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How to Merge Partitions to Extend C Partition merge partitions to extend C drive

Q: How to Merge Partitions to Extend C Partition merge partitions to extend C drive

Have XP. Drive split evenly between C and D. C has 35.4GB Total Size and 544MB Free Space. D has 39.0GM Total Space and 39.0GB Free Space. I would like to create one drive or at least transfer some of space from D drive to C drive. Would appreciate some help in "how to". Thanks

Preferred Solution: How to Merge Partitions to Extend C Partition merge partitions to extend C drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to Merge Partitions to Extend C Partition merge partitions to extend C drive

Windows Vista and newer have built-in tools that can resize volumes. See our tutorial for that here.Windows XP and earlier don't have the tools built-in, so you have to use a third party partitioning tool. We have a tutorial for that, too. This tutorial covers shrinking an existing volume to make space for a new second volume, but resizing two existing volumes is substantially similar.

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Hy guys,

I noticed few days after installing the windows that my C drive is only 78 GB. So i went to computer managment to check things and i noticed, that my 850GB's are in nowhere. I can't extend C drive, and I can't extend this "Primary partition"
So my question is, can i merge these things. I really don't want to reinstall windows because i've done it like 3 times in this week :S.
I don't want to mess something up myself so i wait here some pro's to anwser

I've done these pictures too..

Hope you guys respond soon.

A:Can't extend partitions. Can i merge them?

You can try either one of these...to add the partitions back to C: drive.

Partition or Volume - Extend

Windows 7 - How to Delete and Combine Partitions - YouTube

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I'm Simon and i have been having a problem with my hard disk management. I actually own a 1TB HDD and have
a few partitions that was created a long time ago. However, i had 600+ Mb's unused and not in a partition. 
Now that my primary partition is almost full i wanted to extend my space using disk managment but it was grayed out.
I have even tried creating a partition for the 600+ Mb's and tried to shrink and extend but nothing seem to work.
I have attached the screenshot for your kind review.
Please help....i really appreciate it. Thank You :)


You need a 3rd party app like easeUS partition magic.  You cannot do it with the built in utility

BTW no screenshot attachedWanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag

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The screenshot of my arrangement can be seen from:


The D: partition contains an XP files 'dump'(which I'd like to get rid of but contains non deleteable stuff - it wasn't an XP dual boot set up) when I installed Win 7.

The C: is to the right of the unallocated partition which I'd like to increase by absorbing that space. This arrangement I think makes it difficult to manipulate - am I right? Advice please - thanks.

A:How 2 extend/merge unallocated space to C: partition in odd position

Can you upload your screenshots directly to the forum please. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Windows 7, Professional Edition

How to Extend partition, if unallocated space is on left,


in this case i want to combine partition C and partition H, without loosing contents of C drive...

A:Unallocated Space on Left, How to merge/extend partition?

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Partition Wizard is what you want, as this tutorial explains.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

You need to download the Partition Wizard ISO and burn it to a blank disc then boot into it to carry out your partition changes.

Apply the changes, wait for Partition Wizard to complete the task, and then boot back into Windows when you're done.

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I deleted a friend's E: because it was empty that leaves C: and D:.....104GB of Free Space. My plan was to expand C: to include this 104GB but there is no Expand option in Disk Management (top, side or right-clicking). XP Home on hp dc7700 CMT - everything runs good but the C: is 80% full so I covet the 104GB.

A:XP home, partition merge, partitions

Windows XP doesn't allow for that type of re-partitioning on the fly. You'd have to use a 3rd party utility. Do a full data and image backup before making any partition changes.


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I have an SSD with my OS and system files (page file, etc) on it, and a 1TB HDD split into two partitions.(D and E) The 1TB is going on 5 years old so I was going to clone it to a 2TB drive, I would like to merger those two partitions into one though. I have programs installed on both partitions Was not sure if it was possible, and/or if I should do it before or after the clone.

(replacing hdd because this morning I came in to see my computer showing that there was no D and E drive. reboot brought them back thankfully, but since it is 5 years old, I figured I better replace it.)

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I deleted the unwanted recovery partitions on windows 8.1 using  'Diskpart'.The unallocated memories were created but they cannot be used to extend any other partitions even by using Diskpart.I am just able to create them as normal partitions buth
not by combining them but each seperately.Any solution for this...pls...

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Trying merge F: drive, 1TB into E Drive, 6TB. But the process seems stucked at "Merge Partition" stage 66%. Already 5 hours, still stuck at 66%

What should I do ?

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Hi again, I recently tried to merge my two partitioned drives, the main boot drive (c: ) and a backup/music drive (g: ). Everything looked ok and it rebooted to try and start the merge, trasfering all the files to a folder on c: (c:\music) I had to leave while it actually did the merging, but noticed when I got back that there were two errors (I didnt right them down ) The music folder is completely blank, and the hard drive is still partitioned, although my 10 gb Music drive now shows as 'Unallocated'. I am unable to undelete the partition, and am wondering if there is any way to retrieve this data as it had many personal convo's and family photos, along with old tax records. Would a different undelete program be suitable? Thanks in advance

A:Partitions Magic 8.0 Loses Partition on merge

Ok, i just got this thing to boot up again so im back.. I tried Active Partition Recovery, and ended up screwing my MBR up, now i have to boot up with a boot disk Well anyways i can atleast see the drive now, 10,000 gb and all, but it says its not formatted. Is it time to use something like Ontrack Data Recovery system? Im getting that now, if you have any other suggestions keep me posted. Thanks

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Hello!I have a problem whith my mp3 player.I have a Microdia 256 mb flash memory mp3 player.It has a utility called "Mp3 player disk tool" it has a option to encrypt the drive....this turns the drive into two partitions.One of which is encrypted, i know the password and everything but i want to merge the two partitions into 1, to get rid of the encrypted one.(the utility doesn't have this option, and it doesn't say anything about merging...).But i don't have a clue on how to do this.Can someone help me please?

A:How to merge 2 USB Drive (flash memory) partitions?

Try one of these programs...


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When I first installed Win 7 I partitioned my drive in two partitions, C & D. Win 7 is installed on drive C. I have installed some software programs from CD and downloads to drive both C & D in addition to data files on drive D. I wish to merge drives C & D and do am image backup before I upgrade to Win 8. I will install a new hard drive that I will clone to after installing Win 8 upgrade. Since I will have to do a clean install of Win 8 on the old drive anyway, is it a waste of time and effort to merge drive c & d on my old hard drive before I do the upgrade?

A:Merge two drive partitions and preserve program data from each.

I would say it is a waste of time in some ways, because you should back up the data before trying any kind of partition merging.

Maybe I'm not understanding, but why do a clean install of Windows 8, and then clone it to the new drive? Why not disconnect the old drive, then install the new drive. Then, install Windows 8, and once that's finished, reconnect the old drive as your storage drive.

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OK. I bought a 1.5 GB drive to store back up system images and large media files (DVD rips and such). When I got it, I decided, for whatever reason, to split it up into 4 equal sized partitions (350GB), let's say F:, G:, H:, I:. Before loading Windows 7 on my main system drive, I decided to clone an image of my old XP system on F:, so F: is now bootable. I don't ever use XP any more, really at all, but it was nice to have a bootable drive when my system drive developed a bad boot sector. So F: has 331 GB of free space. G: has a half dozen backup images created by Windows 7, and has 110 GB free. H: and I: are exclusively for large media files (well, I am using H: also for 7MC's live TV buffer), and they have 10-50GB free.

Now, with libraries and Media Browser, it doesn't really matter that my media files are on two separate partitions, because through 7MC it appears that they are all together, which is great. But if I want to move something from H: to I:, it takes much longer than simply transferring from another drive, and I have a bunch of free space on the bootable partition. So ideally, I'd like to make F: much smaller, and reclaim that free space for other partitions. I mean, I could live with one partition for everything, but it may be nice to keep the bootable partition seperate, then have all the media and system backups together with the rest of the space.

Is this doable? I cannot backup this drive currently, so I don't want to do anything that is risky and could l... Read more

A:4 partitions with lots of data on one drive. Can I merge without loss?

Hi blotsome, Have a look at this thread and follow "gregrockers" advice How to merge partitions

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I recently made a 20gb partition from the C drive and called it the U drive. I needed another 10gb on U, so I shrunk C 10gb. When I right-click the U drive from Disk Management, "extend volume" is grayed out. Here's what I have now:

DISK: 149.05 GB Online
12.00 GB - Recovery Partition (Don't worry, I know not to touch this)
SYSTEM RESERVED - 102 MB NTFS - Healthy (System, Active, Primary Partition)
Windows (C) - 106.94 GB NTFS - Healthy (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)
10.00 GB - Unallocated
Ubuntu (U) - 20.00GB NTFS - Healthy (Logical Drive)

Thanks for any help!

A:HD Partitions don't extend

Windows 7's Disk Management will not let you extend to the left of your U partition, only the right.

You could delete the UBUNTU drive, and then create a new partition, which would include the 10GB you took off C.

Or you could get hold of third-party disk management software that will let you move the U partition, and then extend it or create a new partition on the 10GB unallocated space then merge it with the U partition.

Acronis do trial software if you don't want to spend any money.

BTW, it is always a big help if you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window just in case we're barking up the wrong tree.

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I have on my external HDD three (3) primary partitions, and also some unallocated space.

My intention was, to use the EXTEND PARTITION feature.But it gives me the common error message:
"The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk(s) to dynamic disk(s)."

I don't want that actually, I want to keep my three existing primary partitions. But since it seemed that was the only way to go, I clicked YES after many failed attempts. But even that lead to a new error, something like "feature not supported". Anyhow, that second error message is not my concern as i don't want to convert to dynamic disks.

But why can't i extend the volume of one of my three primary partitions? I don't have more than those three primary partitions on that HDD.

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I am using window XP home edition. I have one disk with 2 partitions. the system (C) has 24 GB, and data (E) has 14 GB. I need more space on C so program can run faster. I have deleted the E partition using the Disk Management. Now I have a 14 GB unallocated space on my basic volume.

When I use the DISKPART to extend the C, I got error message say cannot extend the current system partition. HELP!!


A:How to extend system partitions

You could use partition magic but I think it is not free.

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Recently was able to use a shrink tool in Vista setup to get about 15 GB free and installed Vista on it, I was trying to dual boot my XP and new Vista. That worked out and it successfully got about 15 GB which Vista is on now. Now I am trying to extend the Vista partition size to a higher amount but the build in Vista tool isn't working.

Basically the "Disk Management" tool will let me click the "Shrink Volume" for my bigger partition, it won't let me actually enter any size to shrink it also the available size to shrink is 0 MB.

Don't understand why it won't let me shrink it because there is more then 50 GB free on the bigger volume to shrink.

A:Solved: Shink and Extend Partitions

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i am in the process of re-install of vista HP

and would like to change size of partitions

i have disk 0 partition2 x 67.1GB primary
and disk 0 partition3 x 67.2GB primary

is it possible at this point in the install to make partitin 3 larger and partition 2 smaller as partition 2 is just for OS


A:re-install partitions extend resize

Can you post a snip showing your current Disk Management? What have you got on partitions 0 and 1 ?

I'm assuming that you're talking about the laptop listed in your specs. If it is, and you're restoring the system from the built-in recovery partition (which I think will be either partition 0 or 1), then it is very likely that it will partition the disk as you already have it. The partition resizing will have to come afterwards.

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I have partitions c (for programs), a (for files) and unallocated space thereafter of 200gb. I am trying to extend partition a. I have followed instructions to make sure to the right of the partition there is unallocated space but the 'extend volume' when I right click on partition a is greyed out.

I have tried using Paragon Partition Manager too but don't seem to be able to achieve it either.

can anyone help?



A:Extending partitions - 'extend volume' greyed out


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My 8 yr old 160GB HDD was failing so I installed WD 1TB hardisk, old HD had 3 partitions C: (38GB) D: (55GB) E: (55GB) i created a system image of all 3 and restored them to WD 1TB now new partitions are of same sizes and i have got unallocated space of 799GB, how do i change C,D,E to 250GB?


A:How to extend partitions after System Image Restore?

I would make a new primary partition using Partition Wizard, all the way to the right of the hard drive, say 250 to 300 GB.

Move all your data from D and E to the new partition.

Delete D and E.

Extend C to whatever size you want, at least 150 to 250 GB for C.

Re size the new data partition you created to whatever size you want, and rename it E

Create a partition in between C and E and name it D.


Best Professional Partition Manager | MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro

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Yep, Thats right.

I've got a C drive thats 83.6GB and a D drive thats 52.4GB..

D drive is only a partition of the C drive..

Is there anyway that I can merge them together somehow? My Vista Home Premium is on my C drive so I would like to have the D drive merged onto the C drive all together so I can have the C drive at somewhere around 149.05GB.

Please can I have some steps to take in order to merge these two partitions together..?

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I had a 17 GB unallocated partition.
I changed it to a Primary partition.
It is empty.

Can I merge it with the C:\ partition ?


edit--- A picture---

A:How to merge partitions ?

Hey David,

If the partition was just to the immediate right of C: by one, then you could extend C: into the "New Volume" once it was unallocated space again.

Since it's not, you could use a free program like MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition to do so though.
Extend partition with partition magic software ? MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Hope this helps.

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My main drive has two partitions. What I want to know is how I can combine the two partitions. Thanks.

A:merge partitions

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How can i merge two partitions on the same hard drive without using 'Power Quest Partition Magic 8.0'

Thanks in advanced

A:Merge two partitions

Without using a program similar to PM 8.0 or better...you cannot merge partitions, AFAIK.

Windows XP does not support such, which is why there are so many 3d-party programs to do such.

If there are two different operating systems on those partitions...you still would not be able to merge them.


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this computer i just purchased was put together by previous owner with several partitions .. unfortunately the C: drive is very small and the E: drive is huge ... not sure if or how i can save programs and get them to work as the c: drive is pretty much full with the windows install and a few games loaded up on it.. Any suggestions?

A:how if at all can i merge partitions ..

Hello LuckeyRon Welcome to the Ten Forums!

The first question before suggesting the likely end up with solution would be: "were all those programs custom installed to E by chance?" That seems to be one stubborn option many who build gaming cases tend to stick thinking that will somehow boost performance overall. The findings here after several years of customizing partitions on drives and tinkering with custom installs of OSs hasn't seen any substantial but too often seen cramped OS drives with very little wiggle room to work with!

Since this is being seen on a "Used" pc I could suggest the obvious backup of everything as far as files you want to keep, NUKE the drive clean, and then partition the drive the way you feel will best for your own needs! This of course would mean the need to reinstall all programs over. Or one option to keep E but make more room for C would involve using a 3rd party drive partitioning program to first shrink E down as far as reasonably possible while still leaving some room there and then expanding C to fill in the now vacant drive space!

Over the years while still being familiar with the free Easuus partitioning program I had generally opted to use the Open Source Gnome Partition Editor and simply boot live from at first cd and later on usb flash drives. That came with splitting drives on on occasions to dual boot a distro if not on VM or live disk even recovery sticks along with the version of Windows being run. The other g... Read more

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is it possible to merge these 2 partitions together? F into D

please provide me with links to any tutorials/guides/software to solve this

and one more thing:
installed RAM is 4GB(2.99GB useable) <- can somebody explain to me what does this means? does another 1.01GB is wasted?

A:How To: Merge these partitions

Not unless you move E: out of the way first.

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Hey guys,

I want to merge two partitions, D: (doens't contain nothing) with F: (my partition of backup, contain many files).

But, is there any problem if the partition D: is on the left side of the F:? It's possible to do this with the Disk Management in Seven?

The screen explains better:

And sorry for my bad English, i'm from Brazil. I appreciate any help.

A:How to merge two partitions


The problem is that Windows reads disks from left to right which means that you could only delete the F: partition and 'extend' D:. You're going to need to download something like Paragon Partition Manager which should do just what you need.

Hope it helps


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I have Acer laptop with one disk. It has two partitions and a small amount (approx 10 GB) not assigned. How do I merge all into one drive partition. I have tried the Manage tab on Start menu and also the diskpart.exe and have not been successful. Can you give me help??? advice??? Thanks, Old Grey Mare

A:Merge partitions

Hi one of those partitions may well be your recovey partition probably the 10Gb
Edit read through this I know you have tried it but you never know

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After discovering Speccy, I saw this and now I'm curious. Do I have one hard drive that was shrunk to have two 70 GB partitions or do I have two hard drives? If they are two partitions, can I merge them(formatting XP)?

A:Would it be possible to merge these two partitions?

Quote: Originally Posted by Nikolay

After discovering Speccy, I saw this and now I'm curious. Do I have one hard drive that was shrunk to have two 70 GB partitions or do I have two hard drives? If they are two partitions, can I merge them(formatting XP)?

Hi and welcome

You have drive 0. which contains 3 partitions on the same HD. If you want to delete one of them it can be done

Let us know when you are ready to do it
Ken J

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I have attempted to install ubuntu but it kept failing and I was left out with too many partitions.

I have googled this issue but I couldn't find a clear answer. Attached is a screenshot of my disk manager. My question is, how can I merge 2 partitions together?

A:How to merge partitions

Parted Magic (free)


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Hello everyone . I need to know how to merge two or more partitions without losing data on the partitions. thank u

A:how to merge partitions

Hello everyone . I need to know how to merge two or more partitions without losing data on the partitions. thank uI am trying to dope that same thing out, made my primary a bit small. To do it with the drive its self is risky might lose stuff! The best answer I have gotten so far was to back everything up on an external then reformat the drive, have not picked up an external yet!Phil

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How do I merge partitions? I have just install a new SSD drive as my C Drive. My old HDD was partitioned into two drives (C and D). How do I merge the partitions so that I have one partition (D Drive)? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

A:How do I merge partitions?

You need to backup all important data off of the second partition on the HDD, and then delete that partition. Then, using Disk Management, or a third party app like Partition Wizard, you can resize the first partition to fill the entire HDD.

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I have recently upgraded to the Windows 10 anniversary version. I would like to extend my C: drive by merging the F: drive into it.

Attached is the photo of my hard drive.

How do I go about merging F: drive into c: drive? I would like to use Windows 10 disk management utility to do it....is that possible?

Any help is very much appreciated...

Thank you.


A:How to merge two partitions into one?

Originally Posted by fonzie

I would like to use Windows 10 disk management utility to do it....is that possible?


With Disk Management you can only merge a partition with empty space immediately next to it on the right. You could easily merge D and F for example.

So what you need to do is delete F, shuffle D to the RHS and then you can use disk management to extend C. You can only do that sort of thing with external utilities like MiniTool Partition Free

The easiest (and fastest way) however would be to backup D to an external drive. Do you have one?

If you do then afterwards you can delete D and F partitions, extend C using disk management as much as you want (25GB?), format D again and restore back from your backup.

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Hello guys,

I have one hard drive and partitioned it into two. The second partition, about 10% of my HD, is completely empty.

Now I would like to merge this two partitions together. Any suggestions on how to do it? Is there a windows tool or freeware somewhere? I have Windows XP home ed.

Many thanks

A:How do I merge partitions?

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Idk why i chose 2 partitions, i thought it could help me organize my stuff better.

Now all my stuff is on OS C:
Since it's split into two there is less space available...
it's screwing with some of my programs that depend on each other.

Any way to merge them?

I have a C: and a D:

A:Is there anyway to merge partitions?


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I want to know how to merge two partitions on my computer. For some reason, when I install WIndows XP, it always divides it into 2 partitions of 13.9GB. One has all the system files and the vast majority of applications on it, while the other one only has 300MB of Sony multimedia stuff.I've read Sony does this to make is easier to put multimedia stuff on one, and other stuff on the other, to easily manage multimedia files. Also, how can I make sure that in the future I don't end up with two partitions?

Thanks guys

A:how do I merge two partitions?

That probably will not be posible using the factory system restore disk. You may need a third party app like Partition Magic. I usually never recommend changing anything on the system partition. The outcome might be less then pleasant.


Originally Posted by novaz04

For some reason, when I install WIndows XP, it always divides it into 2 partitions of 13.9GB.

Usually it is better to have a setup like this. Because if your OS become corrupt beyond repair, you can just reformat that partition and reinstall the OS. This way you do not loose any files that was on the other partition.

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I would like to merge the C Drive and the D drive partitions (same HD). when I right click on the D drive, delete is not active. Do I need to "mark partition as active" on the D drive to make "delete vloume" active before I can delete the D drive then extend the C drive?

A:merge partitions

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Would you post a screenshot of Disk Management maximized for others to see.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

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I currently have a WD 750GB Scorpio Blue HDD and I wanted to know if I could merge partitions as currently C: is a small partition of 80GB and that contains the windows install (I clicked the wrong partition in a rush) and so I am left with the rest of the 600+GB as a new volume which contains all of my files and it is becoming a pain to get to my files quickly.

The reason I want to do this is I want to access Documents, Pictures, Videos etc without having to go onto Computer > New Volume > Documents/Pictures/Music, I just want to access it straight away the usual way via the Start Menu.

Can this be done without another Win install?


A:Can I merge two partitions on the same HDD?

I would use Partition Wizard. It can be done through windows, but the space to the right of C would have to be unallocated space, you would have to get all your data off the 600 GB partition first.

Again, Backup your data first.


Partition or Volume - Extend



Free Partition Magic alternative, partition manager freeware, partition magic server, partition magic Windows 7 and free Partition Manager software for Windows 7/8/VISTA/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2000.

I highly recommend making and using the bootable cd.

Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.

I would seriously consider keeping the 2 seperate partitions, you can always just copy and paste your documents to the My Documents folder on C. That way you can keep backups on the other partition and you can also store disk images on it.

If you want a large system partition, C, just make it at least 200 to 250 GBs.

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I currently have 3 partitions setup on my Laptop as follows:

15 GB - OS [C:]
15 GB - Program Files [D:]
10 GB - Data [E:]

when I initially formatted this way I didn't realize that the programs being separate from the OS was not beneficial due to the fact that if the OS needs to be reinstalled than so do all the programs.

I'd like to merge C: with D: in a non destructive way.

I've previously used BOOTITNG to resize the partitions above and it worked well but I don't think this application will merge 2 adjacent partitions. Can anyone recommend some other way of doing this without having to buy software. Or does BOOTITNG actually do this as well, I have since removed it from the system after the first resize operation.

This is the link to BOOTITNG site: I've read the pdf manual and it doesn't mention anything about merging.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:Merge 2 partitions into 1

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Hey everyone, I decided to delete my recovery partition since I can't burn them to disks because I don't have the appropriate program. So now, I have 10.88GB of unallocated space that I want to merge with Partition (C). How do I do this? Here's a picture:

A:How to merge 2 partitions?

Right click C: and select extend.

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I recently bought a new computer. It had 3 partitions 2 of them both had Windows Vista installed and the 3rd one had some other files. I went and installed Windows 7 over one of the vista partitions but the other 2 partitions have data on them and I want to put it all into one partition.

I do not need the data on the other 2 partitions. So basically I want to merge 3 partitions while keeping the data from one of the partitions. Would I need to completely reinstall windows 7?


A:Merge 3 Partitions

Hello Keir, welcome to Seven Forums!

Before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire Windows disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a maximized snip of that.

How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Laptop with Windows 8.1. While purchasing I asked for partitions to be created on it. They created 3 partitions C, D and E drives.

Then I wanted to install Ubuntu so I created space on C drive by shrinking the volume. This shrunk my C Drive.

After that I wanted to install Ubuntu. There was an option to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. So I thought to upgrade to Windows 10 and then install Ubuntu. I did the upgrade to Windows 10 but forgot to reclaim the unallocated space back to C drive. So after Windows 10 installation, I have this drives. And now I am not able to allocate the unallcoated space to C drive since there is now a recovery partition present between C drive and the unallocated space. And I am also running out of space on C drive.

How is it possible to reclaim space on C Drive by deleting/ shifting the recovery partition and extending the C Drive to claim the unallocated space. And considering the partitions that I have, which drive should I try installing Ubuntu? I want C drive to contain some space , since I need to install programs / games in C drive. Also many software nowadays, dont ask for an install location. but install directly to C drive.

Could someone please help me out?

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what would you recommend me to do?
I just formated my laptop and scanned it just to find 2 viruses and 1 trojan, I'm sure tehre are even more Zona Alarm didn't detect.
these are the ones that it did detect tough

not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.WhenU.a--no descrption
not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.SaveNow.bi-no description

File: C:\Program Files\VVSN\VVSN.exe
RegistryKey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\VVSN
Directory: C:\Program Files\VVSN

trying to delete the files results in error, but I successfully quarantined them, but I do not exactly know what happens when they are in quarantine.

Also, I received this from Acer Support:

<i>Thank you for contacting Acer America. You will need to use a formatting utility like Fdisk or third party software to format the drive D. The recovery CD's will format the C drive only. They do not give you the capability to make new or format partitions. Please note that if you remove this partition (via Fdisk or other partitioning utility), although it will not harm the system in any way, the Acer Data partition that ships pre-installed is irretrievable once removed.

Also, the Acerdata D is for you to use as storage. This protects your data. If you ever have to reformat due to a virus or other corruption, the data in the Acerdata D will not be erased. If you believe there is a virus in the D drive, you may install a third party anti-virus software.

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A:format or merge partitions?


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Admin, please delete this inadvertent double post, sorry and thanks!

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I have just clean installed Windows 8.1 on an old Desktop Tower (Dell Dimension E521). I like to consolidate the disk partitions shown below.

How do I merge the 'Unallocated' and 'Free space' partitions into C: ?

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Hi I have three partitions windows c, data d, and f. i would like to merge c and f if this is possible d data is for restoring the c drive f is empty thanks for your help.ive attached a snapshot of the drives thx

A:merge two partitions in vista

Delete the F partition, it will become unallocated space, but since it isn't next to C, you may have to add it to D....

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