buy 2007 now and then want to buy 2010 later.

That's just what I would do personally, but do whatever you feel is best for you.

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