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Dual Monitors Issue

Q: Dual Monitors Issue

Hello All, I wish you luck helping me solve my problem

I am running windows xp home with an AMD 760G chipset in it.

My mother board actually has a port built in for VGA and DVI.

I have 2 monitors that both work great in the VGA port but when I try to put them through the VGA to DVI adapter they don't work. My computer doesn't even recognize the second monitor.

I've tried upgrading my drivers and using different monitors and using different adapters.

I've tried unplugging and replugging everything.

I've tried to enable the second monitor through windows display settings and through Catalyst.

It really feels as if the DVI port just isn't working. I don't know if there is a way to activate the DVI port.

No, I don't have this on warranty.

Any help would be awesome.

Preferred Solution: Dual Monitors Issue

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dual Monitors Issue

Some on-board video chips don't support dual monitors, even if you have both type of ports.
Most likely, you need real video card.

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First time user (sorry); not computer savy (sorry)

I'll give this a go, i have dual dell monitors which worked. I moved homes and a plug fell out and now i can't get it to operate.

NB: Monitors do not have HDMI capacity.

I have a DVI cord and also a VGA cord;

Only 1 screen is working; ive tried pressing windows button and P (to extend) no results
I've tried resetting the monitors to 1 = VGA and 1 + DVI - no results
I've tried disabling the driver, updating - no results
I've tried switching it on and off whilst doing this. - no results
I've reset the monitor settings (on both) - no results

I have 1 monitor plugged into the VGA cord to the computer and one monitor has the DVI cord.

I've uploaded the photo of the back of the computer, if i move the DVI cord from im assuming the graphics card slot to the other slot then both monitors are blank.

I have 1 monitor working (its the DVI connection) and as long as i swap that cord to the other monitor it works else i am unable to get them working simultaneously.

The message i get is that there is no signal coming from my computer.

How the hell do i get this thing to work , which use to work, but no longer works

Please help

forever grateful

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Hi there,

I recently bought a second monitor to use with my computer. My display adapters are an HDMI to VGA to a VGA splitter. This splitter has two VGAs coming out into the monitors. Both monitors display fine, but when I identify, they both show up as monitor 1. I want to have one monitor be 1 and the other to be 2, so I can extend my display. If anyone can help me that would be great.

Thank you!

A:Trying to use Dual Monitors but Running into Issue

You're not going to be able to do this with a VGA splitter. The only method to use would be to hook a second monitor up to one of the DVI plugs on your card, then assign either the HDMI/VGA or the DVI as the primary monitor.

Not for nothing, but what kind of monitor(s) are you using? I'd like to believe that you're using something that takes advantage of HDMI (or DVI, for that matter).

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I am running Windows 8.1 with a AMD Radeon HD 7970 GPU.
Drivers are up to date (14.501.1003).
I am using no other software for managing dual monitor configurations.

I have the following two monitors...
Asus VN247 DTV HDMI 1080p @ 60Hz (Primary Monitor)
Connected via HDMI on monitor to DVI on GPU using a HDMI to DVI cable)
Available Connections: Dual HDMI, D-sub.

BenQ FP91G+ DFP DVI 1280x1024p @60Hz (Secondary Monitor)
Connected via DVI on monitor to DVI->HDMI adapter to connect to GPU.
Available Connections: DVI, D-sub.

I'm using Internet Explorer 11 with all settings default.

I use both monitors and switch to using them as an EXTENDED desktop using the Windows key and pressing "P". And then choosing EXTEND.

When I watch any videos on YouTube on the Asus monitor the Asus monitor will go red with thin red lines vertically and horizontally across the monitor. The BenQ monitor remains ok and the rest of the system appears to be unaffected.

I usually have to reboot the system to correct the issue. Usually after a reboot if I go to watch YouTube again it is often unaffected and plays fine.

Can anyone please suggest what might be causing this issue as it is really annoying, thank you in advance.

A:Dual Monitors Crash issue

Does this happen when you remove BenQ too?

Another thing I noticed (unless I am getting it wrong):
Why don't you use HDMI to HDMI for the ASUS, and DVI to DVI for BenQ?

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I have the M58p and as you know, it has a microphone jack on the backside of the tower, as well as the front with a mic and headphone jack.  Is it possible to run AND RECORD audio from both mics if I use the two provided jacks? From what I have tried so far, I cannot get my audio software to take in both without some sort of issue.  I thought maybe I was missing something, hence the question. thank you in advance!  

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Hey guys. I've recently gotten 2 dual monitors and hooked them up to my Macbook Pro but now things have fps issues especially games. The Fps will just have a seizure and rapidly move inside the range of 10-60 making it impossible to play. As far as I know my macbook should have enough power to handle 2 monitors.

Before the dual monitors Windows 7 ran perfectly on my macbook pro and all my games had steady 60fps. However when I trade to play those same games on Mac my fps would be in the 30s. BUT, now that I have dual monitors my fps and performance on windows 7 has gone to utter crap but those same games that didn't work as well on mac now have perfectly normal fps.... It literally makes no sense.

Is there anyone to fix this?

A:Horrible FPS/Performance issue with dual monitors

Depends on your hardware. Typically in Windows with a dual monitor configuration, gaming only occurs on the primary monitor. In any case, it requires a lot more power to drive twice the resolution (assuming you are gaming on both monitors as a single screen).

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I have a dual monitor setup:
- Main screen, where I work using different applications in different virtual desktops.
- Secondary screen, where another application constantly running in the foreground (e.g.: showing a movie, youtube videos etc.), which I need to be always shown.

When I create multiple desktops in my main screen, Windows also creates the same desktops in the secondary screen.

When working, I alt-tab to move between main screen's applications, which potentially changes desktops.
The problem is that the same desktops are changed in my secondary screen; therefore, my application stops showing when changing desktops.

I was wondering if I can resolve this somehow. For example:
1) Disabling virtual desktops for my secondary monitor specifically
2) Copy application to all desktops (therefore, it shows regardless of which desktop I am switching)

A:Task View with Dual Monitors issue

No, you can't do this. A "desktop" is all of your monitors combined. This is why it says "Extend your desktop" when you apply more than one monitors.

Thus, when you have a new virtual desktop, it will display on all monitors, and there is no way to make a monitor see one desktop and a different monitor see a different desktop.

It would be nice if they would add a feature that allows an application to stay on whatever the current desktop is, but I doubt that is going to happen.

I would suggest submitting feedback in the feedback app suggesting this feature. If enough people vote for it, it might happen.

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Hi. Have an issue here with a dual monitor setup that is really beginning to irk me. My main display, display 1, is an 'LG 1680 x 1050', display 2 is a 'Samsung 1920 x 1080'..., the problem is, that every once in a while the second displays aspect ratio goes all screwy, like it shifts...for instance, if i have media center on that display, the screen gets cut off so the volume buttons and media center button are off screen.

I can fix it by going into the screen resolution settings and disabling that monitor, and then re-enabling it. But obviously i'd like a more permanent fix.


A:Dual Monitors....aspect ratio issue.

Does media Centre always open on display 2 (the 1920x1080) or do you sometimes open it on the 22" display?

If you bounce back and forth between displays, it may be the 1680x1050 16:10 AR is confusing MC which causes the 'zooming' (for a lack of a better description) when moved to the 1920x1080 16:9 display.

If media centre is only ever opened on the 2nd display and still 'zooms' ... then I'm not quite sure why.

I'm merely hypothesizing as to how this could occur since I haven't personally had this issue occur and therefore don't know of any 'permanent' fixes offhand.

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Hi there guys, my name is James. I'm new to 7 Forums so please help me out!
In my work office I have dual monitors connected to a single desktop computer via DVI. I usually work both at work and home so I use my laptop alot. When I'm at home I need more desktop space so I bought 2 cheap monitors that only support VGA inputs. But because I'm using a laptop I only have 1 VGA panel. I have bought a USB 3.0 to VGA adapter and I have installed all necessary drivers to run it. So here is my issue with my display.

In the Resolution Settings it shows 3 displays. 1 Saying Mobile PC Display, 2 saying HP vs17 (My Monitor) and 3 saying Generic Non-PnP Monitor. There is nothing wrong with the monitor as it worked fine on my old windows 7 laptop. There are 2 issues here:
1.) The second monitor is called Generic Non-PnP Monitor and it's default resolution is 800x600 even though it's native resolution is 1024x1024.

2.) The screen is not being displayed even though my computer thinks it is being displayed.

If anyone can help me with my issues it will be much appreciated. I will list some basic specs and If you need any more description details feel free to ask.

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
PROCESSOR: Intel Core 2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66 GHz 1.66 GHz or Intel Centrino Duo
RAM: 3.00 GB
SYSTEM: 32 Bit Operating System
WINDOWS ACTIVATION: Windows is Activated and is Genuine.

Thanks in advance for helping!! Look forward to hearing from you guys!
Australia, Melbourne
Please Em... Read more

A:Please Help! Issue with Dual Monitors connected to Laptop.

Hey guys just a quick update here, I figured out the problem.
My USB to VGA cord. That for some reason only allows me to use screens at a resolution of 800x600. Is there any way to change this?
Kind regards,

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So I have my laptop connected to a second monitor, and whenever I maximize a window on the second monitor, the outer border of it overlaps onto the laptop's screen. I can't explain a possible cause, I'm gonna include some pictures to make it easier to understand.
It's not that big of a problem, just an aesthetic thing...
As you can probably see, there is a small white border on the left edge, which is from a maximized window on the second monitor. Any ideas on how to solve it?


A:Dual Monitor Overlap Issue between Monitors

Can you mouse to the white boarder and resize the window so it doesn't overlap?

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Hey again

I Installed windows vista home premium and i had server 03 and ran xp on a dual boot and i had no problem using horizontal view so i can make 1 very large screen but since i installed VISTA PREMIUM i only gives me the option for


so this is a problem for me because i was running a crt with my 19 wide and that looked great but next week i was going to buy a matching 19 inch wide
i also do not have the NVIEW configuration is that a known issue with vista or is there some kind of solution??

THANKS again in advance

A:Issue with dual monitors on vista premium

Download the latest drivers from nvidia.

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Having just upgraded from XP using the Nvidia dual monitor desktops for years, I was surprised to find Windows 7 has this feature in-built with the added bonus of slideshow desktop images C00L!
So beyond Win7 eye candy which is better, Does it come down to games running faster under the Nvidia dual desktops, what is the general preference here?

A:Is Nvidia dual monitors a poor cousin to Windows 7 dual monitors?..

afaik, there is no real performance difference, as all stuff is handled by the nvidia driver anyway.

And of course the more monitors the higher performance hit as there is more screen surface to work on (the same as increasing resolution).

Btw, the main pityfall of the multiple monitors is that the taskbar is only in the primary monitor, but there are a ton of good third party programs that can handle this, like Actual Multiple Monitors.

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Hi -

I am running
Win 7 Ultimate with a
GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB and
two SAMSUNG 226BW Black 22" Monitors.

Now I have them set to run through a Monoprice HDMI Switch because I also have my 360 running on the one monitor as well.

Now my issue comes into play, which I am not sure if its the card or not, is when i use the switch to change the one monitor over to play the 360. All the items that were on that monitors screen, like icons, folders, taskbar, what have you, gets shifted over to the other screen.

This, beyond annoying, messes me up because then i have to replace everything on the screen to the position it was, and using auto arrange would not help with something like Rainmeter which I am running. I do know when I had XP and switched over to the 360 this did not happen. So , I don't know what is different in 7 that is now making it do this but is there a way to fix it?


A:Dual Monitors & HDMI Switch: Desktop Issue

Quote: Originally Posted by rjupiter

Hi -

I am running
Win 7 Ultimate with a
GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB and
two SAMSUNG 226BW Black 22" Monitors.

Now I have them set to run through a Monoprice HDMI Switch because I also have my 360 running on the one monitor as well.

Now my issue comes into play, which I am not sure if its the card or not, is when i use the switch to change the one monitor over to play the 360. All the items that were on that monitors screen, like icons, folders, taskbar, what have you, gets shifted over to the other screen.

This, beyond annoying, messes me up because then i have to replace everything on the screen to the position it was, and using auto arrange would not help with something like Rainmeter which I am running. I do know when I had XP and switched over to the 360 this did not happen. So , I don't know what is different in 7 that is now making it do this but is there a way to fix it?


So let me get this straight: You have two monitors, both are used by your computer, but you want to switch one of them over to the Xbox when you want. This sound right? Have you installed the newest drivers from the Nvidia site? That card is quite old, im not sure if you're gonna get drivers for Se7en, but if not, use the XP drivers.

Oh yeah, and did you upgrade or clean install? If you upgraded, there should be a old.windows directory in you C: and you should find the old working drivers ... Read more

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Hi all,

I'm having some issues with extending my desktop onto a secondary monitor correctly. I have an HP Elitebook 8460p with a Radeon HD 6470m graphics driver, and the Catalyst Control Center installed. I've hooked a VGA-VGA cable into a Dell monitor. I can successfully clone my desktop onto the second monitor, but I cannot typically *extend* my desktop to use dual monitors.

I've tried extending it using Function-F4 and selecting extend, going to the desktop->Display, selecting the monitor (it is recognized) and clicking "Extend", and going through the Catalyst Control Center to Arrange Monitors, clicking on the external, and clicking "Extend". In all cases, the screen flickers to black, and when it comes back, my monitors are still in "Clone" mode. In fact, even if I've selected to only use the laptop or only use the external monitor, on clicking "extend", it goes back to "clone". I do see that when I select "extend" in the Catalyst Control Center, it *very briefly* shows me both monitors in its configuration area, but then flickers back to a single monitor (the laptop).

I've reinstalled Catalyst Control Center's latest software/drivers to no avail. I have noticed that if I install the latest version of the driver for the graphics card, it resolves the issue, but never permanently. At some other point in time upon disconnecting the external monitor (when I leave work for example... Read more

A:Radeon Graphics Card / Dual Monitors Issue

Someone may have a better answer. But whenever I've seen issues such as this where software won't retain settings, or something works for a short time but continiously breaks in the same way, it's typically a sign of an OS/registry...and a fresh install of the OS will usually resolve the issue.

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Hi, New EliteBook 840 G3 with discrete graphics and 2013 UltraSlim Dock using windows 10. I am using 2 HP Z23n screen, there are connected with 2 DisplayPort on 2013 UltraSlim Dock. I have 1 issues with this 1) My 2 external screens, connected to the 2 DisplayPort, started flickering then going blank and came back again without any flickering. Extremely annoying. Seems that the graphic card somewhat resets on screen or the other from time to time. Been trying to look at logs without any luck. Any ideas? 

A:External Dual Monitors and Laptop screen issue EliteBook 840...

Sorry, I can't help fix your issue, but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone!  We have 7 Elitebook 840 G3's wth Windows 10 on the 2013 UltraSlim Dock as well, and they are all doing the same thing.  Both external displays will go black for a few seconds periodically throughout the day.   We are using HP EliteDisplay E242 displays for all except one user, who has ASUS displays, and they all have the same issue, so the display itself does not appear to be the issue. The VGA port seems to work fine, so this points to the Display Ports/driver being the issue.  I have tried all available driver updates, but nothing has resolved the issue. We are looking for a solution to this issue as well.

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The screen flickers for 10-30 sec to 5-10 mins. I saw a post which is the same issue for the 840 G3 laptops that was marked fixed by HP while it is clearly still a huge problem. Please fix this issue since we bought a huge number of these laptops and we are ready to return them if this issue is not fixed.

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Hi, New EliteBook 840 G1 with discrete graphics and 2013 UltraSlim Dock using windows 8.1. I have actually 2 issues with this 1) I want to use the laptop monitor also as a 3rd screen but i want to change primary (main) display to one of the external monitors but the laptop keeps reverting the primary (main) display back to the laptop. 2) My 2 external screens has since 2 days ago started flickering then going blank and came back again without any flickerin. Extremely anoying. Seems that the graphic card somewhat resets on screen or the other from time to time. Been trying to look at logs without any luck. Any ideas? 

A:External Dual Monitors and Laptop screen issue EliteBook 840...

ChristianA Please Update your Bios and Driver And install HP 2013 Ultraslim Docking Station DisplayPort Hub Firmwarehttp://h20565.www2.hp.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.PAGE/public/psi/swdDetails/?sp4ts.oid=5405365&sp... Intel Documents, install the monitor .inf deactivate the power safe modehttp://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/graphics/4cp-hd4400gfx

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I recently bought a new monitor to my PC... and i have a big problem.

I connected 2 monitors to my graphic card: Geforce gtx 1050.
One with HDMI and the 2nd one with a DVI adapter. 
They both detected by the computer but the 2nd monitor is blank/black.

My monitor that is not working is a Samsung s24f350


When i plugin the hdmi to the 2nd monitor he displayed but with the dvi he is only detected and not displaying...

  [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/FA8eg.png
  [2]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/HHtBg.jpg
  [3]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/cmxcs.png
  [4]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/FFwSV.png
  [5]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/Fqg9P.png
  [6]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/3AGzl.png
  [7]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/q9xDw.png
  [8]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/cCiPi.png

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I have a Lenovo Yoga 920. When I connect a single Dell Monitor through a USB-C to HDMI adapter from j5create, the screen appears to be the same as I swap monitors in and out. However, when I used a j5create adapter to plug two of the same Dell monitors in, they're is a visual difference between the two. I'm not familar enough to know if it's color/contrast/brightness/etc, but am confused as to why two of the exact same monitors would require me to set up a custom color profile to work. Shouldn't it be as straight foward as plugging the identical monitors in and expecting the same visual result between the two?

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I have an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 9600 video card. It's been working properly for quite awhile and now suddenly the cursor moves to the second monitor when I drag the cursor beyond the bottom of the first monitor.

It used to go from one monitor to the other by dragging it from left-to-right. I can't figure out what caused it to start doing this or how to go about getting it back to the way it was before. Any ideas how to change it back. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!


A:Dual Monitors - cursor changes monitors vertically instead of horizontally

Display Properties - Settings - Drag the monitors to side-by-side position with the mouse, it thinks they are one obove the other.

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Hi! I just upgraded to Win8 this weekend and so far I really like it. I discovered something this morning that now that the weekend is over is bugging the crap out of me and I need help. I work from home and use this alot so it would be helpful.

I am trying to do a couple things I could easily do in 7,
- have Chrome open in both monitors at once with different things on them.
- currently Chrome has no minimize/maximize buttons on the upper right like it used to. Makes it very hard to multitask.

I have 2 monitors, the main is a 23" touch screen and the second is an 18" non-touch screen.

Also, is there a way to have the taskbar to appear at the bottom always like it used to?

Thanks! I really appreciate the help!

A:Windows 8 Dual Monitors, need help having browser open in both monitors

Answered my own question. Google Chrome was showing in App mode. When I downloaded Chrome for 8 there is an option to have it show in desktop mode and the taskbar, minimize/maximize, and multi window option came back. YAY.

Now if someone could tell me why windows 8 won't fill the screen at the resolution recommended for my 23" monitor I'd be good!

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i have 2 ati radeon hd 4850's. right now they are connected with the crossfirex bridges and i'm only using one monitor and running crossfirex. i'm thinking of getting a second monitor for better gaming/seeing more stuff in flight sim X.

what i can't find is how to use 2 monitors with 2 cards. do i remove the crossfirex bridges and connect one monitor per card, or do i keep the crossfirex bridges and connect both monitors to the first card, still running crossfirex?


A:dual graphics cards, dual monitors, ati crossfireX

I would just connect the 2 monitors to the one card and then extend the desktop using either desktop properties or Catalyst control center.

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Can anyone please tell me how to set up another monitor to work with my laptop computer? I've made a little progress, HOWEVER...

I would then like to open my Excel Workbook that has 2 sheets. One sheet is constant data input into various columns using my laptop. In the second sheet, I have formulas which constantly updates the data within a formatted table that I would like displayed onto the external monitor.

My project is to hook the laptop monitor into an overhead flat screen tv using HDMI cable. Then, while sitting in a corner with my laptop entering data, the results would be constantly updated for the audience to see.


A:dual monitors / dual programs set up

Hello dunna, welcome to Sevenforums

With a laptop, (assuming you have an HDMI port), it shouldn't be too difficult. However, laptops are different. For example, mine, you plug in the secondary monitor, and there is a function key (Fn) that you press, and the corresponding key to change the output mode (for me, it is F1). It should let you choose how you want to display to the monitor. Test it out yourself to see, but if you can't find it, let us know. It helps if you provide the laptop type, so we can tell you the keys exactly

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Hello. I cannot get a dual monitor setup to work for the life of me. I've made a LITTLE progress though by tweaking the BIOS to load from the Mobo VGA port first on boot, but now the second monitor just stays lit up with the windows 10 logo and nothing else, while the first still works just fine. Windows will not detect the second monitor, nor will extending it on the projector settings work. The main monitor is plugged into DVI on an old ATI Radeon HD 7700 Series card. Forget the exact model and that. I believe it's an H.I.S. Radeon. But I'm going through all the options and i'm scratching my head here. help would be appreciated.

EDIT The Radeon card I have only supports one DVI connection and one HDMI. Both monitors I have are VGA/DVI.

A:Need help with dual monitors

I'll happily be wrong, but I don't believe you can run one from the mobo and one from the video card together.

Disable the mobo GPU in BIOS.

Then get an HDMI/DVI adapter so you can run the second monitor off the card with the first.

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I am having some "detection" issues with my KVM switch on a Windows 7 machine.

As you can see in the above diagram, PC 1 has two monitors connected to it. One coming off of the KVM (monitor 1) and one coming straight from the computer. (Monitor 2)

Now whenever I switch to PC 2 and back to PC 1, Monitor 2 goes dead and I have to re detect in Windows. Is there any way to get it to automatically re-detect after I switch back to PC 1?

A:KVM + Dual Monitors

The issue is caused by that the KVM did not support DDC/EDID communication check/feeding between connected system and console monitor. You can either find KVM switch support FULL-TIME All DDC/EDID or just put a VGA-EDID emulator between PC1 and the TK-207K.


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Im running WinXP Pro... I have 2 monitors.. I have the Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead graphics card.

When the screensaver pops on, it only works on 1 monitor... It used to work on both monitors like it was a seperate computer and now it doesnt...

Any suggestions so I can see the screen saver on both monitors??


A:Dual Monitors

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I have an extra monitor and would like to add it to my laptop so that i could view my desktop and everything that i am doing on my laptop on my extra monitor. How do i set it up?

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Im running WinXP Pro... I have 2 monitors.. I have the Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead graphics card.

When the screensaver pops on, it only works on 1 monitor... It used to work on both monitors like it was a seperate computer and now it doesnt...

Any suggestions so I can see the screen saver on both monitors??


A:Dual Monitors

This thread may shed some light -


of interest -

Only problem, I have to uncheck:
"While using streched mode maximise windows:" - In Powerdesk
Otherwise saver only starts in left display.Click to expand...

With the latest Matrox drivers, you can now set application specific settings and so I can disable "Maximise program in current display" and the screen saver always opens acroos all three displays now! Click to expand...


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Ok - i've tried stuff but I can't get it to work.
1- LCD (MAG)
1- CRT monitor (IBM G54)
1 -Radeon 9800 Pro(def supports dual monitors)
I have the LCD connected to the radeon monitor socket, then the CRT connect to a Dvi -> Vga connector.

Monitors -

A:Dual Monitors

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I have 2 monitors hooked up to one tower with a VGA splitter and in the resolution settings it only shows the one monitor and it does not detect the 2nd?

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Not really dual monitors. 22inch LG monitor, and 50 inch plasma tv.
I have a new HP HPE-150F, with an Nvidia 230GT video card.
What I would like to be able to do is watch a movie, with media player, on the tv, using the hdmi port on the back of the computer, while still allowing my wife to use the computer, on the monitor using the digital connection.
Is this possible?
The computer has the power to run both, but can't find how to set it up.
Thanks in advance.
Windows 7 home premium,
Core i7 860
8gb ram

A:dual monitors

Have you tried the Windows Media Center that comes with Win7 (and Vista) but improved with W7:

+ a review here:


Good luck

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I have a friend who wants me to set up a dual monitor system like he has at work and I'm confused. He has an HP Win 7 machine and the graphics card has a regular vga port and one that according to the specs says is a DVI-D.

I went to pick up a VGA to DVI-D adapter for the second monitor and the guy said that it wasn't possible to do that without a "converter box." That doesn't sound right. Help?


A:Dual Monitors WIn 7

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I want to install a two-monitor set-up. After Windows 7 driver install, Windows detects the new LG 2486L as 'LG 2486 (Digital) on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter' and shows only one display icon as #1, failing to detect the older NEC display altogether, thus no option to extend the display onto a second monitor appears in, 'Change the appearance of your display'.

I am running the DVI cable that came with the new LG monitor. I am using an VGA/DVI adapter to connect the older VGA monitor. I disconnected the NEC monitor and restarted the system using only the LG monitor connection and still get the same result.

Monitors:NEW: LG 2486L (DVI Cable)
OLD: NEC LCD 1530V (VGA Cable w/Adapter)
System: Windows 7 64-bit
Asus P7P55D
Radeon HD 5770 (ATI)
Can anyone guide me through a correction of the errors or oversights I've made and help with the set up of these two monitors?

Thank you.

A:Dual Monitors: Set-Up

I just installed a Geforce GT 220 in my system and had the same problem you have. After installing the latest NVidia drivers my second monitor showed up.

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Pardon my ignorance, but at my work we run XP alongside the very ancient Windows 3.0. Can you run dual monitors between these systems in order to use only 1 mouse and keyboard?

A:dual monitors between XP and Win 3.0

Could you clarify what you want to do? Do you have two complete systems except for keyboard and mouse? Or are you running two different systems on the same computer?

Either way, you will have to have your keyboard and mouse plugged in to the system in order for it to boot.

If you have two computers, you'll have to swap the keyboard and mouse after shutting down one system and before booting up the other.

This means you can only have one operating system running at a time.

Keyboards and mice are not expensive, and it's worthwhile for any business to have a spare around anyway.

If the desk space is a problem, then arrange things so you can sore the keyboard and mouse not being used off to one side.

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Hello all, first post here!

I have finally got my dual monitor setup and am loving it...

Did some research online here and got myself UltraMon for some customization, but there is still ONE thing I would like to get, something like a virtual kvm switch. Whereas I could hit a Hotkey and change the keyboard and mouse inputs between the screens. I wouldnt mind if it caused the mouse not to switch normally between the screens.

My main reason for looking for this is I am a gamer and would like to be able to stay in a game while browsing the web or IMing in the other screen and not be kicked out and have to Alt+Tab back in :(

Thank you :)

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I just bought a new TV and hooked it up to my Acer Aspire X1200 Desktop PC via HDMI Cable (HDMI from PC to HMDI TV input).

Every time I drag something over to the TV, (e.g. a Video)... the TV Picture works OK but I lose all the desktop icons on the PC Monitor and get an error report (one of which I sent for analysis).

In order to get the icons back, I have to reboot the computer and usually the icons are reconfigured in a cluster....i do not have 'align to grid' selected (Lucky I have a little Gismo which will reset the desktop items to my previously configured favourite layout).......

I have a VGA to HDMI Converter but did not use that yet because I am waiting for a splitter for the VGA Cable which will boost the signal to both monitors (and I believe would simply duplicate my desk top anyway).

If I could simply use the TV as an extension Monitor without all the problems after I have dragged something over to that screen, then I would not even have to use a converter or a VGA splitter.

Any ideas as to why my Desktop Monitor goes 'skewiff' after I push something out to the extension monitor?

A:Dual Monitors W7 x64

One monitor with VGA connection and one with HDMI, both of the same graphics card (which from the Acer Aspire X1200 I am assuming is the integrated NVIDIA GeForce 8200).

If you press the (Windows Key + P) together, holding down the Windows key, is the option Extend selected? If not, can you select it please (still holding down the Windows key, press P a couple of times until Extend is selected).

How have you setup the two monitors, their resolution mainly but anything else?


Originally Posted by Knucklerapper

...(Lucky I have a little Gismo which will reset the desktop items to my previously configured favourite layout)...

Can you turn this off temporarily and test?

[QUOTE=Knucklerapper;4161611...I have a VGA to HDMI Converter but did not use that yet because I am waiting for a splitter for the VGA Cable which will boost the signal to both monitors (and I believe would simply duplicate my desk top anyway)...[/QUOTE]

Yes, a VGA splitter will only duplicate the output, you will see the same image on both monitors.

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As most of you know I was searching for a new graphics card awhile ago to replace my archaic Voodoo 3. I ended up with way more than what I needed (which is good). A nvidia GeForce FX. It's been perfect so far, now I want to put it to it's full potential. I currently have two monitors set up to it now heres what I want to do. For example, on Unreal Tournament 2K3. I want my first monitor to be showing First person view, and my second monitor to be the cinematic view. Where do I start in something like this?

A:Dual Monitors

There is one link that is worth taking a look at regarding unorthodox setups such as you desrcibe. The site is 2CPU.COM aimed at people running dual processor systems but there are lots of tips for setting up high end displays, dual monitor configs. etc in their forums here :


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I have no idea about this sort of thig really so i need some advice. I want to get 2 monitors on my pc so i can have either work/game on one monitor and then on the other monitor i can be watching tv or you tube. You no hwt i mean so i can have 2 things at once going.


I was looking at that but dont no if thats the best thing to go for and i dont no if its overpriced. I am a student so obviously i dont have that much money haha. would that be the right thing to go for then or could you suggest something different?

A:Dual Monitors

Cheap, really. The good solutions cost a great deal more. You didn't tell us about your rig... or you monitors.

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Hi Gang I want to run dual monitors my system is huge
what sort of video card could I get to run 2 or more monitors ??

thanks moura41
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Ultimate , Service Pack 2, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12278 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 997191 MB, Free - 620325 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Rampage II Extreme, Rev 2.xx, MS1C93BDRR00349
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

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I recently installed Windows 8 and was playing around with it for most of the day yesterday, I was able to get both monitors up and working, I have a Vizio E470VL and a Sony SDM-P232W ... Yesterday I had the E470VL as the main Screen and it made the 2nd Display a Generic Nvidia Display monitor, but both were working..

So last night I watched some preseason football on the Vizio on HDM2 and when I woke up this morning, the Sony was still working but the Vizio (computer is on HDM1) had no signal input, while I noticed the extended screen was enabled meaning my mouse disappeared onto the other blank screen .. so the thought occurred to me to restart..

So I restarted, then it recognized my Sony with its proper settings instead of the Generic and only listed one monitor in the Display settings.. I did a detect device and was given a few options of adding another monitor, and tried to do that, without any success.. so then I detached the Sony, and tried to restart only with the Vizio on both ports, the one it was originally in and the one the Sony was in.. with no success, still no signal, checked the connections, and somehow I doubt it would be the cable and I admit that the symptoms in trouble shooting things kind of point to that, but the cable is new.. and would love to entertain other ideas before getting a new one..

any suggestions?

A:Dual Monitors

First idea is to install:

NVIDIA GeForce 305.53 64-bit download from Guru3D.com

Probably be good to go after.

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I have my new Samsung 24" running and I'd like to use my old Samsung 17" as a 2nd monitor. I have both the DVI and VGA pluggen into my GeForce 7600, both running on the same monitor. Do I just use one of them to hook up the 2nd?

A:Dual monitors

In a word... yes. Make sure you go into the 7600's control panel to activate both video ports

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Recently, for some reason, the two monitors reversed their "prime" status.

Where the LG one was primary for years now what ever I do or change in NVidia of Ctrl Panel the desktop appears in the Dell one.
Home build, Asus P5K Premium WiFi Intel,
Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600, EVGA GeForce 9800,
W10 pro.

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I bought a TV to use as a second monitor but it will not detect it on my computer.  It is connected with an HDMI to the computer from the TV.  How do I fix this problem? I have Intel Graphics 4600.   

A:Dual Monitors

Hi, Your machine has HDMI IN port on the left              You can't use this port to connect to a TV. Option : Using USB to HDMI for TV adapter. Regards.

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I have a home workstation (Win7 Ultimate 32 bit) with dual monitors connecting to my office workstation (Win7 Ulitmate 64 bit), which has 3 monitors. The checkbox in Remote desktop to allow dual monitors is checked but I cant get the second monitor to work (through the VPN). I have tried disconnecting the 3rd monitor to match the number of monitors, but that didnt work. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks

A:Dual Monitors using RDP over VPN

Original post was incorrect. Office workstation had Windows 7 Professsional. The host computer needs to have Ultimate installed to allow the dual monitors to work using remote desktop. Upgraded to Ultimate and it works great.

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What is the least expensive way to add a second monitor, not including cost of monitor

A:Dual monitors

All you need to add a second monitor is a graphics card with at least two display ports (which most do). Two DVI connections is recommended but you can use DP or HDMI as well. The desktop can be configured and arranged after through your video card's control panel.

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I just recently started running dual monitors, my first monitor is my laptop screen while my second monitor is a 19" Dynex lcd tv. The resolution on the laptop screen is set to 1280x800 where as the tv is set at 1440x900

My problem started when I decided to try and play a game on the tv monitor. The game was set in a 1280x800 resolution and as far as I can tell it must be changing the tv to a resolution it doesn't support, because i get the error message "Mode not supported". This also happens when I change the tv's resolution to a resolution below 1440x900.

I fixed the problem and as long as my laptop is open i can use the second monitor as a main monitor or a secondary one. However when I close the laptop screen the tv screen goes blank and displays the error message again ("Mode not supported"). What should happen is the tv should automatically switch to main and only monitor. So I am assuming somewhere in the computers settings this is messed up I just can't find where and its driving me crazy.

I can't find the solution in the nvidia control panel or in display settings.
Thanks in advance.

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