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Solved: Highlight whole row depending on 1 cell ,excel 2003

Q: Solved: Highlight whole row depending on 1 cell ,excel 2003

In range A2:A11 I have a range of numbers .
What I want is for a CF or code that would find the highest number in that range and hightlight it in say green and also the full row that contains this highest number.

Have tried this CF formula , based on a google search

Result is only cell in column A is highlighted (say A6) and not the whole of row 6.

Any suggestions welcome


Preferred Solution: Solved: Highlight whole row depending on 1 cell ,excel 2003

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A: Solved: Highlight whole row depending on 1 cell ,excel 2003

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Hi everybody and greetings from Belgium:
I was wondering if anyone might know if there is any way to get excel to highlight the cells when it finds information I've asked it to via edit>find.
Because I have such big spreadsheets, with a lot of text, and numbers, I find it really hard to see where the "found" cell is.
Thanks in advance

A:Excel 2003, find function, highlight "found" cell?

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What can I use (formula, etc) to check if a cell has a fill color or not? I have thousands of records with some with a yellow fill color. I need to move those that are filled to another sheet.

A:Solved: Excel: Formula to check cell color highlight?

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Hi again all,

Need a little help and this time I think it is possible I just lack the computer know how to pull it off.

I have attached a summary spreadsheet so I can reference as I go but I will give a little back story first. I want to create a spreadsheet that I can view and at a glance see who is traveling on a particular date and when they are due back. The problem is that the personnel will travel several times a year and I don't want to just create a giant spreadsheet with loads of dates.

Cell A3 is just the persons name and serves as no consequence for what I am asking.

In cell B3 and C3 I want to be able to display when the person is NEXT traveling and when that person is NEXT due back. Now this is the tricky part, I want this to automatically change the value of the cells after the date has passed.

In E and F I have put example dates. So lets say the 10th of July passes I would like the Outbound to change to 20th of Aug, and so forth. The same would apply for the inbound.

My thoughts were I could just dump all the dates at the bottom of the spreadsheet off the page break and have the text white so it is not visable and the sheet will be neat and tidy. There will be several people to track and I dont like clutter.

If anyone is particularly clever, could I even host all the dates for cells B3 and C3 on sheet 2 of the spreadsheet??

Once again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

A:Format a cell in excel depending on date

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I would like to be able to input a number into a cell B3 on sheet 1 - 'Head Count'. Then get the macro to look up the number that was input and copy and paste all the rows relating to it from sheet 2 - 'Data' and paste them on 'Head Count' next to the input cell.

I am having trouble with getting the macro to copy and paste depending on the target cell. This is what i have so far:

'Copy cells of Data from rows containing cost centre in col G of the active worksheet (source sheet) to cols
'of Head count (destination sheet)
Dim DestSheet As Worksheet
Set DestSheet = Worksheets("Head Count")

Dim sRow As Long 'row index on source worksheet
Dim dRow As Long 'row index on destination worksheet
Dim sCount As Long
sCount = 0
dRow = 1
For sRow = 1 To Range("G65536").End(xlUp).Row
'use pattern matching to find "Significant" anywhere in cell
If Cells(sRow, "G") Like "Worksheets("Head Count")Range("B3")" Then
sCount = sCount + 1
dRow = dRow + 1
'copy cols

' With Range("A14:AA14", Range("A65536").End(xlUp))

Cells(sRow, "A").Copy Destination:=DestSheet.Cells(dRow, "A")
Cells(sRow, "B").Copy Destination:=DestSheet.Cells(dRow, "B")
Cells(sRow, "C").Copy Destination:=DestSheet.Cells(dRow, "C")
Cells(sRow, "D").Copy Des... Read more

A:Excel macro copy and paste depending on a cell

Can you upload a workbook with dummy data so we can see how you've structured the data.

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This may be an easy one; I searched but couldn't find it.

I have a project name sheet1 in a workbook with a column of hyperlinks to the right of each project. When clicked, it highlights the cell in sheet 2 with the notes for that project.
I would like to make all the text on the notes sheet white, and when a cell is highlighted, have the font be a different color only then.
In other words, I need a way to make the highlighted (linked) cell stand-out from the page.
Sorry if this is really simple; I just can't figure out how to do it.
Thanks in advance.

A:Excel Text Cell Highlight Question

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I'm attempting to write my first macro for an Excel 2003 workbook. I'm not completely code illiterate (I've got moderate skills with AutoLISP), but I'm new to VBA and am not yet an Excel power user, so please be gentle.

The macro I want to write will:
check that the selected cell's content is underlined before proceeding
copy the content of the currently selected cell into an external plain text .log file
.log file lines should be: year/month/day - time - username - cell contents
.log file names will probably need to be generated
clear the cell's content and formatting (particularly underline and text/background color)
Here's what I have so far:
Sub Unpost()
If Selection.Font.Underline = True
Then Selection.ClearFormats And Selection.Clearcontents
If MsgBox("The selected cell is not underlined...are you sure?", vbOkCancel) = vbOk
Then Selection.ClearFormats And Selection.Clearcontents
Else Exit Sub
End If
End If
End Sub
If I've written it correctly, it should currently do everything except log the cell contents. This, from what I've seen, is going to be the trickier part. I intend to use this macro 50+ times per weekday, so at some point the .log files will get too long to be useful, so I assume it will need to automatically create new logs (perhaps "year-month.log"). I've seen some useful info about appending to an external log here and here, ... Read more

A:Excel 2003 macro: log contents of selected cell, clear cell

You need to use the "File Scripting Object" to create and/or append text to a file. I've included a link below to get you started. If you are unable to figure it out on your own let me know and I'll write the code for you.



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I have a large workbook (over 4 meg) with multiple sheets and lots of formulas. Today, I was trying to change a cell formula and instead of placing the result in the cell, the formula was placed in the cell and displayed as text, complete with the '=' sign in pos 1. The Evaluation tool states that the cell contains a constant.

The following is an example. The original formula and the mod with the changed component in red.

Original cell formula: =SUM(INDIRECT("T$"&MATCH($V1265,$V$2:$V1265,0)&":T"&ROW())). The cell result is a number.

modified cell formula: =SUM(INDIRECT("T$"&MATCH($V1265,$V$1:$V1265,0)&":T"&ROW())) . The cell displays the formula, exactly as shown, as text and therefore no result.

Has anyone ever encountered this before and is there a solution?
Thanks, Tom

A:Solved: Excel 2003: Formula Cell Becomes Text After Mod.

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In the "Ship Date" Column date are displayed as the numerical value calculated by Excel instead of mm/dd/yyyy format. In the formula bar the date is displayed correctly. Similarly, the 435 in the "Freight" column should be a currency or accounting formatted field. If I try to add the $ it disappears. Thank you in advance for the help.

A:Solved: Excel 2003 cell formating not working

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Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate some help with this problem, I've been working on it for over a week now trying different things – and I,m no further advanced.

I have 2 worksheets, 1 - Stock; 1 – Layout. Stock = Stock that is recorded on the sheet, this starts out as New and then progresses to either despatched or cancelled.

What I would like to happen is that everytime a record of stock is entered/amended then the corresponding location cell (A001; Z020 etc.) in the “layout” worksheet is coloured to reflect the entry in the stock sheet i.e. new = green; despatched = orange or cancelled = red, but I've reached the stage where I can't even think straight.

Can anyone help me please?



A:Solved: Colour cell depending on entry in another worksheet

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I currently have 4 days experience in VBA so am very new!! as a result im hoping you can help me with what must be an extremely simple problem thats been bugging me for sometime. I have drawn an arrow from the autoshape tool bar at the bottom of the screen and depending on the value of a particular cell i would like it to dissappear if the value is negative it and if positive it reappears. Here is what i have so far:

Private Sub Arrow()
If Range("E17") > 0 Then
ActiveSheet.Shapes("arr1").Visible = True
ActiveSheet.Shapes("arr1").Visible = False
End If
End Sub

thanks Andy

A:[SOLVED] Excel 2003 VBA autoshape visibility dependant on cell value

This works for me

Sub MacroTest2()
If Range("E17") > 0 Then
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Autoshape 2").Visible = True
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Autoshape 2").Visible = False
End If
End Sub

Change the name from arrow
to something like
Private Sub ArrowTest()
that also worked for me - I think arrow maybe a reserved name for excel - I get a compile error ambiguous name

I'm assuming arr1 is correct name for the shape that you have assigned

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In cell A2 I want to display the date that the worksheet was last modified.

Is there a function that does this?

Or is this a job for VBA? If so , how do I do this (from scratch)?


A:Solved: Excel 2003 - add worksheet date last modified to a cell

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I'm aware of conditional formatting for cells in Microsoft Excel 2003, but it doesn't appear to have an option to apply a format to a cell when it simply has an entry of any variety entered.

What I am looking for is something that applies a format to a cell as soon as a value is entered in to that cell. The value might be character or numerical, but as soon as there is something in the cell it should apply the format.

Can anyone advise the best way to achieve this?

Thank you!

A:Solved: Automatic Cell Formatting In Microsoft Excel 2003

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I have a user creating a report and she wants to be able to record minutes and seconds so that 45 minutes and 12 seconds would look like 45:12. In the formatting area I see mm:ss but whenever I enter numbers, it does not come out looking right. How can I format it to work properly? Whenever I open up a worksheet and format the cell using mm:ss and I put in 45:12 the display comes out as 12:00.

Thanks for the assist

A:Solved: Formatting a cell for minutes and seconds in Excel 2003

Enter the number as 0:45:12

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In cell j, I have formula =IF(SUMPRODUCT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("VLXP",K2:AB2))+0)>=1,"Yes","No") that returns yes or no if VLXP is contained in any cell K2 through AB2 and it works correctly. What I would really like to do is then put into cell j the entire matching cell content or if not found return n/a. Is there a way to accomplish this maybe with VBA?

A:Solved: Excel if cell contains vlxp then put matching cell data in current cell

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hi, i have 2-excel cells in the same sheet, both contain manually entered numbers; cell-2 changes frequently; if the existing entry in cell-1 is < than the new entry in cell-2, cell-1 should immediately reflect this new value. how do you create this formula?

A:Solved: excel-replace content of cell-1 if cell-2 is > cell-1

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Hi all,

I am trying to make a query in Access to sum different fields (columns) based on a personal number. So, my table consists of:

personal number, yearborn, title, loan, loan2, loan3, %, %2, %3. I would like to add the loans together based on the personal number and the percentages together based on the personal number. I can't figure out how to do this with the sum because the sum only takes 1 parameter like loan. Can somebody help me out??

Thank you.

A:Solved: Access 2003 SQL suming different fields depending on person

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Is there any way to force a cell to show as blank if its value is zero? I am developing a spreadsheet for purchasing requests that calculates price totals for each line item, then totalizes the results of all line items. If a line item has no entries, I want the cell that displays the line item's total to show blank. How can this be done?

A:Cell Blanking in Excel 2003

hi fiveoaks,

1. Show all zeros as blanks: Tools\Options\View then untick zero values

2. Specific cell only: Format cells\Number\Custom tab and enter o;-0;;@ as the type


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I'm working on a spreadsheet at the moment which displays a range of cells all containing values referenced from another spreadsheet (within the same workbook). This system works fine.

Every day, the original worksheet is updated. So, it has fields already arranged up until the end of the year. A row for every date. Now, needless to say, rows for dates in the future contain no values, and so when the spreadsheet I am working on now references those cells, it displays "$0.00" (which is correct, given I am dealing with financial figures).

Now, all of that works as expected, however, on the spreadsheet I am working on, all of those figures are displayed in a line graph. This line graph, at todays date, shows an enormous drop given that the fields for the rest of the year all show a zero balance.

What I need to do, is to get the remainder of those fields (every field that says "$0.00") to not display anything at all. So, if the value is $0.00, it would not display a value at all, and therefore not show anything on the graph.

Can someone tell me how I can achieve this? I'm sure it can be done with an "if" statement, but I'm not sure how to structure it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Remove Cell Value If Cell Value Is Zero (Microsoft Office Excel 2007)

=If(a1="","",Sheet1!a1) and drag it down.

Where a1 is the first cell in spreadsheet you are working on, and sheet1!a1 is the sheet within workbook containing figure.

Not sure if the graph will recognize the "blank' cell as blank or "0"
You could try that


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I have a lot of cells in a worksheet that I would like to edit. The cells have this type of data 08:59:39 AM and I would like to change it to '08:59. When I record a macro it changes all the cells to the same value although they have different values. Please could you assist me.


A:Edit cell contents in excel 2003

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When I select a cell the area keeps expanding and I can't de-select it. This just started. I don't know if I hit a key by mistake, but I can't seem to find an answer to this.

A:Excel 2003 cell area expanding

Hi, welcome to the board!

Yes, toggle the F8 key.

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The title says it all.

A:Autofit a cell, not a column in Excel 2003

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I have not used Exel for over 6 years. I have Office 2003, Excel. I am trying to do a spreadsheet which has columns for each day of the month. I want to total is column (total sales for the day, total cash sales for the day, total non-cash sales for the day, etc.).
I have not problem entering a sum formula for each of the columns listed above. However, I want to protect each of the SUM totals from accidental data entry. What is the process to accomplish this.

I have purchased a number of Tutorials for EXCEL, 2003. But none of the tutorials clearly demonstrate how to lock a cell from data entry, after the formala is entered into that cell.


A:How do I protect/lock a cell in EXCEL 2003 for XP?

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I have SQL Server query that I copied to Microsoft Query:
SELECT 'Fresh from '+ convert(char(10),(SELECT MAX(Table.Date) FROM Data.dbo.Table),101)
Fresh from 08/02/2007
In Excel, which is what I want.
What I don't want is for Excel to create a new column for that one cell. I just want to be able to put the value into an existing cell.

Any way to do this?

A:Import a single cell of SQL into Excel 2003

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Loaded Excel 2003 onto Window 7 64 bit system. All of the cells in all of my spreadsheets and any new spreadsheets are now taller and narower instead of the standard rectangle. How can I go back to the default size?
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 16363 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6850, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1893758 MB, Free - 1719260 MB; D: Total - 13867 MB, Free - 1710 MB; E: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 583330 MB; L: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 806955 MB;
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

A:Excel 2003 Cell Size Changes in Windows 7

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Using Excel 2003 in Windows XP

I would like to use the contents of one cell as the destination location for copying data.
For example
I have 2 worksheets 1) Results and 2) info
in info
A1 = 'ABC'
C1 = 'Results!O54' < this is calculated based on other data in sheet.

Using a macro, I'd like to copy contents of A1 to cell location 'Results!O54' more specifically to where ever C1 points... C1 will change based on other data in info sheet.

The macro record for action looks like this (but I would like the 'O54' to be based on contents of C1 which changes)

There is more to it then that but I think this is where I am stumped.

A:Solved: Excel: Uses contents of Cell to select a cell

Sheets("info").Range("A1").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Results").Range(Sheets("info").Range("C1").Value)

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I have a 5x7 table in Excel 2016 with a named range "CellsToAlign" and I want to be able to automatically format the cells to align the contents LEFT or RIGHT dependendent upon the cell value being a Negative or Positive value ?

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I have a master list of data from which i want to make seperate lists. The first seperate list I want to make is a copy of all rows in the master table which have a certain column value set to yes, an example is below.

Name Age Verified
James 18 Yes
Billly 17 No

For all rows where the "Verified" value is yes, I want a copy to made in Workbook 2 and placed in the next available row. Then, whenever I change the data in Workbook 1 for that row I want the information to be updated in Workbook 2 so long as the verified value remains Yes.

How could I do this?

A:Copying data to a second worksheet depending on cell value.

Hi maracles,
Your using the word "Workbook" when trying to explain what you want to do with the data. Are you intending to copy the data to a seperate Workbook, which means that your copying it to a new Excel document, or are you copying it from Sheet1 to Sheet 2 within the same Workbook. If you could post a ziped copy of the file it would be most helpful.

Peace Out,

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In spreadsheet_1 I'm creating several cells which contain drop-down menus so the user can select values from other spreadsheets in the same workbook (Excel 2003).

My issue is:

I would like the user to, once all data is selected, be able to print automatically the spreadsheet_1 AND all the spreadsheets tagged in those cells with the drop-down menu when he selects print... Is it possible?

More info: the user will be choosing from a summary list that contains hyperlinks to the individual spreadsheets I want to actually be printed.

I'm new to programming and VBA, but I'm keen to learn!

Thanks in advance!


A:Excel 2003: Redirect selection in cell to print job

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I need to do the following in VBA:

If cell in column C contains the value GBP, change cell S from that row from 13 to 23
If a cell column C contains the value USD change cell S from that row from 13 to 33

exception cell: C1 --> contains the title of the column

How do I do this?

A:Excel 2003 replace macro based on value in other cell

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I have an Excel 2003 question that puzzles me, and I'm hoping someone can help me out...

I have 4 columns of cells that that are 20 cells high with information in most of the cells. There is a border around each cell in the columns. My problem is, when I move one cell with info to another column, it will take the border with it, leaving the cell border-less, and I have to manually create a border around the cell again.

My question is, how can i cut/ move the information in the cell and leave the border intact, so I don't have to keep recreating a border for every moved cell.


A:Excel 2003 - Move Cell Contents w/o Border

You could create a simple macro that Copies the cell contents and then "clears" the contents from the original cell and then Paste the contents in to the location.

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In spreadsheet_1 I'm creating several cells which contain drop-down menus so the user can select values from other spreadsheets in the same workbook (Excel 2003).

My issue is:

I would like the user to, once all data is selected, be able to print automatically the spreadsheet_1 AND all the spreadsheets tagged in those cells with the drop-down menu when he selects print... Is it possible?

More info: the user will be choosing from a summary list that contains hyperlinks to the individual spreadsheets I want to actually be printed.

I'm new to programming and VBA, but I'm keen to learn!

Thanks in advance!


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ive never done formulas in excel before except for basic =sum stuff

im trying to make a wage sheet which calculates hours worked and pay

i have a row of cells under the titles 'monday' to 'sunday' with digits underneath saying how many hours were worked on those days. however, in the cells which say the hours worked each day i would also like to include overtime hours as a seperate digit but still remain in the same cell under the correct day

e.g. under 'monday' i might write '6(+3.5)'

'6' being the normal hours worked, and the value in the brackets being the overtime.

however, id like these numbers to be calculated seperately as i have a column which gives a total normal hours worked and another column which says how many overtime hours were worked

so basically, in one column id like a formula which would work like:

=sum(first number in cell a1 + first number in cell a2 etc..)
and in another column id like a formula which would work like:

=sum(second number in cell a1 + second number in cell a2 etc..)

how can i do this?
ps. im sorry if this has being asked before but i dont know how to word my search query cuz i dont know what this is called

A:Excel 2003: Formulas which use 2 seperate bits of data from a single cell

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Hi All!

I am having major difficulty figuring out excel. I am using a spreadsheet and want excel to automatically send an email to the user in that row when a contract is expiring. Within the row I have the specified user's email, the end date of the contract, and when the reminder email should go out. I have tried playing around with Macros and VBA coding, but I have no idea what I am doing. I am using excel 2003. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I am using Outlook as my email. Have questions please let me know!


A:Email automatically sending to user when cell is at a certain Date Excel 2003

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I can't seem to make this happen with standard excel functions and I'm not good with VB.

Its for basic inventory counting. I have a column of 500 part numbers in excel. I would like to scan a part number on the shelf using a USB barcode scanner (already have) and excel immediately goes to the cell containing that part number. I would then manually move to the adjacent cell and type in the quantity and then start over with next item. Is this a doer?

Thanks for your help.

A:Excel 2003 - Input Data from Barcode Scanner and Jump to Cell

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I have a user within AD who is getting a chinese popup error everytime he presses a key in excel for the 1st time or even outlook. However on the 2nd occasion everything is fine and it works well and no error occurs.

I hvave done everything you can think of from a

Full Uninstallation of the app + registry removals of Office 11 and Re-installation

Checking that his AD I.D. has full rights within the Registry

Re-created his profile both Locally and Server Side

Re-installed the keyboard driver under his AD login

Tested using regmon and filemon and seen few failures here and there and got the registry keys elsewhere and imported

All of these still results with the user getting the popup error with Chinese Writing when the 1st key is pressed still

Any of you guys came across this and resolved??

A:Office 2003 Excel Displays Chinese font popup on 1st key entered in cell

Actually, I have heard of this- something in an update caused the problem. There should be a fix:

This was the update: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/Bulletin/MS07-002.mspx

This is the Caveat: See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927198

For # Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2, when used with:
* Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003
* Microsoft Office Excel 2003

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I have built a simple timesheet for someone in my dept, which includes amongst other things:

- hours worked over a month,
- how many hours owed/extra worked
- a cumulative of this figure over the months.

The requestor wants to be able to type a letter such as 'e' to represent a 07:30hr shift. So they type 'e' and the cell contents change to 07:30. There are about 6 different codes.

Normally a Vlookup would work EXCEPT you can't change the contents of the cell your are working upon.....cicrular referencing!

I could see two ways forward: either a function that allows the above

OR (perhaps more favourably)

leaving the lookups until the hour calculations at the base of the form. i.e Instead of a simple Sum for the hours worked that month, it could read the values in the range, look them up from a table(vlookup), and then sum the looked up figures to give the answer in the 'hours worked' cell.

I vaguely remember this being possible from my university days but can't remember how.

Can anyone help me?

A:Excel 2003: automatically changing a cell's contents based on keyword entered

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Hello guys

my machine: PC desktop, Aser.
OS: XP 2002 SP3, Office 2003,
I used to install this software offcie many time and work normally,
since few days ago happened some problem with the mouse that became very fast and open many webpages from a single click, added to this can't highlight text in word or from notepad,

I uninstall and re-install the office again... the problem still remaining...
I will appreciate if any helpful advises, with lot of thanks in advance,

A:Solved: Word 2003 can't highlight text with mouse

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I know this is probably very simple, and I am going to hit myself once the answer is found, but I cannot seem to think of the solution for the question below.

I need to highlight all the cells in a column that does not contain a zero. How would I go about doing this with code?

A:Solved: Excel Macro - Highlight Certain Cells

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This is a reopening of another thread. I still have not found any answers that help. And we won't discuss the lack of support from MS.

I am running Windows XP, Excel 2007.

I have noticed the problem with extremely light shading in xp-excel. It makes things especially difficult when selecting multiple, remote cells or text using the 'ctrl' function, as you cannot see which section has been highlighted or not (note, many people do not understand the nature of the problem as when selecting one cell/group of cells there is a box around the selection, making it easier to visualise, however in selecting many cells, there are no boxes to assist).

I work with spreadsheets constantly and need to highlight for deleting purposes and this is giving me headaches, etc.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Excel Selection highlight color

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I know there is a way to use css to highlight an entire cell on mouseover rather than just highlighting the text background. The site I'm working on is www.NortonsFineArt.com and that's what I'm trying to do for the nav bar but can't seem to figure it out.
Any thoughts?


A:DWmx highlight cell using css

Have you tried naming the cells and assigning a mouseover funtion to it?

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I want to Highlight Multiple Values with an Excel Macro. I want the macro to loop though and grab the list/range of values from another sheet and use it in the Array.

I want to avoid having to enter such a big list of values for the Array. I want to use something like "SearchVal() = Range("Lists!A2:A62").Value" but I get an "out of range" error. Here is my code now.

Sub Highlight()
Dim SearchVal() As Variant
SearchVal() = Array("ALM", "AXV", "AZZ", "BCT", "BHN", "CRE", "CSI", "CVM", "DCH", "DEK", "DER", "ESE", "GCV", "HCO", "HND", "HSI",
"IBO", "ILW", "KCM", "LEO", "LES", "LPA", "MCY", "MEX", "MHS", "MRM", "MSL", "NCL", "NTX", "NZI", "PHC", "PLA", "PPH", "PSE", "PUV",
"PVN", "PWL", "RKC", "RSN", "SCM", "SEL", "SGA", "SHC", "SRG", "SVL", "SYV", "TGC", "THA", "TSL", "VAV", "VID", "VTA", "WHE", "WHH",
"WIH", "WWJ&qu... Read more

A:Solved: Highlight Multiple Values with an Excel Macro

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This is probably a very simple macro but programming isn't my strong point.
I need an Excel Macro that will be able to scan the first column of a worksheet row by row for certain document numbers i.e. "09-005", "09-1052", "586463" and highlight them. There is a substantial list of these.
I managed to figure out that I need a range and how to highlight, but am getting stuck on how to find the multiple document number values.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Highlight Multiple Values Excel Macro?

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How can I automatically highlight a cell if the date contains a specific year?

Conditional formatting only offers yesterday, today, tomorrow, last week, last month, etc.

I have a list of publications with revision dates in subsequent columns (revision date 1, revision date 2, etc.). I need to have all revision dates from 2017 highlighted yellow and dates from 2018 highlighted red.

Thank you!

A:Highlight if cell contains specific year

use your own rules
Are the dates actual dates or Text

for Yellow use
=AND(A2>=DATEVALUE("1/1/17"), A2 <=DATEVALUE("31/12/17"))
for red use
=AND(A2>=DATEVALUE("1/1/18"), A2 <=DATEVALUE("31/12/18"))

for 2007, 2010 , 2013 or 2016 excel version
Conditional Formatting

Highlight applicable range >>

Range the dates are in

Home Tab >> Styles >> Conditional Formatting
New Rule >> Use a formula to determine which cells to format
Edit the Rule Description: Format values where this formula is true:

one of the formulas above

Format? [Number, Font, Border, Fill]
choose the format you would like to apply when the condition is true
OK >> OK

repeat for the other formula

NOTE - if you select the whole column ie A - then use row 1
A1 in the formula

if a range
then use
C5 in the formula

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I know this is probably an easy question, but I've searched repeatedly on the web and I can't find advice there or in the forums because I'm missing some kind of terminology.

I want to be able to highlight multiple words in Excel and see the home toolbar open every time I open a spreadsheet.
Longer explanation:
I'm using Microsoft Vista 2007 with Excel 2010. I use Excel to make quite a few spread sheets to study for school, and I often have to selectively highlight multiple certain words by hitting ctrl and holding ctrl while highlighting the words. Next I would underline all of the highlighted words. About a month ago it was working fine.
Suddenly out of the blue whenever I try to highlight multiple words by holding ctrl in Excel it won't work. Also, previously when working in excel 2010 the top menu bar would stay on home toolbar with all the option listed, meaning I could keep tinkering with the font uninterrupted. Now after underling just one word at a time the toolbar keeps disappearing with the File tab highlighted green, and I have to keep clicking back to the home tab, then click underline. Have to repeat highlighting each individual word,, clicking home tab, and then underlining. Ugh!
I would love to hear some advice before I tear my hair out in frustration.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 unable highlight mutliple words & toolbar problems

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I have a client I am going back to tomorrow and need an answer quickly so I look like I know what I am doing. My client has a downloaded table of data that has several columns of data including employee names and safety courses they are taking. I need to find the cell with the completion date every employee for every course they took. If there was one employee row or column per employee,with multiple classes, or one row or column per class with multiple columns for each employee I would know what to do. For example I could do a combination of index and match functions to select a row and then select a column to lookup the cell.

However there is a row for every class an employee took, with the employee name and class in the row. Each employee has multiple rows with a row for each class they took. There must be a way to perform a lookup that is row oriented that looks up one criteria and then the next to return the right value. I suppose that I could use nested if statements to do this, but there must be a better/less cumbersome way. I am hoping there is a relatively clean and simple way to do this that I am missing. By the way I asked whether they could download the employee names and make each name one column and they told me they could not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and save me some work that is urgently needed right now.


Colorado Steve

A:Excel 2003: Lookup One Cell with multiple lookup criteria

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