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Drive doesn't show up in my computer, but does show up in disk manager.

Q: Drive doesn't show up in my computer, but does show up in disk manager.

I installed the SATA drive. Formatted it. Assigned it a letter. It won't show up in My Computer, but I can access it by typing in the drive letter in Windows Explorer and when I do this it comes up under My Computer in the "Folders" side pane

Data writes and reads from the drive fine.

I've tried formatting it and deleting the partition and creating a new one.

What the **** is goin on?

Preferred Solution: Drive doesn't show up in my computer, but does show up in disk manager.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Drive doesn't show up in my computer, but does show up in disk manager.


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I inserted my external SD card and nothing happens, not even a pop up window saying its been inserted. I also installed the newest windows 10 driver. The SD card dosent even show up on the disk manager under the DVD/CD rom tab (where it should be).

Can anyone help please??

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Good day guys,
well, I was just installing Linux Fedora on my computer (I wanted a Dual-Boot with Win7) but I noticed that I don't have second partition. So I deleted some useless files (trash, games, etc.) back on Win7, and Voala, I just gained around 60GB of free space. I decided to creat new partition on disk manager. And here is the problem. It shows free space, as good as Explorer, but when it comes to that graph below, it doesn't show me free space. I shrinked it, but only gained 6GB of free space, where I can create new partition. I know it sounds complicated, but here is the picture.

I guess I'm doing somethin' wrong, what is it?
My Windows is in Czech language, but I made notes in the picture in English

A:Windows Disk Manager doesn't show free space

Try starting over. Put the Windows partition back the way it was. Make sure everything works normally. Reboot a couple times etc.. and run some apps to make sure nothing is acting weird. Then defrag the Windows partition to move the files toward the front of the partition. That should allow you to shrink to a greater amount of free space.

Always a good idea to make backup images along the way before risking your system.

edit: by "put it back the way it was" I mean delete the 6 GB partition you made, then expand the Windows partition to the end of the free space. Then use the system for awhile as suggested to make sure nothing got broken, before defragging.

edit2: also make sure you leave enough room for page file expansion etc..

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Two of my USB external Hard drives, a Fantom 600 GB and a Western Digital My Book 500GB cannot be seen in My Computer. I can see them in Device Manager and that says that they are working properly and the drivers are up to Date. In Disk Manager the 2 external drives had a black bar unlike the other drives which had blue bars. The 2 external disks had a number assigned to them but no letter.

I have tried diskpart in the command prompt, was able to assign a letter, then had to format the drives and they did show up in My computer as valid empty external hard drives with the correct amount of space on them. But when I tried to recover the backed up data for one of the disks (less than a third of the capacity of either drive) they went back to not being recognized by My Computer ans in disk manager had a black line with no letter again.

I just went through that process again, got both drives back and tried to recover the backed up files to my Fantom drive and lost the Fantom drive once again.

I am attaching screen shots of my current My Computer (Computer in 7) Device Manager and Disk Manager. In Device Manager you can see the Fantom. The My Book is the WD 5000AAV. In Disk Manager the My Book shows healthy with Disk 1 and the letter L. The Fantom is Disk 2 with no letter and a black bar. In My computer, the My Book is there but not the Fantom.

Any ideas for this. I am about to just recover my computer to factory setup and start new. I have sa... Read more

A:External drives show in Device Manager & Disk Manager but not Computer

Hi Dick1030,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Please do as follows:

1. It is unusual for the System Reserved Partition to have a drive letter. Please remove the drive letter.

2. Please remove (always Safely Remove) all the external drives including any card reader and do a drive cleanup as indicated here. http://www.sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/298744-usb-thumb-drives-not-recognised-not-drive-letter.html#post2477076 It will clean your system of all non-present devices and you will be starting with a clean slate.(Incidentally this can resolve many drive letter assignment confusion of Windows OS, as you can see in the referenced thread.)

3. After you reboot on completion of the drive cleanup, plugin only your WD My Book and the Fantom drive. As you plug-in the driver for each device will be installed ab-initio. You can watch it.

4. Now take a screenshot of the Disk Management and post. While taking the screenshot, click on "Show/Hide Console Tree” and “Show/Hide Action Pane” buttons on the toolbar on top to hide those and also pull up the center partition line up as much as possible so that we get a clear and full view.

5. Also tell us whether you are sure that you had formatted the Fantom drive and it contains data and whether you want to recover the data..

(Your statements and the screenshots are so confusing - atleast to me - it is necessary that you do the above and restate the problem.)

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The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6400

I have bought a multi card reader (SD, CF etc) USB which is recognised and works fine on other computers but does not show up on the Dell. It shows as 4 x Generic USB Hubs but does not appear in My Computer.

Further investigation shows that the hard drive is not listed in disk manager only the CD DVD ROM drive.

The Dell boots ok and other programs run fine and the hard drive appears as C Drive in My Computer and properties show everything is OK.

Is this a registry key problem?

A:Solved: Disk Manager does not show the C Drive

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Hi I have a Samsung external hard drive that I've always used on my Mac with no problems until I was backing up a large amount of files, during which the wird got knocked and came out and now my hard drive isn't recognised anywhere on my Mac.

I've checked disk utility and everywhere else I can think of and it just does not show up.

Is it possible to get the photos back that hadn't been backed up?

Also if I need to go to a data recovery place where would be best to go? Thank you

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I purchased a 500 GB drive about a year and a half ago to hold my backups for my main 160 GB drive. Just about everytime I have to reboot my PC, the 500 GB does not show in Computer. I them boot again and it shows and everything is fine. I have attempted to sort this out but no luck yet. Today I had to reboot and the 500 GB did not show. I have rebooted about four times but nothing. I went into the Bios and did not see anything strange. The 500 shows up as it should. The only unusual thing I see in the setup is that my main drive with the C and D partitions is listed as drive 1 while the 500 GB with my backups is listed as drive 0. I believe the reverse is the preferred but don't know if it really matters. Here is my Disk Management and a prompt that says I must initialize it. The two partitions on the 500 GB are primary if that makes a difference and the prompt refers to Logical. Any help is appreciated as to why the 500 GB is not showing. Thanks, == I just found out how to initialize the disk, but it looks like I will lose my backups. Not a big deal, but I want this to not occur again. Does it sound like a bad disk that might be causing this?

A:Hard Drive Doesn't Show in Disk Management

Normally, one would expect to see the Windows drive on Sata 0, but I don't think it really matters that it's not.

Initializing the drive means it's asking for it to be partitioned and formatted, but the puzzling thing is why did it lose its partition in the first place?

Was the partition on Drive 0 a logical partition?

I'm off to do some investigating.

I'm back, you may find this of use: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/l.../cc771775.aspx

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When i do mountvol it shows duplicate entry except one says no mount point.

I also noticed that on my disk manager, the boot drive doesnt have a letter assigned. Additionally, on my Event viewer i had some distributed link transaction error.

A:Xp Mountvol Problem And Disk Manager Doesnt Show Boot Drive

I don't know anything about mountvol...except that it links drives without a specific drive letter being assigned to each one.http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...k.mspx?mfr=truehttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490934.aspxLouis

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i have been searching everywhere on the net for the answer but i couldn't find it :/

it shows up in device manager, there's a green light on it,

what i've tried so far:

- uninstalled every driver and rebooted

- rebooted and unplugged several times,

It's an Icy Box IB-351 this device works on other computers and it used to work on this one, now i can see it in Device management and appearantly it's "working properly"

it has no red light blinking on it atm, Please help me if you can, if you believe you have a solution to my
answer here , thanks.

A:Problem with USB, Doesn't show up in Disk management or my computer

Maybe the PC's power supply is getting weak. Try replaceing the supply

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I have a 2,5" 500GB external hard-drive with a single partition (NTFS).
I can see it in the disk management utility (see attached screenshot) but it doesn't have a drive letter nor can't I assign one.

Attached to another PC running Windows XP it says "unknown partition" but also error-free and NTFS.

The problem could have been triggered by unplugging the harddrive without securely removing it.

A:Doesn't show external drive anymore but visible in the disk management

is it have files on that external hdd??

on Disk Mgmt, right click the offending disk.
Select Change drive letters and path.
Assign a drive letter.

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i recently got an used hp envy 14 currently running x64 home premium . since it ' s limiited edition , i dont know the full specs . i was told the HDD was over 700 GB [ 720 or 750 ? ] . when i added up the total space , it was not over 600 GB usable . now i ' m seeing a partition in computer with label Q: which i cannot open displaying " Q: is not accessible access is denied " .

- the " hide empty drives " option is checked in folder options .
- the disk management doesn ' t show the drive
- when i try to change the letter of any drive , Q : is not available .

is it possible that this drive is eating up some space ? or is 600 / 610 [ unsure ] GB max usable in the hard drive ? need to perform a clean install of win 7 ultimate . so i dont want the space to be waste or perform a format again to just get the space back . dont want to see the same problem in ultimate . so , please help me out here . thanks in advance

A:Mystery Partition In My Computer Doesn ' t Show Up In Disk Management

Hello rawmess and welcome to Seven Forums.

My usual disclaimer: I'm not an expert at anything.

According to your second screenshot, Disk 0 is 596.17GB. That should be the total amount of space on the disk. I'm guessing that HP installed a "620GB" hard drive. That would be based on the manufacturer using a decimal rating system where 1000KB = 1MB and 1000MB = 1GB. But in computer speak (or the binary system that computers use) it actually takes 1024KB to equal 1MB and 1024MB to equal 1GB. So if you keep dividing 620GB (620,000,000,000 bytes) by 1024 (you have to divide 3 times) you will eventually get around 596GB.

As to the mystery Q: drive, since it doesn't show up in Disk Management I'm thinking that perhaps it was a removable drive (external hard drive, flash drive) and the previous owner gave it the letter Q. Here's a couple of previous Forum threads that may offer some help.


Mystery Drive (Q:)

Hope some of this helps.

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I'm trying to put an old hard drive into my PC as a slave but i can't find it in disk management. It is installed via IDE and BIOS recognises it as a hard drive but i can't find it when i login to my PC.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: hard drive recognised in BIOS but doesn't show in Disk Management

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The hard drive is a Western Digital 320 GB that I've had plugged into this computer before (and worked). Then i got a virus and had to do a recovery of windows.

Ever since then I can't get windows to recognize/show it in my computer. I just "disabled" and "enabled" it in device manager to no effect. I have a C, D, and E drive which are: two partitions on the hard drive, and then the CD drive (respectively).

So i'm stuck, not sure where to proceed since it's obviously not the hard drive itself, I use it on my xbox all the time. What next?

A:External Hard Drive doesn't show up in "my computer" but does in "device manager"

Does it show in Disk Management ? ?
Right clik My Computer...select Manage...then Disk Management.
Find the drive...right clik it and select Properties.
Report back with your findings.

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I recently purchased and installed an ext. DVD drive. Should it not, when connected, show up in My Computer as another drive with a new drive letter? It does not.

A:Ext. DVD drive doesn't show in My Computer

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It shows in Disk Management but... look at how it looks like right now

How did i start?
Answer: It started when I plugged it in to another person's computer which I was supposed to reformat. I found out that computer has a virus. When I plugged it back to my own computer, it suddenly can not be detected and/or it was shown in my computer but it was faded.
By the way, my flash drive's name is not Chipsbank just like in the picture. I don't know how it was renamed like that.


A:My Flash Drive doesn't show on My Computer

Anything of value on that flash drive?

If not, try zeroing it with Tools for OSForensics - ImageUSB - Write an image to multiple USB Flash Drives

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Running XP Home. I have an active Zip Plus drive that doesn't appear in the My Computer window. If I go to Control Panel >Manage >Computer Management >Disk Management, the drive is shown as 'Healhty (Active)'. When I R-click the drive icon and then Open in this window, the drive is activated and the disk is displayed. I can also get the drive to operate using WinKey. What would prevent it from appearing in the My Computer window. Thanks

A:Active drive doesn't show in My Computer

Here's a link that may help: https://iomega-na-en.custhelp.com/c...p.php?p_faqid=2316&&p_sid=nS2VJRdh&p_lva=1282

Let us know if it helpped.

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I have WinXP Pro, having problems with 3 things:
1. from Start/My computer - the drive contents don't display
2. from Windows and IE browser windows, the pulldown menu is gone
This means the File - Edit - View - Etc are gone.
3. Also I noticed that from Classic view the Start Menu is unresponsive, I can only right click on it.
Any ideas what I can do to fix this?? Thanks in advance.

A:My Computer display doesn't show drive contents

For problem number two. right hand click with the mouse, and click on 'menu'

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Have been using portable hard drives without any problem until yesterday. Hard drive G no longer shows up in `my computer`. It does show in Disk Management and I can open it up from there but it`s a hassle. How do I get it to show again in `my computer`?

A:Portable Hard Drive doesn`t Show in My Computer

You should be able to give it a letter in disk manager? and then retain it...

I know sometimes that can be a problem with USB sticks not being seen in My computer, but after assigning them a letter in disk management they usually retain it when plugged in.

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Hi I have a 1TB external USB hard drive, it is not showing up in 'my computer' the light on the hard drive is constantly flashing and randomly beeps and clicks, I have never heard this until today..
I have tried it on two laptops, windows 7 and windows 10 and in a macbook, does not show up.
I have tried a different cable from another USB device, still no luck.
It appears in device manager which says it is running normally, I have tried un-installing and re-installing, no luck! In disk manager it says the disk is unknown and not initialised, see screenshot.
Please help me recover my device, it has a lot of data on it that I don't want to lose! I hope it is still there!

A:USB Hard drive, beeps and clicks, doesn't show in my computer

You may have fallen victim to the "Click of Death".

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I recently purchased a Seagate Backup Plus 3TB hard drive with USB 3.0 connector. I connected the 3.0 cable to a 2.0 port(don't have 3.0 ports) and windows popped up saying installing drivers for new device, pretty standard stuff. After it was done I went to My Computer, but the hard drive does not show up.

I checked device manager, and it does show the drive there. When I clicked properties and tried populating the "volumes" section, a 2.8tb section did show up, but had no label, but i don't know the significance of that. Any help with this is appreciated, thanks in advance.


A:Solved: New Seagate 3TB hard drive doesn't show up in My Computer

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Using windows 7 repair the disk letters are not the same as when in windows os. when in windows all drives (disks, dvd-roms, and usb backup drive) are lettered as they should be. the system reserved partition is not lettered and only shows up in disk management. no problems with booting up and using windows or any apps.
When going into repair ether by the f8 on boot or using the windows install disk or by using the repair disk and selecting command prompt >diskpart.>list volume the screen shows that the system reserved partition is assigned letter C and the windows system is assigned letter E. there is no usb drive listed. When trying to restore system image from the repair menu the windows system image is listed as drive E. and no backup image can be found.
From what I have read the system reserved partition should not have a letter assigned but when I remove the volume letter it returns. also you cannot change the volume letter of any drive containing the windows system.

How to fix repair so in the event of a hard drive failure I will be able to restore the image to the new drive.

BTW the usb drive is recognized in the BIOS.

A:windows repair and windows disk manager show different drive letters

Drive letters are a Windows software feature - nothing to do with hardware.

Boot into a Linux CD and it will identify partitions by the labels which are written to the HDD.

Windows shows those same labels, but it also invents drive letters.

I believe when you power up into Live Windows it remembers what the letters were previously by a registry entry.

A Windows Boot CD does not use the same registry so it invents a new set of letters for the duration.

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I Have Bluetooth but it doesn't show in device manager.

A:Help, Again!!! Bluetooth doesn't show in device manager

Quote: Originally Posted by ebartolon

I Have Bluetooth but it doesn't show in device manager.

Probably because the drivers for your device are not installed?

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I unlocked my AMD Phenom II X2 CPU to 4 core, but the Windows not show it.
The Task Manager not show it and CPU-Z show only 2 cores. But the Device manager and a BIOS shows all the 4 cores.

I found this solution for the problem, but it is not working. When I do these steps the Windows restarts, but nothing happens. Maybe because I use a Windows 8 and a never version of EasyBCD.

What can I do for working 4 cores?

A:Task manager doesn’t show all CPU cores

You could try opening msconfig, boot options tab. Click advanced and ensure that the "Number or processors" checkbox is unchecked. This is the default setting but sometimes people change it based on misguided advice.

Unlocking CPU cores is always a gamble. In many cases the cores were locked for a reason, such as being defective.

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For some reason the task manager in Windows Vista isn't what it usually is. Instead of seeing the regular task manager screen I get the screen shown attached.

How do I set the task manager back to normal?

A:Task manager doesn't show properly

Double-click the border.

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Hi,i've done a system restore on a HP Stream 11 Pro with Windows 10 (64 bit). Touchpad worked properly before. Now the touchpad doesn't work and I can't detect him in Device Manager. I've tryed to:Install all HP drivers (including chipset, Synaptics, etc)Install Synaptics driversUpdate biosIn any case, Device Manager doesn't show the touchpad so I can't operate a direct driver installation. There are no unknow devices in Device Manager.Actually, the touchpad works properly in HP bios hardware test, so the hardware is ok.How can I fix this problem?Thanks!

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to get Realtek installed and i do manage to install it without getting a failure message or whatsoever. But the problem is that it does not work.

I installed and removed many codecs and versions of realtek, it just doesn't show in the device manager.

The only thing i see is High Definition Audio Device, and not Realtek.

How can i get realtek correctly installed??

thanks in advance.

A:Realtek doesn't show in Device Manager

You didn't fill in the system spec's. Makes it hard to figure out what you have without it.

Generally the High Definition Audio Device is the sound module. Does the sound work, just that it's not showing "RealTek"? Did it ever work? If you upgraded from XP, you need Vista/Windows 7 specific drivers, the XP drivers usually are not compatible.

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Origionally i could see the drive but couldnt access it or copy any files now i cannot even see the drive, heres what i origionally wrote:

Yesterday when i woke up i had a BSOD out of nowhere and my computer would boot up so i tried booting into a linux livecd to see if i could see any of my files and i could at the time but i couldnt copy them, now i think everything is much worse, i managed to get the drive into a computer with XP but now i cannot see any of my files all i see is:

My Dell Recovery Partition
and "Local Disk" which shows up as no space or anything its empty with no avaible space:

Please is there anything i can do to try and get some of my old files back? If i could just even get a couple its all i need. I will buy any app i need if i can help any amount of money, desperate.
Right now i have it hooked up in an enclosure because the computer im using at the moment cannot have 2 hard drives hooked up at a time. The drive starts up and spins and not making any bad noises or anything.

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Just reformatted my alienware laptop because I haven't used it in months. Now I don't even see "Network Adapter" listed under device manager so when trying to install the driver i don't think it had any effect. Suggestions? Running m15x windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

A:Help! Network Adapter doesn't show in device manager

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See the picture
How can I fix this?

A:My Task Manager Doesn't Show RAM Usage each Program.

Hello RingofCola, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can also check to see if Resource Monitor will show you this under the Memory tab instead.

Hope this helps,

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Hi , I've G50 I5 (20351) ...AMD Radeon Graphics doesn't appear in device manager windows even the driver were well installed

plz help me !!

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I have a small problem with my Windows 7. Here's what happened:

Yesterday, my pc was running fine. I turned it on at 10am and it was running well. My sister ordered a new router so I set it up for her (AirPort Extreme). I installed the utility for it, was a simple setup for me. After that, I connect to it wirelessly and I see that windows update has a few security updates. They install as I turn off the pc. I then turn it back on a few hrs later and notice that when it reaches the login screen, it takes a few secs for it to load. This is unusual being that the days before it was always ready to receive input. So I login, get the welcome screen, and my desktop screen. Taskbar loads as usual, however I can't get anything to show up when I click on it. I think at first that its Comodo (is in training mode) so I close it out. Still nothing. I then press ctrl+alt+delete. Nothing. I then press it rapidly to see what happens. After a few mins, my screen turns black. A message then shows up that ctrl+alt+delete has been pressed but due to something that it won't show up. Had to press either the power button or esc to leave the screen. Safe mode works. I do a system restore back to when the windows update and to the installation of the router. I scanned and haven't found anything yet. Today, my pc looks like its running fine but its still taking a few secs on the login screen and the desktop still idles. I'm going to contact HP to see what they can do b... Read more

A:Solved: Windows 7 idles and Task Manager doesn't show up

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A newbie here that just completed a first-time new Win7 PC build. Successful installation of Win7 Pro on WD 600GB 10000 system drive. Went back and installed 4 additional HDD. (2) WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM and (2) WD Caviar 7200 500GB HDD from XP system that were used for storage.

BIOS sees all HDDs, but are not viewable in Disk Management.

System Specs:
Antec Nine Hundred
Intel Core i7-980 3.33ghz
24GB (3 x 4gb) Corsair XMS3 1600mhz RAM
PNY Quadro 4000 2GB VC
Corsair 850TX 850W PSU
1 WD 600GB SATA HDD for OS
2X WD 500gb SATA HDs (previously used on WinXP system for storage)
1 Pioneer Blue Ray Burner SATA BDR

SATA4=WD 500GB (previously used as storage on XP system)
SATA5= Pioneer BDR
SATA6= WD 500GB (previously used as storage on XP system)

SATA configuration is enhanced. BIOS is 0701. Marvel 9128 Controller [IDE Mode] PCI/PnP is set to [NO] which was the default setting. The grey SATA1-6G headers are not in use.

Device Manager lists all drives.
However, only three are visible in Disk Management. Missing (1) WD 500GB (previously used on WinXP system) and (1) new WD 1T.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

A:HDDs Show in BIOS, But Do Not Show in Disk Management

Are you sure that its not just at the bottom (of Disk Management) and not formatted yet?

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Hello all,

When I open up disk manager I see two entries each for c:,d:,e:,f: and g: partitions.
I have an efi system with a GPT disk. Win7, Ubuntu and CentOS6 all installed in various partitions. There are a number of other partitions but only those with drive letters are duplicated. But only one instance has the filesystem type.

I have a second disk and a DVD and both these are okay/normal/displayed once.

The disk 0 schematic looks normal. Clicking on the partitions grey-highlights the entry with the filesystem types.

If I right-click on the either of the duplicated Volumes I just get a "help" otion where as my 2nd disk as the full range of actions.

I think I may know what has caused this but having read the internet twice I've not been able to find any clue on how to go about fixing it.

My idea was to copy/clone the C: soon after installation and have one "save" copy and another "game" copy. Dual boot to "w7_game" for clean OS without bloat.

I fiddled with bcdedit (easyBCD does NOT work with GPT and it tool a lot of hacking to fix the mess it left) and created a dual boot set-up but when I boot from w7_game (G it recognised it was using that box (windows flag against the drive when exploring the "Computer") but it was picked up the user account from c:
Not tried anything else on this topic but since then I spotted the dupicates.

Searched registry for whole word "e:" and only found one entry.

At a lost... Read more

A:disk manager is show two entries per partition


It might be easier if we started with a screen capture image of your Disk Management. Could you post one here?


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I have been trying to find an answer for hours on google and am throwing in the towel.

I have: HP Desktop xt963, Windows xp sp3, 1.2 ghz processor, 512 RAM, 2 internal WD 40gb HD (one ide and one sata), 1 external Hitachi HD (the problem). The external HD is connected to the system via a generic ide/sata cable adapter.

The external HD is first connected to power, the power turned on, the adapter cable plugged into the HD then plugged into a USB 2.0 recepticle on the computer. (The USB 2.0 was an add-on. The existing USB 1.0 was factory installed.)

At that point, a "new hardware" message appears preceded by the usual chiming sound. An icon saying "safely remove hardware" appears. In Device Manager, the HD is recognized and in Properties it says "device is working." However, the HD is not recognized in My Computer or in Device Management.and accordingly is useless to me

In the beginning, it did work off and on for a while, but lately I can't use it at all.

I have tried "uninstalling" in Device Manager and restarting the computer. Upon restart, the device shows up again in Device Manager (installed) but nothing else changes. I tried connecting via the original USB 1 but it didn't make any difference.

I connected the cable and HD to my wife's Dell laptop (Windows xp) via a USB 1.0 port and viola everything worked just fine.

It would seem (a) there's nothing wrong with the HD or cable adapter or power supply, (b) t... Read more

A:External HD Doesn't Show in Disk Management

I just discovered something. After you utilize "safely remove hardware" before disconnecting the HD, the next time you connect it it does not power up (the power light is on but you can't feel the disk spinning) until you hook up to the usb port).

Previously, I had not been using "safely remove hardware" at all so I'm guessing the disk was running when conneting to the usb and that's when it didn't work right. But when power is not running when you plug the cable into usb (and it wasn't just a moment ago) then eveything is normal (as it is right now).

At least I'm going to go on that assumption until proven wrong and you can consider this thread solved.

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Hi everyone

I'm facing a problem with the task manager. Suddenly both of my HDs stopped showing any activity in the task manager and are constantly show 0% although there is activity and despite the fact that in the resource monitor activity is shown properly. Any ideas what the fault might be?

I think they've stopped after I connected an external HD. But I am not sure though so don't rely on that being the issue.

A:Disk performance show 0% all the time in Task Manager

Solution anyone?

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Hi everyone

I'm facing a problem with the task manager. Suddenly both of my HDs stopped showing any activity in the task manager and are constantly show 0% although there is activity and despite the fact that in the resource monitor activity is shown properly. Any ideas what the fault might be?

I think they've stopped after I connected an external HD. But I am not sure though so don't rely on that being the issue.

A:Disk performance show 0% all the time in Task Manager

Solution anyone?

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I have a hard disc on (B and when I got to my computer it does not show it but if I go to manage it shows it. On windows 7 it works fine it does not have windows 7 or 8 on it and is classic hdd not ssd. It will show anything that has a letter from c and above it shows my other 3 hard disks. Any ideas on how to fix this without changing the letter drive?

A:Windows 8 doesn't show hard disk on letter (B:)

Post your disk management pic

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I have a WD Green drive which parks its heads after 8 seconds of inactivity. This is measured by "load/unload cycle count" in SMART, and WD rates the drive for 300,000 cycles. I have accumulated over 15,000 in the span of a few days, which obviously isn't good for drive longevity. I don't have a way to run the tool provided by WD to alter the timeout for the heads, so I need to figure out what is causing this frequent disk access. Prior to whenever this started (I'm assuming it was a few days ago, when I installed a new motherboard) I was averaging 0-10 load/unload cycles per day, depending on how often I accessed the drive.

I checked activity with Resource Monitor and found nothing accessing the drive except for the very occasional access of BCD.log and the MFT. However, I'm seeing ~3-6 load/unload cycles per minute, so something is accessing the drive every 8-20 seconds.

I tried using procmon. I set it to filter only for activity on E:\ (the drive in question) and I unchecked all the default "exclude" filters; I saw nothing besides procmon accessing the drive. I ran it for a good 5 minutes.

The drive is connected to an Intel Z68 SATA II controller. I have no other drives which park their heads so I don't know if this activity occurs on all my drives or not. Again, nothing shows in procmon or Resource monitor. What can I do to see what's accessing the drive?
Tried so far:
Disabling Superfetch
Disabling AV
Disabling Indexing

A:Constant disk access that doesn't show on procmon

I don't know if it's the same issue. I have an HP Media Center PC running Windows 7. The HD access light flicks on every few seconds. I found from another poster on another forum it has to do with checking if the Optical drive has a disc in it. To test if it's the same issue, go into Device Manager and right click in CD/DVD ROM Drives and click Disable. When I do that, the LED flicker goes away. Seems there's no fix for it.

The work-around may be to image your system onto a WD Caviar Black. I don't trust drives that have a bunch of spin down options. More to go wrong.

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well, my brother's hdd in his laptop was going bad, it kept failing to boot. so i replaced it with another one. when i turned the laptop back on it started installing all the drivers for his hardware (windows was already installed on the 2nd hdd) and prompted me to reboot. after i did windows failed to start several times. i re-installed windows from scratch, and now his graphics card isn't showing up in device manager and windows cant find a driver for the network or ethernet card.

his specs:
windows 7 professional x64
ati mobility radeon hd 4250
broadcom bcm943225hm (network card)
amd phenom II x4 n9790
4gb ddr3

A:gpu doesn't show in device manager; network card driver install fail


so, i got it to install the driver for the network adapter, but when i search for an access point, i cant see my wireless, in device manager it has "ethernet controller" listed under "other devices" with one of the ! inside an orange triangle

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I have a pavilion pc with XP SP2 and have bought an MP3 player.
When I plug it in, the player is detected OK and is installed. It appears in the device manager and the controller is working correctly, but I cannot see it in explorer.
I have checked the HP web site for motherboard updates, but they do not list any for this PC.
Any ideas anyone?
Cheers, DT

A:USB drive doesn't show


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Hello there!
Few days ago I wanted to install some software from a CD. I inserted the disc and nothing happened.
Then I checked under My Computer and I saw that the DVD drive is missing from there. After that I checked Device Manager, didn't see a DVD drive under there either. I did some research, found a fix where I had do edit registry, deleting "Upperfilters" and "Lowerfilters" or something like that. I tried to do that, but when I found the key in registry, I didn't see those "filters". I haven't found any other fixes so I thought I'll ask for your help here. Any suggestions are welcome.

A:DVD drive doesn't show up

Quote: Originally Posted by flaggoz

Hello there!
Few days ago I wanted to install some software from a CD. I inserted the disc and nothing happened.
Then I checked under My Computer and I saw that the DVD drive is missing from there. After that I checked Device Manager, didn't see a DVD drive under there either. I did some research, found a fix where I had do edit registry, deleting "Upperfilters" and "Lowerfilters" or something like that. I tried to do that, but when I found the key in registry, I didn't see those "filters". I haven't found any other fixes so I thought I'll ask for your help here. Any suggestions are welcome.

Have you checked the cables and connectors? It could be something simple like a loose/faulty SATA cable.

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I have a ASUS P4P800 Motherboard and I have updated my drivers. I will boot up the first time and my Memorex DVD Drive will show. If I reboot it just disappears. Any suggestions?

A:DVD Drive Doesn't Show

Can you relate the onset to the installation or removal of hardware or software?

Which drivers did you update?

Which version of Windows are you running? Which service pack?

Boot to safe mode. Does the drive appear? Reboot to safe mode. Does the drive appear?

Do you have a bootable CD / DVD? For example the installation disk for XP or Vista? Will your computer recognize the disk during the boot process?


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OS=Windows XP)
I have a Western Digital USB drive that I reformatted to use with a satellite receiver. Now I'd like to use it again with my computer. Under device mgr I could find it and under properties/general it said "the device is working properly." Properties/Volumes said partition style was MBR. But right clicking on the drive did not give me the format option.

So I right clicked the My Computer icon and chose manage/disk management. Now it shows up and right clicking the drive yields a format option. So I formatted and while still in Computer Management/Disk Management the drive shows as follows: Volume=WD USB, Layout = partition, Type = Basic, File System = NTFS, Status = Healthy (Active), Capacity = 149.05GB, Free Space = 148.98 GB, % free = 99%, Fault Tolerance = No, Overhead = 0%.

Any ideas why the drive doesn't show up in My Computer? I still can't access the drive - I can only see it under Computer Management/Disk Management.

Thanks for any help you can give.

A:Solved: USB drive doesn't show up in "My Computer"

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Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e :Integrated Camera ( Webcam ) doesn't show up on Device Manager List I've just recently bought a reaconditioned laptop, Lenovo Thinkpad  Yoga 11e (20DA) wich originally had Windows 8.1 Pro installed but sold with Windows 10 Pro installed. I've changed the HDD for a 120GB SSD (i do really recommend this) and installed from scrath Windows Pro N that automatically got updated to 1709 Anniversary version. I've also updated de BIOS firmware to avoid future issues. Aftere sorting out some minor problems, pretty common when it comes to scratch instalations on laptops, like touchpad issues, function keys, etc... that i solved using the Software and Drivers site for my laptop i found myself with the this issue:  - I tried to setup and update drivers for the integrated camera ( Webcam ) and suprise....is not even listed on the Device Manager. - Can't find the section Imaging Devices on the Device Manager, this is where integrated cameras normally show up unlike the external USB Webcams wich normally show up on Camera section.  -No any warning/hazard yellow triangule sign in any other ramdom device. -I tried to force the installation of the integrated camera using the Add Legacy Device option on Device Manager using Windows 10 integrated camera drivers from the Lenovo Support site but automaticly get a blue screen wich force to restart several times, start on safe mode and uninstall the integrated camera to ... Read more

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My DVD Drive (Which i used to burn DVDs or CDs or watch them) won't show up in device manager even though it is attached inside my computer.

But sometimes when i restart my computer it either shows up or disappears.

When it shows up it works fine for a while but then disappears.
But when it doesn't show up, it won't show up at all.

I think the DVD name is Matshita DVD RAM but i can't remember what model name was it.

I looked for help elsewhere (Which is online chat) and they said maybe you have to replace it.

So please help!!!

A:DVD Drive won't show up on device manager

Sounds like either the drive is dying or the fitting isn't tight to the motherboard. If you use them a lot, they really don't have a long life and Panasonic are amongst the worst IMHO.

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I have a prob with my Seagate 1TB external hard drive working on my G4 Powerbook (Leopard OSX). I have a Maxtor 200 gb drive that works perfectly. But The 1TB drive doesn't always appear on the desktop but does show in the system profiler. When it does show up on the desktop my files missing from from folders. Finally on the few times that files show up, I can't open them. I had error messages about permission to open the files but the drive and files all have read/write permission.

I use the drive for backup. The files on this drive are from the Maxtor drive, random disks and my thinkpad which runs Vista.
Any insite would be greatly appreciated.

A:USB drive won't show on desktop / files won't show in folders

It's Vista's Security System. Go through the help file and it will tell you how to turn it off

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